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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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way. this is in the commute direction. it will will effect people off the bay bridge, south on interstate 80. and towards 580. a monster back up. sheer what happened -- here is what happened. in the last hour there were shots fired and two cars got into an accident and one person may have been taken to a hospital. we do not know the condition of that person. it happened under interchange right here. but 15 minutes ago police had the entire eastbound lanes, all of the lanes on 580 shut down. they have since reopened one lane but the damage is done. this couldn't have happened at worse time. we have a reporter heading to the scene, as soon as we have more information we will bring it to you here and on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. doctors are testing something that has never been
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done before. tomorrow they will begin performing a series of a half dozen kidney transplants. new at 5:00 p.m. ktvu's rob roth tells us how it is all possible. >> reporter: at the california pacific medal is center doctors are about to procedure a series of procedures never tride before. a chain of six -- tried before. a chain of six kidney transplants. this started when this woman offered to donate one of her kidneys. not to a relative but to anyone who needs it. >> i thought i would just help just one person who i don't know but the fact that so many people can have life extension that is big. >> reporter: that allowed doctors to find matches for six patients in need of a kidney transplant. it allowed other donors to
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match-up. >> the six people will come off of the waiting list and by coming off the waiting list that means other people move forward. >> reporter: in 2011 ktvu fox 2 news was there when doctors performed a series of 5 kidney transplants. doctors say the donors and recipients hold annual reunions. doctors plan to perform three transplants tomorrow and three on friday. >> one of the obstacles we had to overcome is having instruments to do them all at the same time. >> the success rate is high. there is a 98% chance the kidney will be functioning normal within a year. they were matched through a computer program created by recipient. she is ready to donate tomorrow and is happy to do it. >> i lost a son to cancer 13 years ago in june.
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and i lost my husband 14 months ago. so i know what it feels like it want an extra day and not being able to have it. >> reporter: six people will now have that chance. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. happened again in san francisco. for the second time there has been a smash and grab burglary at the same store. ktvu's john sasaki is in the city tonight. i imagine the owner is fed up? >> reporter: frank, i talked to the owner of the store, he is trying to find any way possible to keep bad guys out of his store. >> reporter: a window replacement crew had the task of cleaning up after a window was shattered early in the morning. it was 4:00 a.m. that three people smashed through the window of the store to steal whatever they could.
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>> three men in long over coats. ski masks. couldn't see their face. winter hats on. >> reporter: he woke up when he heard the thieves break in. >> one guy had a hand full of speakers. mainly just -- speakers, whatever. >> police rushed to the scene but were unable to catch the crime in progress. >> three suspects dressed with hoodies in a red truck pulled up out front. >> the owner told me now after two break ins he needs to find a way to keep criminals out. >> the greats over the windows, they are not scenic but it might save your vestment. >> reporter: he is -- investment. >> reporter: he having security
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bars installed. -- he is having security bars installed. >> people, you know, smash a window and you are able to jump in and run out at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. not too many people are around. >> reporter: back here live. crews are putting the final touches on the replacement windows. the owner says on the surveillance video you can see that one of them appears to be a woman. and then in each break in he lost $20,000 worth of equipment. at 6:00 p.m. we will have more on this trend on smash and grab crimes and how stores seem to be targeted. >> two times in the same month. john sasaki in san francisco, thank you. new developments in the shooting of michael brown. the justice department will not pursue criminal charges against former ferguson police officer darren wilson for the shooting death of michael brown last august. >> michael brown's death, though a tragedy did not involve prosecutable conduct on
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the part of darren wilson. >> officials say there was no evidence to disprove darren wilson's testimony that he feared for his safety. they are recommending changes to improve race relations in ferguson, missouri. >> this investigation found a community that was polarized. a community where distrust and hostility characterized interactions between police and residents. >> the department of justice reports says blacks were stooge excessive police -- subject to excessive police force and racist jokes shared by police and court officials through e- mail. michael brown's family said, while we are saddened by this decision we are encouraged that the department of justice will hold the police department accountable for the pattern of racial bias and profiling. the u.s. supreme court
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heard arguments about the affordable care act, obama care. and what the justices rule could have a huge impact on the law. ktvu's noelle walker in the news room. a lot is on the line here. >> reporter: there is. millions could be at stake. the debate is on the words in the law. the question before the court centers on the subsidies, where the government runs the insurance market rather than the state. 30 states chose not to set up insurance market places. california has one. the law says subsidies will go to those who buy plans through the state but the irs awarded subsidies in all 50 -- subsidies in all 50 states. >> it is our hope the rule will be invalidated and that will open the door to a fundamental reexamination of obama care. >> you have to really take four
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words out of context in a 900 page law. >> the justices sided with the obama administration. two others appeared to side with the plaintiffs. it was not clear which way two judges would lean. thomas asked nothing. if the decision goes in favor of the obama administration nothing will change. but if they rule the subsidies should not be allowed in states with insurance market places, then the question is when and how the decision takes effect. there is a third possibility, to delay the decision till the end of the tax year giving everyone time to prepare. we are not expected to find out the decision till late june but the ruling will be close. >> health insurance for millions online. noelle walker, thank you. new at 5:00 p.m. a law maker is pushing
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vaccinations for a specific group of workers. the democrat senator announced a bill that would require every day care and pre-school worker to be vaccinated. the measles outbreak made 100 people sick. it would require workers to be immunized. right now the workers phases no requirements. -- faces no requirements. a law maker proposed a bill to get school children to be vaccinated. car plowed into a 7-eleven before noon today. no one was heard. it happened that 7-eleven on piedmont avenue. i drove by 2 minutes after the crash and i took this picture from inside the store. you can see the driver still in the car. she was an elderly woman. we told her she would be okay. it is believed she hit it gas
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instead of the breaks. there was a lot of damage to the store. that woman wasn't hurt just shaken up. real estate in oakland that has been through up and downs could be on the up swing now that the developers are turning their attention to jack london square. ktvu's christien kafton with the new plans now. >> reporter: developers are looking to transform 22,000 feet of this building into shops, restaurants and a food lovers paradise. for now these doors are shut but developers say they made a deal that will open the doors to a new destination. >> we are launching the water street market. >> reporter: visitors watched developers build a building in 2007 only to sit vacant. >> we were waiting. looking forward for them to
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come to the area. they haven't came. hope they come soon. >> reporter: it has always been their plan but the project was on hold. >> we had the experience of completing this in the middle of the heart of the recession. we remember if we can, what that was like. >> reporter: with the surge in the economy and new businesses and restaurants coming developers say the time is right. and they say this time they found the right partner with a proven track record for opening markets. >> he was involved in the beginning of the ferry building and took that expertise and took it up to napa and put together the market. >> reporter: visitors today say they can't wait for the project to be completed. >> yes. definitely. we couldn't have to go across the -- wouldn't have to go across the bay. >> reporter: the real festival takes place right here and
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packs the area with food lovers. >> i bet the businesses right behind you, i bet you they are happy at the thought of getting more foot traffic. >> reporter: absolutely. that is part of it. it will create a food culture down here with people able to go from restaurant to restaurant -- restaurant to restaurant and there is bowling. a lot of development. and they hope that keeps on going on. >> thank you. oakland mayor rallied with restaurant owners in support of the new minimum wage. they gathered this morning where the mayor praised voters for passing the measure last november. it raised the minimum wage from $9 an hour to $12.25 an hour. the mayor is asking voters to support local businesses that may have to raise prices in order a meet the new challenge of the higher pay.
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a single mother who works works as a cook explains what it means. >> it will help us out a lot. i can't afford an apartment but now i will be able to afford my own place. >> the higher minimum wage went into on monday. pay will go from $360 to $490 a week. sued by the state, accused of using toxic dust to make wine bottles. . >> why the bottle maker calls the claims irresponsible. >> temperatures are about to climb higher. the difference you will feel. >> and next the trial begins for the boston marathon bombings system. how the attorney is laying out a surprising line of defense.
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we continue to follow breaking news from oakland. a three car crash and shooting on 580 eastbound this afternoon -- eastbound this afternoon sent one person to the hospital and snarled traffic in the commute direction. amber lee with what is happening and the status of the commute. >> reporter: i want to show you what it looks like out here. 580 eastbound near broadway. we can see two of the three vehicles involved in the crash. the california highway patrol confirmed three cars were involved and that one man suffered from a gun shot wound and was transported to the hospital and another person was seen running from the scene. no description of that person yet. the california highway patrol is working working with police to develop a description of the person. and you can see the two cars
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that are involved in this incident is blocking the number one and number two lane. one lane of traffic is able to move through. as you can see from sky fox this is caution major headache for commuters. no word on when this will get cleared up. it is early in the investigation. this incident started at 3:20 p.m. that is is what the california highway patrol is telling me. they are working with police. as we develop more information we will bring it to you right away. >> are drivers pretty much being as polite as they can? sometimes they try to take short cuts. tempers get short. has it been okay? >> reporter: they are okay. been a while since i saw the other side of the traffic moving through. you can see this lane of
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traffic. i know from sky fox you can see the snarl. i don't know how drivers are behaving at this time. earlier when i first got on the scene, i did not see anybody acting up. >> all right. amber lee live, thank you. the trial for the boston marathon bombings suspect started with dzhokhar tsarnaev's attorney laying out the defense. he admits dzhokhar tsarnaev is responsible for the bombing. but he argues dzhokhar tsarnaev was coerced into it by his brother. who was killed by police. >> reporter: two years since the boston marathon bombings but there was emotional testimony in court today. the trial kicked off with a surprise turn when the defense presented its opening statements. >> reporter: victims of the boston marathon bombings arrived that courthouse this morning. inside the trial getting underway with a surprising line of defense from dzhokhar
5:19 pm
tsarnaev's attorneys. they say their client is responsible for the-bombs but argue ---bombings but argue he was coerced into the crime. . >> he was a victim of his brother's vendetta. >> reporter: they saw the evidence against dzhokhar tsarnaev and decided not to contest his guilt. >> showing they are trying to soften the jury up to save the defendant's life. he will be found guilty. >> reporter: in boston the trial brought mixed reaction from the community. some say they are just trying to put it all behind them. >> name shouldn't be anywhere. because it gives him more support. that is the thing i have a concern with. it will be emotional. >> reporter: three died. 264 wounded. an officer was shot and killed. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces 30 counts. 17 of which carry the death
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penalty. in boston, fox news. checking in on weather now. we had another warm day. temperatures clicked up a few degrees. mid-60s. upper 60s. warmer tomorrow. that is the story. you have a glitch here. the jet stream, that is a big ridge of high pressure. there is activity in the pacific. it is not for us. we have a slight off shore wind this morning and that allowed temperatures to warm up today. there is no fog at the coast. patchy valley fog tomorrow morning. if you had it this morning, you will see it tomorrow. temperatures outside right now upper 60s. valley fog. dew points trending up. temperatures drop tonight. poof, you get valley fog. not wide swath you see in the
5:21 pm
central valley. it will be patchy. future cast, tomorrow, no coastal fog. forecast highs. yellows are 70s. look at all the 70s in sacramento. oakland. fremont. san jose. you will see mid-70s. this is a more string like temperature foot print. that means tree pollens will be trending high. especially in san jose. we put in these developments in san jose, a lot -- they plant male trees, because they produce less fruits so they are not as messy but they produce a lot of pollen. in the valley with the warmer temperatures, you will -- with the trees you will get allergy issues. 71 degrees tomorrow. 2:00 p.m. in san jose. start off at 46 degrees. time line for san jose
5:22 pm
tomorrow. 70 brentwood, antioch. 71 concord. 71 hayward. the highs 72 mountain view. 73 san jose. highs are going to be warmer than today. the five-day forecast like this. the allergy thing hits close to home. my boy gets them too. this pattern is going to, you know, make it worse. especially if you have asthma. we down play it. you don't get allergies -- >> i have hay fever. >> it could slow you down. this pattern will cause problems. not a spare the air day. but a lot of tree pollens flying around right now. >> thank you. the win industry is a major player in california's economy. one company that makes wine bottles prides itself on sustainability and now they are facing a lawsuit. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, one of the bay area's biggest ballet companies in debt and now its doors could
5:23 pm
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this new video from a firefighter's body camera shows the rescue of people and pelts during a massive -- pets during a massive fire. people were calling 911 saying the flames were outside their door and they were trapped --
5:26 pm
firefighters say the 911 calls kept pouring in as they scrambled to the scene. >> ma'am, i can't hear you. [ indiscernible ] >> okay. are you inside now? >> a woman can frantic. firefighters knew they had seconds to get everyone out. they put a dumpster under a winto where dogs were -- windso where dogs were trap -- window where dogs were dropped. and some people jumped from windows. no one was killed but it left 20 people homeless and $500,000 in damage. people around the world bought more than 20 billion dollars worth of california wine in 2013. it is a massive industry. now one california company that makes wine bottles is accused of creating toxic dust in the
5:27 pm
process. >> reporter: gallo glass company, prides itself for environmentally sustainable practices is now under fire from the department of toxic substances for producing toxic dust. >> if it is not managed propertily there could be impacts on people and the environment. >> reporter: a complaint, the attorney general complains they make their wine bottles that produced toxic dust. they claim the company violated state law from 2006 to 2011 with the exception of 2010. a practice they claim they stopped doing for a year. >> why is the state moving forward with the complaint? >> as we understand it they stopped the practice of putting the dust back into the mix that turned into bottles but we are -- complaints are bigger than that. >> reporter: they told us in a
5:28 pm
statement that this issue holds no merits and to suggest this is a safety concern is irresponsible and risk the wine industry as hundreds of businesses purchase bottles from them. >> multiple counts of not properly handling hazardous waist. >> reporter: they are concerned the company hasn't trained workers properly and how it could harm nearby residents. >> if it is harmful and it could be prevented they should do something about it. >> reporter: they say for 5 years we have been trying trying to resolve this matter but the state of california refused. shot and killed by police and it is caught on camera. the twist in the case as we learn more about the victim. >> also a california hiker didn't expect her hike to end like this. what she said after being hoisted to safety in a
5:29 pm
helicopter rescue. plus -- >> conversation versus recreation. a battle over parks appears headed for washington, d.c.
5:30 pm
5:31 pm
a long running battle over pets in parks is heating up now. it centers around new rules to manage activities and access in
5:32 pm
national parks. today protesters made their voices heard about the plan and what it means for dogs being able to roam. >> david stevenson has been following develops. it appears the fight is heading to washington, d.c. >> reporter: it does. the golden gate national recreation area, making the stakes high for the service and the visitors here. >> reporter: members of save our recreation along with four legged friends rallied out the san francisco office. they are angry about the plan that governors the national recreation area. 80,000 acres of recreation land. >> this is changing an area that was supposed to be an recreation area to an area that is managed to not have people
5:33 pm
there anymore. >> they and pallitations are up- - politicians about a plan to manage or limit on and off leash dog activity. >> you can't place restrictions on an urban national park like you can place them on yosemite. >> recreation is not part of this plan, my suspicion is they haven't read the plan. >> reporter: he says the plan strikes a balance between people, pets and park resources. >> throughout the park dogs will be welcomed by and large. there are some areas for reasons of sensitivity that will be restricted. >> reporter: a draft on dog rules is due in the spring. >> take away the enjoyment of people with their animals. i think it is unnecessary. >> reporter: san francisco politicians argued dog restrictions in the national park will lead it city parks
5:34 pm
being over run with dogs. she planning meetings between the groups opposed to the plan along with the groups and committees that over see the national parks service. >> so more debate ahead. david stevenson live in san francisco tonight. thank you. tonight 2 investigates uncovers new concerns about how long it is fogging ambulances to respond to -- taking balances to responds to emergencies in san francisco. in some cases more than an hour for parms to get -- paramedics to get to life threatening calls. ktvu reported on the delays last summer and eric rasmussen is here now with what you found. >> reporter: right. talking about dozens of calls, code 3 emergencies, ambulances missed their goal of getting to the scene in 10 minutes or less. her department is making improvements, but some firefighters and paramedics said they still have a long way
5:35 pm
to go. in response to what some called a crisis last summer. the fire department added 19 new ambulances and bringing on more'ems. -- more emts. crews responding to top priority emergency calls waited 45 minutes for an ambulance. 59 times. 25 times the wait was more than an hour. the fire chief says some of those calls did not start out as code 3 emergencies, rather non-life threatening code 2 calls. but firefighters and paramedics say it is still taking too long to transport some people to the hospital. >> we don't have enough ambulances. i mean, it is simple. i mean, that is the answer. we don't have enough ambulances. we haven't had enough ambulances for a long time. >> at a high point on a given day we have 24, 25 ambulances
5:36 pm
working. we have double what we normally put out. >> reporter: the fire department says the solution comes down to money. the chief says this is the first year she has not been asked to make dutes the budget in a long -- cuts to the budget in a long time. in some cases involving the critical emergency code three calls stood out to us. we will look add those and what else -- at those and what else say is the problem at 10:00 p.m. >> 19 new ambulances, yet we had the paramedic saying we need more ambulances. how many more do they need? >> the chief says they have enough but she says it is a matter of bringing on new personnel to make sure they can get to the emergencies on time. >> more at 10:00 p.m. tonight. the california highway patrol is releasing video of a rescue of a hiker. the chp says thursday a
5:37 pm
helicopter crew was flying over sacramento when they heard a 911 call for a hiker in distress. the chp helicopter hoisted the woman up to safety. >> i was concerned when the ground crew said we will hoist you up. i am like -- [ indiscernible ] >> they spend a lot of time assisting agencies that can't afford their own aircraft. this crew helped in 2800 searches and made 116 rescues. they were told they would never walk again but thanks to technology some in the bay area are proving that diagnosis wrong. >> cool after 20 years to stand up and walk. >> the device here in the bay area that is helping people move after they were paralyzed. >> and uber makes a new purchase, the bay area company it bought as it gets set for
5:38 pm
more competition from another tech giant.
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5:40 pm
we have been following breaking news in oakland since the beginning of the newscast. a shooting and crash on 580 in oakland causing major traffic problems. live picture from our traffic cam ru. if you look to the center you can see the situation. we were told three cars were involved in a crash and a
5:41 pm
shooting. we are trying to learn if it was the crash or the shooting that came first. all of this happened on the eastbound lanes of 580 at the interchange with 980 and 24. at one point all of the eastbound lanes, that is had commute direction, all lanes were closed. one of those lanes has been reopened but this ask effecting people -- is effecting people from san francisco, effecting people down 80, real slow going tonight as a result of what happened. one person was sent to the hospital. ktvu's amber lee is on the scene working to get more information and we will hear from her at 6:00 p.m. uber is buying a map technology company so it can break its dependence on google and apple. it was founded in the 1990s and a pioneer of turn by turn navigation.
5:42 pm
no word on how much uber paid for it. it is a month after reports google is planning its own ride service. alabama's court orded a halt to all same-sex marriage marriages -- ordered a halt to all same-sex marriages. yesterday the state supreme court ordered the ban to stay in place. the one justice said the court should have stayed the order to halt marriages till the u.s. supreme court rules on the matter this fall. twist tonight regarding the identity of the homeless man shot and killed by police last sunday. police said the man tried to grab an officer's gun and that is when they opened fire. it turns out the man was using the stolen identity of a french man and he used that name when he was convict offend bank robbery 15 years ago. authorities tried to deport him
5:43 pm
but france wouldn't take him. he later said he was from camaroon and they wouldn't take him either. the young mother of a baby found dead in a northern california slew. next an appearance in court today, the charges she is facing and the charge that was avoided. >> one of 16, i broke my back. >> after that accident he hasn't been able to walk for 20 years. the remarkable technology here in the bay area that is helping people take steps after being told they would never walk again. >> after the break, a look that high temperatures from today. it will get warmer still. you will notice it tomorrow and into the weekend. i will have the forecast right after the break with a warming trend. hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions.
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spinal cord injuries are devastating and yet in the united states the are only a hand full of centers that work on getting people who are paralyzed mobile again. one of the centers is in the bay area. ktvu's claudine wong takes us inside and gives us a -- gives us a look at a device that had a man who was paralyzed taking his first steps. >> reporter: it is not easy to get him inside this high tech device. >> verified battery level. good. >> reporter: it is not easy but
5:47 pm
for nick life hasn't been easy. >> racing motorcross was my life. >> reporter: he is one of 80 patients. he has been paralyzed for 20 years. >> when i was 16, racing motorcross i broke my back. lost the use of my legs. i thought i was invincible. >> reporter: here he continues to change. a perspective about what is possible. >> no guarantees. but what we will say everybody will improve. >> they are one of three facilities in the bay area. it is a wearable suit invented in berkeley. this technology is part of a larger arsenal of equipment available at this 8-year-old center. and the center is one of a handful in the country that focuses on spinal cord injuries.
5:48 pm
>> less than 20 across the country. >> reporter: the co-founder knows that all too well. >> broke my neck in 2005, paralyzed from the shoulders down and on a ventilator and i was told i would never walk again. we went to every place we could to try oo walk again. >> reporter: three years -- to walk again. >> reporter: three years later he did. he said people need access to it. >> if they want obe a -- to be a part of our program i will find a way. >> reporter: there are no guarantees but they believe -- >> if it is going to happen it will happen in a place like this. >> reporter: he just wants the chance to try. he doesn't let much get in his way. >> this is break. this is gas. >> reporter: he adapted his truck so he could get around and adapted a bike so he could compete in the x games but the road has been hard. sometimes in almost
5:49 pm
unimaginable ways. >> broke my neck november 2012 following my son around. >> reporter: which makes every step in this bionic suit even more amazing. >> look good. it is cool after 20 years to stands up and walk. >> reporter: he says life is about moving forward. >> keep going. i don't know how sometimes but you keep going. >> reporter: sometimes it is just one incredible step at a time. >> walking. can't put a price tag on any of this. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the human spirit. just remarkable. you suffer something so horrible like that and then look at hymn. life isn't over -- at him. life isn't over for him. that was incredible. the straps holding him on. >> amazing. >> that suit is so cool. to beautiful pictures. reminding -- [ talking at the
5:50 pm
same time ] >> gorgeous now. sky fox flying over the bay area this afternoon. bright blue skies. calm water. the golden gate bridge. >> look where you live. >> i know, right? when we complain about houses cost a lot of money, traffic is bad but everybody wants to live here. >> seriously, i look around -- >> i know -- [ talking at the same time ] >> this place is beautiful. that shot brought it home. >> so incredible to think here we are, feels like summer and back east -- [ talking at the same time ] >> getting hammered. >> sweating opening day at fenway. we had a heck of a run of weather. back to the beauty of this place. temperaturestemperatures in the
5:51 pm
60s. 69 napa. 69 in vallejo. these were the highs. highs tomorrow warmer still. look at the ridge of high pressure. we do have a concern for water but this week i am not going to be concerned with it because nothing is going to happen. nothing for you in terms of showers. back 36 hours, sierra nevada picked up snow in the heaviest locations. still low snow pack but that is something. that is something that will help out in the summer. rest of the week we are dry. no rain in the forecast. next week things break loose. could see rain. could see -- hopefully significant rain. we will track that. as we move through the week the weather story is up, up, up. temperatures climb and we will see numbers in san francisco, mid-60s. low 70s by 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. in san francisco. warm day.
5:52 pm
ocean beach 67 degrees tomorrow. avenues. golden gate park 60 degrees. pacifica 70 degrees. beautiful day. enjoy it while it lasts. we can turn off and turn on real quick. the weather. air sinking is. air quality will take a hit. sinking air factors into the hay fever stuff. caps the layer. pollens hovering in the atmosphere. i said it earlier, the big weather story is the warmth and the tree pollens that are going off. 73 san jose. 74 los gatos. you will notice them by thursday and friday. there is your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. i am going to go back and rewatch that video. >> it is stunning. >> maybe rain next week? maybe? >> yeah. no huge atmospheric river but
5:53 pm
might get wet weather next week. >> thank you. new details in the tragic case of a boy found dead last week. the north was in a northern california court this morning, the charges she avoided. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up. it may have started as a joke but not everyone is laughing about this street sign. how vandals changed it and a small bug discovered in the north bay is causing big concerns for nurseries. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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prosecutors filed involuntary manslaughter against a mother charged in the death of her son. in the courtroom today and reaction from family and friends. >> disappointed in her. shocked. surprised. >> not one word from family members moments after samantha green pled not guilty in her first court appearance. >> i was shocked. i mean, i don't know what to think. all i know is this isn't like her. >> reporter: the mom showed almost no emotion which she entered the courtroom wednesday. samantha green was facing murder charges but today prosecutors reduced the charges. she now faces involuntary
5:57 pm
manslaughter and child endangerment charges. this is over a week after her baby boy was found dead in a slew. >> very happy. excited to be a mother. >> reporter: documents obtained wednesday afternoon indicate prosecutors believe she killed her baby without malice. they claim she caused physical pain. >> i don't condone what she did. i am here to support her for the old friends that she was. >> reporter: her friend tells us she loved her baby. >> reporter: did she express frustrations? >> not to me. ever. >> reporter: initially she told investigators they were attacked but the sheriff says investigators haven't been able to connect anyone to the crime scene besides samantha green. a group of butterflies will have a new home in southern
5:58 pm
california. the san diego zoo safari park is caring for 130 rare bird winged butterfly cocoons. they are protected species in the united states. they were confiscated from a shipment to the united states. bird wings are native to india and southeast asia. >> the ktvu fox 2 news at 6starts now. breaking news -- 6:00 p.m. starts now. breaking news. a shooting on a busy freeway is causing a huge traffic jam for miles tonight. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> one man has been taken to the hospital following the crash and shooting. it happened about 3:20 p.m. this afternoon in oaklands on 580. -- oakland on 580. more now from ktvu's amber lee.
5:59 pm
what is you learned? >> reporter: i want to show you what it looks like right now. the california highway patrol tells us in 20 minutes they will reomen all lanes of -- reopen all lanes of traffic. two of the three cars involved in the crash are still at the scene. the lighter sedan has front end damage and we were told one man was taken to the hospital suffering from gun shot wounds. we do not know the extent of his injuries, whether they are life threatening or not. we counted six bullet holes in the sedan. and chp detained one possible suspect and another person has fled the scene. no suspect description yet. initially 2-3 lanes were closed but in 20 minutes they estimate they will reopen this free way completely. now -- not before the back up
6:00 pm
started -- as you can see from sky fox earlier -- [no audio] >> reporter: investigating the shooting. right now i am waiting to hear from law enforcement about what came first. the shooting or the crash. we heard reports that there were shots of gunfire heard before the crash but that is not confirmed and we are waiting to hear back. that is the latest from here. reporting live here, 580 eastbound, amber lee. >> the cars are still on the freeway, they haven't been able to move those out of the way? correct? >> reporter: yes. but i did see them reopen one of the two lanes that were closed. but the estimate is in 20 minutes. that is just an estimate. they are still here and


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