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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 18, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. a day long fishing trip turns into a search and rescue mission. tonight two people are dead and two more are missing. good evening.
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>> hello. after spending hours coordinating searches for those two missing boaters tonight the coast guard has called off the search. the wreckage of the 21-foot boat was found earlier today off tomalas point. the four set off yesterday morning from bodega harbor to the north but never returned. deborah live in sonoma county now with more. >> reporter: we're at the airport where henry one the sheriff helicopter is based and within an hour of launching this morning spotted the wreckage. from the air what's left of a busted up boat. and stretching through the water around it a debris field. >> there was totes bags, just pieces of the top of the boat. i think the bottom of the boat was on land. >> reporter: the coast guard got the call. >> a fiberglass boat. a rocky area. it wouldn't take long for
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it to break up. >> reporter: three men and a woman set out from bodega harbor about 6:30 friday morning. they were expected home by 5:00. concerned loved ones raised alarm. >> we went to the local marina where they were launched from and the truck was still present. so we began a search. >> reporter: but it was after fog lifted and the sheriff helicopter could fly the coastline this morning that the boat and two of the four victims were found. one lifted from the water. another from the rocks. the group never made a distress call. they were out for the day salmon fishing and may have strayed too close to had treacherous shore. >> it's very important that people understand where their fishing location and the hazards for rock fish and shallow areas and the -- swells can sometimes
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pick up. >> reporter: all afternoon the search kept up for the remaining two boaters. the coast guard working a grid pattern to account for the tide. the chances of those missing surviving the wreck is bleak. it's sadly reck nisant of a tragedy last november in which a 32-vessel capsized killing four of the five people aboard. the skipper was a seasoned fisherman. for those sent on to the water when rescues are recoveries, it's never easy. >> it's always tough for the crew working with young women and men and they want the best for people and it doesn't work out all the time. >> reporter: of four people on this boat, two are still missing. and the search when it resumes tomorrow will be greatly down sized. mostly on shore. no more helicopters or boat searching. we're told that a man and woman were recovered today. and two men are still
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out there. >> reporter: such a sad outcome. hoping tomorrow they'll be able to bring the families closure. thank you. warriors pride on display tonight. here you go. a live look at the tribune tower. the top of it lit windup the -- up with the team's colors rotating between blue and gold. the team kicked off with what many hope will be a championship run winning the first playoff game against the new orleans pelicans. christina was there as the loudest fans in basketball packed oracle arena. >> go warriors. >> reporter: the stakes are high in the playoffs. >> want them to win. >> our year. >> reporter: expectations are higher. >> take it this year. sure. >> reporter: showed up early. >> we got meat and carbs and liquor. >> reporter: with lots of food, lots of drinks and lots of confidence. >> i think we're going to win
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by a hefty amount. >> reporter: before the game, tailgate. and one by one dove nation filled oracle arena to a sellout. another example of strength in numbers. >> my first playoff game. my husband comes every year . my daughter invited me. i'm very excited. >> go warriors. >> reporter: inside fans got a win. >> steph curry performed. thompson fantastic. >> reporter: those are some of samantha's favorite players. >> curry. signed my hat. >> how did that happen? >> when he shot -- at the tunnel on other -- to the other side of the court. >> i know we're going to win this round. the next round should be tighter. but i think if we get a championship that would be great. >> reporter: it would be great. >> all the way. number one. championship. ready. >> reporter: because a winning season like this has been a long time coming.
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>> we sucked for such a long time that now that we're good it's new and fun. >> it's about time for us to get our ring. >> reporter: now as for the game itself it was really a fun winner and the warriors got the win and they got a little bit of everything tonight. >> yeah. absolutely they did. including a play that curry seems to be able to pull off so many times. fans just about speechless. >> just another reason he should be the mvp of the league. but the wait for this game seemed eternal. i guess that's what happens when you clench a playoff spot around st. patrick's day. we'll show you what went down in game 1. going to work. coming up with a loose ball. i think this is what heather is talking about. racing dave us. gives -- davis. gives about eight inches and still gives it the go and foul.
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warriors led by 18 at the half. third quarter curry to his wingman thompson and the flush. thompson with 21. doves push the lead. somewhat of a game lead. dagger courtesy of green. tough finish in traffic. lot of flexing today as well. the warriors take game one 106 to 99 but knew it woopt be all easy. >> now you're the hunted. you need to know that -- they're coming and they'll give you their best shot. so i guess there's a little more pressure but at the end of the day what we expect out of ourselves and what the (inaudible) we hold ourselves to. nobody's expectation is higher than ours. and i think as long as we keep the mindset, we'll be just fine. >> reporter: even a team as
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talented and as dominant as the warriors were all season, there were butterflies. it's very real when you're the number one overall seed. they survive the day. >> can probably learn something today. >> yeah. it wasn't that close. they were up 25 late in the third. and then they missed free throws and you heard him talk about it. doesn't happen all the time. but it's -- you get the win and move on. wipe the slate clean. try again monday. >> here we go. and of course dove nation -- things are just getting started here for the warriors. they'll be back at oracle monday night. and then new orleans for two games there. game three on thursday night in new orleans and game four on saturday. the search is over for a missing motorcyclist who fell off the antioch bridge. a search volunteer found the body and the family confirmed it was
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26-year-old dithen wrath. as we have been reporting, rath crashed his harley on the bridge last weekend during a group ride. he leaves behind a little girl and fiance. this morning a few hours after the discovery of his body, a crash killed a 22-year-old motorcyclist. his identity is not yet released. police say the man died at the scene and may -- also say speed may have been a factor in the crash. no one else was hurt. pge investigators spent the day at the scene of a natural gas pipeline explosion down at fresno county. >> oh, my god. horrible. >> reporter: the blast happened yesterday at the fresno county sheriff gun range. a total of 11 people were injured. two critically. the most seriously injured were a public works employee and jail inmate. four others released from the hospital. two fresno county
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sheriff deputies were injured. the explosion happened as work was being done with a front loader at the shooting range. the gas company said a vehicle struck the 12 inch pipe. pge surveyed the pipe two years ago and it was buried about 40 inches below the ground. earlier this month pge was ordered to pay $1.6 billion for failures that led to the 2010 san bruno natural gas pipeline explosion that left eight people dead. closer to home, a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person who killed a woman last night in oakland. police say the woman was standing with several people on 89th avenue near plymouth street when she was shot by someone in a passing car. she died at the hospital. no one else was hurt. there's no word on a motive or
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description of the suspect vehicle. wednesday is earth day and many bay area communities are getting an early start. in san francisco this morning thousands packed the earth day festival and for the first time it was held in the mission district. a number of nonprofit groups were there to educate people about living a more sustainable life style. activists for amazon watch says it's important to think globally and act locally. >> we need to do our part to call for climate justice and keep oil in the ground so people can come by here today and support the organizations and get involved locally. it's only one earth we have. >> reporter: vendors sold eco friendly product like office paper made out of sugar cane waste and bamboo. beaches around monterey bay are cleaner tonight.
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more than 400 volunteers took part in cleanups hosted by the central coast group save our shores. organizers removed 3300 pounds of garbage. the worst place elcorn slew where volunteers picked up 900 pounds of trash and found cigarette buds and tires and mattresses. also found in the slew, a microwave. a ceramic toilet. clothes and diapers and bags of sheep's wool. a true life story being shot now in the north bay. and its next stop the big screen. coming up at 10:30 an immigrant's journey from political turmoil in iran to bay area wrestling champion. and a bay area first. inclusive place for all children children. hear from the mother who was determined to see this playground built. i just decided i wanted to just not do the lawn thing.
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>> reporter: new water rules may have you thinking the same thing. first look at the new mandatory water restrictions. we'll be right back. i love my mileageplus® explorer card. we're saving our united miles... ...for a trip to hawaii. we love free checked bags. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. no foreign transaction
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fees means real savings. we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. one of the best things about priority boarding is you can just get on the plane and relax. i put everything on the explorer card. i really want my united miles. . the state water resources control board is changing conservation guidelines. regulator released a new plan today outlining the mandatory water cutbacks with some bay
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area cities reducing consumption 36%. more about the measures. >> reporter: your yard is the biggest user of water for most urban water districts. >> sacramento region is a lot warmer. a lot of irrigation and turf. >> reporter: under the latest water regulations areas that use the most water will be facing the biggest cutbacks under a new 9 tier system. a district whose customers use 65 to 80 gallons would fall into the tier 3 and face 12% cuts whereas others would face the steepest cuts at 36% in tier 9. >> we should be able to be required to save more money which i think we've shown to do. >> reporter: that's why this is crucial to educate the customers on how to help meet the mandatory cutbacks. >> get back in the shower, wash ouf, three minutes. saves a whole bunch of water. >> reporter: that's how crystal
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is helping out. barry is capping 15 sprinklers as he rips out his grass. >> i yus decided i wanted to not do the lawn thing and do planting that was -- drought resistant. >> reporter: these cuts will save barry money and help his district in the tier 9 water cut bracket meet the goal. if the customers and agencies don't step up, the new drought takes into account new enforcement. >> there should be absence by the state and that's why it's going to take a huge effort on our part to educate the customers both in our district and statewide to try and meet the requirements. >> reporter: this latest will be up for discussion until wednesday until the new comments and a final draft all coming to a head on may 5 and 6 when the
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agency takes a vote. the mandatory cutbacks will go into effect in june with state regulator tracking usage then. san francisco will have to cut consumption by 8%. east bay mud 16%. take a look. right there. one of the communities to see perhaps the biggest cut is hillsborough to have to reduce use by 36%. it may soon be a bit harder for people to enjoy a glass of wine. new regulations are requiring many restaurants to post calorie counts on wine lists. the labeling rule is part of the affordable care act. it's aimed at making people more aware of the calories they're not only eating but drinking. >> i think that it could actually be like a buzz kill. >> a little bit. it's, you know, about being
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healthy. >> reporter: those new regulations are expected to go into place on december 1st. president obama is blasting republican senators for delaying the confirmation of his choice for attorney general. he elected her in negative but the hearing was delayed as the senate rangled over a human trafficking bill to include antiabortion language. today president obama vented his frustration. >> enough. call lynch for a vote. get her confirmed. put her in place. let her do her job. it's embarrassing. >> reporter: if confirmed lynch would be the first african american woman to serve as the top law officer. civil rights activists are so angry that some staged a hunger strike. australia raised its terror alert after five teenagers were
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arrested on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack. law enforcement authorities say the teens intended to attack veterans day ceremony. investigators have released few detoils tails of the alleged plot. >> these days we have no information it was a planned beheading but there was reference to an attack. >> those individuals arrested today are not people of faith. don't represent any culture. this is simply evil. plain and simple. this is frightening. >> reporter: since december, there have been three incidents in australia in which people claimed alliance with the islamic state. it was 109 years ago today that the great 1906 san francisco earthquake struck at 5:00 in the morning. >> 3 2, 1. (sirens). >> reporter: and earl y this morning, the group of san
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francisco civic leaders and actors and history buffs gathered for a memorial ceremony. there are two living survivors of the 1906 quake. one was 3-month-old when the quake hit. he didn't attend but his niece was there to represent him. >> when the earthquake and the fire hit. my grandmother rapped him up in the table cloth and left on a -- on a horse drawn cart down to to the waterfront and got a boat across the bay. >> san francisco ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ . >> reporter: and you can hear people at the event singing songs and a moment of silence for the estimated 3,000 people who died in the quake. it remains one of the worst natural disasters in u.s. history. the other survivor is a 113-year-old woman who lives in pebble beach. she was also not there at today's ceremony. more than 400 students and
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community members marched in the chavez parade in the mission district. show cased the goods before and after the big parade. organizers say the goal is to educate people about the life and legacy of the leader. >> the young people in the neighborhood have not heard of chavez to educate him on the work and what he's done to have rights for the farm workers. >> reporter: this is the fifth year that the event is held on 24th street. his birthday is actually march 31st but this event is middle of april so that it falls in tweeb his birth day and sinko demio. tiffany boxes and an orange carpet rolled out for baseball stars today. we'll take a look at the world championship ring party. >> some ring that is. and being called a first of its kind inclusive playground.
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the unique features that make it accessible to all kids.
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. a new playground designed so kids and parents with disabilities can play on it. . >> reporter: every bit of design thought out and built with purpose. >> they're going to enter this playground and feel very safe and secure. >> reporter: a vision six years in the making. the mother behind it would drive from palo alto to coupeer tino to pay so her child could play on a swing.
10:25 pm
a drive that got her thinking. >> where are the children using a wheelchair and children using a walker and blind child playing. >> reporter: so she did something. after research and planning and raising $4 million, most privately funded, the magical bridge project was born. a playground with the magical laser harp where music is made by plucking imaginary strings in the air. swings big enough and slides wide enough for all ages and sizes. not to mention a two story tree house with a stage and bridge so anyone can play at an elevated height. and check out this feature. someone can go on the merry go round strap her in, and you enjoy the ride. >> typically children with disabilities are playing on the sidelines and not in the center of things. and here at the magical bridge playground we
10:26 pm
want them to come out and celebrate and shine. >> reporter: it's not just for children. but adults in wheelchairs. for mother emily she calls it a dream come true. >> they get to see me as their taxi and meal maker and providing but here i get to play with them and be sill an eand have fun and be adventurous. >> reporter: a place where everyone can be themselves. the hope now opening this playground will open up a national conversation all playgrounds should be built this way. >> reporter: and that unique playground in palo alto hosted its grand opening ceremony today. in this digital age today was the day to cherish music releases on vinyl. amoeba records welcomed shoppers with pretty good deals on this. the annual record store day. special limited edition releases and classic names like paul
10:27 pm
mccartney and also newer bands like the white stripes and death cab for cutie. a store manager says there's a reason that vinyl is still popular. >> want something physical and maybe a little more sexy than just pressing a button on a computer and that's what amoeba gives. >> reporter: music fans bought more than 9 million vinyl records in 2014. right now hollywood is in the north bay. >> the story of iran kids coming. >> reporter: the true story of a former bay area wrestling star who first had to escape political turmoil. and a robot bartender. the new look at service .
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. turmoil in iran helped turn him into a champion. >> reporter: he is a hollywood actor and producer. >> that's our director there in the gray. >> reporter: he is in the middle of making the most personal film of his life. >> it's about an -- kid coming and never giving up and living his american dream. >> reporter: that kid is him. he and his family fled the political turmoil in the late 70s and ended up in petaluma. >> even though this is a story of an iranian kid coming to america, it's an america dream
10:31 pm
story. >> just after doing the research it was ridiculous how brutal people were to people from iran and -- how they were treated in america. >> reporter: alley found his niche on the wrestling mat. at just 112 pounds he was the top wrestler. so fast a local sports writer nicknamed him the wizard. >> they would joke i can pin an opponent quicker than you can say my full name. i was so scared. it was out of fear. i wanted to get it over with (laughs). >> reporter: he found a new passion. fast cars. got into racing and then making movies about racing. this is a scene from his film born to race, fast track. now he has come full circle shooting scenes in the petaluma house he lived in. >> it's a very surreal
10:32 pm
experience letting me relive it. >> reporter: and sharing his love with a new generation. >> we heard petaluma and we were like, oh, isn't that a farm country. >> whether it's petaluma or sonoma or napa, now we're doing a lot of filming here as well. it's a place where you can just relax and recharge at the same time. >> reporter: the failm should be released sometime next spring. >> reporter: boy what a story that is. if you'd like to be in the wizard the film is looking for extras for a scene with john boyd tomorrow. head to hail pavilion at 10:30 tomorrow morning. tonight oakland police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run crash. this happened about 2:20 this morning at martin luther king way and 66th street. the driver of a dodge charger was speeding. the driver of the mercury was
10:33 pm
killed. the person's identity has not been released by authorities and the driver of the dodge was able toets cape on foot. a dog flu is spreading in the midwest. researchers say at least 1,000 dogs in illinois, ohio, and indiana have all become ill in the last month and six dogs have died. doctors say the virus is the same strain as commonly found in chinese and south korean dog populations. >> diagnose s is difficult and treatment -- there is no treatment for a virus. >> reporter: so approach a dog the same way with human flu. get your pets vaccinated and avoid dog parks and kennels in areas with the outbreaks. so far no reported cases here in california and officials don't believe the virus is spread to
10:34 pm
humans. thousands of earth day volunteers helped beautify oakland today. in the laurel neighborhood volunteers helped weed and prune and clean up a community garden. that garden at 35th avenue and delaware streets is meant to inspire neighbors with a bit of green space. not far from the freeway. a drought consance donation helped make it possible. >> today we're planting low to no water native plant that the landscaper who donated gave us. specifically for this site. >> reporter: joan says neighbors use the garden for stress relief and even shooting music videos. there is home grown artwork like collected hub caps. many painted by children and teens. warriors hopping on the
10:35 pm
high tech bandwagon. meet a robot -- like a robot bartender that moves along the concourse delivering drinks. no one controls it. it's preprogrammed to the destination. if othere's anything in the way, it finds a way around. a santa clara based company came up with the technology. they thought why not a basketball arena. >> this environment isn't like a hotel but it's similar with suites. so the same program basically works. it's a delight and novelty that people like to see robots. >> reporter: others say they prefer the humans. >> that is pretty neat though. >> pretty cool. a lot of diamonds on display. the giants unveil their world series ring. more importantly, can they finally snap that losing streak? sports
10:36 pm
wrap with all of the highlights coming up. also a beautiful saturday. mark is looking at some cooler temperatures. and also a chance at showers in the forecast. his full forecast is coming up next.
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. felt like the middle of summer out there today. the cool temperatures, the foggy conditions coast side. inland a different story with sunshine and temperatures back up into the 80s. showing you the temperatures from this afternoon. a cool 58 in pacifca. a string of 80s for antioch and fairfield. right now we have partly cloudy skies.
10:39 pm
with the exception of fog once again. it's been a constant factor coast side and already santa rosa report ing mostly cloudy skies. current numbers showing you 49 degrees in santa rosa. still mild. look at the numbers. 62 in walnut creek. san francisco checking in 50 . san jose upper 50s. here's the live camera looking toward the bay bridge and lots of fog over san francisco at last check. forecast headlines tonight partly cloudy skies. more fog developing. tomorrow cool coast. warm inland. forecast will repeat 1,000 time s over the next few weeks with the time of year approaching for parts of the bay area. as far as overnight lows, can't see temperatures in the 40s to around 50 degrees. the fog near the coast and also right around the bay to start out sunday morning. tonight's forecast. for tomorrow expecting partly cloudy skies. temperatures right around 60 degrees. wind has been a factor at the ball park over the past few days.
10:40 pm
basically the same deal tomorrow. winds approaching 15 miles per hour. so forecast model showing you a big push of the fog in the morning. probably partly cloudy skies well inland. clouds fall back to near the coast line in the afternoon hours. near 60 coast side. warmest locations inland back up into the upper 70s to near 80s. clouds in the morning clearing back to the coastline. temperatures inland, warmest locations around 80 to 82 degrees. monday not too much change. wednesday and thursday a drop-off in temperatures. this weather system will be dropping down the coast and generate thunderstorms in parts of the sierra and could be enough moisture. chance of isolated shower here in the bay area. put this into motion, not too much happening sunday into monday. let's keep an eye on this for later tuesday. probably a better bet wednesday and thursday bring in the shower chances.
10:41 pm
at least the chance of isolated shower. forecast highs tomorrow still lots of 80s well inland. san jose 75. morgan hill 81. san francisco 61 degrees. look ahead 5-day forecast. see temperatures cooling off into the weekend. scattered clouds. chance of north bay shower. mainhy for hills for tuesday. and we'll have to keep an eye on wednesday and thursday. don't cancel plans yet. keep an eye on it by midweek and thunderstorms in the sierra. well, dub nation celebrating tonight. off to a good start. warriors take game one of the playoffs. what curry is saying about the first victory. more from at&t park as the giants receive their world series rings. sports wrap is next.
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♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly.
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. hi. scott reiss with your saturday sports wrap. forget about the 67 wins and 39 home wins. forget about the domination of the regular season. for the warriors and every other playoff team, everything reset today. game one against the pelicans in a rocking oracle arena. prior to the game and of course inside during the game, steph's game face and going to work early on. play thompson. bogan. nice finish. warriors by 3. then curry in transition. quick trigger. three ball. part of a 10-0 dub run. second quarter. clay. put it on the deck. and the damage. that
10:45 pm
was his first field goal of the game. it's 30-21. anthony davis runs into bogan. shot goes pretty much no where. here's another transition opportunity. up on the fly. how about it? 12 points. 14 re bounds. dubbed by 11. turnover. curry. play of the game. saw it earlier. here's another look. high off glass and the foul. 18 point lead at the half. then halftime adjustments on both sides. >> our mind right now have to be possessing. time after time. got to get better. it should be fun. this is like right where we want. >> reporter: and this is fun. curry's mom enjoying a cocktail . leans over and says, want a sip? then says, here's sonya. his wife. oh no. she's pregnant. come on now . third quarter. curry just playing basketball.


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