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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 2, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hat an unbelievable finish for j.j. yeley climbing out of the car and saying i'm still shaking. he was seventh a year ago. finished fourth. how do you describe those last couple of laps? >> nerve-racking. the 28 toyota was good on the outside. horrible on the bottom. through the green flag it went 24 toth 10th. felt i was going to be a hero. the more we ran i got stuck on the bottom. in got discouraged and worried but got back to the outside got to push brian scott and they are coming to the tri-oval i had a huge head of steam and was trying to find a way to get to a clean lane. couldn't get it. came in fourth with these guys is huge, great finish. so good day. we'll see what we do tomorrow. >> great showing for j.j. yeley. >> vince six cautions in today's race and scariest our third. number of drivers coming down pit road, brendan gaughan, you see here colliding with the pit
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sign holder of the 98 of aric almirola. two pit crew members were hurt on that 98 team. one of them taken to the infield care center and released. another taken to a local hospital for further evaluation. that's the latest we have on that situation. >> so a big win today for joey logano. jeff gordon's final trip to the tv booth with us and i think you saved your best for last pretty entertaining. >> thanks to austin dillon and the other drivers. did you not disappoint. wow that was incredible. what a great race to the finish there. so much action throughout this race. i had a blast being up here. joey logano congratulations to him. >> the story for me is joey gase and j.j. yeley they came from nowhere and battled to the front of the field and the move logano made on the last lap. he made all the moves perfectly. >> next weekend nascar xfinity series is off. iowa in two weeks. when we get there we'll have plenty to talk about. >> third short track race of the
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year adam. right now, larry mcreynolds home state of alabama these boys made you proud, an awesome show. >> how about joey logano. eight consecutive top two finishes. brian scott still looking for victory lane his fourth career second place finish. >> shot out to joey gase rounding out your top five. career best finish for that young man. boris said filling in for kyle busch. his 30th birthday today. >> darrell wallace was involved in that wreck on lap two. rough day for darrell wallace jr. >> erik jones at the bottom of the board. ends a streak of five straight top finishes and we were certainly cheering on our boy kenny wallace who was racing today. got caught up in the first of several big ones. finishing deep there in the field at 38. so with the super speedway unpredictability comes with a shake up in the points. ty dillon maintains the points
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lead. chris buescher now just nine back. chase elliott falls a bit with a bad race. >> he went from eight back in second now to 37 out. that's almost a full race. >> great afternoon of action here at talladega super speedway. stay with us on fox all evening long. hell's kitchen coming your way at 8:00 p.m. eastern. 9:00 episode of bones. 9:00 animation domination. nascar fox coverage continues on sun tomorrow sprint cup series racing is here teleagainary talladega super speedway. for the geico 500 as denny hamlin looks to defend his title from last year. coverage begins at 12:30 p.m. eastern. we hope to see you then. have a great afternoon, everybody.
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>> checkered flag is out. joey logano wins at talladega.
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it's nfl draft weekend here on sports stars of tomorrow! we'll look at some names to know in this rookie class, including some we met in high school. plus, we'll look back at some familiar names we've seen drafted over the years... that's all coming up next... (show
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open) welcome to the show everyone... i'm your host, charles davis... as the n-f-l draft takes place this weekend we're dedicating this show to the game's rising stars. as is often the case, the stars of the weekend are quarterbacks... this year, they're both heisman trophy winners: florida state's jameis winston and oregon's marcus mariota the public perception of the two is a little different, but both will be counted on to win games in the nfl sooner rather than later. winston is the big, prototype q-b who can check the box in every measurable category: arm strength accuracy, reading defenses, all of the things scouts look for... the biggest concern is the off the field trouble he dealt with
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at florida state... if all of that is behind him, there's no reason he can't be a good pro. mariota, on the other hand, has always been respected as a model student and citizen off the football field... he has the physical tools as well, but mariota does have to prove he can flourish in a pro-style offense. we've seen it several times in the past: when two quarterbacks are at the top of the draft, they'll always be compared to each other... like luck and griffin... or manning and leaf... we'll keep an eye on these two quarterbacks over the years to see if tampa bay made the right call at number one... -- let's take a look now at one of the top defensive ends in the draft, a player we saw on this show a few years ago... oregon's arik (eric) armstead is from the sacramento area, and when we met him, he was working on his game as a basketball player, because he's always wanted to be a two-sport star... he was highly-recruited defensive lineman back in 2012, but he wasn't ready to give up basketball at the time.... arik 8:15 theyre definitely different but similar in some ways. you gotta be physical in both. like the skills of basketball and how
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fast paced it is. and other than just using brute strength i can use skills to be effective. arik was often trained by his father, gus (nats of dad) as a six-foot-seven, 280-pound high school athlete, arik was able to hold his own against players with college experience... - arik it helps with my development a lot. im not going to go up against any competition my age. ive played with better guys already. i was guarding donte green earlier. really helped to push my game forward and see what i've become. nathan garth arik has great footwork, hands. usually
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football players foul a lot. just want to get physical. arik knows the game. - charles garcia i would say dujan blairish but more athletic and on the ball more. blair is a big body. but aric can do so much. much bigger than dujaun. while you could see the dejuan blair comparison, arik always thought of himself as another julius peppers. like armstead, peppers played both sports in college. arik 11:30 julius peppers is my idol. i have him as a background on my phone. i look up to him. he played at a high level at both. my brother and i were trying to contact him. we'll see if that's possible. arik comes from an athletic family. his brother armond, played at usc and his father was an assistant in the n-b-a, so he knows how to put
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his son through a tough workout. (coaching) arik 12:40 my dad's tough on me. but he knows when to be tough and when to take a step back and let me do what i do. after being on the oregon basketball roster for a couple years, armstead put basketball aside a year ago to focus on fotoball... he helped oregon reach the national championship game, and now he should be an impact player as a pro. -- another player in this draft we met as a high school star is florida state cornerback ronald darby... the washington d.c. native has always had elite speed... in high school, he looked like a guy who could potentially go to the olympics instead of the n-f-l... he was a record-setting runner in the 100 and 200 meters... ronald: my ninth grade year, i was having knee problems with my growth spurts, and my knees were hurt. and towards the season, i started to get even more faster so my coach was like you should try out for track. darby was
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able to translate that gift of speed to football, as he played several positions at potomac high school... ronald: playing really. that's my favorite part is playing. just to be able to go out there and compete. i just love to compete. he went on to excel as a cornerback at florida state, and his speed will be a big benefit to him as he tries to make it in the n-f-l... -- we'll take a break, when we return, we'll look at some players we've seen drafted in the past. (break one) each week
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here on the show, we take time out from our stories on these great athletes to honor one of our nation's heroes. in this week's true heroes feature brought to you by project
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rebuild, we get a glimpse at what life is like through the eyes of one of our bravest soldiers. my name is joel ryan sigfrid. um, i'm army enlisted active duty. i did six years two months. my first tour was 09 to iraq. salman pak. i stayed there for about nine months. my second tour of duty was afghanistan, kandahar province 2012. i joined when i was 29. um, just wanted to fight and fight for our country, and a couple 30 year olds, a 34 year old in my basic training, but i was running circles around them. i was in good shape at that age, and there were giving two airborne contracts out of about 150 people, and i got one. so, i did good. 09 was kind of quiet. we had one incident. we went over an ied. um, that was the only time that something happened there. and then, it was
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like night and day going to afghanistan. that was a completely different story. every day was a gunfight in afghanistan. um, we had to worry about land mines. we had mine detectors. i remember just going to the top of the hut, and just thinking, eh, that tree line is 400 meters away, no, no one, nobody can hit me from here. and all of a sudden i just (pop). when it hit me, it hit me in the right chest area, right next to my plate, but it hit my 203 grenade. and it made my grenade explode, so the concussion was kinda, it knocked me to the ground. and i just remember taking deep breaths, because i knew i got hit in the chest. making sure my lung was capable of still breathing. yeah, my plan was to stay in for 20 years. i wanted to stay in for a good amount of time. but after three knee, three knee surgeries and then getting hit in
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afghanistan and coming back and then offering to medward, i decided to take it because my body was just wearing down. i wasn't scoring, i couldn't run my knees were bad, so. yeah, i don't do it over again, and i'd do it twice as hard. visit military rebuild to find out how you, too, can help these true heroes rebuild their lives. we've seen three players in the history of this show be taken first overall in the n-f-l draft, and the most notable so far is indianapolis colts star andrew luck... in his rookie season, andrew luck took over a colts team that had gone 2-14 the previous year... all luck did in his first season: fill the shoes of the legendary peyton manning and lead the colts to 11 wins and a playoff berth... luck first showed signs of being an nfl star in the houston area, where he was a standout for stratford high school... but his long journey to the nfl actually began thousands of miles away... in frankfort, germany... cathy luck: when we lived overseas oliver was involved in nfl
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europe. andrew loved it no matter wahat team scored. grew up with that. had it in his blood. vo: while his dad ran a football league, andrew grew to love soccer. but when his family moved back to the states, andrew fell in love with football. andrew luck: growing up overseas i didn't grow up in a traditional environment. watched nfl europe. moved back to states in fourth grade. started to feel right to play football. just started drawing me to football field. oliver luck: when he 1st came back to the u.s. he jumped right into soccer and played very well and is often the case he wanted to play the american sports that he had not played and couldn't play overseas. i said fine as long as your doing
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something. and it certainly didn't hurt having a dad who played in the nfl, as oliver luck played five seasons with the houston oilers... andrew. my dad's been helpful with everything, he always has great advice and he keeps his mouth shut when he feels that he needs to and he talks to me when i need to be talked to so it's a great thing. oliver luck: "ive tried to be fairly straight forward and candid in the sense of telling him to play qb, you get more of the blame. when things don't go so well, probably more of the credit when they do go well. i also tried to tell him the upsides of qb. not being beat up as much". the years of learning and improving in front of his father's eyes have paid off, as luck helped resurrect the stanford football program, leading them to two bcs bowl appearances... and now he's well on his way to nfl stardom... new philadelphia eagles' quarterback sam bradford
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was another player we saw selected first overall, as st. louis took him at the top of the 2010 draft. back in 2005, we followed him around for a day at putnam city north high school near oklahoma city... and during our visit, we heard nothing but great things about bradford from teachers and coaches alike david diefenderfer: everything he does he does well, and he does without any pretense. he goes to class, does his work, then goes to the field or the court or whatever and does a great job. while it was clear that football was his future... at the time, bradford was a star in three sports at p-c north: football, basketball, and golf sam bradford: football, i think my strength is the mental aspect, being able to take everything in, being pretty smart, know what to throw, when to throw when to run. basketball it would be my size and ability to shoot the three. i'm a pretty good shooter, so i can get a little mismatch, get a smaller guy and
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take him to the post because i play the guard. golf. i just think it's my distance i can hit it pretty far. but, the scholarship offers really piled up on the football side bob wilson: sam is not really a vocal leader, more of a leader by example. when he steps in the huddle, he gets everybody's attention. they know he's a guy who can lead us to some success, and they know sam's going to compete, regardless of how far we're behind or how far we're ahead. ultimately, sam chose to be an oklahoma sooner, just like his dad was in the 1970's... after winning a heisman trophy bradford would bounce back from a shoulder injury to be the top pick in the 2010 nfl draft... we have another break, but we'll check in on some other familiar faces when we get back. (break
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two) after bradford and luck the third player we saw go first overall was last year's top pick: jadeveon clowney... being the top overall prospect was nothing new for him... he was the top rated high school recruit in the country when we met up with him at south pointe high school in rock hill, south carolina. he was the first player in state history to be ranked the top prospect in america... clowney: everyone was coming up to me you the number one player in the country and i was real happy. never thought i would be the number one player in the nation. just real happy. head coach bobby carroll 5:00 jadeveon clowney. i'm not gonna bad mouth the guys before him. but there are a lot of athletes who are 6-1, 6-2.the thing that makes jd stand out is that he's 6-6, weighs 249, runs a 4.4
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forty. just an all-around good kid. barring injury, he has a bright future in college and the nfl. even in high school clowney looked like an n-f-l player. he had the size and freakish athleticism that made scouts' jaws drop... no play displayed his talents better than this one from his junior year - the opponent tried a trick play, and a receiver was left wide open, seemingly headed for an easy touchdown, but clowney sprinted 70 yards in about 10 seconds to catch the receiver at the three yard line. clowney- "yeah, a trick play, i didn't like that too much. they tried a bounce pass and i didn't like it i was mad about that. i wanted to strip him and get the ball back, but i caught him at about the five so i just knocked him down. coach carroll 8:05 "we had clowney at linebacker because he runs so well. they threw a bounce pass. our guys
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gave up. they ran the tight end down the center of the field. throw a 40 yd pass. clowney from the 27 yd line sprints 70 yards and catches the kid at the 3 yard line to keep him from scoring. as you could imagine, clowney was an impossible matchup for high school offensive linemen, and they desperately tried anything they could to slow him down. jadeveon clowney "chop block me. a lot of teams try to chop block me. but they're too slow. unfortunately, knee trouble has gotten clowney's career off to a rocky start... he missed most of his rookie season, and he had to have microfracture surgery.... the status of his return for 2015 is uncertain, but the texans still hope he can be an impact player opposite of j.j. watt... -- another defensive player we saw selected in 2014 was minnesota's anthony barr... the linebacker out of ucla was taken ninth overall and started 12 games for the vikings as a rookie. he had 70 tackles and four sacks before being shut
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down in december with a minor knee injury. when we met him as a high school star in 2009 however, he was an offensive player, and a very good one... coaches and teammates at loyola high school in los angeles thought barr was bound for the n-f-l one day... but at the time, they thought he'd make it as a running back. jordan hanson: i think he's unique in his own style in that he hasn't completely developed a mentality to just run over people. he runs very well for someone who's 6-4. anthony is the son of former notre dame running back tony brooks, but he credits his mom lori, for getting him involved in football when he was young. lori: he was walking at 8 months old, ane he had a football in his arms all the time. even when he was crawling, there was a football right there with him. when he was old enough to play pop warner, the first level was flag, no pads. so i thought how bad could that be? he was seven years old, and we threw him out there, and he was phenomenal.
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there was no way i was going to take that away from him. it was such a great experience for him. anthony: i wanted to play basketball. when i was seven basketball was my big passion. but she suggested flag football. she said your dad played it, you might enjoy it. so, i went out and i was very successful, so i give a lot of credit to her. after some offseason surgery to repair a small meniscus tear barr should be back on the field as a playmaker for the vikings in 2015. -- we have one more break... we'll wrap things up with a viewer mixtape when we get back. (break three) hi i'm
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