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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 22, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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when luca falls out of the kayak, the owner has. >> quiet a time to catch up with the dog. >> see them struggle to get back to safety. a case of road rage. how a terrified driver gets the evidence on cell phone. plus the buzz word for your shot to wenin an ipad mini how christie is getting her easy rider on and a gym nisnast decides.
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>> i'm going to do a back flip. >> barny said this was suppose to be a nice day kayaking. you can see luca is a service dog. there they are on the boat. lucas watching everything getting the good view. notice right about here luca has a little bit of a slip. he slips and falls out. luca's owner has to jump in and go get the dog. he has quiet a time trying to catch up with the dog. >> >> you think are they going to come back to the boat?
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no. he swims ashore with the dog. he's holding the dog above water getting to the shore. once they get to the dock you can hear them breathing hard. poor luca. he's got to get luca up. eventually he's able to get luca up on the dock. then after he gets luca got to get himself up there. >> i would suggest getting back to the boat. >> good news is he saved the dog. >> seems to be intrinsically human responsive. doesn't matter where you are. >> the first one from bannock,
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thailand. we see this one parking in front. the car behind we are riding in decided to over take. this guy did brake checking causing a couple of cars to actually collied and nowde and this happens. it looks like a tantrum of a 2-year-old. he has something jammed in the back of his jeans and apparently on his license plate there's a batch as well. >> if he's a police officer, he shouldn't be a police officer because you don't want someone patrolling the streets with that kind of temper. >> once again, you can see that thing, let's go. we're going to go to the police station. >> let's hope not.
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>> this comes to you from the philippines. i see this car get pulled up next to this red car. watch what happens. the guy gets out and starts scratching at the window and the door. backs up and gets out of his car. watch this. exactly the same thing. now, really really weird part about this is the police have actually identified the guy that hit him but they're not going to press charges until somebody filed a complaint. turns out this guy did exactly the same thing two years before and then his parents paid off the owner of the car. >>
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wow. it wasn't just a tiny grass snake. that's a huge snake. >> it sounds like in the video they don't believe it's venomous. they don't want it in the truck. this lady doesn't want to leave it there because she doesn't want anybody to kill it. >> the person with the camera is way far away zooming in. >> yeah. >> what have you done? >> as it starts getting warmer don't jump in this body of water to cool down because you're going to be met with. >> you can just fill them attaching to your manhood. >> this for some reason happens to collect abunch of leeches. they don't know why they're
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there, what's happening. >> look at those suckers go. >> get ready everybody. it's almost time to give away another ipad mini. >> you're going to need three things wednesday's buzz word be 18 years of age and a legal u.s. residence. >> pay attention. the buzz word is coming up. >> stand by everybody for the rtm ipad mini give away. >> technology always advancing. this video put out by red bull. the whole idea of getting bigger and bigger and engineers figuring out how efficient and effective this can be. some of the newest boats out there. look how they pop up. once they're up it produces all kinds of drags. these racing boats getting up to 40-41 miles an hour. >> people are able to rise out of the water. they're so small but they're able to support that boat.
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>> that's the thing. even if they're in rougher conditions the boat still glides smoothly because it's cutting through the water instead of riding on top. i love this part. you can tell how much a difference this oil makes. soon as the boat dips into the water, that guy goes flying forward. that shows you how quickly the boat slows down. >> they're very unstable. these guys are flying all over the place. at every jump every impact they would be falling off. >> it's an interesting dynamic. they have to have it balanced in just the right way. >> an elevateor with a historical view. >> it takes you through from the 1500s up to the modern day. >> a captivating look at new york city as you travel through time. how can you not just ride it unand down. plus this kitten having a major freak out.
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i found a really cool video on the new york times website this morning. what this is is the inside of an elevator one world trade center. this is what you're going to see. it takes you through the 1500s up through the modern day through with these nine 75 inch screens that would give you an idea of what you would see traveling through time. it takes about 42 seconds traveling at 23 miles an hour, 2,000 feet per minute. it gets very poignant here as we approach the 70s. there's the world trade center. as we hit 2001 it goes away and we see the new development here. in the last couple of years you
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can watch one world trade center get built around you as you arrive at the 102nd floor. incredible. >> that's fascinating. >> how can you not just go and ride it up and down and up and down? go back to the 1800s, i'm shocked to see the size of the eio see the contrast between that and this dense urban jungle. >> you see the skyscraper technology. they suddenly took a jump. >> the interesting thing is around 1900 you can see there are high-rise buildings but people without indoor plumbing. >> i thought you guys would love this. you'll be able to see this from next month. we got a bit of a sneak peak from the new york times. >> that's a great video. >> that's cool. >> see the kitty right here inside the post office box here.
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this kitty is six months old and decided getting that box to play around was fun except it's still learning its lesson in balance. the box is now over the cat. then it comes out. could help. not quiet yet. starts freaking out running all over the place banging against walls. very funny video. you guys are going to love this one because you guys and this monkey share something in common. he's enjoying himself. >> we did once. remember that one time. >> barely. >> this monkey trying to get the drape but can't quiet open the
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can. >> he's got it. >> chug chug, chug. >> he's trying. he pretty much does. >> somebody's going to yell at us like you're promoting animal abuse. >> this monkey is volunteerly enjoying that beer. >> take a close look at that gentleman's wrist right there. that is the cyst in question and he says you're about to see something gross. this man has a cyst. go to the doctor they freeze your skin and take a needle and extract it. this guy is going to self-medicate. >> we have the pliers that are going to hold on to the needle which will be smashed in my cyst with a screwdriver. >> watch this. he's going to take those pliers and put the needle on top of the cyst.
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>> i'm ready when you are. >> nothing's even happened yet and i'm already grsedossed out. >> if you're grossed out by what you see, something's wrong with me because i'm not grossed out. >> i find satisfaction in seeing people squeeze things out. i'm weird. >> let's get the fluid. >> now they pull out the needle. >> it's like jelly. >> let's see. >> that's so weird. >> that's what's coming out of his cyst? >> okay. whatever the heck is coming out of your skin, maybe it's time to find out what the heck is coming out of your skin why is that there? >> i've never seen anything like that come out. >> if you're brave enough to watch the whole thing, go to our website or check it out on our mobile app. >> a piece of paper has her in
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tears. >> as you can see, she's very excited. >> what can possibly have her losing her mind? and the wednesday buzz word for a chance to win an ipad mini.
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>> you're doing pretty darn good. have you ever ridden a bike before? >> never operated one in my life. >> you don't seem to be wobbling. you seem confident on it. >> here i am showing off in front of the camera. i was maneuvering and i forgot to do what i was suppose to instructor is calling me out on it. >> wonderful. >> i took the class with team arizona and their whole mission is to create awareness for motorcycle safety. bill was one of the riding instructor instructors instructors. >> you're going to learn new things. >> even if you've been riding for 20 years. >> they call it commission skills and i took a class and learned a ton more stuff. >> this is what my other instructor had to say. >> how did i do? aren't you curious to know.
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>> i didn't pass, did i? i did. i did. >> i really thought i failed. >> can you and i ride together now? >> i'll probably be riding the motorcycle in a parking lot for a while before i join you on a ride. >> it's always fun to be able to give your kid a present, a gift something they really want. >> these two reactions are off the planet. >> this first one, the 14th birthday their daughter's 13th birthday and they're doing the traditional fake out. that's not the real gift. they keep on digging. >> she opens the car. >> getting an initial reaction and then she shuts down. >> what is it? >> oh my gosh.
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>> she can barely breathe and doesn't even speak. in fact she doesn't even really say another word. the only reason we know what the tickets are for is because it's not title. they've got a ticket to the new taylor swift tour. i think she's a little bit excited. think about it. that would probably be the biggest kind of reaction. this one failed in compare son to the -- comparison to the next one. he puts down the piece of paper and walks off. >> oh my god. >> the biggest reaction is when her sister points out where she's sitting. >> you're third row, emily. >> as you can see she's a young girl and very excited. she's going to see the electric light orchestra. >> elo? >> yes.
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♪ >> i didn't know they had vertical video in the 1980s. >> that's crazy. there was more to it. she can meet the band. not only can she meet the band, she ended up on stage. not only did she end up on stage. she got a t-shirt, drumsticks play list, everything. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word. you've got to be at least 18 years of age and be a legal u.s. resident. >> enter the buzz word on facebook twitter or both and you can enter it on each every day. >> let's reveal wednesday's buzz word night. >> get over the right and enter the buzz word night.
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screaming. >> just wait until the babies really arrive. then he'll cry. >>
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you know there's lots of uses for empty whiskey bottles. adrien is actually an entertainer and decided to do push ups with empty whiskey bottles. >> going to hurt. >> they don't break. >> i've heard of beer muscles, never whiskey muscles. >> it takes a lot of practice to get that way. >> no word on what happened to the whiskey because he was sober doing that. >> i don't know if he was sober when he came up with the idea
9:58 am
though. >> this video took place in sweden. this girl has athletic acts she wants to share with us. she's going to do a bit of gymnastic. she sees the counter and says i'm going to do a back flip. that was definitely a fail. >> what was she trying to do? she just slung herself over a counter. >> took out two cash registers. >> they really know how to party. >> that's going to do it for us at right this minute. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time, everybody.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today wendy gives her take on all of the latest sizzling "hot topics." and the outrageous actress and comedian sandra bernhard is here. plus can you guess the famous face? we're playing our new game, "who's that?" [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause


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