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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 29, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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♪ a brave turkey strolls into a store, but -- >> it's the wrong time of year
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to be doing it! >> what he's just got to have for thanksgiving dinner. working off all that pie can make you say -- >> ouch! >> the moment a skier gets creamed. rosa g. is back to remind us -- >> thanks. thanks and thanks, thanks. give some thanks. >> the holiday diddy that will stick in your head. >> thanksgiving is the best, so i've got to give some thanks. and a prankster gets her friends to help stuff the turkey. why they're the ones who end up getting stuffed. >> ah! still looking for this individual of slightly darker complexion, about a foot tall? i tell you, gayle. then the punk here -- >> is it a chicken? >> it's the wrong time of year to be doing this. it's a turkey. >> oh, no! >> this turkey's obviously got the midnight munchies. what is he looking for? what's he going to steal? he's jacking the chips. he's got the chips and he's running. he drops it and thinks, no, i'm going to take it, and he runs
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for his life, not until the shopkeeper sees him what's going on, chases him outside and he gets the chips back. and he's like, this is just wrong. good for the shopkeeper, chased down this terrible, terrible individual. got his chips back. >> was it a turkey or a turkey vulture? looks like a vulture to me. >> wild turkeys, they'll get you. >> but it continues, because there's the shopkeeper. he's making sure, you stay out of my shop. and he goes outside, makes sure the turkey's not there and he goes looking for him. he's like, okay, okay, i think everything's okay. the turkey's back! he comes back in! [ applause ] >> yay turkey! >> he waits until the shopkeeper turns his back and grabs the chips and he's out the door! >> go, go, go, go! >> police are still looking for this one. there's nothing one, a shocking, inappropriate traffic stop. this is orr cscar. he's got the lights going. comes around. giving him the evil down. time to have a word.
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>> hey, oscar. where are you going? it's thanksgiving. you need to stay out of the road, okay? >> the turkey's in suburbia, and it's just one car after another, just like, consider ham this year, please? consider the ham. just one. [ gobbling ] >> ouch! [ laughter ] >> oh, is he out? >> ouch, right? that's p. diggy. listen after this accident. [ bleep ] >> dude. guys. >> are we out here? >> just chill, dude. >> that's serious injury. >> yeah. >> that was bad. >> now, tanner said this was his first concussion he ever experienced. he says thanks to his friend for coming to his aid and helping him through it. he doesn't remember a thing about this incident. he went back and watched the video, doesn't remember even a second of it. >> wow. >> maybe he needs to start wearing a helmet.
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he's got one on. he does have a small helmet over his hat. but if you go back and watch the video in slow motion, it's in a different place than where his helmet is, almost like he hits the side of his head. he is expected to recover from his injuries. this next video, not quite sure what this fella is up to. >> what's he trying to be? >> exactly, what is he trying? >> going for the backflip and just changed his mind? >> ouch. >> i don't think he had enough speed. he's going up on a hill. it's not like he could do a backflip and end it that high up. the ramp is like 2 inches. >> he's like, i want to be upside down. oh! there goes the skis. >> maybe it's the first time he tried this. >> could be. >> you know? >> some of the great moves aren't pulled off the first time. they have to practice. >> but why the build the ramp going in that direction? it seems like it should go somewhere else. >> i think you can see how
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landings have happened before. people have obviously been sticking landings. >> but maybe not the flip. >> yeah, i don't think they did the flip there. >> so, 19-year-old brighton was out on a farm with his buddies, gavin and eric, driving around. they got to a sinkhole. their tire got stuck in that sinkhole, but when they weren't able to move, they realized they weren't the only ones that had been stuck in there. they saw something. so, they immediately devised a plan to bring this living, breathing thing out of its misery. they managed to tie a rope on to this thing. >> oh, my gosh! >> that's not a rabbit, is it? >> you will not believe what comes out of that hole. >> whatever it is must be big because they're putting a lot of effort into this. i mean, it's taking all of their strength! >> oh, it's big. as it starts coming out, you see a horn. >> whoa! >> and then you realize that that is a 10-point buck. >> wow, mother earth is giving birth to a full-grown buck.
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>> brighton and his buddies managed to pull the buck out. it runs off. >> but it's still tied to the bumper? [ bleep ] >> you notice that the deer, because of its strength, ends up just snapping the rope, and it just takes off. you can hear how excited they are. >> yes! >> whoa! >> this is dramatic! my goodness. that was not what i thought was coming out of that hole. >> yeah. to tell us more about this, we have brighton via skype right this minute all the way from iowa. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> i'm just curious, why did you guys decide to pull out this rescue by yourselves? >> the guy helping me pull is up it actually gavin. he and i are big outdoors men, and we respect the animals we hunt. we thought it was our duty to take care of it. >> what was that moment like wh youov your truck and you see that shined my flashlig there and i saw eyes just staring up at me. i was just like, what the heck? i was just in awe that this big of an animal could fit down such
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a small hole. >> describe the hole. how deep was the deer, and how did you get the rope tied to it? >> it went down about 2 feet and hollowed out, about 12 feet deep. we put a rock climbing clip on the end of the rope, made like a lasso out of it, dropped it down around one of the antlers and pulled it tight. we had no way of getting the rope off, so gavin went down in the hole, we held his legs while he put his upper torso into the hole. he tied it around that clip, so that way, when he got out of the hole, he could run off and pull it off his antlers. >> that's smart! the original ten hours of walking in new york city just really brought to mind the human condition, you know, the human behavior. this one goes even deeper. >> i'll take a leg. >> i'll take a breast. >> this guy's a turkey, and what he hears, shocking. >> watch out, this is the me
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meatpacking district. >> as you can tell, it's a parody put together by barely political. this turkey is accosted by pretty much everybody. >> i want to put a duck inside of you and then put a chicken inside the duck. >> the classic turkducken line is thrown at this turkey, and then this woman shows up. >> i want to baste you all night. >> the most uncomfortable part is when this pilgrim follows him for 45 minutes. >> you would feel good in my tummy. now i know why they call it wish bone. >> yeah, when i'm done with you, i'm going to need a nap! >> this poor turkey subject to all kinds of hate language and innuendo. >> hey, well, the good thing is, the turkey's still alive. >> is it? [ laughter ] >> oh, yeah! >> how it ended up on the table, i don't know. it obviously didn't run fast enough to avoid all these people. >> whoa! i'd like to put my stuffing into you. i make my own gravy. you know, you should be more thankful. it's thanksgiving.
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tucker's protecting his corn on the cob. >> and he's growing a lot. >> why he won't give up his feast for anything. >> ah! plus, time to line up the leftover pumpkins -- >> and then, why not take a snowblower to the pumpkins? >> fall, meet winter, next.
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♪ okay, see, turkey needs to be stuffed. would you mind doing that? >> yeah, of course! >> families getting together, giving thanks, having a great meal together. this woman has invited some of her friends over to come on down and enjoy some turkey with her. she steps out of the room for a moment, but she asks one of her friends for a little bit of help. >> i will be right back. >> do you have any gloves? >> oh, sorry. it should be fine, though. it's cooked. >> oh, okay. >> the stuffing -- >> it's just -- >> so, her girlfriend obliges and begins to stuff the turkey, but this is not a happy time for
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turkeys around the world, so it's time for a little revenge. >> would you take, like, all the inside stuff out of here? >> yeah, it's good to go. >> i found something really hard, like maybe the giblets or something? >> oh, i don't know, maybe pack it for me? >> yeah, i'll -- >> what was it? what was that? did it squirt something at her? >> it did, but it gets worse. >> oh, my god! >> what? >> oh, my god, oh, my god! >> what happened? why is it moving? >> i don'think moving is outme. >> i'm rry, i didn't know this was going to be this difficult -- >> what the [ bleep ]! why is the turkey flying? >> yeah, you guessed it. it's a thanksgiving day prank, this one called "zombie turkey prank" put out by black box tv youtube channel. >> sorry, we had a -- >> whoa, whoa. [ laughter ] >> oh, it got him in the eye. >> this is truly an angry bird.
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>> an eye for an eye. >> a dirty joke, i heard. >> ah! [ bleep ] >> it just -- >> oh, oh, don't worry about it. >> don't worry about it? >> don't worry about that. that's the best line of them all. oh, don't worry about it. >> ah! [ bleep ] >> oh, my [ bleep ]. >> -- the turkey, you're fine. >> [ bleep ] turkey up. [ laughter ] ♪ these will make you question whether you should keep your dogs around corn, maybe yes, maybe no. tucker's owner was throwing out three cobs of corn. >> i was trying to throw corn over the fence because it's bad and it hit the tree and fell in the yard, and tucker took it. now he has it under the bed and won't give it up. >> so, tucker isn't having any of it taken away. [ browling ] >> he really loves his corn.
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>> tucker isn't chewing it. he's just licking this thing and does not want to give it back and he's growling a lot. [ growling ] >> want your toy? >> so, he's trying to trick tucker, like want your toy? >> here's your toy. >> tucker's not doing it. >> he really loves his corn, apparently. >> so, finally, he's like, okay -- >> bone. >> -- why don't i give him his bone? that doesn't work at all. >> wow! this dog is like, i'm having a good time. why are you bothering me? >> corn is delicious. >> well, this dog, duke's a lot more helpful. they're shucking corn, so duke's like, i'll help out. >> he's pretty good at the job! >> dogs, they're helpful, they want to do something to participate. you go to work. they eat and stay home at day. they feel like they have to do something. but look what he does with the stem. >> nice! >> nice. >> he bit the thing off! >> i wouldn't do this in front of your guests. [ laughter ] >> but -- >> but it's cool. i'm going to say that what
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happens in these videos is conventionally unconventional. for example, let's take pumpkins. and now that fall is coming to an end, let's just line them up one after another after another until you have 100 pumpkins lined up in a row, and then, why not take a snowblower to the pumpkins? ♪ >> it's like a giant cuisinart on wheels. >> it's kind of weird. >> it's totally weird. it's so cool! >> it's funny to watch. they're shooting all that pulp out into the field. i feel like they're replanting pumpkins. >> this snowblower does a nice job smashing up the pumpkins and making it nothing but mush and spraying it on the field. and the next one, a quad copter is doing what exactly? clearing the fall leaves. >> we're just going to clear the yard, the leaves. >> well, that's a smart use for that. >> because, why not?
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it's a leaf-blower and a fun toy all at once. >> not terribly effective, but it is kind of fun. if only you could direct it. >> it's not terrible. it is kind of clearing certain areas. so, now moms can actually tell their kids to clear the fall leaves. just take the quad copter and it will be fun. ♪ a couple of guys make 100 pb&js and head to skid row to -- >> let them know, we care about you and we hope you have a nice holiday. >> the good deed spreading lots of cheer. plus, a gopro is dumped in -- >> boiling hot oil. >> see what it's like to be deep-fried.
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closed captioning provided by -- ♪ i'm a big fan of
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thanksgiving. it's a holiday i've taken to my heart. it's not just the great food, but also taking a moment to give thanks for what you have and for the people around you, and i feel like that resonated with these guys. they're going to go to skid row, which is, in l.a., it's the largest population of homeless people in america. between 3,000 to 6,000 homeless people all living in the same area. so, these guys put together 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they got some water as well, and they decided to go out on to the streets and spread the love and let people know, you know what, we care about you and we hope you have a nice little holiday. it's just a great video of these guys going around. you just sort of see the people are so great, but you can see there's a little puppy there. people of all ages, races, creeds, everything are all there together, and these guys are just bringing a little ray of sunshine into their day. >> ooh, yeah, thank you. >> you got it. have a great day. >> people are really, really touched by the kindness that's happening, they decide to pick one special person and give them something extra special.
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that is peggy. peggy doesn't have a family to spend thanksgiving with. she's been in skid row for three years. they've brought along some foam padding for her to sleep on, pillows. she's like, i've got my clothes in my pillowcase. they've given her a real pillow, thermal clothes. and because it's thanksgiving as well -- >> happy thanksgiving. >> oh, god. >> and the thing is for her, she said that was actually the thing that set it all apart. >> this is more than all of this right here. >> that right there? >> yeah. this is indicative of the holiday now. yes, that's great. >> very sweet video of these guys being very giving, and i think it's just that moment we should all think about. of course, we're all obsessed about thanksgiving and the food, but right now, we should take a minute to think about everybody else who probably needed a little help as well. ♪ man, those gopro cameras are tough. this guy taking his gopro and using it in a cooking demonstration. he dips the gopro into boiling-hot oil.
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this is from the how to make sushi japanese food recipes channel. it gives you a very good picture of what your turkeys might be going through if you choose to deep-fry them in this season. ♪ >> i've always wondered what this looks like in there. have you ever dumped something in the pot and it's all the bubbles and you want to see what's happening down below. doesn't have to ruin a good piece of equipment just so i can see this. >> he did not ruin the gopro. he says the display went black for a while but came back to life. >> i would have thought you would have ended up with a piece of plastic mush. >> this is what's so fun. it looks like it's swimming in the oil. >> it is cool to see that shot, though. >> yeah. >> to see what is actually happening in the oil. >> i could have told you that the fish is cooking. i've never wondered what's going on underneath.
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rosa g. is back with a new holiday tune, telling you to -- ♪ give some thanks >> she's so funny! i love her. >> why you'll be thankful to hear this one. ♪ thanks, thanks, give some thanks, thanksgiving is the best, so i gotta give some thanks ♪ halls."
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>> i hate putting up the christmas tree. i'm looking at these guys thinking, i thought i had it tough. turkeys don't want to be late for thanksgiving dinner. ♪ ♪ ♪ back in the studio. for everything. it's thanksgiving, y'all. so, today i'm going to be giving some things. ♪ things, things, things >> any type of holiday pops up on your calendar, you can expect pretty much that a rosa g. deadpan music video's going to pop up, too. >> videos like this one from the
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fourth of july. ♪ the fourth of the july, the fourth of july, i do it i speak on the fourth of july ♪ >> or from halloween. ♪ ♪ it's thursday of november, give some thanks, thanksgiving time, so you know ♪ ♪ i gotta give some thanks and cold outside, which i like, give some thanks ♪ ♪ i can wear my favorite turkey sweater, give some thanks ♪ >> oh, she's so funny, i love her. >> and the delivery. she's got the delivery that's just like searing off into give some thanks land. ♪ the cornucopia is real, give some thanks, it's also called the horn of plenty ♪ ♪ give some thanks, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, give some thanks ♪ ♪ cranberry sauce shaped like a cylinder? ♪ thanks, thanks, give some thanks, thanksgiving is the best, so i gotta give some thanks ♪ ♪ thanks, thanks and thanks, thanks, got to give some thanks,
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gracias, gracias ♪ ♪ for riding on my scooter outside, give some thanks, then getting to a really nice park ♪ ♪ give some thanks, standing next to this pretty tree, give some thanks ♪ ♪ for nature's amazing mysteries, give some thanks ♪ ♪ gracias, gracias, gracias, okay, cool ♪ >> that's going to do it for us here at remo"right this minute." we're going to leave you with some rosa g., reminding us all to give some thanks. have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ standing next to this tree, give some thanks, for nature's amazing mystery, give some thanks ♪ ♪ thanks, thanks and thanks, give some thanks, thanksgiving is the best, so i gotta give
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♪ her husband made it home for thanksgiving and is about to meet his daughter -- >> for the very first time. >> see the moment a soldier has been fighting for. some turkeys are getting their holiday on. >> he's drunk now. look at him. >> somebody got a bit too much walter. >> exactly! >> what happens when you swing your partner round and round and round. >> you're going to get -- you're going -- most people like pumpkins in a pie. others prefer to chunk 'em. now the host of punkin chunkin show us the


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