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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a case of road rage led to this pursuit. >> more transparency within the san jose police department. the required new tools for officers expected to be approved today as part of a test program. mornings on 2 continues. good morning i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. you've got to talk about some of the winds. steve is off but we've got rosemary back again. >> yes it's howling out there in our hills and parts of the north bay. we'll take a look at those winds outside your door this morning. we had a system move over head as we slept and thousand on the backside of it the north westerly winds gusting to 22 miles an hour in santa rosa. novato reporting 24. oakland reporting a 24 hour gust with a sustained wind at
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17. if we shift into portions of the south bay, san jose you have 10. as we slide our way up the peninsula we have sfo reporting a 24 miles an hour wind. the gusts will continue as we get into the second half of your day. cool start out there. 47 in walnut creek. 44 in napa. 45 in santa rosa. 47 in novato. although the wind hopes to stir this and prevent the colder air from zhenging. if it will be breezy outside your door, you will feel a chill in your air. saratoga right now 49 degrees. in our hills 38 reported los gatos. as we get into the second half of your day, temperatures will be coming up. we will be seasonal for this time of year but it will be cool and brisk. a lot of 50s along the coast. upper 50s as well as our hills. when i come back i'll put some numbers on your screen and detail the afternoon highs for your area and a big warmup.
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more on that coming up. we have a new five car injury accident on the nimitz freeway and it's blocking lanes, southbound 880. so please give yourself extra time. all of a sudden somewhere a lot of slow traffic as you come through out of hayward and this is going to be a big problem. again five cars blocking one of the lanes with injuries. southbound 880. chp is just arriving on the scene. we'll see more details coming in in just a few minutes. let's go to live pictures. i want to show you 880 north and southbound. you can see this camera just as rosemary has been saying. we've been telling you together that it's windy out there. you can see how windy it is. this camera is mounted on a tall building. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic is backed top the mccarthur maze. that is a 15-20 minute delay before you make it on to the span. let's go back to the desk. a man driving a stolen car
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led police on a dangerous high speed chase through marin county late last night. ktvu fox 2 reporter alex savidge is live now with more on how an innocent bystander was put in harms way. good morning alex. >> reporter: good morning, to you. and this chase late last night ended with a violent crash right here on this street. the stolen car it crashed into a parked car that was right here in this area where you see the bare kids are now set up. you can probably see quite a bit of degree there on the sidewalk after this crash. the driver until this case was going close to 100 miles an hour down residential streets in this area. this was a stolen toyota sow lira that police were pursuing. that car took out a stop sign before crashing here in this neighborhood. the man at the wheel then hopped out and ran into the neighborhood as police were cauliclessing in. but with the help of a canine, he was captured a short time later.
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hiding out on the side of a nearby home. that solar a had been reported stolen around 11:00 last night. a short time later a fairfax police officer spotted the car driving in the downtown area. he tried to pull over the driver but the driver clearly wasn't going to go quietly. >> he started to accelerate at a high rate of speed in downtown which has a lot of pedestrians he accelerated right through there. not caring about the safety of others. >> reporter: the car involved in this pursuit was first stolen last night on a rural road in west marin. and it was taken in an unusual way during a case of road rage. police say the owner of the stolen car was passing a honda on a two lane road.
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the honda passed the solara and the two drivers got into it. eventually the honda crashed and that is when the woman in the solara stopped to check on the two men inside of that car. one of those men then hopped in the solara that was still running and drove off in that car tori and that is what led to this pursuit last night. a strange set of circumstances. really violent crash but in the end no one seriously hurt and one man in custody. >> certainly bizarre chain of events. the city of san jose is expected to -- thistle cos as the new independent police audit calls for more transparency within the police department. auditor says last year the san jose department reffed 340 complaints. she says complaints would drop along with police use of force when cameras are implemented.
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mayor sam liccardo also supports the program. >> if we can move faster, i think we should. i think it's important we know there have been increasing concerns nationwide around accountability issues. >> if approved, san jose's pilot program would start in september with about a dozen officers. if all goes well, the entire department could have the equipment by the fall of next year. >> he lost thousands of dollars in hopes this will prevent others from becoming victims. colleen mcguire says it started with a phone call. the man claiming to be an irs agent says she had to withdraw $6,000 and got it into a special account and he gave her the number. and more than $15 million has
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been stolen. i called the cops on you. because she had account information to give to police that what happened to her can be traced. not through phone calls or messages or e-mails. the so-called serial stow away has been released from a florida jail. maryland jean has been arrested six times and accused of sneaking on to planes without a ticket. this includes several high profile incidents. most recently she was charged with trespassing after reportedly sneaking into an omni resort hotel until florida. since then she has been in a county jail. but this time the judge ruled
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she is not mentally competent to stand trial and dismissed the charges. the investigation continues this morning into the emergency landing of an alaska airlines jet. 14 minutes into the flight the pilot and passengers heard banging noises coming from the cargo hold. the plane turned around and landed back in seattle. it turns out a ramp worker had been locked inside after he claims he fell asleep. authorities say the cargo hold is pressurized and temperature controlled. the worker was shaken up but otherwise okay. time is 6:08. the season home opener for the giants ended in disappointment because they lost. but there was still a lot for the reigning world series champs to celebrate. this is how the team emerged from center field. tim lincecum, bruce botchy, buster posey caring the three
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championship trophies. and then there is baumgartner riding a police horse. and then jeremy, sergio, matt cane, javier lopez, and santiago helped raise the banner up that flag pole. >> this is what it means to me. just to see the energy level and excitement, it will be a memory i will never forget. >> this is my 35th year of opening day. in a row. you've got to do what you've got to do. go giants. >> it's a start of our season. come on. go giants. >> the world championship celebrations are not over yet. the giants get their rings on saturday. now after the home opening ceremony, the giants fans had little else to cheer about. the colorado rockies shut them out 2-0. the giants put 12 runners on base in the first six innings but couldn't bring
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any of them home. meantime the oakland a's went wild in houston. billy butler hit a three run homer. the first of the season. he has the only eight game hitting streak in the american league and the a's went on to beat the astros 8-1. it is coming up on 6:10. getting fined for using too much water. higher bills for certain bay area customers. >> there has been a lot of strong reaction to the logo that hillary clinton is is using for her presidential campaign. we will show you the logos all the candidates are using. >> good morning. in the marin commute so far so good as southbound 101 doesn't look too bad coming in from novato to san rafael. >> i'm tracking another cool breezy day before the taste of
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summer arrives.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. iraq's prime minister will be at the white house today asking for more help to fight militants. the prime minister will make his plea in person to president obama when the two meet. he says the increase in u.s. air strikes, weapons deliveries and training they had to help push back islamic state forces but he says he is still wants
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the militants wiped out once and for all. florida senator marco rubio is joining the race for the republican nomination for president saying he is the candidate of the future. >> it's time for 21st century leadership. it's time to move forward and embrace the opportunity. and i believe i'm ready to do that. that is why i'm running for president. >> in his role rubio called himself a strong america conservative and believer until limited government. he is the third republican senator to enter the race following ted cruz of texas and rand paul of kentucky. joe biden says there is still plenty of time for him to enter the presidential race if he decides to do so. there is a super pack raising money on his behalf. but observers say the longer he waits, the harder it will be to go up against hillary clinton. biden made a run in 2008 for the white house but he dropped out after coming in fifth in iowa. as the race for president really begins to heat up now,
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some people have been doing a double take at the logos unvailed by the candidates. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is joining us live now. you're in san jose to show us some of the designs that are making waves incusing controversy on social media right now. janine. >> reporter: we are here in front of a local coffee shop showing people pictures of some of the logos and some of the comments we have been getting is comical. the campaigns put a lot of thought into the logos. it's surprising that the reaction has been so strong. let's start with hillary clinton. here is her logo. it's all over her website. you can see it's an h with an arrow through it. some say it looks like a hospital sign or fedex logo. the website wickty leaks says it looks like clinton copy her logo. and then ted cruz's logo there is talk it looks like an american flag burning. another says it looks like the
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natural gas or al jazeera logos. we showed some of those these logo -- some of these logos to people. >> honestly it looks like a direction. going a certain direction. >> reporter: do you like it? >> not particularly. >> reporter: what about rand paul's logo? >> it looks like a hockey cig inia. >> reporter: some posted it leaves out alaska and hawaii and some said it looks like a whale there. graphic designers say it's important for logos to symbolize the candidates identity. that is why there is so much
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talk about it the campaigning has just begun. we ask people do these logos really resinate with you and people are really looking forward to rather just unvailing the logos we start hearing about the candidates in the debates. >> very interesting janine, thank you. meantime it seems like hillary clinton's efforts to appear more down to earth may be paying off. look at this yesterday in ohio the former secretary of state went totally unrecognized at a chipotle restaurant. a new york times reporter called the restaurant after getting a tip that mrs. clinton had stopped in there for lunch. the manager said none of the employees remembered her being there. when they checked the surveillance footage there she was. you can see her in the red. by the way she was ordering a chicken burrito bowl. >> okay. >> to go. >> all right. it is 6:17. we want to check in with sal. you said earlier that the high winds are causing problems on
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bridges and causeways. curious what a causeway is. >> a causeway is an area that can be hit by the wind. i don't have the east shore freeway up but there is an area of the east shore freeway where it's surrounded by water where -- i will show it to you in a minute. this crash we talked about last time southbound 880 at decoto road had been blocking lanes but the problem is it's backed up to 238. if you allow me to go back. i was looking here at the mccarthur maze. a causeway is an area here you can see the wind could come right through here and hit cars. you see it's coming off the water here. if you two a little farther up there, there is two sides to this thing that could be hit by the wind. that is a causeway. and also the bridge, bridges will be windy as well.
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lest go to live pictures now. san mateo bridge obviously the wind comes off the water and could be hazardous to you if you drive a small car. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a backup to 25 minutes. you are out there if you drive a prius, you might get blown around by the wind. but hey, you get good gas mileage while doing that. right rosemary? [ laughter ] that is right. suvs too. all right let's take a look at where that wind is coming from and how long it's bing to last. i'm giving you a look at storm tracker 2. we had a few sprinkles fall in the over night hours. it had to deal with a weak front that has moved through and off to the east. but behind it we remain on the backside. and so the north westerly winds blowing right across the bay area this morning. right on the backside of this by the way. ridge of high pressure that
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will lead to tomorrow's big story and that will be the warmup. for today we are tracking a few scattered showers remaining over the sierra. you can see some over northern california. with the wind we are mostly clear. we have cleared out pretty good and we have sun on the way around 6:40 this morning. temperatures a lot like yesterday and the winds will continue as well. anywhere from 10-20 miles an hour. gusting to 25 in some areas along the coast as well as just inside the bay. as we get into the 9:00 hour sfo gusting to 24. half-moon bay 25. this is just a future cast projection but you can get the picture by the afternoon and evening hours the winds are not going away. they will continue. if you notice the direction of the wind coming from the northwest and that means it's going in this direction all of those bridges that run north to west. all going to have issues for
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today. temperature wise 50-degrees in oakland opinion 46 in novato. 44 in napa so cool and breezy to start the day. the peninsula 46 until wood side and palo alto you are starting out at 45. we will do one more shift here and look at 49 for saratoga. gilroy you are look at upper 40s as well. we will continue with this pattern until we get that sun up and shining and temperatures will begin to turn around we get into the 8:00 and 9:00 hour. 60s along the east bay shoreline. 65 in hayward. go inland low 70s so not too cool. in fact, mild. 71 morgan hill. 70 for los gatos. even though you will have the wind where it will feel a little gust e blustery right along the coast. the extended forecast here we begin to see temperatures turn around. we're looking at 80s in the
6:22 am
forecast as early as tomorrow. warmer on thursday. holding steady on friday. temperatures pull back just a little bit in time for the bay area weekend. and then the fog will work back to the coast. 70s off the coast. time is 6:21. parents outraged after an east bay school board member makes some comments that some say were racist. >> that is the most ridiculous thing i have heard. >> coming up at 6:30 the board members tearful apology and how she is playing those controversial remarks. a huge jump in car break ins in one bay area city. the reason police say a new state law could be to blame.
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good morning to you. welcome back. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. tuesday it's april 14th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. it is now almost 6:30. let's get a quick check of weather and traffic. >> so plan on it, it will be a little troublesome getting across the bridges this morning. temperatures this morning starting out at 44-degrees in napa. san francisco has slipped to 49. 50 in oakland. you can see the sun on its way. 5-10 minutes or so before the official sunrise. and we have mostly clear skies in parts over the bay area. you can see partly cloudy there. the winds really helping to knock out those clouds. take a look at how strong they are gusting in areas to to parts of the north bay. 21 in novato. oakland reporting 24 and they will continue for the seconds half of the day.
6:31 am
san jose not bad. mountain view 10 miles an hour. hayward 7 and livermore 5. sfo reporting 21 miles an hour gust. we're on the backside of a system that brought us a sprinkling. now it's off to the east and leaving us with mostly sunny skies. mid 60sin hayward. low 70s for some of our inner locations. today will be the coolest day. we have a big turn around as early as tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 80s as we get into wednesday, thursday, and friday. i will detail that coming up. rosemary, good morning to you. we are looking at a commute that is busier. you can tell some people have the day off because the commute does not have as much volume. this is a look at the windy nimitz freeway. camera is up on the high building but you can see how windy it is. the wind will get your
6:32 am
attention and chp is warning drivers to be especially careful on bridges and causeways around the bay area. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a backup that extends to the mccarthur maze and the metering lights are on. 25-30 minutes before you make it on to the bridge if you're at the very end of the line opinion i also want to mention that traffic is going to be slow on other parts of the east bay highway 4 coming over to bay point. 680 looks good. a little slowing on 242. 880 is slow. it is now on the shoulder. the traffic is slow heading down to fremont. it gets better after dakota road. new this morning a man driving a stolen car late last night led police on a very dangerous high speed chase through marin county. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge is joining us live now to tell us how road rage was a big part of this bizarre chase alex.
6:33 am
>> reporter: yeah dave, good morning to you. the car involved in this pursuit last night in marin county had been stolen after the owner stopped to check on two men involved in a crash and then one of the men in turn stole the woman's car according to police. this pursuit was a high speed pursuit reaching speeds close to 100 miles an hour. it came to an end here. where you can see there is quite a bit of debris on the sidewalk, part of that cement wall there was taken out as well. let me show you the scene from last night. this car was stolen toyota solara that lost control on center boulevard. it took out a stop sign before it crashed here into a parked car. the man at the wheel then hopped out and ran into the neighborhood as police moved in and with the help of a canine, officers were able to capture that man that was hiding out on the side of a nearby home. the solara had first been
6:34 am
reported around 11:00 last night and just a short time later a fairfax police officer spotted that car. he tried to pull over the driver but the man sped off leading to this pursuit and it turn ifs out the stolen car crashed into a parked rental car here on this street. molly hannah came outside looking far rental car but it had been towed away. >> where is my rental car? i thought it was towed for some reason. hopefully it will be okay. ly have to call the insurance -- i will have to call the insurance company and car rental place as well. >> reporter: the car involved in this pursuit was stolen last night on a rural road in west marin. and it was taken following a case of road rage according to police. the owner of the stolen car had been passing a honda on a two lane road. be the honda then passed up the woman and then eventually the two drivers sort of got into it
6:35 am
according to police. now that honda at some point crashed and that is when the woman driving that solara stopped to check on the two men inside the honda but one of those men according to police then hopped in the woman's car and drove off in it. and again that is what led to this high speed pursuit but one man the man driving that stolen car, dave, in custody this morning facing charges of car theft and evading police after a bizarre pursuit here last night in marin county. >> what a wild story. time is 6:35. oakland police in facing a triple shooting and one man is fighting for his life. it happened around 5:00 last night. investigators put yellow bullet markers in the crosswalk in front of this auto body shop. the most critically injured was shot in the chest. two other men are expected to be okay. no arrests have been made.
6:36 am
if you have any information, ole call oakland police. a san pablo police officer under arrest in san francisco is is set to appear in court to face several charges involving drugs a gun, and a child. 32-year-old officer kenneth white was arrested last wednesday after police say they received a tip. a plain clothed officer witnessed white near seventh and howard street buying drugs. investigators say there was also a little girl in his car. >> what is the most troubling is there was a two-year-old child in the vehicle at the time of the transaction. >> the officer was on paid administrative leave for a separate investigation. >> investigators have not yet provided details about that previous investigation and it's not clear whether the child is his. white is being held on $250,000 bail he is already pleaded not guilty to felony firearms, child endangerment, and drug possession charges.
6:37 am
also happening today east bay mud due to vote on tough new water restrictions after declaring a stage four drought emergency. stage four is the highest drought emergency opinion it allows east bay mud to adopt a host of emergency rule. effective july 1st, customers bills will be surcharged 25%. that means an average increase of $12 a month. customers will have to cut water use by 20%. anyone using more than 1107 gallons day, they will be fined more than $100 every month. >> our snow pack is gone. it's melted. what is in the reservoirs is all we have. >> east bay mud will also exercise its right to buy water out of the sacramento river to make sure they have enough to get through the summer. it is 6:37. bart trains are getting more crowded, packed to the max even on average commute days. the transit agency is hoping to solve the problem by ordering more train cars. but that is not going to
6:38 am
provide more elbow room any time soon. ktvu fox 2 tara moriarty is live at the lafayette bart station and tara, just how crowd red these trains? >> reporter: i'm standing on a two by two little squareover carpet here and you can see that this is more room actually than most passengers are given during bart's busiest commute hours and right now we are in the thick of it. we were just up on the platform. you would be hard pressed to find a seat at this hour. 420,000 people during weekday is transportation. bart simply has not kept up with the demand. new rail cars have been ordered but it will be 2017 before enough are ready to hit the tracks. passengers tell us they try to avoid the peak times. >> i get on either between 5:00 and 5:25 and then i get on usually around 3:15 in the
6:39 am
afternoon. if the trains are crowded i don't usually get a seat but i'm not packed in like most. it's a little unfortunate to get up at 4:15. >> and in the meantime bart says it's rebuilding six damaged rail cars. hiring more mechanics, and reshifting train schedules but all of that would cost money and bart just recently raised fares. coming up what one woman does to make sure she always gets a seat coming from san francisco on here into the east bay. live from lafayette i'm tara moriarty. back to you. it is 6:39. a martinez school board member made a tearful apology for comments that some have called racist. >> my child deserves air conditioning. he will not be discriminated against. >> it began when parents started to lobby for air conditioning in two martinez elementary schools.
6:40 am
but there was only enough money for ac at one school. that is is when denise suggested that students at students at las juntas are acclimated to to the heat. >> i'm sorry top use that scenario and they were portrayed in a bad light because of those words. >> the vote on air conditioning was postponed. time now 6:40. loud banging from underneath a plane as that plane starts taking off. coming up in 20 minutes the explanation for what caused an emergency landing for a plane heading from seattle to los angeles. >> and we're live at balboa high school in san francisco where a few minutes from now kids within the district will be receiving their one millionth breakfast here at school. what this milestone means for
6:41 am
them as well as in the classroom. >> it's going to be windy today. parts of the east bay and on bay area bridges. really almost anywhere you can see on the san mateo bridge the white caps there on the bay. >> in addition to the winds, 60s and 70s in the forecast for today. 70s and 80s by tomorrow. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your tuesday and the significant warmup coming our way.
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6:43 am
6:43. we are following developing news from japan where an airline jet has crash landed. this is pictures of twitter from the plane. several news organizations are reporting that the jet over shot the runway and smashed into the ground. at least 20 people were hurt. reports say none of the
6:44 am
injuries are believed to be serious but passengers are very shaken up. you may remember this is the same airline that was involved in a deadly crash at san francisco international airport almost two years ago. we'll keep following this story and bring you updates as soon as we get them. happening today the san francisco unified school district will serve its one millionth breakfast. brian flores is live. some of the shots of the food it looked very healthy. >> reporter: yes, make you very proud being the health nut you are. good morning, to you. we are live at balboa high school in san francisco talking about the significant milestone. we are talking about the one millionth breakfast that will be served to kids. they almost get a pretty good meal out of it. it's been going for a little less than a year. we have bagels and apples and milk as well. for talking more about this,
6:45 am
this is heidi anderson. >> we are so excited to be here. this has been a big milestone for us and we're very happy to have a really healthy meal and so many students eating breakfast and the fact that this is not going to be in the cafeteria this morning. no, we have changed it up. this will be delivered to the kids. >> that is part of the program is that there has been studies that show when kids have breakfast inside a cafeteria there is a little bit of a stigma to it. but when kids eat breakfast in the classroom during their learning experience, it changes their whole per son that. >> that is right. it's right in front of them. they are finishing up their home work. they may hot want to take a breakfast. but if a banana is sit willing and a and bagel it's right there. you just pick it up and eat it. >> reporter: one millionth that is quite a bit of breakfast. what does it say in terms of socioeconomics. are the kids getting the
6:46 am
breakfast at home? how has it changed? >> it's been a problem for a long time. these are kids. it's early in the morning. it's hard to get a kid to eat breakfast even at home. a lot of kids even though they might have breakfast at home they might be in a rush. when they get to school and get down to work, they start to feel hungry and we don't want them being hungry until lunch. so this is why we bring this to them. >> i know this program has only been going on for less than a year have they been about to quantify the results? >> there is a lot of studies we do from soups to nuts not to use the phrase about school climates and test scores. survey of the kids how they feel. they feel like they have enough to eat. all of those numbers are going in the right direction. >> reporter: thank you so much. we'll be out here all morning long talking about this major milestone and by the way one kid from the high school here is going to receive a very special prize. we will not reveal what that prize is or when it will take
6:47 am
place but it will be happening later on this morning. but a pretty big milestone as we go back to you in the studio about what this breakfast means and what it means to the kids out here. >> it is important and my mouth is watering too. [ laughter ] >> thanks a lot. time is 6:47. it is a great day for cal basketball. they just landed one of their biggest recruits in years. >> i just want to announce i'm going to the university of cal berkeley. >> they are cheering. 18-year-old ivan rabb chose cal over arizona. now last month rabb led bishop o'doul to a state title. the golden state warriors are getting ready to host their last game of the regular season tomorrow night but last night oh they beat up the memphis
6:48 am
grizzlies 111-107. clay thompson went wild 42 points. the warriors host the denver nuggets tomorrow and they still don't know who they will play in the first round of the nba playoffs. it will be either new orleans or oklahoma city. time is 6:48. let's get you going. get you out the door and expect some breezy weather gusts of winds out there, sal. >> as a matter of fact, dave, now that you mention that. i want to show you. i think you saw it earlier when i showed it to you. i want to show you the 880 picture here that we have. there is not a lot of traffic but you can certainly tell it is windy if you happen to have time to look at your tv and i know a lot of you listen at this time. it is windy. if you drive a small car on a bay area causeway or bridge, it could be a factor for the morning commute. just be extra careful. chp is asking us to let you know about that.
6:49 am
when you get to the toll plaza, you will see traffic will be a little busy here. it's backed up a little beyond the mccarthur maze. we had an earlier accident on the nimitz freeway southbound near dakota road. it is out of the lanes but traffic will be busy as you drive through. as we look at the south bay, the traffic here on 85 and 101 a little bit slow. 20 looks good and i have to tell you that new ramp they put up 280 at 17 is making a little bit of a difference. it's slightly less congested. 6:49 let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. sun rose 10-15 minutes ago. take a look at the fire ball in the sky. that is a gorgeous view. we have mostly clear skies to partly cloudy. the wind responsible for blowing out all of that cloud cover. remember just yesterday we started out with even patchy thick condensed fog over parts of the north bay. but not the case for today. we will be mostly sunny. we are going to be breezy.
6:50 am
temperatures will be cool once again. a snapshot of the satellite radar. even a few sprinkles in areas like santa rosa and areas like sfo. but it moved through. behind it we have this wind that will be with us for the entire day. picking up a few scattered showers over the northern california as well as the sierra picking up a little dusting of snow. it's also beginning to wind down there as well. temperatures in the low 60s and 70s. and the winds 10-20 miles an hour. especially along the coast and sfo. today will be the coolest day. we begin a warming trend as early as tomorrow. thursday and friday look to be the warmest days before temperatures fall back a little bit in time for your weekend. let's talk about what is going on here and now. in addition to the winds blowing it is very, very gusty over our hills. in our hills gusting to 30 and
6:51 am
40. napa 17 and gusting to near 25 along the coast. sfo. as we get into the afternoon, the winds will continue. here we are 6:00 in the afternoon and they are still blowing. the direction of the wind north westerly for today and that means our bridges the ones that face east to west we are talking about the bay bridge. we are talking about the richmond san rafael. these bridges right here in here we will have the wind pushing up against your car. 48 for san francisco. 46 in novato. 49 redwood city and 46 for livermore. so a cool start. if you have the wind, it will feel chilly. 43 at black hawk. mora go you are checking in at 44. mid to upper 60s over the north bay. 68 for you petaluma. 64 in alameda. 67 castro valley. into the south bay 70 san jose as well as saratoga. 70 for santa cruz and the
6:52 am
peninsula one last stop. 67 redwood city. 61 pacifica. 63 san francisco. so those low 60s and wind equals a brisk day. we've got temperatures climbing as early as wednesday. warmer thursday. friday perhaps the warmest day. temperatures begin to cool back in time for the weekend but mid 80s inland. it will feel like summer as we get into the second half of the week. 70s for the coast. >> this morning i can testify that wind was making me do the ma'am bow. thank you. time is 6:52. a mountain lion just made itself comfortable. coming up next the efforts under way to get it out of there.
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one year ago today more than 200 nigerian schoolgirls were abducted by the terror group boko haram. today ceremonies are being held across the world. a silent protest was held in nigeria in honor of the 219 young girls kidnapped from a boarding school there. the fate of most of the girls remains a mystery. protestors wore red tape over their mouths to symbolize the stolen voices of the abducted schoolgirls. >> when your voice is taken.
6:56 am
you can't speak. you don't exist. but our girls exist. >> a report issued today by amnesty international claims more than 2,000 women and girls have been abducted by boko haram in nigeria since the start of 2014. back here at home former 49ers running back lawrence phillips is suspected of killing his cell mate at a prison in south carolina. a spokesman says the cell mate of phillips was found unresponsive on saturday. he died later at a hospital. the former football star is serving a 31 year prison sentence for choking his girlfriend and driving his car into three people at a park in los angeles in 2005. wildlife officials are hoping a mountain lion seen beneath a house will just leave
6:57 am
on its own. workers installing a security system ran across the 150-pound cat in a crawl space yesterday and noticed it had a red ear tag. it turns out the mountain lion is a local celebrity of folks. two years ago a photographer captured images of the big cat with the hollywood sign in the background. authorities have tried to scare off the mountain lion by firing bean bags and tennis balls under the house. they are now keeping the area clear until the cat comes out. there was a high speed police chase through marin county. we'll tell you how it started after a woman stopped her car to check on the victims of a crash. >> also. >> i wish i listened to my intuition. i feel so threatened. >> another victim of an irs scam. how a santa rosa woman was cheated out of thousands of dollars and how you can protect yourself.
6:58 am
6:59 am
f0 a high speed chance in marin county last night ends with a crash here on this street. weep tell you how police took
7:00 am
that man into custody. we will tell you how the began with road rage. the required new tools for officers expected to be confirmed today as part of a. mornings on 2. we're life with a damage left behind after a high speed police chase ended in a


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