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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 8, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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[ screaming ] a woman fights against two men trying to put her in a car. >> it is in fact a kidnapping. >> why the reason behind it will blow your mind. full throttle for speed boater. >> out there for fish but had to duck. >> what they nearly caught from above. >> did you see that? >> whoa! the baby ducks fall through a storm grate but hpw gentle hero got them back to mama. >> mama's over there. plus bonus giveaway day. get the buzz word for your shot
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an ipad mini or a flat screen tv. see what they're doing down on the farm and want to jump off a cliff? see why she does. >> and then she does it. unfortunately, in many parts of our world women are not treated with the respect that they deserve. >> first one from kazakhstan. >> looks like a kidnapping. >> this is in fact a kidnapping. a kidnapping for a wedding. >> are you serious? >> absolutely serious. this is a practice that still takes place in kazakhstan where men who are enamored with a woman kidnap that woman and force her to marry. people believe that is what's going on in this video. police have been ordered to crack down on this practice of kidnapping. >> i thought human beings grew out of this when we stopped be men. it's not the behavior of civilized human beings. >> the video was recorded and posted online and quickly went
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viral in kazakhstan because there are so many people against this antequated practice. that video certainly shows a lack of respect for not only a woman but this person's elders. this woman in the white car has just pulled up from a grocery shopping trip. she is 85 years old. this is right in front of her home. you see this figure walking up behind the car. this 37-year-old man quickly tries to get inside this woman's car. he drags this poor woman out of the car, throwing her to the ground and then quickly drives off in her car. this all happening in south africa. but there is a positive ending to this story. the woman was okay. and the carjacker was apprehended, get this because he ended up going back to the grocery store where this woman had just purchased groceries, tried to return her bags of groceries for cash. the people at the grocery store
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thought that was suspicious. they called police and police figured out that this guy was the same person who had just stolen the car from this woman. it's time to go fishing. full throttle ahead in this rather choppy water. these guys holding on tight for the ride to go pro on a selfie stick. get in the action. if you're looking around it's not just these guys out there for a ride. in argentina, watch this close call. if you think these two boats are close, you aren't going to believe what comes next. >> uh-oh. >> oh! >> is that an airplane? >> it sure was an airplane. these guys are out there for fish. but they had to duck. watch again from another angle. >> oh! >> what happened? who is that person flying so close to them? >> people are still trying to
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figure that out. there's also an air show attached to this large fishing festival. so people still aren't quite sure if this is all part of the air show or if that's just a rogue pilot going out there, having a bit of fun giving these guys like a close shave. >> it's a little bit of both. it look like one of those acrobatic planes and is pumping smoke out the back. highly maneuverable ones. i think it came a little bit too close. >> you can't take that chance even if you're a skilled pilot. you're going so fast. >> i don't know if you want to call it skill or action but either way, he created a really cool bit of video. >> fishing festival. >> one thing we've learned on "right this minute," animals can get themselves in precarious situations. take this possum for instance. somebody from the county having to get this thing down. she has a catch pole. >> weird places for it to be
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stuck. stuck. >> doing a rescue, this woman is tr g her down without harming her. eventually she is able to get her down. >> oh, yea. >> she says she is going to take her to the wildlife center to make sure she's uninjured and okay so she can be released back into the wild. >> ducklings falling into a grate. >> no. >> oh, my god! >> you see several of them fall in. people are screaming. moments later, help is on the way. way. >> oh, this is so sad to watch this happen. we have seen so many ducklings caught in these storm grates. to watch the heartbreaking moment when they fall in. >> good thing is that somebody is there to help these little guys out. >> what a good day on the job for this fellow. hold a bunch of ducklings.
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>> thank you for helping. >> everybody is reunited. and i believe they lived happily ever after. >> good stuff. >> monica lynch from jacksonville thomas salem from philadelphia and sherry walkman from chicago, they are our three latest winners in the rtm ipad mini give away. >> do we have anything left to give? >> you bet we do. another ipad mini in a little bit. and today is bonus giveaway day. that means two winners. we're also going to give away a flat screen tv. >> so easy to enter. thursday's buzz word be 18 years of age or older and be a legal u.s. resident. >> keep watching for the rtm ipad mini giveaway. >> okay. so technically, i'm british. yes. i've lived overseas for so long that honestly even i find the british pretty acquaint.
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bbc, they've solve mord question bts british. this time it's the british home. >> oh, hello. come on in and i'm put the kettle on. >> we'll start with the kitchen. >> yes, that is the washing machine in the kitchen. >> yeah. a lot of us actually keep the washing machine in the kitchen. >> you see, we don't have any plug sockets in the bathroom and have a general lack of space. you usually find it in the kitchen. >> interesting about these washing machines i found weird when you came to america. >> youan dry your clothes in the same seen those units where it's a washer/dryer combo. wish we did that here. >> common common problem with brits and americans, the bathroom. >> room with the bath. >> for us, a bathroom is where you have a bath. it's not the toilet. >> there's no commode in there. >> you look confused. is this the room you're looking for? >> he's looking for the toilet. >> this way, toilet lavatory or
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louve. or you could say ladies or gents. >> it does cause a problem especially in winter. >> turn the hot water on the cold water on. here is the fun bit. your hands between the two. it's quite exhilarating. >> you either burn one hand and freeze the other one or you have to actually run the tap and fill up the sink. >> hard to wash your face. that's so weird. >> stick around for a while. i think we're going to get along just splendidly. these dudes are up to no good. >> they're there to try to rob this place. >> wait until you see how this robbery goes down. >> whoa! and a train ride with amazing sights. the only thing between him and th peru was a pane of
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part of a clerk's job here at this convenience store in argentina is to take out the trash. he does that right after two guys walk into this convenience store and they approach the counter here to the right. two rather small gentlemen. they're there to try to rob this place. but watch how poorly this robbery goes down. they attempt to strong arm the guy. reports even say that they try to punch the clerk. look at the size of the clerk. whoa! >> he is throwing them out like yesterday's newspaper. >> he actually picks him up to get out. >> and he kicked him! oh that just adds insult to injury. this is a great lesson for these guys. they probably will not try to do this again. >> i don't think anybody will try it on that guy again. he literally kicks them out the door. >> police were able to catch up with one of these suspects. one of the other guys is still
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on the loose. >> thank you. that was a great video. >> i agree. i agree. this one is pretty good too. police in dallas looking for these two cloud clown whose broke into a store, wedged open the front gate and started stealing clothes. what kind of store is this? >> looks like a golf store. >> that's right. it become ves apparent when you see the guy walk out with arm loads of golf clubs, his accomplice indiscriminately grabbing women's clothes, men's clothes. >> do they like golf that much? >> i girnt they're selling it. british filmmaker got the view of a lifetime aboard this train in peru heading to machu pichu. it is beautiful. >> i've wanted to do this.
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there is iconic train gems in the world. one across let's you go to mon goala, orient express. this is another one you have to do. >> he didn't pay that much attention to his ticket until he got on the train. he says he was just sitting at the table between him and the view of peru was a pane of glass. he set his camera down. you can see him capturing images along the way. ♪ absolutely stunning and beautiful. and something you might want to put on your bucket list. not only is the scenery beautiful. but you see local residents and tourists along the line with their backpacks waving. >> such a great way to see it. you just kind of sit there and it's like a live film of just awesomeness.
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you guys recognize adam? first time we saw adam he was driving his owner to the pet store. >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> now adam's driving a tractor. >> ooh! >> just tilling the land changing the gears and taking care of the pigs. look even has his cowboy hat on. >> surveying his land. looking at the yields he may have. >> that back leg just getting into the work. >> happy as can be. and then of course at the end, after you spread the manure you've got to do what dogs do. >> oh, yeah. >> this video was sent to us by adam's owner, rich james loved "right this minute" and, of course loves adam the pug. who wouldn't? this next video also an adorable dog. dog. >> that kind. that kind. come on. let's go. come on. go. go. go. >> over and over again, we see
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this poor dog not want to get in the back. every bath. runs and hides but eventually at the vi see -- >> go go go go. >> reluctant but still well trained. >> a funny conversation that went viral. and now they're back. >> sanda moore and her 82-year-old mom, cornelia. >> hear the advice this morning has for her daughter. >> plus don't miss the bonus day buzz word you need for your shot to went an ipad mini or a flat screen tv.
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sympathetic. the reason it's going very viral in the uk it rind re minds everybody from a television show in the uk from years ago when delroy did almost exactly the same thing. >> nice and cool. you know what i mean? >> which is actually voted one of the best comedy moments in uk history. we head on over to some american comedy where, well obviously, these people have got a problem with their carry-on bag. this guy's girlfriend or wife is trying to get into -- she almost did t congratulation. >> that's horrible. >> she's stuck in a sack. >> she's flexible. >> that is stuff of nightmare s s. you're stuck in a bag. >> for you. for whackos -- well i would say like you -- >> i agree there's got to be somebody else who doesn't want to be in a bag either. our favorite -- i'm going to say favorite mother/daughter duo back on "right this mi video. sandra moore and her 82-year-old
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mom, cornelia. >> you see me settling down with somebody or becoming a cat collector? >> i think you should change be a bit neater. >> we don't need to get into that. >> i remember the kitchen. >> last time we saw them they were making quesadillas in this kitchen. her friends are asking questions. >> have you ever been to austria? >> no never. austria, germany. didn't stand up against hitler. >> okay. what was your fondest memory of me? >> you should not either think about -- and i believe that a woman could easeily be -- >> after the marriage tip, she starts selling sandra how she thinks she might get to the
3:52 pm
point where she finds a significant other. >> i think you should be -- don't get too tight. it makes your butt bigger. >> what? >> it's all about the tightness of your pants. >> remember i got my tongue pierced. >> oh, yeah. i was not disappointed. i was mad. and i can make you take that [ bleep ] thing out and i don't like that you [ bleep ] arms either. >> that's art, mom. >> well i don't like it. on the floor. >> yeah. >> i still can know the exercise. then you come over to the door. >> uh-huh. >> and slowly slowly down. >> anybody else get the feeling that mom forgot the camera was running? >> yes. >> but at the end, cornelia is incredibly grateful for all her fans online and it's a perfect mother's day video, right? appreciate your mom. because mom's just pure gold. >> thank you.
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thank you for everything. you be such a good friend to sandra. >> internet. all right, everybody. it is time for to us give away an ipad mini. >> you have to enter. buzz word be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to "right this minute".com and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook twitter or both. >> time for us to reveal thursday's buzz word. it is shield. >> get over to right this and click on the win ipad button and enter thrs's buzz word shield s-h-i-e-l-d. >> bonus giveaway day. you're definitely going to want to enter. ipad mini the second a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. >> he attempts to pull off a freestyle move. >> see how this superman stunt
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is yes, vern with a gun. not bad. >> hey, gomer, leave the stunts to the professionals. yeah this video is a simple failure of a guy trying to pull off a free style move that the pros call the superman. he kick his legs back but gets maybe six inches of air. not nearly enough to try to pull the trick off. >> yes, yes. soft sand. you saw the sand flying through the air. that was actually probably kind of fun. >> maybe that's why you try it. in slow motion you see the huge ritegmunched there. >> anybody who has raised a four wheeler -- >> that's how you learn, huh? >> exactly. >> this next girl in jamaica is trying to do something that's quite common for people that go down to rick's cafe cliff jumping, at the lower level. people are egging her on. >> come on. come on. >> just got to do it.
3:58 pm
>> she does and then she doesn't. >> oh, what happened? >> the video ends before we see her get pulled up. but we do notice that there are two rather well-built lifeguards there that reach in and pull her up. >> skinned off all the skin on her stomach, chest and the front of her thighs because she slid down the rocks. >> oh, man. >> you have to commit. >> you have to commit. >> thanks so much for joining us everybody. that's our show. we'll see you for the next rtm.
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