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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 4, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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no foreign transaction fees means real savings. we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. one of the best things about priority boarding is you can just get on the plane and relax. i put everything on the explorer card. i really want my united miles. this poor guy got his horns wrapped around a tree. >> he doesn't really know what's going on. >> see what does the trick to untangle him. it's cart racing done by professionals. watch what happens here. why even the pros can make a rookie mistake. something's in the house and -- >> it's weird. >> see the surprise behind that door. >> ah! and a guy annoying his co-workers.
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how he's taking bad jokes to an art form. >> that mexican serial killer had loco motives. >> that guy's my hero. when he got stuck, they decided they weren't just going to leave it to fate. they were going to be very active and try to help the little guy out. >> they were going to grab him by the horns. >> this guy gets really close, grabs a branch and attempts to grab him by the horns while he's struggling because he's scared he doesn't really know what's going on so he starts running in circles, fighting against this guy who is actually trying to help him. >> never heard of this before. i will call it a ram. >> he finally grabs the horns
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just enough. which he also says that what we don't see in the video is when he had finally run away it stopped, turned back around and just kind of stared at them for a second he thinks saying thank you. >> of course he's saying thank you. >> yes! many of us were fans of the video game mario cart. it's real. the game's based on cart racing. looks like this. sounds like a herd of chainsaws getting ready to roll out. and they're off to a very quick start. this is not set up. this is in fact these little carts going, this is racing. a lot of guys will start their
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careers in cart racing before they move to bigger carts. watch what happens here. >> did somebody go sideways or something? >> this guy got full of tire tread as he spun around. doesn't look like he's hurt. gets out of the way. that's part of the racing. >> the thing with carts, there's no seat belts or anything like that. you actually have to crunch to keep yourself in the seat. you just kind of get thrown out. it's really hard for them to flip. they have such low centers of gravity you can turn at ridiculous speed. >> and they're real wide too. it also happened to dave. here's dave's crash. they look very similar. again, cart racing different race different guy. he gets a little out of shape in this corner and then straight into the barriers. camera goes dark. >> i won my race when i went to
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fiddle sticks and got in a cart. >> you see this guy entering the store, the way he's entering the store, you know he's up to no good. this is in capetown south africa. the guy comes in crouched down. he's there to take something that doesn't belong to him. he crawls over to behind the register he gets something but he doesn't have it very long before he's caught. >> if you're going to sneak around try not to wear a bright white jacket. >> it seems like everybody in that guy's family decides to come out of the ba. my guy gets slapped up the hebumped and this goes on for several minutes. that guy is trying to escape. they're not letting him because they want to teach him a lesson. there are people outside the window standing there looking at what the heck is going on. >> he almost made it to the door. >> i almost feel sorry for this guy. almost. >> they've got to be careful because they cross the line. they will be the ones going to prison. >> this happened in australia. as you can see, somebody's
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driving into something they shouldn't. that right there, a stolen subaru wagon. this is a shopping center. they back into the jewelry store through the security gate able to get out. they are able to get away with a lot of stuff. they just start packing and shoving into their bag. >> you're not expecting your jewelry store to be ram raided inside a mall. >> a security gate should be enough. you wouldn't expect somebody to bring a whole vehicle into the mall. >> good driving. >> they drive out the way they came in. unbelievable. guess what you guys? australian federal police say that it happened just the day before. who knew that subarus were highly in demand by the criminal element. >> do they think these are related in any way, shape or form? >> it's so strikingly similar. >> they are. now federal police are looking for these guys. when this video kicks off it seems to be situation normal. extreme people going to do some extreme stuff.
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they've decided to wrap it up here in mexico because they're going to go on a river. this river is not one that's above ground. it's underground. >> wow! >> you see these guys start carrying their kayaks down into this cave and they invent the sport of spelunkayaking. with nothing more than just the lights on their helmets they leave the daylight behind and they go exploring this underground river. >> this is terrifying. >> that is so exhilarating at the same time. >> there's a short clip where you can see almost nothing. you can just hear them calling to each other. >> do they know where this goes? do they know where it ends or are they just blindly heading into a tunnel? >> just go with the flow. >> fortunately as you can see there is quite literally light at the end of the tunnel. there is an outlet for the river
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but what an amazing thing to do. all the excitement of course caught on beautiful go pro cameras mounted on their helmet. it's a great experience. one i would be up for trying. a teacher is attacked in a classroom by a woman -- >> accusing her of having an affair with her husband. >> today the students got one ugly show and tell. plus how to put a baby to sleep in a minute. >> she starts sucking a finger, you know it's time. .y.yeaea dudulclcololaxax t tabableletsts can cause cramps but not phillips. itit h hasas m magagnenesisiumum anand d woworkrks s momorere n natatururalallyly than stimulant laxatives. fofor r gegentntlele c crarampmp f freree e rerelief of occasional constipation ththatat w wororksks!! mmmmm m mmmmmm liliveve t thehe r regegulularar l lifife.e. inintrtrododucucining g yoyorkrk m mininisis.. a a bibitete s sizize e wawayy toto e enjnjoyoy t thehe f fulull l sisizeze s senensasation ofof p pepeppepermrminint t anandd ririchch dark chocolate. yoyorkrk m mininisis geget t ththe e sesensnsatatioion.n.
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on tv online on mobile. it's on "right this minute." >> one thing that you learn when you're at school is that you do not want to be caught cheating. there could be dire consequences as you'll see in this video from mexico, they can get pretty extreme.
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as you can see here we come into the middle of a full-on brawl. the story behind this video, that's not a student that's been caught cheating. the woman on the floor is the teacher. the woman on top of her beating is the mother of one of the kids accusi h of. >> i was going to say that's not the result of cheating on a test. now it makes a lot of sense. >> it's a pretty extreme beating, actually. a lot of punches, a lot of kicks, but this has been getting a lot of attention and going viral for different reasons because some of the students they were a bit shocked. they ran out to get help but when people came in, they just stood around and watched for a full on minute. nobody tried to break it up. >> is this some sort of neighborhood justice? is that why nobody stepped in? >> the school has responded saying they too, are shocked this happened at their school
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and will be having an internal investigation to see how it actually happened but it's not the kind of thing you want your kids being exposed to at school. i am sure there are many parents out there wondering how can i very effectively put my baby to sleep. >> oh, yeah. it's just the kind of stuff that keeps you awake at night. >> well mason has posted a video on youtube titled how to put a baby to sleep in less than one minute and it just involves using a tissue and softly ka resingres ing caressing the baby's face with the tissue over and over and over again until the baby falls asleep. halfway into the video, you can tell the baby is starting to snooze. >> shut the front door! it's working! >> you'll wake up the baby! >> why hasn't anyone posted this
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video seven years ago? could have used that one. >> sorry it wasn't posted then but someone that we know very well is very glad that this video was posted. our own betsy, the producer that just had a precious little baby. >> harper. >> little harper. here she is. betsy is going to try this. does it work? >> she starts sucking her finger you know it's time. >> watch this. betsy just keeps caressing little harper with the tissue over and over. >> shares in kleenex are going to go through the roof. i can't believe it! >> before you know it little harper is fast asleep. >> i will text everybody i know. where peppers get hotter and hotter. from south carolina, the world's
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hottest pepper can have up to 2.2 million units and it will be the subject of this video. >> i came up with this really good idea how to get called out for scaring the snake. this is carolina reefer sauce. >> you heard ginger there, the woman you're seeing say that she's getting her husband back for a snake prank. she's pulling out the big fiery hot pepper gun. it's not going to be in his food. it's going in his aftershave. >> that's bad. >> watch this. she takes a little syringe, pulls out not a lot but enough and it's going right into her hubby's aftershave. in comes her husband, carl. he does a pretty good job shaving off that stubble and here he goes reaching for the aftershave. >> ow. ow. ow!
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>> he went immediately red. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. he goes immediately to the sink and starts throwing water on himself. but of course ginger the wife outside the door. >> little bit of hot sauce for you. >> his head looks like a cherry. >> it's only getting worse. he shoves his face under the kitchen faucet. it's still not doing enough. so he goes for the jug of milk starts pouring milk all over his face. >> at this point you need like a burn cream. >> after the milk's not really cooling it off he starts slathering yogurt. >> what did you put in that? >> just a little bit of this sauce. >> you put carolina hot sauce? >> wow. maybe he may not prank her anymore after this. he's like okay you win, truce. >> that is the most diabolical thing you have ever done to me, ever.
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this family is taking transportation to a whole new level. >> let's be honest. >> the carpooling that has sparked controversy. plus an extreme operation to save the date. >> this is a tactical team. >> the rescue mission that will leave you wanting to attend their special day. >> what will the actual invitation look like?
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the reason the lady behind the camera is capturing this is because when they turned up she noticed ten people get out of this car, four of them getting out of the trunk. >> which means they are going to be getting back in the trunk. >> so everybody can fit in the car. >> there are kids in the car? >> there are kids getting into the trunk. one gets in right there, getting over to the left-hand side, then another one starts getting in here. >> they're looking to see if anybody is recording this. yeah we're recording y'all. >> this is when the guy wearing the number 2 shirt is actually caught. he starts holding his hands up. yes, many people had noticed. this video was uploaded to facebook. many many many more people noticed. they posted the video. you can see one of the first comments the guy came in and then the large one also came in tried to start a problem. the manager of the restaurant actually had to get them to leave. we spoke with john harrell from the florida department of children and families. what he was really saying is
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this is really dangerous. the thing is when you're seeing something like this happen if you are getting it on video, report this. because what he found a bit strange was 1.5 million people saw it before it ever got round to them. now a full-on investigation has been launched by this video. there's a weird noise coming from the bathroom. what could it be, ghosts? >> probably not. >> cameras rolling, this person walks right up to the bathroom door is about to open it what could be back there. now listen to the noise. it sounds weird. >> maybe a japanese horror movie sound, isn't it. >> ah! >> i got one of those things. it freaks me out every now and
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then too. it goes off at night and wait what's that. oh, yeah. >> well, yeah. no alien. no ghosts. >> it's trying to take over the world. that's what it's doing. it's just starting with the bathroom. >> back and forth, very clean. in a world where wedding videos get better and better i give you operation save the date coming september 26th of this year. this is a tactical team. their mission, save the date. that tactical team have tyler and kelley as they strip off their wet suits. they are in their wedding gear he in a tux, she in a wedding dress and veil. they spot the thugs. they have to go after them. as you can see, this is a beautiful video. this was shot in the marin headlands in san francisco where they live. by the way, this video choreographed by kelley's brother john.
10:53 am
john hennigan happens to be a former wwe wrestler and actor and he's the first one to get sucker punched by the bride. yeah the bride needs to get in there because that's really important, that date to the bride. tyler jumps in when necessary because garter belts of fury. who knew that garter talk could be so deadly. but wait bouquet talk made him a rock. they found the box, they found the date. >> what is the actual invitation going to look like if this is all just for save the date? >> there is an explosion, by the way. death by caking. >> well done. this is like a fun couple. this will be a great marriage. >> that's exactly what i was thinking. >> this is the wedding you're like oh, yeah we're definitely going to this one. >> oh, yeah. they're going to laugh. >> everybody who sees this who doesn't get an invite will feel like they missed a really good time.
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everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ no kidding. 17 tons of debris at the bottom. not a fan of bath time. >> snugglepuss. hey, come here. want a bath?
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come on. come on. i know you want a bath. come on. come on. let's get a bath, bubs. come on. come on, let's get one. let's get a bath. >> you guys are no strangers to bad jokes at the office. >> more like poorly told jokes. >> this guy decided to deliver some jokes to his co-workers. >> you hear about that new broom that came out? it's sweeping the nation. i'm going to try my reversible jacket after work. can't wait to see how it turns out. >> this video, a little older but just now popping up again because it's hysterical. >> andrea, i used to be addicted to soap. i'm clean now. you hear about that mexican serial killer?
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he had locomotive. >> the delivery is good. i'm going to study this video. >> you read that book on anti-gravity? hard to put down. >> i have a joke. i have another joke. i'm going to try it. i think i learned from him. so a horse walks into a bar. the bar asks him why the long face. >> the oldest joke in the world. >> it's actually the bartender. not the bar. you screwed up the oldest joke ever. >> i just got a job crushing cans. it's so depressing. >> that's it for "right this minute." see you next time.
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it's a crazy sight as a dude on a hood is -- >> riding down the highway. >> what's behind his mysterious message. >> what? some daredevils rappel down the rocks and then ski between them. no room for error here. what it's like doing 80 down one wicked run. it's a go pro look at feeding time for -- >> seven orphaned bear cubs. >> why cute and cuddly doesn't mean easy. and a very uptown funk passover. ♪


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