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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  November 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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cold this morning. cloud cover has lifted even up in portland and 30s for some 40s for rs, might be some fog forming, dew points temperatures coming together when they do, keep an eye out for santa rosa and novato. 51 degrees and it trance late into a warmer pattern, all clear, -- translates into the warmer -- into a warmer pattern, all clear, some lower 70s, also livermore and mountain view, here is my good friend sal. 70s in november? california, baby. it is doing well, you may have heard 508 was closed last night and it has reopened
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through oakland on 880 which is moving a long nicely as you drive through the mcarthur ranch mcarthur maze. and it is not a bad commute, it continues to look good with no major problems and traffic continues to look good san francisco traffic is moving well on the bay shore. 4:31 let's go back to the desk. a grand jury decide not to update the police officer. -- indict the police officer. moments after crowd began forming and hundreds took to the streets, setting fires, damaging businesses and even firing off guns he heard more than 100 gunshots that were not fired by police and the fabric of the community was torn
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apart. angry protesters blocked the freeway and police said they made several arrests and there are reports so many people were take mean custody and police had to request a bus to transport them. more than 1,000 people gathered in oakland to protest. >> we have live team coverage of the situation, tara moriarty live in oakland with the damage that has been left behind, but first, alex you have been watching the protests in ferguson overnight? >> yes. >> reporter: it has been a long chaotic night and that community will be will be taking stock with some heated frosts, take a look at the damage there. in this case huge parts in the city of tell wood, also it included several police cruisers that were torched, police in riot gear with
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everything from bottles to batteries and there was widespread looting in the area, they smashed out stores and this is included as you see in that video. >> i am not saying they were not out there for the right reason but this was out of control. >> it was during the market at the -- at the market he stole from shortly before he was shot to death. the decision to not to indict the officer was like a slap in the face. >> what are you saying that our lives are not equal, our lives are not worthy of even a day in court. >> law enforcement reported
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hearing as many as 50 gunshots throughout the night but the good news in all of this, nobody was seriously hurt or killed according to authorities and officers showed a great deal of restraint dealing with crowds and national guards were called into the ferguson area to ultimately restore and maintain order there and we will of course keep an eye on the situation. >> the video of those fires is just horrendous, as soon as the sun comes up we we will be able to see the damage. protests following the grand jury's decision, it was near a smart and final near one of the targets of the crowd. >> there is quite a bit of damage along this two block stretch. >> reporter: crews have been cleaning up all of the glass
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sweeping it up and you can see they are putting up plywood on these stores, this has been happening and protesters took out most of the windows at the starbucks. they looted the smart and final and spray painted we stand with mike brown and as you you can see question we have quite a bit of clean up here. >> you can see looters had just broken into the smart and final and right after the announcement, 2000 demonstrators marched on to this freeway and then around 830, they made their way on lakeshore stopping traffic and then p.m. cleared them making their way back on to the freeway. >> i think people have to stop
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expecting us to react calmly that our lives done matter, that is an unreasonable expectation. >> few people were injured, nobody was seriously hurt. we are waiting to talk to business owners and we'll see what they do another round of destructive protests from downtown, ktvu channel 2 morning news. very busy night, thank you so much. >> meantime several hundred gathered to express their outrage over the general jury's decision. the demonstration began on mission and 24th street immediately after the decision was announced. this protest was far different than the one across the bay in oakland. it only lasted a few hours but the message was the same. >> i am outraged by the decision of the january jury.
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protesters are planelling again. we are learning about the evidence they used while considering the decision of officer will some. >> the injury deliberated over two days they determined there was no charge to file against officer wilson. >> grand jury heard 70 minutes and after last night president barack obama urged the nation to accept the decision. >> as always, first and foremost we are a nation built on the rule of law and so we need to accept that this decision what the ground jury dab grant jury's to make. there are americans who agree
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with it and there are those who disagree, even angry, it is an understandable reaction. >> president barack obama aid there is deep de-- trust. >> this is as a result of his encounter with michael brown. wilson said he punched him in the face and he feared the 18- year-old could beat him to death. he released a statement saying quote, we are pro foundly sad that the killer not face the consequences. we ask that you keep protests peaceful, answering violence with violence is not the appropriate action. he is not surprised.
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people of don't want to believe they are doing anything wrong. >> michael brown's partly sunny skies and people can share their thoughts but ferguson decision. we were there at people watched and the prosecutor announced the grand jury's decision. afterwards people were offered solutions to community issues. there is an uprise be on interstate nag on san diego hall. it will be front 8:00 m p -- p.m.
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to 4:00 p.m. coming up at 5:00, the trouble you could face if you are flying today. dozens of men and women stripping down, after the break, the reason nearly naked shoppers will be lined up outside of they are storms. and if you liked it yesterday, you will like tuesday, we have more on that for a couple of days. stay tuned.
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. well comb back, they are charging pedestrians and cyclists a toll to cross the bridge. and mark levine of san rafael
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will unveil a bill they say will consider the controversial toll plan in response to the district problems. we are learning about a man shot and last night they gathered to remember michael marquez. they were confronted by five men early in the morning. police say the men shoot him and stole his backpack. here is baltimore orioles their fear. >> this is bash here is more about their fears. >> i live in this neighborhood and i report and i report and i tell people to report. >> supervisor weiner said they want more officers patrolling the neighborhood and they will talk to the police about that,
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no arrests have been made in the case. officers said the 31-year- old victim said he met the suspects at 2:00 a.m. saturday. they reportedly asked them to wakep up in a pool of blood. a highway patrol sergeant is due in court on charges of possessing child pornography. he has been with the chp for 26 years and worked out of the fairfield office. he downloaded and shared videos of child pornography sometimes while he was on duty. he was arrested in october but has since been released and has been put on leave while the investigation continues. colorado recreational
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sellers are offering a special. the first people in line can buy one ounce especially others are selling gift sets and pumpkin pie treats and holiday plans. >> the traditional may start for a few days and some people may have been waiting outside stores for a week anyway. he hopes to get a 50-inch television for $200. it typically costs $200 and he is not standing in line all day long and he and others are not trading off shifts so they can go to full-time jobs. >> everybody has to go do things, as long as you hear this, you still have your spot.
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>> psychologists encourage this behavior because it creates excitement around these special deals, but going shopping are things of the past and you can find the best prices each before the shopping. >> you want to avoid the black friday may hand, they will open its doors and the first 100 people wearing only their under where will be offered to shop for a free outfit, and it excludes spring and summer accessories line and you have to be at least 18 and they suggest you get there early before 9:00 a.m. hopefully you can wear a coat over your unaware while you are
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waiting in line. >> and my executive producer is going to send me out there. >> i hope you are not going to be there. >> oh, no, but you know brian, just keep your shirt anti-on please. >> already, he plans on doing that. >> let's get a look at what we have now. this is one of those stories we will hear a lot more about. >> it is not bad trying to get to san francisco. >> we are talking about all of these shopping stories and on thursday we are not expecting any traffic, we are looking at
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highway 101 and it is a nice looking drive and we are off to a nice start before this tuesday. how about all of your thanks giving forecast. >> it looks good, i like it. >> not as cold this morning. we do have a little bit of patchy fog than low cloud deck wants to get closer and sonoma had some fog, although no reduced visibility yet, you can e-mail me, facebook me, can't snap chat me.
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>> what else, i know you are up there but it looks quiet for you as well. there are wind advisories and wind warnings, freeze warn being but temperatures are not as crazy, you can see where the cold air system out ahead of it and they are still trying to take shape, often new york and boston and for us, there there is a leg bit of snow. sent -- eventually it looks like the storm door will open, these days are up compared to
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yesterday and today is just a bit and those are warmer, although monterey is running cooler and clouds are out but they have no chance today. rain returns friday night and maybe saturday sunday and monday. then by friday night and it it looks like a good system. a few 30s inland but not as many as we saw. the day a short and we'll be cooler. now we -- we change that. >> does that rain tensioned all
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the way to santiago? >> yes. >> that is where -- san diego . that is where i am going. >> take an extra day off. >> i hope they are listening. >> thank you, steve. 451 inn love have darn involving some of the animals. they helped to capture the horses after they were spotted on some nearby train tracks. >> obviously it was extremely unusual, it is not every day they let horse police out and they are now back in their stables and doing just fine. >> time now 452, masked men storm the area and they have
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become a popular par for niece of. i saw her out there and i was worried about her, she was hurt while covering the rioting in ferguson, we will tell you what she is saying about it.
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. they works for a reporter for cnn and last night she got hurt while covering it in ferguson. >> -- sorry i just got hit by a rock. >> well, you could hear that too. she continued reporting overnight and tweeted quote, all i have is a bump on my head, it was actually a bottle thrown from a car, she ended her post by saying, i am fine but ferguson is not. >> 30 students are camped out and they are upset over planned tuition hikes. thousands of students at uc berkeley and other campuses walked out and they are angry
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at the uc board of regions by the next five years. >> the state actually has 7463 however, the state funds are 4:00 $8,000. >> if the hike goes into effects they will be paying more by the year 2015 and that does not include books and other fees. they will declare a school wide strike during the spring semester. it has been a year since dennis richmond retired. after a few years we learned he is dealing with a medical problem during his retirement. >> hope i don't look too casual.
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>> i don't think he dresses up in a suit anti-anymore. even in his running suit, just last month, he was in excruciating pain after they inserted two metal rods attached with titanium screws and he was then put on heavy medication and doctors considered him a risk and they set up an alarm but one night dennis disarounded it. >> i saw where they detached it and i got wobblely and she came running. >> it was like an explosion, the entire hospital woke up. >> he still uses a cain and the doctors say it will be a while
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before she can get back to his golf game. >> i heard about his golf game, he will be out there very soon. >> yes, he is good. protest are not only limited to the bay area, but it took place all around the kind -- county. >> am up next, the timing of the storm and how it may impact our bay area airports. highway 24, we will tell you more about the morning commute. we have clear skies and, otherwise it is not as cold but the afternoon whiles look a lot warmer. charles not having coverage stressed me out. i literally haven't been to a doctor in 15 years.
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. a surprisingly simple message from the chp this


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