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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 16, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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heavy rain led to flooding concerns this morning in the town of tiburon. this is the scene in the parking lot of tiburon's town hall. we'll also tell you about businesses nearby that are flooded as well and what the plan is to deal with all of this water. >> we are between systems but that doesn't mean we are done with any of the scattered showers but another one is on the way. >> the man believed to be responsible for a deadly hostage situation until sydney australia has ties to the bay area. >> plus a nationwide protest involving southwest airline workers. the message and how this could have impacted one local airport.
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good morning. we are following developing news. more weather related problems. the business and the parking lot of tiburon's town hall have flooded. take a look at the water running down the street there. ktvu alex savidge just got to the scene so they are showing us again the live pictures in tiburon. we will check in and go back out to him in a couple of minutes once we get a quick look at weather and traffic. thank you for waking up with us it's tuesday, december 16th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic. i drove through some rain this morning. did you tell steve to get the rain off the road? >> yes. i've been wondering. >> the tiburon between midnight and 1:00 a.m. a couple of people said it's the hardest rainfall they have seen. i know the cell you're talking about. i drove through one myself. out toward lafayette. there are scattered showers.
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we're not done yet. the next system will be in later this afternoon. more likely tonight over night into tomorrow. there are hit and miss showers out there and some of these will be moderate to heavy. we do have showers. patchy fog. cloudy skies. rain returns this evening. a little bit of rain around st. helena and yountville and up to angwin. that was the strongest cell, it has collapsed a little bit. a little around the east bay and a little line stretching from berkeley, emeryville to san francisco. just been a train of systems coming through. but that is the main focus right now. we're looking at the system coming in later on. 40s and 50s. another chill in that morning air. 48 napa and fairfield. there is your morning super tech that. we will get scattered showers. scattered snow showers as well. our system will roll in
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tonight. it will slow down a little bit. it's not expected until later this evening. and over night into tomorrow but still projections of an inch of rain. that one looks weaker. after that we will dry out. sun, clouds, showers. a chilly morning. 50s and 60s on the temps. sal, i know some of the showers say it's pouring and then you get clearing and stars. so it's not too bad. >> yeah. and it doesn't take much. you don't have to have the kind of day we had last thursday to mess things up. even just a little drizzle can mess things up. we have a lot of standing water out there. we also do have traffic that is normal. expect for something in the south bay. i will tell you about that in a moment. but first let's take a look at -- since this is such a big problem,ly go to it first. let's go to highway 17. we have a problem reported on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. both directions of highway 17 are blocked by a tree that fell
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down. this is in santa cruz mountains and right there near -- somewhat near the summit. i wanted to mention the traffic would billion busy. if you drive on highway 17, you should get up early and think of an alternate route. we are in major trouble here for the santa cruz mountains at least for now. because of this fallen tree. i do know the chp has blocked the road. highway 17 both directions blocked by a fallen tree. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is not all that bad. it looks pretty good here. a little bit of waiting at the toll plaza. on the east shore freeway to the mccarthur maze still a standard time. jack london square there is a vehicle that has driven on the railroad tracks. and that may delay. if you are not able to get that, that is on the main
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track. at 504 let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news in tiburon. major flooding has occurred. alex savidge is in downtown tiburon to tell us and show us how the situation could get a lot worse. >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. check out this incredible scene behind us here. you can see the parking lot of tiburon town hall full of water and it has come down a little bit. there was initially a foot and a half of water here. and the problem is there is a marsh right behind town hall and that marsh was overwhelmed by the heavy rain that came down early this morning. the problem started around midnight. the heavy rain started to come down here. the water at the same time is also running across the street, across tiburon boulevard and also flooding a couple of
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businesses. you can take a look at those. there is a nail salon, a nursery across the street that both have some damage we understand. we talked this morning with the battalion chief about what the plan is moving forward. >> well, we are just trying to figure out where we can move the water to. we have high tide at 8:00. so we just had a massive amount of rainfall and it's all coming off the hills and going into the marsh and there is no place for it to go. >> reporter: we also understand and talking with the tiburon fire department that the heavy, heavy rain very early this morning also triggered at least one significant mud slide up in one of the neighborhoods here. three homes impacted there. but again the big problem out here is this significant flooding. the parking lot at the town hall filled up this morning. they are working on what to do here especially with high tide
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coming. they are going to be sandbagging an area to keep more water from flowing into this area. >> alex savidge we see it with you. keep us posted. we'll talk to you later. driving into the studio earlier this morning i drove through pockets and cells of heavy rain. we are getting a break in some areas. you just saw alex's pictures. but another powerful storm is expected to move into the bay area later today. they are used to being flooded during heavy rains. a lot of downtown business owners they put sandbags and custom made flood gates outside of their stores getting ready for more rain. marney owns this store. nine years ago damage forced turner to shut down. >> 4.5 feet of mud came in. partly because it went through the door. >> city crews in san francisco they are also getting ready for the storm expected later today.
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tree trimmers also very busy today. we do have continuing coverage of the hostage standoff in sydney usa trail that spanned 17 hours and killed two hostages, the gunman also dead. sources say self-proclaimed muslim claireic man monis took hostages. he is well known to police because of previous arrests. we are also learning more about man monis and his back ground. we talked to the god father of his ex-wife who monis is accused of killing. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: the god father of the suspects ex-wife tells us that the family had concerns
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about his behavior for a long time. he says he's lived in hayward since 1985 and his god daughter would visit open. he says she met monis in college. the two married but thicks foe apart. she was stabbed more than a dozen times and ever -- >> and if they were still in jill, then those innocent victims would not have died. >> reporter: monis became an extremist after divorcing. ing up more details about monis' past. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you tara for that update. 5:09 is the time right now. memorial is growing at the cafe
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where man monis took people hostage. as we mentioned two of the hostages were killed. police are now interviewing the survey veries and investigating monis. they believe that he was acting alone. again does not have any direct ties to any extremist groups. terrorism experts say they are worried about the possibility of copy cat. >> the joe haddist are watching him. they see he was successful. i'm concerned about a copy cat. >> the manager of the cafe tried to grab the gun when it went off. when they the heard the gunshot they immediately entered the building and ended the siege. a pittsburgh high school student was arrested during class on suspicion of killing one man and shooting two others. the shooting happened late sunday night at the meadows
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mobile home community. the 17-year-old opened fire. he was not guest at that party or associated with any of the people there. the man killed still has not been identified. police say the two other men who were shot they are expected to survive. once again a majority of san francisco firefighters have given a vote of no confidence to the fire chief. last night ktvu obtained the results of the latest vote by rank and file firefighters on their support of joe -- now this is the second no confidence vote for chief chase white in the next couple of days. the contract would include an
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incentive for better response times for medical emergencies. also happening today some southwest airlines workers are planning to protest at airports across the country including san jose. it's an informational picket line and baggage handlers plan to hand out leaflets to passengers. they are upset with the slide in, on time performance. the workers are also upset about contract negotiations and lack of pay raises. your time is 5:12. stanford fraternity has lost his on campus housing privileges because of allegations of sexual
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harassment. this follows an investigation of the sigma al pa help listen. the housing suspension is for two years. now they will still be recognized as a fraternity by the university. time is 5:13. ever wonder what other people are looking at on the internet? up next a list of the most searched topics of the 2014. >> also another police protest in oakland coming up at 5:30, who was at this demonstration that made it very different. >> we're looking at -- >> kind of a break here. there is still scattered showers here. we have more rain coming upstream.
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and plus we will take a look at the cell that went over sausalito and tiburon. sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz.
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wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. in pennsylvania the search is on for a marine suspected of shooting and killing his ex- wife and five of her family members. police say yesterday morning 35- year-old bradley stone broke into his ex-wife's apartment, killed her, and left with her two young girls.
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police say he then went to two nearby homes, killed her sister, brother-in-law, mother, grandmother, and 14-year-old niece. her 17-year-old nephew is also badly injured. stone's daughters were later found safe at a neighbor's house but there are reports that they were locked in a bitter custody dispute. they have found stone's car and cell phone and don't know where he is now. time is 5:17. san jose police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after he posted a controversial tweet. this one saying by the way if anyone feels like they can't breathe or their lives matter i will be at the movies tonight with my gun. san jose police officers association is not coming to
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his defense. >> offensive, disrespectful or inappropriate social media comments have no place in the public discourse surrounding the recent tragic loss of life in officer involved incidents around the country. >> and san jose police chief says in a statement and i'm quoting it's extremely important for the community to know the comments made on officer white's private social media account do not reflect the thoughts or feelings of the men and women here at the san jose police department. the police department is conducting an investigation. google says the tragic death of robin williams was the fastest growing search request of 2014. the internet giant released. williams' death in august marked global reaction making it the top trending topic for the year. other top searches included the world cup, the ebola outbreak, and the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. the ice bucket challenge for als and the addictive smart
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phone game flappy bird. >> that is an interesting list. let's check in with sal. in case you didn't know, the roads are wet. we've had rain and our commute will be effected. >> i just searched for dave clark. >> there is nothing there. >> actually there is something there. a picture of you comes up with a lot of other dave clarks in the world. >> did you know dave clark of the dave clark birthday. he turned 72 years old. >> but you look much younger han that. >> yeah he is taller. [ laughter ] >> you know dave asked a serious question and i will say this, the commute is wet but we don't have any serious problems expect there is always the expect, there is one problem. let me get into the right mode here. there is a problem with the santa cruz mountains. we have a serious problem with
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a tree that came down. highway 17 and the chp says the tree came down. it's blocking all the lanes. if you drive in the santa cruz mountains give yourself plenty of time. however this is really bad for the commute. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. we've also been talking about standing water. san francisco eastbound 80 at 7th there was standing water at that ramp. let's bring steve in here. is that rain or fog or both? >> i'm sorry three people were talking to me. >> we showed a picture of san francisco. it's getting fogged out.
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>> there has been a series of rains that has gone through. and then areas of fog. it is raining. a half an inch of rain is is falling. but really the bulls eye was tiburon and sausalito. we still get scattered showers. take you back six hours. they got a little bit of break and here came the next one. that was around 2:00 in the morning. very heavy rain rates associated with that. petaluma and sebastopol. this next system will give an inch to a little bit more than
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that. cloudy rain returns tonight. not a lot going on. mendocino county and lake county. there is a little bit of rain around yountville. also over toward bay point. this cell had a pretty good cell. a little bit from emoryville. that is why they are getting a little bit of rain and pleasanton showing some rain. and from morgan hill to gilroy. our next system is right there. it will sweep in later tonight out ahead of that we will get a south wind. it is rather chilly out there. 40s and 50s on the techs. snow showers up in the sierra. no warnings or watches for
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truck key. again an inch amounts or many here. from monterey all the way up. so sun clouds, and showers. chilly morning. patchy fog. and rain returns tonight and takes us into tomorrow. we will still get some rain out of it. after friday things calm down. we will have to watch out for a lot of that valley fog. >> saturday still looks -- >> it will be clearing out. >> okay cool. thank you. could the bay area be the host of the summer olympics? the big pitch being made today. >> i've been wanting -- and i never got any. but i finally did. >> the early christmas gift for children in need in the south
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bay. up next how a small pair of shoes goes a long way.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. hundreds of children in east san jose have received an early christmas gift. it wasn't toys or games but something many of us take for granted. more than 200 children in need received a new pair of shoes and for some it meant much more.
5:27 am
the san jose -- very excited. the san jose police activities lead partnered with shoe palace along with converse to give away dozens of shoes. some say this is a wish come true. >> i can show my friends and wear them. >> right mow we are at a group home and it means a lot because it means people care. >> a lot of these kids live in the immediate area and it if wasn't for programs like this, may might even go out not even have agraste mast present to have. >> it means a lot to see the smile. >> the shoes cell for about $50 a pair. so that adds up to more than $12,000 worth of donations. >> what a great story. tonight marks the first
5:28 am
night of hanukkah. every night for eight nights another candle will be it will on the 25-foot tall menouria. if you want to take part in the festivities, tonight's lighting ceremony begins at 5:00 p.m.. time is 5:27. a ban along highway 4 lifted. what you may notice on your ride to work and why it could be a distraction. >> mud slides and flooding in the town of -- >> good morning on the sunol grade and almost everywhere else there is standing water from the rain. please be careful. we also have a problem in the south bay. pppppp0pppp0 ♪
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good morning. welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is what is happening. flooded areas. we are in marin county this morning. the last hour we showed you flooding in tiburon. well now we are at a different location. we just found out about a new weather related problem.
5:32 am
we think it's mud slides. it's kind of hard to just show you. but ktvu alex savidge is out there. he's going to show you as much as we can about what is happening with these weather related problems. he will be here in just about two minutes. so stay right where you are. tuesday morning, december 16th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 5:32. and is it going to be steady all day? >> no. >> so evening commute will be better. >> san francisco rain stats are pouring in. no pun intended. the wettest december 1st through the 15th ever. >> it poured. you said almost four inches of rain. >> 3.75. san francisco real quick 9.41. and we have two more systems to go. one will be late tonight and tomorrow and another one on friday that looks weaker. but we are 185% of normal for the year. i know. it's more important to get the
5:33 am
reservoirs to the east and to the north and snow in the sierra. we are working on it. things are calming down. for the morning commute there will be a few scattered showers and patchy fog but over all just wet streets. not the steady rein. that returns tonight though. sooner you get home the better. many locations already passed the halfway point. oakland is 195% of normal. san francisco 12.80. and san jose through the roof here 244%. and there is more. a little bit of rain. not a lot. coming out of san francisco over the bay bridge. oakland, emeryville, kenningston. you can see a little bit toward the sunol grade. and then on the santa clara valley. that seems to be it for about now. 40s and 50s on your temps. a little cool here. it will be slightly warmer today. here's the next system that rolls in tonight.
5:34 am
it won't take long to get the rain going. so rain returns tonight. it will be moderate to heavy tonight into tomorrow. sun clouds, showers today. there might be a few sun breaks here. i don't think they will last very long. slightly warmer for some with supper 50s to near 60 degrees. all right sal, we are getting a little bit of a break here and i think we need it. >> we do. we have a problem in the santal cruz mountains. it's on highway 17. both directions are blocked by a fallen free. this is a sig alert. your alternate route is highway 9 but this is just a big mess for people coming from santa cruz or going to. let's move along and take a look at interstate 880 in oakland. there are no problems here but it's moderately heavy traffic and as steve said it's not raining steadily today but you will see wet roads as a result.
5:35 am
when you get to the toll plaza, already filling in traffic here. the metering lights tend to go on at 5:45 or so and that is when it will completely fill in. the drive time is ten minutes here. 5:35 let's go back to the desk. it's already a busy morning. we are following developing news from tiburon. the rain over night caused major flooding. >> reporter: as hey rain started falling, part of this hillside gave way. that triggered a mud slide. the mud came flowing down into three homes. at least three homes have damage of some kind. kind of hard to see. this is just one of many problems here in tiburon this morning.
5:36 am
take a look at other video. this is in the downtown area. there is flooding at tiburon town hall. the marsh that is right behind town hall and in the downtown area it was overwhelmed by heavy rain that began about midnight. went through 2:00 this morning here until tiburon. and all of that water had nowhere to go. it began to flow into the streets. there were two businesses in the area. a nail salon and nursery that were also flooded as well. and a short time ago i talked with a fire baa tullian chief about how they plan to deal with this water moving forward. >> we are just trying to figure out how to move the water. the tide is already pretty high. we just had a massive amount of rainfall. it's all coming off the hills and going into the marsh. there is really no place for it to go. other than out on to the street. >> so right now public works crews from the city of tiburon are busy. they are placing sandbags around that marsh area that is in the downtown area. trying to keep some of that
5:37 am
water from flow into the streets. but again the big concern is high tide. coming up here in a couple of hours. the firefighters we talked to at that scene say they have never seen flooding like that there before. but again some very heavy rain here early this morning causing lots of problems. live in tiburon alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> alex, before you go, any sign of the people coming out of those homes where the mud slides came down? >> reporter: you know we're trying to sort all of that out. we heard that some of the folks evacuated i guess you could say. they chose to leave their home. that is what we heard. we're not sure about the other two homes. three homes impacted. we're trying to sort out where the people are, how bad the damage is. but again it's dark here. we are talking about a pretty steep hillside behind us. we're trying to get a visual on exactly how much mud came flowing down the hillside.
5:38 am
time is 5:37. the cost of last weeks big storm it keeps going up. and with more rain on the way, people around the bay area they are bracing for the worse. three northern california counties have already declared states of emergency or they plan to. they include san mateo, lake, and sonoma counties. in sonoma county alone damage is estimated at $16 million. this restaurant in healdsburg it was just days away from opening but it was flooded despite efforts to protect it with sandbags. kayaks like this may have made the flood look like fun, but the price tag for the damage, the cleanup, and lost business only expected to grow. >> i was crying. i was a mess. >> i don't like it when you have so much rain and things like this happen. too bad nature doesn't know how to regulate. >> the sonoma county damage is
5:39 am
high for a quick storm but it's tiny compared to the last big storm. it cost hundreds of millions of dollars. also new this morning a taliban attack on a military run school in pakistan killed at least 126 people and much of them were children. taliban gunmen stormed the school early this morning and started shooting at random. more than 700 children attend that school which is run by pakistan's military. a spokesman for the taliban says six suicide bombers were sent to the school compound with orders to kill older students. the attack was revenge for a recent operation by the pakistan military to clear out the taliban in the area along pakistan's border with afghanistan. another protest planned in berkeley for this evening ahead of the city council meeting. this follows a demonstration yesterday that was organized by high school students.
5:40 am
about 300 students met yesterday afternoon at the fruitvale bart station in oakland. they marched to lake merit where they were joined by hundreds of other people including children as young as five years old. organizers say they wanted it to be a peaceful demonstration that focused on young people. >> nobody is going to change the world for me i have to do it myself. if that means marching in the rain, making posters and flyers, i'm going to do it. i can't wait anymore. >> yesterday's protest was part of the black lives matters movement. tonight's demonstration is being organized by a group by any means necessary. it is scheduled to start at 5:00 p.m.. happening today in san francisco, the city will make a pitch for the u.s. olympic committee at a meeting in redwood city. this will be the fourth time san francisco has tried to bring the summer olympics to the bay area. boston, los angeles, and washington, d.c. are also
5:41 am
making bids this time around. u.s. officials are expected to choose early next year which city will represent the united states in the international bidding process. the international olympic committee will pick the winner in 2017. this is a big deal for a lot of people. the city of pittsburgh lifted a ban on electronic billboards along highway 4. katie utehs is joining us in pittsburgh. talking about the concerns that some people have. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the billboards could bring in $100,000 in revenue for the city and for that people are willing to deal with those electronic. there are some specific restrictions however according to the reporter. billboard must not be within 500 feet of a monument sign, they cannot be more than 55
5:42 am
feet tall and there are restrictions on how bright the sign can be. distracting drivers is the main concern and city council will have final approval on the billboard location. they approved two new electronic billboards and they have to be static images. they can't be moving pictures. so there are some restrictions to try to cut down on distraction along highway 4 but again a lot of people saying the pay off could be worth it. dave. >> katie utehs live, thank you. right now 5:42. we are learning more about the deadly hostage situation in sydney, australia. coming up at 6:00, the growing memorial for the victims and the gunman's bay area connection. >> the serious warning about the dangers of seemingly harmless holiday decorations. >> good morning. right now we are looking at some pretty bad conditions in many areas. slow traffic on highway 4 check
5:43 am
this out. it will be slow all the way into concord. >> torrential rain over night especially usa lee toe and tiburon. one more pretty good rainer is on the way.
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back to the morning news. san francisco's public works director declaring war on the person he calls the worst graffiti offender in san francisco. mohammed nuru says crews cleaned up highway 101 last friday and there was brand new graffiti by the taggers called mers. he even tweeted i am at war with mers. if you know him or her $1,000
5:46 am
reward. nuru believes if if you clean it up quick, the taggers will stay away. but mers keeps coming back. the public works director says he's willing to call a truce with this tagger. he is is promising not to seek criminal charges if the tagging will stop. most people see the beauty of the holiday lights and the decorations but fire crews also see the dangers of the season. emergency rooms treat thousands of people for electrical shock, burns, and falls related to holiday decorations. one of the biggest hazards is the christmas tree. >> once the needles start to drop off in mass, we need to get the trees undecorated, get them outside, away from any combustible. >> everybody forgets to water them, they dry out very quickly up here and instantly that is a
5:47 am
tinderbox. >> another emergency is holiday lights. emergency crews fall off ladders or roofs when putting up or taking down the lights. san francisco police are searching for a man behind an unusual bank heist. he dressed up like santa and robbed a bank on sutter street. he handed the teller a note demanding money and said he had a gun. no one saw a gun and no one was hurt but but the plan dressed as santa got away. you would think that would be hard to do. but in this case the bad -- so the bank robber simply disappeared into the crowd. >> that was too wild. >> what was the movie like that? >> bad santa. >> i can't think of it. when the person dressed up and disappeared into the crowd.
5:48 am
>> i can't think of it right now. >> while you cover traffic, i'll look it up. sal, where are all the cars coming from? >> we are looking at just people who have to go to work now. remember already i was shocked by this. next week is already christmas. so this week people have to get their work done. this there is a problem getting to work from the santa cruz mountains. a big tree has come down. i had tips from some of the locals. so-cal san jose road to the summit is a good alternate. i always love it when sol of the locals chime in and say hey use this or that. some of the other locals don't like it. you are giving away their secrets. let's take a look at the live pictures westbound as you come up to the bay bridge.
5:49 am
that is backed up already. so today is just not one of those days. at some point as we get closer to christmas, we will start seeing a drop off in traffic as you go to work. today is not that day. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. the traffic here is moderate. a lot of standing water. so please slow your roll if you will. 5:49, hello steve. pam was talking about the thomas crown affair. >> i remember that one. >> thank you, sal. we do have scattered showers around. i'm waiting to hear from kevin in sausalito will in his rain total. he teaches classes at san francisco state. two very, very shop individuals in weather and i'm curious to see how much rain he had. we are still getting shower activity. it has kind of calmed down a little bit. we are getting a little break until our next system arrives.
5:50 am
right over sausalito and tiburon. around midnight maybe about 11:30 to midnight we will start this cycle. here we go. i will show it to you. you saw the red there. that is what happened. so it developed right over sausalito. still a few showers. patchy fog. kind of a break here. and then we will cloud it up pretty fast. san rafael 2.82. san francisco an inch and a third. the wettest december since 1965. three quarters of an inch. morgan hill to gilroy. and most locations were around a half an inch to an inch and a half. bay area rainfall. we have made up tremendous
5:51 am
ground. san jose 244. a little bit of rain out toward the livermore. there is one coming out of san francisco. 40s and 50s on your temps. 33 in tahoe. no warnings or watches for tahoe. there will be one weather advisory. but central sierra more than the northern. they are still getting scattered snow showers.
5:52 am
it will cloud up fast. we will have showers in the morning. it's a chilly morning. 50s and 60s. that south breeze will ramp up here. we will get mild conditions until it rolls in. i think the evening commute will be a lot worse than the morning commute. if you can, get home soon be rain into wednesday morning. and then one more system on friday. after that we will get a break. the pattern will change opinion there will be a lot of valley fog. >> take an umbrella. 5:52 is the time. myriam webster has chosen its word of the ye. the new twist. >> also it could help save lives during a big earthquake. up next the long overdue project now gaining steam in california.
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welcome back to the morning news. now we're a step closer to getting a statewide earthquake warning system for california. $5million is come from washington. it will pay for rolling out the warning system next year. that money is included in the new spending bill approved last week by congress. the bill is now on president obama's desk. he is expected to sign it. now efforts to install the new warning system had been
5:56 am
hampered by funding problems. now this system uses hundreds of sensors to measure ground movement. and provides several seconds of warning that an earthquake is about to hit. the cost of rent for a one bedroom apartment in san francisco is up 13.5% just since the beginning of this year. however a survey by zumper says rates have not increased everywhere. rent has went down in nob hill, marina, and russian hill as new upscale buildings have become available in the south of market area but that pushed rent in sow ma and the mission district to record highs. and in knowy valley they saw the biggest jump. rent there is up 29% since january. the government announced new home construction dropped in november. work on apartments and condos
5:57 am
was actually up but economists believe more declines are likely since housing permits fell for single family homes and multiunit housing. charitable donations are up again but some charities are doing much better than others. higher education, medical research, museums, and others favored by higher income households are nearly back to their prerecession donation levels. but other donations say they are not seeing much growth in donations. time is 5:57. we're back on storm watch. we are getting rain and heavy rain causing major flooding and mud slides in marin county. why the worst may not be over yet. >> and we have a surprise for drivers. i love this new sirachi burger.
5:58 am
it's siracha. sluracha? no. si-rah-chah. siriracha. no. watch how i say it. si-rah-cha. that's not helping. bam! that's jack's new spicy sriracha burger comin' in all hot and melty with jalapeños and bacon! but the best part? it's not just sriracha sauce, it's creamy sri-rah... slur-rah cha...
5:59 am
whatever it's called, it's awesome sauce. good morning. problems in marin county as more rain came down over night. pretty heavy over night. the flooding that could get a lot worse though later this morning. >> good morning. we have a major problem in the santa cruz mountains. a freeway is closed after a tree and power lines have come down and this is a major road for people coming into the
6:00 am
valley. >> they should have locked him up and thrown the key away. >> there is a bay area connection to the sydney gunman. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning december 16th i'm pam cook. >> g i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. >> we could do a half hour show. some of the rain totals coming in. 17 inches of rain. bruce had 176% of normal. i'm trying to get as many as


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