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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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12. ktvu's julie haener joins us with the latest on this violence. >> reporter: 7 police officers have been injured today in the clashes in baltimore. police drive the protesters as violent and aggressive. police in riot gear had confrontations with the demonstrators today. police say they had credible threats that gangs were teaming up to take out the officers. several stores were luted. ita cvs store was caught on fire. cars were also set on fire and burned before firefighters could arrive. protesters jumped on a police vehicle and smashed the windsose. the latest word, 7 officers -- windows. the latest word 7 officers and one found unresponsive. >> a small group turned the protest violent and you saw
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remarkable restraint from our officers. this afternoon a group of outrageous criminals attacked our officers. >> reporter: word went out on social media today calling for violence this afternoon. police sent out a tweet asking parents to find their children and bring them home. community leaders and the family of freddie gray called for calm and the orioles postponed tonight's game because of safety concerns and even though the game has been put on hold there is still a large police presents outside the ballpark tonight. as soon as we learn new information we will bring it to you. julie haener, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. hours before all of that violence in baltimore friends and family of freddie gray gathered to pay their respects. a crowd filed in to the church today for his funeral. the mix of family and friends and people from the community
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made it political and personal. >> i have often said that our children are the living messages we send to to future we will -- to a future we will never see. >> the obama administration sent representatives to the funeral. freddie gray's family says they are in shock watching the violence. and they are urging calm. >> a blue alert goneitute police departments all over the -- gone out to police departments all over the country. it is put out when there is a threat to officers. a threat was made in baltimore against all law enforcement officers. san francisco police officers will be riding with a partner throughout the night. 7 baltimore police officers have been hurt today. we will continue to follow the latest on the developing situation tonight. we will bring you update throughout the newscast with any new developments.
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startling jail interview with an 18-year-old suspect accused in the stabbing death of a 9-year-old boy. he said i wanted to see what it was like it take life. ktvu's noelle walker tells us the suspect's family was concerned about their son's mental health and called authorities on the day of the stabbing. >> reporter: the suspect accused of killing a younger stabbing victim is here at the jail in martinez, held on -- martinez, held on $1 million bail. a memorial outside the home of jordan almgren. filled with things he should be playing with. teddy bears, frisbees and a baseball signed from his angels baseball team reading -- >> to our teammate, you will always be amazing. >> reporter: it is hard on everyone. details of what happened in the home sunday morning don't make it easier. family friend, william shalts was spending the night at the
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home. . >> during the early morning hours he attacked the 9-year- old. >> reporter: it happened as the boy slept. jordan almgren died sunday morning from multiple stab wounds. to make matters worse on saturday william shalts' family called the police department concerned about his mental state. he did not meet the criteria to be forced in. he stayed here with his brother at the home. should the deputies have done something different the first time they contacted him saturday? >> you know, they spoke to him, they evaluated him and he did not meet the viteria. >> reporter: -- criteria. >> reporter: he admitted to the stabbing saying i wanted to see what it was like it take a life
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before someone tried to take mine. i wish that i hadn't done it. i think about what if that was my little brother. in that sense i have remorse for what i did but there is a reason for everything that happens. one student told us in tears she couldn't believe it, he wouldn't hurt a fly. >> we are letting them know we are very sad, we understand how they feel as well. >> reporter: at jordan almgren's elementary school, counselors were ready to talk to students and teachers about the loss. >> shocking. something that you never expect. >> reporter: i talked with the district attorney, they expect to get the case tomorrow. coming up at 6:00 p.m. we will talk with a reporter who talked with the killer behind bars. in martinez, noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. developing news, word from nepal's capital from katmandu started to tricken in after the
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7.9 earthquake -- trickle in after the 7.9 earthquake but getting the aid could pose problems. >> reporter: the u.s. is ramping up aid effort following a massive earthquake in nepal over the weekend. more than 4,000 killed, including four americans and the red cross says the next 72 hours will be critical. >> what worries us most at this point is the situation of the remote villages and communities. >> reporter: and search is rescue continue throughout the region. the state department is stepping up with a $10 million aid pledge. john kerry underscoring the urgent need frusistence. >> -- need for assistance. . >> families mourning loved ones and people asking questions and wondering about the next day. let alone the next hours. >> the pentagon is sending two
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c-17 cargo planes full of food, water and medical supplies to nepal. and carrying two teams from virginia and los angeles, specializing in urban search and rescue operations and in california the nepalese community is still in shock but also starting its own aid effort hoping to help the victims anyway they can. >> earthquake happened in our home country, so they can help anyway -- small things. >> reporter: 75 americans took shelter at the u.s. embassy in katmandu with another 150 at a different compound. but there are still americans unaccounted for in the chaos. jonathan hunt, fox news. a google executive from the bay area guyed in the earthquake. he was one of 18 killed by an avalanche on mt. everest. >> this is how we get ready for
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everest. >> sharing youtube video. an experienced climber training to climb mt. everest. he is from san francisco and worked as the director of privacy for google. he was posting pictures of his trek up the mountain and trying to raise money for two orphages. -- orphanages. he championed causes that protected the environment. gling said he was in nepal with three hiking mt. everest. the three others are safe. four americans are among the 4,000 people killed in the earthquake in nepal. 7,000 others were injured and those numbers are expected to go up. emergency relief efforts are underway to help the survivors. ktvu's azenith smith is at the american red cross in san jose. >> reporter: the american red cross tells me they have been
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getting calls from people wanting to help and the best way to do so is to give money. no one knows that more than a man who has family in nepal. >> quick dual his family in katmandu, the worried look on his face says it all. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: his nephew tells him the family is sleeping is in open fields, afraid to go back in their homes. >> nothing we can do. all we can do is call them and say take care of your selve. nothing else. like helpless. >> reporter: how hard is that? >> very hard. . >> reporter: he considers himself lucky. his relatives survive ised saturday's 7.9 earthquake. he knows many other friends did not. . >> i wish i could be there and grab them and wipe their tears. >> reporter: as often the case
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after he showed us this picture of people fighting for food and water. that is why his organization is raising money online. >> checking account. that is the account number. >> reporter: so far they have raised $10,000. his organization is among dozens of groups collecting funds. the american red cross northern california chapter says the best way to help is to donate money. >> you are able to stimulate the economy and we get people back to work, more financial resources. >> reporter: rebuild, he knows it will take long time to do just that but looking at these pictures of the destruction and hearing his family back home, makes him realize any bit right now helps. >> you help people when they need. all about being human beings. >> reporter: you can also text 90999, text that number on your
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cell phone, it is the american red cross. text red cross it and it is an automatic donation and you can donate through the red cross website and itunes. >> i hate to be a skeptic here, there are scammers out there. how do you know if the organization that you are donating to is trustworthy? >> reporter: that happens after a disaster. the american red cross says it is best to go through on organization certified through the better business bureau and an organization that has strong ties to nepal, better yet, if they are in nepal. >> azenith smith live, thank you. >> every time there is a major earthquake it is a reminder that someday that could be us. are you prepared? a look at that coming up. stay with us for continuing coverage of the deadly earthquake and avalanche.
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on and facebook and twitter. port of oakland a new labor could cause another slow down and bring things to a stop. ktvu's tom vacar is live where truckers say they are being treated and paid poorly. >> reporter: indeed they are. let me show you this. ships come here, first stopped in l.a. and that is why they look to southern california today with what they hope is the start of a big movement. >> reporter: today a few truckers struck the port of los angeles hoping more truckers will join but with 16,000 truckers serving southern california ports, there was little or no effect but this ban of truckers wants recognition as recognizes with rights and benefits, not independent contractors. they had success in proving it. >> hundreds of cases pending in
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california on this. of the 56 cases, the drivers won every one of the cases. >> reporter: with the support of the teamsters union they need to get better pay, benefits and worker conditions for 50,000 port truckers, including 9,000 in oakland. he says he is retiring in disgust due to stagnant wages, rising costs and increasing port congestion that limits the number of loads he can haul in a day. >> maybe 225. you know, a load. you got to wait 4, 5 hours for that load and 6 hours to take it where it has to go and bring it back. that is 6 hours. you are working all that time for 225 bucks. >> reporter: fact is, neither the port nor the shippers nor the operators or the longshoreman can accomplish anything without the truck
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drivers. the problem is the truck drivers are the least organized force at the port. >> they have seen what the longshoreman were able to gain with action. >> i think we reached a turning point on this. >> if you eat it or use it, we bring it. after two weeks you would be using leaves for toilet paper. >> reporter: there is already a shortage of truckers willing to work the ports. he said he made $41,000 last year. not much for the effort. reporting levering tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news -- live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. students left stranded after their clean closed and now they are trying to figure out thought means for them -- figure out what it means for them. what the u.s. department of education is planning to do and what it means for students. >> and rioting in baltimore, the governor declared a state
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of emergency and activated the national guard. he said thugs are trying to tear down the city. >> and mark ibanez will be here to talk about the golden state warriors. they have a week off before their make it playoff game. is that good or bad for the team? >> it warmed up today. you noticed it. patchy fog tonight. temperatures trend down, i will see you back here with the specifics.
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in san francisco a muni rider is fighting for their life after being shot today without warning. the shooting happened about 12:30 p.m. this afternoon on the t third line. witnesses told police the suspect opened fire on someone and took off. the victim has been hospitalized with a life
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threatening wound. police are hoping witnesses will provide information that will help them find the gunman. golden state warriors head coach won an award for excellence on the court and cooperation with the media. he received the award at a ceremony there at oracle arena. warriors are waiting for the next round that doesn't begin for a week. mark ibanez is here now. they would play on sunday that earliest, is that going to help them or stop the momentum. >> rested or rusty? you know, you have to wait and see. i have seen it go both ways. bottom line is, if you asked them the warriors would like the play a little sooner. somewhere in between. at this time of the season you
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have aches and pains. nice to have a few extra days. maybe a week is too much. looked like it warriors today after their sweep saturday night they were going to face the grizzlies -- they are going to face the grizzlies, it appears. the series could be decided today. warriors 2-1 against the grizzlies during the regular season. andrew bogut was out with an injury on that one. always easy to approach and optimistic about the extra time. >> not really a concern because the circumstances mean you are doing well. anytime you have a week long break means you are still in the playoffs and you probably handled your business. that is how i look at it. >> week off, it could hurt you. just as much as it could help you. [ indiscernible ] >> off to a great start.
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everybody was locked in. wasn't a tough day at all. but everybody was focused and locked in. i think we are off to a great start. we will be fine. >> nice to see they have the cautious approach. i guess you could say if they win they were rested. if they don't, they were rusty. [ talking at the same time ] >> a long time to wait for the first game here. they only played the grizzlies three times, assuming they make it to the next round, how do you think they match-up against them? >> interesting. they are a different team. their strengths are the big guys. they are 4-5 team. big guys. warriors will have to put into effect andrew bogut. the one time they beat the warriors was the time bogut was out. you will see more of david lee who didn't play in the series because of a back injury.
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you know, against new orleans. the world series will have to -- the warriors will have to use more muscle. it will be a different series. good news for the warriors they have home court advantage. good thing. it will probably be, what, sunday looking at. >> hope they are rested. thank you. >> not rusty. >> thank you. warmed up today. you saw 80s throughout the bay area. live pictures. the fog, right, along the coast. over the headlands right there by the north tower of the golden gate park. shallow. right? beneath the twin peaks. that is why it was warm inland today. tomorrow the fog bank is deeper, over the hills, or the headlands, twin peaks. fog tomorrow morning. that sets us up with a cooler day tomorrow. along the coast right now.
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you can see radar spinning. nothing is happening. we got a good dose of rain. great on friday. remember that? half inch of rain. >> fantastic. wow! [ talking at the same time ] >> good times. i got to tell you, knocked the pollens out of the air. nice moisture for plants and degrees. great. -- and trees. great. i would love to see more of it but next 5 days we are dry. 26 miles per hour winds at sfo. gusting to 30. that is pretty typical. winds breezy tomorrow. highs -- not the highs, the current temperatures. 87 fairfield. 88 concord. it was hot. 90 degrees in the inland bay valleys. tomorrow, though, we will see a flush of cool moist air. fog and cool air. over night lows tonight upper 40s, low 50s. highs tomorrow, not in the upper 80s. around the bay low and mid-60s.
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berkeley, oakland. upper 60s. mid-70s. and where there were close to 90 degrees today low 80s. cool down. you will notice it. air quality stays good. tree pollens are coming down a touch. grass pollens are coming up. getting back into the medium to high range. this will drive you nuts soon, the trees begin to taper down. they have. 82 fairfield tomorrow. warm on the other side of the hill. around the bay, right, 65 pacifica. right here, right, nothings in the low 70s. 60s. nice looking spring day. the 5 day period we go back into a warm up thursday and friday. what we had today is what we will see thursday and friday. cooler on your bay area sat and sunday cooler cooler and clouds as well. [ talking at the same time ] >> the sound, hearing that sound of the rain coming down -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i love -- i had a great
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idea. i have a pull, i am thinking of taking the gutter -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i think -- [ talking at the same time ] >> a lot of ways you can do it -- [ talking at the same time ] >> tap into your gutter. store the water. >> rain barrel. >> thank you. the first african american female attorney general was sworn in today. what she is saying about the tension between white police officers and the black community. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, concerns about water waste in one bay area city. >> these are bone dry conditions. last week it looked like a swamp here. exposing issues. >> also a push to limit the use of drones at the golden gate bridge. the crash that has officials calling for change. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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loretta lynch was sworn in today as the first female african american attorney general. [ cheers and applause ] >> loretta lynch is the 83 person to hold the office. she will replace eric holder. loretta lynch believes the tensions between white police officers and black civilians can be resolved. she wants to restore faith in the law and those who enforce
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them. >> if a little girl from north carolina who used tell her grandfather to lift her up so she could see up high can grow up to become the chief law enforcement officer of the united states of america we can do anything. [ cheers and applause ] >> she was the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of new york. she will sever as attorney general for the remainder of the obama administration. supervisors are getting a head start on the challenge to ride muni for 22 days to understand the problems plaguing muni and push to get more funding for it. 7 supervisors accepted accepted the challenge. it starts in june but 4
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couldn't wait. they tweeted these pictures. she wrote for the morning commute. she says she walked to work today but when she went out for coffee she took muni and he tweeted this picture on the san bruno bus. the death toll in nepal, 4,000 and expected to grow. coming up, a look at what is a massive earthquake over seas means for people in the bay area. >> and new information on the unrest in baltimore. the mayor there imposed a curfew saying thugs are trying to tear down the city. what started as a protest against police is now an out of control situation. more after this.
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a massive search and rescue effort in nepal following saturday's 7.9 earthquake. some buildings in katmandu were damaged and many people are living outside because they are too afraid to go back inside. they are digging through the rubble by hand looking for survivors. the situation in outlying villages may be more dyer. they may be completely wiped out. the latest death toll shows 4,000 people. most victims are in nepal, 100
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people in china died as a result of the earthquake. officials say more than 7,000 people have been injured. two men survived that earthquake in nepal and the avalanche on mt. everest. they were at base camp at mt. everest saturday when the earthquake triggered a deadly avalanche. he spoke to her husband. he said the ground shook for a long time and avalanches were happening one right after the other. these are photographs here. he was in nepal during the earthquake. >> sirens going off, people streaking in the -- screaming in the village, jumping out of windows. people in bath towels because they got out of the shower, in their underwear. in chaos. >> he described the moment the
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earthquake struck as terrifying. earthquake preparedness agencies in california say it should serve as a wake up call and they are reminding people you need to be prepared. ktvu's alley l in hay -- allie rasmus is in hayward. you found out people say an earthquake isn't on top of their mind. >> reporter: that fault is the hayward fault, in downtown hayward. you can see a lot of visual evidence of the fault line. this 1930 brick building straddles the fault. you can see here, half of this building is constantly moving north, the other half south along the fault line. >> reporter: he never paid attention to the bending brick wall. >> you see it dipped in. >> reporter: the floor is pulling apart. the fault line came with the
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building. >> retrofitted for the fault. because it is on the fault. >> the thought of an earthquake is in the back of his mind. >> you are focused on your business, day to day lives. it hasn't happened a while. >> every couple weeks there is a group that comes out here. >> because the curve under the fault is slipping apart. >> i know it is there. >> i don't pay attention to it. >> reporter: as long as the ground isn't shaking the idea is out of sight, is out ow mind. >> because of what happened in nepal i think that would be an issue again. >> reporter: he owns this store. >> just a bungee cord could make a difference. >> reporter: he has all the supplies needed. >> water, batteries. gas. >> we haven't had one person and ask about it. >> reporter: even the clerk whose help customers haven't thought about setting some
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aside for themselves. >> reporter: do you have an earthquake kit? >> no. . >> reporter: according to the california earthquake country alliance the number one item you need is watt. the recommendation is one gallon per person in your house per day for up to two weeks. >> so i grew up in the bay area, i am 57, all my life i am hearing the big one is going to come and right now the fault runs under my house. what are experts saying about the chances of an earthquake? >> reporter: most will tell you they believe the fault is over due for a big earthquake and according to the usgs the likelihood is 31% in the next 30 years. a major earthquake on the fault. when and where are the fault line that will happen, that is the answer that no one knows. >> all right. allie rasmus, thank you. to developing news from
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baltimore. the mayor provided an update on rioting in baltimore. the mayor is imposing a curfew from 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night till 5:00 a.m. she said thugs are trying to tear down the city. the mayor said the city is deploying every resource available to gain control of the situation. 15 police officers have been hurt in today's rioting. two hospitalized. they broke out after the funeral for freddie gray. freddie gray died after being transported in a police van after he was arrested on april 12. 27 people have been arrested today. we are monitoring the situation for you. opening statements in the trial of the man accused of the deadly 2012 massacre inside a movie theater in colorado. james holmes pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say james holmes was sane at the time of the killings. >> reporter: james holmes
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shackled to the courtroom floor, listening to opening statements. he admits killing 12 people and wounding 70 in a shooting rampage three years ago. james holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity but prosecutors said they found him to be sane. >> he tried to murder people to make himself feel better and he thought it would increase his self worth. >> reporter: prosecutors showing a video in which he said he only counts fatalities and calls the wounded collateral damage. the defense arguing he was unable to know right from wrong because of a mental illness. if convicted he could be executed, life in prison or committed to a institution. >> i don't believe the trial would do anything because there is a bigger judge. i would love to see him get life in prison and move on with
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our lives. that would take heart ache away. >> reporter: under colorado law the burden is on the prosecution to prove that james holmes was sane at the time of the crime. the state has spent millions in that effort. fox news. thousands of students are trying to figure out their next move. impact from the closure of a group of colleges. what it means for those with student loans. >> new features coming to instagram. the changes you can expect to see and the promise made by the developers.
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police in sun aveil are -- sunnyvale are investigating a fatal accident. the car struck and killed a bicyclist at 7:00 a.m. this morning. the intersection was closed for hours so investigators with the major accident investigation team could gather evidence. police say it is too soon to say if the car or the bicyclist was at fault. the victim was an adult may. the driver of the car remained at the scene and was cooperating with investigators. in san francisco a woman's body was found today on the steps of an apartment building on nob hill. the body of the 23-year-old was
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found about 2:50 a.m. this morning. the apartment building is on stockton street. police do not expect foul play but the medical examiner hasn't released a cause of death. instagram is releasing new tools. they unveiled three new filters today. one is called lark and it brings out the green in landscapes. the rays gives them a vintage look and juneau, warmen toes and boost contrast -- tones and boost contrasts and emojis. in washington, d.c. people have been lining up outside the supreme court to get a seat for tomorrow's arguments on same- sex marriage. court watchers are camped out hoping to get inside to hear the arguments and the questions from the judges. the justices will focus on two questions. first, whether state bans on gay marriage are constitutional and second if the bans are
5:44 pm
constitutional, whether those states can refuse recognize out of state gay marriage performed where they are legal. a decision in the case is expected by the end of june. we will follow the arguments tomorrow beginning with ktvu fox 2 news mornings on 2, 4:00 a.m. and we will have a analyst to help explain the hearing. all of that tomorrow on ktvu. hundreds of students trying to figure out what to do next after corinthian colleges shuts its doors. what happens to the student loans now and why the state attorney general is getting involved. >> a unique experience for elementary school students, the lesson they learned from a professional athlete today and how it transcends sports. >> it warmed up today. upper 80s. fog coming back. it will cool off tomorrow. how much tomorrow will it cool off. i will have the expects right after the break.
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. disappointment and frustration for many bay area students. some weeks away from graduation. corinthian colleges shut down its campuses in california and several other states. ktvu's cristina rendon found out what students are facing. live in concord tonight. >> reporter: students now have two options. seek out a transfer or apply for loan forgiveness and start over completely.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: the shut down of corinthian colleges including everest college and hold didn't seem students from showing up to the campus. >> meant a lot to us. we can't just walk away. >> all my dreams are down the drain. >> 10 weeks left in my quarter. geared up to take the cma test and now i have nothing. >> the closure had been expected for months but corinthian colleges gave students and employees no notice on sunday. the government fined corinthian colleges $30 million for misrepresenting job placement rates and the attorney general is suing them for defrauding students. a buyer didn't want to take on the responsibility. >> what about student loans, credits, who is going to accept us now. >> reporter: she said it was her second chance after the first school lost its accreditation.
5:49 pm
>> i don't have the money to be able to do this all over again and pay for something that i didn't get. >> i am on hook for 30,000. >> they took our money. >> reporter: students are eligible for loan forgiveness but graduates are responsible for paying back their loans. another option, seek a transfer. >> that is the one thing that is keeping me positive. there is a possibility. >> reporter: the u.s. department of education says they will have representatives here in the bay area to meet with students this week and discuss their options and they are also committed to helping students get the relief they deserve. they posted help on their website. >> in such a tough situations. when it comes to how much money they invested, tens of thousands of dollars.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: that's right. some say they wasted up to $50,000. they don't even know if the credits will transfer. >> thank you. san jose mayor is telling sacramento lawmakers the time to act is now to increase the south bay's drinking water supply. he appeared with leaders in support of a method of water purification. recycled water that is clean enough for landscaping is purified again for drinking. the mayor says we can't sit and wait for the drought to go away. >> as the old libe goes -- line goes, this may be as good as it gets. we may be in a new normal and we have to move quickly to ensure we have the water to support the residents and the growth that is essential. >> in order to put this water
5:51 pm
purification process into action, lawmakers need to allow an exemption. the mayor says he is going to sacramento tomorrow to speak to the governor. the government is recommending lowering the amount of fluoride in the drinking water. they said americans are getting too much fluoride because it is added to toothpaste and mouth wash. i know you went to school in the bay area, we used to have to rinse with fluoride -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i don't remember. >> wow! >> i am too old or it didn't happen -- [ talking at the same time ] our chief meteorologist bill martin. do you remember doing that? >> i kind of remember doing that but it was for something
5:52 pm
else. but i remember -- i remember those things of fluoride. we will look into that. you know what i did today, talking about when you are trying to get the water warm in the shower. my wife had all these mission of water on -- mugs of water on the sink. [ indiscernible ] >> we empty them on the plants. it is requiring a lot of steps but -- >> saves. [ talking at the same time ] >> every little bit helps. >> feels cool. [ talking at the same time ] >> feel good doing it. like mulching. >> compost. >> anyway, that is my deal with the rain water. we got clouds now at the coast. look at the picture. showed you this earlier. you can see where the fog is now, it got deeper. coming up a third of the way up. the marine layer is deepbing
5:53 pm
out -- deepening out. it will cool things off rapidly. highs from today. i will show them to you again in a little bit. no rain. temperatures in the upper 80s still. it is warm out there. 88 in coun cord right -- concord right now. cooler tomorrow. fog does this. boom. inland. past the airport. livermore valley, good indication. that is cooling air. just because you don't have fog showing up here doesn't mean it hasn't cooled that. means the dew points aren't correct for fog. highs tomorrow, 80s. you got to go east. towards east of fairfield. fairfield. san francisco 64 tomorrow for day time high. oakland tomorrow, low 70s. and into san jose tomorrow you will find temperatures there, highs about 74 degrees. forecast in the 5 day then, plenty of warmth back into
5:54 pm
thursday and friday. no rain in the 5 day. i will see you at sick p.m. and -- 6:00 p.m. and we will talk about the prospects for more rain. >> are there any? >> no. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> thank you. elementary school students received lessons from a professional golfer.
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a group of san francisco public school students got a surprise today. ktvu's rob roth explains, they received pointers about golf and life from a peb of the -- member of the pga tour. >> nice. look at that. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: he took time off the pga tour today to help these kids. >> let's go on this line here. >> reporter: with their stroke. >> reporter: visitation valley middle school the only middle school it have a golf practice center on campus. it was built by the first tee program. whose aim is to introduce golf to young people. >> it is hard to play -- [ talking at the same time ] >> how we hold the putter. >> reporter: golf mostly been a
5:58 pm
support for the more affluent. but this is in a lower income neighborhood where schools use it as part of the physical education program. . >> they want to be able to learn to play golf or learn to do something that is considered unreachable. and i think they see that as an opportunity. >> the odds are slim any will make it professionally but he said there is a lot that golf teaches. >> relevant to ceos, to reporters, to -- doesn't matter who you are. things like integrity and responsibility and confidence. >> reporter: students say golf is already helping them in the classroom. >> in golf you have to aim for your goal. and then like in class you aim for your goal. >> reporter: they are hoping to have practice facilities at other schools in the bay area. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:59 pm
the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> we begin with developing news. live pictures from baltimore. rioting erupted today following the funeral of freddie gray. freddie gray died after being transported in a police van after he was arrested. these are live pictures now from baltimore. late this afternoon the governor of maryland declared a state of emergency. a strong police presence remains on the streets tonight and because of the violence the orioles canceled tonight's game. >> numerous stores luted in baltimore. one store was set on fire. a police vehicle was trashed and two other cars burned. baltimore's mayor announced a curfew starting tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. it will last one week. she asked the governor for help. >> i requested and he agreed to
6:00 pm
deploy the national guard as soon as they are available. they will be immediately deployed. >> authorities now say 15 officers were injured today, including some who suffered broken bones and two officers remain in the hospital tonight. in addition 27 protesters have been arrested. now developments from nepal. the death toll continues to go up following saturday's 7.8 earthquake. tonight 4,000 people are reported dead. 7,000 more are injured and both numbers are expected to go up. among those killed an employee of google. killed at mt. everest by an avalanche. he was with three other google employees. the others are safe. >> he was last heard from april 19, he told them he was heading to the base camp


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