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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 7, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: an 8th grader is followed home and attacked. police need help finding the man responsible. we're live in san jose and you will hear from the brave girl. an alameda county man and his two young children are missing. the search areas near lake tahoe. "mornings on 2" continues. he then grabs me. i fight him and i smash my
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hoond into -- my hand into his face. >> frightening video. a 13-year-old girl followed home from school and then attacked in her san jose home. it's all caught on surveillance video. coming up, janine de la vega will tell us about the search underway for the suspect and why police believe he has attacked others. such a grave little girl. >> that's scary. >> thursday, may 7th. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning, tori. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we've gotta check weather and traffic. steve paulson? rain in san ramon. >> what? >> yes. >> serious? >> yes. >> that's allowed to happen? >> yes. >> a line from tori's father. i haven't decided what the weekend will be. for 7:00 a.m., this is really impressive. i thought things would pick up later. there's a lot of energy here. i would think walnut creek, danville, blackhawk looks
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pretty good and no doubt about it -- i know we had thunder reports in oakley, brentwood, discovery bay, wrapping back around. we figured it would be lake county, napa county, solano, contra costa. but look at this. even a pretty good cell over mount cam. i don't think that reached the ground. maybe around point reyes. if it did, you can let me know. you go rain, sun, clouds up again. snow up in the sierra. love it. love it. winter weather advisory goes until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. the fog bank has been chewed up. it might rotate around. we get a little afternoon heating. i think thunderstorms are in the mix here. there's been some pretty good reports of lightning up in the mother lode. clouds, sun, mild to warm. again, 70s. 60s for some. a little belter by the coast -- better by the coast. sal, we have rain out there. >> that's right.
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if that happens, you will start to see slow traffic. good morning. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the traffic backed up for about a 15, 20-minute delay with ominous skies above. there are no problems on the bridge itself. this is a look at interstate 880, northbound and southbound, the traffic in oakland looks good. there is an injury accident in san jose, northbound 101 at hellyer. it's a motorcycle crash. although the motorcyclist is said to be walking around. a little bit dazed but the traffic is slow on northbound up with. chp and medics are on the way. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. police in san jose need help finding a man who followed a young girl, forced his way inside her home and attacked her. investigators say he's also linked to another assault close by in san jose's west valley. ktvu spoke with the 13-year-old victim. reporter janine de la vega joins us live from san jose with that interview and also surveillance video of the attack from inside the home. something you don't see any --
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you don't see they often. >> reporter: no, and police want you to share pictures of this man because it may help lead to an arrest. this has been traumatizing for this girl only in 8th grade. she felt helpless as the predator cornered her. take a look at the still images of the man. police need help identifying him. he's described as white in his 30s with a thin build about 6 feet tall. ktvu is protecting the identity of the 13-year-old girl that he followed home on tuesday afternoon. this surveillance video shows him walking to her home. he approached her at the doorstep and started asking her questions that grew increasingly personal. she also says it appears he was filming her on his cell phone. >> i tell him i'm not comfortable answering your questions and then he asked me really inappropriate questions
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that i have an idea of what he was trying to ask me. but i knew he wanted something sexual. >> reporter: the girl quickly ran inside the home but the man forced his way inside. that's when he attacked her but she hit him and he backed off. >> i was trying to find something sharp, maybe i can throw at him because i was really, really scared and he walks a few steps towards me and i thought he was just gonna jump and grab me but then he looks outside, looks at me a few times. then walks out the door. >> reporter: police say the same man carried out another attack at the mitsua market in the afternoon on april 2nd. this was in west san jose. investigators say he followed a 28-year-old woman into the restroom but she was able to fight him off before police arrived. detectives need help finding him and are looking for any information that may lead to
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him. one of the things the girl mentioned to us was that he smelled of strong cologne and had an unusually high-pitched voice. police are hoping any of those steps may help them and get people to call in to see if they can identify him and capture him. tori? >> interesting information there. such a brave young girl. thank you, janine. well, there are still. signs of -- well, there are still no signs of a man and his 5-year- old son and 3-year-old daughter who went camping. they were last seen in western sierra county northwest of lake tahoe. when they didn't return home, concerned family members called the sierra county sheriff's office tuesday night. deputies, calfire and the chp have been searching for them on the ground and in the air. deputies have not released the names of the three people who are missing. the family planned to drive
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through a remote and rugged portion of sierra and plumas counties while returning to the bay area. an oakland city official is drafting a new proposal for tighter rules at city council meetings. it comes after a chaotic disruption at tuesday's meeting. a group of protesters upset about a proposal to sell a plot of land near lake merritt stormed the meeting and eventually shut it down. noel gallago said he's seen a rash of similar disruptions over the past few years. according to the chroniclele, he's look -- chronicle, he's looking into looking at more security measures for those meetings. police in palo alto out there searching for a group of people blamed for several paintball attacks targeting innocent people. at least five people were hurt in these attacks including a man in his 70s. tara moriarty live in our newsroom now with more -- this
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is no joke, how serious a paintball attack can be. >> if you have ever played in paintball wars, you have to do it in a designated area like an arena or a field and you need to wear protective gear because it really can hurt when you are hit by a paintball. we visited santa clara paintball where an instructor showed us how the guns work and palo alto police say that pranksters shot the paintballs at five people tuesday night. the first location was at newell road. the second on melville avenue. people people were struck including a man in his 70s. >> our guns are turned down but they are still shooting at 220 feet per second. that's 180 miles an hour. you can shoot somebody with a
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marshmallow in the eye at that speed and it will do serious damage. >> the suspects drove an older model gold sedan and the suspects could face charges ranging from misdemeanor, vandalism to a felony if somebody is seriously hurt. neighbors will be on the lookout for the suspect's car. back to you. >> thank you. 7:09. well, b.a.r.t. service getting back to normal this morning after two big problems yesterday caused systemwide delays. the first problem, a 10-inch broken rail between the 16th street and civic center stations in san francisco. b.a.r.t. gave us this photo. you can see a gap with a dollar bill showing you the scale of that gap. it's not clear what caused the break but frustrated riders, they were stuck waiting for hours for that track to be fixed. >> i heard a lot of cranky people. they don't want to stop and talk to me because they are cranky that b.a.r.t.
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is not working. >> it's not an original rail. we believe it was replaced about a year ago. >> yesterday afternoon the bayfair station in san leandro lost power and hundreds of passengers were stranded. it took about an hour before pg&e was able to get the power back on. coming up on 7:10. a sideshow in the south bay involving hundreds of cars. alex savidge is looking into what happened late last night when police showed up only to discover they were seriously outnumbered. >> there were 25 people in there and we all kind of huddled together to stay safe. flooding, destruction, reports of wild animals getting loose from the zoo. how people are picking up the pieces after several tornadoes in the midwest. we have developing news in newark. diesel spill is causing some traffic issues in a pretty busy area. you can see there is a closure
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near mowry avenue. this is a good area for you to avoid. we'll let you know more -- coming up. and we have rain in the bay area. in fact out towards san ramon, the east bay and thunder reporting. rain on the camera. we'll talk about a dynamic system visiting today.
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the oklahoma city area was hit hard by tornadoes. at least 12 people were hurt. no deaths were report -- were reported. there were reports of wild anmaps being on the loose, including lyons, tigers and kangaroos. in kansas, nine tornadoes.
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>> it just came over the hill. we got down to the basement. i am just glad we were able to sop and find a -- stop and find a safe place. >> flood something a major concern. parts of oklahoma have seen 5 to 8 inches of rain. there was a flash flood emergency. the first time ever in the city. people were being told not to drive. before sunrise, fire department drivers in oklahoma city worked for hours to rescue a motorist trapped in a car by the water. she had used her cell phone to call for help from inside the car. we to show you -- we want to show you video of a tornado touching down in nebraska. the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning for several counties in nebraska. more storms are expected in the southern plains area through the weekend. >> wow. 7:14. reports last night of a gunman loose on the campus of san jose state turned out to be not true. police received a report of a gunman walking through duncan
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hall about 7:00 last night. san jose police conducted a thorough search of that building. they didn't find anything. and then about an hour later, they issued an all clear. l.a. county prosecutors say an aide to kamala harris is part of a bizarre fake police force. now, after a long investigation, l.a. county sheriff deputies arrested harris's community affairs liaison and two others for allegedly impersonating police officers. a website claiming to represent the fake force known as the masonic fraternal police department says it has jurisdiction in 33 states and in mexico as well as ties to the knights templars. it's an order to protect jerusalem in the year 1100 bc. the investigation started in february when a man who claimed to be the chief of the fake force went to the santa clarita
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police department and said he was setting up shop in the area. people living in the neighborhood are shocked. >> i always see them with a uniform. i thought they were part of a department. i didn't know it was fake. >> l.a. county prosecutors say the purpose of this is not clear. kiel was put on administrative leave. a spokesperson for the attorney general said she's very concerned about these serious allegations. new this morning, tom brady's agent said the nfl was determined to blame the new england patriots' quarterback for deflated footballs in the afc game. the nfl said the patriots likely did deflate footballs and brady was "generally aware of it." brady's agent said the investigation omitted key facts and buried others. investigators focused on interviews, scientific tests and text messages between a locker room assistant and an
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equipment assistant, detailing discussions about defreighting ball -- deflating balls. brady is scheduled to speak at an event today. it's not known if he will talk about the report. nuclear beat the colts and won the super bowl against seattle. i heard they discovered the balls were underinflated of a halftime and the patriots scored more points in the second half. so the deflated balls that were supposed to be easy to catch didn't really give that much of an advantage. >> i bet tad -- i bet tom brady will be talking to his lawyers about this. >> yes, i'm sure. let's check in with sal and get you moving. i know you have the chopper up. we have developing news in newark. we have a diesel spill that's closed a street on the -- right near mowry avenue and cedar boulevard. you can see this street is
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closed. apparently, some sort of a truck accident. this is closed. cedar boulevard northbound off mowry for about a block up to birch street. this is near the mall and it may cause slow traffic. they still have to do a little bit of cleanup, again, on cedar boulevard north of mowry avenue. watch for some extension of that leak. also into the main intersection which is mowry and cedar, try to avoid the area. you will run into a little bit of a slowdown. these are live pictures from skyfox. let's take a look at an accident nearby, northbound 101 near hellyer. there is a motorcycle accident. they are clearing it up. 85 will be slow from 87. 280 is slow out of downtown san jose. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a 20, 25-minute delay. it's slow getting into san francisco. it leads me to believe something could be happening on the span. you can see how slow it is getting on the bridge.
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it's usually not this slow. there is a report of a crash there. there was a report of a crash. but -- we'll find out more about what's going on. they are on the bus lane now is what i'm hearing. let's go to steve in the weather center. all right, salle we have reports of -- all right, sal. we have reports of rain, 580 dublin. also snow in the sierra. rain in san ramon. rain reports in orinda. highway 24 and now heading to san leandro and also oakland. some things are developing. tried to -- in marin county, i will show you that in a second. we have rain at marin -- out at marin and discovery bay. i don't think -- i think it evaporated before it reached the ground in marin. our system has arrived. it's arrived early, too. this is kevin leavey in sausalito. rain not reaching the ground.
7:20 am
pretty good buildup over mount tam. this is megan. she said kind of novel to drive through rain on my way to work. 580 between castro valley and dublin. this is another picture here from ryan. he said, man, it's beginning to look like rain. i'll say. things are pretty active here for so early in the morning. the system is turning out some good thunderstorms in the mother lode, snow in the sierra. you get some bands come through and it will disappear and we'll get some sun and buildups. snow reports up at tahoe, truckee, blue canyon has had flurries. snow level around 5,200 feet. 40s, 50s. cold for some. michael polanski said the heater kicked on again. the water temps are really cold. 48, 49, bodega bay. that's the coldest i've seen in a year. half moon bay, 51.
7:21 am
that's certainly helping. wet colder weather and our water pattern changes. up in the sierra, it could be 4 to 8. that snow level is good for may. winter weather advisory is out. this the area we have to watch for later today as that wraps back around. you may get sun. that low until it tropes far enough south like spokes or pinwheels, kind of rotates back around. possible thundershowers. you can go from cool to mild and then it will cloud up again. i think some thunderstorms in afternoon. we get a good lift here with a dynamic cold system. it's may. we get high -- that leads to the possibility of showers and thundershowers. we'll take that into friday and it decreases on the weekend. night and morning fog. it will be okay. >> so grab a jacket and an umbrella? >> yes. >> wow. >> you had told us it was -- this was coming. >> for may, it's good.
7:22 am
>> absolutely. >> checking on things. >> tough, steve. 7:21. after averaging about eight police shootings, the police department had none last year. what changed? in 20 minutes, pam cook will sit down with chief sean whent to talk about what the department is doing differently. and we're learning about another arrest involving the woman called the serial stowaway, new charges that marilyn hartman is facing.
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a federal court ruled that the national security agency exceeded its authority while spying on americans. the appellate court said the nsa collected too many phone records of too many americans. the court said the program exceeded the power that congress gave them. however, the three-judge panel refused to block the program. they say now it's up to congress to decide the conditions the nsa has to follow from now on. happening today, the woman known as the serial stowaway is due to appear in a court in illinois on charges that yes, she tried to sneak onto another plane in chicago. marilyn hartman has been arrested twice in the past two weeks. once at both of chicago's major airport, o'hare and midway. the most recent arrest happened
7:26 am
sunday at midway airport. tsa agents spotted her loitering near a checkpoint. surveillance video shows she tried to slip through the airport security in minneapolis in january. she's 63 years old. she's been arrested 11 times since march of last year trying to sneak on flights including at san jose and at sfo. 7:4. a call for mandatory water cuts around the bay is being ignored in san jose. we found a sprinkler at a strip mall that some people say has been running since tuesday. this is located on mclaughlin avenue. a business owner tells us the center's management knows of the problem but has not done anything to stop the flow of water. we contacted the san jose water company and they told us they would send someone out to make contact with the management company and try to get the water turned off. whole foods is opening a new low-cost chain of stores aimed at younger shoppers. the company's ceo says the stores will be technology
7:27 am
oriented and stocked with budget items. whole foods is currently negotiating leases for the new stores. but they've not released the name and number of stores planned. the company also plans to open 23 more of its standard whole foods stores during the year. and mcdonald's is hoping that a popular leafy green vegetable can help them improve their image. they are trying out a new breakfast bowl that features kale along with turkey sausage. it's only available in southern california. executives want to frequenten up the -- freshen up the menu beyond the usual burgers and fries. the usgs has recorded more than 10 earthquakes in the concord area. the chances these will trigger a much larger quake. >> reporter: a major sideshow broken up in milpitas. we'll tell you how many people
7:28 am
came together for this event in a shopping center parking lot and what if -- whar it took for -- what it took for police to clear it. good morning. you can see highway 92. slow traffic heading to the san mateo bridge. well, from daly city over towards san ramon and even towards fremont, newark had reports of hail and -- rain and rail reports in union city. there's the system you can see that. not all of it reaching the ground. it's a cold system. it's arrived. we'll have more -- coming up. just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™.
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more than a hundred souped- up cars showed up for a sideshow. alex savidge is in the parking lot. he will tell us what the first police on the scene had to do after they realized they were far outnumbered. good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's may 7th. >> i'm dave clark. we have to talk about weather and traffic, especially weather. you still want people to grab an umbrella, maybe. >> maybe keep it handy. close by. >> we'll have some sun, clouds, showers. even a report of hail in union city about 15 minutes ago. it looks like a creme exiting
7:32 am
fremont and newark. this is green eyes lisa. sounds like a song. green-eyed lady. also the cell stretching now over towards daly city, heavy drops in daly city. now it's pouring. pretty good development taking place in a line that's been forming. it looks like the sunset district, maybe daly city. a lot of this is not reaching the ground. some of it is. reports of san ramon, livermore, back from san ramon, to san leandro right there. some of that and then kind of -- i will get out of the way. watch how this rotates in. it's associated with one cell. to the north of that, there's one sun. you could get some rain and thunder. we've had reports of that in oakley. but then on the back side of that to the north, it looks pretty good. it's snowing up in the sierra. as all of this rotates around, some of that sun will get replaced with clouds. we'll get more showers. get a little heating here. 40s, and 50s.
7:33 am
it may feel coder than that -- colder than that. this will rotate pack in later today. some morning rain. kind of a break. mixed bag, sun, clouds, showers. it's cold. we get northerly breeze for some. 60s and 70s on the temps. i think this afternoon is the best bet for thunderstorms. they look to be in the mix. there is there is a lot going on. what do you have for us? we have a lot of slow traffic out there. i'm gonna start at the macarthur maze and check owbt the slow traffic -- out the slow traffic coming up. we had an earlier crash at the toll plaza. tv didn't end up being a -- it didn't end up being a major crash but major delays. traffic is now just beginning to recover. but it's backed up. this is a 30, 45-minute delay at the bay bridge toll plaza until you actually make it onto the span. you will be out there for a bit. you might want to consider using b.a.r.t. i know b.a.r.t. had a bad day yesterday but
7:34 am
today according to their dispatchers, things are back on time, on schedule and there are no major delays. this is a look at the commute on the peninsula -- on the east bay drive. perhaps you want to use the san mateo bridge. you want to use 880 to 92. you will see some slow traffic there and a little bit of wet weather. backing up from 238 as you head south to hayward. also on westbound dumbarton bridge, we have slow traffic there as well. i want to mention, 680 is backed up from 242 to 24 westbound, westbound 24 is getting busy. we're in the heart of a busy commute. 7:34 back to the desk. sideshows, those dangerous stunts involving cars tying up traffic, they rarely happen in milpitas but it happened overnight. the police had to break up a big and illegal street race. alex savidge is in milpitas now. this was a big challenge for the police, alex. >> reporter: yeah, a huge challenge, dave. good morning to you. this was quite a crowd gathered in the parking lot.
7:35 am
police estimate that roughly 300 people came here to milpitas square last night for this sideshow. this is on barbara lane, this shopping center is. this is where 880 meets 237. police say there was a side show going on in the parking lot. it's unclear who organized it or how long it had been going on before authorities got here last night. because of the size of this crowd, milpitas police called for backup from some of the neighboring law enforcement agencies from across the county. that meant officers from fremont, san jose and the santa clara sheriff's office all came in to help clear out this parking lot and in the process, there was one person involved who was arrested. >> police officers moved through the crowds, asked them to leave. at one point, an arrest occurred. the officers made that arrest
7:36 am
and the crowd was becoming a little bit unhappy about that arrest and was challenging police officers. >> reporter: some of the crowd became agitated. that's when more officers were called out and then they were able to safely disperse the crowd. there was the one person arrested at the sideshow. police have not said exactly what charges they may be facing. >> alex savidge in milpitas, thank you. 7:36. meantime, an 80-year-old woman is recovering in mill valley after being hit by a bicyclist on a bike path. according to the marin independent journal, the woman was walking south on the bike path tuesday night when the cyclist hit her. she was rushed to marin general with moderate injuries. we don't know her condition this morning. the cyclist was not hurt. that incident this week took place about a half-mile from where a child was seriously hurt in another collision
7:37 am
involving a cyclist last year. well, you may feel -- have a bit uneasy feeling about those earthquakes we've had in the east bay this week. but seismologists are saying relax. they don't believe these quakes will trigger a bigger or more destructive quake. as we told you yesterday on "mornings on 2," three quakes were reported in the concord area just after 7:00 a.m. the biggest was a 3.5 magnitude quake. now, these tremors were part of a swarm that started sunday with a 3.6 and a 3.0. now, there had been eight least eight other quakes in the same general area this week. the homeowner in pleasant hill says the flurry of quakes yesterday knocked a branch off the tree which toppled down onto his car. >> pretty surprised. whole time i've lived here i've never seen any trees break like that.
7:38 am
>> that was my first one in concord. i don't know why there's so many in the area. >> a lot of people are saying that. seismologists are not certain if the swarm came from the concord green valley fault or a splinter fault. the concord fault has a 4% chance of being a 6.6 quake within the next 30 years. 7:38. a group of about 200 students took over the administration building at city college of san francisco for several hours yesterday afternoon. they demanded that program cuts be reversed and that the special trustee running the school be removed. today, the students plan to attend a hearing at san francisco city hall. that takes place at 2:00 p.m. city college has been fighting to retain its accreditation. a young san jose teenager assaulted inside her own home. >> he's then grabs me. i fight him and i smash my hand
7:39 am
into his face. >> in 23 minute, the search underway for police -- in 23 minute, the search underway for a man police say is responsible for a similar attack last month. up next, we'll talk with chief shawn went about changes -- chief sean whent about changes being made to the police department. we have a little bit of bet-- wet weather. a lot of clouds and a little bit of rain. we have a possibility of thundershowers. many reports of some rain. take a closer look at it -- coming up.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
strategies. [inaudible] >> the policy changes follow a troubled history in the oakland police department amid accu--
7:43 am
accusations of police conduct -- misconduct. chief sean whent joins us familiar cook in the studio. >> when to use force and when and how to avoid it. chief whent, thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> you are quoted in the new york times article. you say in a democratic society people have a say in how they are policed but people are not happy, here across the country. what's going wrong and what should be done to restore relationships between the community and the police officers. >> there's things we can do. >> you are credited with very specific changes to the department. it's now getting national attention.
7:44 am
what specific things are you doing in your training and enforcement? >> several things here factor into our reduction uses of forces. the first one you mentioned is use of force. a lot of it is training that that's simulated so officers will go through a video scenario or a role play scenario where they use different force options from low levels of force to higher levels and deescalate appropriately. that's important because it helps officers make better decisions under the distress. if we can get officers to perform better in the scenarios, that helps. in addition, policy changes as well. so we have a foot pursuit policy that esectly tries to -- esectly tries to get -- essentially tries to get officers to slow down. don't chase them in the backyard. if they go around the corner.
7:45 am
we'll engage them. >> and it sounds like protectth community -- like it protects the community as well. >> i think body worn cameras is helping. >> obviously our world has changed with the freddie gray situation. everybody is talking around with the camera. how is this playing out training the officers? >> our officers carry cameras. since 2013, all of our uniformed officers have made body worn cameras. they know they are being recorded. it's good practice to operate under the belief anyway. but i think it also helps on the other end of the camera as well. people that know they are being recorded by the police behave better and that leads to less use of force. >> i need to ask you also since
7:46 am
you are here. you've made a lot of positive changes. the department is getting a lot of positive response for some of those things. it sounds like they will be inlimenting some of these changes -- implementing some of these changes. but we do have the problem in oakland, the recent protests, the businesses are paying the price of the protesters. there's good-intentioned people during the day and then overnight the businesses are getting trashed. how are you addressing this and hopefully improving this situation? >> i absolutely understand the frustration of the business owners. it's just really unfortunate that this goes on, that you have an important dialogue going on in this country about an important issue and it gets co-opted by vandals that want to destroy things. it's a challenge when you get crowds of hundreds of people that get violent. the issue last week, we had to spread our staff out over really be a 18-hour period -- an 18-hour period. that spreads our staff thin and
7:47 am
it's a challenge. >> i talked to libby schaaf about the possibility of a curfew. how do you feel about the possibility of a curfew if necessary? >> well, i think -- i don't think we should rule out anything. i think it could potentially backfire and you could wind up with people come out violating the curfew and drawing a larger crowd. so that may not work for us. >> there's a lot of response from the public. they don't want to be told when they can and cannot go from their home or to their home. chief whent, thank you for coming in. >> my -- my pleasure. we want to check in with sal. there's been a little bit of rain out there.
7:48 am
>> it's not making things very good. rain never he hads the commute. let's take a look at what we have. first of all, with skyfox, this is a big look at the backup from skyfox looking at the backup. we had an earlier crash west the metering lights. that's been cleared. traffic is recovering a little bit. you can see there's plenty of work to do here as you try to get onto the bay bridge. 20, 25-minute delay in some lanes as much as 30-minute delays in others. and that's just getting to the bridge itself. remember, you still have to allow for time to get onto the actual span. there's work to do here. if you are driving into the east bay, i have pictures to show you or matches to show you of all of the red. you can see stop-and-go traffic on 580, 880, between 238 all the way down into milpitas this morning. don't let concord surprise you. concord traffic is backed up out of the concord area.
7:49 am
all the way down to the inchange-- interchange and 680 continues to slow down to the danville area. let's check out the south bay, northbound 280 is slow as you get up to highway 17. this is the peak of the commute. we're kind of heavy on this thursday. by the way, as i go to you, steve, tomorrow we'll be playing music, sal's traffic jams and the theme is songs for your mom. a 2 pac song comes to mind. >> i've been requesting a song all morning long "lovely to see you again" by the moody blues. can i get that? >> we're encouraging people to send their requests. >> not me. >> not you. >> people. [laughter] >> not you or me. >> that guy. real people. okay. thank you. we do have some rain out there. i know. had a couple of reports of hail, thunder. beautiful. beautiful thing. and snow up there in the
7:50 am
mountains. yes, sir! where have you been. show up in may. january, february, record highs nothing and you show up now. we'll take it. 3 inches up at sugar bowl. i think the 4 to 8 will fall. rain here. big drops. a lot of sprinkles. this is from palo alto. about 10, 15 minutes ago. that cell is over mountain view and los altos hills and in pleasanton. we just got our 20 drops. not a lot. but some areas -- we had hail reports in union city and daly city getting rain. that's increasing a little bit. there's a lot falling from the clouds. kind of hit and miss here. if we get the cell, it's cold. this will clear out. but you can see stretching from brentwood, tracy, back too parts -- back to parts of the east bay and peninsula. this is dave shelton in martinez. he says this is your virga.
7:51 am
rain falling from the clouds. not enough coffee yet. you did fine. >> do a little weather talk. see how this is rotating around. you get a break. you get the clouds. it's sunny and nice. it will cloud up and we'll get thunderstorms. this is a beautiful picture here. sierra, bear valley, kirkwood. donner, also truckee, we'll take whatever we can get this late in the season. 40s and 50s on the temps. chill out there for some. but if you get the sun, believe me, it will warm up quick. the sierra has the winter weather advisory. already started. goes until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. 2 to 6, maybe 4 to 8 in some. higher peaks. our low is on its way to southern california. not until tomorrow. with that in find, we have shower activity today. wait five minutes, cloud, sun, showers. better opportunity this afternoon. we get a little heating. destabilize the atmosphere. 60s and 70s. if you get enough sun to the
7:52 am
north, maybe near 80. off-and-on showers into friday morning. i think after that, it should start to move south. the weekend looks okay but there will be night and morning fog. water temps are really cold. >> okay. >> interesting turn here. >> all right. 7:52. an alameda county man and his two young kids are missing this morning. coming up in 20 minutes, the search underway in a remote and very rugged area near lake tahoe. a japanese zoo is apologizing for the name it gave this new-born monkey. the outcry after the zoo announced it will share its name with another new arrival.
7:53 am
7:54 am
another powerful earthquake has struck the south pacific island. the 7.2 is the fourth strong quake to hit the area in a
7:55 am
week. according to the usgs, the epicenter was 93 miles offshore. a tsunami warning was issued but later lifted in the south pacific. there were no reports of injuries or damage. reconstruction is underway to repair historic buildings in nepal damaged by last month's earthquake. engineers have been going from home to home checking to make sure they are still livable. many people in nepal have listen living in -- live have been living in tents since the earthquake has killed nearly 8,000 people. the u.s. senate will vote on legislation that -- that will give congress a chance to debate a nuclear deal with iran. this comes as the u.s. and five other countries are still negotiating with iran. negotiators hope to have a final deal by june 30th on
7:56 am
curbing iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting some economic sanctions. now, the white house warns congress not to pass legislation that would interfere with the negotiations or a final deal. the polls are open in great britain and what's being called the tightest race in a generation. polls show british prime minister david cameron is neck- and-neck with his opponent. after months of campaigning, neither cameron's conservative's party has a clear lead. depending upon the outcome it could take weeks to form a new government. a japanese zoo is apologizing for naming a baby monkey charlotte. yesterday, it announced monkey would be named charlotte.
7:57 am
but then complaints started to come in that the name is disrespectful to the royal family. the zoo said before, not a single request came in for charlotte and then it was very popular. 7:57. still ahead, the police search is on this morning for paint ball attackers in palo alto. coming up at 8:00 we'll tell you why authorities say this stunt is no joke and the clues they have to catch the culprits. >> reporter: police in san jose need help finding a man who they say followed a young girl home and assaulted her. we are live in san jose. you will hear from this brave 8th grader and find out how she fought him off. a lot of slow traffic out there. you will see that traffic is starking up at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a picture courtesy of skyfox. we'll give you the rundown
7:58 am
straight ahead. i know it's not much. we have some rain out there. it's lovely to see you again. ♪ why is there a kevin federline ice sculpture? why is this grilled cheese riding a cheeseburger? cuz, things get weird late at night. like my munchie meals. they all come with halfsie fries, two tacos and a drink for just six bucks. get one and get weird. it's the thought that counts, right? so make it count... at t.j.maxx.
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8:00 am
i knew he wanted something sexual. that's when -- i've already unlocked the door. that's when i decide to run inside the house. >> 13-year-old girl from san jose attacked in her own home. it's all caught on camera. coming up, the disturbing video showing the attacker and why police think there could be more victims. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." thursday, may 7th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. let's check weather and traffic. steve you said it was gonna be an interesting day today. >> i think it was seven, ten days ago. this one model has been spot on. >> canadian model, right? >> canadian model. >> it's been good since april. any rain? well, maybe around the 6th.
8:01 am
sometimes they are good and work out. there's snow in the sierra. we've had some rain. if you tweet me and e-mail me, tell me where you are, hey, we had a little shower here. where is here? steve said we got our free car wash in livermore about 20 minutes ago. there you go. jim says what's up with the raindrops in santa clara? we could have used this a couple months ago. it's not a lot. colma, some rain. 880, you can see right there. there were reports of hail in union city. a nice cell around fremont and newark. they go really quick but heading into san jose, heavier energy to the sacramento valley. we'll get a break to the north. there will be sun for a while. the next band will come in. there's snow in the sierra. i would not be surprised 4 to 8
8:02 am
inches. maybe isolated areas heavier than that. wrapping back around later today. that's the best opportunity. we'll get heat in the afternoon. some sunbreaks and pretty good buildups. there is a rot to work with -- a lot to work with. 50s, 70s, clouds, showers. sal, something going on? >> well, it's generally a bad commute at the toll plaza. westbound coming up to pay your money and get onto that bay bridge is not stellar. the only thing stellar is our shot from our hd camera at skyfox here. nice-looking picture but there is a lot of slow traffic on it. backed up from the macarthur maze and getting onto the bridge. so you see there's plenty of work to do before you make it on the. estimated 25-minute delay before you sniff the metering lights and get on the bridge. there are no major problems on 80 or 580. as paul pans to the right, you can see this backup goes deep back on 580 and on 80.
8:03 am
there's the macarthur maze. and there's plenty waiting to do. let's move along to the san mateo bridge where westbound 92. you might see some slowing approaching the span. once you get on the bridge, it looks okay. moderate commute. not great but not too pad heading to the peninsula. speaking of the east pay bay -- east bay, 580 coming in thru oakland. that's not looking good at all. it's backing unout of san leandro all -- up out of san leandro all the way up to the lakeshore area. people avoiding 880 heading north. highway 13 is also a mess getting up toward the caldecott tunnel. 8:03. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a chilling encounter between a 13-year-old and a sexual assault suspect has police in san jose asking for your help. the young girl tells ktvu she was followed and attacked inside her home. janine de la vega joins us live from san jose where the girl's story and the -- with the
8:04 am
girl's story and the attack. >> reporter: she's a brave girl. only in 8th grade but managed to scare this man off. she and her parents are hoping police will catch this predator. now, here are some images of the man that police need help identifying. he's described as being white in his 30s with a thin build and about 6 feet tall. ktvu is protecting the identity of the 13-year-old girl he followed home on tuesday afternoon. here's some surveillance video showing him walking to her home. he approached her at the doorstep and started to ask her questions that grew increasingly personal. she also says it appears he was filming her on his cell phone. the girl quickly ran inside her home, but he managed to force his way in. >> he then grabs me. i fight him and i smash my hand into his face and that's when he lets go of me. >> reporter: the man left and she locked the door, hid in the closet and texted her father, telling him someone just tried
8:05 am
to rape her. she specifically remembers the man had an unusually high- pitched voice and smelled of strong cologne. >> all of a sudden, i feel like it was a dream. but when i look around it really did happen. the guy had a really, really strong odor and it was all over me. i honestly feel like i had to burn all of my clothes because the smell was so strong. >> reporter: police say the same man carried out another attack at the mitsua market in the afternoon on april 2nd. investigators say he followed a 28-year-old woman into the restroom but she was able to fight him off before authorities arrived. that also happened in west san jose. police are very concerned. they are asking people to share this man's photo on social media so that they can quickly catch this suspect. tori? >> thank you, janine. 8:06. there are still no signs of an alameda county and his two young children who went on a
8:06 am
camping trip in the sierra. the had 1-year-old -- the 41- year-old man, his 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter were last seen at a campsite in western sierra county northwest of lake tahoe. when they didn't return home, concerned family members called the sierra county sheriff's office tuesday night. deputies, calfire and the chp have been searching for him on the ground and in the air. deputies have not released the names of the three people who are missing. the family had planned to drive through a remote and rugged portion of sierra and plumas counties while returning to the bay area. 8:06. well, police in palo alto out there searching for the people who lawned -- who launched paintball attacks on innocent people. five people were hurt, including a man in his 70s. tara moriarty is live in the newsroom to tell us how being hit by a paintball, tara, is no joke. >> in you have ever been hit by a paintball, it stings. they fly at speeds of 180 miles
8:07 am
an hour. instructors say even if you were hit by a marshmallow with that speed it would hurt. palo alto police say that pranksters shot these paint balls at five people tuesday night hitting three of them including a man in his 70s. the suspects drove an older model gold sedan and fired 14 green paintballs. luckily, none of the victims were seriously hurt. but officials say they could have been. >> somebody drove up behind they and fired 12 to 14 green paint balls. the second group of people reported hearing a male voice from inside the car kind of laughing and carrying on. >> police say the attackers could face charges ranging from misdemeanor battery and vandalism to felony assault if someone is seriously hurt. luckry, in this -- luckily in this case, the victims only
8:08 am
received bruises. neighbors will be on the lookout for that older model gold sedan. one member of city council is drafting -- in oakland is drafting a new proposal for new rules for the council meetings to keep things under control. this comes after a very chaotic disruption at tuesday's city council meeting. a group of protesters upset about a proposal to sell a plot of land at lake merritter toed the council meet -- lake merritt at the counsel meting -- at the council meeting and shut it down. an incident involving hundreds of cars. in 24 minute, the major commotion in the south bay that led to a response from several bay area law enforcement
8:09 am
agencies. but first a fast track fail? after the break, the serious concerns and the big issue landing some in financial ruin. ktvu is in the car with you. check this out. we have 58 oltraffic coverage -- 580 traffic coverage in the fast lane but within the prescribed speed limit, i will say that coming up into castro valley. for some clouds. for some rain. for others, it's sunny. it will be that kind of day. wait 10, 15 minutes. things will change.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
thousands of people are using fast track to help speed up their commute. but the automated toll paying system does not always bake things easier. for some people having fast track or not having it can cause serious problems. john sasaki is live in the studio this morning to talk about his 2 investigates report that airs tonight on the 10:00 news and john, you say what you found while doing this report was shocking. >> it really was. we found a situation in one case where one woman claimed bankruptcy because of the financial problems she found herself in because of the charges that ended up on her fastrack account.
8:13 am
she had fastrack and ended up with ula of these charges that she didn't know about that fastrack never warned her about. she had $4500 not only in tolls but fees and penalties. >> it. >> it wasn't just the tolls, it was the fees and penalties. >> i use fastrack myself, as do a lot of people. you do. >> yep. >> and for the vast majority of us it works find -- fine. but in some cases they get in glitches that can cause serious problems for some. >> this can happen for those who don't cross a bridge or have a car. >> we talked to a woman who lost her car to a repossession. never had fastrack, didn't cross the bridge but for some reason, the transfer to the next person who owned it never happened and she got all of these charges for fastrack that eventually she was trying to fight. they were talking about sending it to collections. >> what is fastrack saying about this? >> they are not in the business of trying to penalize people for, you know, charging the
8:14 am
penalties, charging the fees. they just want the tolls. and so they will work with anybody. but what we found, there are a lot of people out there. >> what can we do to avoid facing these problems? >> all of the users -- you can drive across the bridge and your license plate can be dinged one way or the other. honestly, there's not much you can do. one think -- they do say the vast majority of mistakes they make, about 15,000 per year -- 125,000 per year are caused by license plates misred oftentimes because of frames that partially covered that make an e look like an f. license plate frames can be an issue. but there are a lot of things that have nothing to do with that. there's not much you can do. >> it can be so frustrating. a lot more information that we'll see in your special report at 10:00. great to see you. thank you, john. and let's head over to sal.
8:15 am
see how things are moving. hopefully the lanes are going smoothly. >> they are in some areas. also stat off with the car -- dash start off with the car that's driving. driving behind a big rig here. of course it was fine until we went to the air and now it froze. that's just the way things work, folks. let's go to the next picture. our commuter was right here on 238 and 880 and the traffic is slowing down. i think we got it back now. slowing down on 238 at 880 heading up to the 580 interchange or past the 580 interchange to 880. and there it is. you can see traffic is going to be very crowded. in the right there, those right chains are the ones that feed off to the san mateo bridge area or northbound 880 and it will be a lot of trucks on the freeway as well. all right. let's go back to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backing up for at least a 25 of to 30- minute delay.
8:16 am
we had earlier problems on the span. now you will be waiting there for a bit before you make it into san francisco. the traffic is actually spilling out from beyond the macarthur maze. 8:16. let's go to steve with the weather. all right, sal. thank you. we have some cloud, sun, rain. we've had some thunder and a couple of reports of hail. we have? yes. we had one earlier today. union city and milpitas. pretty good cell over milpitas. this is from lewis. i think he's a code guy here. it's raining in redwood shores, send help. not that much rain, lewis. i know he likes to run. not much rain. tawny says rain. you hang in there. later today, i think things will pop up. burlingame to el granada, 280 back to san mateo, some reports there. but look at this, san jose things are really on the move here. now that's the same cell that went through milpitas. you are probable -- some
8:17 am
reports getting hail over san jose, i mean with a cell like that, how can you not? you can see along the coast. san mateo coast heading on the peninsula. santa cruz, back over to part, of the east bay and into the south bay. a pretty good cell and tammy said yes, rain is on the way. it should be raining there right now. if it isn't hold on, see how the system is retating around -- rotating around. that's kind of the key here because that will start to bubble up the atmosphere here later. rain turns to snow. up in the sierra, a winter weather advisory until 5:00 a.m. 50s on the temps. 40s for some. the water temps are cold. coldest we've seen in a long time. let's hope that holds. it makes a huge difference. 30s up in the mountain with snow, truckee and tahoe. blue canyon had reports of flurries. i think 4, 8 inches may cover some of the higher elevations. 2 plus at sugar bowl. that's good. we'll take whatever we can for
8:18 am
may. here is your break. see how these rotate around? we'll start to see more clouds develop as we get afternoon heating. that will cause a lift. it's may, we get a higher sun angle, longer days. i think it will pop up possible thundershowers later on today. 60s and 70s. best bet tends to be lake county, napa county, but everybody is in the mix here. today, tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon and evening this low should be far enough south. fog on the coast as we go into the weekend. >> you are full of surprises. >> maybe another one next week. >> you said it will be cooler. people in oklahoma, kansas and nebraska, they are checking for tornado damage after a series of tornadoes. in fact, the oklahoma city area was hit the hardest. some entire neighborhoods were wiped out, destroyed. no deaths reported yet but at least 12 people were hurt. there was an alert for a while
8:19 am
that animals escaped from a wild animal park. i'm talking lyons, tigers and kangaroos. after the warning was issued, all of the animals were captured. >> you almost want to say bears. [laughter] 8:19. is former president bill clinton taking the blame for overcrowded prisons? the reason he believes his adminmation may be to -- administration may be to blame for that. but, first, what the ceo of jamba juice considering the driving force behind his very successful business.
8:20 am
8:21 am
(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
8:22 am
whole foods is opening a new low cost version of their store. whole foods is currently negotiating leases for the new stars but has not released the name and number of stores planned. the company also plans to open 23 more of its standard whole foods stores during the year. mcdonald's is hoping that a certain leafy green vegetable can help improve its image. they say they are trying 0 out a new breck fast bowl that features -- breakfast bowl that features kale aid long with turkey sausage and egg whites. it's only available in southern california for now. executives want to freshen up
8:23 am
the when u beyond the -- menu beyond the usual burgers and fries. in our 6:00 hour, i told ulthat the ceo of jamba juice loves being headquartered right here in the bay area in emeryville, as a matter of fact. he's one of the rare african- american ceos in corporate america. i'm gonna take you back to my interview with james white. we find out who and what helped make him who he is today. >> i know that your upbringing in st. louis influences, if not all of who you are, but much of who you are. in what way? >> you know, really, you know, for me working-class parent, i learned the benefits of hard work watching my parents every day. they valued education and learning. so i view myself as a constant learner and very, very focused professionally, always on
8:24 am
growing my own skillset and that translated to how i lead the company. we have a learning organization. that's a priority. but first i think you can to business and do good at the same time and that's really important to our company. >> one of my co-anchors who wanted to meet you, brian flores, started working at jamba juice. he said wait a minute. you are going to see -- i said yeah, i'm going to see. [laughter] >> really, the -- the regular gacy that i -- legacy that i hope to leave here is that i support the fantastic entrepreneurs that are franchisees that really run this system and they've invested their life savings. i want to be a good steward of the brand from that perspective. we plan to grow of a clip of about 100 locations a year and
8:25 am
start to grow from an international perspective and i think the larger we grow the scale of the company it allows us to do more garden grants and impact more people. >> james white is an incredible man. i enjoyed talking to him. jamba juice has about 860 locations around the country. james white credits his wife lisa and their daughters with keeping him grounded. and he plans to continue to grow internationally, including taiwan before the year is out. they are really growing. >> you said the smoothie you had was really good. >> this hawaiian smoothie was terrific. >> pineapple. >> very tasty. >> nice job. interesting. 8:25. well, oakland apolice chief stopped -- oakland's police chief stopped by an hour ago. after the break, the changes he's made and how they are getting the department some national attention. >> reporter: police from across the south bay converge on this milpitas shopping center to break up a large sideshow.
8:26 am
we'll tell you just how many people were on hand here and what it took to clear this crowd. right now we're looking at a new problem in the south bay. we'll tell you a little bit more. we'll also looking at a driver and ktvu in the car heading on northbound 880. i tell you, it's not a pretty picture as you drive up toward the coliseum. radar is a pretty picture. it's showing some rain. there's been reports of hail, milpitas and san jose coming down pretty good. we have do some rain. what about later today? can we get thunderstorms?
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
coming up, alex savidge will tell us what the first police officers on the scene had to do because they were badly outnumbered in this sideshow. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." thursday, may 7th. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson has had a lot to talk about. >> sometimes i'm here with my feet on the desk. >> not today. >> not today. i'm dancing as fast as i can to get the information coming in on the air. we are atrying our best -- we are trying our best. reports in milpitas. there is a little bit of an instability. i think there will be more this afternoon. getting reports on the peninsula, not too bad. half moon bay, los altos hills,
8:30 am
martinez, burlingame, all reports of light rain. up at la honda from mat hanlin. rain just started there. not much. burlingame, a couple reports. milpitas looks to be lit up. a couple reports of hail. you can see the cell there. it's almost to los gatos. it's heading south. everything is rotating around. might be sitting here going what clouds? what rain? it's a pretty dynamic system. there's snow in the mountains. we love that. we'll take it. we'll see some rain showers, maybe and then clearing out a little bit. and then it will start to pop up. it's cold for some. the water temps are really cold. this helps by the coast. some areas if you are in the cloud cover, it's cold. you will get a break and then we'll get afternoon heating. it should be some towering cues. we've had a couple of. cloud, sun, showers. possible thundershowers here.
8:31 am
70s the temps or 60s. all right, sal. where are we driving along there? we're living along 880 northbound past -- getting closer to the coliseum with a bunch of truck traffic here. this is northbound 880. coming up on davis, stop/start traffic. as soon as our driver gets closer to the coliseum, i have something to show our driver. there it is. stop-and-go traffic. it will be very slow from that point on into downtown oakland. you can see that yourself. this is still the heart of the commute driving up to downtown oakland. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza which has been slow. about a 25 to 30-minute delay. kind of steady. we had an earlier accident to blame for some of that. we've had a lot of minor accidents. nothing too major but a lot of minor crashes. as you can see from the icons. slow traffic on northbound 101, northbound 280, northbound 85
8:32 am
getting into mountain view is especially bad on 101. 8:32. back to the desk. sideshows, those very dangerous spontaneous stunts involving cars tying up traffic. it rarely happens in milpitas. but it happened overnight. there were so many people out there, the police called in extra help. ktvu fox 2 'alex savidge reports -- fox 2's alex savidge reports a parking lot was used for that illegal street race. >> reporter: quite a crowd out here. police think there were 300 people who filled up this parking lot at milpitas square for this side show. this -- sideshow. this is on barbara lane, where 880 meets 237. police say a sideshow was happening right here in the parking lot. it's unclear who organized it or how long it will been going on before authorities arrived. but because of the size of this crowd, milpitas police immediately called for backup from neighboring law enforcement agencies from all
8:33 am
across the county. officers from fremont, san jose, and the santa clara county sheriff's office all moved in to help clear out the crowd. there was one person involved in the sideshow arrested in the process. police have not said what charges they may be facing. but officers say this kind of illegal sideshow event puts the public at risk. >> it doesn't occur very often in milpitas but when it does, we take street casing or sideshows very seriously as it does represent a danger to the public. >> reporter: after that one person was arrested last night, this crowd or some in the crowd became a bit agitated and some people began to challenge police officers. that's when even more officers were called out here to the scene and people eventually dispersed. no one was hurt in the process as police cleared out the crowd last night in the shopping center. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, alex savidge in milpitas. thank you. the oakland police department is taking a new approach to training its
8:34 am
officers and police departments around the country, they are taking notice. ktvu fox 2's pam cook talked with oakland's police chief live in the last hour right here on "mornings on 2." you are back in the studio, pam, to tell us what he said about fixing and restoring the relationship between the community and the police. >> yeah, when to use force and when and how to avoid it. that's the heated conversation across the country. sean whent says in a democratic society, people have a say in how they are policed. he admits officers cannot competely avoid the use of force but says there are specific things the departments can do to minimize the likelihood of force being used. part of the oakland police department's training includes video and role-playing scenarios where they use different force options. >> that's important because it helps officers make better decisions under stress. recognizing the use of foes scenarios happen under high stress circumstances. >> reporter: the chief also
8:35 am
says policy changes are necessary. oakland officers are trained to avoid foot pursuits, for example, into neighborhoods, backyards and other areas that could make it unsafe for innocent people in the area. the chief also says body-worn cameras should be in place around the country. oakland officers have been wearing them since 2013. i asked him about the recent protests. certainly the frustration by business owners in oakland and he said honestly, he feels stretched thin. his department needs more officers. he did tell me right after the interview that recruiting is up. but he said they had to cover an 18-hour time period and he doesn't feel like he has the many power right now. >> the mayor is making it a priority. >> i asked both about a curfew. they both would like to avoid that. but it's certainly a possibility. >> good information. thank you. police in san francisco are hoping someone can identify a
8:36 am
man seen on surveillance video a breaking into a boutique. he threw a rock through the window. when that doesn't work, he stuck his foot through and ducked inside. and then the caurnl shows him -- camera shows him walking out store with his arms full of merchandise. here are three still photos of the suspect. he was wearing a red shirt and a dark colored jacket and had an athletic bag on his shoulder. it looked like he was wearing latex gloves. police would like to hear from anyone who knows the identity of the burglar. b.a.r.t. had problems yesterday. the first problem, a 10-inch broken rail. b.a.r.t. gave us this photo of that gap with the dollar bill showing you the scale. it's not clear what caused the break but frustrated riders, they were stuck waiting for hours for it to be fixed.
8:37 am
heard a lot of cranky people. they don't want to stop to talk to me because they are cranky bart is not working. >> it's not an original rail. we believe it was replaced about a year ago. >> in the afternoon, the bayfair station in san leandro lost power, stranding hundreds of passengers. it took about an hour to get the power back on. uc berkeley researchers have developed new technology that may help save lives by detecting parasites in blood. it would be on with an app. it's a smartphone microscope. it can detect and quantity infection by parasitic worms in a drop of blood. researchers say this could be used in remote locations and offers a quick solution for conducting tests in the field. we are now just 30 days away from the women's world
8:38 am
cup. this year's squad has a lot of bay area connections. >> i'm from here. so san francisco i'm partial to. it's superunique and there is a come chair there around -- culture there around the area. so fun. to make it to the final, to win a world cup would mean a lot of smiles. >> megan and alex morgan are two of the stars of the team. they will take the field in san jose this sunday for a tuneup game before the big tournament begins. tickets are still available for sunday's game and remember in 30 days, ktvu is your exclusive home for the women's world cup as team usa chases its third world title. >> bravo to them. >> yeah, i still remember brandi chastain taking off her shirt after scoring a goal. exciting soccer. 8:39. a fake police force busted in southern california. now, after the break, the very
8:39 am
bizarre details that triggered the investigation and how the office of attorney general kamala harris is connected. and we are live in walnut creek this morning at tony larussa's animal rescue foundation. this is my friend. say hi. >> hi. >> reporter: don't want to say hi. [laughter] >> reporter: we're celebrating a very special moment in time. we'll explain more about that when we come back. east bay commute, northbound 880 slow traffic right down in the heart of it coming up on the coliseum here and you can see the traffic is beginning to stop and go as you drive north. it's not raining cats and dogs here but we've had some rain and some reports of hail and there -- and there could be more later today.
8:40 am
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hi. looking for a prius, i bet. it's high-tech too with the latest safty features. and available entune app suite. and, i'm sorry... i don't mean
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8:43 am
and mandates life sentences for criminals convicted of a felony after two prior convictions. clinton says putting so many people in prison meant there wasn't enough money to train and educate other inmates who would eventually get out so they could live productive lives. l.a. county prosecutors say an aide to kamala harris is part of a bizarre fake police force. after a month-long investigation, l.a. county sheriff's deputies arrested community affairs liaison brandon kiel and two others for impersonating others. a website claiming to represent the fake force called the masonic fraternal police department says it has jurisdiction in 33 states and mexico. the investigation began in february when a man who claimed to be the chief of the fake force went to the santa clarita sheriff's department and told deputies he was setting up shop in the area. people who live in the
8:44 am
neighborhood are shocked. >> always see them with the uniform. i thought they were part of a department. i didn't know it was something fake. >> lvlts a. county prosecutors say the purpose of this ruse is not clear. kiel was placed on administrative leave. a spokesperson for harris said the attorney general is concerned about the sireious -- steveious allegations -- serious allegations. tom brady's agent said the nfl was determined to blame the new england patriots' quarterback for deflategate. the nfl released a report yesterday saying the patriots likely did deflate football and tom brady was generally aware of it. his agent said the investigation left out key facts and buried others. investigators focused on interviews, scientific tests and text messages between a locker roam assistant and an equipment -- room assistant and an equipment assistant
8:45 am
detailing deflated balls. 25 years ago today, a stray cat ran onto the field at the oakland coliseum. that pretty much changed everything for tony larussa and inspired him to create a.r.f. since then, the foundation has found homes for more than 30,000 animals. brian flores is live at the facility with more on today's milestone anniversary. it looks like you found some friends. >> reporter: i found some friends. hard to believe that one cat started this whole thing for the animal rescue foundation. i'm here life in walnut creek. this is my friend rook. can you say hi? no. the other cat's is melvin. named after bob melvin. the pesh carrying the cat -- the person carrying the cat is
8:46 am
the executive director. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: this is may 7th, 1990, that's tony wear, as uniform -- wearing the as uniform. he's trying to catch a cat. this has grown quite a bit. >> everything is great inspiring this foundation and through the legacy we've been able to rehome 30,000 pets with the support of the community and the larussa family. >> tony is quite the pet person. heels always been like that -- he's always been like that. >> it's amazing. he has this stern look and now he's the -- now this. >> reporter: rook is having a fun time on the shoulders as you can see -- on my shoulders, as you can see. what is the shelter about? >> today is the 25th
8:47 am
anniversary of evy. we're also looking for additional support. so we're hoping the community will reach out and make a $25 gift so we can save more cats to rehome those other animals and their forever families. >> reporter: what kind of pets do you have? cats and dogs? >> 25 dogs up for adoption and 29 cats. oodles of kittens. you can go to the website and you will see the names, the pictures, their behaviors and their ages. >> reporter: thank you so much. thank you. we're taking a look inside this wonderful facility here in walnut creek. , it's tough to believe. 25 years ago, tony larussa getting this cat. he takes the cat into the dugout. this was the game against the yankees. keeps it inside the dugout's bathroom and tries to find a home for it. he can't find a home for it and started his own foundation. here we are 25 years later. great facility here in walnut
8:48 am
creek. back to you. >> very impressive, to go from that to the huge facility. very cute little cats. i'm -- hopefully someone will find a home for them. >> reporter: hopefully. >> good job, brian. >> thank you. 8:48. let's check in with sal. you've been busy this morning with our commute, sal. >> reporter: we have. we've been looking at a lot of the slow traffic dave and tori. northbound 880 continues to be slow as you drive through the area. will see a lot of slow traffic as you drive up to downtown oakland. you can see -- i think -- no, our driver's camera is there showing us the slow traffic here on 880 coming up on fruitvale. all right. let me talk about the rest of the east bay traffic. this is not the only thing we have. we have a lot of slow traffic on 580 still through livermore. but it's getting better in dublin. butle -- but 880 heading south. we have a lot of slow traffic there and in san jose, we still have very slow traffic getting
8:49 am
into mountain view and sunnyvale. there's been some improvement but particularly atrocious this morning is northbound 17 as it heads to the airport. 880. if you are trying to get to the san jose airport, you need to give yourself a lot of time. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up and our spider is back. there it is. kind of hanging out. worried about you. gone away for a little bit. ♪ >> there you go. >> love it. >> let's go to steve -- let's go to steve. tomorrow is sal's traffic jam. we might play a song for the spider. you never know. if the spider comes back, we'll play a song for the spider. >> it was my favorite when i was a kid, spiderman. some areas have sun. some have rain, hail. snow in the mountains. yay! not bad. not bad. winter weather advisory is out until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. started at 5:00 this morning. i know a couple of inches have fallen at sugar bowl.
8:50 am
kirkwood, carson pass. i would not be surprised if 4 to 8 inches fall. it's a beautiful sight for the mountains. snow level is not that bad for may. this is a cold system. it will be gone to go most of the day. had some rain around here moving down the peninsula. also into the santa cruz mountains now. sunnyvale to cupertino. looked like a pretty good cell. some of this moves really fast. i'm hard pressed to keep updating it. now moving into the suz mountains -- in the santa cruz mountains. this is about 15 minutes ago from mike, rain in san jose near san jose city college. again, tom smith, ploo some hill, light rain -- blossom hill, light rain. to the north there's sunshine. we have blue skies in napa. it won't last long because the next system is rotating in. i think thundershowers this afternoon. there is your snow up in the
8:51 am
sierra. we like that. keep that going for at least another day or so. 50s on the temps. cold out there. for others, it's already 59 in fairfield. south, 2, gusts to -- south 21. gusts to 25. fairfield, vacaville and sacramento. if you have the sun, here's what's happening -- right there. that will rotate back in. get a little heat. destabilize the atmosphere. i think some pretty good thunderstorms. clouds, sun, showers, possible showers. it's cold for some. it will be mild to warm later. once we get the sun it will pop up there. had the low clouds disrupted. had rain on the coast. more possibility of thundershowers into friday morning. then it looks okay as we go into the weekend. there will be fog. water temps are very cold. it's been an interesting twisty turny forecast. here it is may. >> yeah. >> all right.
8:52 am
eight minutes before 9:00. >> 9:00. >> and prince harry bidding farewell. an offer by a girl to make him stay. blam every single day. together, we're building a better california.
8:53 am
8:54 am
prince harry wrapped up a month-long visit to australia. looks like he would be welcomed back any time. [ cheers ] >> harry gave one lucky fan a kiss. the woman identified as victoria mccray was wearing a crown and carrying a sign that says, marry me. he has announced he's leaving the military next month after ten years of service. this is interesting -- more than two decades after he died, a new album featuring kurt cobain, the former front man for nirvana will soon be
8:55 am
replaced. ♪ >> he committed suicide in 1994. he was only 27. the director of a documentary about cobain is putting the album together after reviewing 200 as you of audio while -- hours -- 200 hours of audio. the album will reflect the life and importance of kurt cobain. >> such a breakthrough group to rock music there. >> you remember mean when i worked at live 105 playing that kind of music. i thought it was so cool playing nirvana, wearing my shirts. hello, everyone. there you go. let's take a look at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is improving. we had a minor accident at the toll plaza earlier. but it is still very slow,
8:56 am
about a 30, 35-minute delay if you are at the very end of the line. there are no major problems on the bridge. 880 northbound, traffic is backing up from southbound davis street and stays that way into downtown oak. 17 is especially bad getting up to the airport. if you are trying to catch a flight at -- at san jose spwrblt -- international give yourself extra time. sun, cloud, showers? where are we? morgan hill. sun to the north but that will turn cloudy and the point of thundershowers. want to give a shot out to the olsens. getting married at the presidio. it will be fine. >> exactly. >> well, so we've got -- some
8:57 am
more rain -- >> today -- >> maybe middle of next week. pattern stays cool for the week. >> up in the mountains? >> snow on the go. >> and if you are driving up to the sierra, please bring your chains for put in your mind -- or put in your mind you will have to use them on 80 in the kingvale area. those chains are required. in may. >> i know. that's our report for this morning. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. >> be sure to watch ktvu news at noon. mark tamayo will have the latest forecast on where the rain will fall and how long it will last. we'll continue to follow that story and have updates at 5:00 and 6:00. sal's phone is buzzing. has to take a call. thanks four watching -- for watching us. at grocery outlet, they sell the brands you love. the brands you love.
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9:00 am
an even more amazing twist. >> oh, that's a beautiful ending to the story. >> people at a skate park are running for cover. >> from this jerk face. >> how he had cops on his tail pipe. they're dropping like flies in a bowling brawl. >> did you see that? >> why punches weren't the worst thing thrown.


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