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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  April 23, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we will not warm-up much. it will be about the same thin cloud cover up to the north and it looks like today it will start to the south and maybe santa clara valley and high clouds but 40s, 43 of santa rosa. 50s, the temperature change from 24 hours ago. most locations are within a degree or two but santa rosa is taking a good plunge. west and southwest breezes so the breeze has picked them from any and water temperatures are colder. we got the sum of the clouds just the showers collapsed before we got to seven or eight. breezy for psalm and windy for others and temperatures in the 60s and 70s and big changes friday and saturday.
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>> if you are watching at home, you can just hang out for another 10 to 15 minutes. you woke up early. get a cup of coffee. the roads are doing well. that is not going to change unless there is a big crash. l et's look at what we have with the morning commute. there are no major problems if you are driving on the southbound 880. that traffic looks pretty good. no, problems here. also looking at highway 24, we where just talking about the chp. what a good job they do. they do a good job. as you drive through oakland and all that stuff and through the tunnel. a nd right now we are looking. n orthbound 101 the traffic is looking we'll approaching 17. it is 4:31 a.m.
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we want to go to our breaking news. fire crews are on the scene of what we have confirmed a deadly house fire. it started at 3:00 a.m. at a home on low low lane. we are there with more details about what happened. >> reporter: the deputy confirmed it is an adult male that was found in the rear bedroom at a home on low low lane a neighborhood close to el camino and grant and you can the fire is out but there are still a lot of emergency vehicles in the area because they are still mopping up the doing cleanup and making sure nothing starts back up. this fire started an hour and a half ago. multiple calls from neighbors that had spotted the fires and they knew someone legend not home and they had seen no sign. to get more information about what happened we go to deputy
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chief juan diaz with the mountain view fire department. tell us what happens. what did you find? >> we found a single-story family home. neighbors where telling us a someone was in the inside. the fire was located to the rear of the structure. we had heavy flames and smoke. we did locate a person but it was too late. they had a succumbed to the smoke and the heat. >> reporter: there where reports a live wire was down in the back. >> we had a hazard for firefighters a energized wire to the end of the structure and a -- i fed that was going off. >> reporter: and a threat to the neighborhood? >> now. we extinguish the fire and it was contained. >> reporter: thank you so much deputy chief diaz. we are going to stay on same. there are a lot of neighbors that wanted to get more information.
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sad news, a person on this street and one of the houses. w e don't know who it is, if it -- if it is the homeowner. it was an adult male that was found dead in this fire. soon i thank you for will check back with you. a teenage girl accused of stealing a car with her boyfriend is on the loose after she escaped from custody. officers essay she slipped out of her handcuffs and bolted from the office on telegraph avenue initially officers tried to return the girl to her family but the family refused to take her in. first up mother tell us us the girl has been in and out of trouble and the family was hoping time in juvenile hall would be good for her. >> i fear for her. she needs to turn herself in because it is getting worse and worse with the charges that she has.
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>> the girl is facing a vehicle theft charge and charges relating to the escape the police don't believe she poses a threat to the public. in the bay area this week alone and san jose a murder suspect managed to get out of a locked holding cell and scaled a 15- foot fence wall very handcuffs. he ran after that suspected
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tackled him to the ground police are conducting an internal investigation of how that suspect a thief who stole from the nonprofit group. it happened at the facility on avenue during tuesday morning. a man get a hold of the fence and headed straight for the van. a man was right by the back of one of them are walking away with the van a battery and back in cleaner the families you to pick up food clothing and furniture for the 1500 people to ban serves serves every month. the alameda county district attorney says michael beale convinced a woman to buy a home. they say that beale convinced her to invest when he learned she had more than $3000 in an investment portfolio and suffered from
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mental problem. beale was arrested on monday. the delta flight from paris to new jersey flew into a line of severe storms yesterday just off the coast of long island. some of those on board says the turbulent was similar to a roller coaster ride. many passengers say they got sick and some say they feared for their lives. >> i was holding onto my bible and, well, thank god we are all alive. >> it was going up and down. >> that's scary >> after the plane landed in boston two people and one flight attendant were all taken to the hospital. the plane made it to new jersey last night. >> there were some questions about what caused the sky west flight making an emergency landing in buffalo new york. a door opened during the flight. the agency also says passengers lost consciousness, sky west claims there were no
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problems with the door but passengers did need medical attention in buffalo. the faa is now continuing to investigate. officials say the process should take only 90 seconds, they say this should help speed up the process at international travels at sfo which grew more than five and a half percent since last year. lynch was nominated by president obama five months ago. she's currently the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york. lynch would replace eric holder and become the country's first african-american female attorney general.
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happening today, at the swinging skirt lpga classic here. it tips off at 7:00 this morning. cole turning 18 tomorrow is the youngester ranked in the world. 27 ranked, native poll pauline creamer. we'll have live reports from the tournament. >> number one in the world, wow that's unbelievable. >> time now is 4:39. coming up, the search expands for a bay area teenager. >> conner, if you can hear this message, you are not in trouble. we love you. please come home. >> the emotional message from the parents to their missing son. >> and do you want to test the
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strength of your relationship? well a piece of furniture can determine whether you are compatible with your partner. all right traffic is busy if you are driving in some areas today. this is a look at the eastern highway there, no major problems. >> santa rosa is clear and 43. i think i have 44 here. san jose, a little cloudy and 55. we'll see your forecast in the next few days.
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welcome back, it is 4:42. search team will be out this morning looking for a missing boy, conner, has been missing for three days.
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the 17-year-old left the house on 7 a.m. on mon went to a couple of classes and he was last seen by staff at 10 a.m.. sullivan is an athlete his parents say he's a good student and they don't know why or how he would vanish. >> conner, if you can hear this message, you are not in trouble. we love you please come home >> i just want him home. i want my baby home. >> santa clara county sheriff's office says conner's cell phone has been turned off. they do not believe a crime has occur. police are investigating an attack on an homeless man with a metal baseball bat. it happened yesterday near interstate 280.
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police say a 57-year-old homeless man was sleeping when another man beat him in the face with a bat. his attacker, a white man in his 30s was yelling racial slurs. the victim is recovering at san francisco general. yesterday morning we told you about a police officer in martinez who was injured from a fire. now, we are hearing about the people w rescued. >> she could not open the front door, was thinking about jumping out of the second story window when she said an angel was sent to save them. >> he kicked and opened the door. he's a hero. >> the man who came to their rescue is officer
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dustin mayberry, the apartment was completely destroyed. the fire started on the balcony but they do not know the exact cause >> wow. the man, san cruz dub santa cruz, he's behind bars. police searched his car and say they found stolen mails and credit cards and a purs necklace believed to be warned. he's being held in santa cruz county jail. if you want to test your relationships? some say you should head to ikea. they say it is so complicated to put together that many couples they sai they are fighting. >> one san diego based therapist sayss she uses this
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piece of furniture to determine how well they work together. do you guys do it together or do it by yourself? >> i do it by myself. ikea has nice furniture. we bought a large couch but even put the couch in the suv, that's a fight. move the chairs down or get the car seats down. >> oh boy. >> you are describing my life right now. [ laughter ] >> i have to give credit to my wife. she's pretty good at, you know-- >> i want everybody out of the house, i will put this together. leave me alone. >> this whole thing is making me stressed up. >> let's move on. to oh my god highway 74. i do love the ikea cafeteria, that's a different conversation all together. >> this is a look at highway 24, westbound. we are off to a decent start here if
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you are driving from oakland. it is a nice drive no problem on interstate 680. south on san we are off to the good start as well. there are no major problems now. looks like, we do have nice looking drive in san jose as i look at tp roads. i don't see anything here or any slow traffic. in san jose, there is just right now it has been reported a crash northbound 101 north of 286 interchange, i am trying to read details as i am talking to you here. looks like it is not causing a big traffic jam. well, we have some low clouds decking around. some there is low breaks in those clouds. some areas in the low to mid-40s that
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we we #50z yesterday. a couple of--the clouds off of sierra. san francisco at 51. two days agoing it was 55. ago was 55. that's where you should be this time on the high side. san jose should be about 7 1. downtown is a little warmer. temperatures look at the clouds. oh man, thunderstorms over the sierra . everyday has been just a festive of thunderstorms and again very close right there. they fell apart before they made it in most of napa county or contra costa. it was close. 43 and 45 in santa rosa and nevada in the
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low 50s. there is as little chill and the breeze has been picking up. i don't watch the delta breeze until we get to mayor june because it is an indicator if it is going to be warmer or cooler. yesterday was about 9 miles per hour. temperatures have warmed up. water temperatures at 50. that's a good thing, i would love to see 49. san francisco's breeze, i saw at 51. half-moon bay at 50. those are colder that we are seeing. oh, watch out. >> boy it was close. that's what you deal with sometimes in weather. thunderstorms will stay to the south we don't expect those again today. it could be bubbling up in the sierra later. friday night and saturday, we'll bring in some rain. saturday morning we'll get some of it. sun and clouds and mild and warm today near normal
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temperatures which is 63 and 71. some areas inlands always warming up a little bit. for them on the coast, dealing with the cool water temperatures and some clearing. temperatures are not that warm but not too bad. we clear out on sunday and monday looks warm. i don't think it will last too long. cooler weather next week. >> festival of thunderstorms right? >> i like that. sounds lovely. >> well, when you are doing weather, you have to come up with something. evacuations are under way in chile. take a look at this video. the southern part of the country, emergency officials say the eruption came as a surprise and it caused quite a bit of a panic in the area. many people rushed to the super markets and tried to take money from atms.
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>> wow, quite a picture there. >> 4:50 is the time right now. the ruling that seemingly ends the bonds. >> i don't know how to say it. thank you, lord, >> a note written on a torn piece of paper. hear from the woman behind the viral message coming up next.
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welcome back to morning on 2. we told you this morning yesterday. now, we are hearing from the san jose woman who was behind the note of gratitude left on a police officer's car in denver. >> you know lauren you need to tell him thank you. he's not going to know who you are. lauren is who she is is the mystery woman. she grew up in san jose and she now lives in denver. since hearing about it, the sjpd had wanted her to thank him. >> thank you very much, you are awesome. the entire san jose police department is grateful. >> it is touching me. i cannot imagine how it is
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touching my family and the department. >> i don't know how to say it. thank you. thank you, lauren. >> lauren's note shows how a small gesture can really make a big difference. hacker attack on large companies were up 40% last year. the company says five out of every six large companies were targeted by hackers in 2014. hackers gained access to company's network by tricking employees to click on updates of a legitimate piece of software. the u.s. military plans to use cyber war fare as an option of conflicts in other countries. the defense department should be able to use cyber operations to disrupt an advisory command and control network and weapon
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capabilities. it is useful for the world to know that the u.s. will protect itself against hackers. it is a personal commemoration for one east bay woman, ellen chestnut has written a book about the experience. he told her about death marches and starvation and rape and robbery and massacre. >> so many of our men and boys died and the girls were taken. this was a very bad bad episode for him to remember. >> the armenian genocide is a chapter turkish history. well, for the first time, the nba is looking for a few good players in cuba. today they are set to
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begin a four day basketball camp in utah. there will be a youth camp in havana. it is the first u.s. sports league to visit cuba. tickets are finally going on sale for the long waited boxing match between mariweather and pacqio. you have to be a heavy weight. the lowest price is $1500. brokers are charging $5000. now, more than three times higher than this year's super bowl. >> there are only 500 tickets available to the public. the rest are going to go to big sponsors.
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>> probably >> interesting. >> that's why they are so high value, i guess. >> on demand. >> i still cannot wait for the fight though. >> coming up, we are following that of the shooting. it ended in gunfire in a quiet neighborhood. >> you may not know how much water you are using because you don't get a bill. up next, how one state lawmaker wants to change that.
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we are live in mountain view where a dangerous situation unfolded this morning. a fire rips through a home and leaving a man dead. you will hear from a neighbor who tried to save him. >> how neighbors are in disbelieved after a 7-year-old boy was seriously injured by gunfires. witnesses say may have been the real target of the gunmen. all ahead on morning on 2. >> ktvu channel 2 news, this is morning on 2. good morning breaking news, we have been following this story since 4:00 this morning. firefighters are still on the scene of a deadly fire on mountain view. ktvu's janine is out there


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