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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 12, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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>> a few enterprising guys try blasting out some rock with a home made bomb. what happens when a slight problem leads to a major malfunction. oh my [ bleep ]. >> poor cooper's stuck on a frozen river because -- >> cooper ran from his owner. >> see the brave rescuers who got them back together. >> you don't notice her at first. >> a woman in the car. >> a bizarre story behind a brutal attack. >> the dude who transforms into a big-time celebrity. and some couples confront a
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dicey question -- >> the number of people that they've slept with. >> no no no -- >> see if it's bettor tell all or keep your trap shut. >> when i was in college those numbers got stupid. >> haid hate to be the one to tell you this but sometimes in life things don't work out. it's apparent in this juken video. >> we have cleared rock with this. >> two fellows playing in the woods and made a home made bomb. >> these guys are physicists perhaps in. >> no. i don't know this story but i'm going to say no. >> but i will say, although not physicists they are smart enough to know this could be dangerous. >> okay well whew. >> yes. this will be quite spectacular. >> trying to dislodge that boulder. >> they say they trying to clear out some of the rocks. >> good luck boys.
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>> i think the moment is right. to ignite. >> helpleprechaun? i love the whistle. >> the video. >> here dude buddy, you light it it will be bet for the video. let's see how this goes. >> [ bleep ]. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> that's going to be loud. or not. >> that was it, lieke a little firecracker the video's not over though you did hear him say -- >> [ bleep ]. >> that. but they go back to the hole. >> with unexploded ordnance. >> i'm scared. >> nothing. didn't even open just smoke. >> oh look at all of that gasp is fla flammable. >> flamable? >> i think actually.
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>> so now his eyebrows have become collateral damage. >> oh my god! >> singed. >> how embarrassed to be a dude right now these guys are not representative of my gender. >> no they are, that's the thing. they really really are. >> they did live to see another day. >> on fire. >> that right there is cooper. cooper ran from his owner while being taken for a walk on the charles river in wellesley, massachusetts. the dog ran away. the owner couldn't find it that day. both owners started putting up flyers the next day and somebody said i think i saw this dog. the owner found his location but couldn't get to him so he called the fire and police department to execute a rescue. >> running away work out for you, cooper? not so good huh. >> out there all night but on a part of the ice where he
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couldn't swim in the water because the water was flowing too quickly. they put on ice rescue suits to go if easily grab him. they had a blanket for him. they give him lots of hugs. eventually reunited with his owner. >> thank you, guys. appreciate it. >> oh. well it's great that they got out there and saved cooper but cooper's a bad boy for running away. >> wouldn't be running away anymore, though. >> this person was driving by in ottawa kansas and saw this get stuck in fencing. the button buck didn't make it easy. >> button buck can't get his button butt out of the fence. >> he's making a lot of noise for a little button buck that's for sure. >> that is a narrow gap. i'm shocked the thing got that far through. >> deer had bruising on its side scuffed up leg but thinks it will be okay. he pulled the fencing with his barehanden able to push it back
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through the way it came. >> yeah. >> superhuman strength. he just pulled those bars right apart. isn't superman from kansas? >> smallville kansas yes, that's superman. >> a lot of commotion on crowded streets in india. >> what is going on? >> you're about to see what's going on. all of this coordination and working together for this. this is a road rage incident. there's a woman in that white car. they have been verbally abusing her, kicking and smashing her car, and they all organized so this guy could ram her car. >> oh my gosh everybody there, all of these people working together to help someone attack this woman? >> this is awful. >> yeah it's disturbing to watch. disgusting to see all of these people working together to try to hurt and harm one defenseless
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woman. the video does abruptly end after the second ramming. but this video, of course has gone viral all over social media, getting a lot of attention. >> road rage also center of attention in this video. dash cam from russia. suv pulling up on left-hand side trying to squeeze its way between the two cars. the person with the dash cam, not allowing it, speeding up closing that gap. continue to jockey down the street. as they get through this intersection though they pull off to the side and then of course what do you think happens? >> boom. >> there it goes. >> the woman that was in that car gets out, trying to get this to break up. two other people also jump in and try to get the fight to end. >> again a stupid motive. you want to see something pretty spectacular? a big, big, gigantic cloud of snow rushing toward the people that are recording this video.
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>> run! don't be recording! >> look at that it's like -- >> a tidal wave. >> yeah yeah a spontaneous, giant weather cloud, exploding. >> as it approaches you can see all of the snow just picking up and engulfing everything around it. >> doesn't look like snow it looks like clouds. >> right. i'm going to say this again, run, peel it's getting close. >> you think, right? these people continue recording but at the very last second they're like okay let's run for cover. >> they're fine. also fine is the fishing vessel in this other video, the coast guard's cutter polar star sent out to rescue this fishing vessel that had been stuck out for almost two vehicles. everything around it is frozen. >> oh my gracious doesn't that look like almost like a different planet? >> the coast guard says the polar star is the nation's only active heavy ice breaker which is capable of breaking through ice as much as 20 feet thick.
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20 feet? >> yeah. >> wow. >> i don't want to go to the place where the ice is 20 feet thick. right? not to burst your bubble but this guy's are better than yours. >> watch what this guy can do. >> what? that looks like a magic crystal ball. >> see the art that will blow you away. and dude's up high to face his fear. but now he's faced with a choice. >> do i jump or just kind of fall off? >> why in the end it doesn't really matter. >> oh!
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[ [ r&r&b b slslowow j jamam playing ] ♪ y yeaeah,h, g girirl l ♪ ♪ you knonow,w, i i'v've e bebeenen t thinking about us ♪ ♪ a andnd, , uhuh, , i i jujustst cacan't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ i it't's s bubundndlele t timime e ♪ ♪ b bunundldle e ♪ ♪ m mm,m, f feeeel l ththosose e sasavivingngs, baby ♪ anand d ththatat's's h howow a a h homome e and auto bundle is made. bebetttterer h he e leleararnsns i it t heherere than on the streets. ththe e mimiraraclcle e ofof b bunundldling -- nonow,w, t thahat't's s prprogogreressssivive.
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what better way to overcome your fear than face. if your afraid of heights then step on out a 300-footbridge get yourself harnessed up and walk out beneath that bridge. you face it get a gopro in your face. asked his buddy, how do i do this? do a jump or kind of fall off? >> why is he doing either? >> because he's trying to overcome a fear. >> what's he attached to? his buddy? >> 110-foot swing rope. hess buddy says it done matter which one you do. the guy doesn't do either. i'm going to jump no i'm not, i'm going to fall. >> oh! >> whatever it is he's gone. >> he didn't commit to either
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method. kind of oh oh oh i don't want to do this and down he goes. >> i feel for him, though trying so hard and the last minute thought better of it like i'm not going to do it. i guess i am. >> enjoying the ride. look at that smile. >> big smile. big, yes, i guess that means i'm no longer afraid of heights. >> just means you're not afraid of this height. >> he's -- you know how good he was? held the gopro pole didn't drop it somebody else might have went -- >> now he'll never do it again. >> the buddy there followed it up with a more confident way of doing it. >> of course. >> geez. >> i don't know if i could do it backwards. >> i doubt it. >> are you asking the people i've slept with or dated. >> no slept. >> this could get dicey. >> video put together by elite daily, grabbed a bunch of couples all in different phases
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of their relationship. >> over a year and a half. >> 16 years. >> a year and couple days. >> one thing they have in common they haven't discussed the number of people that they've slept with. >> you guys know how many people each other have slept with. >> no. >> no no no no no huh-uh, no. >> no. >> do you tell your partner the number? >> can we not say the number. >> a number means nothing. it's not important. whatever the number is it's made you into the person you are today that the other person likes. >> yeah that's true but people still get curious. >> i think i've been more on the sexually adventurous side throughout my youth. >> i like to say nine. >> once you know then your imagination can run wild right in this guy's my favorite. >> i was in college, it was stupid. >> a weird conversation to have too, i feel. >> yeah i don't want to think
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about what you did with your ex-girlfriend. >> and you're thinking about it. you don't want to be thinking about it. >> the past is the past. >> i'm not afraid to admit anything about my past because it's brought me to where i am today. >> my number i guess 15 or 20. >> not 15 or 20. >> that was smart. >> it's a tough question to ask. it's a tough question to answer. only ask it if you truly want to know the answer and prepared to handle the answer. >> ask yourself why you want to know the answer. like does it really matter because you're going to slide down a slippery slope once you know. >> rough estimate, probably eight, yeah. >> what? >> ten, right? >> yeah, ten. >> a little over 150 number. >> if you want more, head over to, find the link to this entire video. also use our mobile app. growing up i imagined we all had a ton of fun blowing bubbles, see how many we could
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get. >> this guy has mastered the art of blowing bubbles. watch what this guy can do. >> what? that looks luke a magic crystal ball. >> not even using just the wand. using his mouth. >> doing all kinds of things. watch this one here. two bubbles, one white, one clear, and merges them. >> how do you do this? >> this can't be the same kind of bubble stuff that we used right? seems like this is stronger right. >> not using dish soup. >> this artist happens to have two guinness world records, for obvious reasons. doing this for a very long time. takes the film crew two days to film it in his studio in taiwan. >> imagine this your life a studio dedicated to blowing bubbles and cool art experiments, basically. >> it's art. >> to the lab. >> a giant, giant balloon. what i'm going to do today, i'm going to blow it up and we're going to see it explode and film it in super slow motion let's do it. >> theyse d
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it until the balloon bursts. >> all right. so the balloon went. but wait until you see it in slow motion. >> oh, neat. >> isn't that awesome? >> that looks like it was drawn in. >> totally looks like some sort of video after effect. look how slow his reaction is to. the thing's completely gone long before he even reacts. >> yeah. >> they do it again with a blue balloon. the crazy thing, this one bursts in a completely different pattern. watch it go. >> that looked like liquid. >> just split right in half. >> just split. >> right in the middle. >> you miss all of this in realtime. >> what will pop up next. >> she's out to set records on her motorcycle. >> she's seen so much of our country. >> her story next "right this minute." and still to come -- a stingray spotted a perfectly good salmon and thought -- >> i'll take that. >> see how he crept from the
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depth to get a bite. plus -- the little kid who knocks it out of the park. >> oh! my goodness.
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posted. and these people are out on a fishing vessel. look there's a bald eagle circling around because we all know that bald eagles are opportunistic birds of prey. >> ready? >> they're throwing fish up to. no wonder he's circling around. >> yeah. >> whoa! >> got it. got the whole -- got the whole salmon. >> i flippin' love bald eagles. look like they're wearing pants. >> yeah he did. he still has it. >> justin kelly mcclure having a blast with his twin daughters ava and alexis. >> listen i'll not talking to you. i have to talk to your sister when she's going to get a job. >> straight talk with his twins. >> when you going to get a job? that's not going to cut it. i understand there's a lot of unemployment but you need to get a job. you've got start pulling your weight.
9:22 am
you can keep making excuses. listen you can keep making excuses all you want. you've got tort-to-start doing some chores pulling in income here, okay? >> sounded like she said i am. >> they're still laughing and smiling though dad's use a stern voice, they can tell at that young age he's having a good time. >> yep. >> what i want -- you keep saying the same thing, too, okay? hey, i'll deal with you when it's time. but right now, you need to chill out and put that apple into your face okay? >> this dad also having a good time? nothing like playing ball out in front yard with your son. >> oh! my goodness. that kid had a club on him. >> amazing contact, right? >> yes. >> spring training probably needs this kid. >> oh! >> sorry, dad. >> sorry, dad. he's the guy who uses makeup
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repetitive work. at least you know what your city workers are up to. >> tree attack. >> this is my brother's dog doing what he does best which is ignoring me. trying to rip branches.
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what are you doing, turbo? >> i am so excited about stuff online when people are just insanely talented. it's just so awesome to look at that your jaw is -- that's this that's this. that's this. it the work of a filipino actor and television host but also incredibly amazing with a makeup brush. he takes his face and uses his incredible skills to make his face look like celebrities. kim kardashian. >> amazing. >> which one is him? >> that's his makeup. >> he even gave himself cleavage. >> yes, contours what looks like cleave an only his own chest. keep going. dakota johnson star of "50 shades of grey." if i walked past him does he look like this or the camera. >> the camera angle, lighting
9:27 am
helping with the illusion. if you saw him on the street you probably thought he'd be going to a queen fashion show. >> let's look at more celebrities. here's ellen degeneres. >> little off there. >> i think it was great. >> like ellen's sister. >> jennifer lawrence look at this. >> it's not jennifer but a pretty darn good facsimile. >> look at katy perry. >> are you sure there's katiey perry perry? >> no digital manipulation. >> according to pchlth aal lo artistic makeup skill. here's video of him looking like beyonce. he started doing this after he saw youtube makeup tutorials. each of the transformations takes four hours. >> i double dog dare him to look like whoopi goldberg. >> i double dog dare him to look
9:28 am
like you guys. >> that's it. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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bulldog: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ...ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ [ bleep ]! >> it's full on chaos at a hospital where security guards are -- >> attacking that man.
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>> find out the mind-blowing reason behind the melee. >> that's what this is all over. >> what i'm currently dealing with. >> inside a guy's small cereal box is a snake. >> about 6 1/2 feet long. >> how the cornflake surprise nearly scared the cocoa puffs out of him. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> young dude won't get in trouble for his haircut. >> he's going to get rid of the evidence. >> what happened to all of


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