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tv   Our World With Black Enterprise  FOX  April 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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what better way to cap off the successful conference than a performance by record breaking r and b eye sons and our all access guest, boyz ii men.
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♪ . >> i think artists lost their way at becoming rep rebels. we were rebels. >> plus our entrepeneurs of the week tell us how a good media strategy can lead to profitable business. >> and thinking about what type of conten do your people respond to. what do they love to like and retweet and kmep on. >> we go from zero to break through about the fly girls. >> the gutsy move. that can be a tough one. instead of being afraid of it and letting fear overtake it, let's settle for what it is, okay, now what do i have to go over, arn, over, under, to get through to the other side. >> and finally rapper turned businessman and community activist fat joe. he's our spice of life. >> ten to 15 people make it as multimillionaires.
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i've done that in music. now i'm trying to help the common person. >> all that and more coming up on this very special edition of our world. stay with us. >> join the small business revolution and take your business to the next level. find out how at the black enterprise entrepreneur summit hosted by nationwide, where an ovation and capital meet. networking the power circle of business executives and profession and learn how to bran your product in a competitive market. the event is from may 13th through the 16th in atlanta, georgia. register now. log on
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>> welcome back to our world with black enterprise. for over 20 years their love ball ads sold over 60 million albums, received four grammys and a star on the hollywood walk of fame. i sat down with boyz ii men to find out their secret to success. ♪ >> band members nate morris, juanate morris and shawn stockman say they have done a lot of growing in their years together. >> with age you gain wisdom on how to do all things. you know when i'm saying? we're more in tune to our vocal ability. more in tune to trying to stay alive. all of those things play a big
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part in getting better. >> what are you doing to keep your vocal integrity. i think one thing is clear, when you think boyz ii men, you think vocals. >> i think the thing is we never stop singing. once we make a album, we don't go home and sit down. we have been literally singing and touring since we were 17, 18, 19 years old. the voice is like a muscle, the more exercise you get, the better it operate for you. that's all we know. ♪ ♪ >> clearly, you guys are the greatest r and b group of all time. what's your gut feel right now of what's going on with r and b today? smile' just say that r and b is not dead. you know, there are some artists out there that are trying to maintain the integrity of it. it's not just up of the to the artists. it's up to radio. it's up to the program
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directors. it's up to them to keep skprrks b at a place where it can be heard. >> i think artists lost their way at becoming rebels. we were rebels. you understand? even us when we came out in 1991, it might not have came off that way but we were kind of rebellious with little bow ties and stuff like. that because that's not what the cool kids was wearing. we went total left and it caught the attention of the masses. i think artists need to be artists again and not worry about all of those things that people are worried about and just do you, and it will catch fire. ♪ >> the group that formed in philadelphia transformed r and b creating some of the most iconic songs in one of the most enduring personal and professional collaborations. what do you think people can learn in terms of partnership from you guys?
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because you have been together longer than most marriages. >> patience. don't panic. >> okay. >> part of life is being able to endure the worst, and coming out of it the best, the shiniest. >> right. >> so if you learn how to do that, you become a better human being. >> nate, you put the group together. so i kind of think you are like this master matchmaker, right. >> it started with the talent. that's where it started. it started with the vocal talent and what we sounded like. we weren't friends when we started. me and juan clashed for a long time, i'm the oldest, he's the youngest, he wanted to be babied. i wasn't having it. >> he looked you in the eye when he said. >> things didn't mesh personalwise, but we fell in love with how we sounded and we learned over the years to learn what each guy brings to the group. >> boyz ii men started out with a fourth member, and there have
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been efforts to reach out to michael mccarey for a reunion. >> he has been gone longer than we've been together. he has been gone almost 12 years now. the time that we grew over the last 12, 13 years, he hasn't been here. we grew into men, families, the whole thing, see we're different. we think different. if he can come back and blend into that, i think it could work. >> was there ever a time when any of you three wanted to leave the group. >> there was a time when we were going through i guess you could say a humbling stage, eating humble pie when things weren't as positive or luke contractive as they started off. we didn't know exactly the direction to go. we broke up three times for five minutes each time because we realized later that we weren't going to find nothing greater than the whole, you know, at the same time. the nucleus was put to the by greater -- a greater being.
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you know? and our responsibility to music and to our fans, the people who loved the music that we put out was greater than the hardship that we were going through. and like shawn said, we decided to be patient, and -- >> and wait it out. >> and wait it out. >> it's music that won aclaim worldwide. in fact, they got a very unusual request from russia's leader. >> did vladimir putin literally hire you guys to increase the birth rate? >> yeah. yeah. >> for real. >> it was a nice check, too. the check was nice. >> i guess he's trying to create a new regime, a new energy in the country. and he heard about us, and he needed then in and women of russia to -- >> do it. >> get romantic and do it. >> and do it. >> just do it. >> we did a show, we did a show. and hopefully everybody after the show did it. >> have you seen the rates in russia? >> no. >> for the first time since the
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destruction of the soviet union, the birth rates are up. >> you're welcome, russia. you're welcome. you are welcome! we'll come back any time. ♪ ♪ >> god bless you, ladies, so much. thank you. good night, everybody. when we come back, by business owners must have a digital strategy to succeed. stay with us. and no matter what i need you to stay focused. don't take your eyes off of the screen. sfx: drill noise. sfx: puppies barking. wrestlers: ahhh!! grrr!!! owwweee! it's hard to stay focused. text message alerts from chevy let you send a text response at the touch of a button ... so you can focus on driving. this will make it a little easier to keep my eye on the road. its amazing. ♪
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alaska, your adventure awaits. for your free vacation planner, visit plan ♪ >> welcome back to the special edition of our world with black enterprise. at this year's women of power sum it some. hottest topics included executive branding, soermd strategies for interrupt newers.
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pa trooesh trisha caesar talked with guests. >> l.c. johnson is founder of colored girl confidential. and angela pitter is part of live wire collaborative. >> welcome, ladies, and thank you for joining us today. >> thank you for having us. >> yeah, excited to be here. >> what's more important? we've got to ask this, the amount of followers you have or the quality of the relationship that you have with them? or is it a balance of both. >> well, the quantities, you know, from a surface level, is sort of the social proof. but at the end of the day, i think i think it's really about the quantity. because when you look at a facebook page that has a million followers and there is no engagement, nobody is kmengt, that mean the conten is not raes resonating. they basically bought those followers. at the end of the day, if i had my druthers it's going to be kwan engage member that's what i look for first over the number of followers.
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>> i teach a course called 1000 true fans. it's based on the premise that if you can get 1,000 people to truly resonate and say i love what this person is doing, that's enough for you to build a reputation and build a living off of. >> let's talk social, ladies. you two are clearly experts in this area. i want to get some insight from you on what our viewers can do with social media to really build their brand in way that's measurable. >> i think one of the things you want to look at is what are your competitors doing. no matter where you start from, there is always somebody who is competing with new that space. why reinven the wheel? see what your competitors are doing, what cop tent are they putting out, who is following them. how often are they posting, how often are they engaging. start there, because it is a lot of trial and error in social media. what works for one may not necessarily work for you. but you have to start someplace
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snits it's important to look and see what is resonating, what the people are talking about. one thing i had to learn early on is i wasn't always a big faber -- i don't know if that's a word. we're going with it as a word. i was not a big fook footballer, but i remember as my posted started to get more action, i would have post that was shared 100 times on facebook and only three times on twitter. i was like well i guess my people are on facebook. it is a matter of seeing what your people are doing. in addition to what the competitors are doing, thinking about what type of conten do your people respond to? what do they love to like and retweet, and you know, just kind of comment on? and then doing more of that. >> you all are doing it remarkably well. nanks so much for your time. it's been great talking with you. >> thank you. >> that was great insight for any entrepreneur. still ahead our next ghost
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guest knows that having the right stuff season just for guys. >> join the small business revolution and take your business to the next level. fine out how at the black enterprise entrepreneur summit hosted at nationwide, where innovation and capital mooetd. network, and learn how to bran your product in a competitive market. the event is from may 13th through the 16th in atlanta, georgia. register now, log on to black r? (laugh) yeah yes (laugh) i never wear underwear. is that too much information? yes now, do you think you can get too much information from your car? no this is an email from my car. there are 100s of diagnostics that the vehicle gathers and sends to me. does anyone want to meet the sender of this email? this is a 2015 chevy malibu. i love it.
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♪ >> welcome back. for ten years, the women of power summit consistently attracts top speakers from all over the country. from this week's corner office we profile the first american female combat pilot, who says there is a lot to be learned from her experiences in the field that can be used in corporate america. >> ask me if i'm ready. say it. are you ready? >> i don't get ready. i stay ready. what? [ laughter ] . >> bernice armor, also known as fly girl, has been ready fortunate since she decided as a youngster to become a police officer. she achieved that dream, and then found another. >> i ended up seeing a black woman in a flight suit at career day. and it blew my mind. and i said, wow, that is cool. why didn't i think of that? and it planted a very strong
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seed. several years after being a police officer, being on the force, riding motorcycles, i never forget about that william in a flight suit. left my childhood dream, for years i had wanted to do that. i left the force. became a marine, ended up doing two tours in iraq. >> having dream doesn't automatically mean success. >> i was having a sufficient time in the squadron. and i could go to the women's bathroom, because i was the only woman out of 67 pilots and that was my sanctuary. but on this particular day i knew the bathroom wasn't going to be enough. i could feel the stinging behind my eyes. the tears were not far away. and i called my mom. i said, mom, i am done, i am through with this. i don't have to be treated this way. i was ready to rip my wings off, throw them on the ground and walk away. and my mom said, baby, you did not work this hard, this long,
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to give up now. dry your eyes, stop crying, and go back to work. but what was mom essentially saying? acknowledge the obstacles. don't give them power. our breakthrough moment happens in an instant. it starts with our mentality. and it's a choice in every moment. >> the advice has helped her meet challenges head on, in combat has help her develop innovative approaches to meet life and corporate concerns with battle tested principles. she explores them in her new book, zero to break through. >> the number one tool is mentality. break through mentality creates your reality. are you thinking about the break through. battle tested principle number two is engage men. when i was out in combat, we had to get permission to shoot our weapons, to take out the enemy.
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and the clearance would be, you have permission to engage, cleared high, right? but here in, quote, unquote, corporate america, we have the permission, you have the permission. battle tested prns pell number three, the gutsy move. i love this one. because it goes back fo to who we are as intuitive beings on this earth. in your gut, you know what's right, and it takes guts to do it. do we always feel prepared for everything? no. but do i know i can handle it when it comes up? absolutely. going back to that permission to engage, holding on to that mentality and executing to actually bring it to fruition, right? but the gutsy move, that can be a tough one. because it takes guts. so instead of being afraid of it and letting fear overtake us, let's just look at it for what it is, and say okay now what do
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i have to do to go over, around, over, under, through, to get to the other side? and when you feel it, move forward aanywanyway. because if you just stan there, you got nothing. up next, our slice of life with fat joe. stay with us. join the small business revolution and take your business to the next level. find out how at the black enterprise entrepreneur summit hosted by nationwide, where innovation and capital meet. network in the power circle of business executives and professionals and learn how to bran your product in a competitive market. the 70s from may 13th through the 16th in atlanta georgia. register now. log on to black it is tea stellar goss tell pusk awards 30th anniversary cda soul searing collection
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♪ welcome back. millions of people have bought his records, like what's love, laid-back, and i won't tell. but hip hop super star fat joe has a different story to tell. he is helping others achieve
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their own financial goals. fat joe, is our slice of life. >> easy a big presence in the world of hip hop. joseph cart hana, the rap star joan as fat joe has had an illustrious career. he has recorded hits with many of the biggest names in the business. >> i feel like a veteran, i feel like i've reached a point in my life to where it's not so much about me as much. it's about me giving back. not just financially, but giving my time and just trying to set a good example for everybody. >> he's working harder than ever at setting that example after a serious run in with the irs for tax evasion. joe considers it one of the darkest chapters in his life. >> i take responsibility. it was a very low point in my life, embarrassing more than
5:26 am
anything, you know, it was very, very embarrassing. it just taught me that i was living very comfortable. what i had to do, you know, coming out, was like take des intinny into my own hands and just keep running like there's no tomorrow. life is ironic. it's so ironic that a little bit over a year ago, i was sitting in a jail cell right across the street from this arena. >> now, fat joe is all about making a difference. from giving back to schools and to the bronx community where he grew up, similar to the way he helped superstars like pit bull and rap moguls like dj callid with their careers in the music business. >> i may have made ten, 15 people millionaires, multimillionaires n music alone. people who have dreams and aspirations who wouldn't have necessarily got that, i've done that in music. now i'm trying to help the common person. >> he is also dedicated to fighting the battle against
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obesity. starting with his own health concerns he has dropped more than 80 pounds, deciding to make changes in his life after losing friends, like his former protege, big pun. >> i really wish i was as educated as i am now before my friend big pun passed away. ive i had seven different friends pass away from heart attacks in the same year. i went to one of my friend's funerals and he had a daughter the same age at my daughter. i was sitting in a funeral home in the bronx, and i'm like oh, my god, this is me. i have got take this health thing serious. >> he is also serious about doing more with music, more with business, and more with people, to leave a lasting legacy. >> you have to believe in yourself. >> my journey has just begun. i've got miracles to make, not just for myself, but for people. i feel blessed man, really, really blessed
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[ applause ] >> that does it for this special edition of our world with black enterprise. be sure to visit us on the web at black world. you can also like us on football and follow me on twitter at paulc brunson hash our world tv. before we leave, we'll take a look back at this exciting and empowering event. thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ ♪
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