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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 18, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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the body. >> mike: big shots to the rib cage of machida, finishes twice in his mma career. >> joe: machida has to commit to this half guard. he's got to go way deep and he decided to back off and go back to full guard and just hold on. and that's what he's doing here. rockhold is one of the larger guys in this weight class. easily could be a light heavyweight. but, of course, we know lyoto used to be a light heavyweight. >> mike: fox "ufc fight night" machida versus rockhold. we welcome those who just joined us. we are live in newark new jersey. mike goldberg, joe rogan. this is the first round of our main event. lyoto machida former ufc champion former strike force champion. luke rockhold. >> joe: beautiful job rockhold just did of dragging lyoto back down to the ground and taking his back. the only thing key keeping him from full back mount is the left leg and you see him reach back and grab the heel. he wants to make sure rockhold
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doesn't get the second hook in. that left leg between his body and his thigh controlling him. and lyoto scrambles but eats a big punch in the process. >> mike: don't forget, after our fights here live on fox, this being our main event all the fights will be broken down on fox sports 2. and the ufc post fight show. >> joe: lyoto keeps trying to scramble back to his feet. every time he does, rockhold is one step ahead and maintains control and makes him eat punches. >> mike: lyoto trying to get back up to his feet. >> joe: but he doesn't want to give up the position and wind up getting hit in the head with a knee which rockhold can't throw now, because lyoto's hand is down. >> mike: that left hand -- two legs and a left hand. >> joe: rockhold is expertly handling the situation. i love how he can kicks out the leg -- kicked out his base and maintains top control trying to get that hook in. now he's got it.
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he's got one but doesn't have the left one. stays on top, punches him. luke rockhold is battling here. >> mike: take advantage of the position early. 30 seconds left on the clock here in the first. >> joe: he's in big trouble. he has beaten some hard shots here, mike. and could be hurt and trying to roll out of position. but again rockhold one step ahead. >> mike: 15 seconds! >> joe: rockhold has his neck. he might be in trouble! >> mike: 10 seconds! machida, trying to survive. >> joe: barely surviving. oh! >> mike: wow. >> joe: hard elbow by rockhold. hello! this little beauty here is top-of-the-line. see, you just pull like this to go left. and like so to go right. where are the brakes? uh, just grab ahold of both and pull straight back. and the "whoa!" is optional.
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you wouldn't buy a motorcycle without handlebars. no thanks. and you shouldn't ride a motorcycle without geico insurance. roadside assistance, 24 hour service, great rates. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. six jobs nine cars, eighty summers and you're done. you could spend your life wathching other people with branded helmets and sticker book smiles. or you could go out and make some marks of your own. earn some scars! break records, bones and hearts! till you're eighty eight and you're still throwing punches. or the world weeps at your grave. you only got one shot. so bring your rocket launcher. you only live once. >> mike: machida survives. we are set to start round number two. lyoto very wobbly, as he made
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it over to his corner. now let's see how much he has been able to recover. a true battering the first five minutes by rockhold. >> joe: he got really badly, badly hurt. especially towards the end of that round, and when he got up he was in all sorts of trouble as he made it back to his corner, literally saved by the bell. can't see out of his right eye, swelling shut. >> mike: nice kick. >> joe: nice kick to the leg by rockhold and lyoto not moving well at all. he's likely still badly hurt. rockhold with a hard kick to the body. >> mike: we were in commercial break, joe, and had to see how he looked in the corner. and he definitely looked like he took a beating. but more time to recover. can he score points. there's another kick by rockhold. >> joe: rockhold shaking his head that lyoto didn't hurt him. it's a matter of how much lyoto
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has recovered and what his body is capable of doing right now. i mean, he was so badly hurt at the end of that first round it's difficult to ascertain how long it's going to take or if even possible for him to recover. five-round fight. the way he went back to scoring he easily could be concussed. >> mike: heavy elbows on the ground and pound. there's -- >> joe: that's the last place he wanted to be. rockhold on top of him here. lyoto has got to really scrap scramble or face more of the same. rockhold has got his arm tied behind his back. rockhold doing a beautiful job of tying him up here. lyoto is in a terrible position here. rockhold holding on to that arm. tying him up. machida just pointed to his face, to the referee. i don't know what he was trying
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to say. >> mike: might be wondering about the placement of some of these elbows on the ground and pound. he is in a bad spot again, though. >> joe: all over him here. and this is really a showcase for rockhold and just how high-level his jujitsu is. and here lyoto -- rockhold has his back and he may very well finish him here. this is it. he's got the neck. >> mike: he's going to tap. it is all over! luke rockhold! finishes lyoto machida! just the third man to stop lyoto machida. john jones, luke rockhold. >> joe: that was a special performance by luke rockhold. i mean, that was complete total domination from the first round. and just smushed him in the second round. >> mike: the reaction, daniel
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cormier says it all. take a look at our metro move of the night sponsored by metro pcs where you can get unlimited data, talk and text for just $30 period. >> joe: once he got him to the ground -- and this is of course, after the beating that lyoto took. in that first round. but once he got him to the ground, the second round his control was perhaps the most preface pekt aspect of the fight. and lyoto is not even using that left hand to defend. he's just thinking about tapping with it. you look how he's got it sunk in here. he's not grabbing the hands with his left or his right. you know what that means? that means he was broken. he wasn't just beaten, he was broken. because he's not trying to defend with the left or the right. he's basically just got strangled and was waiting for the moment where it was appropriate to tap. huge, huge victory for luke rockhold. >> mike: and look at the reaction of tc.
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shirt tie, gloves. and a victory for his teammate. well done, daniel cormier. well done luke rockhold. we will visit with luke and so much more when we return to newark, live on fox. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ fox "ufc fight night" is sponsored by bud lite, the perfect beer for whatever happens. and by harley davidson. roll your own. the biggest victory of luke rockhold's career across the hudson here in newark new jersey. bruce buffer has the official decision. >> ladies and gentlemen, referee keith peterson has called a stop to this contest. declaring the winner by tapout due to a rear naked choke, luke rockhold!
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>> mike: eighth career submission win for rockhold who will talk to joe. >> joe: i'm here with the winner, luke rockhold. luke, you set out to make an impression tonight. you can't make a bigger statement than what you did tonight against the former light heavyweight champion. you completely dominated this fight. it was one of the best performances we've ever seen against a guy at the level of lyoto machida. how do you feel about it? >> did you hear my walkout song? i'm the best around. look, i did my part. weidman, you go do your part. we'll take this across the way. madison square garden. let's make history! >> joe: let's take a look at the finish here, luke. at the end of the first round you had him badly hurt as he got up. and you had hit him with some really strong shots from the top. beautiful control. but once you got him on the
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ground during the second you took his back it was basically over. >> yeah, i had to take my time. he had a real good sweat going i think he knew we were going to scramble. i landed a clean elbow to finish that first round. i knew i hurt him, saw him kind of wobble up to his corner and i knew i had him from there. i saw his time and i thought it would be a lot faster. i just felt good. >> joe: was there anything surprising about this fight? >> no not really. i mean, i just -- i -- you know, i've got confidence in myself. i know i can strike with the best guys in the world. lyoto i thought it would be a lot faster. what can i say? i want to thank my sponsors and everybody who got behind me. muscle farm. awesome. thank you everybody. >> joe: congratulations luke. you made a hell of a statement tonight. luke rockhold, ladies and gentlemen.
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>> mike: just the third man to lyoto machida. and now look at the longest active ufc finishing streaks. rockhold with four. and the rowdy one, ronda rousey with five. luke rockhold with the victory. when we return, curt menefee, brian stann, daniel cormier and chris weidman with the belt will bring us to a finish. after this.
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i want something sweet without all the calories. (singing) lil sweet! did somebody ask for the sweet no-cal sweetness of diet dr pepper? that was me. shhhh. shhhh. just take a sip. (sings) ooohhh. oh that is sweet. (sings) oh yeahhhh! you work here? no, lil sweet is (sings) self employed. that's awesome. (sings) lil sweet sliding out on his knees. he's hot! i'm thirsty too! diet dr pepper. it's the sweet one. another great night of fights here right across the hudson river from new york city and newark new jersey, and maybe a potential new number-one contender at 185 pounds. we welcome you back to the desk. curt menefee along with brian stann who said wow at the end of that fight. daniel cormier who cheered because he was in the corner of the fight. and the champion at 185, chris weidman, who got called out at
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the end of that fight. what say you? >> hey, man, amazing performance by luke rockhold. i've got may 23 to worry about with belfort next in line. i'm waiting with my belt. nice and comfortable. >> let me tell you something. there is a guy in this arena that sat in his seat and he didn't just sit back. he stood up, sat down, stood up sat down walk around the desk and tried to find a reason to not have to stand across the cage from luke rockhold. that guy is chris weidman. he knows right now that there is a real lion in this weight division. as you are yourself, my friend. but luke rockhold tonight -- he said he would do it faster than weidman. >> hey, hey let's stop talking over there, all right, big guy? it's all about match-ups. he did amazing against lyoto machida. but that's not me. he's going to deal with a whole different game. >> okay, okay. >> it's a completely different ball game. >> but luke rockhold
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capitalized. it appears he threw machida down. we've got to see a replay. he took advantage. he told me last week, he said, look, if this fight goes to the mat, i hope on a totally different level than lyoto machida. when i said that yesterday during our prefight and weigh-in show, people on social media said i was nuts. luke rockhold backs those words up. he was on a completely different level. i would love to see what it would look like if luke rockhold and chris weidman were on the floor. because you've got a guy who is going to mix and take down and strike. he can do it all, you can do it all. let's see what happens with belfort. i'm there, no matter what. >> i don't know if it was a slip or a punch or a throw that got him down. when he went down, luke did a great job of completely capitalizing and letting machida know this is his world on the ground. and he said it before the fight and proved it during the fight. >> when he started to fight rns it was very slow very deliberate, with pressure, but not crazy pressure.
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machida landed a couple punches, and you see that rockhold is a big guy. he's durable. he didn't feel like machida could hurt him so continued to press him. and is once they got to the ground, it was like two different levels. this is crazy because lyoto machida is a brazilian jujitsu black belt. it's the ability to do different things, the things you don't expect on the ground that makes him hard to deal with. >> and the other big fact, luke fought an extremely smart fight tonight, something you thought, chris, would be an advantage for machida. machida is known as an incredibly smart fighter. doesn't make mistakes in there. and we always wondered wok hold to be aggressive. he showed tonight he not only stepped up his level technically but mentally rockhold is on another level again. >> you said, chris this is about match-ups should you fight rockhold. how do you think you match up with him? >> it's a great match-up for me. he is a very well-rounded fighter, but doesn't have an expertise in anything. and i think that's going to be the problem he has to face with me. i have a -- i'm a master at
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wrestling, at jujitsu. striking, i'm an expert in as well. i'm the best at everything. he's in trouble. >> that is that new york attitude coming out from chris weidman. listen there is no doubt about it, i'm the biggest chris weidman mark there is on the planet. i just believe that that's a great match-up. but i think what this really shows, is that circumstance can can controls everything. we are up here talking as if it's foregone conclusion that luke rockhold fights for the belt when the number one contender just fought. but because he lost his opponent, circumstance proves that ma cheated machida is a bigger name. >> that's a good question. i was going to ask, when does jacare souza -- he was the number one contender and dominated a fight that was a no-win situation for him. >> it's all about how many tickets you sell. right now the match-up people want to see, they want to see luke rockhold face belfort. >> these guys will talk more about that in the post fight show on fox sports 2 and luke
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rockhold will join them, as well. that's on fox sports 2. these guys and luke rockhold. it all comes your way just as soon as we're done. up next on fox we say good night with your late and local news, except on the west coast. for my guys brian stann, daniel cormier and the champ, chris weidman, i'm curt menefee saying so long. you have been watching fox "ufc fight night." -- captions by vitac --
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get dressed as tron. [ applause ] never a better time to use the term "named it" than for this video. watch this guy jesper jaden at the suzuki nine nights competition. boom! nails that wall right there. sideways transfer off the jump into a technical alley-oop double flat spin. moving on to the silky smooth double back flip over the ax. >> finally polishing off the run way 450 on the down rail. >> wow. i know you like your rails but that's an ultimate win. >> 100%. looks like he's wear agopro the
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whole way down. so you can see the hang time he gets. anti-gravity whenn the air. >> right? look at what a beautiful -- looks like he's on a snow castle. >> fun to watch i think he impressed himself and buddies down at the end. >> whoa, dude! >> dude. >> what? just out of curiosity, who is the last person on earth you would want to play a truth drinking game with? >> my mum. >> yep. >> not the game you want to play with mom or dad. >> ah i'm david and i am her son. >> aye name's lyn, and this is my son tyler. >> this is a truth or drink game. parents and kids. >> oh 30 seconds. there's a series of awkward questions. you can either answer the question or take a shot. >> did you ever drink, smoke or do drugs when you were pregnant? >> nope. >> i kind of feel like because of who i am, that's untrue. [ laughter ]
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>> called his mom a liar. >> when did you lose your virginity. >> um -- i lost it -- when i was -- >> just don't tell him the sixth grade. >> no. >> seventh grade. >> seventh grade. [ laughter ] >> this is mother/daughter answering a virginity question but listen to mopping's reaction twonchts months before i turned 17. >> that's -- >> whew! >> i'm sorry. >> that's the way she dresses. >> i'm surprised to see how much honesty is in the video. i expected to see a lot more drinking. >> they picked excellent parent/child relationships. >> what's your favorite sexual position? >> do you want to know? >> dad's off. >> when your mom pretends she's the police. [ laughter ] >> i want to play this game now. >> that's the thing. i wonder does it bring you closer together? >> that's an excellent point,
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nick and we are going to get the answer to that question in the form of this mother/daughter relationship. >> when i moved out we -- relieved or sad? >> sad. and i'm going to cry. >> me, too. >> ah! >> cute. >> that bottling looking pretty drained. >> let's drink to that. that's it for us here at "right this minute," everybody. thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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a car blows through a red and stops. >> only because of a light post. >> see why this one could have been so much worse. >> everything okay? dude jumps into tub beauxrbulent waters. >> waves are knocking him around all over the place. >> what happens when the sea gets angry? >> i'm freakin' out. >> hiring dancers for her husband's party. look closely and you see -- >> impossible! >> the story behind the crazy funeral trend. and -- >> what's wrong?


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