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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 28, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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thrchlts hot air balloon ride in trouble. see a balloon trip that doesn't fly. he's on the bike and about to learn to slow down. >> yeah that's number one. >> see how he'll always remember lesson number one. hit by a car and shot at. this guy has had a tough time on the street. see how he recovers and cleans up. plus the buzz word coming up for
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a chance to win an ipad mini. and the crowds gather for a real high school battle. >> the teacher is going to out rap the student. >> this became an experience everyone wants to forget. everything's going to be fun. we see here at the take off, they haven't got one inch off the floor. that's going to be a problem. >> there's a parking lot right there. >> there is a parking lot. they're going to be in trouble. of course they're going to go straight up in the air. it's windy. >> watch out for house. >> they went in the front door y'all. >> somebody opened the door. >> listen to the screams of the
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lady on board. not sure what's going to happen. now they're stuck about 10 feet up in the air. >> i'm so glad nobody seems to be on fire because that thing has a pretty big flame to get in the air. >> you're right. everybody seems to be lucky. here as it'd deflates what happens is it slowly starts to slip down. there we go. you see our camera shot and now they are now left just a couple of feet above the ground. >> they're scared for everyone on board. many many. >> you know somebody's up to no good when the score is not open and you don't work there and you're appearing the way you
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look because you don't want to get caught. that happened in the canadian tire. these guys snuck in the garage door and they are bound for this cabinet there. that cabinet contains weapons. long guns. you can see one of them busting into it. it falls down. these guys got several long guns out of that cabinet and made their escape the way they came in and now police are looking for them. >> in england we have more tv. this couple here the man in the plaid and that woman there with questionable fashion choices as well. there's an 81-year-old woman looking in the frozen food section. watch what the woman there with what looks like dixie plates in her hand goes in the bag and takes something out of the bag and now police are looking for her because she took money belonging to the frozen food cabinet. police are looking for this pair
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of folks. this is evil. folks at hope for paws are at it again rescuing an adorable dog. this one in california. this dog been on the streets for about three months. in that amount of time the dog was hit by a car. the poor dog was shot with a bee bee gun and some paint ball pellets. that dog, once it gets a bath it's already got the cute little hair cut. >> six hours during the day trying to rescue the dog. he doesn't trust people. however, a woman in the neighborhood had been putting food out every night for this dog so the dog returned to her porch to get fed. the folks bought the plan. they were going to use the porch as a way to capture this dog. as they would have it he did show up. they were more interested in a dog walking through the neighborhood.
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he goes up to meet the dog. he said can you walk your dog on this porch and the dog owner abliejs so that the dog is trapped now on the porch and it takes them a while to get close to the dog. >> the other dog is like wait a minute i thought it was a date. we're going to jail. >> this poor dog is growling at them. he does end up letting them pet him. they have to take him to a vet and make sure he's okay. look at the guy's x-raies. you can see a bee bee lodged about two inches from his heart. so heart breaking to think that anyone would treat an animal that way. >> you can see he starts to remember. this is nice. >> they do get him all cleaned up and introduce him to another dog in the facility.
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he's playful as can be. he's now learned to trust humans again and looking for a home. >> hey everybody. it's just about time for us to give away another ipad mini. you need tuesday's buzz word 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. stand by everybody. >> any time you pick up a new hobby, there's a learning curve, riding a motorcycle. that learning curve is steep and dangerous. >> and there's curves on the road. that curve is going to prove to be difficult for this new rider. tom jukin describes himself as a new by rider. he's riding a ninja 300. his buddy up ahead is going quicker than him. he decided i'm going to catch up with my friend. he's up to 65 miles an
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hour. >> don't go faster than you can handle. he goes too quick in the corner. sounds like he can't nav dpat the corners and gets fixated on not crashing which he says caused him to crash. >> glad he's wearing leather. >> he's fine. he sprained his wrist. that's the worst of his injuries. >> he just needed to learn the curve. >> he caught grief for posting this video online. a lot of people were like dude that's not much of a turn. i agree but i'm new. he posted this video to make sure people learned from his mistakes. california where splitting lanes for motorcyclist is legal. listen. the driver expected the motorcyclist to stop. when it turns green he expects the driver to take off. the dude with the dash cam did
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not like that. he goes speeding after this talking and hanking like crazy trying to get this guy to stop. now, on a post the driver does admit i lost my cool a little bit. probably shouldn't have sped after him like i >> a place men can go stretch with their bros. the functional fitness you don't want to miss. >> doing the flow se gwens adding some sort of manly errr into it. >> and it's a bird interference. >> he wants his fish and he's got it in his mouth. >> see if the pelican gets away with the fish. >> the pelican is smart.
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i didn't know samuel l. jackson was a fisherman. >> he's got the fish and in his mouth. >> i wish all had this. that would be awesome. >> i hope they get this fish out of the pelican because i don't want the pelican to digest the hook and die. >> the bird got away with the fish and the hook. >> looks like he did. >> the pelican is smart. easy way to get
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lunch. >> in this next video, watch what the whale can do. this is off the coast of do minute can. that diver is andrew and he's known the whales since the 90s. the greatest part is it's out in fact wild. they're not captive and he's been working with them in their own environment and creating these amazing spectacular once in a lifetime kind of activities. >> yoga a lot of people are
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into it. for some people for guys this is too much. next thing you're turning yourself in a pret sel and trying not to fall. >> i think that's an exclusive issue. >> don't you wish there was yoga for bros. >> it's called broga. >> it's basically a combination of yoga functional fitness and infiltrating so you can go out and still feel manly and at the same time still doing the limbering and the movements and stuff but without too much. >> do they do it in a vacuum so all the man parts gets stuck out? >> they do it in a functionable way. they've been posting this where you can actually download these things. this is a 12 minute sequence here this guy doing it. it's actually very yogaish. you're getting the straight and
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the push as well at the same time. >> you're doing a flow sequence adding some sort of manly err into it. >> >>. >> if you're looking for something different, a little bit manly andyoga it's open to everyone. skbr so girls, females, can take the class too. >> it's not just for bros. >> so bro, i want to do yoga with you. >> he's changed himself to eat something unusual. >> three roses. just the pedals from the bud on top of the rose. >> his purpose for eating this nonedible bouquet. >> that tastes awful. >> plus don't miss the tuesday buzz word for a shot to win an ipad mini.
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look who it is. >> chuck changed himself to eat three roses. just the pedals from the bud. one of the fans asked him for a favor. >> jared is asking natalie. if you say yes, put that down in the comment section. >> there's nothing sweeter and classier than getting a guy that pukes on camera to ask you to the phone. >> how does it taste, chuck? >> >>. >> i like he says when you eat a leaf. >> yeah i know exactly. >> we're getting inside in his childhood.
9:50 am
>> what do you say? >> he pulls the best one out. >> that came out of nowhere. >> he does that multiple times through this video. finally he says. >> that tastes awful. i can't believe i just ate three roses. >> the good news is the girl said yes. moms super busy all the time looking through the newspaper. i have two minutes to get to the store. this mom jumps only bike and watch her go. some downhill bike racing to get to the grocery store but the plot thickens because there's another mom trying to make it to the sale. look at them racing.
9:51 am
they finally get to the store but only one is left. >> one last surf and turf. they get a tax with the same sale. >> you're going to be doing some extreme bicycling. you're going to need some extreme safety gear. we seen this product on the show before. >> they're testing if the air bag will deploy. will it pop? wow. look at that. >> it detects motion that relates to motion in accidents. when it feels you're about to crash, for example, when riding over high curbs, it doesn't
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deploy. >> all right everybody. pay attention. we're about to give away an ipad mini. listen closely. you need to buzz word to be 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident and click on the ipad win button. >> you can winter each every y. >> hereda word it is marathon. so get on over to and click on the win ipad button and enter tuesday's buzz word marathon. and one day later this week we're going to have bonus give away. that's two winners. one gets an ipad mini and the other a flat screen tv. >> it's the battle of the year at a high school.
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blender. >> there is a huge battle brewing at a high school campus. it's not good. everybody wants to see this fight go down.
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>> already back talk going down. this battle is between students and p.e. teacher leonard matthews matthews. >> and it's a wrap battle. yes. he lays down his best flow. >> huge slam on mr. matthews. you got to love the cool of mr. matthews because he knows it's not even a fight. >> you can see his head is exploding like champagne bottles. >> the students he's got them. >> it's not
9:57 am
fair. >> yet again, the crowd goes nuts. >> i hope that kid that changed mr. matthews is good in chemistry because he has no future in rap. >> let's find out more about it. joining us right this minute the wrap master, mr. matthews, yes. >> what's up? >> tell us how this challenge came to be. >> when i got my lunch out of the cafeteria i saw abunch of students that gave me a high school flash back. i've always even when i was in school myself i always dabbled in raps. before you knew it they were chanting my name. i was like okay. >> nice. >> does this give you major street credit with your students? >> i don't think i have anymore credit or less.
9:58 am
it was weird today because it's almost a different generation and i get in and everybody's like you're trending. i'm like i'm what? >> did you get called to the principal's office for having a battle with one of the student sns. >> the funny thing, i think, is there's a lot of teachers who were smiling and giving me mental high fives like yeah show them we still have life on the other end of the classroom. >> thanks for joining us everybody. that's it for this edition of right this minute.
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. live from new york city it's the "wendy williams" show. rosie perez is here telling us about "the view," starring on broadway with with larry david and more. there's more chances for viewers to win big money. wendy is putting the cha ching in spring. [ cheers and applause ] now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪


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