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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 6, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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firefighters are digging hard to free a woman who realized -- >> oh, darn. i'm stuck. >> she's 82 years old. and those walls put the squeeze on her. >> don't know what could she possibly need between two buildings, but she got stuck. it's a perfect sky dive, until it's not. >> and of course the famous words. he realizes he's in trouble. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> see how he gets out of a tangled mess. >> wow! look at that. plus time to get moving
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with twin dancing babies. >> watch as they get their groove on. >> oh it just melts your heart. >> and he's gorgeous. she's gorgeous. and they travel the world doing gorgeous stuff. from snowboarding to parachuting. >> see why theiry're instagram's perfect couple. >> i bet you she can't cook. >> i bet you she can. have you seen granny lately? when was the last time you saw granny? not lately. granny's stuck. granny's stuck between two buildings. very narrow little gap between those concrete walls. granny's 82. went in there to try and retrieve some objects. the reports don't say what she was trying to look for, but she couldn't get herself out. now it's up to firefighters in china. they're going to be a little bit more delicate here using the hand tools. to bust through one of those walls on one side. slowly get granny free.
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here she comes. firefighters digging that hole just big enough for grandma to get out. >> awful that moment you realize oh darn i'm stuck. i'm not going anywhere. and how long does it take for someone to finish that they're stuck and send help. >> reports say it took firefighters about an hour to free her once they were on scene, but no reports say how long she was stuck before firefighters got there. to the sky, on this sky dive jump where nothing ever goes wrong, especially if it's a video on "right this minute," right? >> oh, yeah sure. >> everything is going great, and this video from "i love sky diving," these sky divers are just falling through the skies. it looks pretty cool. >> uh-oh. >> watch this.
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his canopy does not quite open all the way. and of course the famous words when he realizes he's in trouble. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> that isn't working. and then any second he has to make this decision do i cut away and immediately go into emergency protocol? >> yes! >> or do i keep playing with this canopy to see if it will open? >> you know i guess you don't want to default to the reserves immediately, because what if that doesn't -- >> amazingly, this guy made it down just fine. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> mother nature often gives us the greatest subjects for videos. this one posted on april fool's day. not an april fool's joke. it's a sand storm in dubai. in the united arab emirates. look at this. you can hardly see a hand in
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front of your face. >> that's severe. i mean like an orange sky. it's like someone put a tent over the entire city. >> you can't see the buildings that are taller than the ones you're looking at. >> normally a brilliant, blue sky city clear as day. and it's crazy. >> these things move out as quickly as they move in. but you tell visibility incredibly low. very dangerous for drivers. >> isn't dubai known for its big skyline? you can't tell from that. >> at all. >> in russia as temperatures are starting to get a little bit warmer the ice is starting to melt. you can see that the ice is melting, but it's moving with the flow of the river current. just that top layer is frozing and you can watch the ice break and shatter as this moves along. almost looks like glass breaking. little shards of glass along the edge. >> this is a sight for sore eyes. if you've been dealing with the cold it's like wiping the slate clean.
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out with the winter in with spring please. >> according to the lindberg foundation 40,000 elephants were killed as part of poaching part of the ivory trade. >> that makes me so sad. i didn't know we had 40,000 elephants to spare even. all for trinkets. >> but they have something that they think they can stop it. it's called air shepard. they take a drone send it in the air. they can scout out where poachers are so they can call rangers and rangers can stop them before they do it in. the six months they had missions, they had no poachers killing elephants. >> wow. >> and such a simple solution. just a drone, and calling the other guys. >> exactly. and it's a global operation. >> the odds overwhelmingly favor the poachers. to defeat them, elephants and rhinos would have to fly. they can't, but we can.
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>>his is hiwee mocking about the quad helicopterer style drops. we're talking military style drones and a lot of high-tech equipment. >> it looks like a small aircraft but a human being can toss it into the air. poachers operate at night. they ran these missions during the day and night and still were able to stop all the poaching. and they said seven countries in africa have asked for their help. with the initial investment they were able to get this off the ground but now they're trying to raise $500,000 so they can stop poaching completely in all the areas they hope to cover. so far, they've raised over half of that amount but they still need more by the april 11th deadline. >> and considering their success rate which is basically 100% it's hard not to support this. you have to do it. caught on camera an inconvenient first. >> that's the back of a police car.
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talk about the miracle of life. in this case happening in the back of a police car in brazil. the child, as you see here has already been born. it's still in the back of the police car. and that is the doctor that is attending this child. right here trying to get the baby to try. you can tell by all the people speaking that a large crowd has gathered to see this. the doctor continues to work on the baby. the mother still in the car, umbilical cord still attached. >> this woman is not getting a
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lot of privacy. it's a beautiful thing, but it's not necessarily a thing you want people you don't know watching. you do hear that doctor finally gets the baby to try. eventually she is able to cut the umbilical cord after struggling a little bit. and then they take a blanket and they finally take the baby into the hospital. >> happy birthday to this baby. >> they get a whole staff there. it looks like maybe the police car pulls up to the hospital because there's so many medical personnel there. >> this is definitely something you do not see every day. motor sports not typically a hands-on sport for spectators. just coming around the corner and the car loses traction. >> oh! >> did the car hit those people? >> nope.
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>> they didn't? >> nope. those people jump. they're out of the way, and the people in the foreground are out of the way. this car coming to a crunching halt. that's why people go to rallies. they want to see the action up close. these folks at a rally in poland. this is an amateur rally. and there's a couple of tires or cones, barriers set up in the road to slow the cars down before they get to that right-hand turn. this car here blew it. now, it's up to the spectators to get hands on and help this little car out. spectators knowing exactly what to do here. >> oh! and then watch out for the left-hander up ahead. >> no! >> let me help you one. >> right.
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cat attack. >> oh! oh! >> you think your life is cool you're about to feel really uncool when you see the lives of these two. >> guess i should say the life of these two. because they do a lot of these experiences together. we're talking about the life of jay alvarez and alexis wren. jay is an extreme sportsman. his girlfriend the gorgeous blonde is a model, and they just travel the world and do all kinds of cool stuff. from snowboarding to parachuting. >> i am so boring. i couldn't take it anymore. there's too much fun going on with these two. >> getting real fun now. >> they're so gorgeous, too. no matter what kind of picture
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or video they post they just look like some kind of ad. >> i bet she can't cook. >> between the two of them they have more than two million followers on instagram. let's show you their pages. once you see these photos, you're just going to feel much less cool than you felt before you saw these. >> why are we watching this? >> what's the point here? >> the point is to get out there and to explore. that's what jay and alexis both say. get out there and explore the world. >> but you can also tell from their pictures that they really care about each other. and that's kind of cool. >> yes, you do see a lot of love. and you do see a lot of fun. they're jumping out of a hot air balloon while shooting their guns. >> an airborne nerf battle. that's rad. it's monday and that means it's time to check out some real
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>> oh! now that's a cool trick. >> obviously just a trick. >> it's fake. >> no little hand coming out of his hand. >> are we saying this is a real hand or are we saying this is a real magic trick? >> well, first of all, we all know magic can be real. you guys never like to admit it on the show. but this is just a trick. so it's fake. >> is it a video trickery or is it sleight-of-hand trickery? >> it's sleight-of-hand trickery i think. >> i think you can see it a little bit. >> to me it looks like it's happening. his pinky is being covered up. and then he has like a miniature hand attachment at the end of his pinky. it's the only finger you can't see. >> yes! >> i say real. a real sleight-of-hand trick that works. >> it's not a real baby hand coming out. >> oh for god's ke do we? >> all right,
9:50 am
video number two. >> oh, my gosh! >> are we supposed to believe that the base is causing that cup to float or move? >> i do believe it. i actually do. >> not just the base but all the sound waves filling that car. he's probably got a ton of wattage going through there. >> what makes me think it's real is the way that the top flew off. >> four reals? >> uh-huh. >> all right, mac? >> this was real for sure. i was able to see every little detail. when you see a girl in the car and her hair starts going crazy same type thing. >> last video. >> is he going to balance the rock? is that what he's trying to do? >> it's possible. >> ah! >> bravo, my friend. that was very good. >> i'm going with real. i think this guy is that good. >> i'll reluctantly say real, too. >> i'm going to stick to my guns and say fake just so it seems democratic. >> three reals one fake.
9:51 am
>> in california, they do this. my girlfriend was actually doing the same thing, stacking these rocks, making the structure. and it's real. >> all right, mac nice job again. >> all right, guys see you next week. amel and amyra love music. specifically the theme song for "east enders." a soap opera very popular in the uk. watch as they get their groove on. they are 8-month-old twins that live in london. and as you can see they just love it. getting their groove on. she's even got the moves. >> look at that smile. >> 100% chance these girls grow up to be dancers. >> totally. >> they've got it in them. they've got the moves. >> just melts your heart. >> kids also like to show their displeasure with food. they don't even have to speak and they'll tell you they don't like it. just have to make a face. that's exactly what jordan does.
9:52 am
yep, jordan doesn't like rice crispyies and his mom posted this. >> rice crispies are delicious. must be a texture thing for jordan. i'm puzzled by this. >> and then this little girl is gorgeous. >> are you beautiful? >> gorgeous! >> you're what? >> i'm gorgeous! >> yeah you're gorgeous. >> are you pretty? >> i'm gorgeous. >> megan, a fan of "right this minute," she posted this on our facebook page. this little girl wants us to know she's not beautiful she's gorgeous. she's got on a black t-shirt and a diaper that's sagging, she's gorgeous. >> and she's not settling for anything less. >> which is awesome. she's going to grow up with a tremendous amount of self-confidence, a great body image. she's going to be set for life. >> i'm gorgeous! adam the pug decided to take a drive in the civic. >> he was leaning and profiling. >> how his driving talent look
9:53 am
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in my mind this is a love story. a beautiful marriage of machinery. the snowmobile married the dirt bike and created this thing, the snow bike. underneath the about of ronnie renner a freestyle champion. this thing is awesome. they're in the back country of
9:56 am
canada. all this high speed action caught in this red bull video. this looks like so much fun. look at these guys go. >> probably gives you a lot more maneuverability on the snow while you're out there riding this thing. the guys talk about that in this video. snowmobiles a lot more horsepower. but also a lot more weight and not nearly as nimble. the snow bike can go in all new places. they can pick their lines. and yeah this sport relatively new, but these guys are taking it already to incredible heights. >> the tricks are pretty insane. it's everything they do on a motorcycle but they're doing it with the snow flying around. >> it's only a matter of time before they give it more horsepower, too. >> here's ronnie renner in the freestyle motocross stuff. the guy can really throw machinery around. so it's almost like nothing changes. >> it looks like fun. >> and the landing, if you happen to have a crash, a little bit softer. >> yeah, that's true. little adam here is about to
9:57 am
take you guys on the ride of your lives. >> we got this from juken video. >> adam is a pug. atom not adam. as you can see, atom loves this honda civic. he was leaning and profiling. and he can't wait to take his dad and his uncle for a ride. >> got some skills. >> yeah and adam's on a mission. he is going to drive and his dad somewhere, it's going to be -- >> the pet store! looking for some treats. how did that shoot that? i'm impressed. >> it's incredibly impressive right? what makes you smile, you can watch it over and over again. >> don't let him near the birds. >> might eat something that he's not supposed to. >> speaking of eating things another adorable dog video. this little lady loves to eat her greeny every day. it's a once a day treat. good for the teeth. cleans the teeth up.
9:58 am
apparently this little lady does this every time she gets a greeny. her little ritual. >> it's her happy dance. >> evidently. >> she's like, i'm not going to have chronic halitosis. people complain about their dogs having bad breath but i don't have it. >> i think it's like delayed gratification or something. >> wait for it. wait for it. it's not treat time. oh yes it is. oh yes, it is treat time. wait. that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute." this is not ice cream. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man. this is not ice cream in an ice cream cone in the hand of a tall man in san fran. this is not san fran. this is not a tall man it's pam and dan. this is not an ice cream cone it's a frozen custard cone. and this is not ice cream, it's extra thick and creamy frozen custard... ...a different kind of delicious.
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new from dreyer's. nestle, good food, good life. it's the wendy williams show. today settle in. wendy is serving up the juiciest hot topics.
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and actor tahj mowry is here talking about his tv series and life with his twin sisters. plus, fashion guru stacy london shows us must-have accessories for spring. now, here's wendy! [ cheering and applause ]


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