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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 4, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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it's a crazy sight as a dude on a hood is -- >> riding down the highway. >> what's behind his mysterious message. >> what? some daredevils rappel down the rocks and then ski between them. no room for error here. what it's like doing 80 down one wicked run. it's a go pro look at feeding time for -- >> seven orphaned bear cubs. >> why cute and cuddly doesn't mean easy. and a very uptown funk passover. ♪
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how some matzoh men are pulling off the parody. it's always good to keep a camera close by because you don't know what you're going to catch. what you're going to see. in this case on the roadway. guy with his wife returning from whole foods when they saw this guy just riding down the highway. >> this happens more often than -- i would think weould see a video like this once in a see one a week. >> i think it's happened a ton but now everybody has a camera, so everybody recording these moments. the poster of this video caught two videos. >> what? >> play it again. >> listen to it again. [ inaudible ]. >> i didn't get it. >> we really want to know what's going on. >> we do know.
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he didn't put the sugar in the tank. we have another video, this a dash cam, just because you have a porsche doesn't mean you can drive it well. >> oh! >> i feel sorry for the car. >> he takes off, loses control, starts fishtailing, tries to get it back together and ends up over that little median. >> that car shouldn't be treated like that. wow. >> the road was wet and the driver was probably also 12 years old. >> at least 16. video of random unpredictable violence on the street of oakland quickly going viral. you will see why, because it's just almost in explicable. this guy here is holding a bike. you can see in his right hand he's also holding a knife.
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very quickly, he takes this woman's purse before he starts walking away. he's not done yet. he starts putting his knife away he sees people are getting their phones up. i will pause it there and tell you what was happening just before this video according to the poster. he was attempting to cut through a chain to steal a bike right in front of this crowd. this woman is being remarkably calm. this is when he reached over picks up her phone and this is when she does this. gets him in the face with pepper spray. he angrily throws her phone away and starts trying to ride away. totally random. >> did the pepper spray work? i guess it did because he left but it didn't seem to really affect him much. >> as he's riding away you can see he starts sort of rubbing his eyes with his sleeves, obviously having a bit of trouble. as he's riding away you can hear people on the phone to oakland police. >> bmx type bike black male black hair white colored tee.
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>> in fact there was a second video also posted shortly just around the corner you can see oakland p.d. have responded. there he is on the floor being arrested by oakland's finest. >> nice job. that was quick. that was quick responding. >> we put a call out to oakland p.d. turns out this guy also had a half million dollar warrant out for his arrest and he is now being charged with vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted robbery. >> that lady should get a medal of merit. you got to believe that slowed him down enough for p.d. to get on top of it. the right way and the wrong way. let's start with the right way to ski. these guys rappeling down into this very narrow 1900 feet they slide themselves in there completely stoked. no room for error here. none.
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near sheer rock walls on either side of these guys. you can only save off so much speed as you track down this mountain. >> you can only see so far because they are going through cloud cover. it would be scary enough with a blue sky. >> 45 to 50 degree angle. spectacular. >> what's the wrong way, nick? >> this guy. he's got a little sled behind him. hey, there. it's like he was ready to go to the north pole. he had the same thing. he was like the turning rate and he doesn't get 12 feet before he eats it. he's waving bye, i'm off on my adventure. >> the worst part is it was caught on video. >> best part for us. >> got that one on camera. >> finally ate it. in a couple hours we will be
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catching a train heading north and visiting very cool animals. >> no cars are involved in this one. but there are bears. this video posted by the international fund for animal welfare. they have rescued seven orphaned bear cubs and they are taking care of them. they have a special center for them where they are all being raised. they've got cub cam, so to speak. they put go pros on bottles and now you are about to watch the epic feeding of the bear cubs. >> oh, my gosh. >> they have some pretty sad stories how some of them came to be at this center. the first one arrived in early february. it was one month old. a guy and his son were walking through the forest with their dog, they came upon the cubs and later, three more bears all siblings were found by some loggers and the final three, a ranger fell into a bear den. the mom ran away didn't come back the next day so those three were taken in. now you have seven bear cubs looking cute getting fed five
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times a day. >> if you're the guy tasked with feeding bears with a bottle or the lady look at those claws. >> it's all fun and games until they all grow up. >> they're babies now. they are only weeks and months old. but those claws still can scratch you. everybody's got long sleeves on because these babies they're just putting the claws out because they just want to play. >> what do they plan to do with them once they are of age? do they go back into the wild? >> they want to reintroduce them to the wild. kings of the road but another driver is about to see how crossing the line leads to a long recovery. plus uptown funk gets a religious twist. ♪ it's really funny, really educational and very catchy. >> the parody you won't want to pass over next.
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for those sports that we did as a kid but now has really become a legitimate professional sport, riding down the hill on your tricycle these guys are professionals, riding in south carolina on a closed course. here they go back and forth, sliding around neck and neck racing. this is the kind of fun you want to have. >> oh, my -- you said a closed course! >> the guy you see becoming a hood ornament in this video, his name ids jeremy fowler 34 years old. he rides for huffy cycles. jeremy has some minor cuts and bruises and abrasions. he also has a separated leg from the hip. and the hip socket is broken. >> that's a bad recovery. >> this happened in 2013.
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this clip recently reposted and getting a lot of attention. you can see why. >> where did the car come from if it was a closed course? >> according to jeremy two cars went around the closure at the bottom. that's why this accident happened. >> considering the severity of the accident and how fast they were both going, it's actually g that those were the sole injuries. they are serious injuries. it could have been a lot worse. the guy on the left is furious pete. the guy on the left is rich pianna. he challenged him to an eating competition. guess what they're going to eat? >> everything. you have to feed this guy a house. >> holy mother of mussels, those things are huge. >> yes, they are and he's challenged him. >> every night before i go to bed, ben and jerry's. >> to a ben and jerry's contest.
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they're going to try to see how much they can eat in five minutes. >> on your mark get set, go! >> what about the ice cream headache? they are going to get the brain freeze. it's going to be nuclear. >> right about here pete looks like he's getting nauseated. it does look like rich might get him. you guys notice where this is going down? in a gym. >> everybody's sitting there sweating on the treadmills and stuff. >> did you see, once he get the fresh one he just bit around the top, and just ignored the spoon. >> here we go. here's the big finish. >> five four, three, two, one. [ buzzer ] >> you can see right here three and a half there. let's check on rich. >> two and a half. >> two and a half. >> that's the thing, man. it's all show.
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those muscles are all for show. >> i will say that and run away a lot quicker than he can. there have been so many parodies of uptown funk but i couldn't pass over this one. ♪ this is that age old passover tale ♪ ♪ this we live to do ♪ >> these guys are from 613, an a capella group. they put together a song which actually taught me a heck of a lot, talking about the things they do at dinner the things they have to do and the order they do it. they also talk about the history. it's really fun, really catchy and educational as well. ♪
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>> the part i really like is when it gets into the let my people go part. >> right by the water, which is appropriate. ♪ >> it's not easy to get the history of passover and the origins and so much of this stuff into a song make it funny, make it catchy and everything else. if you're interested 613 are available for hire. >> they will be singing to their mom, clean up your room. you can go skydiving out of a plane -- >> or you just get in a helicopter rise above pensacola, florida and then just step out on to the skid. >> stunning view that will make you want to take flight. >> so cool. what a gorgeous location, too.
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and ever heard the idea that somewhere out there -- >> there are seven people on the planet who look exactly like you. >> see what woman's social media search to find her twin stranger. >> is this real?
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it looks beautiful. what a gorgeous location too. >> the parachutes deploy. the jumpers wearing go pro cameras capturing every inch of the action. perfect. that's how the pros do stunts. the p.o.r. stunt group, a popular youtube channel. here's the extent of the planning they do at the very beginning. after you hit him, keep driving. okay, got it. that's pinhead larry wearing the big hamster ball. he jumps, gets his grundle torn in half because his leg split as he flies up and over the car, lands on the ground in the hamster ball still. >> you all right? >> none of the impact was taken on the inflatable ball. >> that was [ bleep ] awesome. that was insane! that's the coolest thing you've ever done dude. >> his leg was cut open. they don't really show his leg so we don't know how bad it is.
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>> if he takes much more injury these two won't be breathing. >> yay, score. >> one can only hope right? it's the little things in life that matter and captivate your attention. >> oh, my gosh. look at that. >> that beautiful miracle of a japanese maple has mesmerized this guy. >> would everybody stop and look at this tree. look at it. >> it looks like we've got a double rainbow situation going on here. >> basically, yeah. >> it's like [ inaudible ]. >> i hear vitamins improve your vision. this is not like it's a hotel. this is the dude's backyard. >> he's probably seen this tree every day since he's lived
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there. >> no he's just now seeing it. >> that's a beautiful japanese maple. >> this guy just took the time to stop and take it all in and appreciate the beauty in his own backyard. just the concept, the idea that there is someone out there that looks like each and every one of us. >> get this. they say that there are seven people on the planet who look exactly like you. this journalist named sophie decided she was going to use social media to find her twin. she started this project back in 2011. it turns out that one of her friends at work was her doppelganger. so they met last summer and i want you guys to see the picture. >> dang man! >> is this real? >> everyone's reaction to that photo, oh, my god, which one's you? >> how far away were they? >> they were both in the uk.
11:23 am
>> this where you have an uncomfortable conversation with your dad? >> they are unrelated. this video got so much attention for them that it inspired other people to look for their doppelgangers. in fact three friends created a website called twin hoping that other people could help them find their quote, unquote, twin strangers. >> i would love to know if there is someone that looks just like me. >> thinking the same thing. we're going to put a challenge out there to our viewers. using the hash tag rtm twins, find our doppelgangers and post them using twitter using hash tag rtm twins or go to our facebook page and post photos of our doppelgangers. a prank that has driving
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you're watching our show on a sofa but go get some exercise afterwards. it can be a tough time for all young drivers. the driver's ed class. young leona here knew she needed to learn to drive and decided it might be kind of fun to see her progress so she put a camera in her car. you can see there are a number
11:27 am
of different driving instructors in the car. she starts off a little shaky. >> i like that lady, it's going to be all right. >> let the nerves go. >> no no no don't go to this side. just stay there. >> the funniest part about this though is the driving instructor that's going to be scared. ♪ it's not leona that's getting schooled. it's the instructors. this is a prank video. all these different instructors, it's their first day on the job. if you haven't guessed it leona is leona chin a professional motor sports athlete from malaysia. she knows what she's doing.
11:28 am
this is what she normally looks like but for the prank they made her up to look like that a young innocent girl who may not know how to operate a clutch but she sure does. >> she knows how to burn a clutch. >> her outfit really sold it. >> it really sold it. >> at the end of the experience the guys like jump out of the car. they can't get out of there fast enough. >> you know what though? i lovhe that to the new employees. that means that your employers have a good sense of humor. that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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