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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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johnson was like on the job. >> he was yeta. [ laughter ] >> and the job. . >> mike approacheds everything a go -- approached everything in life with a go big attitude. >> officers honored michael johnson for the life he lived and the life he gave. >> i want to give him a standing ovation for the awesome life he gave for us. one, two, three. [ cheers and applause ] >> applause and chiefs last adamant. good evening. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> we begin a mike mibach and the really touching ceremony today. inside the sap center. mike? >> reporter: that's right. family came first for officer michael johnson and it was his
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sister who addressed her brother saying you have left an emptiness in our lives that cannot be refilled and every day we will honor you. rest in peace my little brother. [ singing amazing grace ] >> reporter: a long line of families standing tall, honoring, saluting, saying good- bye. >> as you will always be in our hearts and minds, our officers will never forget. >> reporter: san jose police officer michael johnson surrounded by those who lived -- loved him. >> we thank you for your life and your sacrifice for us. death did not make uhero -- you a hero, you were already a hero
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while you lived. the words and photos told the story about this 14 year veteran. his love for suba diving, baking, collecting guns and coins. his wife and parents did not speak but his sister told tales about their childhood days. >> when we played cops and robbers he always inscientisted on being the cop -- insisted on being the cop. he approached everything with a go big or go home attitude. when we were growing up he was the captain of the chest team. >> reporter: he was working at good guys when he met an officer who told him to consider the force. he did. and now after years of service one final radio call. >> attention all units police observe a moment of silence in honor of officer michael
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johnson badge 3718. [ singing ] >> service, bravery, sacrifice, officer michael johnson did it all with a big smile, a smile that will always shine down on those who lived, his family at home and his family dressed in blue. >> forever bonded to us and now your heart will beat through ours. >> reporter: michael johnson, 12 12th san jose police officer to be killed in the department's 166 year history. >> mike. thank you. >> michael johnson was part of police academy class three and that class has seen two of its members killed in the line of duty. another member spoke today, talked about how they started the class as strangers but finished as family. >> by the end of the academy we were family. we were bound class 3 family
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for life. we knew it. something about our class that was different from everything else. we were pretty tight. >> not long after class three was on the street they lost a member who was killed in 2001. he says their close group was rocked by his death. they changed the way they lived that day. they became closer than ever. it stitched class three together. >> here we are 14 years later, we lost another family member, here we are again class three, welding ourselves together. >> he says a good way to honor officer michael johnson is make sure you tell people in your life that you appreciate them. >> there were thousands of officers honoring michael johnson today. ktvu fox 2 news azenith smith is live outside the sap center
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with more on this remarkable show of support we are seeing. >> reporter: you mentioned that it was touching inside, it was also touching outside. a thousand officers showed up from as far as new york, dallas, and chicago to say good- bye to officer michael johnson. >> the magnitude of the city's loss evident by the show of support. >> a difficult day for me. a difficult day for all of us. >> reporter: thousands of law enforcement officers from throughout the country here to pay their respects to officer michael johnson. they flew in from chicago. >> the least we can do. happening too often. >> bonded to remember a fallen brother killed after responding to a call involving a suicidal man outside. they lined the streets to salute a hero. filled with dozen of motorcycle officers, passing two ladder trucks carrying the american
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flag. >> emotional day. glorious. and i am very impressed. >> this retired officer who knew michael johnson brought his five children. >> bigger than us. to see the importance of the job of a police officer and how it community comes together. >> wives of san jose police officers showed up in force wearing black ribbons. >> could have been any of our husbands that night, it is just a really, really really tragic event. for santa cruz police it is a somber day. 2 years ago the department mourn the death of two of their own killed in the line of duty. >> i hope the san jose police department is able to start their healing process once they lay their brother to rest today. this is a difficult day but this is the day to start the
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healing process. >> reporter: officers gathered once again for a final salute with a helicopter playing over and the playing of taps. the community say michael johnson will never be forgotten. at 6:00 p.m. we spoke to a man who drove an hour with his child to be here and he never met michael johnson. >> thank you. thousands of people showed their support today for michael johnson. you can see people dressed in black. we put together a slide show from today's memorial on new at 5:00 p.m. a remarkable story from oakland. a man barely survivorred after a house collapsed on -- survived after a house collapsed on top of him. it is on 46th street. near market. ktvu's eric rasmussen is there. he has one heck of a story to
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tell. >> he does. let's call it a miracle on 46 46th street. this is what the house looks like now. a man was inside there, sleeping in this house which was under construction when it came crashing down. he was in the area of the tv you see there. the story became more improbable because he showed up right back here while we were out here talking to neighbors and shooting video. >> the house fell down. you believe that? >> you would be smiling too if you had a day like he did and lived to tell about it. >> i was laying right there. where you see that blanket at. right there. and house went down. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he was asleep. >> this is the front door. >> just inside. he says the owner left him keep an eye on the house while it was being remodeled. >> i heard a crunch and looked
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outside and the house had fallen down. yesterday it was leaning to the side a little bit. >> reporter: neighborsneighbors pulled him to safety. this tv the only thing between him and a pile of rubble. >> my head was kind of like under here. >> reporter: known and loved for keeping an eye out for neighbors, today someone or something was looking out for him. >> yesterday i got bit by a dog, pitbull, today a house fell on me. so, hey. >> reporter: what do you think now? >> thank god. just for real. [ laughter ] >> reporter: as we come back out live, a building inspector with the city of oakland was out here red tagged this house next door. it has damage from when the house collapsed here today. there was no work going on at
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the time when the house came down. the city and others will be doing investigating to find out what happened -- investigating to find out what happened here. there is more questions to be answered there. as for now this man that neighbors know is now looking for a new place to stay. >> what a remarkable story. doesn't look like he has a scratch on him. >> that is what he said. he came out without a bump or a scratch. you can tell even he hardly believes if. >> eric rasmussen live, thank you. to continuing coverage of governor jerry brown's order, statewide mandatory water rationing. we want it look at what it would take to achieve a big cut. ktvu's tom vacar looked at solutions that pretty much everybody should be considering at this point.
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>> reporter: a water saving survey can pay off. time to take one. >> reporter: yesterday the head of the department of water resources said the state's new statewide mandatory water rationing boil down to a stick and carat approach -- caret approach. >> in the end if individuals and agencies don't perform there will be repercussions. >> reporter: the water washingtons will determine how to approach -- agencies will determine how to approach the cuts. >> measured against 2013 before the drought began. >> they want us to save water. what can i do? i came here where i have come for many years to do stories, what i learned is there is plenty you can do because technology changed. >> we are more refined with
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water savings. now they have gotten it down, the standard on saving water on shower heads and faucets. >> the average water use is 55 gallons per person per day. let's cut that. first, low flow kitchen and bath room sink fixtures. but it could be costly. that is why for a few bucks you can install screw in water restricters. . >> you won't notice difference. >> reporter: either way, 15-1/2 gallons saved a day. the latest shower heads can save 18 gallons. latest low flow toilts. 8 gallons. >> you can -- toilets. >> 8 gallons. >> you can get rebates. >> reporter: a new washing machine saves 11.4 gallons a
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day. new dishwashers save 2 gallons. down 20 gallons to 35 gallons a week without even considering lawn and garden. >> the technology can help you be efficient. >> reporter: it pays back for itself in savings over several years. well worth doing and it will help to keep your use down. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. a potential president candidate tries to garner voters in san francisco. jeb bush's meeting with a ceo and the bish issue that -- big issue that is dividing owners. >> the giants get ready to host the oakland a's and we will hear from a new player. mark is up with game one of the bay bridge series. >> the bay area and the clear for today -- in the clear for today. more sunshine friday but big changes for easter weekend. more on that coming up after the break.
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under pressure two states changed religious freedom laws so that they bar discrimination against members of the gay community. indiana governor signed the law this afternoon. it takes effect july 1. a similar law in arkansas was amended and seibed by the -- signed by the governor. the omahas allowed businesses to refuse service from gays and lesbians. that law was front and center as jeb bush visited san francisco to impress donors. some expressed concerns that he supported the bill. ktvu's david stevenson was there for his appearance. you spoke with the ceo of sales force about his private meeting
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with bush today? >> reporter: right. ceo of sales force was a major critic of the indiana law but today offered praise for jeb bush. >> reporter: guests described it as a kick the tires event, a chance to meet with jeb bush before deciding whether to contribute to a presidential campaign. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i don't know. i don't know. we will see. election is up in the air. i hope to hear what his platform is. i hope to hear he is more moderate. that is what i need to find out. >> his second appearance in san francisco in four months. today's luncheon came as lawmakers mondayed the religious freedom act that it could not be used to discriminate against the lgbt community. >> i wanted to express how i felt about this bill in indiana. >> the ceo of sales force
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helped lead efforts to reform the act and met with bush about his support of the law. >> i think he was receptive to that. he changed his views. we have seen that this week. we will continue to see growth in that. >> reporter: protesters took bush to task for his stance as a global warming skeptic. >> surprising that he would come here to a place that understands the risks of climate change and look for support. >> reporter: others said it was a chance to meet a conservative potential presidential candidate. >> he is republican yet he is not urb conservative. he is middle of the road. >> reporter: today's event capted out a -- capped off a
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two day visit. he will return to miami later on this evening. live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu fox 2 news. you can see the sunshine. another spectacular day. >> clear skies. but i have something to talk about. >> you do? >> yeah. a changing weather pattern earn the five-day forecast that will impact [bleep] -- pattern in the five-day forecast that will impact the weather. in the gulf of mexico, this will bring in cooler air this weekend and rain showers as well. that could impact your easter plans. right now, the sweeps picking up clear skies out there. no rainfall in the forecast for tonight or tomorrow. even saturday is dry as well. current numbers. 70s from livermore, walnut creek. san francisco 64.
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santa rosa 71 degrees. a breeze out there, winds 10-20 miles per hour. towards at&t park this evening, we wrap up spring training with game one of the bay bridge series. tonight clear and breezy. tomorrow cold start, but lots of sunshine. more clouds this weekend. we will be cooler cooler and we will be tracking rain showers. for this evening, game one, clear skies. a breeze out there. winds around 20 miles per hour. temperatures in the upper 50s. 58 degrees. talking about baseball weather in the bay area, nice to talk about. as far as over night lows tomorrow morning, the coolest spots cold, santa rosa, napa 30s and 40s for the rest of the bay area. you want to bundle up tomorrow morning. over all weather set up. clear skies right now over the state. high pressure returns. for tomorrow, mild to warm after the cold start in the morning hours and saturday will be the transition day. sunday on easter, more clouds
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and the chance of showers and the shower chances have been going up sunday morning. here is the forecast model showing you this, clear skies friday and then saturday we will thicken up the clouds during the afternoon hours. look at this, tracking a change sunday morning. rain showers paying us a visit and the activity could be winding down throughout the day. still a chance on sunday. our highs for tomorrow, not a big bump in the numbers. 60s and 70s. san jose 72. santa cruz 70. half moon bay 67 degrees. a look ahead, your five-day forecast, saturday, more clouds. for sunday rain clouds. decreasing activity for the afternoon and possibly a stronger system by tuesday. this is the welcome change we need. things aren't over yet. snow, in the sierra as well.
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>> thank you. we follow up on a hotel accused of having unsafe conditions, why improvements are slim. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, a earthquake rattled the east bay this morning. what it means for researchers trying to work on early detection devices. we will walk about a new discovery that indicates that bigger earthquakes could strike the east bay. also california teachers are protesting their pension fund. what they are invested in that have people upset. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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the u.s. reached a historic understanding on limiting the nuclear ambition of iran. they announced a frame work after talks in switzerland. at the white house president obama said this deal is not based on trust but rather on verification. and the president says it will make the world safer. >> it is a good deal. a deal that meets our core objectives. this frame work would cut off every pathway they could take to develop a nuclear weapon. >> sanctions will be lifted, that will happen when the final deal is signed. the president said they will put back in place if they
5:26 pm
violate the agreement. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu came out and told president obama that this deal with iran would threaten the survival of israel. a terror attack in kenya ended after claiming the lives of 147 people. officials say gunmen stormed the gamps of garissa university taking hostages. officials say security forces cornerned the gunman -- cornered the gunmen. el cerrito high al-shabab claimed responsible. leaders called attention to deportation practices by performing a sacred foot washing ceremony in san francisco. >> it is done around easter and
5:27 pm
passover. today leaders set up in front of u.s. immigration and customs enforcement and they urged i.c.e. to stop sepbrating families. >> we are -- separating families. >> we are here to urge i.c.e. to change practices. >> organizers say more than 150 people were rounded up during operation cross-check last month. word that a federal judge is ordering the state to pay for an inmate to get a sex change operation. also cal train taking a look at how they secure their track after a string of fatalities this year. the improvements they want to make and the changes they made so far. >> at a hotel where we found appalling conditions, residents
5:28 pm
say not enough is being done. >> a chance to just be a kid in one of san francisco's toughest neighborhoods.
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2 investigates returns to a hotel accused of having unsafe and unsanitary conditions in
5:31 pm
downtown oakland. they saw a number of code violations after ktvu's eric rasmussen reported on problems at the hotel in february. he followed up and found some say management still isn't doing enough. on top of that the city isn't following through on the code violations. >> we are on the 6th floor. >> reporter: a trip to the bath room is risky at this hotel. >> can't get back out again. the doorknob is broken. >> reporter: one of several videos recorded in february in downtown oakland by a non- profit group of attorneys representing tenants who live here. >> a vacant room nailed shut. >> reporter: 2 investigates went under cover and booked a room in january. since then management patched holes in the walls and cleaned
5:32 pm
up garbage in the hallways but residents -- >> cosmetic. all painted over. >> putting a band aid over. >> when i came here i was shocked. >> reporter: including an 81- year-old, the most serious problems remain. the elevator is still broken or off limits to tenants. she has to take the stairs to the 4th floor. >> reporter: how is it getting up and down? >> i fell. i fell. i fell three weeks ago. >> reporter: over a few days in february not long after 2 investigates report, code enforcement issued 20 notices of violation. inspectors documented damaged smoke detectors, cracked windows and 90 other violations, some of which have been fixed. >> hands on code enforcement. >> reporter: the city issued four violation notices to the
5:33 pm
hotel last year despite all of the problems the director of planning and building actually commended management. >> they are going in, apartment by apartment to get everything up to code and it is working. this is one of those success stories where it came to our attention, we have knowledge thew get it up to code and -- how to get it up to exopod we have a cooperative -- code and we have a cooperative owner. . >> reporter: dodged 2 investigates questions in january and hasn't returned our calls. tenants say she ignored their complaints for years. >> an inspector has been to the same unit four times, shouldn't there be enforcement beyond a notice? >> you would think so. sometimes someone will do patch work. we say okay and then something new comes up.
5:34 pm
>> have fines been issued? >> i don't know. complicated case. >> is the city giving the place a pass? >> no. no. just complicated. >> disturbing. >> reporter: she insists the city should be doing more. >> one thing we would like it see is a receivership put in place so a third party could step in and take control of the building. >> reporter: we caught up with a city inspector when he returned to had hotel last week -- the hotel last week. >> reporter: can you tell me why no fines have been issued? >> there is a reason for it. good reasons. >> reporter: fewer answers from the manager in the lobby. keep we talk to -- >> reporter: can we talk to you about the conditions? >> you have to talk to our attorney. >> reporter: don't you think people deserve a response? >> reporter: while workers
5:35 pm
scramble to make repairs before this reinspection she pointed out more problems with her sink. and bath room window. she and her husband say it isn't a success story. >> they are just doing enough to get by. just to satisfy that guy. >> when the inspector finished the visit he acknowledged there are still violations but he said the management is moving in a positive direction. if you have a tip for 2 investigates contact us, e-mail and call the number on your screen. there is word tonight that for the first time in california a federal judge ordered the state corrections department to pay for a sex change operation for an inmate. it comes after a lawsuit.
5:36 pm
the judge said denying sex change surgery would violate her constitutional rights. the state correctiondize apartment said it could -- corrections department said it could cost $100,000. trying to prevent suicides on tracks. cal trains plans to make the rails more secure. >> a break through in a laboratory. how it might help end alzheimer's. >> plus the world series champions back home for the bay bridge series and the a's are one of the hottest teams in spring training. mark ibanez is up next with the return of baseball to the bay area.
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baseball is back. the giants and a's tonight in the first game of the bay bridge series and the first game is tonight at at&t park. both teams have a lot of new faces and the giants had to replace one of their most popular players pablo sandoval. mark ibanez joins us now with who we should be watching. >> all kinds of good stuff to talk about. the a's hope spring training was a real test because they did great, giants are like spring training doesn't mean anything because they didn't have a great season. bottom line, giants were working out. we like to give equal time.
5:40 pm
we are not ignoring the a's. they are not ready to start working out but you see the big names doing their stuff. that is casey mcgehee, filling the shoes of one pablo sandoval and he is happy to be at at&t to play in front of a home crowd. he is not an enemy anymore. >> coming in as a visitor it could be a rough place to play. so from that standpoint i am excited to be on the other end of it and experience this side of it. like i said, this will be a good stepping stone to ramp up to the real deal in a week or so. glad to get in here and find my wanders. little stuff. -- way. little stuff. >> he is from santa cruz. and i figure he will be an incident bay area hit. and if he can fill the shoes of pablo sandoval he will be in good shape. we will visit with joe panic at
5:41 pm
6:00 p.m. that is the sporting life. >> exciting. thank you. ahead, a building clamsed that led to allays -- collapsed that led to a lawsuit. why a official broke the laws he was supposed to be enforcing. plus -- >> go, go, go, go. >> how first responders gave kids a chance to kick back today and be kids. >> and in weather, sunshine once again across the bay area. repeatable weather story. things are changing. showers return to the forecast.
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10 people died on cal train tracks this year and that has authorities taking action tonight vowing to do more to improve safety. a meeting was held this morning to call attention to the problem. ktvu's cristina rendon is live. you spoke with an officer who trains others to save lives? >> reporter: yeah. we did. we also were at the meeting this morning, it was clear that people who chose to end their lives on the tracks is a community wide problem and that is why they plan on continuing to reach out to the community in hopes of saving more lives. >> reporter: when working on or around train safety comes
5:45 pm
first. why officials are troubled that 10 people died on their tracks since 2015. >> one life loss is too many. to have lost 10 in the 1st quarter of the year, it is concerning for all of us. >> we rely on citizens. >> a meeting addresses concerns. >> this is a community problem. >> improving safety, education and suicide prevention efforts. >> i think that is important. we don't brush over that. >> reporter: sometimes fencing and signs are not enough. >> do this type of thing. he trains officers on crisis intervention, teaching them to spot people who hang around the tracks looking sad or anxious. >> the deputy will engage them in a conversation. >> talk that could turn the tables. >> with gentle coaxing and maybe even a direct question. do you feel like hurting
5:46 pm
yourself, the deputy can make an intervention that could save a life. >> last year police prevented 40 years from possibly taking their lives. >> at the end of the day the problem that we are looking at is bigger than suicides on cal trains. it is the issue in the community. >> reporter: why they are committed to improving safety and educating the public and they refuse let the cost be a road block to saving lives. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says in two weeks they plan on introducing a suicide prevention campaign, in a couple weeks. also the officials want you to know there is help out there. anyone who is considering taking their lives could tact their local suicide prevention hot line. >> help is there. thank you. a commissioner is facing a lawsuit. it stems from the partial collapse of that commissioner's
5:47 pm
home in 2013. prosecutors say an investigation revealed building violations at the home and two other sites owned by him. at the time of the collapse he over saw the city department that managed building inspections. a group is calling on mayor ed lee to suspend him till the lawsuit is resolved. police, firefighters and other leaders came together today through a easter celebration for children in the bay view neighborhood. >> children were treated to an easter egg hunt, games and food and a meet and greet with police officers and firefighters. it is part of their commitment to make a different to the lives of children in the community. we want it share news from ktvu fox 2 news. mornings on 2 anchor tori campbell is leaving after 20 years here at ktvu.
5:48 pm
she decided it is time to spend more time with her family. >> my last day is mid-june. june 19. and i want you to know this is a hard decision to make because i love what i do and i love working with you guys but it feels like the right time to pursue other passions in my life. it has been the biggest honor to have worked with such a great station and so many wonderful people. two decades. >> all of which brings us to another big announcement. >> she said she was making her change to spend time with her family and so i am making a change to go to mornings on 2, and it will help me spend more time with my family. i am excited. i hope you will come with me to mornings on 2. watch mornings on 2 and ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. i have the dedication of my parents and siblings.
5:49 pm
they will watch. >> you will have so much fun. you worked mornings before. >> i know the drill. i have the alarm clocks. a routine i can fall into. i will miss you here. i had a lot of fun on the 5:00 p.m. when i say it is an honor the join mornings on 2 i mean it. it is special. we had a great big hug. i had a piece of her vegan chocolate cake. >> and it will be strange flipping on the tv and seeing you, i will miss you but you will do great. >> thank you. thank you. happens mid-june? >> mid-june. whenever she said i am done i will step in. our weather now. bring in our meteorologist mark tamayo once again. >> i will still see you guys. i am not moving. you know -- [ talking at the same time ] >> that wake up call is early. 1:00 a.m. >> it is. >> i always like to be ready.
5:50 pm
if flies by. congratulations. >> thank you. >> our weather. clear skies across the bay area. few high deludes the north. -- clouds to the north. you can see it the north and west, that is the next system that will be dropping in over the next few days. tomorrow dry and saturday probably a few extra clouds. as far as the current numbers. we have these. mild readings towards concord, walnut creek, livermore. san jose 69. san francisco 63. winds, that time of year, the winds pick up across the bay area. a breeze out there. winds in napa at 20 miles per hour. san jose out of the west at 17. sfo, wind gust 29 miles per hour. headlines for tonight, live towards at&t park, a's and giants play. first pitch 7:15 p.m. clear and breezy. sunshine for your friday and
5:51 pm
the weekend, clouds and the showers will be making a come back. over night lows tomorrow morning, upper 30s to the 40s. bundle up tomorrow morning. the afternoon nice. it will be mild to warm. saturday the transition day, a cold front moving in easter on sunday here, the chance of showers. rain showers chances have been going up, especially for the morning hours. our forecast model, in the clear tomorrow, into -- for the first half of saturday and more clouds for the afternoon hours. rain showers making a come back, sunday morning and we could back up into the afternoon hours. time line, concord, tomorrow, 40s. on track to reach the activities for the afternoon hours. after the cool start, more 70s. walnut creek 73. oakland 72. san jose lower 70s. sunnyvale 71.
5:52 pm
san francisco 68 degrees. gret ready, saturday morning -- get ready, saturday morning, we can watch the lunar eclipse. >> 3:15 a.m -- [ talking at the same time ] >> total eclipse 4:54 nice sight out there and changes with the rain clouds sunday morning, a stronger system by monday night into tuesday. >> thank you. researchers say they made progress in the fight against alzheimer's, how they are doing it with medications already available. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, four days of training, reviewing rel life scenarios that turned dead -- real life scenarios that turned deadly for firefighters. the training that teaches firefighters how to avoid and escape life-threatening injury situations and law enforcement officers from across the nation
5:53 pm
converge on san jose to honor one of their own. the outpouring of support for fallen officer michael johnson. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. bulldog: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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new developments in treating alzheimer's. researchers in the bay area are optimistic that certain drugs could be repurposed to stop the symptoms of alzheimer's.
5:56 pm
ktvu fox 2 news john fowler says the drugs could be given to younger people who are at risk for alzheimer's and stop it in its tracks. . >> reporter: they met working that phone company and married 60 years ago. she learned like 200,000 bay area people she has alzheimer's. >> yes, i remember things that happened 20 years ago. but if something happened yesterday, i am -- i don't remember. he has to remind me. >> what i learned from peg is to live in the present. >> reporter: across the city scientists have a profound discovery that could rewrite the future of alzheimer's. >> there is light at the end of
5:57 pm
the tunnel. >> i am like everyone else interested in therapies and worried about myself and my children and this is relevant for everyone. >> she showed me brain cells, they support memory neurons. but scientists discovered is they make a protein that tells neurons to forget. cleaning out unneeded recollections. and leads it memory loss. >> to understand how this is happening this would be another break through. >> reporter: even more exciting, scientists now know there are drugs on the shelf that may be possible therapies right now to boost memory. >> so many new insights obtained through basic research. >> reporter: doctors are right now in clinical trials on a epislipsy drug that stops
5:58 pm
alzheimer's symptom -- epilepsy drug that stops alzheimer's symptoms and a cancer drug shown to improve the memory in mice. repurposing medicines gets them to patients sooner. >> we may have to put them on preventative measures for a while in order to prevent the alzheimer's disease from hitting when they get into the age of highest risk. >> i would try it as they would give it to me but i am not looking for something right now at my age so much as i am about my children. >> and grandchildren. >> knowing that it is in the family, my grandmother had it, i would love it if my children and grandchildren would never have it. >> reporter: doctors think there is a path for a future free of alzheimer's.
5:59 pm
john fowler, ktvu fox 2 news. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. thousands pack thesap center -- the sap center. [ singing ] >> to remember san jose officer michael johnson killed in the line of duty. >> mike paid the ultimate sacrifice ultimate sacrifice doing what he -- the ultimate sacrifice doing what he loved. >> he marched like a duck with three legs on crutches. >> he taught my daughter how to put someone in a sleeper hold when she was only three and he played barbies with her. >> friends, family, brothers and sisters in blue, all celebrating the life of officer michael johnson as they mourned
6:00 pm
his death. >> 61 lincoln 6 san jose. no response. >> chills hearing that. that was the end of watch announcement from dispatch. good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> it was a somber and moving tribute outside the sap center as thousands of officers from as far as away east the east -- as the east coast saluted their fallen brother michael johnson. ktvu's azenith smith with more. >> reporter: a remarkable sign of camaraderie. a thousand officers, including two from chicago, in san jose to say good-bye to officer michael johnson. >> when you enter a career with law enforcements, or fire, it is a bond -- law enforcement, or fire, it is a bond. >> the family remembering the 14 year veteran who sacrificed his life protecting the city of


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