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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 27, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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♪ her husband made it home for thanksgiving and is about to meet his daughter -- >> for the very first time. >> see the moment a soldier has been fighting for. some turkeys are getting their holiday on. >> drunk now. look at him. >> someone has had a bit too much. >> exactly. >> what happens when you swing your partner round and round and round. >> dizzy. >> most people like pumpkins in a pie. others -- >> prefer to chunk them. >> now the host of pumpkin
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chunkin' show us the most epic challenge yet. >> i want to see how much damage you can do with a pumpkin. >> we can do a lot of damage. >> and a peek inside the bird leaves a woman wondering -- >> how is that even possible. >> what she found that blew her mind. >> is she serious? >> maybe she missed that day in class. >> missed all of the classes? it sucks to be separated from your family, take it from me, but it must be weird for this guy. christopher was sent overseas to the middle east for eight months, going off to serve his country. two months after he left his wife gave birth to his first baby girl. he's coming back home to meet a new member of his family. his 6-month-old daughter. all the families are getting ready. the plane pulls up. everyone is looking super excited. everybody is waiting to see their husbands and wives and brothers and sisters and moms and dads.
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the moment when he finally gets to meet his daughter for the first time and it's just one of the sweetest things. ♪ >> oh, look at dad. oh, my gosh. can you imagine that. holding your daughter who is now 6 months old for the very first time and looking into her eyes and seeing her little face. >> he's got her in his arms. he's almost unsure about how to hold her at the same time and then he starts talking to her. it's adorable. ♪ >> the thanksgiving holiday is upon us. we can expect visitors.
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like these little fellas. it it's almost as if they knew they should be on that table. knocking on the door. >> we're here for dinner. >> exactly. >> run away. this is definitely the wrong door to be knocking on. >> we hear you have a nice warm place we can rest for about four or five hours. >> this video was posted to youtube by a guy named michael sullivan. he said he heard something knocking at his door so he went to investigate wondering who was coming to his house. turns out it was two turkeys. they see him and they run. the next video is going to make you guys love turkey. this was posted on our facebook page. originally posted by taylor ford. ♪ >> they decide to get a little dosi-do action. they're square dancers. >> grab your partner swing her around, grab your partner don't fall down. >> but i think the female turkey
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doesn't like this dude because she has a plan. follow me around. i'm going to spin you around. i'm leading this dance, boy. and watch. ♪ >> turkey is still spinning. watch him. drunk now. >> someone has had a bit too much. >> exactly. >> watch, wa >> who knew turkeys got dizzy too. i think it's great. >> grab your partner swing her around, grab your partner don't fall down. some people like to carve them but the cool people, the really cool people, prefer to chunk them. >> on november 29th. >> pum conchunkin' is back. >> they're back hosting this year's super chunk special. >> this year we've rethunk how to chuck. >> is that a word? >> they've taken it up a notch
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as only they can. >> pushing the machines to the limit. >> oh. >> what? >> praise the gourd. >> one of the highlights of this year's show -- >> can they compete the rival challenge and hurl a 1,000 pound pumpkin. will the machine be up to the task. >> look at the monster of the engineering built to sling vegetables. >> three, two, one. >> here it goes. will it work? >> yes! yes! >> it will work. to find out more about this awesome show, coming up november 29th, we have carrie and tori joining us "right this minute." this has become just a tradition. how much fun is it to be a part of these expeditions? >> it's pretty awesome. we enjoy it. we love our backyard engineers. >> this year is going to be the craziest yet. instead of seeing how far
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pumpkins can flu how much damage they can do with the pumpkin. >> they build their own machines to do this? >> they're backyard engineers working on these machines year-round but they have full-time jobs. you have lawyers, you have den fist tests, and they put tons of money into these machines just to come out to this cornfield once a year and say they were able to throw the pumpkins the farthest. >> is it hard for you guys to convince somebody to destroy a 1,000 pound pumpkin. people grow those for competition for money. >> for no other reason than we ask them to. >> since you only had one shot with the 1,000 pound pumpkin what went into it? >> there was a lot of preparation and this was for the world record. >> the world record! >> this is going to be in the guinness book of world records as the biggest pumpkin ever thrown. >> and failure is always an option. it's written on our hats. if it went terribly wrong it would still be fun.
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>> check out the two hour special saturday november 29th at 8:00 on science. ♪ she is getting the stuffing out of the turkey. >> now time to be grateful for this thanksgiving prank. so this lady is taking the stuffing out of the turkey. she's working very hard. that's her mom recording this video. they're just being silly for the video. this is thanksgiving. >> we have to work on getting that stuffing out, please. >> then, it gets very interesting right about here when she finds more than just stuffing in the cavity of this turkey. >> turkey inside the turkey. >> why is there a turkey inside of a turkey? >> what? >> oh, my gosh! no! >> oh, my!
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>> no. >> it actually happened and was recorded last year, but it's just now getting a lot of attention. i think this girl really thinks they just cooked a pregnant turkey. >> no. >> inside the belly. >> wow. okay. let's break this down. >> yeah. >> so she doesn't realize that turkeys come from eggs. >> right. >> got that wrong. but would she really believe that a baby turkey inside a turkey would be missing its head? >> no feathers. >> no feathers. >> completely ready to be cooked? >> maybe in that moment. we've all had our moments where we think goofy things without thinking about them. >> i'm crying. >> i have a feeling maybe she now knows how. >> yeah. maybe just took her a while to figure it out, but her mom must have known that she was going to believe it. >> funny. >> baby turkey.
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traveling across the world to visit grandma. >> but grandma doesn't know, bringing a surprise. >> the story behind their emotional reunion with a mystery guest. >> oh. >> and how you can have your turkey and eat your turkey cake too. >> wow. >> see, you're impressed, >> wow. >> see, you're impressed, aren't you? is a really big deal.rfromu wiwithth a achcheses, , fefeve- ththerere'e's s nono s sucg as a little flu. soso w whyhy t trereatat e it's a little cold? ththerere'e's s sosomemetht works differently ththanan o ovever-r-ththe-r remedies. prpresescrcripiptitionon t tas the flu virus at its source. soso c calall l yoyourur d doco. tatamimiflflu u trtreaeatsts t e 2 2 weweekeks s anand d olor whose flu symptoms ststararteted d wiwiththinie last two days. bebefoforere t takakining g tatl your doctor if you're prpregegnanantnt, , nunursre serious health conditions, oror t takake e ototheher r. ifif y youou d devevelelopon allergic reaction,
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it's not easy to be away from your family especially if you're separated by an ocean. people understand that and a year ago british airways put together a video about when they sent a guy home to see his mom in india. went crazy viral. 1.3 million views. they just released another video. get ready, get the tissues. the true story of a girl who has been separated from her family, a job in toronto, canada, so close to her grandmother.
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[ inaudible ]. >> talking about how she's been unlucky with love. in indian culture a marriage is important. what makes it worse for her is that her gland mother says this -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> no pressure. >> really wanted to see her angel get married. she says i'm going to go home and visit grandma. grandma is super excited. what grandma doesn't know is she's bringing a surprise. >> i met him about a year ago. this has been one of the best years of my life. i want my grandma's blessing so that we can get married. she has no idea about him. >> at this point nobody knows that she's coming with a guest. they just know that their girl is coming. >> and she's been away for a while. they're excited she's coming home. a lot of emotion involved. see how important it is here. >> i can't wait to see her. >> you can see they land in india. they're walking along. a shot of grandma. see how excited she is at the
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prospect of seeing her grandchild. >> look at the beam on her face. i love this. >> oh. >> no matter how many years i've been away, home will always be india. thanksgiving, the holiday that celebrates foods, all kinds of foods. two turkey recipes that don't actually involve an actual turkey. >> this is just wrong. this is not what thanksgiving is about. >> no, it's not wrong because the first one involves a turkey shaped buckeye peanut butter ball from canada. >> buckeyes, oh. >> you would need almond bark and peanut butter waivers and other ingredients including this one. first thing is fill up these molds. you're waiting for that to harden and while that hardens make the turkey tails. this is with the melted peanut butter warers draw the tail feathers and fill that in. >> you've seen mine and beth's drawing skills.
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this is not going to happen. >> this is the advanced level. go back and harden the shells because you're going to stuff those. they will have filling. butter, peanut butter and powdered icing. ball it in your hand and stick it in there and top that whole thing with more chocolate. refrigerator let it chill. adds the edible eyes. >> the snoot. >> the red thing. >> the snoot. >> i thought it was the gobble gobble. >> so she made the feet, attached the tail and you have turkey shaped buckeye peanut butter balls from cookies, >> perfect thanksgiving dessert. >> look what she did here. >> i have to make two turkeys. >> make the turkey balls and cake. she makes it look like a stuffed turkey. once she starts cutting everything off she shapes it in the form of a turkey. >> see the parts she cuts off. she turns that into stuffing. >> she puts it in the oven to make it browner. she takes the extra cake, crumbles it up, puts it with butter cream icing because she's
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going to shape the drumsticks. >> wow. >> see, you're impressed, aren't you? >> that looks like a cartoon turkey but you can eat it. >> if you want to replicate any of this, go to our website and click on today's show or click on our mobile app. >> when the holidays come around, a big discussion for families. who's going to bring the turkey. >> we have that discussion now caught on camera courtesy of the angry grandpa show youtube channel. >> 20 pound big turkey. >> 20 pounds. >> big. >> turkey. for what thanksgiving? >> about one turkey. >> okay. but also jimmy, mom's boyfriend is frying a turkey. >> what? >> angry grandpa wants to be the only one bringing a turkey to thanksgiving dinner. but they're saying jimmy is making a fried chicken. >> you cook your turkey the night before. you refrigerator it and it gets cold and dry. he fries it right before dinner. >> it is juicy and not -- >> i got your juicy.
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>> i got your juicy. >> i love it. like after all these years. he's fou ae's finally told yours no good. >> back to the turkey discussion. >> no. turkey is done! >> what are you doing? >> turkey is done. >> hit me in the face. >> stop. >> get away from the tree. >> angry grandpa takes his anger out on the tree. >> stop! >> he stomps on the ornaments, rips off the decorations, drags the tree through the kitchen, into the living room. >> you need to get out of here. >> get out of the [ bleep ] house now. >> and then he storms out, but not without a final word. >> happy thanksgiving and i'm bringing the only turkey. >> you're not invited. >> happy thanksgiving and i'm bringing the turkey. >> don't mess with the turkey. that's what we should take away. >> ha, ha, ha. dude is having a blast on
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all kinds of crazy winter videos are starting to come in including those awesome fails. this one on a snowmobile. >> oh, boy. that thing could have gone ba donk ba donk and never see it again. >> no biggy. >> get back on. >> the kid is skating on the middle of the road. >> this one you can see it's kind of a fail but not a fail. >> wow. that's a thin layer of ice on that road. >> of course he's wearing a canadian jersey. >> not helping you. >> no man. >> nice, dude. you might have to hold me back and sprinkle water on the face because hot sauce -- no tiny hamster eating. this is from a youtube channel.
9:52 am
you know tiny hamster he ate a burrito and hot dogs. >> he loved that. >> now eating a whole thanksgiving feast and a pilgrim making it. >> i have to see -- >> oh. >> make tiny cranberry sauce and then a tiny pie. >> is that the turkey? >> oh, that was the turkey. >> so funny. was this guy a doll house maker to begin with? >> slicing it with an exacto knife. >> tiny gravy. >> oh, my. >> guinea pig. >> it's a bunny. >> a bunny. you're right. i thought it was a guinea pig too when i first saw it. the poster of the video did say this was bunny hamster rat friendly too food and the center piece a cornucopia. >> how are they sitting in their own individual chairs and not moving. >> i'm pretty excited about this. >> they're wearing hats. >> this is adorable. >> oh, my god. it's so cute. >> they're loving it. >> they shove it in their mouths
9:53 am
and jaws get all fat. >> the rat is so well behaved. what dinner manners for the rat. the hamster is the pig. >> look at him eating the pie. seriously, happy thanksgiving. these 18 thanksgiving tips in one minute. >> food glorious food sweet cherry pie. >> tell me that's not cool. >> hear their amazing holiday mash up next. >> food. to go to russia.
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i might drive while i'm there. cornucopia of husky puppies. ♪
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♪ to get thanksgiving really started we have chad and ari, who decided to do a mash up of thanksgiving-ish songs in one minute. ♪ food glorious food sweet cherry pie ♪ ♪ eat it eat it eat it ♪ it eat my turkey and then i take a nap ♪ ♪ give thanks and pray >> it tell me that's not cool. >> that is cool. thank you very much to these guys two guys for just creating my thanksgiving day play list. >> that was brilliant actually, their ability to mash these songs together and make it sound like one song and not a mash up. >> and they do 18 songs in one minute. ♪ we are family ♪ yeah >> eight going to make this place your home as well ♪ >> wow. ♪ i'm coming home coming home
9:58 am
tell the world i'm going home ♪ ♪ the place where i belong ♪ homeward bound >> garfunkle and chris daughtry, who would have thought? ♪ homeward bound >> bravo. i do like this very much. >> you guys have a series of music mash ups. this is number 32. they have 31 other musical mash up videos which is cool. >> they have a very talented pair. that was awesome. >> right. that's going to do it for us at "rtm." thanks for joining us. have an awesome thanksgiving weekend, everybody.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today, lisa lampanelli. [ cheers ] >> celebrity chef tells us how to turn leftovers into fantastic day-after meals. plus, an extra helping of the hottest topics. [ applause ] ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪


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