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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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gregg and her 13-year-old daughter janessa as well as jessica morales who died when she got trapped inside her burning home. she was just 20 years old. three members of the same family were killed. 17-year-old william 50-year-old gregg and 82-year-old lavonne. tom is here now. tom, the surviving member of that family spoke out today before the massive fine came down. >> she certainly did. before they voted they heard from those victims including miss bollis. >> reporter: in this firy hill she has lost her husband and mother-in-law. >> it has been filled with anger, loss and despair. i find it a battle to get up and go on with my life. >> reporter: one commissioner appointed after the blast visited the site. >> wild flowers were growing on the lots where houses once stood as if god had planted flowers in
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memories of families that lived there. >> reporter: the mayor wants more than kind words. >> today they will be severely punished but they must take responsibility admit its role in this tragedy and commit to wholesale reforms. >> reporter: while most of the fine will go towards safety improvements, almost one out of every $5 will go into the state's general fund despite the fact that its own agency, the cpuc is deeply implicated in poor oversight and secret deal making with pg&e. >> we're not in agreement. we would like to see it all go back into the ground. >> to be targeted to increased enforcement activity by the cpuc so that they have the resources to put people on the field in the ground actually doing surprise inspections of the pipeline of the pipeline records. >> we've always felt that every
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single dollar that goes into should go right back in the ground, updating pipe, putting in valves, making sure that we learn from the lessons from the tragic accident. >> reporter: but for fire victim sue bollis who lost three family members this is hardly closure. >> just a hard life. it's a really hard life. i miss my family terribly. i miss my friends that died in the fire. i miss being able to live in a place where i feel safe. >> reporter: now coming up at 6:00 what pg&e says about the possible appeal and delay of this fine. you'll find the response interesting. ktvu fox 2 news. >> another step in a long road to recovery. thank you tom. >> here is how pg&e fine breaks out. 850 million will go to safety improvements to the vast gas system paid by shareholders. another 400 million will go back to pg&e gas rate pairs in the form of a bill pay credit. another 300 million will go into the state's general fund. acknowledged the final 50
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million will go to pay for a number of safety programs. the commission will write a letter to state and federal tax officials asking them not to let pg&e write off any of these fines. police in sodium chloride released new video -- south carolina released new video where a white officer shot and killed a man. this is the dash cam video from the patrol car. it shows the initial traffic stop made on walter scott's car reportedly for a broken taillight before the deadly shooting. at one point he tells scott to stay in the car. after about 20 seconds, scott then gets out and runs away. [ gunshots ] >> it later shows him firing eight shots as he fled. today's scott brother said it is more than a black and white issue. >> i wouldn't say it's just an african-american thing. it would also be a minority thing. it would be a racial profiling type of thing.
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in the city of north charleston. >> the scott family is preparing to file a lawsuit against the police department. also today the ncacp says this is a case of racial profiling with the worst possible results and it claims it's a chronic problem across the state. >> it's time for a change. our hope is that mr. scott's death and the video that left no option but a murder charge is the catalyst for that change. >> the police officer 33-year-old michael slager has been fired and he's also been charged with murder. well, the cell phone video shot by that bystander was crucial to understanding just what happened that day. and now a growing number of smart phone apps claim to ensure that videos such as that can be seen by the public. we spoke to an expert about what your briets are when it comes to shooting -- rights are when it comes to shooting video like that. >> reporter: according to a judge, the recordings, as long
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as they're made in public, are proper, lawful and yours meaning you can do whatever you want with them. smart phones give the average person the ability to record video everywhere. from one in south carolina that's made headlines this week to one in san josi last august. and then there was an officer-involved shooting yesterday. alvaro camilo said he was recording. >> they needed it for an investigation. >> reporter: in that incident, an officer identified today as a 13-year veteran shot and killed a man. they do not intend to make the video public since it's considered evidence. >> but the police say, well we're not going to show it to anybody as evidence. i have concerns about that. because i don't think that lack of responsiveness is going to help build trust in the process.
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>> reporter: the judge with the independent police auditor for the city of san josi says at least in her jurisdiction the rules about these kind of videos are spelled out in their duty manual. >> they can ask you can we have the phone so we can download what you have. and you can either consent sure, or you can say, no i'm not going to give you the phone in which case they cannot sees you. >> reporter: a slew of new apps are designed for these kind of situations. one called cop watch will up load your video automatically to youtube. another one up loads directly to the aclu. the goal to get the video out of your hand as quickly as possible. >> so the purpose of having it live upload is to eliminate the chance that the phone could be destroyed, damaged or the evidence could be removed from that phone. >> reporter: the judge says police can ask for a warrant for a video and often emailing it without handing over your device is good enough and the videos can be a valuable tool. >> that video in your phone is
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your property. that's your property. so the police have no right to tell you you can't show it to anybody, put it on youtube. that's your right. >> reporter: the judge believes smart phones have changed policing forever. she's also a big proponent of police body cameras which she says can offer an extra perspective and also an extra layer of transparency. >> yes. definitely something to think about given that these videos have become so crucial in a lot of investigations. ann, thank you. a new analysis by the associated press finds that many veteran affairs hospital in california are not meeting the department timeliness goals. california has 61 va hospitals. about 60% are seeing patients within the 30-day goal, but that means about 40% are not. the va hospital in sacramento has the most delays for appointments. officials there say they're hiring more doctors, nurses and staff to try to keep up with demands. student health doctors at university of california
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campuses began a four day strike today accusing their employer of unfair labor practices. doctors and their supporters carried signs and walked the picket line outside uc berkeley student health center today. they joined the counter parts at uc san francisco and three other california campuses for this walkout. the doctors are currently negotiating their first contract. union representatives accuse uc of withholding financial information that they say they need to negotiate a fair contract. >> our doctors haven't had any sort of significant raise in years. they're below market value. we're worried for the student health centers that they need to be recruited and retained. >> doctors at uc campuses in southern california are set to begin their four-day strike starting on saturday. in a statement, the uc office of the president said it was disappointed by the labor action. the university also denied claims that the strikes were called over charges of unfair labor practices and accused the
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union of refusing to discuss those allegations at the marketing table. vice president joe buy den and his wife -- biden and his wife jill are expected to fly into the area. they're hoping to help raise money for democratic congressional campaigns. there's an invitation only fundraiser set for 7:00 tonight in san francisco. tomorrow he's set to visit a center in oakland to talk about job training. this will be biden's third visit to the area. the vice president's wife is scheduled to be at a college this evening. she plans to talk about the obama an administration commitment to community -- obama's administration commitment to community colleges. police have now issued an all clear after a bomb threat at a high school this morning that prompted an evacuation of that school. district officials say the campus was evacuated at about 9:30 this morning after a school attendant received a phone message about a bomb. the police moved in and
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conducted a sweep of the campus. san josi police were also called in to help check the school with bomb sniffing dogs. school officials sent a message to parents that everyone on campus is safe and accounted for. students were evacuated to the school's football field and a nearby elementary school. at 10:00 this morning they were sent home for the day. >> we've never had a bomb threat for decades. but you have to take a threat seriously. so we're responding conservatively. >> investigators determined there was no threat and called the all clear shortly before 2:00 this afternoon. police are asking anyone with information about the bomb threat to give them a call. san francisco's supervisor scott weaner is speaking out against a bill that would allow people to sit stand or lie in public areas. critics say the so-called right to rest law would legalize homeless camps and put an end to local ordinances that ban sitting and lying on the sidewalk or even living in cars. supporters say the bill protects
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the homeless from unfair discrimination. san francisco's supervisor says the bill, which was proposed by a southern california lawmaker, is not an appropriate option for san francisco. >> this law would legalize people to pitching tents on sidewalks or in parks. and we wouldn't be able to do anything about it. and i think most people would agree that that's not okay. >> the bill is currently in a senate committee where changes to it can be made. evaluating the damage. the new information tonight about the environmental impact of a concrete fill in a bakery. plus trespassing at the airport. the pattern they see and the people that try to break? >> and it wasn't the meeting this man was planning to attend and he wasn't dressed for it. just how he landed in this private meeting with the president. plus i'm tracking the warmup. it's going to be warmer as we get close to the weekend.
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specifics on the forecast right after this.
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. san josi airport has made national headlines with the security breeches the past year. there's been more problem at the bay area's busiest airport officials. it tops the nations when it comes to airport breeches. as we have asked fso what's being done to fix the problem? >> reporter: it's crucial to airline safety and security. troubling new statistics show san francisco international is the worst in the nation for unauthorized intrusions on to airport property. >> i guess they really need to
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step up security and figure out where they're going wrong. >> reporter: it's not in the passenger areas where cameras and patrolling officers seem to be everywhere. but along almost 15 miles of fence and shoreline around the hundred ways and ramp area -- runways and ramp areas. our partners discovered at sfo over a 10-year period, 37 reported perimeter breeches. >> this is a big deal for us. perimeter security is very important to our airport. we take this obligation very seriously. we're very focused on learning from every single incident. >> reporter: airport officials want to put it in perspective. it works out to one incident every three months. 40% were homeless or mentally challenged. only two involved approach to aircraft. one of those the son of a pilot. and all were apprehended by police. >> i feel pretty secure in the airport today. i didn't notice anything interesting or off. i felt pretty safe for myself. >> reporter: passengers told us
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you have to consider the community around the airport. >> i always feel pretty secure at sfo. but we are in the bay area. there's free wheeling people around here. >> reporter: this information is not pub ically available. some -- publicly available. some airports declined to report their numbers citing security concerns. san josi's well publicized airport breeches came in number five nationwide. sfo says it has already stepped up more security with infrared cameras, better lighting and enhanced motion sensor systems. ktvu, fox 2 news. san francisco may soon install gps devices in the entire fleet of the city vehicles. it's being heard today by the san francisco board of supervisors, government audit and oversight committee. they're currently installed in more than 2,000 of the city's 8,000 vehicles in the fleet. the data collected from those devices can help department managers correct unsafe driving
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habits prevent inappropriate uses of city vehicles and make sure the fleet is properly maintained. bar tabs rolled out a new website to help link riders to advance destinations near barge statements. the transit agency says it hopes to provide info about cool happenings and spread the word about the best thing to experience all over the bay area. the sign offers a wide variety including special discounts upcoming concerts and restaurant reviews. just in the past week, the drought conditions here in california have worsened. on the left what we're going to show you is this week's drought map by the u.s. drought mitigation center and on the right is last week. the deeper red has grown in the north eastern part of the state. the darker red indicates what is being called exceptional drought. more than 37 million people are now affected by the dry conditions. the state public utility
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commission ordered warner companies to notify new regulations. this could be done through mail, social media or e-mails. they'll be told of the limiting outdoor waters to two days a week or not during or 48 hours after rainfall. companies must also tell customers about leaks within the customer's control. and our ongoing drought may have contributed to a spike in west nile cases last year. state health officials said today there were more than 800 cases of the virus in california in 2014. that is the second highest number to date. and that 31 people died, which is the highest number of deaths. officials say with less water birds and mosquitos come into closer contact increasing chances for that disease to spread. >> i'm getting the feeling this is going to be a long summer. a different kind of summer because we're really coming to terms with the drought issue. we've been dealing with it for three years but now it's starting to sink in.
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>> we had a couple more storms like we saw in december and again in february. we wouldn't be talking this way. >> i know. >> we had a rough year. but part of me is kind of -- this is going to sound weirdo owe but part of -- weird -- but part of me is glad this is happening. i was around in the 70s. you were around. heather, you weren't around. but kenny and i were around. we need to conserve water here and it's taking us getting hit over the head with this idea that we're in trouble. again, my undergraduate at berkeley was climatology and one of the things we talked a lot about back then is the record california droughts. not when the spanish were here. but before that. they dig into tree rings and count the tree rings and the thickness would tell you how much rain you have. it's called dendrochronology. you cut into the trees and what you're finding are droughts. thin tree rings a thousand years ago, 1500 years ago that go 10,
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15 20 years droughts. right? so the idea -- i've always been worried about droughts in california because it's our history. we've just-here during an exceptionally -- we've just been here during an exceptionally wet period. it's been on my mind. growing up in california you can't not think about it. and this is getting us up to speed. i'm done. 37 in santa rosa. 45 in concord. overnight lows are going to be chilly. as you move through the bay area micro climates tomorrow. you're going to find upper 60s in oakland and berkeley. then you get into the mid 70s as you head out towards antioch clayton, morgan hill. and the micro climate is starting to show up a little bit. i haven't seen it in awhile because the micro climates wash out when it comes to the winter and early spring months. but when you get to mid spring and summer, they move more inland. so you're actually starting to see that. there's patchy fog to contend
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with. mild and warm today. just like today. a little warmer. this system going to the south of us. high pressure owns us now. we're back into a warm pattern. not as warm as we were last week and the weeks before when we had 80s and record warmth. but mid 70s as we head towards the weekend. tomorrow 72 and pleasant and 72 in liver moore and the five day forecast there it is. the bay area weekend, the thing about this, you grew up in idaho. oregon back in the day oregon during the 70s drought '77 drought, idaho sued oregond oregon. i remember that. you guys remember that. so this is all kind of coming back. it's a big deal. it's a big part of our history and our legacy. >> we'll have to change our lifestyle. >> we should. we should. australia had to do it. parts of australia. that's where we are now. we have to change everything. >> all right. thank you bill. an unexpectedly up close meeting with the president. while everyone else was in
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suits, one man was wearing a polo shirt. he said he won't wear the shirt again, but it's not for the reason you'd expect. also a package thief caught on camera arrested and heading to prison. tonight at 6:00 the sentence this woman received for walking off with a christmas gift. it sounds like this smart meter is a stupid meter. >> they paid to park but found a ticket on the windshield. the glitch affecting drivers in bay city.
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for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of new shoes is a small but important gift. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train and they'll be given to a local foster child in need.
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a tv network goes black. the website and social media taken over and hackers tied to isis are now taking credit for that attack. the fight against isis is happening on many fronts today. countries battling the militants and home and abroad, in the air on the ground and on the internet. amy reports on the multi-layered efforts to try to combat the terror group. >> reporter: local forces remain engaged in battle with isis militants in iraq and syria. the syrian army fighting to retake control of a refugee camp on the outskirts of damascus while forces launch the militants. >> all parts of iraq are ready to defend their territories in all provinces. >> reporter: ties to the group going after a french television network blacking out 11 channels and taking control of websites and social media accounts
5:26 pm
belonging to tv 5 world. >> we are facing determined terrorists and we are determined to combat them. >> reporter: france just one of the countries taking part in the u.s.-led alliance conducting strikes gebs the middle east. -- againsted middle east. the extremists have been pushed back. >> it has becoming increasingly dependent on its ability to attract foreign fighters , and that means we have to double our own efforts to persuade and prevent young people from making the mistake of signing up. >> reporter: that mistake said to be made by 34-year-old joshua vanhatten. the chicago man was arrested at chicago o'hare's airport wednesday after trying to join the group oversees. a woman was charged with trying to join isis and four brooklyn
5:27 pm
men are trying to support the terror group. in london, fox news. a mixup landed a regular guy in a closed door meeting with president obama. it was during a presidential visit. a utah solar company sent someone to sit in the audience for the president's speech. it sent a relatively low level employee because he serves in the national guard and president obama was going to talk about the national guard. >> here i am with the commander in chief and i'm a little underdressed. [ laughing ] >> photos went out all over the world. >> a little bit. he says the president asked him about the solar company he works for and career paths for veterans in the industry. the meeting lasted about 40 minutes. his polo shirt has now gone viral. people said he wouldn't wear it again because it's special now. unfortunately he can't wear it
5:28 pm
for a different reason. when he got home, his 2-year-old tripped while going to greet his dad, bit his lip and now there's blood all over the shirt. the mother says she had a comment about the meeting. he told the son he had his elbows on the table. >> poor guy. >> he got to meet the president. how lucky is that. >> it doesn't matter what you wear. >> that's right. well, a half mile of creek damaged in a concrete oil spill. something serious to talk about now. some birds have washed up covered in the concrete. what it will take to clean up this creek and the mistake that caused the spill in the first place. plus important funding for local transit is in jeopardy. the specific projects that could face cuts.
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kroutil. new information about a concrete spill into a east bay creek. that is hurting the habitat and two birds were found coated. the spill happened yesterday morning. they were filling a pipe but a valve was left open. ktvu's cristina rendon is live now with the time line for the clean up there. >> reporter: we were told it would be two more days but now the clean up is going to extend
5:32 pm
into monday afternoon because a lot of manual labor is involved to clean up the cement. we found this feather from a cement covered bird that was rescued this morning and another bird was found dead this afternoon. and looking at the video, the area that is effected is called the glen echo creek, half mile of semeant poured through this area. -- cement poured through this area. they will filling the pipe, one of the inspectors gave the go ahead not realizing a valve was left open. doesthe spill lasted for two hours before they realized and then they were able to shut it
5:33 pm
off. 12 truck loads were being poured into the pipe but it is unclear how much pored into the pipe. they are still cleaning up. >> for the people who live in this beautiful comflex, yeah, it is bad. that -- complex, yeah, it is bad. >> fish and game investigators say aside from the initial clean up it will rehabilitate itself but that could take months or years. one bird has been found dead. another found alive. she says her neighbor took it to the wildlife museum. >> we tried to do everything we could to save it. my neighbor called all over hoping to save it. >> reporter: taking a live look now. you can see some of the cement
5:34 pm
water. this will take time to clean up. it is possible more animals could be found. this is a very expensive mistake. the clean up process is costing $25,000 a day. >> all right. thank you. oakland homicide detective said released surveillance video of two people police want to talk to about a shooting death of emilio nevarez. they show a man and a woman around the time of his death saturday morning. investigators say the pair drove off in a silver colored mercedes. $5,000 reward is offered leading to an arrest. they are not suspects. >> these are persons of interest. investigators would like to speak with them. they believe they were with the shooter at the time emilio nevarez was shot and killed this past weekend. >> investigators say emilio
5:35 pm
nevarez was an innocent victim who was hit by a bullet intended for another person. sit in at university of california at berkeley continued into the morning. they want to hold a meeting with the chancellor to get the university to devest from companies that profit from oil, gas and coal. they say it is a contributor to climate change. the chancellor met with the group three weeks ago but no decision was made so now they are asking him to decide where he stands. . >> we are looking at their portfolio, 91 billion. 10billion is in the energy sector. part of the reason is this is a national movement. it is at college campuses
5:36 pm
across the country. >> organizers say the campaign spread to 500 colleges and religious institutions across the u.s. and around the world. oklahoma is one step away from becoming the first state to use nitrogen gas to execute inmates. the senate gave final approval today to allow it to be used if lethal injection is ruled unconstitutional. supporters say nitrogen is a humane method of execution. critics say it is untested. the governor supports the death penalty but at this point has not said whether she will sign the bill. drama at the murder trial of former new england patriots player aaron hernandez but it had nothing to do with the defendant. a judge banned a tv photographer after he admitted to following jurors. two jurors told the judge they
5:37 pm
noticed the ford where their wars were parked. the judge worried the cameraman he put them in jeopardy. funding for public transit at risk. the bay area agency is calling for action in washington. >> and an old police station neighbors call a nuisance. what happened when we asked why scoters and vandals were allowed to come and go. >> and a dalmatian pelican, why it is so rare and the unusual noises it makes.
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unusuals it makes. dalmatian pelican sabra is recalling hummus due to concerns about listeria. this recall is limited to cases of sabra hummus with a use by date of may 11 or 15. the centers for disease control and prevention says rick scott is dangerous for older a-- listeria is dangerous for older adults and anyone with a weakened immune system. there are no reports of people getting sick. a new plan to attract
5:41 pm
visitors. food trucks. murals. movies and music events. walnut creek wants people to keep coming to the area while parts of it is under construction. in san francisco today representatives from bay area transit agencies got together and called for congress to get moving. the cry was stand up for transportation. similar events are held around the country. they are almost exhausted and the program will expire at the end of next month. commuters will feel it if congress doesn't act. b.a.r.t., cal train and sam trans, high-speed rail, and san francisco muni could be effected. >> the buses will stop running if we don't get federal money this year. most aren't sure they can make it through the rest of the year
5:42 pm
without the funding. >> measures that last for months or a year put agencies in a bind and projects can't happen without federal funds. linked in purchased a video company for $1.5 billion. this deal is their largest acquisition to date. they haven't said what the plans are for the site. but most employees expected to join linked in. have you ever heard of a dalmatian pelican? they are a rare species and now is your chance to see one and hear one. >> sounds like a baby kitty or something. the dalmatian pelican is only a month old and weighs 12 pounds. they are native to europe and asia. according to the zoo, it is one
5:43 pm
of the rarest in the world. they can measure 5-6 feet in pledge with a wingspan of 11 feet length with a wingspan -- length with a swing span of 11 feet. the city's responsible to clean it up but an old police station sat for years. what happened to this neighborhood nuisance once we started asking questions. plus -- >> one text, one call, could wreck it all. flying cones. that is the campaign. we test it out tonight. >> i am bill martin, warm up around here, the details on what you can expect for your bay area friday.
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meningococcal meningitis a rare but serious disease. health officials recommend vaccination. go to
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a ktvu viewer tipped us to problems at the old police station in san francisco. neglected and closed and a nuisance. once ktvu's noelle walker started making phone calls on who is to blame, she started seeing changes in a few hours. >> reporter: when the door opened 15 years ago this wide open space was one of the city's largest studios. >> i never thought i would outlive kodak.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: he converted his building into product event space. the neighborhood is in the middle of a renaissance. but one building is stuck in time. >> in the 15 years i have been here this tenet gave this property zero attention. none. >> reporter: this property behind his building doesn't feel like it rest of the neighborhood. >> well, i would say beirut, after the bombing. >> reporter: more surprising than how it looks is who owns the property. >> i would guess it is the city of san francisco. >> reporter: it is the san francisco police department's old station. long abandon by police department and it seems everyone else. >> jewel. somewhere down there. >> the roof is torn apart, garbage and graffiti, and the vacant property isn't totally vacant. we saw a woman unlocking her
5:48 pm
gate to leave. >> reporter: do you live here? >> reporter: he says the city has a double standard. there is a fine for anyone else. >> man up. put yourself in our shoes and act the same way you would as if you were a individual. >> reporter: we called the department of public works. who told us to call the detarm of real estate. -- the department of real estate. who told us to call the police department. the last occupant. >> nobody wants a proper in disrepair. as soon as we were made aware of it, we are responsible to take care of it. >> the police department sent a crew over to paint over the graffiti and clear the encampment. >> look in the merer and find out what the city properties --
5:49 pm
mirror and find out what the city properties are. we are looking for good leadership. >> police chief told us his department shares blame with the department of real estate to put that building up for sale. >> i am sure neighbors are glad to see it is getting cleaned up. our chief meteorologist bill martin. for a check of the forecast. >> it will warm up. it has today. a few degrees. and then a few more degrees tomorrow and then into the bay area weekend. mid-70s. no 80s. but this week is not the same. rainfall, surprisingly good. san jose, impressive. percents of average. 4th year of this below average rainfall. the numbers don't tell the
5:50 pm
story. even if the numbers were 100% we would still be in a drought. the snow pack is what matters. and it is dismal. record low levels. here is the system. a neat system. neat, the jet stream split. and this guy branched off. going south. not south just through southern california, through baja. big deal system. it will miss us and cause problems in the mid-west into early next week. as the system creates more potential severe weather. outside right now, clouds. a few light showers. and then current temperatures, nice day, 67 fairfield. 69 concord. highs tomorrow warmer. san jose, 46 at 7:00 a.m. chilly. not that chilly, but it is. 46 degrees is chilly for this
5:51 pm
time of year. san jose, downtown. you will neat jackets. lunchtime you are not. you end up 72, 73 degrees for a high in downtown san jose. future cast, that will show coastal fog trying to form. we will see patchy coastal fog tomorrow morning. friday. and then friday afternoon, mid- 70s and upper 70s. in the central valley. we will have low 70s around the bay area as well. warmer than today. slightly warmer. and then we warm. not going to get into the upper 70s. going to be low 70s into the weekend. still nice. tree pollens are going up. even grass pollens. that is me. grass pollens. tree pollens are up there.
5:52 pm
the five-day forecast. nice looking weekend. as we have had for the last four years. we are dry for a while. >> thank you. ahead, highway patrol is trying trying to stop distracted driving. mike mibach shows us how hard and dangerous it is to text and drive. >> also at 6:00 p.m. they pay for parking but still got a parking ticket. >> you think we could perfect a parker meter. >> the problem big trucks are creating creating creating -- creating. and the plan to keep deloris park clean.
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if you drive, you text, you pay. that is the message the california highway patrol is trying to drive home this inh. ktvu's mike mibach got behind the wheel to text and drive and it proved to be pretty tricky. >> reporter: interstate 80. 680. 880. 101. 24. you name it. dr.ers -- distracted drivers
5:56 pm
are everywhere. he invited me it text and drive and we set up a driving course. i am leaving work, i am late, i am going to text my wife and tell her i am 35 minutes behind and i will see her soon. >> reporter: round one. straight away into a right turn, 15 miles per hour. again, while texting. >> you knew you would knock over the cones. once you focused on your texting, it was obvious. >> reporter: round two, same scenario with a twist, the officer tossed in a cone that i never saw. >> you missed the child but you hit everything -- >> missed the flying cone. >> i didn't see the flying cone. >> reporter: next round, another text and another flying cone. >> that time i saw the cone but
5:57 pm
i saw it late. and there it is. back right wheel. underneath. that could be little timmy. >> the national transportation safety board says in 2013, 3,154 people were killed in crashes volving distracted driving. . >> when we talk to people everyone admits it effects their driving. >> reporter: on this day it effected me. >> i am going to shorten the message. >> reporter: final round. hit the gas harder. reaching 35. >> that time i wrote hey bat. i don't know what i wrote. i kept my head down. i was trying to do -- >> doesn't take long.
5:58 pm
in the average time it takes you to unlock a smart phone, you traveled the distance of a football field without looking up. >> reporter: look up and look out. a new campaign underway as officers are on the hunt for distracted drivers. mike mibach, ktvu fox 2 news. >> sends that message home. california attorney general kamala harris is making an appeal to forgive loans taken out by students who attended a college chain. she joined other states urging the department of education to forgive loans incurred as a result of violations of state law. she sued the parent company claiming it misrepresented job placement rates to students. the president of the college has been pressing for leniency as they attempt to find a buyer
5:59 pm
but they stand firm with its lawsuit. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. they paid topark but they still got -- to park but they still got tickets. the new smart parking meters aren't so smart after all. dozens of people every month are wrongly ticketed. i am ken wayne. >> i am heather holmes. city officials admit that a flaw in the technology causes the meeters to expire sooner than they should. ktvu's azenith smith is live in downtown san jose with more on this problem. >> reporter: the city found a dozen meters when a truck rolls by it resets the meter to going to no time. the city turned off the reset button but some drivers after the taking chances.
6:00 pm
-- aren't taking chances. >> reporter: he is now taking photographic evidence after he received three parking tickets in a week. at first he thought his associate was to blame. >> i am thinking how dumb could my associate be. >> he found out the new parking meters installed last year so drivers can use credit cards are sensitive. censors can tell when a driver leaves and resets the meter. some are so sensitive trucks driving by can reset the meters. >> it is not every time that the meter may reset. >> reporter: she admits on average the city issued 30 citations a month associated with this problem. those are just the driver whose are willing to fight that. >> we don't like that


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