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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 4, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. damages were staggering for state desperate for water. there was no snow to measure in the sierra. it's been weeks since you had to pull out umbrella. that is all changes as two waves of rain and snow hit the state. good evening. >> this is something we haven't talked about in quite some time. let's get right to mark who has the latest track on this system. boy, we're glad to see this. >> reporter: we'll be heading back to winter over the next few days. you'll feel it with more rain showers and snow as well. there is two parts of the system. the main front is approaching the region, this will be the source of rainfall
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in the morning. it's going to be a light to moderate rain event. the bigger event will be up here. monday night and tuesday. the first wave is set to move in first thing tomorrow morning. stronger storm for tuesday that will produce heavy rain, possibility of thunderstorm and gusty winds. right now reports affa few light -- of a few light showers toward santa rosa. and here's our forecast model for your easter sunday. look what happens tomorrow morning at 7:00. the rain showers out there. and then little bit more scattered in nature later in the afternoon and afternoon hours. -- morning and afternoon hours. the main action will be for tomorrow morning and into the early portion of the afternoon. we'll take a closer look at the easter forecast coming up in a bit and talk more about the tuesday storm that will produce heavier rainfall across parts of the ppibear -- bay area. snow is also expected in the sierra.
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certainly a welcome sight. we showed this to you wednesday of the statewide snow survey. take a look. the first time in 75 years, that manual measurement of the sierra snow pack was done as you see here on bare grass. typically there is 5 and a half feet of snow at this location for the april 1st survey. the ktvu weather team will follow this rain that is headed our way starting tomorrow morning with rosemary. now to san francisco and a plea for u.s. action. the parents of 43 mexican students who disappeared last fall in the mexican state of gurero are on a cross country trip in search of help and answers. tom is live at the mexican consulate in san francisco after talking to a man who escaped kidnap and likely death. >> reporter: a horrible human rights tragedy is being laid at the feet of the u.s. in the form
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of u.s. aid. weapons and money. at buwanea vista school, parents of 43 young mexican men spoke to an overflow audience and a national radio audience. they and one of the students who survive the ordeal told the likely murders last september. say it was all sanctioned by the mexican government. >> it was all three levels of government. municipal police, state agents, federal agents and the army is also involved in this. >> reporter: the students from a teacher's college commandeered buses to stage a protest at a nearby government conference on their way they were stopped by police. >> there was no dialogue. they came in. point ing their guns at us. they started loading their cartridges and shooting towards the back of the bus. >> reporter: they say of the 43 taken, police soon turned them over to a crime syndicate that
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murdered, burned and dismembered some or all of them. >> so there are 43 mothers who are suffering. and it's a terrible pain. >> reporter: six months later she may be hoping against hope. >> i have faith in god. and i feel in my heart that he is alive. and i have faith that i'm going to see him alive again. >> reporter: so does the father of north missing student. >> from the day that they took him away, i felt this emptiness. and it's not just me. it's my family the siblings he left behind. my wife. she suffers the most. >> reporter: these folks and others are caravaning around the nation with their story because the u.s. government has given mexico aid and weapons to battle organized crime. >> being used to really keep people down in social organizations asking for justice. >> these families are going to be in new york with the united nations at the end of the month
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and it's to say why is the united states not taking a position and stop stending money to -- sending money to mexico. >> reporter: now a few mexican officials have been jailed and some are fugitives but this case is far far from over as they still look for the 43 young men. a former richmond police officer has filed a federal lawsuit claiming he was wrongfully fired after made unwanted sexual advances toward him. he says the chief touched him inappropriately and made unwanted calls to his personal cell phone. the law claims he filed housechild in retaliation. chief magnus called the lawsuit a new low and said it was a desperate attempt to intimidate him and shake down the city.
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tonight the mother of a teenage boy who underwent emergency brain surgery after he was attacked is sharing her family's story. she is glad an arrest was made. but that her son's road to recovery has just begun. >> reporter: this is not where christian's family expected to spend easter weekend watching over the 17-year-old as he rests and recooperates. >> you look at him and just say a prayer and i'm so glad you're still alive and you're here. >> reporter: it feels like nothing will ever be the son -- same as her son was attacked on march 11. he was punched and fell to the ground. he fractured his skull and suffered internal bleeding. >> he said this is going to be a life saving operation. please prepare for the worst. for the worst and -- wasn't prepared to hear that. so i passed out.
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>> reporter: now out of immediate danger, christian is making what doctors call remarkable progress. >> he was able to stand up two days ago i think with the help of physical therapists and i think three or four steps inside his room. >> reporter: she was surprised but saddened when christian said he remembered the attack. >> he said, mom it wasn't an accident. i heard one of my friends making the clicking sound and somebody jump at me and hurt me. he was fighting me. those were his words. as a mother i was like i don't want him to remember. >> reporter: she and her husband split their time at the hospital. she says it's time for the family to be strong and they believe god will help them through. but she worries about his emotional and mental journey ahead. >> he still gets agitated. he is really confused where he is.
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i have to remind him you're in the hospital but getting better. you're getting the help you need. and he would just respond to me, i want to go home, mom. i really want to go home. >> reporter: 25-year-old hin of san jose was arrested in connection with the attack. police believe a second person was involved but haven't released any information on the suspect. a major san francisco intersection is facing periodic closures over the next month because of construction. a new pedestrian tunnel is set to be built over van ness avenue at gary boulevard for a new campus. there will be a street closure from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on monday, tuesday, and wednesday and full closures the weekends of april 10, 24, and september 5th. the closures are said to not effect muny or golden gate buses. a candle light vigil in
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yolo county not far from where the body of the missing baby was discovered in february. the 3 week old infant was found in thick brush. two days after the little baby and his mother samantha green went missing. 23-year-old green is facing murder charges in connection with her baby's death. a memorial was held earlier today in the city of woodland. they are friends and family released balloons. today's events were organized by the ibba -- baby's father. >> have you talked to samantha? >> yeah. all the time. >> how is she doing? >> um -- how do you think she's doing? i don't want to talk about that. i want people to come get closure. everybody wants to, you know, wonder when i was going to do something for the community. >> reporter: autopsy results were inconclusive but the infant is believed to have died from
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drowning or hypothermia. it took santa cruz police less than 24 hours to find and arrest the man accused of killing someone in the city's downtown district. police found a man who was shot in his upper body in the area of river street and north pacific avenue last night. first responders pronounced him dead at the scene. santa cruz police spotted the suspect this morning around 11:00. the suspect jumped on a city bus. police arrested him. no one else was injured. police have not released the identity of the victim or suspect. san francisco calls for healing and unity as families and survivors of violence took to the streets. ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ black lives matter. people marched through the bay view points neighborhood today and they want to see an end to the violence and also improvements. they're also concerned about
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rising rents and home prices pushing other minorities out of the city. >> i'd like to see it come back. come back to the community we built. there is so much black history in bay view and san francisco and we should be able to see the fruits of our labor. not be pushed out to only come back to work. >> reporter: the 2013 census revealed the san francisco's black population is leaving. showed a steep drop in the number of african americans who made 6% of the population compared to 13% in 1970. it's a bay area company on a mission to get you through airport security faster. coming up the special belt with a catchy name that is made in the bay. really sad. the community here is still shocked. >> reporter: a bay area man killed trying to get his wife and daughter out of yemen. why his family says he was abandoned and what they're calling for the u.s. government to do next. and coming up next, taking advantage of the bright lights
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of the final four. the local tie to the lgbt athlete speaking out about discrimination in indiana. we'll be right back.
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. lgbt athletes took a stand today at the ncaa tournament. athletes including a former stanford basketball player spoke out about discrimination.
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will has the story. >> reporter: indianapolis is in the spotlight as the ncaa tournament gets underway. but for some, a cloud hangs over the festivities as the debate over the religious freedom law continues. on saturday a group of lgbt athletes calling for the sports community to lead the way against discrimination. >> today the threat of the religious discrimination law is lessened because of the voices of the sports community. the lgbt community and community leaders. >> reporter: jason collins the first active professional sports player to come out also speaking. >> athletes, coaches athletic institutions and sports sponsors from across the country took a historic stand on the right side of history. and a great time of need. >> reporter: controversy erupted after mike pin signed the restoration act into law which opponents said could lead
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to discrimination against gays and lesbians. >> for example a church was -- interviewing pastoral candidates and one was gay and said no, our religious beliefs don't allow for gay pastors and they were sued for antidiscrimination. it would still protect the church entity but not a business. >> reporter: also boiling over in arkansas where the governor signed a revised version of the bill which mirrors the law signed in 1993 by bill clinton. federal agents arrested a philadelphia woman on terror charges for planning to join isis. 30-year-old thomas wore a burkea yesterday accused of wanting to martyr herself for
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the group. she planned to travel to spain with the hopes of reaching syria. investigators in the french alps collected the main evidence at the site of a germanwings plane crash. a private security company is now protecting the crash site while the cleanup continues. the air bus a-320 jet went down with such force not a single body was found in tact. 150 people were on board the plane. prosecutors believe german co-pilot andreas lubitz deliberately flew the plane into the mountain side after locking his co-pilot out of the cockpit. new information reveals andreas lubitz sped up the plane as it headed toward impact. photos released of fidel castro making his first public appearance in 14 months. that is is the 88-year-old castro underneath the baseball cap shaking hands with the group of
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visitors from venezuela. the pictures were taken on march 30 on havana but not released until today. this is his first public appearance since the december announcement to restore relations. in the vatican pope francis presided over a mass. the pope entered a darkened st. peter's basilica. 10 people were to be baptized. the pope urged the faithful to shun indifference and follow their faith. the pontiff will have a mass tomorrow marking the third easter for pope francis since he was elected in 2013. any time you head to the airport, getting through security can be an adventure. a belt to get you through security a little faster. >> reporter: travelers know getting through airport security
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can take a while. which makes what you wear more important. >> what do you think people should wear? >> as little as possible (laughs). >> reporter: the less you wear, the less you have to take off. because taking off the jacket, the belt, the shoes it can all time time. >> usually it's shoes. belt is annoying as well . especially -- depending on the belt. that's why i wear the nylon belt. >> reporter: these two inventors think they have a better solution. >> i think the light bulb went off. >> reporter: lionel and tom started the apparel together initially with t-shirts. >> nobody bought it. even friends out of pit y wouldn't buy it. >> reporter: they gave up. then friends asked tom to design a belt. >> i was like oh, yeah. maybe i'll give it a shot. i made a couple of prototypes. >> reporter: when lionel took a look. >> i realized his design was
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such that the buckle would come off quickly. >> reporter: which could make getting through the airport a whole lot easier. >> what if you could just remove the metallic part that's the problem right? >> reporter: it's about function and for nontravelers about form. >> swap the callers. >> reporter: the buckles made in santa clara. straps in oakland. the two men sold thousands to women and men. >> i like that. >> reporter: hoping to make the trek through security a little easier and a lot faster. if you're wondering about that name. >> that's what you say when you go through security. boo-yah. >> reporter: there you have it. boo-yah. the belt starts at 29.99. we have a link on if you'd like to check it out. if you have someone to nominate for made in the bay story, send us your ideas at
10:20 pm it was one last tune-up game before the real season starts. today the bay bridge series moved to the oakland coliseum after two games at at&t park wrapped up the three game preseason series. the rivalry is still a lot of fun for fans of both sides. >> bleacher seats in general admission. we have to be here early regardless. it's not really about you know, just being here supporting the team. >> reporter: the giants and the a's have tomorrow off. the giants open the season monday in arizona while the a's host the rangers on monday. baseball is back. >> yes. we had a warm saturday. that had a lot of people out on the bay area walking along local beaches and trails. you may have been lucky enough to see a whale. we've never had a year like
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this. literally whales everywhere. >> reporter: why we're seeing a resurgence in the whale population. and he went to rescue his family in yemen but never made it home. why his family and friends blame the u.s. government and say americans could die if help is not offered soon. we are headed back to winter. coming up we'll take a closer look at your easter forecast and how much rain to expect.
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. it's an incredible sight any time you see this. a whale. right now is the per fect time to see them. whether you're on land or in a boat. federal officials asked us to alert bay area boaters to be cautious. a boom in the whale population has hit the waters inside and outside the golden gate. john reports now on this remarkable rebound plus how you can see whales up close and personal.
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>> reporter: right now and easily seen from shore spectacular evidence of nature's resilience, a new surge in the number of whales. >> oh, my gosh. >> to see a baby and its mom is -- ah. no words. >> reporter: just outside the golden gate. 31 year veteran of whale watching captain. >> we've never had a year like this. literally whales every year. >> reporter: wlals are in the middle of the annual migration. >> peak seen is now. >> reporter: jason says males and single females swim north faster and farther off shore. >> our experience is -- enabled by the slow calf. accompanied with its mother. this is the best time to see the great whales in california. >> reporter: john waters took
10:25 pm
his 8-year-old daughter out of school for this. >> to see the whales right up close and a mother and calf is fabulous. we're so close to the nature that is just incredible. >> reporter: a little over a decade ago great whale numbers crashed as scientists say climate change dwindled the norm al food services. but conservation efforts are paying off and the whales adapted. >> they're exploiting different food resources. their numbers are rebounding. back to normal. >> reporter: mary jane, whale expert says if you're lucky you might see what we did. whales frolicking. the bay area seems to foster romance. workers at a humane society shelter came to work friday with 16 abandoned dogs on their door step. they were stuffed into
10:26 pm
crates. appear to be between the ages of 7 months and 9 years. they were in deplorable conditions. >> appears they were in crates and urine and feces and filth their whole life. we're vaccinating and bathing them. i know in a couple of days they'll calm down. >> reporter: humane society workers have been busy shaving off the matted hair and grooming them. they'll be ready for adoption in about 5 days. >> glad to see that. in a night of two games this was by far the main event. kentucky and wisconsin. one team looking for history the other revenge. a full look at the back and foshth action tonight as one of the teams to the ncaa tournament championship. and a bay area man killed trying to rescue his wife and young daughter from the violence in yemen. why his family says
10:27 pm
the u.s. government let him down.
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. tonight friends gathered to remember an oakland man killed in yemen trying to his wife and daughter. he is the first american killed in yemen since the civil war escalated. he was killed in a rebel mortar attack. he lived in oakland for 15 years. and was known as a quiet family man. he leaves behind three children and a baby on the way. >> it's really bad. really sad. community here is still shocked. his customers and even the warehouse i used to grab grocery from, they all really surprised. >> reporter: looking at his cousin jamal's three children knowing they'll grow up without
10:30 pm
a father. >> he was a very silent quiet guy. always tried to stay away from problem. he doesn't get in anybody's business. >> reporter: he had traveled to yemen to visit his wife and 2-year-old daughter last tuesday the oakland gas station owner was walking home from a mosque when he and his 14-year-old nephew were hit by mortars. both died. rebels are believed to be responsible for the bombing in a country torn by strife. he feels the u.s. government abandoned his cousin. >> if they were american caucasians it would probably be a different story. i don't know how many yemen americans are considered real american citizens right now. >> reporter: they want the u.s. government to open up its dip lomatic channels. they launched
10:31 pm
a website for stuck yellen citizens. >> we have the largest military in the world by far. to see that smaller less stable countries can get the u.s. citizens out and the u.s. government is saying it's impossible is difficult to believe and disappointing. >> reporter: he hopes the u.s. government will take action as he fears more lives will be lost. >> if we don't act things will get worse and worse and we'll hear more from american citizens that will pass away. >> reporter: a man was struck and killed early this morning as he tried to walk across highway 101 in san jose. it happened at about 3:30 on the south bound lanes just north of the 280 interchange. the driver of the car was not hurt by a passenger suffered minor injuries. haven't said why the man was
10:32 pm
walking on the highway. when president obama visited kentucky this week his motorcade tied up travel. >> there were two gentleman out of their car on their cell phones pacing. >> reporter: when a delivery nurse saw the man she knew something wasn't right. she was too stuck on grid lock. she decided to see what was going on. she found a woman in labor. >> i attended a lot of deliveries. i have never delivered a baby on my own and i certainly never tlifshed a baby in -- delivered the baby in the middle of an interstate. god was watching over us. >> reporter: and baby arrived safely. she was just happy to be in the right place at the right time. the easter bunny paid a visit to the delight of children
10:33 pm
in oakland. the mayor started the stampede as little hands filled their easter basket. organizers expected 500 youngsters for the eggs, candy lunches and bicycle give away. >> the kids love it. this is a way of giving back and it's something that you -- it's no violence. always a good time. and it's the diversity of oakland that really shows. >> reporter: this is the tenth year for the easter egg hunt sponsored by the city of oakland, pg and e and bay area motorcyclists. >> caught off guard with all the kids running after her. the reason this lunar eclipse will stand out. and rain in the forecast for tomorrow and again later this week. mark is tracking
10:34 pm
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. some early risers in the bay area got a great view of this morning's total lunar eclipse. these are pictures from the griffith observatory. the shadow started to cross the moon at 3:16 and 4:58 a full eclipse. only lasted about 5 minutes and that makes today's eclipse the shortest of the 21st century. >> i think you had to get up at 5:00 this morning. did you catch it? >> not quite. >> yeah. i was sound asleep. mark says we're in for a little built of rain. something we haven't seen in quite some time. kind of bummed it will happen on
10:37 pm
easter morning. >> tomorrow we are -- have a big change out there. it will feel like winter across the bay area. two parts of the system, first one moves in tomorrow. the initial source of this first wave will be the front. look at the circulation developing in the gulf of alaska. reports of a few sprinkles. if you can't see the coverage, nothing too extreme yet but this will gradually fill in over the next 4 to 8 hours over the bay area. wind speeds are up. been up there all day long. oakland winds out of the west at 21 miles per hour. san jose winds 7 miles per hour. sfo, wind gust there of 18 miles per hour. so rain likely first thing tomorrow morning. we'll show you the forecast model in a little bit. lows first thing in
10:38 pm
the 40s. here's the forecast for tomorrow morning for easter. for the easter egg hunts. keep the umbrella on stand by. 7:00 scattered rain showers likely. 3:00 a sun cloud mix that will be breezy out there. cool air approaches northern california. temperatures near 60 degrees expected. rainfall amounts not too much. tenth to quarter of an inch. mondays increasing clouds. probably a better bet monday night. sierra snow. look at the rainfall expectation expectations. half inch to possibly inch and a half. we could have a dusting of snow in the bay area even tomorrow for elevations up 3500 feet. probably a better bet for the tuesday forecast. the coldest part of the storm moves into the region. a winter weather
10:39 pm
advisory for the sierra tomorrow. snowfall totals will be 4 to 8 inches. i think this will be reissued for tuesday. possibly a winter storm warning. let's keep an eye on it. here's the forecast tomorrow morning showing the rain showers moving in. could be moderate at times. then into the afternoon hour s, scale back on the coverage and probability. still a chance of a few pop-up showers sunday. main event into the early portion of the afternoon. monday increasing clouds. the main event in terms of the rainfall is monday night into tuesday morning. once again the unstable air moves into the region and that could trigger isolated thunderstorms and possibly snowy hills in the bay area. temperatures for tomorrow upper 50s to lower 60s. 5-day forecast. a lot to talk about with the rain showers for tomorrow. chance of rain into monday. especially monday night.
10:40 pm
some rain showers into tuesday. maybe lingering shower first thing wednesday morning. big picture this won't change much. but at least it's better to have the rain than not. >> certainly is. a's pitcher barry on the move. >> and the warriors in celebration mode. sports wrap is coming up next.
10:41 pm
10:42 pm
. good evening. welcome to saturday night e dition of sports wrap. indiana was the last college basketball team to run the table with a perfect season. that happened in 1976. that feat will not be duplicated by
10:43 pm
kentucky. a classic match-up tonight in indianapolis. undefeated kentucky and wisconsin badgers. wildcats didn't find themself trailing much when decker made this hoop despite the foul, wisconsin had a lead in the first half. the wildcats rallied at the two minute mark. harrison gets the hoop plus the foul. free throw tied the game. 36 all at the half. second half now teams trading the lead. wisconsin built the lead but kentucky went on a 16-4 run. harrison's drive to the hoop put the wildcats in front by two. wisconsin came alive again. less than two minutes left, decker hits another rainbow three to break the tie. it was largely a free throw battle the rest of the way.
10:44 pm
badgers win 71-64. ending kentucky and playing for the title on monday. >> it was just the end. last five minutes again. these guys just gutted out and i told them i'll hang out on the sideline for 40 minutes monday night. so. here we are. >> wisconsin did to us what we did to teams. we came down and there's -- i'm going to look at the tape and there's probably things i should have done. a time-out here. but we normally execute down the stretch skwee didn't. two more college basketball heavy weights led by two heavy weight coaches. spartans had the upper hand early. valentine stops and rattled in the three. didn't take long for the blue devils to reel them in.
10:45 pm
okafor there for the follow. went for 18. blue devils in front at the half. kept it up in the second. jones takes the ball a way. finds cook with a long pass. more in the open for the blue devils. this time cook with a pretty pass. how about this play. allen misses a three. nobody blocks off the offensive board. that's what you call following your own shot. blue devils win by 20. they'll play against wisconsin. even more experience game tonight. >> after the first four minutes we found out it was going to be more difficult than we thought. our kids for the next 36 minutes played light out basketball. i think our offense gave our defense a push in how hard we're taking it to the basket. >> we got beat. and unfortunately i thought duke played awfully well but i thought, you know, it wasn't on


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