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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 10, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people the roar of engines quickly turns to -- >> da da da. >> see the driver who really needed a roll cage. rescuers can't help an injured cyclist. >> because the dog won't let him. >> what happens when a loyal friend won't leave his master? >> what's wrong? >> i did i -- >> you heard him he doesn't want cookies for a snack. >> when have you ever heard that come from a child's mouth? why you'll never guess what theo wants instead. feeling.
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>> when you are working out and song comes on. >> how busting a move leads to busting the mood. two cars lined up for a drag race but quickly looks like they're drifting instead. here we go. lights turn green. off they go. slipping sliding, back and forth and -- >> oh just a little nudge turns into a rollover all the way down the track. >> all wheel spin. >> exactly. the guy's going to have a weekend of wrenching after this. >> though the wreck looked back all of the safety gear the guy looked just fine. an enduro race. this is a technical ride. it's a flat track, but watch some of the obstacles these guys have to clamor over. the guy with the helmet camera riding off to a quick start.
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he's in the lead. the guy jumps over the tires bar to bar. >> gracious this is like a motorcycle version of a steeplechase. >> got to vibrate your booty to ride over that. >> manages to keep the rubber side down but it gets tough somewhere more tiring because right here he has a bit of trouble. >> oh! >> the bike down on top of him, but he gets to his feet as quick as possible. the bike doesn't stall. he managed to hang on to his first place position. >> no way, he stays in first place? >> all kinds of obstacles in the way. >> one lap, though it's exhausting. our guy, who falls, manages to cross the finish line in first place still. >> way to go. >> there's a reason why we have phrases, loyal dog, man's best friend, and they are demonstrated in this video. this is out of brazil. you can see that little dog is next to its owner. the owner fell off the bike and is injured and rescue workers
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are on the scene. but they can't get to the owner because the dog won't let him. the dog goes after everybody, trying to help this man. >> you've got to be look that's sweet, but stop it i could deal with some help right now. >> one point the dog lays down next to the owner but people try to approach try to give help. the dog not having any of it. goes after him. starts nipping and tries to bite. finally one of the workers breaks out a fireman's jack sweat they're going to try to throw it over the dog, maybe get the dog away. goes after the guy has to jump off the curve, the dog's biting. after they tried the first time let's try one more time. finally, the thing's like i'm going to have to go into full tactical retreat because there's more of them and they're big. the dog wanders off, and they're finally able to get to the owner and render aid.
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>> i hope they didn't chase the guy's dog away. i hope they get reunited. >> not to worry. the good news is that the owner and the dog are both back home. >> wow, this does show you how loyal dogs are. the dog really did think that it was protecting its owner. >> when it comes to cashing something unique or cool on your dash cam it's like catching lightning in a bottle. >> wow. >> an alien landing pod. >> exactly what happened nick. >> holy mackerel. >> amazing. you can see a few feet off the side of the road strikes a tree. you see a huge huge burst of sparks. >> almost missed it too. right up the edge of the screen which means if he was going any faster he wouldn't have caught it on camera it's cool that he did. >> another one, from russia, which is not so much lightning in a bottle more just what? driving on the road there's a
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truck coming the other way. i think he may need to get that truck serviced because what on earth is going on? >> is it look a spy truck just smoking out the road to lose the criminal? >> you can see, everyone has to pull over and stop because no one can see for about 20 or 30 seconds. >> this is rude. >> and dangerous. really dangerous. >> he's literally creating a hazard on the road. >> why would you not pull over and call someone? >> honestly it doesn't look like there's a shoulder there. it's all snowy. maybe he just couldn't pull over. >> trying to figure out where it's coming from. is it the tire rubbing to create that much smoke? way too much smoke. is it cold and a lot of steam and things like that? no seems to be full-on smoke. probably another video somewhere of that truck on fire. >> it's a steam-powered tractor-trailer, 1820. >> no matter what you do for a living you're not as cool as
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the coolest people on earth, or off of earth, really astronauts. this is footage from the real nasa youtube channel of astronauts on the international space station. >> help get some of the dirt out. >> every day life going on up there, as they are orbiting around our planet. it's just fun to watch these astronauts working and living together showing off how they -- everything from how they shower and wash their hair to how and where they sleep. >> really cool about it you can zip it up. >> even kitchen fun. >> strawberry shortcake. >> i think sleeping would be the most interesting thing. it gives you an understanding how scientists have had to study everything how can we make shampoo, toothpaste how can we comb our hair. before how do we keep people alive in space? >> coming out pretty well there. there we go. >> isn't it just so much fun to
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watch, so fascinating to think about life up there. right now, this is all going on as we sit here and watch this video. >> yeah no kidding. that's the fun part to think about. >> i'm glad you reminded me this is happening now. you forget about that. you forget that they're up there. >> it's a stunt that -- >> blew the shoes off his feet. >> see the air bag that sent him flying. >> these are dumb stunts. >> uh-huh. >> these motorcycles have broken the law. >> that is why these bikes are about to meet their end. >> the execution that will leave riders heart broken. >> i a good time. amamerericicanans.s. 8 83%3% t tryry...... eat healthy. yeyet t upup t to o 9090% % fafallll s short in getting... ...key nutrients f frorom m food alone. let's do more. adadd d onone e a a daday y memen'n's.s. c complete with key nutrients we may need. plplusus i it t hehelplps s susupppporort healthy blood pressure wiwithth v vititamaminin d d a andnd m magnesium. one a day men's.
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when you hear this sound -- >> boys wait for the hip, hip. >> you know it's one life and
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something stupid and enter entertaining going to happen. he's sitting on top of -- well you'll figure it out. >> air bag. >> yeah. the best part about it though when you watched it watch what happens with shoes. >> wow. blown right ufoff of his feet. >> blew the shoes off of his feet. went to get a closer look once he's regained his breath. you can see the effects on his butt. >> oh! >> blew the jeans off of his bum, as well. he sit there's and tries to recover from the obvious, that his butt hurts. you all right? >> my butt hurts. >> these are dumb stunts. >> uh-huh. >> all of that air and compression that can mess up your intestines. it's funny. >> next video has been going quite viral. it's all about things when you working out and song comes on. ♪
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>> [ bleep ]! ♪ [ laughter ] >> of course that song by dr. dre, these guys as you can tell like the funny vines and instagram videos. i haven't figured out whether it was supposed to be a dancing video that went a little bit wrong or if that was the original plan. either way, i don't care. unexpected reactions from children. this first one, theseodoretheodore he's crying. it's what he's crying over. >> what's wrong? >> i -- i don't want cookies. >> when have you ever heard that come from a child's mouth? what does theodore want? >> cookies? >> what do you want for a treat. >> beef broth. >> beef broth. >> he wants beef broth for a
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snack. >> i don't like cookies for a treat. >> you want beef broth? >> yes. >> he likes savory stuff. why not give him beef broth. >> his brother's clue option a cookie. >> i'll take his, thanks. >> this next baby crying reaction we've seen a lot from a little baby. but it's what makes this child stop crying that's pretty unusual. >> you hear music start playing in the background. what could it be? ♪ >> "word up" by cameo. >> wow. it really just calms the baby right down. stops crying immediately. >> '80s were awe subpoenasomeawesome, this kid knows it. >> most babies don't love bath time. this child, cotton loves it. >> i'm going to pour an egg on
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your head. i'm going to pour an egg on your head. >> aww. >> loves every second of it can get enough. generally, you're right, babies don't like to get water on their faces. this babey's having a blast. >> thinks it's hilarious. >> this is going to break yr heart just a little bit. but it's never good to break the law, and that is why these bikes are about to meet their end. >> they're going to cut them up with the jaws of life? >> yep, apparently illegal mini motor bikes they've been riding around the neighborhood without paying taxes and notten sure enten insured. they decided to make a public execution of these motorcycles. >> yeah. if i'm a kid, if i'm like a 5-year-old 6-year-old boy
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watching this i'm thinking you jerk-face police and firefighters cutting up a nice motorcycle i can be riding that having a good time. i'm not happy about this. >> those riders do face fines, points on the record. they no longer have the right. >> donate it to somebody that can use it properly. >> absolutely donate it. >> this video comes from brazil. tell me the license plate number on this motorcycle. >> jui 5428. >> 6428. >> wow, you need to get your eyes checked. >> right, beth it is 6428. this motorcycle has been pulled over though. you see the officers are inspecting the motorcycle. we get a shot of some sort of device or something over here on the motorcycle that when they pull changes the number -- >> i was right! >> it changed it to 5428. >> 5429. get your eyes checked!
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>> he's got a new and unique product on the market. >> dance on sand. check out the awesome dances he will perform on your grains of sand. >> lawn mower. the jump that gets him sucked in by a water fall. >> that is actually jeb coreless. >> the remarkable story behind his survival. >> amazing.
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new from dreyer's. nestle, good food, good life.
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know how to breathe while i'm watching it. >> arrives, live to make each dance on sand magical. dances like lawn mower nancy. ♪ >> he goes through some of the names of the dances that he will perform on your grains of sand. >> the rumba shaker. >> that's oli's move right there, the rumba shaker. >> the mcdougal and many more. improve your life and your moves when you own dance on sand. >> did you hear that? when you own dance on sands. could flula possibly be selling the dance on sands? >> of course he is trying to fund a movie. >> i want to buy it right now. >> of course he is. go to for $9.99 you can own a vial of dance on
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sand. >> get it now because he's going to be in pitch perfect ii and really going to blow up. an investmenten it's all go going to go through the roof. >> he's going to been a megasoup star when pitch perfect ii hits theaters may 15th. >> return to sender. ♪ ♪ >> when your young sometimes you think you are invincible. watch this b.a.s.e. jumper jump early in his career. >> oh!
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>> that is actually jeb coreless that's one of his early jumps. this happened many years ago in south africa. the fall 364 feet. >> what? >> he was sucked in by the water fall on his way down he actually hit a ledge in the sitting down position. >> no. >> that broke his back in three different places. also broke the skin on his butt. then he fell forward, also ended up breaking his ribs a foot extended his knee. but injuries were bad to the point where he actually could not move when he got to the bottom. he had to wait for an hour for his crew to climb down to where he was. in the meantime there were freshwater crabs picking at him the whole time just attacking him. he says it to say this experience was a nightmare is an understatement. in the end it took two hours for rescue crews to get to him, and another six hours to climb back
9:53 am
up. he asked for no morphine, he wanted to feel his pain to later communicate to the doctor what he was feeling. >> why are we seeing this now? job's gone on to do incredible things. >> he's just now posted this online to share that it changed the way he looks at the sport and ended up saving his life in the long run the more you learn about jeb, the more you love what he does and his commitment to the sport. >> it's unreal that this guy goes through this early on in his career and then continues to do it and has had other accidents and still comes back. he's amazing. she's getting back at her boyfriend and it's the never ending -- >> vicious cycle. >> take a look at her shocking revenge. wewe s snanap p itit.. wewe s statackck i it.t. wewe s smomoososh h itit.. wewe l lovove e itit.. hershey's s mamakekes s itit a a s
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>> pro has a bath. ♪ ♪ >> when a relationship is made up of two pranksters you know they're going to be getting each other back after every prank
9:57 am
that they do. >> i would be miserable. >> this girl is getting her boyfriend back because he -- the toilet paper roll. >> that's awful. >> this is the prank. she goes to grab the toilet paper and out come ss it and she gets up and runs out with her pants down. he laughs ha ha ha. now it's revenge time. >> this is my revenge with -- >> her plan to get all of the electric fly zapper she got about 100, and now taped the switch so they stay on and she lays them out on the floor in the bedroom, in the hallway, and not only that on the bed next to him as well. he at this point is knocked out, it's about 3:00 in the morning. watch what she does.
9:58 am
>> like the classic mousetrap prank. she needed to turn the lights off so he can't see where he's going. >> that would have been so much better you're right. he tries to get up. gets zapped. grabs a couple of zappers himself and starts chasing after her. she hides in the bathroom. >> a lot of effort went into that. give credit for that. >> that's our show everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today wendy is bringing you all of today's hottest topics and friend of the show regina king is here telling us about her new drama, american crime. wendy is getting real and sharing thoughts in and all new edition of ask wendy. now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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