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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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is thursday april 16 i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> brand new day i'm dave clark, weather and traffic good thoughts as we go over to mark tamayo in for steve. >> yeah, clear skies temperatures you can walk outside and enjoy the nice temperatures lots of 80s for this forecast, we start to do warm things up yesterday that's a trepd we'll continue for today, take a look at the numbers, a noticeable change with san francisco especially from 66 yesterday, all the way back up in to the upper 70s this afternoon. so warmer today that's the eventual temperature range 70 to 85 degrees, current temperatures showing you cool numbers it across parts of the area napa cooled down to 45, san jose 48 and fairfield #40i6 degree -- 60 degrees because of a breeze, winds out of the north, 15 miles an hour, the rest of the bay area, wind not as strong but a breeze around 5:00 basically three to five miles an hour winds in the
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parts of the bay lots of sunshine the eventual temperature range as we showed you the 70s that yellow contour popping up here and orange, more 80s making a comeback for your thursday afternoon here's a plan this morning mostly clear skies, by 3:00, look at that, lots of 80s out toward san jose, even approaching the 80 degree mark, the temperature time line, here's when you bupdle up -- bundle up, 7:00, nice recovery, on track to reach lower 80s oakland 82, santa rosa 83 and antioch topped out 84 few changes in your weekend forecast, more in that fai -- in a few minutes but sal standing by busy commute. >> that's right, couple things popped up that made it slower at the bay bridge we have a bigger than usual back up because of an earlier stalled big rig in one of the right lanes west of treasure island, they moved that
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out but there for about 20, 25 minutes and caused slow traffic this morning good thing said it's gone off the bridge, now you can see the traffic is slower. if you're driving through concord and walnut creek, looking at this area for you and traffic is okay earlier crash didn't cause any damage to the commute, highway four slowing up in antioch but looks better there and 80 from viejo to richmond nice looking drive santa clara traffic looks good along with 101 and 85, 6:02, back to the desk. all right. new this morning repair work could start today for a fire hydrant it was ripped from its foundation overnight by a car crash, thousands of gallons of water gushed out of the gaping hole left by the hydrant at least two cars involved in that wreck and at least two were hurt a fire battalion chief
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estimated 75,000 gallons of water were lost. ribbon cutting for the new san francisco police building a quarter billion dollar campus in the mission bay neighborhood but officers could run-in to a serious problem during emergencies, ktvu fox 2's alex savidge with the issues that could slow down police response times, alex? >> reporter: yeah, claudine good morning to you and here's the concern as police officers pull out of the garage here at the new public building they head this way on third straight and head in to trouble because at&t park is a few blocks away and the traffic in this area is bumper to bumper and if you see by the sign, the only thing police officers can do is make a right hand turn so they get stuck in all the gridlock this was the scene cars at a virtual stand still heading towards kings street on thirt and in the middle of that back up, san francisco police officers trying to leave the new headquarters
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and southern stations, even squad cars waiting to make that right hand turn and then just turning around as they searched for another way out much the mta does admit the traffic situation here near the new facility does present a challenge for police but a department spokesman tells ktvu that it won't interfere with officers responding to emergencies, one neighborhood we talked this morning however he disagrees. >> when it's game day the traffic is bumper to bumper, if there's an emergency i really don't think they can get it out. no way they can get it out because third street, fifth street all this is bumper to bumper back to back, i watched this every single game. >> reporter: police spokesman tells ktvu that officers' schedules are staggered to avoid low line -- long lines of cruisers waiting to leave and sending officers from any of the other nine districts. meantime the mts looking at options to ease the traffic troubles near the new facility
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but changing the intersection is not as easy as just re-striping the lanes there's a concrete barrier in the road separating traffic lanes from the muni tracks so as we bring you out here live this morning this is the new public safety building already in use has been for a few days now but the official groundbreaking ceremony for the facility happening later on this morning, claudine at 11:00 this morning. >> thanks so much, alex. time now 6:05, prominent catholics in san francisco asking the pope now to remove the city's archbishop, taken out a full page ad in this morning's "san francisco chronicle" tara moriarty says this comes after several months of a lot of friction over church doctrine. >> reporter: good morning san francisco is liberal the archbishop is clearly not and many said this was a doomed matchup from the start now about 100 catholics here in san francisco are voicing their opinion about the archbishop in
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the san francisco chronicle this was the front page and on the back you can sew this is actually a front page ad they took out saying holy father please provide us with a leader true to your values and your namesake please replace archbishop cordileone, saying he's fostered an atmosphere of division and intolerance coerced teachers to sign a morality cause that characterizes sex outside of marriage and homosexual relations as evil, his change to the handbook is mean spirited and sets it closer to persecution than evangelization, baker exec lou gerado as well as the father of new england quarterback tom brady. now, another complaint they
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have a pastor who marginalizes women's participation by banning girls from altar service and provided children with a pamphlet about sexually, sexuality that asked whether they had masturbated engaged in sodomy or undergone an abortion. now, this is very swift response from the archdiocese saying that quote the signers presume to speak for the catholic community of san francisco they do not. so this morning we are hopefully going to be able to talk some to some folks and talk about exactly how they feel about this ad as well as the archbishop, live from san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> thank you. time now 6:07 very special home opener for the giants, first pitch thrown out by brian stowe they feel blaze at the municipal stadium stowe a lifelong giants fan brutally beaten four years ago outside of
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dodger stadium he suffered traumatic brain injuries tonight will be the first time since 2011 that brian has been at municipal stadium since the time he served assen emt during games and events, the pregame festivities start at 6:30 this evening. santa fe police want your help as they investigate a man's severe beating on september 14, peggy cathcart said her son went to the store and never came back the 36-year-old father of two was found at the taxco apartments, his jaw fractured he was robbed and beaten. >> right now he's aware of what he has lost so, it's, you know, he's going through grieving and uchl -- unfortunately, i am as well, i apologize for this but i can't help but be emotional when i see what's happening to him. >> cathcart retired to take care of her son and saying he's learning to walk and to talk again but his memory and
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eyesight are cloudy. meantime investigators say they only have one small clue in the in the case and that's a cell phone video of a vintage car taken by cathcart's son police hope the owner of that car might remember something. if you have any information you've been asked to call the san jose police department. our time now 6:08 four clayton valley charter high school students reportedly under arrest accused of robbing an alleged drug dealer at gun point, according to the contra costa times three of the students are football players one considered the team's star player miles harrison said new team rushing records he and the three others all being charged as adults with robbery. their arraignment scheduled a week from today. anl anne alaska water company says it has the solution to california's water drought the alaska dispatch news, alaska folk water plans to begin exporting water to customers to california this summer. now the exact details on how that water will get here, who's
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going to buy it and how much they'll pay, that's not known. the company reportedly has the rights to export as much as 9 billion gallons of water a year from blue lake to put that in perspective, the u.s. gss of california uses approximately 38 billion gallons of water a day. >> that's a lot! >> a lot of water. yeah. time now just about 6:10, wartiors won again last height and going in the playoffs on a winning note, at 6:30 one of the team's stars klay thompson tug about what is ahead. but first a small aircraft lands on the lawn of the u.s. capitol, the reason the pilot says he did that and the inaudible concerns his stunt is raising. looking at the east bay commute and seeing signs of slow traffic here and there on 680 and 580 tell you more about the east bay commute straight ahead. and the bay area warm up continues, coming up the neighborhoods will be in the 80s this afternoon, and a warning if
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welcome back, to morning 2 san francisco police surveillance video can help in the latest smash and grab burglary videos, one of the thieves used what appears to be a slingshot they broke the glass front door of a store named stuff on valencia street, the source sells furniture
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jewelry and collectibles now four thieves ran in there they stole what they could in about four minutes, they escaped with as much as $5,000 worth in jewelry alone. so far no arrests have been made however the surveillance video does show some of the faces of the burglars if you want to take a closer look you can do it, we put it on our website,, look under featured stories. a bay area family is mourning the death of a construction worker who was killed after getting crushed by an 8,000 pound pipe in petaluma, 28-year-old jared overfield of nevada was killed near highway 101 yesterday after a forklift operator laid down a concrete-encased pipe and it broke away. overfield tried to stop that pipe as it rolled toward the highway but it ended up crushing him. members of his family were overwhelmed as they gathered at the scene of the accident.
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>> up by jared's body this morning, talked to all the siblings so we could all be there with him. >> the best brother i've ever had and i'm going to miss him. >> overfield's employer released a statement it said quote our utmost concern and priority is to the family for their sudden loss and ask that your thoughts and prayers go out to them during this difficult time. >> all right. time now 6:15, new thorn this morning, ceremonies in south korea remembering the victims of the worst disaster, one year since 304 people died when a crowded ferry boat sank off the coast of south korea, most of the victims were high school students. memorial services are being held today, mourning those victims that sunken ferry boat still at the bottom of the sea a year later. relatives of the victims want the government to raise the ship
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to conduct a thorough investigation in to what happened. malaysian officials announced today they will double the search area for missing malaysia airlines flight if it's not found by next month. that jet disappeared with 239 people onboard more than a year ago. but by next month the searchers are expected to finish covering a 23,000 square mile area of the indian ocean near australia officials say if that plane is not found the search area will expand by an additional 23,000 square miles. a florida postal worker says he landed his one man gyrocopter on the lawn of the u.s. capitol in a high profile call for campaign finance reform. 61-year-old postal worker doug hughes carrying 535 letters in his one man aircraft, one for each member of congress. capitol boys quickly captured him yesterday afternoon, the secret service familiar with him for about a year or so, he's
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made no secret of what he was planning. >> and i'm going to land on the capitol lawn, in front of the capitol building. >> he wanted everybody to know, he wanted the media to know, the authority to know he was live broadcasting this, live streaming it so you can see where he was. >> a friend also says he called the secret service to let them know hughes was on the way fearing his friend might get shot down still many wondering how he got inside that restricted airspace so easily. >> what a wild story. our time 6:17 let's get you moving and out the door, sal have you fixed thing on the bay bridge and if you're taking care of the folks on highway 24. >> we're doing that, the highway 24 commute where we start with dave and claudine, going to start with westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland traffic is getting busier in lafayette but we don't have a lot of stop and go traffic just yet, 12 minutes to take that drive but when you get to the
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bay bridge, it's a little bit more crowded than normal and that's because of an earlier stalled truck up on that upper deck of the bay bridge, you might notice the traffic is just moving slower, pardon me as you drive on to the bridge, that's because the metering lines were slowed down when that stalled truck was there the truck was gone but the traffic is going to be slow in the area. talking about the peninsula now traffic looks good on highway 101 and 280 heading down from south city past san bruno past mateo, on 101 all the way to san jose and it's talking about the south bay, traffic is a little bit slow on northbound 101 from 280 as you head up to 880 but the rest of the freeway 805 getting in to sunny veil and cupertino, today's weather mark tamayo. >> get ready for a warm one trending with those temperatures over the past few days and you'll feel it, more 80s in the forecast maps outside right now
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we do have the clear skies and you can see the eventual temperature range later on today, 70s for the beaches san francisco will be in the upper 70s, going to have lots of 80s showing up with the warming weather pattern not only here but down toward southern california, fire danger creeping up and as a result they have this fire weather warning in place 5:00 p.m. later on today current numbers stepping out the door cool ones and mild ones now for right now 45 degrees hayward a bit warmer, san jose in the upper 40s san francisco and oakland stepping outside the door actually pretty mild out there, a breeze, fairfield winds out of the north checking in 15 miles per hour and the winds on this panel not nearly as strong, the calm winds, winds around three to five miles per hour, if you are heading to the coast on the beach beautiful view today but just be extra careful here's a look at some of the buoy reports out there the swell building on later today as a
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result people have at least the conditions near the shoreline a bit more hazardous especially as we head in to the friday forecast because this swell will continue to build so could have an increase in the rip current activity if you're going to be heading to the ocean just keep that in mind the conditions become more dangerous out there high pressure still command of our weather and basically the sinking air that is warming air and this is the process really kicked in yesterday, not too much change for today the warming will continue under mostly sunny skies and temperatures from the low to mid 70s to the beaches warmest locations inland approaching the mid 80s giants play this evening, once again new team though they get diamondbacks come, pretty mild at at&t park, those readings in the upper 60s with mostly clear conditions, forecast highs this afternoon lots of 80s out there you can see santa rosa 83, some more neighborhoods, oakland 82, livermore 83 degrees san jose in the lower 80s lots of 80s by
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about 3:00, 4:00 in san francisco in the upper 70s. here's a look ahead your five-day forecast you can see temperatures still pretty warm for tomorrow especially inland but cool thins off coast side with that breeze and then mostly sunny skies in to temperatures next bek, san francisco upper 70s, i look at the people when they go on the lunch break toward the embarcadero i don't know if i would go back to work, too nice! >> and it doesn't get to high 70s. >> definitely an vent when you're in the city. >> thank you mark. well, police shooting investigation involving two east bay cities, coming up in 13 minutes, what officers say a woman did that led them to open fire and the similarities to another miss shooting several months ago. but first the really hot debate over childhood vaccinations, the somewhat surprising outcome and the big announcement concerning the recent outbreak that could come at midnight.
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welcome back, of 6:24, if we don't see any new cases of measles today rngs county health officials will declare the measleses outbreak is over, the score originated at disneyland back in december spread to
6:25 am
several states even countries 131 people in california were infected. now in order for the outbreak to be considered over two bang back to back incubation periods totalling 42 days have to pass without any new cases being reported. now, while that period ends on friday public debate sparked by the outbreak, that continues. well this morning a highly controversial state mandatory vaccination bill inspired by the measles outbreak is stalled with no vote until at least next week. >> let's begin please. >> tensions were really running high as hundreds of pairchbts showed up -- parents showed up to testify at the state bill yesterday, requiring kids to be vaccinated before they could enroll in school and eliminate a loophole that allows parents to opt out because it conflicts with their personal beliefs some say it's unconstitutional and it tramples on personal rights. >> i'm in fear of this law,away
6:26 am
the government telling i don't want the government telling me what i want tock injecting in my children's's bodies. >> and each other the children the schools should be forced to fet risks because of other's choices. >> the bill part of 19 states allowing parents to cite their personal belief and religious xem tun shuns dsh -- chem exemptions now scheduled to revisit next wednesday. a new recycling program hoping to keep a well-known park free of trash after busy weekends scott weiner popped autopsy a pop up recycling and composting center, the bins will be docked during the week but open on the weekend and on holidays when trash is the aits highest volumes, volunteers on hand to help part goers figure out how to sort the trash and nurnl them to clean up. for the first time in 15 years, the giants were swept in
6:27 am
their home opening series, started off with a balancing bag with arnodo arrenado, and one of the highlights was duffy's first career homerun in the 8th inning. there it goes. tonight the giants host the arizona diamondbacks with madison bumgarner making his first start of the season. a former oakland a prevented his team from being swept lowry three homeruns for houston including a two run homerun in the first, ats troes peat the as 6-1 even a spectacular catch by josh reddick couldn't save the as from that loss, the royals which 12th inning game that ended in a victory. well, this recent round that whale that washed ashore why scientists may never know what killed it and what their plan to do with it next. we're learning new information about a deadly fire
6:28 am
that happened last night what firefighters encountered and what we know about the victim
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welcome back, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, thursday morning april 16 i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong in for pam cook your time now is 6:30 and time to head on over to mark, he's in for steve this morning there's that gorgeous sunrise you promised us. >> yeah, beautiful 6:33 sunrise. >> i just ducked down it is a beautiful mild feeling. >> stepping outside yeah, and the keys a change in wind speed across parts of the area, winds not too much of a factor but if you go up in elevation just over 1,000 feet, it's really gusty out there as a result with the change in the wind direction that's going to warm us back up you can see lots of clear skies, out toward the richmond
6:31 am
bridge, the key headline, our warming trend will continue, so take a look at the numbers from yesterday, 60s 70s even 80 santa rosa everybody back up in the 70s or 80s warming up with that eventual temperature range mid 70s to the 80s showing you current numbers it is a big range, i should say napa in the 40s, san jose, san francisco the 60 degrees a good sign northerly wind kicking up and that typically warms up san francisco, some of the stronger winds up above 1,000 feet, some of the reports right now, 48 miles an hour, reports of strong winds in the oakland hills the winds around 45 and mount tam checking in 24 miles per hour at middle peak forecast gusty winds higher terrain lots of sunshine the yellow con tour in the 70s orange in the 80s here's the plan for your thursday, starting off the day with mostly clear
6:32 am
skies there's the temperature tile line and by 3:00 70s and 80s, san francisco that 77 showing up santa rosa 83 and lots of 80s for san jose, fremont, livermore and antioch. but a few changes for your weekend forecast more on that in a few minutes, sal right now has an update on the bay area roadways. >> mark good morning to you right now beer looking at a commute, especially at the bay bridge but other areas we're going to start the bay bridge because we have a stalled truck earlier it made the toll plaza a mess had to slow the metering lights down and sushl takes -- usually takes a while for these to unwind, counting the minutes before you make it up the span on to treasure island, the morning commute is okay once you get over to the other side, going to take awhile, longer than usual, moving on to oakland, this is still nice between dountd dount dount oakland and the hayward area, in the southbound direction we have a new crash on northbound
6:33 am
85 just past highway 17, we get to slow down there on northbound 85 for the most part, the south bay commute not too bad with it the exception of some stop and go traffic northbound 101 6:32 back to the desk. a body found in the san jose home where there was a fire, firefighters trying to figure out how the fire started. ktvu's janine de la vega joining us, you had now information from the coroner's office. >> reporter: yeah, told me the person who was found dead inside this home near story mchauf -- mclaughlin avenue was a man not able to identify him because he was badly hurt, fire damage to the fence here as well as the windows had to be boarded up here fire officials tell us they received a 911 call just before 7:30 last night about this fire when they arrived they found a man who told them he was
6:34 am
in the garage when he smelled smoke, he told firefighters that someone else was still left inside, the flames were coming from one back bedrooms, firefighters did a search while knocking it doup -- down and did the discovery. >> a thorough search while actively fighting fire. as they went and continued their search to find a person that was deceased obviously not something that us as firefighters you know, hook -- look forward to. >> reporter: police helped block off the neighborhood so investigators could look in to what happened here, standard in these situations still learning to hear what caused the fire to start, i asked the coroner [ bleep ] office it appeared the man died from the fire and he said yes primarily and doesn't seem to be anything suspicious about the extent of his injuries. now there were some neighbors who came here awhile ago we're going to talk to them further you can see there's some damage
6:35 am
here they say they witnessed this fire and that they actually heard the man who was trapped in here screaming for help we're going to talk to them and you'll hear from them in the next 30 minutes coming up. back to you. >> all right, thank you janine. we'll talk to you later. time now 6:35, meantime san jose police still investigating a crash where two people were killed and a car was left upside down on vta light rail tracks happened around 10:00 the car look at the pictures, the car flipped over it landed on the tracks along north capital avenue officials say five people were in that car when it crashed. two of the people died there at the scene. three others were rushed to the hospital. investigators still want to know if alcohol and speed were factors in the crash. vta service appears to be running normally in that area this morning. [ indiscernible ] oakland police now investigating an officer involved shooting that left a woman injured
6:36 am
happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon on 105 avenue near interstate 880 in east oakland officers from san leandro were conduct an investigation in the city when they saw a car that was stolen a woman driving with a passenger she drove away hitting several parked cars and a fence then police say she rammed the car being driven by a san leandro officer and that officer opened fire the woman was injured ask taken to the hospital the passenger was interviewed by police oakland police say as they learn more information they will release it to the public. >> certainly we want our community to know what happened, why it happened and that is an important piece but we want to make sure we report information factual. >> police said no details other than she'd in her 20s the alameda district attorney also planning its own investigations. this is the second shooting
6:37 am
involved in san leandro police and a stolen car in the east oakland area on december 7 officers shot 27-year-old guadalupe ochoa of union city after she allegedly rammed a stolen car in to several police cars she died two days later at the hospital a few days later police officers reportedly receiving threats from an east oakland gang that it ties to ochoa, several officers reportedly being followed home, that investigation ongoing jie. a homeless man behind bars for attacking a san francisco girl for no reason, kosdi was charged with several felonies this all happened yesterday morning as the girl and her mother walked on the streets the man grabbed the child by the neck lifted her off the ground and then placed her against the side of a building. she was treated for minor injuries to her neck and throat. time now 6:37, happening today a new call for the catholic church to remove the
6:38 am
archbishop of san francisco after months of friction over the archbishop's conserve option tara moriarty, how are they getting their point across? >> reporter: well, they have taken out a full page ad in the san francisco chronicle, the front page and here on the back, look at this ad and signed by 100 catholics voicing their opinion about him a respectful appeal to pope francis from the catholic community please replace cordileone, saying he's pos -- fostered an atmosphere of division and hostility a morality clause that characterizes sex outside of marriage and homosexuality as gravely evil, taking the faculty hapd book is mean spirited and sets a tone closer to
6:39 am
persecution than eadvantage vangel evangellization. >> i'm equally appalled at what the archbishop has done, i don't understand why the pope who's moving in a progressive direction would allow someone in a regressive direction to lead the catholic church in san francisco. >> reporter: 100 people signed this letter including the retired director of catholic charities cayhill, gerardo and as well as the father of new england patriots quarterback tom brady, add you a very swift response from the archdiocese saying quote the signers presumed to speak for the catholic community of san francisco and they do not. now, the creators of this letter are going to be holding a press conference later on this morning around 10:30 and we'll be sure to let you know what they have to say live from san francisco
6:40 am
tara moriarty, back to you. >> all right we'll talk to you later, thank you. let's talk about the warriors the best team in the nba now gearing up for the playoffs with one more win. [ cheers and applause ] >> and to steph curry and in three, it's good! [ cheers and applause ] >> they are fun to watch aren't they? the warriors wrapped up the best season in team history by knocking off the denver nuggets 133-126, the warriors won despite starters like klay thompson for that game, with 67 victories warriors now head in the playoffs with the best record in the league. they are going to face the new orleans pelicans in the first round of the playoffs, game one of the best of seven series is saturday at oracle arena game two, monday night also at oracle, games three and four will be in new orleans if necessary, games five and seven will be played in oakland. and he's technically the lesser known half of possibly the best pair of guards in the nba, i think we all know him
6:41 am
well this season life changing for klay thompson as it has been for steph curry, thompson a first time all-star and made the cover of sports illustrated couple months ago, we sat down with him to talk about the season he says the team expects a long playoff run. >> we all have one goal and that is to win, especially with a lot of guys this point of their career they just want to win they don't care about individual accolades or recognition. that comes when you win the whole thing. and really, we got it this year. >> earlier this year, thompson set an nba record with 37 points and a quarter against sacramento, scoring 26 points and a quarter this week against memphis. time 6:41, a sight you don't want to see especially during a record drought in california, thousands of gallons of water shooting in the air with a fire hydrant in san francisco coming up in 20 minutes what happened overnight that caused this major mess.
6:42 am
and we are live at sfo this morning, where a very special group of world war ii veterans getting ready for a big trip to washington dc, coming up, we'll be speaking with one of our nation's heroes coming up. good morning, the morning commute here on the east shore freeway not too bad as you drive through but there is some slow traffic waiting for you at the bay bridge toll plaza. and our warming trend will continue more 70s even more 80s in the forecast maps for today coming up though, a few changes to your weekend and when showers may return to the bay area forecast.
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good morning welcome back to mornings on 2, time # 44 and a dprup of world war ii veterans gathering now at sfo for a very special trip called an honor flight brie brian flores is right there right now where are they going? >> reporter: going to washington dc, good morning to you, very special flight for many of these bay area veterans, some of them, the first time they'll be going to dc for the memorial, i want to talk to our heroes i'm hear with bran fanning if that name sounds familiar to many of our bay area folks, the former mayor of tiburon, helped found the city, in fact, bran is part of this honor flight this morning how are you, sir? >> pretty good. >> reporter: yeah. how excited are you to go on this flight to dc to visit the
6:46 am
world war ii memorial? >> i wanted to see that memorial ever since they proposed it because the last one they got around to building and so it's been very special, i'm glad i used to be in the tour business original scommi we used to take people to washington to see the monuments and um, and sta us and stuff like that so this is kind of special. >> reporter: very special. let's go to video if we can show the set this morning about 25 veterans are heading over to dc this morning and they're going over for free, this is part of honor flight which is a national organization, a chapter here and the funds to pay for this all through fundraising if you can help out that would be a good cause. tell us about world war ii, what was it like for you and your memories back then? >> mostly, the destruction of everything had to give up and go and i got as far as san
6:47 am
francisco, and much further as we used the ship i was on to move troops around the bay and we were stationed here all the time and war was over, got discharged and went back home, finished up in my case i moved back to san francisco and stayed here. >> reporter: you settled in tiburon? >> about three months ago we just moved to san rafael to a retirement place. >> reporter: when you get to the memorial, i mean, if you can, i don't know if you can look ahead but what's going to be what are you going to remember about that time, the emotions that are going to be going through your head? >> well, the main thing that all the people that didn't make it back, i mean the lone sailor, you have the point out just a point right now, you think of all the guys who went back to sea and didn't make it back during the war and it's the same
6:48 am
feeling here through them, i've been to washington many times and been to most of the memorials and always left world war ii out of it, and they finally got around to doing it, i've seen it, beautiful thing well done. >> reporter: all right have a safe trip, we'll see you back here this weekend veterans heading out there coming up, talk to more of our heroes when we come back on mornings at 2 back to you. >> thank you to them as well. let's check in now with torry campbell for a look at what's going on, hi, tori! >> good morning, claudine dave in the next half hour, tough winter for the lake tahoe area, hardly any skiing but why it's gearing up to be a bad summer for the tourist reason as well. >> this whole thing is whack, but i'm going to shut up right
6:49 am
now. [ laughter ] >> an awkward and tense moment calling in to question questions and heated confrontation with one of the judges, the next hour for mornings on 2 now back in the studio. >> all right. tori thank you. time 6:48, let's bring sal back to where you need to go how's it looking? >> a little bit slow out there in some areas we're still talking about some slow traffic on some of the bridges let's see, the commute from san francisco slowed down by earlier problems on the bridge, it's still about a 25 to 30 minute delay getting in to the city, the san mateo bridge traffic also busy, moving along to 237 westbound getting in to the valley the traffic is a little slow crossing 880 and that's, that's about it for now on that freeway. the south bay not bad they had an earlier accident at north bend moved to the side but traffic still slow, caused a slowdown from the almond valley
6:50 am
north 85 but still i would say not too bad, wade through a little bit of slow traffic and for the most part, getting up to cupertino well. the forecast for today lots of sunshine, more 80s in fact in the forecast maps thursday afternoon, just beautiful out there right now, the sun up with mostly clear skies few high clouds but gusty winds especially for the bay area hills up above 1,000 feet and that wind warming us up as well, this afternoon there's the eventual temperature range 70 to 85 degrees we'll take a look at the current numbers out there and sort of a big range right now you can see 45 degrees in napa but look at san francisco. 61 if you're stepping outside the san francisco it's pretty mild san jose currently in the upper 40s touching on the wind speeds a bit of a breeze out toward fairfield, travis air force base winds out of the north, 15 miles per hour and some more wind reports not
6:51 am
nearly as strong sfo and san jose but you can see after the higher terrain mount diablo for the top, winds gusting at 48 miles an hour, reports of strong winds in reports of oakland hills, 24. here's the microclimate forecast the beaches upper 60s basically lower 70s i should say this afternoon and just be extra careful the swell will be building today in to friday here's our temperature sensor across the bay warming back up in to the 80s easily across a good portion of the bay area, the warmest location this afternoon approaching the mid 80s around 83 to 84. high pressure still in full command of our bay area weather pattern, sinking air, that's warming air warms down approaches the surface happened yesterday, no big changes for today except we're going to actually bumping up those numbers, the warming trend will continue and this offshore flow weakens a bit in the friday forecast, as a result we'll cool
6:52 am
things off getting just a little bit for the beaches tomorrow, looking long range tracking the weather system drifting down our coast and it could be close enough we have to bring in maybe the chance for showers next week maybe wednesday and thursday still quite a few days away watching out for that potential change, lots of 80s in the forecast maps santa rosa and fairfield, walnut creek 82 oakland lower 80s you'll find warmer numbers for san jose, gilroy santa cruz, san francisco we showed you lower 60s and the tides 77 degrees the forecast warm over the next few days minor cooling for the beaches beginning tomorrow and then mostly sunny sky -- partly sunny skies for monday of next week during the next hour on mornings on 2. well a slip up during the changing of the guards in front of buckingham palace in 25 minutes the embarrassing moment
6:53 am
making waves on the internet that gives new meaning totd term royal pain. and the raiders appear to be getting worse, why the nfl doesn't seem impressed with oakland's latest plan for a new stadium.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> time now 6:55, eight years
6:56 am
ago the deadliest shooting in america, seung-hui cho shot can killed 32 people at virginia tech university and injured more than 20 more afterwards he killed himself since the years of that shooting some of the survivors become gun control advocates and better campus security. the university of boston marathon bombings is also being observed this week. church bells rang in boston yesterday as people paused to remember the moment when two bombs exploded at the race's finish line, three people died and more than 200 others were hurt last week tsarnaev was viktd in the bombings, the sentencing phase begins next week whether tsarnaev should be sentenced to death or spend his time in prison. appears the nfl is losing patience with efforts to build a stadium with the raiders of oakland, according to the bay area news group visiting the raiders yesterday to get an
6:57 am
update on development plans. after the meeting alameda county supervisors scott haggerty told the paper it was productive but not convincing enough progress was made the nfl wasn't available for comment but told the san diego radio station oakland has failed to produce a clear plan to finance a new stadium, the nfl does not want projects that rely on additional development to help pay for a stadium that is a corner stone of oakland's proposal. 6:57 marine biologists say it is unlikely we are ever going to get a definitive answer about what killed a 50 foot sperm whale in pacifica this comes after biologists from the california academy of sciences and veterinarians from the marine mammal center conducted a necropsy yesterday scientists say the tissue samples are too decayed for lab work, working with if i firnls to -- officials to figure out what to do, maybe
6:58 am
leave it where it is or decide to bury it. claudine, 6:57, four students arrested and accused of serious crimes next, what they're accused of doing. and a ribbon cutting today for a new facility in san francisco for the police department, however there's some concern this new location is going to leave officers fighting traffic before they can fight crime
6:59 am
7:00 am
a fire breaks out in a san jose home. the tragic discovery firefighters made inside and the new information we just got from investigators 30 minutes ago. plus, san francisco police officers caught in gridlock during an emergency. we will tell you about the concerns over traffic in the city's new public safety building. . good morning. it's thursday, april 16. i am tori campbell. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's check the weather and traffic. >> lots of sunshine. if you step outside the door this morning, you might be surprised.


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