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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  April 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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kind of variable, one more kind of clipping us today, 40s and 50s and a 39 at napa airport. tomorrow morning looks even colder. 52, that's where they should be this time. i saw san francisco buoy dip to 50. that is good. is not today the opening of salmon salmon season? windy at times, not bad, 60s here, very low 70s. upper 60s for some, near 70 for others. not be 771 in napa today. i promise, sal, it will only be 71. yesterday it was 750. so it will be a little warmer today. oh, good. 750 is a little too hot. >> you might want to go over to sa somoma where it will be
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about 68. that's an april fool's joke. steve didn't really mean that. let's take a look at the commute now. the traffic is doing well on east shore freeway. 17 minute drive between the bridge and the mcarthur maze. and the traffic continues to look very good. also if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, no major problems getting into the area. if you're driving on 580 westbound, traffic is okay, we had something on the altamont pass. 4:31. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. there are new safety concerns at the san jose airport after another security breach at the airport. ktvu fox 2 live at mineta where the suspected intruder walked across the run way. >> surprising. this security breach happened here on the backside of the
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airport across from the new san jose stadium. this woman apparently hopped the fence around here then she actually managed to walk across the airfield into a restricted area of the airport. this happened yesterday afternoon at around 5:15 when it was still light outside. police tell us the womannaged to walk across the airfield and across the run way before spotted by a ups employee on the other side. officers found her walking near the southwest cargo area where ups has its operations. we're told she was uncooperative and she was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest. police say she refused to give her identity but they say she is young, it is unknown why she wanted to get onto airport property. the number of times breaches have happened at the airport makes some passengers nervous. >> it does make me somewhat uneasy. i work for fedex in hawaii,
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perhaps they need to do some preventative measures like doing some testing like tsa or other safety things. >> airport officials say they'll be reviewing security procedures and say they are already in review mode because of the past four breaches happening here in less than a year. they'll be looking at their surveillance cameras to see how this woman got on to the restricted area part of the airport. a local congressman is calling on increased technology saying that this airport and others aren't doing enough to secure perimeters you'll hear from him coming up at 5:30. brian? reporting live from san jose. thank you. there is new information about the death of 47-year-old andrew gety. believes he died from an accident or natural causes, a law enforcement source tells the l.a.
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times he was found in the bathroom of his hollywood hills estate yesterday, suffered from some type of blunt force trauma. the time reports it is unclear if the injury was caused by a fall or something else. >> it is too early in the investigation, the coroner is here, we're waiting for search warrants to go in and examine the body. >> he was one of four sons of san francisco anne and gordon. they put out a statement confirming his death and asking for privacy. we are learning more strange messages from someone claiming to be the ringleader behind the kidnapping story in vallejo. an e-mail was sent to attorneys representing dneise. calling the incident a hoax. the e-mailer said it was quote, wrong, said we'll not attempt any further damage or harm. now this all started on march 23rd when her boyfriend called
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police to report she'd been kidnappedded for ransom. two days later she turned up unarm at her father's house in huntington beach, when police believe the whole thing was a hoax. people who live in the neighborhood where the alleged kidnapping happened, don't know what to believe. >> we are worried, maybe we have criminals around here. >> police and the fbi are not commenting, the e-mail sender said yesterday's message would be the last for quote at least several months. time now is 4:35. the national park service heard strong opposition to moving the alcatraz ferry launch to fort mason. currently tay that i can one and a half billion people from san francisco to alcatraz every year, many people who turned out for a meeting said that's too many for the people for the area around fort mason. the existing terminal is at pier 33, they are having a difficult time getting a new
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lease from the port of san francisco. they are considering moving back to its previous location at pier 41 or moving to fort mason. one swimmer we talk with is worried about how that would affect recreation near fort mason. >> perhaps as many as 100 people swimming that area, particularly in the mornings, really all the time around pier three it is a favorite. we call it around trip fort mason. we swim around the coast to fort mason and back. >> the national parks service is asking the pub public for opinions. the city of oakland has removed some major obstacles, several passed environmental planning measures. last night that cleared the way for massive development project. the land is now rezoned to allow the construction of new homes for the raiders, a's and warriors. plans call for housing, shopping and office space. the project still needs a firm commitment from one of the
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sports franchises, only the raiders so far have shown some interest. one person was hurt after a driver being chased by police crashed into another car. happened about 5:30 at 37th and market streets, the suspect ran from the scene prompting a perimeter. our camera person spotted one person detained in the back of a patrol car, he was unclear if he was arrested. police have not released detail on that person's injuries or condition. and in san francisco police are investigating a collision involving a patrol car, it happened just before noon yesterday at eighth and harrison. witnesses say a driver ran a red light and slammed into the passenger side of a police car. the officer was taken to the hospital but officials say he was not seriously hurt. the other driver was not also seriously hurt. a hearing is set for 1:00 to finalize a million dollars
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settlement between occupied protesters and the city of oakland. 360 demonstrators will share $1.36 million. they filed a lawsuit against the city claiming they were unlawfully arrested and in a demonstration back in 2012 and detained in inhumane conditions. some arrested were held for 85 hours. john kerry and diplomats from five other world powers plus iran are continuing nuclear negotiations. the deadline to work out a framework to limit iran's activities was midnight yesterday. negotiators decided to continue the talks saying they were close to a deal. if the group is able to come up with an outline of an agreement, they will then have until june 30th to iron out any details. and iraqi soldiers are celebrating the recapture of the city of terete. they placed the flag, captured
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it on march second. the u.s. launched air strikes on isis last week at the request of the iraqi government. 4:38 is the time, there is a health alert for teachers and students at two bay area high schools. coming up at 5:00, the highly contagious illness that they are being warned about. but first, a drop in gun crime in oakland, the technology that's being credited and why police say it works. good morning we're looking at the east bay commute on highway 4 looks pretty good so far to come from bay point to concord we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. mostly clear out there, the full moon isn't until saturday, we have a rather breezy forecast and an update for the weekend.
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. back to mornings on 2. and
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an police arrested 21-year-old michael stills last week, they say he was originally accused of being an accessory to the crime because he was armed but didn't fire his gun. after reviewing the case, they decided to charge him with murder. 30-year-old shamil pierce was hit by a stray bullet as she tried to rush three of her children into the home on chestnut street. three of the men have been arrested. two men in the deadly shooting of teenagers are also due in court. devan tay robinson and gregory robinson. saying they shot and killed the 18 and 19-year-old victims who i will they sat in a car last month. one of the suspects was arrested after being spotted in a stolen car, the other arrested during a probation check. and efforts to stem gun violence is working.
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this is pinpointing gunshots, oakland is one of the bay area cities that uses that technology and last year, it saw a 26% drop in gunfire rates, alerts from the shotspotter go directly to patrol officers before 911 calls come in. police say that may be the reason behind the decline. >> with that response time, it makes it a lot easier for us to respond and possibly capture someone involved in gunfire. >> shotspotter says on average cities that use their technology see a 28% reduction in gunfire. another statistic from the company, their data shows the most dangerous hour of the week is between 2:00 and 3:00 on friday morning. two men are still on the loose this morning after leading sonoma counties on a high speed chase. police first spotted a black mercedes speeding on highway 101 near airport boulevard last night. officers eventually chased the car before it blew a tire and crashed on lake ville highway.
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two men inside, the car got out and ray away. the cht helicopter was sent in to find them but they escaped. shoppers will pay higher sales tax in albany, heyward, union city, and the sales tax increases to 10%. it could soon hit that level in other cities, state lawmakers are considering a plan to give cities and counties more lee way in asking voter for sales tax increases, it is a combination of city, county and sales state taxes. and the median selling price for a home is less than one million dollars. real estate firm says the median price in february was $979,750, that's up 16% from a year ago. san jose fast approaching with 942,000. in oakland the median price is up still less than 600,000.
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the real estate listing service said that only 15% of homes in san francisco are within reach of middle class buyers. i believe it. tomorrow the stanford man's basketball team will compete for its second nit championship in three years. randall scoring 21 points, and randall also set the all time scoring record with 2,350 over all points. stanford will face miami in tomorrow's night's n-i-t championship game. the golden state warriors rolling once again. they won their 10th straight game last night beating the la clippers 110 to 106, then down at one point, who else thanks to seth curry's 27 points, chipped in, they got the win but the play that has everyone talking this morning came into the second quarter check this
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out. ooo! just booing. >> ridiculous. curry's cross over caused the clippers guard chris paul to stumble and fall backwards, sam say he stepped on his own foot, whatever. seth curry, yeah, whatever. curry dreamed that by the way, the bench went crazy, as you can imagine. gained a lot of attention on twitter. chris paul trended worldwide for several hours, fast fantastic. when i showed dave clark i was laughing really hard. >> and that was a fantastic move. >> seth curry is just too fast. >> he shoots pretty quick too, he takes after his dad. >> last night when that happened the crowd, i went back
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on my dvr, everyone in the crowd just goes, ooo! like, yeah. i know, it was like, wow. >> a collective. >> presence of greatness there. good morning everybody. let's take a look at what we have now, the morning commute looks good as we look at the commute on 24 westbound as you drive to the tunnel between walnut creek and oakland, has been a nice drive with no mayor problems. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're going into san francisco, we have a nice looking drive, no major problems into the city. and we're thinking that this week going to see better traffic as we get closer to the easter holiday we're hoping for it anyway, better traffic. if you're driving in livermore, as you drive over to dublin. let's go back to steve in the weather center. next time they do a commercial you think they'll have something to talk about? >> i think so, steve. >> that would be good. we have a mostly clear forecast out there, going to be
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a weak system kind of brushing us later today, chilly lows, a little breezy, mostly sunny. a couple of upper 30s are popping up. the breeze is continuing out of the north. that can be at times a, actually a warm direction for the airport. so i saw projections of like 68 to 76. i had a hard time on that 76. i know where that forecast is leaning on, that's that north wind. otherwise north wind can be really cool for some. we still have a component of a north, northwest breeze due west, things have calmed down a little bit until this little roll goes through that will pick up the breeze begin. livermore down to 43. 40s here including mountain view in redwood city. i think we'll see a few more before everything is said and done. 52, that's the coolest i've seen, well, they dipped that about a couple four or five days ago bounced backup, that's where they should be on the
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temp. san francisco buoy came down a little bit. i expect those to come down. this is a cold pattern in the pacific northwest, this is a sign for things to come, sunday, monday, and tuesday, this little line off of northwest california, i know it is kind of falling apart. that will kind of brush us and keep some cloud cover in the forecast, see that racing across. higher clouds but it does look like rain now you know i've been out there on a limb way out there, it looks like more consensus, we'll get increasing clouds and then sunday right there, there's the first pulse that goes through if you will, but then an even colder system arrives on monday into tuesday. highs will be in the 50s. plan according toly. breezy and cool, we have aways to go before that all comes together. windy at times but not too bad, 60s and 70s, near average on temps, maybe slightly above.
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but not by much. tomorrow, cold in the morning, they'll be some 30s santa cruz mountains, north bay. friday looks nice. increasing clouds saturday, cloudy with rain, maybe sunday afternoon, i'll see what i can do for the easter egg hunters. keep it clear at least in the morning would you? >> for you, pamela? for you, i will. >> thank you. all right steve. 4:51 is the time. singer song writer joni mitchell is in the intensive care unit. she was found unconscious at her home. a statement on her website said she re-- regained consciousness, and she is also a member of the rock and roll hall of fame. also is going to be honored with an all star tribute at a san francisco jazz event next month. she is supposed to make a rare appearance at that event.
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>> we hope she gets well soon. >> coming up, improving safety on san francisco streets the proposed changes for tour bus companies aimed at curbing dis distracted driving. and an uber driver, the scheme he tried to pull off and how it was all foiled.
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. welcome back everybody, time now is 4:53. just a few hours, winter shelters for the homeless closed their doors for the season. people turned to the shelter would be without a place to stay tonight. people say they don't know where they'll go for now. the mayor says he is looking at new options to help those without a place to live. oakland city workers say the city is misusing temporary worker status as a way to cut its budget. dozens of union workers marched to last night's city council meeting, they told council members that the city is not hiring for full time jobs which have benefits. we spoke with one woman saying she has been trying to turn her position entoa full time job. >> basically saving money by hiring three temporary part time workers for every full time position so they can circulate us in and out of
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those positions without paying benefits. >> other workers reportsupervisors favoring just a few employees to earn overtime. they believe the reason is nepotism, or racial discrimination. she supports the workers protest, she says the city should create a department of race and equality to ensure fair treatment for all workers. 4:55. and saying the prognosis is good for an injured eagle found outside the fire station. the eleven pound female bird suffered head trauma and could not see out of its left eye. she was taken to the lindsey wildlife rehabilitation hospital in walnut creek for treatment. the eagle may have been poisoned by eating an animal that ingested rat poison. >> they get a little sleepy eyes, feathers are kind of ruffled looking, they really do look very sad. the 3-year-old eagle is part of a research project
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tracking her movements to see where wind turbines should be placed to avoid hitting wildlife. her eye site is coming back and vets hope they'll return for wildlife. smokers will have a tough time righting up in santa row -- rosa. it lasted eight and a half hours, they passed legislation banning smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes in public places and multi-family housing. the legislation does allow cannabis patients to smoke or vaporize medication ins their home. and am zahn amazon introducing the dash button, each button has the name of a product, like maxwell house, tied laundry. when they press the button, it
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orderses that button. dash is available only to amazon prime members who request them. an uber driver in denver is accusedded of picking up a woman at her home, and going back to her home to try to burglarize it. police say the woman's roommate came home while the man was trying to break into the house. they were able to connect the burglary to the uber driver because she took a screen shot of her receipt. police arrested 51-year-old gerald montgomery yesterday, facing attempted burglary charges. it is coming up on our 5:00 hour, and first indiana, now arkansas could face a fire storm over a religious freedom bill. what they are saying about this. and a sanford student accused of with fellow classmates. and a look for traffic is
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doing okay, if your driving on the golden gate bridge. >> the almost full moon, chilly this morning. in fact, napa airport is at 59 degrees palo alto. we'll have your full forecast.
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. good morning, the san jose airport raising new concerns about passenger safety. >> we're live where a brand new coliseum city is one step closer to reality, we'll tell you why it still faces an uphill battle. . we're live at the oakland coliseum, could soon be replaced, coming up in just two minutes the steps the city took to make it all happen. >> a lot of people very excited about that. >> it is wednesday, april 1st, i'm pam cook. >> it is hump day. also april fools, be careful. >> let's talk about


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