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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  April 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news from oakland, a huge police presence as you can see there, this after someone open fire on some under cover officers this morning, coming up in just two minutes, new video of the search for the gunman and what the police chief just told us about this pretty scary incident. good morning once again, april 29th. i'm brian flores, i'm pam cook. >> thank you for joining us, bright and early, dark and early. >> if it is bright, we have a lead story. >> we have more people who join us at 4 a.m., they always say, i'm so glad you're on early. >> my neighbor says, i went out to get the mail, 4 a.m. now, huh? >> don't remind me. it will be close to what we had yesterday, a little chilly, 40s, 50s, some low clouds, i don't think there are as much as yesterday. temperatures kind of in a fine range, 60s, 70s, 40s and 50s, rather fresh if you will breeze
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out towards travis, southwest 24, westerly breeze for many, water temps, upper 40s, low 50s. there's our system dragging across, and looks like that will set the stage for what looks to be a nice day, warmer tomorrow. morning fog, cool, sunny and breezy, windy for a few but near 80 once you'rinland. 60s, 70s, mainly low 80s. where would you like to begin, sir? let's start off with a look at some of the traffic in the east bay, the san mateo bridge is a good spot to start because the traffic looks good. this usually gets busy later in the morning there have been no mayor problems heading out and this is a look at the traffic here you can see near the toll plaza that also is off to a good start. looking at highway 101 and 280
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in san jose, and 4:31 let's go back to the desk. following that story out of oakland, where under cover police officers were shot at. two suspects are now in custody, one is still on the loose, ktvu alex savage was there, the only one that actually came out to the scene, alex joins us with an update from a very active situation. >> reporter: that should give you a -- how serious this situation was. and he told me this really was a very close call as someone last night open fire on two oakland officers, these were under cover detectives, not far away from here. the good news is none of those officers were hurt in the shooting. two people in custody, let me show you the scene behind us here you can see a heavy police
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presence that is because they are still searching for a third person wanted in connection. two people in custody, the third person still in this neighborhood. the swat team involved in this search a short time ago take a look as police zeroed in on one particular house. >> come out with your hands up! >> you might have been able to hear the announcement that was made over a loud speaker police ordering the people to give themselves up, this search is taking place near the intersection of 55th avenue and foothill, there are a lot of streets in that vicinity blocked off this morning. according to the chief of police this all began when under cover detectives were investigating a homicide that happened last night on the 1400 block of 90th avenue, while those two under cover officers were in that neighborhood shots were fired at them. the people responsible for that
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shooting according to the chief, sped off in a car but they eventually crashed that car a gray bmw near that home that you saw and that's when two people were taken into custody by police but that third person escaped a third man escaped and the police chief told me that officers obviously want to find that person as soon as possible. this is scary stuff, shows that peel are not afraid to use guns, we need to really continue to work hard to reduce violence here. >> and the police chief tells me the person who remains on the loose in this neighborhood is described as a black man in his 20s last scene wearing a gray sweatshirt and of course he is possibly armed, pam, a very intense man hunt going on in this neighborhood involving a number of police officers, the swat team as well and again still searching for a man in a shooting a shots fired at under cover officers last night. >> very scary for everybody out
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there. also happening today, the 18-year-old contracost tra county man is going to appear in court charged william schultz with the special circumstances of lying in wait. police say he stabbed him to death in his home. in a jailhouse interview he told the newsgroup he wanted to know what it was like to kill another person. >> time is 4:35. there is an interesting twist to a robbery investigation out of cupertin objection, you remember the couple were arrested earlier this month after police say they robbed a man they met online. according to the mercury news, that man told police yesterday, a test model ipad from apple was one of the items stolen. police have not released any other details but say it has not been recovered. also not clear if the apple item was related to an upcoming
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product release or was an outdated model or test device. american airlines apologizing, saying some pilots had the problems with the ipads they used or the paper maps, two years ago american became the first airline to have its pilots rely completely on ipads for navigation and flight plans, the move saves 400,000- gallons of fuel every year. >> associated press poll shows they are split, they heardarguments against for and against same-sex marriage, the court's ruling could end up legalizing gay marriage across the country, experts expect anthony kennedy to be the swing vote, but yesterday kennedy expressed some reservation saying that marriage has always been between a man and a woman.
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>> this definition has been with us for melenia. it is very difficult for the court to say, oh well, we know better. >> they'll decide two questions, the constitutionality, and if states must recognize gay marriages from other states a decision isn't expected until late june. san francisco, same-sex supporters saying they feel optimistic, a large crowd gathered at city hall, the first place to issue marriage licenses, the city attorney has been at the forefront for marriage equality for the last eleven years. >> it is not a question of if it is going to happen, really we're talking about when, its inevitable. >> he was city attorney back in 2004 when the then mayor directed the city clerk to issue marriage licenses to same- sex couples. the new york city
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transition system is expected to pass a resolution banning -- progroups have purchased ad spaces on buses in cities around the country with increasing controversial language, they appear on buses saying it has to allow them because they are protected as free speech under the first amendment. but by changing its advertising policy new york would be able to reject the ads. other cities including l.a., chicago, and philadelphia have already banned political ads on public transit. new information about the number of students finishing high school in san francisco is alarming. the graduation rate has dropped below the statewide average for the first time in at least 5 years, its drop out rate is one of the highest in the state, according to the state department of education, 79.9% of students graduated in san francisco last year, statewide the graduation rate was almost81%. the city's drop out rate is
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11.9% while the state was at 11.6. middle schoolers across the country are receiving failing grades known as the nation's report cards. last year shows only about a quarter of eighth graders did well in u.s. history, civics and geography, among the test takers a third answered correctly that only a belief, is that the government should be a democracy. 45% were able to interpret time differences using an atlas. and people in hillsborough, starting today engineers will pump harmless smoke into the sewage system, designed to help them find damage. it could leak out of roof vents, building foundations and manhole covers and could activate smoke detectors, it will take place between 8:00 in
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the morning and 5:00 at night. time is 4:39. car fest is certainly a problem across the country, the mistake that people do that could make their job easier. and up next, we'll hear fromgreen, about the physical transformation he made to be the star player he is today. >> right now we're looking at the east bay traffic, you can see traffic here on 24 looks good heading out to the tunnel. decent little breeze out there, some fog very similar to what we had yesterday, 40s and 50s disregard that, it is not 65, talk about the high temps today see what's in store for tomorrow.
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we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry. ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
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. in the bay area, progress is more than a philosophy, for six decades, there has been one place for complete bay area news coverage. the 10:00 news on ktvu, fox 2.
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. welcome back everybody, time now is 4:42. this morning a santa clara county job will consider revoking the release of a serial rapist. 64-year-old christopher was released from a mental health hospital to a community in l.a. county, prosecutors say he should go back to the hospital because he poses a serious danger to the community. he was dubbed the pillow case rapist and convicted in the early 1970s. he then moved to santa clara county after his release in 1980. two years later arrested again and convicted of another series of rapes here in the bay area. four -- we were there when police led away one of the suspects in handcuffs, saying they robbed a chevron gas station at gunpoint and drove off. officers spotted them a few blocks away after the short chase the men were arrested
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after without incident. police also arrested a woman who they say hit three cyclists and a parked car in a hit-and- run crash. the suspect, she said she hit three bicyclists seriously injuring one of them, hit a parked car before speeding away. >> drives are apparently making it easy for car thieves, saying more and more drivers are leaving their keys inside their cars making it easier for thieves to drive off. that's what they say, california had the motion such thefts with almost 20,000 cars being stolen with keys inside, that was between 2012 and 2014. experts say the number may actually be higher because those who are only the cars that were eventually recovered. still waiting to see what teams they'll face in the play offs, we're taking a closer
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peek at the first round, and how he has transformed into the player who he is today. >> reporter: on a national basis, the sporting public has become aware of steph curry and clay thompson, and becoming aware of dramon green. green joins curry and thompson as the only three warriors in double figures. green's national profile is not unlike that of the warriors in general. respect and recognition comes slowly. >> we have a lot of national television. i see more people just starting to come believing. tast what you have to do, make a believer out of them. >> that's already happened when it comes to green's teammates. >> i mean, just great basketball player, he is a great leader. been that since day one. >> what green wasn't on day one
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was any resemblance from the player he was today from a standpoint. the second pound draft pick bordered on puggie, he worked hard to change his body. >> something i had to do to make an impact on this team, stay in this league, you know, i had to really change my body and you know, up my condition. something i take very seriously, its been working for me. >> what it means now when it comes the a position, green is a hybrid, often asked to defend players much bigger than him, does the dirty work under the basket yet can be more than efficient from outside, all of this from a guy who only became a starter because david lee was injured when the season began. >> i think one of my best attributes to my game is my competitive nature, to be placed in that role and having to bring it, it is fun and it
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is a challenge. i love to be challenged. >> there is nothing more fun than winning, green's emergence is the reason the warriors have been doing so much of that. in oakland, ktvu, fox 2 news. definitely a break out here for dream on. the warriors b-league team will celebrate their championship team, they'll have a parade down pacific avenue. the parade will end at the civic auditorium, where they can meet the players and coaches, they won their first ever d-league championship on sunday sweeping the fort wayne mad ants. they won at the best of three series. fort wayne mad ants. >> i don't know which one i like least, the mad ants or the pelicans. >> i wasn't fond of the
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pelicans name. >> doesn't seem fierce. >> fearing the pelicans. at least we have, i mean, compare that to the warriors, no comparison. let's go out and take a look at highway 4 in the bay area, it does look pretty good here, we're off to a good start there are no major problems all though this is one of the earliescommutes along in the livermore valley this is a look at the bay bridge tole plaza, usually around 5:30 is when we see the first sign of slow traffic, i'm here to let you know if something changes that. for the most part, it is a nice drive from livermore to castro valley. 4:48. let's go to steve. thank you, sir, we have
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some fog out there, it is pretty similar to what we had yesterday, all though the system kind of dragging across, picked up the breeze, allowed cooler air to spill in, temperatures today 60s, 70s to near 80 degrees, but we have an okaybreeze, 47, a lot of 50s here, i think we'll see a couple more 40s compared to yesterday, we'll have more widespread fog south wind, usually a cool direction, west napa, fair field to 24, south in concord, and cooler directions in the water temperatures continue to be right about where they should be, 52, half away at 52, 49, that's cold. coldest they've been since last june. 50s or 60s to the interior, 60s down from los angeles, there is a system kind of moving through dry air coming in, this little system will kind of swing through by tomorrow and get an offshore breeze, today, though, very close to what we had yesterday, morning fog, cool, a
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little chill there. then sunny, near 80 for some, once you get to the end of april or may, tough for temps to cool down a lot. concord seems to be, 60s, 70s, 80, and 79 for santa rosa. upper 80s to near 90 degrees, we'll take that into friday, a little cooler on saturday, back to cooler on sunday, likes like we'll go into monday and tuesday as well. >> i'm glad we played tennis. >> again i didn't post any photos. >> we're guys, we don't take photos. >> take a little selfie on the court. >> we don't do that. >> come on steve, let's take a selfie on the tennis court! >> twitter would blow up. >> we would shut it down. >> coming up the death tole from the earthquake continues to rise, rescuers still haven't been able to reach the motels and villages, in 20 minutes
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we'll tell you about the highly anticipated phone call a bay area father received late last night. rescued sea lion pups released back into the wild, how they were released and the work still ahead.
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. welcome back everybody, three rescued sea lion pups are back in the ocean after being
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brought back from the brink of starvation. the release yesterday leaves 122 malnourished care, they are feeding them a newly developed diet with vitamins and minerals, they are doubled their weight to a normal 45 pounds. >> when they first came in they were really a bag of bones. >> 2200 starving pups have been found on the coastline so far, that's double the record- setting year ago and 20 times more than normal. scientists say it is a result of changes in wind and water patterns that forced them to travel further to find food separating from their pups for longer periods. the cables at yosemite are going up earlier because of the drought. the cables usually go up the friday before memorial day because that's usually when the snow is gone, it makes it safe
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to climb there. but saying the cables will be in place by may second. a permit is needed to hike, they are giving out through a lottery system actually at the drought causing organizers to cancel a mud run, this is a similar run, with puddles and mud, the organizers in river side county say they would have to use thousands of gallons of water, and felt that would be irresponsible in the middle of the drought. and former vice president al gore will be at uc berkeley to talk about climate change, he is scheduled to give a presentation starting at 12:30. the event is sold out but streamed live on youtube. gore is chairman of the climate reality project, a nonprofit that works to find solutions to global climate crisis. today home depot is holding a job fair looking for thousands of new workers for its bay area stores, it needs
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2,000 seasonal or part time workers, it will be held at its store on old county road, workers are needed for 10 local stores, college students military veterans and people who speak two or more languages are strongly encouraged to apply. the event starts at 11:00, runs until 7:00 tonight. i know why they need seasonal workers, i'm looking at all the things around my house for work that needs to be done. >> 4:56 here, almost 8:00 in baltimore up next we'll check in on how well the city wide work there following the damaging riots. the warriors arena in san francisco, the one step one is making from going to the neighborhood. we're looking at a bridge community, you can see here on the golden gate bridge looks good heading south i'll tell you more about this commute straight ahead. . well a little bit of fog there, a cool breezy pattern for some, if you enjoyed
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yesterday's weather you'll like today there are changes in the extended outlook.
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. there is no stopping the warriors on the court, the team is facing stiff competition when it comes to building an arena near ufc south, we'll explain. this is mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us today. you've been here since 4:00. >> good morning i'm dave clark, let's talk about weather and traffic, a little gusty wind. >> a little bit out there, pam a little breeze for some, going to be a day very similar to yesterday. but the breeze has kicked in, an on shore breeze, gusts about 24 to 30 in the delta, around
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the bay, 15 to 20, it is a fresh breeze, 60s near the water's edge. 40s and 50s, napa, 47, santa rosa. 47, cooler on some of these lows, i think it would be cooler for some. south at 15. southwest 24, that's a decent little breeze for the morning, not as strong from heyward and livermore, still on shore, westerly. san francisco checked in at 60. we'll go 63 today, a little bit earlier. system goes through ushering in, morning fog, near 80 for some inland, 50s, 60s by the coast, 60s, 70s around the bay. good morning to you. very good morning to you steve right now we're looking at a commute not too bad, the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see it looks good usually


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