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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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just today had district attorney announced they are charging him with second degree murder, evading an officer causing death and leaving the scene of an accident. all of this coming one week after his death. >> you feel for the family. people have kids of their own, so we were bound ask determine to find -- and determined to find him. >> their work isn't over yet, they are trying to figure out if anyone was in the car with him but his criminal history dates back to 1999, for unlawful driving, theft from the elderly, and he beat a woman, receiving stolen property and animal cruelty. that dates back to 1999 where he is convicted of mutilating animals. again, his arrest brings some comfort to the family.
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>> we just wanted to say thank you the community, and everyone who helped get this person off the streets before he injured another innocent person. >> reporter: he is being held across the street at the jail. she expected to go before a judge tomorrow. back to you guys. jim harbaugh spoke today about the surprise dea inspections of four nfl teams including the 49ers. they were looking for signs of prescription drug abuse. mark ibanez is here now with more on that and personal comments about new barrie who -- new barry who is part of a lawsuit. . >> reporter: it is really in plain terms a major story and it was carried outlet yesterday. the 49ers -- out yesterday. the 49ers thought an every day
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at the office following their victory against the new york giants, and little did they know, following their 16-10 victory over the new york giants, good spirits, while they were playing there were surprise inspection of the medical and training staffs, motivated by allegations raised in a lawsuit filed in may of this year alleging team physicals and trainers gave players pain killers in an illegal manner. this is in an effort to keep them on the field. the faces blocked out of the dea agents in the locker room and behind it scenes yesterday, not wanting to give up their identity. these drug doses were given to players to keep them on the field, mask injuries and here today is what jim harbaugh had to say about the inspections. >> documented to my knowledge,
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any medication we have, those are -- those are -- those are checked. inventoried. any kind of medication that is given out is documented. so, i mean -- [ talking at the same time ] >> open book. >> reporter: you might say why the 49ers, why were they targeted in the investigation? one of the reasons might be that in the lawsuit filed in may of this year one of the leading people in it was jeremy newbarry. he did our pre-game show at ktvu for a few years. this is a stand up guy. he is not in it to get back at the nfl, he is not in it as a money grab situation, he is sincerely, even when he was a player, was concerned about his future health and he talked about the measures taken to
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keep him, in particular, on the field and other players that he knew it. it is one of those things where, you know, he was deeply concerned of the future of other players and now he has lifelong medical condition that he thinks is related to being a player. >> did he ever talk to you about his medical condition? >> reporter: you know, he mentioned the measures that were taken to keep him on the field and what they would do to keep him on the field and he was concerned about it and he would talk to us during the taping of the pre-game show, those things, we asked about his health, he was worried about his playing career and his future. wants to play with his kids, all those things and now he has medical condition that has impacted and affected his life greatly. >> thank you. this goes back to the
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lawsuit filed by former players. ktvu's allie rasmus is live with the impact on the nfl. >> reporter: this is the lawsuit that triggered the dea investigation. 1300 former nfl players are a part of this lawsuit. they said the doctors and the practice of dispensing main medications ruined their health. >> one of the main plaintiffs in the suite -- >> 38 years -- lawsuit. >> 38 years old, renal failure. >> that is the result of the doses of pain medications he received during the course of his career. he talked about his medical care. >> you have team doctors, trainers that are responsible for your health. as a young kid why would you question what they are telling you? >> reporter: they are looking
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into whether practices violate the controlled substances act. >> allowing them to distribute the drugs, handed out hand to hand by trainers, passed out like candy. >> reporter: they filed a motion to have the lawsuit thrown out. he says if it moves forward it has the potential to be damaging. >> talking about the thousands of players and former players, talking millions of dollars. >> also in terms of long term public perception about football. >> maybe people will say that is not fun family entertainment. that is the real danger to the nfl. >> reporter: in response the nfl says of the dea investigation our team cooperated with the dea and we have no information to indicate that irregularities were found and the league will not make
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any comment on the lawsuit. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. back to you. >> thank you. police are searching for a 14-year-old boy who was kidnapped today near his high school. they issued a amber alert for sergio vazquez. he was taken by two men who may have been driving a white van. sergio vazquez is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 170 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. he was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black snow-type boots. he was last seen at 10:00 a.m. east of stockton. anyone with information is asked to call 911. officials are trying to determine how much of a 100- year-old san jose church can be saved after it was damaged by fire. it broke out yesterday about an hour after the 1:00 p.m. mass. crews were on scene throughout
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the day monitoring for flair ups. you see the fire yesterday. the fire spread rappedly and then to the -- rapidly and then to the roof which collapsed. >> we have 5 crews battling for 40 minutes. unfortunately we were forced back by the fire. >> the official cause has yet to be determined but the church's pastor believes it was an electrical problem. >> when the fire department brought me the statue of st. joseph i took it here to save it. [ indiscernible ] >> please take care of our church. >> leaders salvaged what they could. national guardsmen from the
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bay area received orders to goo ewest africa to fight -- to go to west africa to fight against the ebola virus. they will go to west africa next spring. they won't provide direct medical care to ebola patients, they will be there to assist with ebola education. this comes as a doctor who was being treated in nebraska for ebola has died. he is the second person to die from the virus in the united states. the doctor may have been sicker than other patients brought to that hospital in nebraska for ebola treatment. >> reporter: dr. martin salia dying this morning here that nebraska medical center. contracting ebola in sierra leone. his passing comes days after traveling to america for treatment. he arrived in very critical
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condition. we had nurses and doctors working around the clock to try reverse his condition but were unable to do so. >> reporter: he needed a ventilator and dialysis. including a plasma transfusion and a experimental drug. the bodies are contagious and an autopsy would be doo risky. >> we gave him every possible chance to survive. i think that his family feels confident in that as well, which is more important. >> reporter: multiple sclerosis the second person -- dr. martin salia is the second person to die from ebola in the u.s. the white house released a statement on this saying dr. martin salia's passing is another reminder of the human toll of this disease and the continued imperative to tackle this epidemic. ebola killing more than 5,000
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people in west africa. dr. martin salia is the 6th doctor to contract the virus in sierra leone. all have died. san jose police are trying to figure out what lead to a fiery accident that left a driver dead. firefighters were called to the parking garage across the street from the main jail. when they got to the second floor they saw a car on fire that crashed into a pillar. they found a badly burned body inside the car. one witness described the scene. >> car was engulfed. tires spinning, exploding. >> investigators say they believe the fire started after the crash. the driver may have had a medical problem before impact. the victim's identity hasn't been released. stopping for a quick prayer. >> i think it is different. >> why a bay area church is taking a fast food approach to
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worship. >> things are about to go from sunny to wet. when and where it will rain in the coming days. >> beautiful but danger. the pricy new plan to deal with san francisco's trees. ♪
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new developments tonight after several trees fell within hours of each other in san francisco. and today one supervisor unveiled his plan to deal with the downed trees and that plan could mean a new tax for homeowners. ktvu's john fowler is in the city with more obthis. john -- on this, john? >> reporter: they need better care. he is proposing a urban
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forestry fund at taxpayer's expense. >> reporter: maintenance like this on city planted street trees is up to private property owners. >> they are worth it. they are what provided oxygen. >> four collapsing trees in a single day. one nearly killed one man, crushed this car. maintenance is too important and should be the city's responsibility. >> we have a lot of trees that are in bad shape. some homeowners are hiring people who are mutilating the trees. >> he proposed a urban forest fund of 15 million to $30 million a year to maintain the city trees. >> i think it is a great
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improvement. >> the money could come from a fund or added property tax. >> i pay more than that to trim my own trees. >> the majority do not have city owned trees to trim and a partial tax or a amendment would need go to the voters. at the earliest next year. frank? >> john fowler in san francisco tonight. thank you. super shutter drivers are back at work after a labor dispute that left drivers looking for other rides. most of the's drivers called indiction the company's drivers called indiction -- the company's drivers called in 6 over the weekend. drivers asked for a fee structure similar to uber and lyft. >> reporter: a small earthquake
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rattled concord today at 12:20 p.m. no reports of damage or injuries. bay area wrestle mania fan has a souvenir that will never get lost. friday we introduced you to this guy. he has hulk hogan's face at itude on his hand. he got to -- tattooed on his hand. he got to attend preview party. we can tell he is a super fan. he told us he just hoped he would be able to meet his hero. now look at this. not only did he meet him, the star signed his arm. he got that signature tattooed just yesterday. he tells us meeting his idol was the greatest day of his
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life. >> those fans, they are big time fans. 80,000 in new york couple years ago and i am sure they will sell out. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin now. ever gone to one? >> no. [ talking at the same time ] >> kills me -- >> she the wrestler of my youth -- [ talking at the same time ] >> remember ray stevens? >> i do. what was his nickname? >> i can'tremember. >> i can't remember either. temperatures today warmed up in a lot of places. upper 60s. low 70s. we did roller derby here too. yeah. at the old building.
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69 santa rosa. 69 napa. we did romper room too. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> dialing for dollars. there is the system i am tracking. it will impact us tomorrow night. tomorrow starts off like a similar day to today. and then by tomorrow night late showers show up and by your wednesday morning commute, might be wet out there. this weather system is coming our way, it is very similar to the last weather system we had. not a lot of rain. maybe a 10th of an inch. maybe a half inch in the hills above san francisco. and out by the north bay, 3/4 of an inch. tuesday night, tomorrow night, wednesday morning. tomorrow like today. there is a series of storms coming our way. they are weak right now. a series of them. thursday and friday and saturday. we will show you that in the five-day forecast. warmer over night tonight because of the high clouds. clouds come in, they hold the
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warmth of the day in. there is the clouds late tonight. more clouds tomorrow. partly cloudy skies, highs tomorrow lots of 60s. might see a couple low 70s. it will be mostly upper 60s. the reason they are warming, you will see a southerly flow. that warms things up. here is the weather system. tomorrow night we start to see showers. this is today and tomorrow morning. the clouds over the ridge. the ridge goes away. tomorrow night and by wednesday morning your commute looks wet. especially in the north bay. heaviest rain in the north. half inch, santa rosa. 10th inch for fremont, maybe san jose. it is something. and it is on the morning commute. 67 brentwood. 66 antioch. highs low 70s in pleasanton,
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livermore and fremont. here we go. umbrellas out. i am not getting super jacked up here, they don't look massive. tuesday night, wednesday morning. thursday a few more showers and friday night into saturday, saturday looks to have the strongest legs. frank was talking about the big game -- [ talking at the same time ] >> smells like wet for that right now but a lot will change. the pattern is progressive, wet, umbrellas and slow commutes. >> finally. all right. thank you. a playground vandalized with paint and profanity while the city is trying to improve the area, the steps police are taking to keep it clean and safe. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, a woman's body found in the middle of the road along a highway. now sheriff's deputies are calling her death suspicious.
5:22 pm
why investigators say what she was wearing and where she was found has them concerned and a donation to a church ripped out of the ground. >> i thought it was an april fool's joke. i couldn't believe it. you got to be kidding. >> police are looking for whoever stole a plot of astro turf. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. a gun rights show down is
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underway at a court in san francisco. a group upleaning with the nra and other -- along with the nra is hoping to over turn a law that makes it illegal it hold a gun with more than 10 rounds of ammunition. it is a closely watched case because other cities are poised to adopt similar rules. the parents of an american aid worker executed by isis spoke today about their son. video released yesterday shows the remains of peter kassig. he was can kidnapped in october of 2013. he was a former army ranger who served in iraq and returned to the middle east to help. his parents say he converted to islam. >> we were informed our beloved
5:26 pm
son no longer walks this earth. our hearts though heavy are held up by the love and support that poured into our lives. >> it is not clear when he was killed. he is the fifth westerner to be killed by isis. missouri's governor declared a state of emergency and activated the national guard. they are perking for the -- preparing preparing for the grand jury decision in the case of michael brown. they are roll will be one of support. >> we will -- role will be one of support. >> we will not have them interacting with, dealing with, confronting protesters. >> the grand jury's decision is expected any time between now and later this month. the playground hit by vandals. >> it is -- you know, there are
5:27 pm
saccharide places and this should be one of them. >> new details, why taking down the old bay bridge may cost even more than we first thought. plus -- >> you don't have to get out of the car and we will spend time with you. >> drive through prayers, why one pastor says now is the right time to do it. ♪
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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[no audio] david stevenson reports on the damage and the new effort to put a stop to the destruction into the park. >> reporter: for many the spark one of san francisco's crown jewels. >> i love this playground because it is one of the first areas to get sunny. >> reporter: but it is a jewel
5:31 pm
tarbished -- >> troublesome and frustrated frustrating. >> reporter: upset about vandalism targeting the children's playground. pictures show what happened this weekend. >> it is down right depressing. there are sacred spaces in the city and this should be one of them. >> reporter: a problem with weekend partyers leaving trash and broken glass in a space meant for children. >> a lack of respect people have. this group of kids. whenever they are coming from -- wherever they are coming from. >> reporter: police plan to step up patrols. >> we have to get out of the car and walk around the park. we need to increase our efforts. >> reporter: in addition to maintenance crews were out today painting over benches,
5:32 pm
utility boxes and trees. >> i notice it. >> the city spent $15,000 on graffiti abatement last year. no word on how much these latest acts of vandalism will cost. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. it cost a dollar to park that she mean b.a.r.t. station. -- coliseum b.a.r.t. station. it previously had been free. beginning december 8 fees go into effect at the hayward station. all the extra money will go towards a shuttle service and other projects. delays in demolishing the eastern span of the bay bridge. ktvu's tom vacar looked at the numbers and he is live at treasure island with why the delays could drag on. >> reporter: this is far, far
5:33 pm
from resolved. >> reporter: living on the bay bridge, they make up the second largest colony. one of 800 species protected by the treaty act. >> this year, 2014, we have identified 533 pairs. >> reporter: so far they refuse to vacate the old bridge. that delayed the schedule for six months. the cost of the delay $15 million. not the reported 30 million plus. the other $15 million was construction related. forcibly evicting them is out of the question. >> if we don't adhere to the
5:34 pm
treaty then we will take on all sorts of penalties and that is far beyond what the cost to mitigate the bird situation now is. >> reporter: the act assess as penalty of $15,000 a bird and six months in jail. a potentially $16 million fine. other species protected by the same act are bound on the old bridge as well and there are fines from three other protection laws. and this says nothing of fish and aquatic animals protected by other laws that will be effected by taking the pillars down. >> we have a legal obligation. >> reporter: 34 other species are on the bridge too. if many state and federal local agencies don't settle this, demolition of this bridge could take as long as as construction
5:35 pm
of the new one. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. new plans for candlestick park -- point and the east bay city that was the inspiration. >> and remembering those who died in the line of duty and behind each name is a story, including a young boy who lost his dad in 1988. >> a year long on air experiment by a tv news anchor that no one noticed. why he says that proves there is a double standard for women. of shaving stuff. and thankfully, being able to find backups.
5:36 pm
lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups.
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san francisco mel melt unveiled new -- mayor ed lee unveiled new plans for candlestick park. a transformed neighborhood. developers said the project would include a 500,000 square foot urban outlet with 6,000 rental and for sale homes with businesses, 200 acres of open space and parks and a store. they looked to an east bay city for inspiration. >> we looked at the retail environments, pedestrian, walkable, high end, and yet has
5:39 pm
a number of local and smaller size eateries. >> once it is finished the project will provide 3,000 permanent jobs. demolition of candlestick park is planned for next year with completion of this project expected by 2017. officials are stepping up efforts to prevent drunk driving with a new grant. a one year grant from the state office of traffic safety. they plan to use it for prevention and education. allowing high school students to witness the sentencing of a driver found guilty of driving under the influence. pope francis announced he will be making his first trip to the united states next year. the trip features a visit to philadelphia for the world meeting of families with a focus on strengthening families. he will conduct an outdoor mass that will attract a million people or more. there are reports the trip may
5:40 pm
include a trip to new york city but so far they haven't confirmed that. tv coaches getting attention for what he -- co- host is getting attention for what he wears. he wore the same suit for a whole year and now the secret is out. he did as a personal experiment. he didn't tell anybody. here are pictures of him in the same suit. he found viewers had plenty to say about what his female co- anchor was wearing. he says he finds it appalling he is judged for how he does his job and women are judged on how they look. new hope for a space probe stranded because of a dead battery. the pope landed -- probe landed wednesday. without the sun the solar powered battery died on
5:41 pm
saturday. the european space agency said there is a chance it will get sun 38 recharge the battery -- sun to recharge it battery. college basketball players may help break in the new arena being built for the sacramento kings. the ncaa men's basketball tournament returning in 2017. it is the first time since 2007 sacramento hosted ncaa tournament games. the first and second rounds will be held there. the next two rounds will be held that sap center in san jose. a way to experience religion. >> drive through coffee, fast food. how about a drive through prayer service. that is what this church is doing. we will show show you how -- show you how it works. >> and charles manson has been
5:42 pm
behind bars bars for year but now he is getting married. the wedding plans next. after the break i will be tracking the showers it will impact your commutes this we
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[no audio] hey! hey! >> in canada last july a 74 car train carrying crude oil derailed and killing 42 people. it is known to be more volatile and it is increasingly being transported by rail. >> it is being carried in rail
5:46 pm
cars that are unsafe. they were designed in the 1960s. they were not meant to transport crude. it is alarming and the public should be concerned. >> 2 investigates followed the delivery of crude where two 100 car trains arrive every month. most trains are in the outdated design that isn't safe. the train loads have undergone safety modifications so they are demanding an emergency band. at 10:00 p.m. why we could be seeing more of these oil train deliveries despite an increase in the number of derailments and we will hear from the fire chief who mains how local crews
5:47 pm
preparing. drive through restaurants, now a drive through prayer service at a church in fremont where they are offering prayers on the go. ktvu's azenith smith is live with how the pastor came up with these unique concept. >> reporter: this started at 5:00 p.m. and has been well rereceived. this is the -- received. this is the only church in the bay area offering a drive through prayer service monday through friday. volunteers are here to pray and bless those who need it without leaving the driver's seat. >> reporter: now someone can say prayer for you in the comfort opyour own car. >> convenient -- of your own car. >> convenient. >> reporter: this week they are launching a drive through prayer service, 25 ministers
5:48 pm
available for an hour in the evening. >> very familiar with the fast food restaurants and coffee and why not fast food god. god on the go, that was the idea. >> reporter: he thought of the idea after hearing something similar in florida. the service is less than 2 minutes long and it is open to all faiths at a time when people need extra thoughts and prayers. >> people feel lonely because it is the holiday time coming on and they miss their dear ones who got to gone. >> reporter: here at starbucks there were mixed reviews. some like the convenience -- >> i think it would be simple and easy. you know, could help. >> somebody in the hospital and sick and they needed to feel better that would be something like they could do quickly. >> reporter: others didn't know if it was right for them.
5:49 pm
>> it is an intimate thing. this seems impersonal. >> reporter: she hopes her prayers could provide healing and comfort. >> we have so many things going on today in our country and in our world that prayer is even more important. >> reporter: the pastor says this isn't meant to replace mass but could be in addition to or for those who may be intimidated, if it is successful it could grow to two hours a day. frank? >> i am looking at that car, looks like it is going what is this. how many people have come by? >> reporter: well, it has been a steady stream. 25 cars have been coming in and it is unfamiliar territory. they are not accepting donations so it is free. they are giving away these prayer cards with the prayer of
5:50 pm
st. francis as well as the mass times in case anybody wants to check out the church. >> thank you. azenith smith in fremont. now to the bay area, bill martin has rain to talk about. it is something -- >> it is something. door opens. we get a series of storms. right? none of them are huge. i am looking for the big hit. we are not going to get that but we will get multiple hits, multiple rain events into the weekend and beyond that. here is the area in the pacific. look goods. but one thing you will notice, stretching out, it is not real compact. that happens. the storm loses energy. wrapping up. you want it to come in looking like this. showers moving into the area tomorrow night. and into wednesday morning. the clouds made for a beautiful
5:51 pm
sunset. there is no fog at the coast. breezy in the hills this afternoon. breeze tonight up in the oakland hills. 20 miles per hour winds. over night lows mild side. cool, mild. the cloud cover will keep things steady. clouds 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this is your tomorrow. late in the day tomorrow, tomorrow night, this guy shows up. partly cloudy skies. 6:00 you are noticing it is feeling like rain. wednesday morning showers in the north bay. spreading through the bay area by noon wednesday and then break. here comes another system, that is thursday around lunchtime and then that system rollsen -- rolls on. it will change. this is over the course, right,
5:52 pm
wednesday through saturday. inch and a half of rain. cooler. snow but above pass level. highs tomorrow, 68 vallejo -- now, this could change. right now it looks like tomorrow night into wednesday morning, 10 10th of an inch. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view you can see right there, cloudy and unsettled. things could change but we will be wet, umbrellas. rain, this takes us through saturday. >> thank you. to honor those who have fallen in the line of duty. >> best job in the world. >> new art instullation. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> thieves tear apart a church landscaping project. >> it is a house of god and we want it to look as good as it
5:53 pm
can. >> police have r investigating who -- are investigating who ripped out astro turf. and california attorney general kamala harris says legalizing marijuana is inevitable. her stance and why she is glad california isn't leading the way on this one. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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5:56 pm
the headquarters headquarters for the san francisco police department isn't finished but a memorial sips done. a dedication -- inside is done. a dedication will be done tomorrow. ktvu's claudine wong has more. >> reporter: their names grace the walls of the new administration building for the san francisco police department and behind each name is a story. the story of a young boy who in 1988 lost his father. >> i was 13. i remember getting a phone call and hearing my dad was shot. >> the young wife who lost the love of her life. >> he was chasing a speeder and a young man ran a red light and hit him. cut him off. >> reporter: both are bound by that unimaginable loss. >> it was the best job in the
5:57 pm
world he would say. >> reporter: both know what it is like to have to carry on. both now work to honor that sacrifice. >> i wanted to honor my husband. >> reporter: they both serve on the board. the bay area law enforcement assistance fund, a group dedicated to support all officers and their families. >> the problem is in law enforcement we are the helpers. it is easy for us to help but it is hard for us to ask for help. >> reporter: 8,000-pound spiral of gratitude with a poem of remembrance and anchored by the words look up, their courage shines. it will be dedicated tuesday night on what would have been her 63 wedding anniversary. >> we had 7 good years. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> you know, sometimes there is
5:58 pm
only one love in your life. >> reporter: you cannot deny the love or the loss but he has now followed in his footsteps. >> i understand it. this job is a calling. >> that young widow knows her husband would be proud. >> i think of it so often. if you could only see and know what they have accomplished. >> reporter: every name on that wall has a story. >> as long as we are telling their stories, sharing about them, they are still with us. >> this is about remembering their story and promising to never forget. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00 p.m. a woman's body found in the middle of the road. the clues that have investigators concerned this was no accident. >> an arrest in the hit and run death of a 14-year-old boy who was crossing the street when he was hit by a driver trying to escape from the police. >> parishioners put it in but
5:59 pm
thieves ripped it all out. >> shock and disbelief that somebody would ache the at the -- take the astro turf. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. a mystery on the mountain. how did a woman end up in the middle of a busy earl highway. police are piecing together clues to figure out how she got there. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> investigators figured out who she was but they don't know how she got there. the body was found on highway 29 in napa. ktvu's noelle walker is live at the sheriff's department where investigators are trying to answer the questions surrounding this mysterious death. >> reporter: we know she had injuries consistent with being hit by a car but there may be
6:00 pm
more to the story. the question is, how did she get on the mountain road. >> reporter: it is a long and windy road. as highway 29 goes up the mountain. it offers stunning views of napa valley wine country. and oceanally a less attractive -- occasionally a less attractive element. >> a lot of interesting characters that drive this road. >> reporter: on sunday there burr no cars -- there were no cars as investigators closed highway 29 investigating the death of a 57-year-old woman found in the middle of the road. sunday investigators said she was a hit and run victim -- >> the other possibilities, she could have been dumped there in the roadway. >> reporter: today investigators know who the woman is but haven't told her family. an


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