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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 19, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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it's a girl, it's a girl. >> it's a frenzy of outrage when cops take down a teenager. >> she's been knocked out. >> what set off the confrontation that lit up this crowd. >> you've got a lost child and a sketchy character. the social experiment with with more than a few surprises. >> fortunately, he's an experienced base jumper. >> unfortunately, it didn't really help him. see why. >> plus the buzz word for your
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chance to win a new ipad mini. and just home from afghanistan, one marine doesn't see -- >> there is someone very special right behind him. >> what it takes before he takes in the big surprise. >> i was like how close do i have to get before you realize i'm standing right here in your face? >> it seems every week we are talking about something to do with police brutality. there is always two sides to every story. first one comes to us from the uk. the video starts. you can see there is a raucous going on. >> oh, my god, it's a girl! >> you see a couple police officers wrestling with a 16-year-old girl. she is fighting, kicking, scratching. you can hear people sound outraged. >> now it exploded to a mob mentality. that's why the officers are
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trying to disperse people so it doesn't turn into a riot. >> you knocked her out. >> she's been knocked out. she appears to have lost consciousness while resisting arrest. this is a plains clothes police officer saying look, mate, back off. >> if you are trying to handle a police scene, you don't want somebody handle with a camera why you work. that's why they have police tape and police lines. >> people are perfectly entitled to be around there. if you hide things, people's speculation goes wild. the only way to avoid that is let people video it. there is a second video which has gone insanely viral in australia. talking about police brutality, as well. you see a girl gets caught. a female officer tries to subdue her. there is another gentleman on the floor in the background with a police officer on his back.
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>> get off me! >> the 20-year-old guy is a double amputee. it's also his girlfriend. she is 18 years old. this guy is on the floor. he is fighting. this is taking all their strength to hold him down. they are trying to get his arms behind his back. you see the guys on top of him? he appears to be hitting the guy in the ribs. there are a lot of people watching this. >> they are officers trying to arrest somebody who is resisting. >> backup comes in. he is still fighting. in the end it takes three or four officers to subdue him and to get the cuffs on him. we learned before this video picks up, the suspects were accused of stealing wine from a vendor at the mall. the 20-year-old male has been charged with two counts of serious assaults on a police officer, common assaults of stealing. the female received similar, as well. they've been charged with
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numerous crime. the first video is a 16-year-old girl and the second video is a double amputee. would we have the same reaction if it was a 25-year-old drunken man? >> if people are going to domco up with a story regardless of whether or not they know the full story? >> check out this perfect location for a base jump in switzerland. the jumper zach hampton starts falling down the side of this cliff. everything is perfect. he deploys his chute and that's where we have a huge problem. someone needs to really start loading these parachutes differently. >> this crash happened two years ago. it is just now going viral. unfortunately for him, it was incredibly difficult to get this untwisted. he tried. he ended up smashing against the
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side of this mountain. right against that one tree. >> he is wearing a helmet. >> he crashed so hard. he ended up breaking his pelvis in three different places. he had to have surgery. three months in a wheelchair. nine months in recovery. he does say thank goodness he was wearing safety gear. wear yours, too, because accidents happen. his was a particularly nasty fall. fortunately, he survived it. >> he says instead of trying to untwist the canopy, he should have guided it away from the mountain. >> a great video for everyone to learn. separate social experiment from the josh pigler lynn youtube channel. he decided to pay attention, especially if a small child is involved. small children missing could be
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saved. he does two different versions of the same video. first, dress nicely in a suit. the little girl pretends she is sad. she pretends she is lost. we see who is going to help. >> where is your mom at? >> i don't know. >> where is your dad? >> i don't know. >> you don't know where they're at? >> here comes josh in a suit saying my daughter, my daughter. >> she's yours? >> yeah. her mom is looking for her. >> you're her dad? your mom is looking for you. >> this is a hard situation to be. in are you immediately going to go into detective mode, let me see your i.d.? prove she is yours? >> that was the point. did he this several times with this little girl dressed in a suit to see what people did when he came up to take this little girl away. pretty much everyone had a similar reaction. they let the little girl go. how does it change when he dresses differently?
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>> are you okay? you don't know where your mommy or daddy are? >> watch the difference. >> let's go. >> hold on. she doesn't look like she knows you. >> do you know him? >> it's me. >> in every case we see in this video, people don't want to let the little girl go. in fact, watch these two. >> this restores my faith in humanity. >> in the end, josh has a clear message. appearances can be deceiving. pedophiles and kidnappers do not always look like the bad guy. if you see something that does not see right, stop it right away. you could save a child's life. big congratulations to joanne adams. she is our latest winner. she watches on fox in houston. congratulations to joanne. your chance to win is coming up. >> you'll need wednesday's buzz word, be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> the buzz word in a little
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bit. >> watch for the rtm ipad mini give away. >> a small town with a big problem. >> every november, a group of neo-nazi members descend on this small town to march. this is the original burial site of rudolph hess deputy to adolf hitler. the town cannot get rid of these people. >> it's hard to imagine people would support this movement. >> the town tried to get these nazi supporters to go away by removing his remains in 2011. that diminished the crowd. this year 200 people showed up. >> everything is a little different in 2014. >> the town turned this into a positive. unbeknownst to these marchers, the shop owners decided for every meter they walked to their town they pledged $10 in support of exit deutscheland, a charity that helps people leave neo-nazi
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groups. they saw all these signs and noticed these markers that said congratulations, you raised 1,000 euros. 2,000 euros. >> this is brilliant. >> first time in history, neo-nazis are marching against themselves. >> you can see the look on their faces. it's a bit of confusion. the town even put out bananas to encourage them to walk further. in the end they completed their march and unwittingly raised $12,000. >> that was smart. >> it's a kill them with kindness movement. >> they raised money against their own cause. >> upper franconia, a small town with a big idea. a kayaker spots monkeys in the trees. >> he wanted to test out the theory monkeys didn't like water. >> why that proved to be wrong. >> check out this race car.
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you are watching marines watch in at the command of this gunnery sergeant. these marines have been in afghanistan for the past year. everybody listens to his commands. his family live in maryland. this is in san diego. as he is leaving his unit in, he is going to meet other marines, say hello and watch the rest of these folks say hi to their loved ones. >> i'm sure he is miss his family to death. >> notice this camera is creeping up. there is someone very special
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right behind him. you think he would notice, but not yet. he turns and sees something very special. watch his face. tears start flowing. the person behind the camera, his wife sarah. then they hug and they hug and the tears are flowing. and they kiss and it's awesome. we have them both via skype. sarah from maryland and ford taylor from san diego, california. >> i didn't know she was going to be there. my mind was tying up loose ends on the workload. i didn't know what to think. >> how long did it take to plan operation infiltrate fort? >> took probably a week. his flights were fluctuating.
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i wasn't sure when he was going to be there. i took a chance and went out. luckily everything went out. >> what did you feel like standing so close to him and not saying anything and just seeing his reaction? >> as you can tell by the video, what is very like nervous, excited. i was like, how close do i have to get before you realize i'm standing right here in your face? >> you never questioned there was a camera right up in your face? >> i actually talked to her maybe 30 minutes prior. >> what would you like to say to each another? it's not necessarily a private moment. but you can see each other. do you want to say something lovie? >> he knows i love him. i'll be there whenever he comes back from where he goes. >> i just love you so much. obviously, i think you are the most amazing wife in the world. i couldn't imagine a better person to stand by my side.
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>> when you're going on a holiday, it's all about fun. the last thing you want to happen is to robbed. this is unfortunately what happened to this guy. >> he decided he would take 40 days off. he was going all around asia. he decided he was going to explore the mangroves on a kayak here. >> unfortunately, it's going to go wrong for him. he notices in the trees there are monkeys. he wanted to test out the theory that monkeys don't like water. what does he do? he throws pineapple into the water. monkey goes swimming for the pineapple. this is cool. this is where he makes a big mistake. he pulls out the bag full of pineapple. in just a few seconds, he is going to be mugged by a lot of monkeys. >> oh, my god. >> there's more behind him. >> get out of here.
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>> now they come after him. >> don't feed the animals. >> they robbed him of all his pineapple. he doesn't get angry at them. eventually he paddled over to a tree and they climb off. it's not like they didn't leave something. they left a nice couple of piles of steaming monkey poo. >> that quick? >> a hunter in the wood walks up on something unexpected. >> that's big. that's huge. >> why you might not want to hang around for too long. >> plus wednesday's buzz word for a chance to win an ipad mini.
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i've got a couple of snow stories for you. >> you are doing great. keep going. >> reese is in a wheelchair because he suffered a brain injury in 2008. this is the first time dad decided to put a shovel against the wheelchair and reese got into it. >> your brother keeps going and you're already stuck. >> i wouldn't stop there. i would be totally inspired. now we need to build a real plow.
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>> that can inspire some people. >> it's a cute one. >> we should patent this. >> this guy was hunting in montana and he came upon something. a bear hole. >> this is a big -- that's huge. >> he said he just walked up on a bear and it was dead. he believes it was a sow. i am trying to sleep here. i feel like he should run. >> i don't know if i want to be a part of it. i'm going to sneak out of here. >> usually drag racing cars are hot looking. this one? just like a little box.
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it got super hot real quick. track officials come in and using their extinguishers to put this out. there was an explosion after. looks like it was out till the guys raise the hood. >> that is crazy. this is an actual burnout. he burned out the inside of the car. >> it was a burnout. the extinguisher is not doing the drive. the driver has gotten out of the car. they start to push this car off the starting line while it's still burning. >> what are they going to do, let this thing burn? >> i would love to tell you, but the video ends there. >> stay tuned for more racing. >> i'm sure he lost that day. all right, everybody. it's time for us to give away another ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, need to be 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on
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i hate magic. when the holidays come around, a big discussion for families. we had that discussion. caught on camera courtesy of the
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angry grandpa show. >> 20 pounds. >> okay. jimmy brings his mom's boyfriend. >> what? >> he's frying a turkey. >> angry grandpa wants to be the only one bringing the turkey to thanksgiving dinner. they are saying jimmy is making a delicious fried turkey. >> you cook your turkey the night before. they refrigerate it. >> it's juicy. >> i got your juicy. >> i love it after all these years he's finally told, your turkey is no good. >> back to the turkey discussion. >> what are you doing?
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>> angry grandpa takes his anger out on the street. he stomps on the ornaments, rips off the decoration. drags the tree through the kitchen into the living room. >> you need to get out of here. >> get out of the [ bleep ] house now. >> he storms out. but not without a final word. >> happy thanksgiving. i'm bringing the turkey. >> don't mess with the turkey. >> i do all that? >> that's it for rtm. see you next time, everybody. - "dear scan, "i've been a scan member for almost two years and have been very satisfied with the plan." - "i would like to thank you and your organization from top to bottom." - "i recently called into scan regarding a claims problem." - "i had been going round and round with a problem with a prescription drug order." - "it is nice to know that one phone call to you,
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