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tv   KTVU News at 7pm  FOX  December 13, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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over and over and over again. get him to the point where he's exhausted and his arms are heavy and those whipast punches. >> very much like cain velazquez did. >> also very important for him to win on the feet with a lot of movement. head movement, foot movement. >> mike goldberg, joe rogan, live from ufc arizona, on fox, this is the main event of the evening just under way. junior dos santos, stipe miocic. >> he's in trouble. >> in the blue trunks, former champion in the white trunks. >> he tagged him a couple of times there in that exchange. >> this nontitle main event scheduled for five five-minute rounds. >> he hit, jr., with some decent
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shots there, mike. >> miocic 6-1 in the ufc. dos santos 10-2. the only man to ever beat him in the ufc, champion cain velazquez. >> miocic trying to take a page out of the same book with a similar strategy. there he is again landing punches. very important. >> midway point of the first. >> left hook by junior. very good left hook. >> outstanding. truly the strike of the game. >> miocic. >> that's a very good right hand by miocic. biggest punch to the fight so
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far landed by miocic. he got down for a single. got junior up against the stage again and hits with another right-hand on the face. very important. he continues to do that. another right hand and another one. >> big swing and a miss. technically they both landed the same amount of punches so far. >> miocic have been more damaging. the shots he landed have been the biggest shots of the fight. that was a big one, though, by dos santos. >> huge hammer over the top. >> miocic -- >> he's finished more than one man with that punch. >> big uppercut. >> he loves the uppercut. he loves the left hook. >> the fight and uppercut he landed on fabricio still plays
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on highlight reels. >> ufc debut back in 2008. >> right out of the way of that one. >> cigano out of the way. >> good right-hand by miocic. >> and the clinch. fourteen months since we've seen junior dos santos competing in the octagon. once again, the right cheek of the former champion. >> so far stipe miocic fighting the round of his career. the most dangerous fighter he's ever picked. >> confidence is huge here in the fighting. stipe miocic is ultraconfident he can win this fight. >> he's showing confidence. he's also showing excellent ability and strategy. he just got attacked there again
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>> "ufc fight night" on fox. dos santos versus miocic sponsored by bud light. here we go. sitting in the corner, the left cross still working. don't drop your hands at the end of combinations. he's making you pay for that. >> that's something they worked a lot in training. that lead left hand. you can see it in the warm-up. in the dressing room they were working on his stepping. that lead left hook. >> switches his stance, throws out the right-handed jab from the southpaw. >> right-hand by miocic. >> the takedown. >> good hammer fist by junior
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defending. >> dos santos has stuck all four stipe miocic against that spot. >> what's really important stipe is making junior work. he's making him grapple. that's the time out. goo use of the body by stipe. >> and he breaks once again. miocic born and raised in northeast ohio. >> right away we're seeing in the second round, there's a difference in the way he's carrying himself. he's not nearly as confident and he's much slower. >> talked about he made the move to rio to prepare for this fight. a lot of great players. >> they are calling for, he
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needs more than one punch. miocic. >> good connection. >> miocic is taking it to junior dos santos in a way a lot of people when this fight was announced probably could never have imagined. >> junior dos santos still has the kind of power that can end the fight with one punch if he connects perfectly. so far stipe has shown a remarkable -- >> and patience. >> starting to bleed now on the right eye. beautiful by stipe. >> overhand right swing. >> big right-hand. >> get in tight. junior is busted up. >> stipe miocic was spectacular,
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mike. right back into velazquez playbook. talking about this is one of the most brutal aspects of mma, up against the cage. these guys are using a tremendous amount of energy. big right-hand. >> three minutes remain in this round. the fight is scheduled for five five-minute rounds. >> big for stipe if you land those shots. when junior gets away from him, his ability to connect with hard shots -- hard shot. >> right there. >> good hard shot. >> changes level. trying to put together some combinations. 90 seconds. >> to the body by junior. >> again. >> very nice.
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beautiful. >> stipe. again, the former champion. >> good right-hand by stipe. >> they clench. the right-hand has been the big weapon for stipe miocic. >> junior, keeping him there. look for him to try to land the shot as junior tries to break through. elbow by miocic. remember, we are only in the second round of a five-round fight. >> takedown. >> that's huge, mike. that's really huge.
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>> twenty seconds remain. >> excellent cater he may be tired. >> ten seconds. big takedown late for stipe miocic. the battle will continue. do not go gentle into that good night. rage, rage against the dying of the light. rage, rage against the dying of the light. ♪ wwe 2k15. feel it. rated t for teen. we saw him holding bud light, which means he's up for whatever happens... so we surprised him with a new buccaneers-themed living room. alex, come and check this out! >>what? hey man, you like it? yeah! alex!
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mostly mixing it up if you go to the body. hasn't shown -- hasn't threatened to make stipe think. all he's doing is boxing. >> stipe miocic. >> now jimmy is on top. >> a bit of a struggle here. stipe back to his feet. very nasty job on miocic. his right-hand. >> again on miocic. >> over the top with that right-hand. i like how he's rolling to the right and over the top. >> both sides breathing heavy. >> a big push. >> stipe going to be about those bursts and recovering from
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bursts and putting it back on junior. >> if you think damage, miocic winning the fight. dos santos after, a former champion. >> this is a dreamy fight. this type of fight makes you realize why cain velazquez is so special. he's the only guy in this division that can fight five rounds at that same pace. >> i've never seen anyone like it in all my years watching heavyweight fights. >> wrestled right here, miles from the arena tempe, arizona at arizona state, all american. dos santos changing legwork
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again and again. >> good shot to the body by junior. >> good right-hand over the top by miocic. >> dos santos trying to do more damage. >> what we said about junior's power. it can change things instantly. >> it just did. >> stipe still moving forward. jab by dos santos. >> the crowd reacts. >> just missed with that right. >> i'll tell you what, i'm very impressed with stipe's ability to take a shot. very impressed. >> junior steps right out of it. nine of ten takedown attempts. and he just sent a message to
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stipe miocic. stipe. >> giving junior confidence as well. >> absolutely. good old-fashioned heavyweight fight. both men landing in a very high percentage. >> junior almost exclusively boxing approach. >> ripping out that right-hand. >> nice right-hand over the top. miocic rolled with it. >> trying to break him down with body shots. >> miocic does not open, which is never good. this is a tough fight. >> miocic fought some great
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competition. this is definitely the toughest test, as we've said, in his career. >> good shot to the body. junior upstairs. good right-hand by junior. >> good round for junior dos santos. >> he's really connecting, hard shot to the ground, mike. certainly the hardest of the fight. >> watch for the uppercut. over hand instead. flavor to the edge. get any one of our ten new crust flavors for free. like, toasted asiago crust... salted pretzel crust... or fiery red pepper crust, for free. order now and score two medium pizzas for $6.99 each. get it all at ha-ha john! john and horace dodge launched their first car in 1914. but they were not only business partners, they were brothers. competitive, stubborn...
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and always pushing each other. the way only brothers can. [engine revving] one hundred years later, their spirit lives on. only pizza hut's new menu takes flavor to the edge. get any one of our ten new crust flavors for free. like, toasted asiago crust... salted pretzel crust... or fiery red pepper crust, for free. order now and score two medium pizzas for $6.99 each. get it all at >> here is the counter left hook junior dos santos lands on the jaw of stipe miocic that had miocic in all sorts of trouble. he came in with his hands down and junior capitalized on it brilliantly. >> the momentum shift in this fight in the last round.
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it's that left hook, called for. the one they had worked on in the locker room. >> perhaps more than a little change in momentum. >> this fight, especially that low kick. >> all right? let's go. >> both men battered but not beaten. >> the leg again. >> following it up. >> stipe could use more of those especially since junior leads heavy with that front leg. puts a lot of weight on it.
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stipe trying the takedown, almost had it. >> the takedown of the former champion. >> beat him the first time. takedown attempt. >> got through, stipe ignores it. nice jab by junior. >> brown down. fabricio, dos santos defeated in ufc debut. >> it's really becoming mma match, a couple of kicks by stipe. but majority of the offense by these two gentlemen has been. >> miocic, the golden gloves champion. we know junior dos santos
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biggest asset is boxing skills. >> and takedown defense, the best in the division. >> just over three minutes. >> stipe still putting a lot of pressure on junior. >> miocic tonight fighting in his third five-round fight. he's never gone 25 minutes in his career. uppercut just missed. for junior his fifth five-round fight. first time cain velazquez -- >> stipe doing a really good job of measuring, moving away
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following and connecting with the right. >> over the top. >> stipe certainly slowed. >> nice right-hand. >> that's what miocic wants. >> junior trying to get out of harm's way. he shakes it off. >> big shot landed by miocic. >> junior lands one of his own. >> another one. twelve and thirteen takedown
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attempts. significant strikes landed through dos santos trying to build a lead in that category. nice jab. >> they clench. >> excellent pressure by miocic, too. >> oh, my god. beautiful take down by junior. just when you least expect it. >> junior has some very good power. >> especially right here when miocic is tired. >> he's proven to be very vicious in this position. >> he's got it. likely done. >> his right eye.
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>> dos santos one of two, miocic one of 13. ten seconds. over the top. we're into the fifth and final round. this is my new boyfriend, mark, i was telling you about... nice to meet you. ohhh... gotta run honey... alright. always a pleasure. so easy to dip, so hard to put down. new rolled chicken tacos, tasty shredded chicken all rolled up with your choice of dips. only at taco bell. [sfx: bong]
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>> fifth and final round. what a battle here in phoenix in our main event. dos santos, miocic, five minutes remain. >> a lot of respect shown at the beginning of the fifth and final round of these guys have gone through a war. >> this may come down to the mental part, who wants it more.
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junior with a jab to the body. >> looks like stipe miocic was taking over but a big left changed things in the third for the former champion. he's been a much more confident fighter against miocic since that landed. >> big right to the body by junior. he's been doing that a lot tonight. >> looking for that big overhand right. oftentimes covered up that jab to the body. he's looking for it. there it is.
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junior with that right-hand again. three and a half. stipe miocic seems to be pacing himself, not attacking too much in the beginning of this round. he could just be that he's absolutely exhausted as well and doesn't have the energy to attack. but in a round where it's critical to win, junior dos santos is being much more active. beautiful shot to the body by junior. good right-hand by stipe. left. i think stipe is absolutely exhausted, mike. i think that's what we're
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seeing. >> a lot of that because of the body shot. >> also fighting the fifth round. four rounds with a monster like junior dos santos is a grueling fight. >> gone the distance in a five-round fight. new territory for stipe miocic. >> so far junior is clearly outboxing him in this fifth. >> miocic started very well. >> just missed that right-hand, too. oh, man. >> both men still looking for a finish. >> two minutes to go. he's exhausted, mike. junior is still looking for the big shot. >> junior has changed a lot of things in the last 14 months, but the character and the battle
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that is in this man's heart and soul showcased again tomorrow. >> good right-hand by stipe and another and another. that was a big one, mike. >> minutes remain. >> junior ties him up. >> both men leaving it all in the octagon here. miocic with the right-hand again. take down outstanding tonight for dos santos. >> a minute to go. anyone can win this fight in this next minute. a big result in this next minute. >> good shot to the body there, joe. three of them. >> junior has been very diligent with his bodywork. >> he looked up at the clock.
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>> a lot on their feet. >> big punches by stipe and returned by junior. >> what a great crowd tonight. >> stipe. >> thirty seconds remain. >> stipe turning it on. >> for the first -- >> big by junior. >> a great main event. fifteen seconds on the clock. >> another right-hand. >> final seconds of this fight. >> they go the distance. >> what a fight. what a war. >> who has earned the victory, dos santos or miocic? find out next.
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