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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 12, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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now, from ktvu fox snooze, this is the 10:00 news. a motorcyclist thrown off his bike and into the water after crash being a car into
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the antioch bridge. >> that rider was thrown right into the san joaquin liver below. the motorcycle motorcyclist was a new father out an a ride with friends. several hours searching the area near the antioch bridge. that search ended without finding the young mainest body. debra is live now with more for us. deb. >> reporter: all they found so far, heather, is his motorcycle helmet. it's just a horrible accident and it happened as he was headed this direction toward antioch just cresting the top of that bridge. a sheriff's search chris crosses the river under the antioch bridge. a helicopter scans the water from above. looking for a 27-year-old man who was on this motorcycle one minute and thrown over the guardrail into the river the next.
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>> when the crash happened is at the highest point of the bridge. >> reporter: a 135-foot fall to the water. the hairly davidson rear ended this honda. the driver wasn't hurt and kept driving. the bridge is one lane each direction. nowhere to pull over. >> the vehicle that was involved in t they did see the body go over and other drivers is that said they saw it, too. >> reporter: it was a lack tide. not much water movement. rescuers hoped they would find the man quickly. >> there were several boats out there. >> there were several boaters out there and one found the motorcyclist helmet. clustered at the very end of the peer the motorcyclist's family and friends. every minute excruciating. >> they're very upset right
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now. we're searching. there's lots of questions. was he injured during the collision? we don't know that yet. was he injured during that the fall? don't know yet. >> reporter: as daylight faded the family got the news they were dreading. he is married and has a baby tower. health been with a group with about a dozen motorcycle drives ride being his own father heading for a barbecue. >> be safe and in control of your motorcycle at all times. >> reporter: callers reported seeing three motorcycle speeding and waving they said before the crash. now the search will revacuum tomorrow and heather with a real possibility dive teams will be out in the water as well. >> yeah, but even more tragedying by the fact that his father was on that raid with him. thank you, deb. it is round two for hillary
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clinton she made herred by for the oval office official today in a two minute video posted online. i'm getting ready to do something took i'm running for president. >> the former secking tear of state is the first document to run in the state. white house correspondent ed henry has more on how her video places more emphasis on every day americans than it does on her. >> reporter: taking her message directly to the people. announcing online what everyone expected. she's runing for president. >> i'm hitting the road to earn your vote. because it's your time and i hope you'll join me on this journey. >> reporter: the former secretary of state's video showed very little of clinton, herself. instead focused on voters and their stories. it seemed as an attempt to focus on earning the support of the middle class. >> i think it's going to be very interesting to watch.
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there's a new approach and a lot of people rooting for her. >> reporter: some voters say they've had an opinion about clinton for years and it's not likely touchiness especially amid the controversy of the candidate using her owner is veer and deletes over 30,000 e- mails. and lingering questions over benghazi. >> she's not answers questions. >> reporter: and clinton's political opponents are already lashing outs claiming she's out of touch. part of the washington machine. >> hillary clinton represents the failed policies of the fast. does america want a third obama term? >> reporter: pushed back by bringing saying she adds a lot of strength to the table. she will be campaigning in iowa on tuesday meeting with educators and students.
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and wednesday huddles with small business macanese des moines. kentucky senator rand paul took to the national talk shows today to say he offers libertarian ideas that are different from his party's mainstream. >> believing in -- believing in privacy and criminal justice everyone should be treated fairly under the law no matter the closer your skin. if you're black you're not always being treated fairly under the law open i want to fix that. >> florida senator marco rubio says he has a big ammonisment tomorrow. -- announcement tomorrow. questions linger about a police pursuit in richmond that ended with a innocent bystander dead. investigators ryu trying to pull over a speeding driver when that strict a husband and father was hit. >> reporter: the older brother and cousin came to the crash
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sate at 24th and gaynor in richmond this afternoon. the cousin struggled to describe here grief. >> when you leaf loved ones behind it's hard to say. you can't say much about that. >> reporter: one of the passengers in this honda civic. around 9:30 last night he and two of his friends left a community center event a few blocks away when a car was struck by a black corvette. the black corvette was going about 60-65 miles per hour when it blew through the subpoena and t-boned the civic. >> i was sitting in my sister- in-law's house and i heard the impact. it was like it felt like a cannon. >> reporter: he died at scene. one of the other passengers was thrown from the car. >> they were classmates at barber school. seeing all of the equilibriumers are all on the
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the cement. >> reporter: just before the crash trying to pull over the corvette for speeding. >> that corvette failed to yield. >> reporter: the police chase stopped when the officer lost sight of the corvette on 23rd street. a short time later the corvette crashed into the si vick. -- civic. >> i view this whole thing as tragic. you know, the simplist things for the gent man you have to done is just stop. >> reporter: those living near the accident lit candles for him. >> it could have been prevented. it could have really been prevented. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. now a similar scenario claimed the life a woman in san francisco friday night. 42-year-old bridget klecker was
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in a crosswalk when she was hit by armed robbery suspects fleeing police during a chase. the suspect the also hit and injured a second person. ran a red light and then hit car full of people. luckingly there, though, no one inside was hurt. the four suspects fled on treasure' lend and tonight they are still on the run. klecker ran several cafes and her employer issued a statement saying, quote, bridget was a beloved long time family and we will greatly miss per." after the two deadly police pursuit we ask questions the police prototole and say why officers had to continue the pursuit on friday. gunfire and shattered glass in the heart of san francisco's fisherman's war of this evening. gunshots were hard and a
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sliding glass door shattered with people inside. there was a short pursuit but they backed off after they realized nobody was hurt. there are questions tonight about what it will take to restore an oakland creek after a massive spill several days ago. using vacuum trucks to clean it up. working for east bay mud accidentally turned the valve the wrong aallowing the mixture to flow into the correct. saying a half mile of that creek was virtually destroyed. >> the creek restoration plant is already being developed. it's too soon to determine whether or not they can return it to the exact same as it was prior. >> saying cleanup crews will be out for at least several more days. they are working with the city of oakland to make sure the
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sewers in the area are not damaged. after a week yen closure it's been closed to traffic between gary and post streets for the reconstruction of a pedestrian tunnel. it will connect the new cpmc hospital with offices across the street. the first of three planned weekend closures. two men died today and another remains missing after they went diving today off the coast. the fire captain says the men were diving in casper cove when they were caught in rough waters. rescuers were able to pull two men to safety. two other men were pull from the water but both had died. a fifth man remains missing. the men are said to be from the bay area and from the east coast. no further information was provided. governor jerry brown was to mix a restoration guarantee in the twin water tunnel project. now supporters say the $ $25
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billion tunnels will improve water deliverly. also including a 50 year guarantee to restore the environment. but reporting federal regulators are refusing issue permits for the project. saying it's unclear if state can fulfill that promise. the paper says without it, the governor may have a tough time finding backers. san francisco giants fans are prepping their lucky gear for tomorrow's ohm opener. -- home opener. >> maybe this and this too. >> coming up a look at the world series champs. >> it's going it a lot of fun. also breaking into the medical marijuana market. the prize people pay into turning pot. plus killed in front of her own children in the south bay.
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after several days on the run police caught up with a man suspected of killing his girlfriend in front of her children in san hoe alast week. 25-year-old andrew butler was
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arrested yesterday in monitor ray. charged of killing kendra gonzalez of sacramento where family and friends held a fundraiser today to pay for her funeral. spoke to them about the arrest. >> i couldn't believe it. you see it all the time but you don't know the feeling until it happens to you. someone close to you like that. >> reporter: kenneth knight is still in shock. attending the fundraiser of his daughter tuesday. her boyfriend andrew butler shot her and ran away. >> did you know him? >> i didn't know him personally. she would come around with him. he was always quiet and i knew something was strange about what you say he couldn't communicate with me right. they had already had some kind of confrontation prior to that. >> reporter: police say butler dumped gonzalez's body on the side of the road in front of
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her two children ages one and 17. they both witnessed the shooting. >> just happy, relieved. happy that there's some type of justice right now and question sleep at night and not worry about where he's at. >> reporter: saying her 17-year- old daughter is traumatized and will need counseling. >> i know that's the worst thing she's ever going to go through in her life. >> reporter: her family is trying to hold it together for the sake of the children. >> just love, affection and have them not relive the memories. >> that was claire dewan reporting. oklahoma law enforcement officials say the reserve deputy who shot and killed an unarmed black man earlier this month meant to grab his taser. the department released video showing the deadly encounter on april 2nd.
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eric harris an excon tried to send an undercover officer an illegal handgun. when he got suspicious of officers he got out of the car and started running. 73-year-old reserve deputy bob chase after arrest yell taser and then you hear right there he fired a single shot. he thought he was holding a taser and immediately on the video you can hear him say i shot him, i'm sorry. harris later died at the hospital. that incident is reminiscent of the shooting death of oscar grant in 2009. a bart police officer at the time and claimed he was reaching for his taser when he shot the 22-year-old. pope francis angered turkey today by describing the mass killing as the first genocide
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of the 20th century. the homemade his -- hope made his comments -- he director brandon sended his use of the term genocide saying it was his due to to remember those that were killed by the turks. >> translator: it is necessary and indeed an a duty to honor their memory. >> turkey con seeds there were mass killings of armenians. the country denies the massacre constituted genocide. today marks the 5th anniversary after protest that takes place every sunday outside of the cathedral of the christ the life in oakland. >> reporter: today makes an
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anniversary. every sunday for the last five years tim has stood here in front of oakland's cathedral in protest. >> i was a priest for 25 years and i would much rather be in church. >> reporter: instead he is out front and he calls it a voluntary exile and won't be back until there are charges with the dealing with the lgbt community and women and victims of abuse. >> since then i've been out of a job and i've dedicating myself to supporting those three groups of people. >> reporter: some days he's out here practically by himself. other times many join him. and issue things taking stage. >> i'm appalled with the contracts of the teachers. to me it feels like a witch hunt. >> reporter: those that attend services to mind the protests on the way out but hoping that
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not everyone sees it that their way. and while he continues to advocate for change he says he doesn't always feel like he's being heard. >> so optimistic that would mean i would feel like there's going to be change in my lifetime. i don't think so. >> reporter: but he says after five years he's not ready to give up yet. >> i keep getting motivated to keep coming back but maybe there's a more effective way i could go advocate. >> reporter: he's not sure how much longer he plans to keep up the week libero toast but does plan to be here next week. >> dozens of people came together in sacramento today to learn how to make money on medical marijuana. these entrepreneurs are learning how to make money on everything under california's medical marijuana laws. organized by the cannabis career into the out of burr
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bank it cost $300 to attend the seminar. >> i noticed there's a lot of -- right now. >> marijuana sales could expand in the feature future a study found that 55% of the state's likely voters support the legalization of recreational marijuana use. it will mirror the efforts of other states. in the aftermath of two deadly police pursuits we ask police about their protol call. >> -- protocol. >> just get away. >> how officers decide when to start a chase and when to call it off. we'll show you what san francisco giants fans were doing today to get ready for tomorrow's big home opener. a big warmup here in the
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bay area. but i'm tracking a weather system offshore. coming up when a few spinks will come -- sprinkles will come into the area. ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the
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the last time you saw the san francisco giants in a meaningful game at at&t park well, it was last october when they took the lead in the world series 3 games to 2. giants fans remembered what happened three days plaiter. the orange and black won their third world series title in 5 years. >> giants baseball returns to san francisco. live now at at&t park. christian i'm sure the excitement is building. >> reporter: absolutely. we were keeping an eye on the fans today buying jerseys, hats and gear getting ready to welcome home the giant for their home opener and tomorrow is one more time to celebrate last world series win. at&t park was quiet. the team battling the padres in
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san diego. come monday the gates will open and the giants will play their home opener against the colorado rockies. abby hit the dugout store getting more giants gear for tomorrow. >> definitely wearing this and maybe this, too. a new hat. yeah. >> reporter: the big sellers in the dugout so far the special gold letter jerseys and hats to commemorate last season's world series victory. >> i believe in the power of the jersey. but, you know, this one for me is honoring madison and just celebrating what an amazing run they've had. >> reporter: the world series giants had had world appeal drawing from the bay area and the country. charles williams is a long time fan that lives nowhere near san francisco. >> i'm from madisonville, kentucky. >> reporter: he says he's here for the home stand. >> i picks up on willie mayes
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and that was in the 58. i've been coming out here since 1967. >> reporter: fans can come check out the yard with new food trucks. another big crowds for the home opener. >> fortunately we've had the past two weeks to get a feel of how it's going to work here. but we do expect craziness. >> reporter: they will be kicking off the 10-game home stand tomorrow. a lot of good times here tomorrow at at&t park. >> i will have my orange and black on standby ready to go. giants fans ktvu has got you covered. we will be live at at&t park starting in the morning. and at noon be sure to tune in we will air a one hour pregame
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special live from the ballpark. so keep it here. it's one of those stories where you have to ask what in the world were they thinking? a mom dangles her child above a zoo exhibit leading to a scare of a lifetime and a wild rescue. plus the deadly police chase in san francisco have been called off? we ask the police chief and hear why he says that wasn't an option.
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two bay area police pursuits in as many days ended in the deaths of innocent by standers. both people were killed from suspects trying to run from police. christina talks to the san francisco police chief about officers decision to start and
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continue a chase. >> reporter: police chase start in a split second liking this one did on the streets of san francisco friday night. police say almost immediately the suspects hit and killed 42- year-old bridget klecker. they go onto hit another pedestrian. crash into a car full of people and ditch their own people on treasure island. >> it's just a horrible tragedy. >> reporter: we asked the police chief if the chase should have been called offover even before klecker was hit. saying they had just turned on their sirens. >> now they're homicide suspects. i don't think anybody expects us to let somebody who commits a homicide just get away. >> reporter: an officer chased a corvette for speeding. minutes after police stopped the pursuit the corvette crashed into a car killing one person and injuring two others. >> it appears the officer followed policy and guidelines and was within policy as far as
10:31 pm
the pursuit is concerned. >> reporter: richmond police say the officer showed good judgment in the case. friday's incident is under review, too. and according to policy they only go after the most dangerous criminals in pursuit. >> these guys did three armed robberies that night. we don't know how many more they might have cone. >> reporter: investigators are doing everything they can to honor the request of her father. >> he wants us to catch the people sponge in the death of his daughter. >> reporter: we reviewed other bay area policies today. officer kanpur sue but when there's a risk to the public the chase should be coulding off. -- should be called off.
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gas prices are backing off a little bit as retailers are making a grab for customers. saying the price for a gallon of regular gas drops 5-cents in the past three weeks to $2.45 a gallon. that's despite a rise in crude oil prices. most expensive gas in all the cities surveyed. a two-year-old little boy is lucky to be alive after a close call at the cleveland zoo. officials say the boy's mother was dangling him over the railing of the cheetah exhibit after he lost grith him and he fell in. they immediately jumped in and got him to safety with a bunch of by standers. >> we tried to get him out but the wall was probably 10 feet so he had to jump up and grab our hands and we pulled him out of there. >> now the cheetahs stayed away
10:33 pm
and didn't go near the family. the boy was taken to the hospital for injuries to his leg. the zoo says it will charge child endangerment charges against the mother. >> sunday's streets event held today at 3rd street and newcome avenue. pediatric residents in training and dental students performed the screenings and applied fluoride varnishes to prevent cavities for children under 17. >> we set up screenings for those that don't normally get it and can't obtain the health care they need. >> it's one of the most common diseases among children is
10:34 pm
tooth decay. a san francisco park that police say was once home turf to criminals was taken over today by families. san francisco police in garfield park and today it held a community resource fair with games, face painting and a visit from the park's horses. saying he recognizes police must be involved in the community. golden gate bridge is supporting a 7-foot tall deck coclock. the clock was removed last august to rebuild the electric motor, hands and other mechanical featurers. crews plan to work over the next few weeks to reattach the clock's arms and neon numbers. it's part of a $2 million retrofit project. a beautiful weekend wrapped up with a beautiful sunset. in case you missed it it we want to show you a picture. just what it looked like over
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the oakland estuary. coming up next meteorologist mark following a warmup this week. a look at when we return to the 80s.
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well, a beautiful day across the entire bay area. temperatures sored over yesterday's readings. a lot of 70s out there. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. san francisco topped out 71 degrees. a few 80s to report out napa and antioch and san jose in the upper 70s at 78. there's a weather system out here in the pacific. there's a cold front that will
10:38 pm
be approaching northern california. here is a closer look at sat lead. clouds by this time tomorrow will be moving into parts of the bay area especially in the north bay and could be enough moisture that we might have a few spotty light showers by late tomorrow night and into tuesday morning. no rain drops detected right now. as far adds the current numbers out there under mostly clear skies a few 60s to report. san francisco downtown 58 and santa rosa 53 degrees. looking out toward the tribute tower here in oakland clear skies out there. monday and tuesday cooler with gusty winds. so the winds will be increasing once again for monoand tuesday. an extended forecast another warming friends. talking about some more 80s showing up. as far as overnight lows talking about 40s and 50s here.
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santa rosa 42. san francisco 48. patchy fog to start out the day. the home opener it looks like the weather is going to be great at at&t park. temperatures will be in the lower 60s and the wind picking up increasing around to 20 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. looking good for this week. as far as the overall weather pattern for now this area of low pressure cold front approaches tomorrow. lots of 60s. temperatures coming down a good 4-# degrees. and as we mentioned winds picking up throughout the day. high pressure returns not really for tuesday but by wednesday, thursday and friday we are going to bring you some warming temperature all the way back to the shoreline. here is the forecast model showing you this. clear skies at least mostly clear at 12:00. a chance of few light showers by monday night. 11:00 tomorrow night and early tuesday miranda warning at 2
10:40 pm
am. clearing skies on tuesday. but after tuesday all of these numbers going up later on in the week. numbers for tomorrow oakland 66. brentwood 64 degrees. temperatures cooling off compared to today's warm readings. and the look ahead the 5-day forecast showingout highs now for the inland, the bay, the coast. notice temperatures creeping up later in the week. your weekend view still looking pretty warm with maybe just a chance of rain cloud late tomorrow night and into early tuesday morning. unless the game goes into like 20 innings i think we will be just fine out there with great weather weather for game one at at&t park tomorrow. >> all right, thanks mark. giants wrap up the road trip against san diego and, of course, are getting ready for the big home opener.
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and it was a historic final round for jordan spieth doing something that has never been done before at the masters. sports report is coming up next.
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hi, everybody i'm scott reiss. there's a learning curve at augusta. 1996 runner said that when asked about 21-year-old's tiger woods worning the tournament the next year. 21 years later another felipe no , ma'am made a mocker reof the learning curve. tiger and jordan spieth edged
10:44 pm
side by side. he hit a hoot. that stings. one more look at it. tiger 1 over family finished at a respectable minus 5. that is for 17th place. spieth he is 18 under par and in front by 6 strokes. 28 birdies on the tournament break phil mickelson's record of 25. and speaking of how about an eagle out of a bunker. finished tied for second with justin rose. here is the birdie on 14. he shot a 2 under 70 but it's all about kid. spieth after bogey 12 he gets aggressive. what a brewty. sets up for annealing. two putts for bird. and then on 15 a purr dee putt
10:45 pm
to go it -- birdie putt for going 19 under. nobody has done it well, now the kid has. the family looking on for the historic finish. the walk up to 18. unfortunately he bogeys 18. so only tied for the boast score in tournament history. caps off a his oric weekend at augusta. a green jacket size 42 regular. the second youngest to win this tournament. he's five months younger than tiger woods was of. >> to put on this jacket is incredible. it feels great. i plan on not taking it off for quite a while. [ laughter ] probably sleep in it the next few nights. but this was a test. there's a reason i have


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