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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we're following developing news this noontime. a problem with b.a.r.t. tracks between civic center and 16th street stations is creating major delays for commuters and delays are expected to persist into the evening commute. skyfox showed us the busy b.a.r.t. platform in west oakland. noelle walker is live in san francisco right now. good afternoon, noelle. >> reporter: good afternoon. the report of a deformity on the track came in at 9:30. it happened between the 16th
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street station, where i'm standing right now, and the civic center now, which is where we just came from. take a listen. >> 20 minutes before we get the train departing. >> reporter: now, b.a.r.t. is single tracking trains through the city with limited service. the only trains continuing past the montgomery street station are those going to the san francisco airport. the deformity is on track 2. that's the one that comes from the east bay. those repairs are taking at least five hours we're told, which means the major delays could impact people trying to get to the giants' game. it's also going to plead into the evening -- bleed into the evening commute. >> it was really packed on the subway. we're about 35, 40 minutes waiting. the drivers were really polite. they were really informative. every time we stopped, they had information for us, let us know how long we would be waiting.
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seemed like they were concerned with everybody knowing what's going on. >> i can't wait 45 minutes. i can walk there faster, in 25 minutes. >> reporter: we're joined by b.a.r.t.'s spokeswoman. alicia, you couldn't take b.a.r.t. you had to get a rid. >> we have a piece of broken rail. we have to get the equipment and all of the equipment out of the way -- we have to get get all of the equipment here and get all of the equipment then out of the way. >> reporter: aren't the tracks inspected each night? >> they are. it will take a complete diagnosis to figure out what happened. 9:20, the train went over the area. it was a bumpy ride. we looked and confirmed it was a broken piece of rail. >> reporter: what kind of delays are people looking at? >> very serious delays.
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we only have the yellow line, that pittsburg/baypoint line going past montgomery. so single tracking with such a busy area in san francisco. people should try to find other ways home. the ferry, ac transit buses. >> reporter: it didn't happen duringth the morning -- during the morning commute, but now those people in the morning commute need to find a way home. >> that's right. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t -- the main takeaway, you will need to find alternative transportation. if she also mentioned -- she also mentioned that muni is offering alternative ways. if you have a b.a.r.t. ticket, muni will honor it. same with ac transit. but this will be an ongoing event all day long. bring your patience. >> we'll have updates on our
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website and facebook and twitter. police say she's done it again. a woman sneaking on planes at bay area airports has been arrested, this time in chicago. marilyn hartman was arrested two weeks ago at o'hare airport and charged with misdemeanor trespassing. police say she was in a restricted area without a ticket. she's been ordered to appear in court on may 29th. hartman has been arrested multiple times, including one time at a hotel in florida last year and also in los angeles after she successfully boarded a flight from san jose to l.a.x. residents in contra costa county sure got an extra wakeup call as three small earthquakes rattled nerves. the earthquake started after 7:00 in concord. and that's where brian flores is. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're in downtown concord across from the plaza, not too far from the epicenter of the
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earthquakes. normal nice day for many. we spoke to some who say their nerves were a bit rattled. the first quake hit at 7:01 centered near oak mead drive. that was a 3.2. the second happened at 7:32 this morning off lonnie kai drive. that was a 3.5 and the third happened three minutes after that, centered at ellis lake park near ellis street and that was a 2.7. contra costa fire reports no damage to any buildings. but we did speak with some people getting ready for work and they described a swarm of quakes -- the swarm of quakes with a big jolt. >> i was thinking if we were in the house, where would i go? what would i get? i'm definitely cognizant of it. >> reporter: not only were there three small quakes today, there was a 3.7 on sunday
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afternoon around 3:15. the experts say they are on the concord/green valley line. it runs to lake berryessa. the smaller swarms of earthquakes are similar to the same quake that happened in the same area back in the year 2000. >> we see this as a repeat of that similar earthquake and so there's likely to be this sort of swarm going on for a while. but certainly not out of the ordinary. >> reporter: experts say don't be surprised to see these small -- swarms of earthquakes for the next few days. they say likely getting to to a 7 is unlikely. but they are not ruling it out. just a few rattled nerves definitely here in concord. >> yeah, it was a reminder that we need to be ready.
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thank you. the city of baltimore is no longer under a state of emergency more than a week after protests and riots broke out over the death of freddie gray. the national guard and state police have been pulled out of the city. last week, six baltimore police officers were indicted in gray's death while in police custody. today, baltimore's mayor outlined changes that she hopes will improve community relations. they include disbanding the violent crimes unit which was the target of citizen complaints and providing the entire police department with body cameras. new developments in the deflate-gate scandal involving under-inflated football games. the nfl announced that new england patriots' employees probably did tamper with the footballs and and say -- and say tom brady probably knew. this came after the colts
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complained that several footballs were deflighted in january. the -- deflated in january. the nfl is considering what steps to take next. california has taken emergency action to address our severe drought. the water resources control board voted last night for mandatory cutbacks of 25%. alex savidge explains how this move will impact one bay area community where water consumption is especially high. >> reporter: some of california's biggest water users are here in the small town of atherton, with its large lawns and beautiful landscaping. but with mandatory restrictions now official, people living in this part of the peninsula will face the most severe cuts. customers must reduce water use by 36%, a huge challenge. >> i think it will be difficult because i -- these are big lots with lawns and things line that and we are sort of figuring we
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might have to something ray fi the -- sacrifice the lawns. >> reporter: if customers need convincing, there will be fines. a councilman hopes the threat of high water bills will do the trick. >> $500,000, $1,000 -- $500, $100 fine to some people may not be a big issue but i think people know there has to be change. >> reporter: here at the park, there's lush, green grass. it may not stand that way for long as the town does whatever it can to conserve water. >> i think over time, it will turn brown. >> reporter: and harsh penalties are now looming for many across california after a vote last night. the state water resources control board gave final approval to new conservation regulations which take effect next month. these are the mandatory
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cutbacks first outlined by the governor. all californians are being asked to keep indoor water use to no more than 55 gallons per person per day. the 7,000 people who call atherton home will be forced to dial back in a big way. watering less or paying more. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and has resources to help you save water. look for the drought section when you click on the news tab of our website. wells fargo is now at the center of a lawsuit. the alleged illegal activity some of the bankers are accused of doing. a slight chance of showers ahead. mark tamayo is up next with your complete bay area forecast. 2014. >> 2 investigates goes under cover to find out how common it is to find expired baby formula
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on store shelves. why the law is not being enforced.
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wells fargo bank is being accused of opening multiple accounts for customers without their knowledge or permission to meet several quotas. a civil complaint was filed by the los angeles city attorney. he claims bank employees were
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pressured to open accounts. former employees say they even forged signatures on bank paperwork. no word on how many customers were affected. wells fargo blames the problem on a few rogue employees. in a statement a spokesperson says, wells fargo's culture is focused on the best interests of its customers. this includes our commitment to customers receiving only the products and services they need and will benefit from. 2 investigates discovers expired baby formula sitting on shelves in bay area stores over and over. california has a law against selling expired baby food. but we found out it's rarely enforced. claudine wong asks who it is supposed to be keeping tabs and are some retailers getting off easy. >> it was remarkably easy to find. this is video from several bay area stores. we picked them at random. went inside and pulled the infant formula off the shelves and checked the expiration
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dates. why? well, this is a problem that sacramento lawmakers and consumer advocates have been trying to address for years. but 2 investigates discovered that problem doesn't seem to be going away. it shouldn't be this easy. >> this one is expired. >> but it was. we went to seven bay area cities in three counties and took a hidden camera inside ten stores. use by september 2014. we checked the form ma law -- formula on the shelves. three stores checked out fine. but at seven others, we found expired formula. not buying it. expired. richard pan, who is also a pediatrician, says this can pose a risk to babies who depend on it as their primary source of nutrition. >> this could make babies sick. >> and this is not a new problem. it's been a problem for years. so much, in fact, that in 2009,
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then-attorney general jerry brown sued cvs over it. and in 2011, a law dealing with this passed. as a result of that lawsuit, cvs paid an almost $880,000 settlement and promised toking strengthen the set -- to strengthen the policies. have you heard of any stores ever facing a penalty? >> i personally have not gotten that information. >> we did. and here's what we found -- the state told us that since 201 1, there have been no complaints registered about expired infant formula and no fines learnvied -- levied. san francisco, alameda, santa clara and contra costa counties said they've never levied fines and say they, too, have had
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excomplaints -- complaints. >> if there's expeer id formula -- expired formula, you can go to the health department and they should be doing regular inspections. >> health departments told us for stores like the ones we went to, regular means once a year. >> if there is a specific issue, we may go out one time. >> why not go out more? >> staff. >> alameda county says staffing issues plague every county. >> some counties are down maybe 25%. we're much bitter off than many -- better off than men. >> what's the point of the mechanism if nobody is using it? >> i would certainly urge the health departments to use that mechanism. >> but health departments say during an inspection, they aren't just looking at baby formula. >> that's one of many things.
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if you walk into a store and up find the freezer case is all thawed out, that's a bigger issue than baby food. >> i wouldn't say it's not a good thing to have the law. the law still has value. >> is anyone using it, though? >> there are times when you may use it. >> inspectors may fine stores if they find it's a repeated problem. you told me you don't track it? >> no, we don't track it specifically. >> we contacted lucky, target and cvs after finding expired form ma law -- formula. target didn't contact us. but lucky said they have strict policies for product handling and row -- and location. cvs noted its removal policy and the agreement with the state and also said we will follow up with your bay area stores to ensure that our product removal procedures are
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being properly followed. the cvs spokesperson also said that the register system requires cashiers to enter a sell-by date and blocks the sale of outdated formula. we never tried to buy the formula. we simply gave it to the managers. where does all of this leave parents buying formula for their babies. you shouldn't have to check. >> right. that's the point. >> we shouldn't have to. but we should do it anyway. >> if you have a tip for 2 investigates, we want to hear from you. e-mail 2 or leave a voice mail at 510- 874-0222. mark has a look at the weather. possibility of rain in the forecast? >> that's right. can't rule out the chance over the next couple of days. a lot of sunshine out there. in fact, a very nice wednesday across the entire region. here's live camera toward the
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oakland estuary. san francisco in the distance. it would be great to be on the water. you can see the clear skies there and the clear skies on the satellite. we have more of a northerly wind kicking up or flow. with that, as we trace in the flow, it's pushing the fog down the coast. with that even the shoreline has seen more sunshine for today. there is little circulation up toward oregon. this will be approaching northern california and the bay area for tomorrow and friday. as a result, that's what we're tracking, at least that could produce a few popup showers. even the slight chance of a thundershower. san jose right now, 63 degrees. santa rosa, 70. san francisco, 61. a lot of sunshine for today. but as i mentioned, there's that system up to the north and the track is very clear. we'll be moving toward the bay area. definitely sierra thunderstorms for thursday and friday and there is a chance of a shower with partly cloudy skies. very isolated. not widespread and probably a passing shower. but something to keep an eye on. here is the forecast model. clear skies for today.
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tomorrow, already some rain showers popping up right around lake tahoe at 9:00 a.m. you get an -- we kind of put the area of low pressure here and the circulation drawing in the moisture. that's gonna draw in moisture here. definitely some clouds and you can see a few popup showers developing. we'll take this into friday. look what happens with the coverage on friday. it looks like the best chance will be the sacramento valley. but close enough to warrant the chance in the bay area, especially in the east bay. far east bay and parts of the south bay. we'll keep an eye on the chances. today a lot of sunshine, enjoy your wednesday and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we'll take a look at your forecast. half moon bay, 62 degrees. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. temperatures cooler for thursday and friday and those little rain clouds could be misleading. it won't be a widespread event or an all-day event. but there's a chance for a popup shower.
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into the weekend, we'll warm up the showers by saturday and better get the forecast nice for the moms out there. >> of course. >> it looks great with sunshine and warmer temperatures. >> thank you, mark. angry protesters shut down a city council meeting in oakland. the high-end development they say will make a bad problem even worse.
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stocks lower due to weak reports on the u.s. economy. productivity declined as labor costs jumped and hiring by u.s.
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companies in april was at the slowest pace in nearly a year and a half as the strong dollar dragged downoverseas sales. the dow is down 150. s&p down 16. a san francisco supervisor is pushing for a moratorium on high-end developments in the mission district. david campos says mom and pop businesses are being replaced by luxury condos since the high- tech boom has brought young, affluent people to the mission. affordable housing consisted of 12% of the condition trucks projects within the past ten years. he wants a moratorium on any new development unless it's affordable housing. he needs nine out of 11 votes on the board. dozens of protesters stormed last night eight city council meeting in oakland bringing the session to a grinding halt. they say they are angry about a proposed development they believe will make the situation worse. [chanting] >> the group which calls itself
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black seed does not like the city's plan to sell a plot of land near lake merritt to a private developer. they claim that long-time oakland residents are being forced out of the city because of a lack of affordability. the land could be used for a 24- story tower of luxury condos. >> we came here tonight to say not behind closed doors and they are not gonna say that the community supports it because the community does not support it. now we've made that visibly clear. >> we've had a very energetic demonstration in which people were speaking out both about the importance of affordable housing and about the importance of taking real action to improve relations and have public accountability and i think these are incredibly important issues. >> city officials plan to sell the land for more than $5 million. the developer says it will bring tax revenue for the city and create jobs. protesters dispersed around 9:00 last night. we will be following the
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delays on b.a.r.t. throughout the day. we believe the delays will last through the evening commute. more tonight at 5:00. you can follow us on twitter and on our app to get real-time updates while we're off air. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for ur-- for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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