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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the search effort in a rugged and remote area near lake tahoe. mornings on two continue. >> from ktvu fox two, this is mornings on two. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. 6:00 right on the dot. i'm pam cook. >> brand-new day. check weather and traffic, and the weather is keeping steve busy. >> pictures starting to come in. >> getting close. a lot of lightning in the sierra -- there's snow in the sierra involved. disruption of the fog bank. the water temps are really cold. yes, the cloud cover associated with the low starting to move in. it's producing rain to the east. this is from -- we built this city on twitter. glenn park san francisco
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looking east. see some of those clouds. i think you're okay farther west toward the coast, but you can see some areas very close here. rio visit tax had reports, highway 99. just clipping ant i don't care. cloudy, breezy. discovery bay, also beth el island. most of this is to the east. sacramento valley, things are just lit up. cameron park just a big thunderstorm there. lightning reports, pollack pines. snow in the sierra. how about that? winter weather advisory till 5:00 tomorrow. right now there's snow being reported last check. . they will be warm per morning. the breeze is there. chewed up a lot of that low cloud deck, though there's some. the low is here up going to just go -- it's rotating around. some of these -- lake county, solano. very close. things will pick up here. pretty active for the morning. a beautiful day for clouds.
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usually may it's kind of quiet. just get the low clouds. today more than that. mid-level. mild, warm. a muggy fool with a strong south wind. >> reporter: wind. >> it's improving a little bit. something you said caught a traffic note. there are chain restrictions on interstate 80 and the kingsville area because of fresh snow. >> and i know 50 there are big lightning storms. >> and just because of you, i decided to look up, you know, the roadway conditions. going to keep track of that. so steve and sal are going to be working together when it comes to 80 and 50 and other things. steve also mentioned highway 101, southbound 81 and c,sar chavez. a crash removed from the lanes. on the shoulder, you can see traffic is a little slow on southbound 101. it was much worse. there was another crash that happened nearby. they moved that one completely off the freeway.
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now, the traffic is going to be a little bit slow as you head west off the bay bridge. but it's not slow enough to be causing a huge backup for now any way at the bay bridge toll plaza. take a look tat bay bridge toll plaza. a backup, backed up about a 15, 20-minute delay. there are no problemston bridge. you could be waiting at the toll plaza for a bit. looking at 680, 24, and 242. this looks good. concord to walnut creek. if driving on 680 to san area moan, a nice-looking drive. go back to the desk. police in san jose need help finding a man who followed a 13-year-old girl home, and attacked her. ktvu spoke with the young victim, and georgia mean d, la vega joins with that interview and the very scary surveillance video. this is a very disturbing story, georgia mean. >> reporter: she is a very brave girl the she's only in eighth grade, but she managed to fight this man off. the whole ordeal has left her shaken.
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she and her parents are hoping police find this predator. now, take a good look. here are several images of the man that police need help identifying. he's described as being white n his 30s with a thin build and about 6 feet tall. ktvu is protecting the identity of the 13-year-old girl that he followed home on tuesday afternoon. here's some surveillance video showing him walking to her home. he approached her at the doorstep and started asking her questions that grew increasingly personal. she also said he appeared to film her on his cell phone. . he managed to force his way in. >> he then grabbed me. so i fight him, and i smash my hand into his face. that's when he let go of me. >> reporter: the man ended up leaving. she locked the door, hid in the closet, and texted her father, telling him someone just tried to rape her. she speckly remembered the man had an unusually high-pitched voice, and smelled
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of strong cologne. >> all of the sudden, i feel it was just a dream, didn't rally happen. i look around. it really did happen. and the guy had a rally, really strong odor. and it was all over me. >> reporter: police say the same man carried out another attack at the matsua market in the afternoon on april 2nd. that is also in west san jose. investigators say he followed a 28-year-old woman in the room, buts is able to fight him off before police arrived. detectives need help finding him, and are looking for any information that may lead to his arrest. pam? . >> who's great is those pictures are out all over social media. 6:05 is the time. still no signs of an alameda county man and his two young children who went missing on a camping trip to the sierra. the 41-year-old man, 5-year-old
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son, 3-year-old daughter were last seen at a campsite in western sierra county just northwest of lake tahoe. now, when they did return home, concerned family members called the sierra county sheriff's office tuesday night. deputies, cal fire, and the chp have all been searching for them on the ground and in the air. deputies have not released the names of the three people who are missing, but the family planned to drive-through a remote and rugged part of sierra and plymouth counties while returning to the bay area. pal low alto police are out there searching for group of people who launched a paintball attack on five unsuspecting people. one of the targets, a man in his 7 0s. ktvu fox two tara moriarty joining us live. you're in our newsroom with more on how serious a paint ball attack is. it's no joke. >> reporter: no. it's just a paintball. little tiny squishy ball, but police say it's really no laughing matter. getting hit by one of them at a
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high velocity can -- instructor andrew fired off a few rounds, showing us how powerful these toy guns can be. he says the paint balls fly at 180 miles an hour. so even if you were hit by a marshmallow at that velocity, it would hurt. pal low alto police say the pranksters shot the paint balls at five people tuesday night. the first location was at mill road and dana avenue. the second on melville avenue. three people were struck, including a man in his 70s. >> somebody drove up behind him in a vehicle, and fired 12 to 14 green paint balls. the second group of people reported hearing, as the car drove away, a male voice from inside the car kind of laughing and carrying on. >> the suspect drove an older- model gold sedan, and police say the attackers could face charges ranging from m. battery and vandalism to felony assault if someone is seriously hurt. luckily in this case, the victims only received
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bruises. in the meantime, neighbors say they will be on the look-out for the suspect's car. live from the newsroom, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> thank you. time is 6:70. moon time bart service getting back to normal this morning after two big problems yesterday caused systemwide delays. first problem, a 10-inch broken rail between the 16th street and the civic center stations in san francisco. now, bart gave us this photo of that gap with a dollar bill, just showing you the scale of it. not clear what caused the break, but frustrated riders were stuck waiting for hours for the track to be temporarily repaired. >> a lot of cranky people. they don't want to stop and talk to me because thaw ear cranky the port's not working. >> in the afternoon texas bay fair station in san lee and degree lost power, and hundreds of passengers were stranded. took about an hour before pg and e was able to get the power back on. this morning, people in
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oklahoma, can arizona is, and nebraska are surveying the damage left behind from a series of tornadoes. the oklahoma city area was hit the hardest. entire neighborhoods were destroyed. no deaths are reported, but at least 12 people are hurt. there was also a warning for a time that some animal from a wild animal park were on the loose, and that included lions, tigers, and kangaroos. shortly after that warning was issued, all of the animal were captured in can arizona is, a line of severe storms produced at least 9 tornadoes >> they just came right over the hill. got down to the basement, and actually flung the basement doors open, and threw some tree debris and stuff down in the basement. i'm just glad we was automobile to stop and find a safe place. >> flooding is also a major concern. parts of oklahoma have seen a half a foot of rain. also a flash-flood emergency for the first time ever in that city, and people are being told not to drive. >> wow. time is 6:09. still ahead now, we found out of yet another arrest involving the serial stowaway.
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coming up at 6:30, new charges that marlin hardman is now facing. and up next, a fake police force busted. the action that prompted the investigation, and how it involves an aid to attorney general condila harris.
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police say an aid -- after a month-long investigation, sheriff's deputies arrested community affairs liaison brenda keel and two others for impersonating officers. a web site claiming to represent the fake force, the
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mason i can fraternal police department, says it has jurisdiction in 33 states and in mexico as well as ties to the knights templars, an order created to protect jerusalem in 1100 b.c. the investigation began in february when a man who claimed he was a chief of the force went to the santa clarida sheriff's department, setting up shop in the area. people who live in the area are shocked. >> i always see them with the uniform. so i thought they were part -- i didn't know it was something fake >> l.a. county prosecutors say the purpose of this ruse is not clear. keel was placed on administrative leave, and a spokesman for harris says the attorney general is concerned about these very serious allegations. time 6:14. on her fund raising swing to san francisco, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton stopped in china. >> how are you all? . >> hi, how are you. >> she stopped for some tea. she was joined by mayor ed lee. she visited the red blossom tea
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company as the crowds geared outside. . the stop at the tea shop, it was squeezed in between two fundraisers. people who were there, they were enthusiastic about what she had to say. >> she was real. she was talking about absolutely the critical issues that we need to have addressed, such as immigration, education. >> today hillary clinton will be in southern california, attending fundraisers. but she'll be back in the bay area tomorrow for a fundraiser in botolo valley at the home of bay president and ceo john donoho. a release by the nfl finds the new england patriots likely did deflate footballs and that quarterback brady was aware of it. a series of text messages details discussions about deflating footballs. after the afc championship game, the nfl found 11 of the 12 footballs the patriots used were below the league air pressure limits.
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the patriots have criticized the out come of the probe. brady is scheduled to speak today at an event, but it is not known if he will talk about that report. time is 6:15. following sal. you oar watching highway 101 and everything else. >> this accident has been there for awhile. begin with highway 101 in san francisco. they moved the accident actually out of the way. finally beginning to see improvement here. 101 looks like it did. here it is 6:16. finally it's clear after a crash that blocked a couple of lanes. traffic is looking good. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is backed up about a 10, 15-minute delay. look at those clouds up there. this is a combination traffic and weather shot, as you can see. steve is going to be all excited. i know what gets steve excited.
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those clouds, that's one of those -- no major problems on the peninsula. if you're driving don to san bruno, san mateo. looks good. look what i found here. see activity here on southbound 101 as you drive from 238. stop and go traffic already. pretty good today for us in may. . we also have big-time reports of lightning coming out of the motherlod,. very close for us. a report of thunder out toward oakly. the breeze has rally cranked up. . . the fog has been cued up. a great day for clouds. there's some of you that can't
6:18 am
get out at the pages. might not be a bad day at chase. . 49 in pacifica. but look at the sierra. a couple inches of snow also up at sugar bowl, and there are chain requirements for some. there have been huge reports of lightning up toward kivers as well. currently in ant i don't care, cloudy, gusting winds. the temperature was 78, 51. and we forecasted 78. about i don't care and brentwood tough to forecast highs in the summertime. trust me. yesterday was spot on. there you can see right by of coursely, discovery bay. toward brentwood. if you don't have the rain, you probably have clouds and breeze. look how things are blowing up around cameron park, also pollack pines. they have a winter weather advisory taking us till 5:00 tomorrow. could be about maybe 6, 8 inches of snow some of the higher elevations. warmer on the lows. fog has been cued up for the
6:19 am
most part. half-moon bay reporting some. water temperatures are cold. half-moon bay, 49 to 51. the breeze is all north and south. i mean, take your pick. fairfield is north. concord is out. that's the direction the wind is coming from. a lot of reports of rain around highway 99, low die, around sacramento. it will be a very active day out toward sacramento, sacramento valley, up toward the mother lode in the sierra. 2 to 6 probably. there will be higher amounts than that. lows as it drops into northern california. going to rotate around. if it zigs instead of zags, areas around the coast won't get anything out of this. very close to us. so lake county, i think napa county, solano. best bet today -- now quiet. some of these wrap around. we get afternoon heating. things will really build up. get a little lift in some of this. cold system moving in may is pretty impressive. 7 0s on the temps.
6:20 am
a few areas would not surprise me here. kind of a whole different pattern than what we had last couple of days. mild to warm for some. . these kind of quiet down. mother's day looks fine. >> i love the sky. >> it's a great -- >> looks good. >> pretty. nice. 6:20 is the time. a baby monkey is at the center of a controversy. coming up in 25 minutes, the up roar other its name, and why the zoo plans to change it. >> but first wasting water in the middle of mandatory cutbacks. the complaint about a strip mall in the bay area where sprinklers reportedly have been running nonstop.
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now, the video shows him throwing a rock at the front window last. when that doesn't work, he kicks in the bottom of the window with his foot, and then ducks inside. thirty seconds later, the camera shows him walking out of the store, his arms full of meds. now, here are three still photos of the suspect that was captured on camera. he was wearing a red shirt,
6:24 am
dark-colored jacket at the time. he had an athletic bag and his shoulder. also looks like he was wearing latex gloves. police would like to hear from anyone who may know the identity of that burglar. a call for mandatory cuts around san jose being ignored. this is located on mclaughlin avenue. a business owner tells us the center's management knows about the problem, but hasn't done anything to stop the water from flowing. we contacted the san jose water company, and they told us they would send someone out to make contact with the management company and try to get that water turned off. time 6:24. it's a familiar sight in name, but you may not -- with more than 800 locations, it's headquartered right here in the bay area, and it is highly regarded -- he's one of the few african americans running a major company. >> in many cases, it's their
6:25 am
first job. we take great pride in offering valuable training and skill in life lessons. lessons. >> jamba's headquartered here. a lot of people may not know that, or do they know that? . >> here's the jamba history. we actually celebrated our 25th year anniversary just last week. very exciting. the company was founded -- the founder of our company was kirk perren, and our first location was at san luis abisbo. so california company through and through. active in the local community. that chaologies me an opportunity to be an inspiration and have an impact in the community where we do business.
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>> is it fun for you being in -- is it fun? is it business, or what? . >> this is the most fun i've had at work. it's been, you know, challenging, six and a half years to turn around and ultimately trance the company, but i'm fired up every day to walk one the great people, visit our shops like this one, greet employees, see how i might be helpful to them. >> going to hear more from james white of jamba juice coming up in the next -- in our 8:00 hour of mornings on 2. make sure you catch it. tesla says also of its new home battery are off the hook,lon musk received 38,000 orders for the power all. they're completely sold out until the middle of next
6:27 am
year. tesla may have to expand its battery factor being built in nevada. the power wall battery designed to store electricity from home solar panels. some critics say it isn't powerful enough to do more than to provide limited backup electricity. i have a feeling elon musk is going to address any problems with that. >> he is making a lot of news. new developments in the fight over that palo alto mobile home park. the multiple dollar plan he hopes will keep hundreds of officials losing their homes. >> a side show busted. the large crowd that brought dozens of police cars to milpedas. well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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cloudy out there. reports of rain showers this morning. and up in the sierra, snow. steve will be here in a moment. he'll it will you all about it. interesting weather morning. thursday, may th. did i hear snow? couple inches of snow. >> little too late, but it's okay. >> there's thunder close to us. not too bad. kim lawrence, who's being the dj, i would like to make a request, please. >> wow. >> i want that. we also want some rain, and it's possible here,
6:31 am
some thunderstorm activity has popped up in the sierra, then turned to snow some of the higher elevations, i think. okay. here we go. brentwood also cloudy. if you don't have any of the rain, windy conditions the gusts have cranked up there. big-time lightning reports coming out of cameron park, out to the valley as well. turns to snow in the sierra. winter weather advisory goes until tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.. we'll take it. we'll take it. 40s and 50s on your temps. the fog has been disrupted. build-ups today. look at this. wrapping boo parts of north bay and marin county. a little and heating. keeping an eye on things to the north. things aren't too bad. mix of clouds, sun, showers, possible thundershowers. a little warmer here as with get a little different pattern and lose that fog. 70s, 60s, upper 06s for some. we have snow up in there
6:32 am
mountains. >> reporter: we do. we have an advisory for you to bring your chains with you if you're gong be driving to the sierra. never know what it's going to be like if the particular highway you're using does not have chain reinstructions. highway 80 has some. take a look at what we have in the bay area when it comes to the traffic. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. you can see traffic is moving along nicely once you get up to the bridge a. backup at the toll plaza. sky fox has been looking at highway 101, san francisco. earlier, it was backed up around here. we had an accident at cesar chavez. now everything is good. there's cesar chavez below us. there's that famous hospital curve. why do they call it that? because of the hospital on the left. freeway comes around the hospital, general hospital. if you're new to san francisco, there you go. got a little bit of a lesson about hospital curve. let's talk about the commute on 880 southbound from
6:33 am
238 as you head south. that's stop-and-go already, drive to union city. 6:32. back to the desk. an eighth grade girl followed home and attacked, and san jose police this morning, they need your help finding the man responsible. ktvu talked with the 13-year- old victim about what happened. have a mean dela v,ga joining us live from san jose with that interview. a pretty chilling surveillance video. >> reporter: yeah. this has been a nightmare, dave, for this father and mother limit this girl's sense of security has been taken away. she and her family are hoping surveillance photos and video are going to help to lead to this man's arrest. just listen to what this girl texted her father moments after the attack happened. >> daddy, come home. some guy tried to rape me. please now, i'm really scared. >> reporter: the 13-year-old you just heard from is talking about the man in these surveillance photos. we also have video of the
6:34 am
frightening encounter. we're protecting the girl's identity as we show you this. police say the man followed her home on tuesday afternoon. he approached the eighth grader, and started asking her personal questions that made her feel uncomfortable. she also says it appears he was filling her on his cell phone. . she ran inside the house, he followed, then started to assault her. the man ended up leaving. though she's not injured, it's been traumatizing. >> actually, i no longer trust the outside world anymore. my mom constantly told me the outside world is dangerous. don't obviously i didn't listen to my mom when she said the outside world is dangerous. >> reporter: police say the same man carried out another attack at a matsua market earlier last month. that's in west san jose. investigators say he followed a 28-year-old woman into the restroom, but she was able to fight him off
6:35 am
before police arrived. detectives need help find being man. they describe him as around 30 years ed, white, with medium height, and a thin build. the girl says he smelled of strong cologne, and had and unusually high-pitched voice. police are taking this case very seriously. they don't want another assault like this to happen. they're hoping people share this guy's photo on social media. >> georgia mean d, la v,ga from san jose. thank you. the woman who reported being raped by former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald, she's now filed a cross complaint. she's alleging mcdonald's teammate, ahmad brooks, also assaulted her. the woman and her lawyer, gloria allred held this news conference yesterday. the woman says she believes there's home surveillance video from december that will show brooks groped her in a sexual manner after she slipped on wet pool deck, hit her head, and passed out. she claims ray mcdonald took her into his bedroom,
6:36 am
and had sex with her without her consent. mcdonald sued the woman for defamation back in march, and says the sex was consensual. district attorneys still haven't decided if mcdonald will be charged. ray mcdonald, by the way, now plays for the chicago bears. police in the south bay broke up a large late-night side show. alex savage out there this morning with the action officers had to take to clear this huge crowd. alex? >> reporter: what a crowd it was. police estimate at least 300 people. they filled up the parking lot here at milpedas square, filled up this shopping center last night for this side show. the shopping center on barber lane. this is where 880 meets 237 if you know this part of town. police say there was a side show here last in the parking lot. unclear exactly how it was organized or how long it had been going on before authorities arrived here, but because of the sheer size of the crowd, milpedas police called for backup from a
6:37 am
number of neighboring law enforcement agencies for all across the county. that meant officers from fremont, san jose, and the santa clara sheriff's office all moved in here to help clear out the parking lot. there was one person involved in this side show who was arrested. police, however, didn't say what charges they'll be facing. officers say this kind of illegal event puts the public at risk. >> doesn't occur very an in milpedas. when it does, we take street racing or side shows very seriously, as it does represent a danger to the public. >> reporter: and after that one person was arrested last night, the crowd became somewhat agitated. some began to challenge the police. but that's when even more officers were called down here to the scene, and people eventually disbursed from this parking lot. no one was injured last night as a lot of police officers tried to clear out a whole lot of people who geared here in this parking
6:38 am
lot. time 6:37. an 80-year-old woman recovering after being hit by a bicyclist on the mill valley bike path. according to "the ma rain independent journal," the woman was walking south on the path tuesday night when she was hit by a cyclist. now the woman was rushed to marin general hospital with moderate injuries. do not know her current condition, but we understand the cyclist was not hurt. this week's incident took place just about a half mile from where a child was seriously hurt in another collision involving a cyclist last year. happening today, the woman known as the serial stowaway, scheduled to appear in an illinois court on charges she tried to sneak on to planes in chicago. marlin hartman has been arrested twice in the past two weeks, one at both of chicago's major airports, o'hare, and mid-way. the most recent arrest happened sunday at mid-way. tsa agents spotted her loitering near a check point. now, surveillance video shows she also tried to slip through airport security in
6:39 am
minneapolis in january. the 63-year-old hartman has been arrested 11 times since march of last year, trying to sneak on to flights, including ones at san jose and fsf. new. developments in a fight to keep a mobile home park open. the buena vista park home to about 400 people. the family who owns the parkland, they want to sell it. supervisors working on the plan to have the city, county, nonprofit organization team up to buy the property, and keep it as a mobile home park. supervisors say they're not certain if their $26 million offer will be accepted. now, ktvu's calls and e-mails to the owner's lawyer, they have not been returned. one of the residents who lived there for 16 years says living there has made a big difference in the life of his family. his two oldest kids are in college. the youngest goes to gun high
6:40 am
school in palo alto. >> it's thanks to this place that is so safe with all its benefits my kids were able to succeed. >> meantime the city of palo alto due to make its decision whether to hear the owner's approval to sell it. it could total 5 to $6 million. criticism, frustration over the oakland city council meeting that did not happen this week, because protesters took over. coming up in 20 minutes, the new patrols coming from one council member that could help the city avoid a repeat performance. >> up next, a swarm of earthquakes happening in contra costa county. why the experts say it's not necessarily a sign that a bigger one is coming soon. >> good morning. looking at the morning commute, and -- morning commute that is full at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up to the
6:41 am
mcarthur -- coming up. >> from bodega bay to inverness. h,ello. a closer look at it coming up.
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legislation to give congress the chance to debate and possibly reject a final nuclear deal with iran. today's scheduled vote comes as the u.s. and five other nations, they're still negotiating with iran. negotiators hop to reach a final agreement by june 30th on a deal to curb iran's nuclear program in exchange for getting relief from economic sanctions. the white house has been warning congress not to pass legislation that would interfere with those negotiations or limit a final deal. the polls are open in great britain in what is being called the tightest race in a generation.
6:45 am
british prime minister david cameron is in a dead heat with his opponent, ed milliban. after months of campaigning, neither cameron's conservative party nor milliban's labor party has a clear lead. . now, depending upon the out come today, it could take weeks to form a new government. the polls, by the way, close at 2:00 p.m. our time. seismologists do not expect that the flurry of earthquakes in the east bay will trigger a much bigger and more destructive quake. as we reported yesterday, 3 earthquakes hit the concord area after 7:00 in the morning. the strongest, a 3.5. . now, there have been at least 8 other smaller quakes in the same general area this week. a pleasant hill homeowner says the flurry of quakes yesterday knocked a branch off his tree, which then fell on his car.
6:46 am
>> pretty surprised. the whole time i lived here, i never seen any of these trees break like that. >> that was my first one in concord. i felt many my whole life living in the bay area. i don't know why there's so many in this area. >> supervisor meteorologists are not certain if the storm came from the concord green valley fault or splinter fault. the concord fault has a 4% chance of being the source of a magnitude 6.6 quake in the next 30 years. >> okay. it's been interesting. time 6:46. check in with tori campbell, see what's coming up in the next hour of mornings on two. >> coming up, mornings on two, oakland has been the scene of many angry clashes between police and protesters recently. what's the solution. shawn wendt joins live to tell us what he thinks it will take to improve relationships between police and communitity members. >> thousands speed up their
6:47 am
commute ever day. sometimes the system can create serious roadblock. some of the headaches it causes, even how it prompted one woman to declare bankruptcy. this is some of the stories working on for the rest of the mornings on 2. back to you in the studio. a zoo in japan is apologizing for naming a baby monkey charlotte after the new british royal princess. the zoo says they always ask the public to name the first born err year. yesterday it announced the monkey would be born charlotte, but then complaints started coming in. well that's disrespectful to the british royal family. the zoo says before the princess was named, it hadn't received a single vote for charlotte. then all of the sudden it became the most popular choice. it said it's going to choose a new name for the new baby monkey. >> okay. 6:47. sal what are you keeping an eye on? . >> the east bay commute, pam and dave.
6:48 am
it's heating up a little bit. good morning to you. going to start with sky fox. it's over the mcarthur maze gig a nice look at traffic coming together trying to get to the bay bridge toll plaza. there it is. you can see slow traffic coming up to the bay bridge toll plaza. probably one of it the best shots to show you what you have to deal with. you have to deal with the slow traffic first. at the top of the screen on the left, you see the metering lights. about a 15 to 2-minute delay,, of course, unless you're using the car pooling. move along to the san mateo bridge. traffic is going to be moderately heavy as well. no major issues. walnut creek interchange, southbound 680 traffic is looking pretty good as you drive out of concord.
6:49 am
. already pushing off out to sea. also out toward oakly and discovery bay. there's activity. there had reports of thunder. snow in the sierra as well. how about that. winter weather advisory is out. that's the reel deal. real deal. winter weather advisory out until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. snowing. i see flurries down to blue canyon up snow levels right at 5,000, 5,200 feet. snow in the sierra. some chain requirements. and i know there's been some big lightning storms coming out of the motherlod,. some of that activity -- there it goes. pretty close. i doubt that's reaching the ground. it's developed rapidly. this might be. out toward byron, discovery bay. if you adopt have any of the rain, it's cloudy. pretty good gusts toward sacramento valley, about 30 miles an hour early. everything is rotating around.
6:50 am
it's aics manied bag. some clouds, showers. this is all happening -- a cold dynamic system. get some afternoon heating in the lift. get some pretty good rays here. i would not be surprised to see thunderstorm activity. up in the sierra, it's snow. where have you been. we'll take whatever we can get there. could get maybe 6 to 8 inches some of the high elevations. the fog bank has been disrupted because of the this system coming in. the water temps are as cold as i've seen in almost a year. 49bod,ga bay. the breeze is south. it's north. fairfield is north. concord is south. it's just crazy. south some areas, and then napa and then due north at santa rosa. all over the place associated with that low. 50s don to the valley. i would not be surprised -- up toward sacramento, san what keen valley next 24
6:51 am
hours. that winter weather advisory will take us to tomorrow morning. see the traffic there. so close. that's why we have to mention that today in the window for possible showers today. rotate around. all bets are off. i think it favors areas to the east. i think everybody is in for it today. clouds, showers, possible thundershowers. mild to warm. a couple projections i saw, near 80 degrees for some with south wind kind of pattern. warmer toward the coast and around the bay. chewed up a lot of that low cloud deck. showers, possible showers. snow in the mountains. quiet things down. nice morning fog. okay into the weekend. >> that snow is happening now. >> right now. >> isn't that nice? . >> that's midnight. could have used it a couple months ago. >> could have used a lot of it. 6:51 is the time. mcdonald's turning over a new leaf. coming up in 25 minutes, fiend out how the fast food chain is becoming more plant- based. >> plus one of pam's favorite
6:52 am
foods. another victim of the doubt. how the short supply of avocados -- the ones you buy at the store. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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she is the president of the american freedom defense initiative. well known for her opposition to islam. police say the online threat names geller. two men started shooting outside that cartoon contest in texas. they were could by police. isis has claimed responsibility for the shooting, but there's no evidence two again were connected with that terror group. san jose police are remembering fallen officers as part of a national peace officer's memorial week. this year, the grief still fresh from the loss of officer michael johnson. >> officer michael j. johnson. >> joe johnson shot and killed march 24th responding to the call of a suicidal man. johnson's widow, mother all attended that ceremony yesterday. the johnson family has formed a
6:56 am
bond with the family of officer jeffrey santana killed in 2001. the two men were in the same academy class. >> to give them a little support, let them know they're not the only ones. >> chief larry,scoval told the crowd the men and women of the department are part of the fabric of the community. since1849, 12 police officers have given their lives in the line of duty. they demanded that program cuts be reversed, that the special trustee who runs it school be removed. today those student say they will attend a supervisor's hearing about the future of city college at san francisco city hall. that's at 2 p.m. city college, as you know, has been fighting to retain its accreditation. california's avocado industry is being hit hard by the drought. the lack of rain, high cost of
6:57 am
irrigation, and water cuts are forcing farmers to reduce the number of avocado trees, which shortens the supply. one farmer in san diego county said conditions are devastating. >> usually start to see a slowdown. we're seeing it now in may. >> avocado farmers across the county are producing much less product. as a result, the experts say consumers may have to rely on foreign imports, which won't taste as good or be as fresh. a sharp outdoor sculpture garden found ready to open. it's on the north bay freeway. got a look at it yesterday, and some of its very large copper and wooden pieces were being put in place. the exhibit features trees that are more than 1,000 years old. this incredible -- designed by an artist that works with old salvaged redwood stumps left behind by
6:58 am
loggers. seventeen of the sculptures are going in along highway 101 and santa row is a. the sculpture garden will open to the public month. that's incredible. in our next hour of mornings on two, shooting paint balls at unsuspecting people, and laughing about it. >> a male voice from inside the car kind of laughing and carrying on. >> the reason pal low alto police say this crime is laughing matter. >> plus a man tries to sexually assault a 13-year-old girl. it's all caught on surveillance cameras. a live report on the hunt for the suspect, who police say is linked to other attacks in the south bay.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> reporter: an 8th grader is followed home and attacked. police need help finding the man responsible. we're live in san jose and you will hear from the brave girl. an alameda county man and his two young children are missing. the search areas near lake tahoe. "mornings on 2" continues. he then grabs me. i fight him


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