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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 24, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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it's a spectacular close to the winter sport season. >> the base jump snowmobile combination. >> the story behind one legendary leap of faith. >> no way! whoa that's suicidal. go pro on a battering ram and -- and powering down the door. >> the unusual view during one intense raid. the baby duck gets stuck but mom duck is a great mom. how she turned a curb into a teachable moment. plus the buzz word for the new ipad mini and a
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blaze tackled by some bumbling firefighter. >> i'm the worst firefighter ever. right next to you, mate. >> what happens when nick and ollie can't handle their hoses. >> everyone was laughing because both of us were just whoo-hoo. if you're going to name your youtube channel stunt freaks team you better deliver. and here in snow season they deliver big. on a snowmobile and -- >> oh! >> no way! wow, that's suicidal. does he have a parachute on? >> you better believe it. rides that snowmobile right off there. it's a base jump. smashes into bits right after his parachute deploys. that stunt pulled off perfectly.
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got a little bit of the flourish with the smoke off his foot. these guys know what they're doing. even though it looks crazy. >> the crazy thing is that he doesn't stop that far from falling. look. there he is. he deploys. he's only got about 30 feet. >> i felt like he didn't have time to fully inflate. >> you see a little further after the snowmobile crashes down perfectly safe landing. >> well done. that was a great way to end winter. with like my inene -- they say crime doesn't pay. couple of videos will prove that. first one from uk footage from these cops executing a raid on a potential drug house. magic equipment which actually
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pushes the door apart, which enables them to then take this battering ram with, a go pro in it by the looks of it and start hammering down the door. >> stay! stay where you are! >> as you can see, the raid was successful when they uncover this. >> oh, hello. >> that's a lot of -- that's a lot of weed. >> lot of marijuana. they found white powder which they believe could have been crack cocaine as well. this is an interesting raid. after they have broken down the front door can you see in this picture, there was an electrified booby trapped floor to catch people. >> thinking people on a bad high or coming down from a bad high breaking in trying to get to their drug. >> something like that. >> as you can see, they managed to get past it, nobody was hurt there. this dramatic attempt at
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robbery. this is a very exclusive jewelers and you can see he starts attacking this door. >> not looking like he's getting through the door though. >> that's right. you can see on the other angle as well, one of them is carrying a gun. these guys try their best to break down this door. after 45 seconds, they were tracting a lot of attention and just decided to leave. >> okay. next? >> probably should have looked into this a little more. i'm really starting to get concerned for china, because people keep getting stuck. we've seen video after video. yet we have another one. if you look around it looks like a really muddy area. you can see those cracks that develop in the mud. but this man somehow got lodged in the mud where only the upper part of his torso and head were free. firefighters had to use shovels to dig the mud off the guy. and while they're shoveling
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they've got two-by-fours and some rope. they're just going to use manpower to lift this guy up. as you can see, it's almost like a 1700 crane lifting this guy out. it's not easy. >> if they weren't around this guy would be -- >> look right here. doesn't he look like a statue? the 70-year-old man can hardly move. you do see them put him on a stretcher. you really feel sorry for this man. he is shaking from head to toe. they transport him to a hospital they say he's going to be okay. >> like a terra cotta warrior when he came out. >> uh-huh. hey, everybody, it's just about time for us to give away another ipad mini. you're going to need to be at least 18 years of age, legal u.s. resident and, oh, yes, the friday buzz word. friday's buzz word is coming up in a little bit. stay tuned for the rtm ipad mini give away. daring and dramatic rescue caught on camera posted by the
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boise fire department. life or death hanging in the balance. engine 4 performed this daring and delicate rescue if you will. a woman in this neighborhood called the fire department, saying two ducklings had fallen in her storm drain. they're not going to leave the duck downs there to fend for themselves. they came in armed with a net. . >> to catch ducklings. >> like firefighters aren't already attractive enough and now they're rescuing ducklings. >> i know. >> oh, lordy! >> sometimes firefighters aren't around and ducklings have to rescue themselves like in this video. >> they're going to a frat
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party. >> the mother she hops up on that curb. but none of the ducklings can make it. mom duck is a great mom. she sees this as a teachable moment. one of life's biggest obstacles, this sidewalk curb even for you. >> yeah. all you need is a really supportive family. look at this. a few of the ducklings make it up on the curb as one small duckling figure it is out, leads them to a more accessible part of the curb. they quickly find mom and head off into the shes. >> somhi is going a breaks out between another guy who comes in and starts fighting with what looks like the boyfriend. >> see what gets this brawl started. and dudes will be dudes. >> try to tell his friend slow down. no! >> why having no power over the wheel gets him out of control. coconsnstitipapateted?d? .y.yeaea dudulclcololaxax t tabablelets can cause cramps but not phillips.
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it's a viral video gaining a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. >> excuse me! >> starts off just like that. this guy, quite randomly goes up and slaps this girl on the behind and then, well -- >> now a fight breaks out between another guy who starts with what looks like the
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boyfriend and gets in a fracas with the girl. other shoppers are getting involved edd now to try to break up the fight. >> why did you slap me on my butt? >> oh. >> okay. >> facebook page. >> she gave birth on the boardwalk. >> right. she puts out video that is really push the envelope and then you realize it's all set up. >> what? >> what made me initially suspicious was the fact that these things start popping up on the screen follow on facebook with her actual name. also if you look at the fight, none of the punches are really landing. they're sort of throwing each other around. i got very suspicious about this almost to the point that i feel like this video was created for her to be put on her facebook page to draw traffic to her. >> everything she has done has been quote, unquote, social
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experiment or prank. she has gotten into some hot water for some of the stuff she's done. >> on her facebook page she's commenting on this like it's real like she had nothing to do with it. there are many many things in this world that can inspire song or rap. >> hello? >> hey, dude do you want to see a move sni. >> will it be educational? >> it's on pbs. >> do you want to see a movie? it's on pbs. it's going to be educational. let's write a song. >> application is all the techniques. ♪ [ bleep ] ♪ >> kim byrnes? >> everybody knows the kim byrnes name. ♪ focused on americana ♪
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[ bleep ] ♪ generation fixture national treasure ♪ >> love this had song. in fact pick out ken burns twitter feed he has one favorite that exists. you know what the one thing is that he favorited on his twitter account? the ken burns rap. right? >> they really did get a gold star. >> from ken burns. ♪ ken burns ken burns ♪ i'm a big fan, bringing you three in a row right here. the first from the pr stunts crew. this is pinhead larry getting ready to do the bridge jump. >> i am ready. >> his stunt is going to be to jump from the rail that have bridge down, landing flat foot on the top of that ladder. this is not go well. >> oh! [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> ooh, that cost him a coccyx.
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>> pinhead larry is able to get to his feet after -- >> ooh! >> oh! >> his right ankle is not broken remarkably. pinhead larry is making a full recovery. why are you doing it larry? >> i love doing it. [ bleep ] love the thrill man. >> trying to tell his friend slow down. no! >> oh! >> about 35 miles per hour. speeds that a barbie car was never meant to go. >> or his face. this final fail from orange coast college in coasta m yacosta mesa california. sounds more like someone throwing trash cans down an alley. >> ah! >> nope. nope. nope. nope. >> oh, dude!
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and the guy that has it all over is the winner. these pranksteres are holding a casting. >> to get their car cleaned. >> take a look at what her audition require. >> it's great. you're doing great. >> friday buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini.'re the valet? yea, sorta the valet. bobothth d dririveve f foror a a l living, bobothth l likike e toto s savavee money on car insurance and we both know you may not get ththisis c carar b bacack k inin the same condition. watch your toes. wowo! ! yaya b boyoy..... . geget t itit! sosortrta a yoyou u isisn'n't t yoyou.u. wiwithth d dririvevesesensnse e frfromom esurance, yoyou u cacan n eaearnrn a a pepersrsonalized discount babasesed d onon h howow y youou d dririve nonot t hohow w sosomemeononee sorta like you drives. yoyou'u'llll e eveven n geget t a a discount just for signing up. esesururanancece. . babackckeded b by y allstate. click or call.
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a casting with this girl. as they're talking -- >> you're doing great. >> they're asking her to clean the car. >> as part of the audition? >> as part of the audition. >> yeah i see it too. just really -- >> the whole time they're giving her instructions not on her acting. >> it's gross. >> they're directing her car cleaning. poor girl. she thinks she's on a legit audition and really she's just a hired car washer for the day. >> getting pranked. >> that floor mat, really clean it up. >> you're kind of the only man that i have in my life right now. >> she never gets out of character. >> the whole time she's improv''ingimprov' improv'ing. >> the last thing is to make her throw out the trash. >> i have a son.
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so so so done with you. completely done. incredibly done. >> wait. that's recycling. that's recycling. >> i don't -- i don't like this. >> i do. >> killed it. that was great. >> extraordinarily tense moments for firefighters in glendale arizona. they came upon a car fire routine car fighter which should normally be an easy fire to put out. firefighters having a heck of a time extinguishing this fire for one big reason. the firefighters were horribly incompetent fools. >> oh, yeah. that is about right. >> ollie pettigrew and myself, working with some of the folks over at glendale community college. this is part of their fire science program where students can get their certification and
9:51 am
where existing firefighters can go to advance their training. they put us through the paces here. the hoses,handle. >> i am so bad at this. how can you be bad at this? >> as soon as you turn it on everyone was laughing because we were both like whoo-hoo. >> it looks like you're crumbling under the heavy gear. >> the gear we were wearing had been worn previously by firefighters that night. so it was wet and sweaty. be very careful to make sure we didn't get hurt. those are cadettes up there fighting this simulated car fire. that's where these guys learn to become career firefighters. they can even go on to get advanced firefighting degrees like arson investigation, hazmat all at fwlen dale community college. >> did you have a moment when you thought this is what we're meant to do? >> no. what we realized was just how difficult it was. we were there five six minutes
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putting out that individual fire with the help we were absolutely drenched in sweat. firefighters two, three hours fighting something, we doesn't know how they do it. >> makes you say thanks to firefighters that go out there every single day. >> legit dudes. >> and for that reason you're probably not quitting your job. >> no. no. the only reason we put the fire out is because they put the gas out. >> ollie, i'm the worst fireman ever. >> right next to you, mate. time for us to give away another ipad mini. be at least 18 years of age, legal u.s. resident and oh, yes, that pesky buzz word. head over to enter the buzz word on facebook twitter or both. it's time for us to reveal friday's buzz word. it is "vision." get on over to right this click on ipad button
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ill sound like this.
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over there. >> quick, the neighbors need help. there's a snake! >> or is it? >> runs to the neighbors. where's the snake? where's the snake? >> oh! oh! >> i don't understand what's happening. >> this isn't a snake. this is his birthday present. >> oh! >> first-ever car. >> a new car for him. >> not new. it's the first car. >> new to him. >> perfect car to start out with. >> 1990 is all i knew. already offering his sister a ride to school. >> i'll take you to school. >> mom wouldn't let him take it out on the road himself, she does let him take it down to the end of the road turn around bring it back. >> just getting a feel for it. >> your first car should be an old car. it should smell like fish and you should have to hang one of those christmas tree things in there so it smells like fish and vanilla. >> are you happy?
9:57 am
>> i'm happy. >> buying our first car is an iconic moment, there is another one as well, brie biing your first brand new car. lauren and her hubby have brought this brand new car and they want her mother-in-law to test it out. >> wow, this is beautiful, lauren. oh my god. >> you love it? >> oh, i love it. it's great. >> but, of course her son's got something else to tell >> it's a 2015 and we just bought this car for you. >> oh! they bought it for mom? >> watch her reaction as well. >> are you -- you're lying. >> brand new car. it's for you. >> you're lying. >> happy early mother's day. >> oh, my -- are you lying? oh my gosh! >> it's such a sweet video. giving back to parents sometimes seems like it's a thankless job. you see the reaction from a parent when they get something like that. say hi to the camera. >> oh, thank you. that's our show. we'll see you for the next rtm.
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live from new york city it's the "wendy williams" show. stay tuned for wendy's "hot
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topic." suzanne somers is here with how to get healthy by detoxing your life. and wendy is calling a lucky caller for their chance to win in the spring cha ching give away. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪


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