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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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the ktvu fox noon starts now. some san francisco police officer exchanges racist and h homophobic comments. the public defend ear office good afternoon saul.
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>> reporter: the public defender has a press conference. the texts came to light as a result of investigation against former police officer sergeant fermanger. the messages were part of a court filing. some of the phrases include slurs against african-american, latinos, gays and they talk about white power. >> i think there should be -- the media response more times like this is strong and emotional because people don't see these types of things every day life. racism hasn't disappeared, it's been there. >> reporter: he's been the subject of racism before and
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doesn't necessarily believe the officer should be fired before a complete investigation. the public defender did you want agree. although police haven't officially released the names of the officers they say they are michael robinson, noel swab and michael -- >> i've been afacted quite a bit in my life by racism. >> reporter: the mayor has released a statement the context of these text -- he calls for these officers to be fired if those texts were sent by them.
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tori let's go back to you. >> thank you. san francisco firefighters stumbled upon a marijuana -- tar ra tells how how neighbors pitched in to make sure everyone got out safely. >> reporter: hundreds of marijuana plants after a call in bayview. >> we saw a transformer blow up. so i walked out and saw fire coming out. >> reporter: he noticed the sparks. >> people came out and gave me their garden hose. >> authorities say the fire
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ignited from wires. >> they have high intensity lights for those plants to grow. sometimes the plants catch on fire. >> reporter: police say they discovered more than 600 marijuana plants a street value of more than $200,000. they are treeing to figure who owns the home. a bitter business dispute in the heart of wine country. the owner shot and killed the former investor. the first shooting happened yesterday in the middle of the vineyard. according to the web site wine industry claiming dahl had defrauded him.
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dahl was ordered to repay the money which would have likely have cost him his business. >> it was supposed to be a discussion of trying to settle things out of court and obviously it was settled out of court but not in the way that anybody thought it was going to happen. for this to go to this stage was just come completely unforeseen by anybody. >> dahl led deputies in a ten-mile dispute. he turned the gun on himself and died. an adult and children were injured in a hit-and-run. it slammed into the victim's car then drove away.
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they needed jaws of life to get some of the victims out. we don't know their conditions, the police search for that hit-and-run driver and car continues. a man accused of taking out a gun at a bar. it ended in bodega bay. a car slammed into a tree on highway 1. earlier in the night the man had pulled out a gun at the bar. the female bartender said the man became angry after another man touched her hand. a sheriff deputy followed the car. a lot of people are continuing to talk about the sudden retirement of 24-year-old linebacker chris borland.
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he is quiting the game because of concerns of concussions. he said from what i researched and what i experienced it's not worth the risk. many are wondering if this will have an effect on kids playing football now or other nfl players will retire early because of health concerns. >> i have five sons. they have played football, the twins have not played football yet because head injury is a concern. i think it's unfortunate that he is retiring. but i understand. >> i think it's very good. he is putting his health in front of money which is very hard to believe these days. a lot of people would do just the opposite.
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they would take the risk instead of better health. call attention to their work conditions. they say they are under pressure to work faster and leading to more injuries. at least 28 safety complaints have been filed after workers were burned at mcdonald's restaurants around the country. some restaurants don't have first aid supplies on hand. oakland recently raised their wage but demonstrators want $15 an hour. a new plan to change emergency crew transport people to hospitals. the proposal was included in the budget message differed last night by the mayor. he said he is fraused by the
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shaky financial status and slow 911 response times of the private ambulance service. the city is expected to talk about the plan next tuesday. san jose police department will start running test of the new gear. it hopes to roll them out in the following year. san jose police now have public approval to use a drone but still need to run more tests to satisfy regulations. the drone probably won't be in full operation until -- international association of chief of police sent a letter to congress. they say electronic readers are key tools in fighting crimes. they are being used in several
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bay cities right now. they have raised concern about privacy and how long the data is stored. an investigation is underway involving two senior agents who nudged a barrier. the agency is facing a string of embarrassing stumbles. >> joseph testifying on his agency's budget found himself at tend of blistering questions. they are asking what happened when two intoxicated agents bumped a barrier after a party. >> it is disappointing. >> reporter: others were reported not to administer
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breathalyzer test. a dozen agencies were accused of bringing prostitutes in their hotel rooms. and this past september julia pierceson after a man with a knife made his way into the white house. >> this latest episode seems to be evident of a culture issue that has not been adequately address. >> reporter:. >> made a number of tough decisions and so far personal and other matter are concerned. >> reporter: the head of the secret service will meet with a ranking member of the house
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oversite committee behind closed doors. still to come, the sudden death of a high school student what his fellow classmates are doing today to honor his memory. meteorologist will be here with the bay area forecast. and the reason a lot hangs from the u.s. based on the outcome of today's election in israel.
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students at a south bay high school are mourning the death of a student who collapse on campus. how the school is talking with students today. >> reporter: kids were clothed in all blacked in san jose. the way to memory and honor a fellow student. >> he had a such a fulfilling young life and to see it go to waste is depressing. >> reporter: the 16-year-old was at track practice when he suddenly collapsed. >> paramedics responded to the school they continued to perform cpr to the student. unfortunately, we lost our student later that afternoon. >> reporter: soon off the school
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tweeted out a statement. our thoughts go out to tristan and his family. >> he was an athlete he was a member of the football and the track team and also a good student as well and very well-liked. >> it makes me very sad. i spoke to him before and i've been in the same car it's hard to see that he's not like not here. >> reporter: at this time we don't know the cause of death. the principal visited each class to tell the students about his death and to know there are grief counselors. >> a funeral is going under way. we will have more of that story
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right after this.
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an hbo documentary maybe used against robert durs. he was back in court in new orleans. he faces charges f illegal possession of a handgun. he faces a charge of killing
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susan berman. durs is heard saying kill them all. of course, his attorney says he is innocent. >> bob durst didn't kill susan berman. the warrant that was issued in california was issued because of a television show and not because of facts. >> reporter: durst was charged yet. they believe berman has been killed because she had information about his wife in 1982. durst attorney says he plans to fight the warrant. he gave a controversial interview earlier today before the vote. his comments throwing future peace talks in doubt if he and his party remain in office.
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more from jerusalem. >> reporter: nearly 6 million voters headed to polling today. his job on the line with opinion polls indicating a tight race. >> translator: i think that anyone who moves to move a pal till stand state is giving territory away. >> reporter: the prime minister facing stiff competition. he is also called for restorying styes for the u.s. which has become strains. >> a better future for the intral
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israel. >> reporter: after poll results are in israel president will discuss whou will be prime minister and then select a candidate. with a collision system he could still remain in office. there 25 -- in jerusalem fox news. another nice day. the hills are green for st. patrick's day. >> yes. we have a beautiful day in store. we will be left mostly sunny skies. temperatures are beginning to turn around. we have a mild warm upcoming our way. take a look at storm tracker 2. southern california picking up
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some of moisture flow. for us, we again have cleared it out. we are looking at a nice day in store with mostly sunny conditions. we will be partly cloudy to mostly sun nin. we will have a northerly breeze. the winds will generally light. a few degrees and the final days of winter going to feel a whole like spring. spring arrives on friday. going to remain high. our allergy suffers. these numbers not a huge jump from yesterday afternoon. we do have a little bit more sunshine out there. 62 in redwood city. 57 at half-moon bay. 62 degrees at san jose bay.
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70 degrees for -- 68 degrees expected for you as well as richmond. upper 60 san leandro. south bay locations low to mid-70s. mid-70s for gilroy. 68 this afternoon in san francisco. the extended forecast showing you wednesday into thursday. the first day of spring temperatures fall back. some models want to bring the possibility of few sprinkles for the north day. temperatures remain mild for the weekend. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. stocks big gains. price of oil up again. right now 43.20.
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interest rates expected tomorrow afternoon. the s&p is down three. the golden state warriors have clenched a spot for the third straight season. it happened last night. the warriors struggled with the lakers but ended up winning. the hawks are the only other team in the nba to always have clenched a playoff as of now. in dublin they are showing love for ktvu. our friends held up a sign right there in the back says ktvu they did this in the morning. that sea of green there are people all over the world to celebrate. it is one of the oldest pubs in b dublin. people are enjoying irish music
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and whisky made for the bar. prince charles and his wife are set to meet with president obama at the white house. they will do some site seeing. state officials are weighing more water restrictions to deal with california's dire drought. it could likely end in a vote about restrictions fines and how they will be enforced. we are always here on, you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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