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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  April 24, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it is friday, april 24th i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. i want to start with l. you say it's pretty windy out there. >> laura hernandez says 4:00, i'm with you. >> thank you laura. >> i'm hearing from a lot of people on twitter and facebook honestly they are up. they have a long commute. they have to get work done. thank so we're not alone. >> it is windy out there. gusts already at 30. if you are heading to the airports maybe to head out of town, hang on to your hat or whatever because it's pretty blustery out there. westerly breeze although southerly at san jose. a mix offering -- mix of rain or snow. our system will be an early saturday morning. it will give us some rain and then it will be out of here. for the sierra things are kind of active. light rain or a mix of light
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rain or snow. west at concord. west at napa. temps in the 50s or a few 40s. right at 50 for santa rosa. system to the north again won't be here until late, late tonight or early tomorrow morning but it will give us some rain. as fast as it gives us rain, by the time we get to monday it will be in the 80s. the next couple of days below normal temps. the rain will come in saturday, thankfully not friday. the commute is off to a quiet start, we hope. clouds and sun, breezy to windy. that is not a bad day. >> what are you a weather man? >> no, i'm just copying you. >> you tweeted out and you have my authority to go ahead. >> i know i learned everything i've learned from weather from you. this is a look at the commute now. the traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on interstate 880 north and southbound.
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the traffic continues to move along very well. westbound 580 also looks good. let's move along to 237, milpitas, we are off to a decent start here. speaking of the south bay, i have the computerized map system up and you can see traffic is light because all the roadways are green. later in the morning you might see some red and yellow which means stop and slow. but right now it's doing very well. 4:32, let's go back to -- actually if you are heading into san francisco, you have to listen to this. there is a major road closure in effect right now for a second time this a month six blocks of van ness avenue is closed. this might create a mess this weekend. >> reporter: yeah this could be a problem for some people here in the city. good morning, to you sal. six block stretch of van n exss shut down between pine and
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elvis. construction crews are busy in this area. they are building a new under ground tunnel. here's video of the first time construction crews blocked off this stretch of road two weeks ago to begin this work. traffic at the time was fairly heavy in this part of the city but it was not pure gridlock. by the way we should point out here that muni buses and emergency vehicles will be able to drive through this closure. once the tunnel is finished, it will connect the hospital with a new medical office across the street and we also want to point out here this project will require one more weekend closure which is scheduled for the first weekend of september. but again as we bring you back out here live, this road closure in effect near a six block stretch of van ness between pine and ellis. it will remain closed until sunday night. so as we send it back to you,
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this is an area you may want to avoid this weekend. >> alex, before you go, steve says it's an extra whole day. you normally have perfect hair. you have things blowing around here. >> that is you know it's windy out. >> if alex's hair is moving, we're in trouble. look attila -- look at that. [ laughter ] >> all right i'm going to go work on that. thank you for looking out for me. >> we all do. muni rolling out its new rapid bus service and it starts this weekend. muni replacing the term limited for limited stoppers with rapid and it's changing the signage at the bus stop to reflect the new brand. muni has changed the number of bus lines. increased service on some lines and created a new map. if you take muni you should check the new map and schedule.
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we do have some things to show you. take a look at that. photos somehow the excavation under way. the line that will eventually connect the south of market area to union square and china town. time is 4:34. two people are facing charges after a high speed chase that ended in a firey crash. it all started around 8:30 last night when police tried to stop a car from failing to yield. when the car tried to take the cutting boulevard exit, flipped and caught on fire. three people in the car tried to run from the scene but were found and arrested by police. one of the people arrested is 16 years old and was released to the custody of their parents. east bay couple arrested for robbing a man they met online may have had other victims. the man contacted kathryn stump april 5th through an online ad.
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they all went back to the mans home where he was allegedly robbed. after the couple was arrested, police found other electronics. the parents of a 21-year- old gatt malian man shot by police are calling for a federal investigation into his death. according to police, millcar perez lopez was shot by two plain clothed officers. tonight a vigil and march will be held beginning on folsom street which is the site of the
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shooting. santa cruz deputies will begin testing body cameras. the department says it's trying to identify the best body camera system that can be purchased by the department and worn by all deputies. on monday we showed you the body cameras that livermore police officers are wearing. the cameras record video and audio. the video is stored for at least three year cans unless it's a homicide or sex crime it will be longer. those cases will be kept indefinitely. santa clara officials are hosting -- according to the 2013 home lessen syces, 7600 people in santa clara county are homeless and 10% are veterans. at today's forum officials will discuss ways to provide temporary transitional housing for homeless people.
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the task force all meet for ten months to develop feasible solutions. the state assembly voted unanimously to rename the rainbow tunnel after the late robin williams. thousands of people signed an online petition. williams was born in chicago but raised in marin county and spent most of his life here in the bay area. the 63-year-old committed suicide in his home last year. the san francisco giants their bats were awake but they also hosted a special guest at their series finale. >> bryan stow right in the middle of your screen. >> so great to see him at the ballpark. bryan stow and his family were at at & t park since january. it's been fur years since he was attacked. here he is pitching to his dad. he made remarkable progress. just last week he threw out the first pitch at the san jose giants game.
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the giants are until denver today after finishing off a dramatic sweep of the l.a. dodgers. >> maxwell down the left field line and this game is over. >> justin maxwell's one out single broke a tenth inning tie to give the giants a 3-2 win. this completed a three-game sweep for the world champions. the giants take on the colorado rockies tonight. the l.a. angels only had one hit last night in anaheim against the oakland a's but it was a big one. the only one they needed. kole calhoun hit a two run home run in the third inning. typically a one hitter would be worthy of a win. expect the a's never scored. he had eight hits but lost to the angels 2-0. a's back home tonight for a start of a three- game series. >> i see a lot of a's gears
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around. startling new statistics on bing drinking. why women in silicon valley are at risk. >> it is something that should never happen. >> and fallout over the u.s. drone strike that killed hostages being held by al qaeda. how it's raising new questions about the war against terrorism.
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today marks 100 years since the armenian genocide. turkey however denies the killings institute genocide saying there was no organized campaign top wipe out armenians. events have been held all over the bay area this weekend. there is another commemoration tonight at san francisco city
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hall. president obama says he has ordered an investigation into the kris o drone strike until pakistan that killed two hostages held by al qaeda. one an american, the other an italian. flowers are outside dr. warren weinstein's house. he was killed along with geovany. in announcing the deaths yesterday, president obama said hundreds of hours of surveillance indicated no civilians were present at the compound. house minority leader nancy pelosi also wants an investigation into the incident. >> it is beyond collateral damage. it is something that should have never happened. >> the family of dr. weinstein echoed the call for an investigation but put the blame for his death on al qaeda. those who took warren captive
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over three years ago bare ultimate responsibility. support for gay marriage is at a record high according to a new poll from the washington post. the poll found 61% of americans support same sex marriage. the same numbers 61% also pose individual states prohibiting gay people from getting married. next tuesday the u.s. supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments on what could be the decisive case on same sex marriage in the country. the justices are being asked to rule on whether the constitution allows states to ban gay marriage. there is a smart phone app taking the mystery out of red lights. drivers can be alerted moments before the light turns green so they can be alert on the road. >> reporter: sitting at stoplights can be tedious. >> it's walnut creek that never
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happens. no one is sitting there texting at the stoplight. >> all the cars are heading off and you get the honking behind you. >> reporter: but an app tells you when the light is about to turn green. >> when is the app going to be ready? >> reporter: it is now. so there you go. it turned green. it also gives a countdown to the light change and will tell you if if -- and will tell you if you are going to make the next light. >> if you are approaching the light with a left turn, it gives you the time between each one. >> reporter: if enough people use enlighten people will flow more smoothly. >> we always anticipate the delay time the distracted driver. and you know how it is from you driving. there is one driver that is
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distracted and a bunch of drivers behind them. >> reporter: the app is nothing to look at so you should be safe using it. >> this is part of the technology we will see coming forward that will actually make cars a lot safer. >> reporter: does it sound like something you would want to use? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: how come? >> i would find it distracting to my on my phone. >> reporter: i spoke to a chp officer. anything in the car other than driving is a distraction but adds the queue sounds like it could be useful and not a distraction. in walnut creek ktvu fox 2 news. >> the new technology costs walnut creek $22,000 to install. the money came from a grant but as you and i were talking about, people do text while sitting at a red light but you can get a ticket.
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>> my concern is that sound. >> i know. it sounds like you're in the amazon. >> yes. when i didn't hear it correctly at first it sounded like real bad kenny g. i'm like no no. [ laughter ] >> you just offended a lot of fans. >> what would you put on there then this >> i don't know anything but that. >> i will get you a little sample of something.
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slowing traffic on the altamont pass. at 4:48, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we do have a lot of cloud cover over us. temperatures will be cooler today. if you happen to see alex here, i want to show you something real quick. we had a nice little tweet on that. yes.
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>> alex is so perfect allotment. >> is is that scott in there? 48 calistoga. mill valley 51. >> rain snow mix up in the sierra. our system is up here. it will work its way in later tonight into early saturday morning. we will get rain out of this. the breeze west at napa at 12. west at fairfield at 16.
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west at 18 at concord. which is why the coastal temps have dropped big time. our system will be a fast mover but it will be here. by saturday night it might be gone. clouds windy today. highs in the 60s. maybe about six inches to a foot over the peaks. about a tenth of an inch to a half an inch of rain early saturday morning. so yes, it's on its way. partly sunny today. windy and cooler. but it's going to be a cooler day. we will take that right into saturday with that early
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morning rain and then we kick it out by saturday night. sunday looks a little better and warm on monday. >> and then go back up on the roller coaster again. some are calling it a miracle. found a kitten among the burnt rubble. how he survived is anyone's guess. if only he could talk. >> what happened next? oh my gosh. >> fire in jeffersonville, indiana burned so hot and quickly 150 people had to flee and many were forced to leave their pets behind. seven cats died in that fire. three other pets are still missing. fire inspectors were sifting through debris days after the fire when they spotted what looked like a fuzzy play toy covered in soot. >> didn't know it was a cat. >> for something this small to make it in that environment is
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pretty significant. >> poor thing. animal shelter workers have named the kitten miracle. they are still trying to track down his owners. 4:51 is the time right now. bay area city is poised to be among the fist in the state to fine people for using too much water. >> but first people packing the castro theater in the san francisco film festival gets under way. which big celebrities will be in the bay area over the next week.
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we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry.
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ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
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morning become to mornings on 2. we are learning more information about a drive by shooting that critically injured a four-year-old boy in vallejo. he was shot wednesday evening. police say a gunman fired into a crowd that gathered on fifth street to mourn the death of one of his neighbors. neighbors tell us they were stunned by the violent. >> it's terrible. it is terrible. i don't know who shoots a seven- year-old kid. it don't make no sense. i don't understand it. i never will. >> police say there were five or more suspects who drove off in a dark vehicle. investigators are asking anyone with information to please call vallejo police. prosecutors have wrapped up their case in the sentencing phase of convicted boston
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marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. one man spoke about discovering he had lost his leg while at the same time checking his badly injured three-year-old son. the trauma surgeon testified that the victims wounds reminded him of a war zone. the defense will begin its case on monday. jurors are deciding between the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. after a five month delay, loretta lynch is scheduled to become the u.s. attorney general. the senate vote was 56-4 and 43 against with 10 republicans voting against her. it was a little bit of tin sill town in san francisco last night where the international film festival opened up with a red carpet rollout. even more films than last year. celebrities such as actors
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richard gear will be coming to town. more than 1,000 people showed up at the castro theater for the opening night feature. a documentary on steve jobs called the man in the machine. more this year will be more community involvement. the indy film festival marked its 25th anniversary in february. it beat out the sun dance festival, the tribeck coo film festival and south by southwest. it now shows 214 movies over 13 days. way to go. >> way to go. this amazing 20 point fourth quarter comeback. big plays that have them one move away from the playoffs. >> also the a watch is arriving
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in mailboxes today. how the company is celebrating and the few places you could find one if you did not preorder.
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we're live until antioch where a stranger tried to lure a fifth grade boy into his
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truck. >> a well known napa man is in a medically induced coma this morning. how the community is helping his family after he was beaten during a jewelry store robbery. very scary story today. we are live in antioch where parents and students are being told to be cautious. a fifth grade boy says a strange man tried to get him into his truck yesterday. tara moriarty is out there this morning. coming up she will talk about what the school principal is saying about the potential danger and this is the second such case in the area. we'll get to that in a moment. it's friday, april 24th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic for you. you know i believe everything steve paulson said. >> we all do. >> windy out there. >> it is windy. we will have


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