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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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they mourned his death. >> 61 lincoln 6 san jose. no response. >> chills hearing that. that was the end of watch announcement from dispatch. good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> it was a somber and moving tribute outside the sap center as thousands of officers from as far as away east the east -- as the east coast saluted their fallen brother michael johnson. ktvu's azenith smith with more. >> reporter: a remarkable sign of camaraderie. a thousand officers, including two from chicago, in san jose to say good-bye to officer michael johnson. >> when you enter a career with law enforcements, or fire, it is a bond -- law enforcement, or fire, it is a bond. >> the family remembering the 14 year veteran who sacrificed his life protecting the city of
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san jose after responding to a call of a suicidal man. police among those in -- santa cruz police among those in attendance. >> when that happens san jose police department provided support to us. the chief and staff came over to the police department the day following the deaths of my officers. >> reporter: now they are here to do the same. officers lining up to salute a hero. he brought his five children to witness the procession. >> bigger than us. to see the importance of the job of a police officer and how it community comes together when something like this happens. >> reporter: wives of san jose police officers wore blue and black ribbons. >> could have been any of our husbands. it is just a really, really, really tragic event. >> reporter: those who didn't
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know officer michael johnson. he drove here for one reason. >> show respect for law enforcement. and show respect to san jose police department. >> reporter: as the playing of the taps could be heard with the helicopter fly over, they all vowed to never forget the bravery of san jose police officer michael johnson. in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. >> inside there were tears and laughter for michael johnson. several fellow officers spoke about him along with his sister. she said it was always good big or go home. ktvu's mike mibach in the news room now. they did something today i don't recall seeing before at a service for a fallen officer. >> at one point during the service one of his academy classmates counted to three and on three, everyone, 8,000 people, stood up and gave a
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standing ovation to officer michael johnson, a man who lived an awesome life. >> reporter: brothers in blue and on a flag draped casket holding close their fallen friend, officer michael johnson. >> you will always by in our hearts and minds. >> reporter: his journey in life flashed up on the screens, with each snapshot you see a young boy growing up becoming a man, into an officer. >> he died doing what he loved to do. >> he was a classmate. january, 2001, he said hello to johnson. 14 years later he says good- bye. >>ke, we thank you for
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your life and your sacrifice for us. death did not make you a hero, you were already a hero while you lived. >> reporter: outside of his uniform he lived. loved being on the water. collecting guns and coins. his wife and parents did not speak but his sister told tales about their childhood days in san jose. >> whenever we played cops and robbers he always insisted on being the cop and i had to be the bad guy. >> reporter: service, bravery, sacrifice, officer michael johnson did all with a smile, a smile that will always shine down on hose who lived -- those he loved. >> bonded to us. and now your heart will beat through ours. >> reporter: with that, one final radio call. >> attention all units, please
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observe a moment of silence in honor of officer michael johnson. badge 3718. >> reporter: after the memorial service that sap center they had a private ceremony that cemetery in san jose. mike mibach, ktvu fox 2 news. >> as we have seen there were thousands of law enforcement offenses from around the nation and across theitate at the service. -- the state at the service. >> as the sun went up chp santa rosa tweeted this picture. >> fairfield police tweeted this picture. shows their motorcycles lined up outside the sap center with a giant american flag hanging from the trucks. >> and los angeles county sheriff's deputies flew up this
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morning. this shows one of their deputies watching. >> support for the fallen officer's family continues to pour in from around the bay area. a restaurant in san jose is holding an all day fundraiser. many people gathered this morning to watch the memorial service. the restaurant says 100% of today's sales will be donated to the officer's family. it runs till closing time at 2:00 a.m. >> and to see more of michael johnson's memorial service go to we put together a slide show of pictures from reporters in the field, on now that governor jerry brown ordered mandatory water restrictions everyone is trying to figure out how to do that. your hardware store has a lot of devices to reduce water use. flow restricters for faucets. if you want to spend more money, new faucets and shower
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heads have -- can save significant amounts of water. >> become more refined. it was 2.5 gallons per minute and now they have gotten down to 1.5. >> new washing machines and dishwashers use less water. probably the easiest way to cut water use is by limiting watering outdoors. call it the miracle on 46 46th 46 46th street in oakland. a house fell on top of a man who emerged without a scratch. >> i was lying right there. where you see that blanket at. right there. >> the 68-year-old says he was keeping an eye on the home for the owner and he was sleeping when the home collapsed on top of him. officials say they will be investigating what happened and have red tagged the home. he says he is now looking for a
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new place to stay. a small earthquake struck early this morning. it didn't cause damage but it alerts university of california at berkeley seismology through the early warning system. ktvu's rob roth visited the lab today and joins us live with what he learned. rob? >> reporter: seismologist say a minor earthquake can serve as a reminder on how important an early warning system could be during a major earthquake. >> reporter: the 3-point 6 -- 3.6 earthquake struck after midnight. here at the university of california at berkeley seismology lab the ernie warning system detected it would reach berkeley a second and a half after it struck san
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ramon. when the earthquake struck napa last year they received a 5 second warning. san francisco 10 seconds. that is because the epicenter was further away. and that is enough time to stop a b.a.r.t. train. it measures the waves of an earthquake from hundreds of underground censors. >> it is not earthquake prediction. it is watching an earthquake begin and trying to sunday signal out to people -- send a signal out to people. >> reporter: many emergency response teams receive the alerts but sizenologist are working -- seismologist are working working to expand it. that will take $80 million over five years. >> other parts of the state besides the bay area and the
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los angeles basin have sparse coverage. >> reporter: it will take two years to install the statewide system if and when they get the money. >> rob roth, thank you. university of california at berkeley seismologist said if it struck in a certain way it could be more destructive than previously thought. they could rupture together and that would be significantly more destructive. previously they estimated a maximum quake would be 6.9, now they believe they could produce a 7.33. four days of training scenarios that killed firefighters in the past. coming up next, we take you to the training to show you how
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firefighters learn to avoid the life-threatening injury situations and escape them. >> california teachers protesting pension funds. what they are invested in that has so many upset. >> in weather, another sunny day across the bay area. a cooler weather, when rain showers will be back in the forecast.
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situations like this one are why firefighters go through never ending training. the video from fresno where a firefighter, watch this, fell through the roof, setting off a fire ball. he was severely injured. burned over 75% of his body. he is making progress in the hospital. firefighters put their lives at risk when they run into burning buildings and because of that firefighters took part in four
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days of training specifically designed to save their lives. ktvu's claudine wong tells us the ground survival training is based on real life scenarios where firefighters lost their lives. >> reporter: it is the call no one want to hear. >> all units stand by. we have a may day in progress. >> firefighter in trouble. >> may day. may day. may day. >> reporter: but this week firefighters learned how to avoid those life-threatening injury situations and escape them. >> keep that elbow straight. >> reporter: every scenario was based on a real life tragedy. in 1994 firefighters got caught in wires like these. >> the bodies were found entangled in wires. >> reporter: and the firefighters who bailed out of
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these windows. on hoses. and on ladders. were reminded of -- >> three firefighters that had to make a jump from an upper floor of a building. and they had no equipment in place. >> reporter: everything they are doing is a last ditch effort. you wouldn't go out a window and you wouldn't go down a hose. unless you had no other choice. this is all thanks to a fema grant. secured by the santa rosa fire department. >> we invited everyone in the north bay counties, we have 25 people at the class. >> reporter: what they learn they will share. >> what are you trying to do? >> these students will become the instructors.
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>> you want to get dramatic. >> reporter: these instructors came from across the country and canada. >> firefighters are all cut from the same cloth. >> reporter: life for life, they all signed up, they are willing to go to extreme lengths to save your family. but when things go dark, when things go wrong, this training is designed to make sure they go home to theirs. >> the thing, i want to see my family. >> reporter: in santa rosa, claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. california teachers rallied in sacramento today demanding pension fund money be pulled from a company tied to the sandy hook elementary school shootings. they protested at the offices. they want the pension fund to
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stop investing in companies that own guns. >> contradictory. for the contributions we make to our own retirement to be invested in gun manufacturing. >> they expressed sympathy with the union and voted to devest in the company two years ago but the system said obligations and legal constraints are preventing them to do so. . jeb bush inspired support and opposition during a visit to san francisco today. he met with campaign donors during a luncheon but his presence raised questions about a law in indiana. lawmakers approved an amendment
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that would prevent businesses from using the law to discriminate against gays and lesbians in the community. today he met with bush and spoke to him about bush's support of the law. >> i think he was extremely receptive to that. he changed his views and we will see an evolution and growth in that. >> protesters questioned his decision to come to california when he is a skeptic of global warmer. he began with a luncheon yesterday. friends of the san francisco public library are holding their spring book sale at the fort mason center and is open to the public. everything is $3 or less. the sale runs every day through
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sunday april 5. hours are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off tonight. mark is in and we have something to talk about. >> yeah. day after day you probably introducing the weather person, talking about the same thing -- >> nice, nice -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i have something new. rain showers. and cooler air mass approaching over the next few days. right now, we are in the clear. but look that circulation. that cloud cover here. you can see. that is cold air approaching northern california over the weekend. right how now, there is the next system dropping in late saturday into sunday. we are in the clear right now. looking towards the bay area. live doppler sweeps trying to detect rainfall. lower 70s in walnut creek and livermore. san jose 68. san francisco 62 degrees. winds have been a factor all day long. that time of year.
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winds for the most part, 10-20 miles per hour. san jose winds 16. look at that sfo wind gust, 31 miles per hour. at&t park this evening, wrapping up spring training with the a's and giants for the series. game one tonight, after 7:15 p.m. clear and breezy. sunny fried. and get ready for -- friday and get ready for changes. clouds and showers. tomorrow morning, chilly, upper 30s to the 40s. cold start for your friday morning. the afternoon hours, different story. mild to warm. the warmest locations approach the lower 70s. sunday, more clouds. we are going to bump up the rain chances, especially for sunday morning. keep that in mind. easter egg hunts. count on a cooler pattern for sunday, monday and tuesday. clear tomorrow and then into saturday. increasing clouds. especially by the afternoon hours. look at this, a return of rain
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showers. 7:00 a.m. sunday. the activity could begin to back off into the afternoon hours. highs for tomorrow, warmer than today. 70s out there. santa rosa, fairfield, vacaville. oakland 72. low 70s for livermore and pleasanton. san jose 72 degrees. santa cruz 70. and san francisco 68. here is your five-day forecast, get ready for changes. cooling off into the weekend. more clouds saturday. tracking rain showers into sunday and maybe a stronger system for tuesday. april bringing us a change in the weather pattern. we will take that here. >> absolutely. >> april showers. >> thank you. the a's and giants preparing for their first bay bridge series tonight at at&t park. the perfect night at the park. and mark is up next with the sports. >> right now, now to the news room, gasia mikaelian with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. >> coming up at 7:00 p.m.
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more on what the united states is calling a deal on limiting the nuclear ambitions of iran and a new development in the bruce jenner car crash, how the step-children of the woman involved are -- killed are now getting involved. we are working on these stories and more coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36.
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a lot of folks talking about the move steph curry put on chris paul. he took him to school. >> an ankle breaker. everybody goes through it that played basketball and the warriors will do that tonight against the suns. yeah. still a lot of buzz. social media buzz and all that about the move steph curry put on. earlier today. the warriors prepare for the phoenix suns. here is the play again. baseline move. hits the shot. you have to see the replay. behind it back. chris paul one of the best defenders in basketball falls down. warriors bench love it. twister and teammate put up a braziliance dance that shows
6:26 pm
chris -- brazilian dance that shows chris, stef, he was low key about it. >> as soon as it happened, i didn't see him go down, as soon as it happened i could hear the bench going nuts. [ laughter ] >> i was like, i got to shoot it. as soon as i made it i had a sense of relief. it happens to everybody. i got crossed before. not going to be the first time or last time. >> there you go. love the reaction of the warriors bench. playing the suns tonight. playing tonight also san francisco giants and the oakland a's. that is hunter pence. a cast on his arm. looks like he is a month away from being able to play, but at least he is dressed. joe panic, in his first full season with the giants he had
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an offspring. hit .222. >> try not to look at that stuff. go based off of feel. i feel good and that is what matters. feel good about the numbers. stats, they hit the reset button in four days. >> he is such a cool, calm collected guy. reminds me of buster posey little brother. >> highlights at 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. see you tonight at 10:00 p.m. thank you for joining us. good night. >> good night. ♪
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