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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 3, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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an afternoon of shaking until the east bay. contra costa county rattled several times by a quake and aftershocks. >> it felt like a freight train coming. it got louder with a scraping sound then it went thump. >> reporter: good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. what that man described is what many people felt when a 3.5 earthquake rattled the area. it was a biggest of three earthquakes that hit the area. the quake was originally reported a 4.0 but later
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reduced to a 3. 3.6. debora villalon has the story. >> reporter: these are all small earthquakes on the concord fault. going back more than 10 years. >> it's really one of the major actors in the bay area. >> reporter: seismologist david schwartz shows how concord's fault looks as active as the hayward fault. >> it's home to a will the of small earthquakes. most of which you don't feel. >> it was like a rattling. you know how when someone is doing construction. >> reporter: today's quake was felt by many. this mom arriving at target found an aisle taped off for the rest of the day out of concern ceiling tiles might fall. and her own job in walnut
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creek, they didn't know what to do. >> everybody was like, what do we do. and i said, let's think back to elementary school. >> reporter: right underneath downtown concord. it's been 60 years since its last damaging quake, a 5.4. >> it's always a concern. >> reporter: this wine shop owner hoped for the best with shelves full of bottles. the stress level is high. homes, businesses, b.a.r.t. and homes all sit along the fault. >> everything that happens along here it's going to really, really shake the area. this is where all the
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refineries are. >> this is just another wake up call for people to prepare because we're in the middle of earthquake country. >> reporter: we all know the advice. nail stuff down and stow away some supplies. and for that thought that these smaller quakes release some of the pressure to keep the big one from happening, experts call that, urban legend. one lane of geary is closed tonight. they hope to be done by 7:00 tomorrow morning. there was a small quake before that 3.6 and then several aftershocks since then. let's turn now to meteorologist
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mark tamayo for more details on what's going on there. >> reporter: the 3:00 hour, very active in parts of east bay. you mentioned that fourth shock that happened at 3:01 at a 2.5. and a couple aftershocks right after that 3:14 and 3:28. it's been fairly quiet for the rest of the evening. you can see moving right on through concord. this is the concord fault and as it moves north that becomes the green valley fault. you can see the over all where it expands across highway 242 also out toward the airport as well. that's the latest from the concord fault. as far as the shaking reported across the bay area. you actually log on to the usgs website and over 4,000 calls. and there's at least one reason
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this is a 3.6. the depth right around 9 miles. that's considered a deep quake. closer to the surface. as i mentioned, it's been fairly quiet all evening long at least with any significant aftershocks out there to report. >> two minutes remaining. another party atmosphere at oracle arena. fun party atmosphere indeed today. the warriors dominated the memphis grizzly at home. winning game one of the second round of the nba play off. despite an eight daybreak. the warriors picked up right where they left off after sweeping new orleans. we're learning more about what might be the league mvp. the announcement is expected tomorrow. >> reports are saying that the warriors win today in game one of their western conference semi final series.
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came with a little bonus at the ends of the game. all season long, warrior fans have chanted mvp whenever steph curry had one of his magical moments. he had seven assists to go with his 28 points. the warriors won today's season opener. came word that curry is expected to be named the league's most valuable player tomorrow. all yearlong curry has made it clear he would much rather have a championship ring than an mvp trophy. >> obviously had no idea. it's just in the middle of a play off series it's hard to separate yourself with things that may or may not happen. obviously i know what the situation is. and just trying to focus on the game and if i get a call
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tomorrow, i will definitely be happy. and there'll be a lot of people that can be proud of that moment as well. and we'll enjoy it but right now i'm happy we won game one. i'll wake up tomorrow, fresh new day and we'll see what happened. >> and i wouldn't expect him to say anything different. the warriors will honor curry before tuesday's game two. a lot more on the warriors a little later in sports wrap. >> thank you, joe. >> so much fun, thanks joe. fans were thrilled with the warriors win today. christien kafton was out with fans who already have big predictions on what will happen before next season. >> reporter: fans already looking forward to the rest of this series and the rest of the postseason. >> great game. blow out win for the warriors. we're taking them, memphis in four, you heard it here first baby. >> we're going all the way to
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the the championship, we'll seal you there. >> it's going to be us and the cavs. >> we got it. >> lebron is going to come back at the oracle. >> for many today's win was a family aware. >> played well, this guy's first game. he enjoyed the hell out of it. >> i think the warriors played great today. >> what did you think about curry? >> curry was amazing. >> we're like mvp done. >> reporter: the this is the team that can go all the way and seems everyone has their favorite player. >> the whole team i think they have different pieces that all come together. >> curry, you're the man. you're amazing to watch. you're fun to watch. you're good, we love you. keep it up. what's up. >> reporter: clearly fans very optimistic about the rest of this series and the rest of the postseason. the warriors host the grizzlies
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for game two on tuesday evening. in oakland christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. as christien kafton just mentioned, the games pick up again on tuesday. then the series moves on to memphis for games two and three and game four maybe the clencher is set for monday. two suspected gunmen are dead after opening fire on a security guard at a prophet muhammad contest north of dallas. two armed men pulled up in a car in front of the event center and started shooting at that security officer. police returned fire killing both of the men. the security officer was treated and released from the hospital. those attending the event were taken away on buses and the area evacuated while a bomb
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squad searched the gunman's vehicle. >> we just thought somebody was protesting. >> reporter: police say it's not clear if the shooting was connected to that event. the man accused of shooting a new york city police officer in the head saturday was arraigned today. 35-year-old demetrius blackwell is facing charges including two counts of convicted murder of a police officer. the officer he's accused of shooting bryan moore is reported to be in a medically induced coma and authorities say he is fighting for her life tonight. tonight the curfew is baltimore has been lifted and the national guard is moving out of the city. the governor of maryland estimates that hundreds of millions of the dollars in damage was done to the city during violent protests over the death of freddie gray. today there was peace as people
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came together for what they called justice sunday. >> reporter: people gathering to remember the death of freddie gray. >> we're a people filled with faith. we refuse to slip into depression. if you believe god is going to turn baltimore around, would you make some noise right now. >> reporter: prosecutors say the 25-year-old suffered a severe neck injury when he was in the custody of police. the most subdue hours coming after blake lifted the curfew that's been in place the last five nights. the police that will remain are
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being stationed as a precautionary manner. >> we're going to keep officers stationed in areas of concern. as we've seen through this weekend baltimore is capable of coming together and expressing concern and frustration in a manner that's peaceful. >> reporter: maryland mosbey announcing six officers are facing charges related to gray's death. and protesters say they plan to see this through until the end. >> we are up against a mighty mighty institution of injustice. we must remain united. we must protect our community. >> now is the moment the window is open. let us call for justice, justice, justice. >> reporter: in baltimore, mike tillman, fox news. more on a crash that killed a mother and her baby. >> they took them out of the car and they couldn't even walk
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straight. tonight at 10:30, police tell us where that driver was before the crash. >> and more headlines from the mayweather-pacquiao match. word on what officials would not allow before the multi million dollars fight. coming up next, the story of people who defied the odds more than a week after that massive earthquake in nepal.
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my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for 12 years. i have three kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible not only for them but everybody, myself included, that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e. it's a rewarding feeling. together, we're building a better california.
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a 101-year-old man is among several people who defied the odds in nepal this weekend as they were pulled alive from the rubble. the man was pulled from under a collapsed home yesterday. three other women were rescued as well. the third was buried by a landslide. it's not clear how long she had been covered by debris. >> reporter: more than a week after the earthquake and thousands of families are still living under campers. life is basic and there's no sign yet of a return to normality. the sarki family are relying on hands outs from aid agencies. they only have the clothes they're wearing and they're worried about the future. ramila tells me their home fell
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down when the earthquake struck. she says they don't have any money and they don't know when they'll be able to return to the village. >> reporter: workmen are now starting to clear away the damage. it's no easy task in a place that's been rocked to its core. the earthquake has devastated the infrastructure of this country bringing down power lines, and collapsing building. what's been clear throughout this disaster is the nepalese government has been strained. they will need assistance not only over the next coming months but over the coming years. charities say it's still not enough. in the most remote area where destruction is almost total help is still not getting through. these pictures taken from a drone show the damage in the
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chao district where 80 to 100% of the houses have been shaken to the ground. and aid agencies are warning that nepal could face another disaster if food is not distributed before the next rainfalls. and people turned to facebook for donations and the response has been great. in fact, a single drop off point in fremont quickly expanded to more than 45 locations. where clothing, blanketing, sleeping bags are being requested. >> there was no other nepalese donation drop off going on, it just grew from my friends.
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>> reporter: a group transported the donations to the people in nepal. a 22-year-old woman who was trapped in nepal has been reunite with her family. while there she decided to climb mount everest and that's when the quake hit. she texted her mother about that avalanche then for two days no one heard anything about danielle until she was able to send another message saying she was okay after being air lifted to the u.s. embassy. she was able to reunite with her family in dallas-fort worth airport yesterday. danielle says she plans to return to nepal next week. but this time her boyfriend says he'll be joining her on the trip. islamic state fighters are
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claiming responsible for a car bombing that killed 19 people. the city militants say they were targeting a shiite maletia. islamic state militants said the attack was in retaliation for the iraqi government's efforts to reclaim ambar province. this weekend iraqi officials say the militant group executed between 200 and 300 people near mosul. traumatized boys and girls are sharing horrific stories of their time in captivity under boko haram. they said the sunni militants killed the older boys and men in front of the families before kidnapping the women and
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children. amnesty international estimates boko haram has taken more than 3,000 people since last year. none of the people freed appear to be the girls taken from shabuk school last year. a violent collision to tell you about in yolo county. >> our suspicions is that it may be alcohol related. >> reporter: chp investigators say the wrong way driver was going 85-miles-per-hour before he killed himself and three others in a crash along interstate 505 late saturday night. the collision occurred just moments after the wrong way driver nearly struck a chp officer. >> the car was approaching him in the fast lane of northbound 505. he turned on all his lights. he went right to the right shoulder. turned on all his lights in the hopes that the car would see him or slow down and the car
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just went immediately past him. >> reporter: the victims include a mom and two children. >> the lone survivor is the father of the family. >> reporter: 505 is a rural highway that starts in vacaville and connects interstate 80 and i5. the coroner has not yet released any names but none of the four victims is from yolo county according to the chp. wrong way drivers killed 27 people in 2011 and nearly twice that in 2012. 44 people died from wrong way crashes in 2013. and 61 people last year. >> and less than two weeks ago, four other people died at the hands of a wrong way driver along highway 50 in sacramento county. a bill at the capital would direct caltrans and the highway patrol to conduct a study on how best to reduce wrong way crashes. >> these incidents are becoming more frequently and they're very
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tragic. >> reporter: caltrans already posted signs to steer traffic in the right direction. the agency says it is committed to public safety. >> for the traveling public just to make sure you make it to your destination. your final destination safe. that's our ultimate goal. >> reporter: that traffic safety bill passed the assembly and now moves on to the state senate. meanwhile the investigation of that fatal wrong way crash continues here in yolo county. mike murray, ktvu fox 2 news. californians are likely to vote to legalize marijuana. and some interesting comments made after the mayweather-pacquiao fight. what the filipino fighter said he wasn't allowed to do before stepping into the ring. >> and our live camera, we had mostly crowd -- cloudy skies out there. we could be tracking a few
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boxing fans spent years anticipating the so called fight of the century. in the end it wasn't much of a fight with floyd mayweather winning a final decision with 12 rounds. mayweather moved his record to 48-0. >> i thought i was beating him easy. out of the 12 rounds i had to at least give him three rounds out 12. a lot of times he was applying pressure but he was not applying any pressure. and after the fight,
10:26 pm
pacquiao said that he injured his shoulder during training and that he was not allowed to take a shot. mayweather has said to make 200 million while manny pacquiao was said to have made 120 million. it was the annual tommy smith meet. friends and family were there to cheer on their athlete tommy smith was on hand for his name sake event which he says includes more than just track and field events. >> to keep our kids healthy. keep them off the street. give them some background on
10:27 pm
health and wellness and i think the service is being done. smith was a gold medalist and along with sean carlos gave that historic and controversial black power salute on the medal podium in the 1960s. new details about that drunk driving crash that killed a mother and her baby daughter. tonight we learn more about where that drunk driver was coming from before that crash.
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a man accused of killing a mother and her young daughter in a drunk driving crash is already out of jail released on $350,000 bail.
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investigators told us where that suspected drunk driver was at before he jumped the curb and drove into a home. >> reporter: saturday was supposed to be a fun day at this apartment. as friends and family gathered for a confirmation party. hours later they gather in grief for the loss of a mother and her daughter. santiago fernandez and his son were inside the house when they heard a crash in the back of the house. >> it was really bad. it was a scary moment. >> reporter: tire marks show the driver hit the breaks only at the last seconds before jumping the curb hitting the mother and child. smashing into a tree and taking out the backyard fence and patio. >> nobody wants to see that. it's really bad. you know the lady under the car. >> reporter: this photo shows
10:31 pm
the aftermath, a corvette hardly recognizable after the impact. the mother and baby pinned underneath. >> he was yelling like my daughter and my love. >> reporter: cynthia chen brought flowers today. she was working across the street saturday night when she heard the crash. >> when i looked up there was already like pieces from the bumper flying everywhere and there was smoke. >> reporter: police say the driver is 35-year-old bryan jones of livermore. investigators believe he was drunk when he had lost control of his car. chen remembers seeing the driver right after the crash. >> they took him out of the car, he couldn't really walk straight. they said he was drunk. >> reporter: police confirm jones was at the livermore wine country festival in the hours before the crash and say his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. >> wine country festival serves alcohol until 5:00 p.m. the accident collision occurred almost two hours later and during that time we don't know his whereabouts. >> reporter: jones was arrested on suspicion of driving the influence and gross vehicle
10:32 pm
manslaughter while intoxicated. police say he has posted bail. in livermore, noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. there's a go fund me account to help victims of that crash. we have a link on the san francisco giant's today honored a young baseball fan from bay point stabbed to death last weekend allegedly by a family friend. the team held a moment of silence at at&t park for 9-year- old jordan ungren. the giants sweeted we celebrate the joy of jordi, an angel with a giant heart. giants president larry baird met with jordi's parents and gave them a jersey signed by all of the players. there's no word on why the bus owned by the big bus san francisco tour company burst
10:33 pm
into flames this morning. it happened on haight street. everybody made it off that bus safely. two republican candidates are expected to throw their hat into the presidential race. >> there's no question that our nation is in very dire straits. we have a tremendous amount of vision going on. we need to address that. also tomorrow former hewlett packard ceo carly fiorina is expected to jump into the presidential candidate field. a group of unions is throwing its support blind
10:34 pm
efforts to legalize recreational marijuana smoking in california. a focus group has been set up to find out people's opinions about the issue. the council wants to make sure there's valid arguments. 30,000 people all expected to attend the three day festival. now organize misers are encouraging ticketholders of car pools. take the bus, ride a bike or even walk to the event. organizers say 4,000 cars will need to park each day. which will cause huge traffic back ups. they say anyone with a ticket will be able to ride the bus for free during the music festival. cooler weather out there today. even cooler temperatures expected tomorrow. yup our meteorologist mark tamayo is in with a full look at the forecast.
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well remember just three days ago we had temperatures in the 80s and 90s. and lots of low clouds and also a brisk wind out there as well. as far as the temperatures from this afternoon, no 80s to report. warmest locations in the 70s. but look at the coolest location, shivering all day long. we had higher clouds out toward the sierra. the marine layer clouds just banked offshore and already pushing back into the bay. here's a closer look. san francisco covered. here's ocean beach, the golden gate bridge. even the bay bridge covered with lowered fog.
10:38 pm
not the dense fog but basically clouds lifting and as a result being pushed inland. as far as current numbers, santa rosa, 59 degrees. livermore 54 but the winds have been out there all day long. look at this fairfield observation sustained at 28. that's gusting at 37-miles-an- hour. oakland airport wind out of the west at 14. over the past few days a shallow marine layer which has been happening has been deepening. result of the mechanism to send in that cooler marine air for the inland neighborhoods. no more 90s, no more 80s. the coldest locations back up into the lower 70s for tomorrow and over the next few days. we are expecting lots of cloud cover out there and temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s. wake up weather 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow morning. a big push of clouds in santa rosa, concord, san jose and
10:39 pm
fremont. overcast for san francisco and the beaches only in the 50s and inland out toward livermore here's the temperature time line throughout the day. clouds becoming partly cloudy and temperatures will be in the lower 70s. here's futurecast looking beyond. you can see what happens over the next few days and into wednesday. some activity flairing up in the area. temperatures for tomorrow on the cool side. there's a weather system up here that's going to keep temperatures on the cool side with skies becoming partly cloudy. 60s and 70s. this low tracks to the south over the next few days and earlier next week there's a chance of a few showers. most action to the east. let's keep an eye on thursday and into friday. forecast highs tomorrow for your monday. santa rosa 65 degrees. richmond checks in 63. and keeping it cool for oakland but head inland you will find pleasant numbers with cloudy
10:40 pm
skies and lots of 70s. san francisco and the immediate coastline definitely bundle up. you'll be cooler there. those readings only in the mid- to upper 50s. we'll go with a slighter cooler temperatures over the next few days. we will have to keep a close eye for thursday and into friday. mainly for the north bay hills. your weekend coming up looks pretty good. let's keep an eye on that. >> mom is not going to be happy if you're wrong. coming up next the giants do something they haven't done since 1964. we'll hear again from the warriors after their decisive win today. sports wrap with joe fonzi next. ed? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us.
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good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. as they waited a week for their next play off opponent, there was little concern the warriors might be rusty for game one series against memphis. the warriors quickly put those concerns to rest. it wasn't just the players who were a little eager to get this series started. warriors fans had to cool it for a few days as well and they came in full speed. and one of curry's seven assists, behind the back to green for another assist. green hits the three. green hit three times from beyond the arch in the first quarter: went for 16 points in all. curry continues to dazzle with his ball handling skills. maurice came back to give the team four.
10:44 pm
curry provided a little flurry with consecutive threes. and the warriors are in front by nine as they have 22 games for curry. clay thompson with three of his 18. warriors up by 17. and then make it 20 after another three by curry. steph's dad and brother have probably seen it all before. and space on the floor to make this steal. warriors take charge early then largely coast into the second half. they take game one 101-86 and will go after game two on sunday night. scott reiss took in game one and addresses the issues going in. >> rest or rust which would prevail. that was the question all week following a lengthy lay up. the answer came quickly sunday thanks to a shot shooting start from green. >> i was able to get a wide open. as seth found me. and it was a great feeling. >> i think we were a lot less
10:45 pm
anxious and kind of jittery to open up the series. that first game against new orleans it was so much emotion and kind of just play offs are finally here. another stark contrast, the play of the bench in game one. the second unit was on point and gave the squad a major lift. >> our bench has been a huge advantage for us all year and will continue to be. >> we've been playing good all week. we knew we had a bond going into this game. we needed to guard as a unit and we could do some damage. >> everybody on this team has something to prove. whether the second unit is in or first unit we just want to play and want to win. whatever you can do to contribute to that you just come to the game and do that. it figures to


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