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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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see a surveillance photo police released. he was arrested 10:30 a.m. this morning near school street. that is a block away from had high school. the high school. ktvu's azenith smith spoke to police about the arrest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: police blasted his photos on television and on social media trying to track him down. they say they got more than 100 tips and that led them to a home he lived in in san jose. he tried to escape to a home where he was eventually caught. again, here is his mugshot. san jose police showed off his mug shot to the media and again he altered his appearance after he knew authorities were looking looking for him. police say he lived in san jose within walking distance of where he tried to sexual assault teenager and a woman. under surveillance mohammad khaliqi left in the middle of the night to a home.
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police said he is associated with the home. and this morning he surrounded and was arrested. police tell us they have credible evidence including the home video from the girl's west san jose house that captured one of his attacks. we have been showing this to you. he followed an 8th grader. you can see him forcing himself in. she punches him, he gets away and the victim spoke to ktvu and told us while he didn't hurt her he left her emotionally scared. mohammad khaliqi is suspected of following a 28-year-old woman into a rest room in san jose last month. and in that case the woman also fought him off. and police are just very relieved that this sexual predator who they call a monster is off the streets and they are very grateful for the
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public's help as they applaud the community and also the media for helping put a face out there and they are now investigating if he has any other more victims out there. >> he was found a block away from a high school. did you get a sense that police had a thought he was about to do it again in their eyes? >> reporter: you know, he left to go to the house that they say she associated with, they wouldn't say if it was a friend or a family member, but it seems like he left in the middle of the night, likely last night and they got him this morning around 10:30 a.m. and it is good because he was by the high school and it is still to be determined he would have struck again. >> azenith smith, thank you. family is reunited after father and his two children were missing. we spoke with the five-year-old who told us the best part of
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this was being rescued by a helicopter. ktvu's john sasaki was there for the reunion. the boy talked to you because he liked our live shot? >> reporter: a curious kid and cute. they were greeted by their aunt and uncle after they learned their father had disappeared. >> reporter: they were overwhelmed with love when they got back home. >> reporter: what is it like? >> incredible. so happy. >> the children had their family worried because along with their father they disappeared on a camping trip tuesday and weren't found till two days later. >> so blessed and so happy. i want to thank our friends and family that prayed for us and sent out positive vibes. we are blessed. fortunate. >> reporter: this started last weekend when they wasn't
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camping. they ran into trouble. >> he was going up this trail. which is small for a truck that size. and the soil underneath collapsed and the truck slid into a tree. >> reporter: he t was a -- he said it was a tough couple days. >> worried. you know, couldn't get ahold of him. >> we had minimal information. cell phones didn't work. we had a lot of worse case scenarios going on. >> reporter: you can see from these pictures nicholas vlahos posted it was an extended camping trip in the kid's eyes. >> i would lose it if i was in that situation but he put a blanket in a tree. >> reporter: as a install to rescue crews, what -- install to -- signal to rescue crewed, and that worked. they came to look at our live
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truck and he told us his favorite thing. >> riding the helicopter. >> reporter: what was that like? >> good. >> [ inaudible question ] >> not scary. >> reporter: that is a funny kid. he asked me when -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: their father is not back, he is working to get the truck back down here to the bay area. back to you. >> nice to see they are safe. john sasaki, thank you. power outages causing delays for b.a.r.t. passengers. the pg&e power outage, trains are still running but they are experiencing delays. this is the second issue today. earlier there was a problem with the track switch. the switch wouldn't move into the proper position so they had to move it manually.
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the problem began this morning at 11:40 a.m. and lines were brought to a halt. the issue was revolved at 12:20 p.m. there is a planned track closure this weekend all day saturday and sunday. sunday mother's day. b.a.r.t. will provide bus service but that will tack on 60 minutes more. the san mateo bridge shut down through the weekend. they will resurface the bridge and do maintenance work. closures start at 7:00 p.m. and by 10:00 p.m. the entire bridge will be closed. 2 investigates is learning more about what contaminated the water at a hotel forcing people out of their homes. they red tagged it last night after water samples revealed unsafe levels of bacteria. ktvu's eric rasmussen has been reporting on the problem and here is here -- he is here now
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with what is next. >> reporter: we confirmed hotel management will pay for residents to stay in a motel for one more night. some of them say they started getting sick last week and suspected the water might be to blame. east bay mud report found bacteria and the city shut down the building last night. crews were back out to flush the system and test the water. stagnant water in the lines running through a vacant office might be to blame. an attorney for the owner said results of their independent water test came back negative. the resident are not convinced. >> i haven't heard them say that yet but, you know, with so many people being sick i don't believe it. >> they are paying for residents to stay at a motel 6. the attorney for the owner e-
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mailed us saying management is committed to the welfare of all tenants. as we reported the hotel is already being sued by the city of oakland, alleging violations from illegal evictions to creating a public nuisance. tomorrow the city is expecting to get more test results back on the water. >> hopefully all the residents will be able to move back in by the ends of the weekend? >> reporter: that is the possibility. that is what they have been promised. they are hearing maybe a couple days at the most. they are getting a stipend from management to make up for the fact they are 7 miles away from where they call home. >> eric rasmussen, thank you. out and about in san francisco today. it will be a beautiful weekend out there. i mean, the weather, you saw it today, it will get nice. rosemary orozco is in san
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francisco at off the grid. >> reporter: it is a beautiful day. blue skies. cool, breezy. we would expect nothing else here at fort mason. breaking jacket if you are coming out. it smells delicious out here. let me show you what is going on. we have 30 different trucks and booths. anything from mexico to filipino, cotton candy, wine, beer. there is a lot going on out here. oon good night anywhere -- on a good night 4-6,000 people will come out. i have on the go, serving up noodles. i am going to bring you into the truck, we will talk with ken. how is it going? getting ready to gear up -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: take us through one of your delicious dishes. >> we are known for our noodles. garlic noodles, garlic and
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butter. [ indiscernible ] sees seasoning. chickcon, beef, shrimp -- chicken, beef, shrimp and pork. shrimp is popular. we have noodles ready to go. these noodles have been in the family for 40 years. >> reporter: intrusting. >> made in a secret, separate kitchen. only family members can go into. >> reporter: love that. >> more about that later. >> love that. this got started at 5:00 p.m., runs to 10:00 p.m. you will serve 300? >> yes. yes. 300 orders of garlic noodles. >> reporter: on the go is related to the first vet mus me restaurant opened in 1971.
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. >> started by our grandmother. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: 5 years ago you said there is money to be made in the food truck. [ talking at the same time ] >> yeah. get a lot of guests asking for lunch. [ indiscernible ] >> we will get a food truck and bring learn to our customers -- bring lunch to our customers. . >> reporter: in the next hour we will show you more. bill, if you have requests, mexican, i will see what i could find. >> i just lost 10 bucks to mark tamayo because i said i know she will have food and mowing it and you are not. >> reporter: i will try save some. >> have a nice weekend. all right. we will have the weather forecast. thicks will get nice this weekend. beautiful weekend in store. [ talking at the same time ] >> food trucks are great. >> i will have the weekend after the break. >> thank you. hundreds of people rallying inside san francisco city hall.
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their demands for the mayor and what they want out of the city. >> and it will be her first mother's day without her son. >> you couldn't believe this has happened. >> the open letter from the mother of one of the students killed in the isla vista shooting. . >> water world california, h2o is key. in the drought, how the park is making changes to conserve.
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the justice department announced an investigation into the baltimore police department in the wake of the death of a man injured in police custody. the report, the goal is to determine if practices were unconstitutional or violated civil rights. >> the department of justice is launching an investigation
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into the baltimore police department. the decision comes after protests rocked the city in the wake of 25-year-old freddie gray's death. attorney general loretta lynch made the announcement friday. >> if unconstitutional policies or practices are found we will seek a court enforceable agreement to address the issues. >> the investigation will focus on excessive force, improper stops and searches and discrimination. the mayor requested the probe similar to ferguson, missouri. she met with loretta lynch to discuss the situation. >> it is happening in baltimore but it is something that is going on all over the country where there is a growing divide between the police and the community. >> reporter: freddie gray's death sparked violent protests in the city with demonstrators taking a the streets after he suffered a fatal spine injury in police custody.
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6 police officers now face charges. >> we are frattified that national -- gratified that national attention has been focused on the police department because that gives us reason to believe that these problems can be solved. >> the attorney general says they support the probe that will last several months. fox news. detectives are investigating the disappearance of a teenager earlier this week. the contra costa county sheriff's department says the 14-year-old was reported missing on tuesday. she left her home on monday night or tuesday morning. the sheriff's department says it looks like she left voluntarily and she may be associated with this car. a white 2010 dodge charger with a license plate 6mrn815. if you have information call the contra costa county
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sheriff's department. we know there are garlic noodles in the forecast at off the grid. now to bill and see what is in the forecast for everyone. [ talking at the same time ] >> we had food trucks on -- [ talking at the same time ] >> now -- >> not like this. [ talking at the same time ] >> off the grid is where she. in san francisco. food trucks and folks enjoying the night. the fog cleared. the fog that was out there the last couple days cleared out. you have a few showers -- not showers. clouds over the sierra nevada. you can see them here. for us we are into a nice clear weather pattern. there is the system. it has a lot of aerial coverage. right? it is going -- down here. talking about 600 miles -- you know, took a diameter, 600- miles to the top. a big system as it moves out we
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warm up and dry out but not before we get sprinkles up here. clear lake. scattered showers showing up. chico area. there is the fog along the coast which has been -- low comes in -- lifts the lid. the fog goes up, expands and cools and goes away. you don't see it. the atmosphere is moist. just divided out into a larger space. no longer fog. 74 fairfield. 74 concord. that was confusing what i said. 63 in napa right now. yosemite 20 inches of snow. mountains, lake tahoe, 7 inches, 8 inches with this system. 20 plus inches, this was tweeted out by yosemite, yosemite, the national park.
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47 tomorrow morning in santa rosa. like this morning. tomorrow a nice looking day. briggs the fog brings the fog -- brings the fog in. aerial coverage of fog tomorrow morning, low clouds. note, the 80s show up tomorrow in the central valley. warmer tomorrow. warmer still on the bay area weekend. the five-day forecast. which day is the warmest, sunday. we could see temperatures touching on low 80s. good looking weekend. that is mother's day as well. works out good. cooler into next week. no rain here but a nice looking weekend ahead. just, you know -- [ talking at the same time ] >> amazing, 20 inches -- you know? like that. lake tahoe got that much. short distance. really -- unloaded. tripled the amount.
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>> thank you. new at 5:00 p.m. how dawes water park cope with a drought? we get a look at the upgrades. park opens up tomorrow and upgrades will help them mead the mandate to cut water use by 25%. ktvu fox 2 news cristina rendon shows us what they changed. >> reporter: the gates at water world are unlocked. >> we open tomorrow. >> reporter: with water running dry that meant big changes for a park that relies on water to run. >> we took a look at our operation and governor jerry brown mentioned the mandatory reduction, we looked at how we could improve the operation of the park. >> reporter: he took us to give us a look behind the scenes. >> filters here. they are new. >> reporter: this is what $2 million worth of upgrades look
5:21 pm
like. it should rechild abuse deuce water waste by 90% -- reduce water waste by 90%. the green lawn is artificial turf. other areas have mulch or gravel. >> we are shooting to exceed governor jerry brown's mandatory reduction. >> reporter: do you think it could be done? >> i think it could be done. >> reporter: takes 1 million gallons to fill the park and 10,000 gallons to keep it replenished when water is lost. >> reporter: all the water here is recirculated. with the new filters they will measure the success at the end of the season. they say people shouldn't feel guilty for having a fun time even during a drought. >> come on out and know you are being water conscious and guests won't notice a difference on their experience.
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ahead, accused a firm of discrimstation and now her legal troubles continuing -- discrimination and now her legal troubles continues. >> turning tragedy into hope by bringing her message to inmates. . >> i wanted my kids to have a chance. >> the program making it possible and how it could help turn people's lives around.
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the pentagon is raising the security levels at military
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bases. there is no specific threat but they are calling for checks of people entering the bases. still well below the highest. this comes as the fbi says there may be thousands of islamic state followers in the united states. one of the two men who attacked in texas sunday expressed loyalty to isis. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton returned to the bay area today. she attended a private luncheon. the ehaven't was at the home of -- event was held that home of ebay president. tickets cost $2,700 per person. this is her second time in the bay area this week. yesterday she was in the los angeles area where she raised $3 million. ellen pao filed a claim
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saying she should not have to pay $1 million in legal fees wracked up by kleiner perkins caufield & byers. -- racked up by kleiner perkins caufield & byers. she sued but lost the case in march. now kleiner perkins caufield & byers is seeking to recover $970,000. ellen pao's attorney says the costs are excessive. kleiner perkins caufield & byers has offered to drop its request for the legal fees if ellen pao agrees not to appeal. a hearing is set for june 18. the golden state warriors are off the plane in memphis and on the court. here is a picture the team tweeted today. warmed up for practice before tomorrow's game. we were there as the team boarded their flight this morning. scott reiss flew to memphis today and he will be live tomorrow morning on mornings on 2. he will be there through monday. tonight an open letter from
5:27 pm
the mother of a student killed in the isla vista massacre. >> i can't sleep in peace. >> her call toaction for other -- to action for other mothers. and construction to protect our drinking water from becoming undrinkable. >> and a bay area business for 100 years. a look inside one of the first family run coffee roasters, all about family.
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a mother's plea for mother's day. she said more can be done to improve safety on campuses. he was killed last may during the isla vista rampage during university of california, santa barbara. ktvu's ann rubin explains. [ speaking foreign language ] for weeks her mind has been on mother's day. the first one she had to endure since her son was killed. >> i would do everything i could and give away my life 100 times if i could save my son. >> reporter: last may he was one of six killed by elliot
5:31 pm
rodger in a rampage near university of california, santa barbara. it was too late for her son so she turned her tots to saving -- thoughts to saving others. >> i can't sleep in peace. >> reporter: she wrote a letter to all mothers on mother's day. she is calling for law enforcement to be more vigilant on college campuses for background checks for housing and parents to be more aware of warning signs. >> we have to. we cannot afford another -- [ indiscernible ] >> we cannot afford that. >> reporter: she and her husband worries that will happen. little has changed. >> we shouldn't -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she plans to speak to politicians, administrators, and police and whoever else will listen. she thinks mothers could have a powerful voice if they come
5:32 pm
together. >> police. police, do something. even a little. you may have prevented a new violent attack and saved lives. >> the family plans to travel to university of california, santa barbara later this month to mark the anniversary of the shooting. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. a bus hit and injured a person in san francisco today. police got a call for help after 10:00 a.m. this morning. a 42-year-old man was taken to san francisco general hospital for treatment. we don't know his condition but he was bleeding when he was on the ground. the bus is registered to a private company. the crash happened at 4th near the san francisco cal train station. the nation's unemployment erate to its lowest point in 7 years. they -- rate to its lowest point in 7 years. the unemployment rate fell to 5.4%. the job growth is impressive but they say workers are seeing
5:33 pm
little gains in pay. the average earning rose .1% last month. jobs reports triggered a rally on wall street. dow was up 267 points. made in the bay for 100 years. they started in oakland in 1925 and today it is still in oakland and its coffee could be found all across the bay area. ktvu's claudine wong takes us behind the scenes at this local institution. >> reporter: if there is one thing the family agrees on is this. >> i love coffee. love coffee. >> love the taste. the stories. the people. >> reporter: it is more than coffee, it is about family. you can find them in the
5:34 pm
office. >> no, i am not running. they do a better job than i do. >> reporter: if you want her face oo light up -- >> this -- to light up have her give you a tour of her coffee museum. . [ talking at the same time ] >> we are coffee people. we have always been. all our lives. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> it did. it did. >> reporter: a peak in here is a look into their family history. >> wasn't the real car but it is similar. loaded it up and delivered it. >> reporter: her father started it. he didn't want to take on all of this. >> well, no. [ laughter ] i wanted to be in the fbi. >> but he did anyway. >> we expanded half a dozen times around the neighborhood. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> no. don't want to. oakland has been good. >> reporter: his children are
5:35 pm
now running the 90-year-old company. >> smell the aroma and they fall to the bottom. >> executive vice president. >> i wanted to be my own boss. but george is my boss. [ laughter ] >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> great. >> reporter: it has been a journey that lasted a century. a business that outlasted many others. >> most family businesses fall or get bought. >> reporter: but they say they stayed focus. >> we buy the best coffee of anyone. the whole time. we got great -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the goal to turn this into that perfect cup of coffee. >> like hundreds of millions of cups of coffee. a lot. a lot. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:36 pm
>> we should say they got great roasted peanuts too. around the corner from the station. if you would like to nominate for made in the bay segment we have a form on on the home page. >> reporter: people chanting in city hall, why they say the mayor isn't doing enough to stop evictions. >> construction crane comes crashing down in the south bay. the damage it caused when it fell over. >> new video of a terrifying fiery crash on a freeway. what went wrong here. life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
5:37 pm
life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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5:39 pm
small plane crashed on a freeway in late today and killed all four people on board. a witness caught the image of the crash on video and posted it to facebook. investigators say the aircraft ran into trouble after take off. a truck driver said the plane swooped in low, raising the hood of his tractor-trailer before it crashed on the freeway. emergency crews shut down the road if hours. investigators plan to reconstruct the aircraft to figure out what caused it to go down. vintage world war ii planes flew over the nation's capital today marking the 7th anniversary of the end of world war ii in europe. 50 military planes crossed the
5:40 pm
sky in formation over the national mall as thousands of people watched. there were b17s, b24s. the celebration was held that world war ii memorial on the mall. veterans placed wreaths in memory of 400,000 americans and 60 million people world wide who were killed during world war ii. from sporting events to mother's day. this weekend is filled with family, friendly events. mike mibach tells us they are all over the bay area. >> reporter: big weekend in the bay area. what is going on? mike mibach here. in the south bay. the u.s. women's national soccer team hosts ireland sunday at 11:30 a.m. tickets start at $35. cool off in concord. water world is open for the first time this season. sunday is mother's day. mom, i love you.
5:41 pm
a happy early mother's day and go to the exploratorium in san francisco, admission is free on mother's day. open from 10:00 a.m. to5:00 p.m. saturday, san francisco international beer festival. opens at 7:00 p.m., $75 gets you all the food and beer you meant. it is a fundraiser for the telegraph hill nursery school and a party at the oakland zoo. join the animals saturday night from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for a showing of rio 2. $7. hot chocolate and popcorn provided and the fairgrounds saturday and sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for the hawaiian may day festival. giants are at home. a's on the road. and don't forget the san mateo
5:42 pm
bridge will be closed all weekend long. i am mike mibach, that is your weekend watch. the emergency work underway in the delta that will have a statewide impact during the drought. >> this missing boy's face was one of the first to be put on a milk carton. >> i had 35 years to think about this. >> the father was so upset with the utcome. >> the weekend is upon us. which day will be the warmest and which cities will be the warmest. see you back here.
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bay area police officers joined thousands of men and women in blue today lay 25-year- old officer brian mooar to rest today in new york. the casket was escorted to a funeral home. that was his home town. he was on patrol when he was shot in the head on saturday. he was put into a medically induced coma and died monday. >> why is it always the good ones? maybe it is because almost all of them are the good ones. >> the shooter remains behind
5:46 pm
bars without bail tonight. a construction crane collapsed at parking garage under construction in santa clara this morning. it happened around 7:30 a.m. along great america parkway. not far from levi stadium. sky fox 2 flew over the accident. you can see here the crane is collapsed over the corner of the building. while the rest of the crane is down in the landscape of the building next door. no one was hurt. still no word on why it fell over. a drought project just got underway. a barrier is being built to keep salt water from flowing into fresh water. it will protect the water supply to 25 million. ktvu's tom vacar went back to the site to explain how it all works. >> reporter: for the next six weeks contractors will place rocks across the 750-foot
5:47 pm
stretch of waterway here in the delta. with the river flowing slowly now there is a danger the salt water from the bay and ocean could flow into the fresh water of the delta. >> that is needed for the local uses. >> reporter: h it immediately protects the -- it immediately protects the water district and protects the city of tracy. >> reporter: why is it important? salt water want to come up this way. if you keep it from getting into here, this pool of water, it will work its way down the old river to the big pumping stations, that would mean the salt water would get into the farms and into southern california drinking water which is not allowable. come october this $40 million
5:48 pm
barrier will be removed for several critical reasons. one, it will allow migrating salmon to find their way back, two it will clear the channel it make way for huge flow physical the drought breaks this winter, if the high water flows come, removing it will assure other levies will not have higher levelly pressures. >> you risk breaking delta levies. >> if we had similar conditions and a dry year next year it will be critical that we look at this site as well as other sites. >> reporter: once the rocks are removed in the fall they will be stored if yet another barrier is needed next year. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. if you don't have mother's day plans, how about a ski trip? a foot of snow made early may look like early january at
5:49 pm
mammoth mountain. they sent us this video today. they planned to close this weekend but conditions allowed it to push the plans back. they say the foot of snow will allow it to stay open for another week. maybe longer. don't expect full winter like conditions, just 4-28 lifts there are still open. might be perfect for some moms but other moms will say dad, take the kids, get out of the house. >> you know, the snow in the mountains, they closed the ski resorts, they are done, mammoth gets higher, and they hold more snow. it is late to be skiing. that is not bad news. 20-inches of snow over the last 24 hours. that is significant. one of the reasons is that water runs off into the hetch hetchy which is the main water source for san francisco.
5:50 pm
78 antioch. highs are warmer than yesterday and about where they will be tomorrow and then they will be warmer on sunday. sunday will be warmest day on the weekend. fog cleared from the coast. but it will push back in in a big way tonight. beautiful shot. look at san francisco. or towards oakland. the cranes. bay bridge. traffic moving right there. beautiful friday night in the bay area. fog and low clouds, midnight it will fill back in along the coast. the system is migrating. the center is here. vegas is getting showers and thundershowers. our showers in the sierra nevada still dying down but you see the moisture sliding through there. lake tahoe more snow flurries, showers. north of clear lake as well. here is the fog. starting to come on shore. a knowledge cut out of the fog here. as soon as the low goes off the winds start going northwest.
5:51 pm
the high will fill in the low. it will take this fog and push it up to the coast. beyond the coast. inland. fog inland as well. forecast temperatures over night, mostly in the upper 40s, low 50s. there is fog at the coast. right? warmer at the coast they washout. fog at the coast, warmer around the bay, inland. discovery bay. kissing up against 80s toom. high pressure builds in. into the bay area weekend, fog forms. temperatures at the coast cool. temperatures inland valley mild to warm. 80. tomorrow, 72 napa. 76 vacaville. air quality is good. classic fall -- well, late
5:52 pm
spring, early summer weather pattern. grass pollens are up. if you are gothered or not -- bothered, or not, you may have an issue with the tree but the trees gone away and grass pollens are bothering people. weekend looks good. the weather should be great. we had days where it rains on mother's day. perfect mother's day. >> thank you. a rally inside san francisco 80 is hall -- city hall. people calling on mayor ed lee to stop evictions. >> what they want out of the city and what they want in. >> and in minutes new at 6:00 p.m. a rough week for b.a.r.t. and we are asking them, what is going on here. >> when the smallest thing goes wrong it impacts the system. >> the plan to fix the aging b.a.r.t. system.
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5:55 pm
two girls missing since thursday have been found safe. police say they were taken by their father 45-year-old yesterday afternoon. the girls were caught in a custody dispute. the mother told ktvu he was taking his daughters to washington state to visit relatives after he got out of
5:56 pm
jail on resisting arrest. authorities are trying to sort out the situation. in new york city a judge declared a mistrial in a long lasting mystery over the disappearance of a 6-year-old boy. he vanished in 1979. he was one of the first children pictured on milk cartons. his body was never found but three years ago a man confessed to murdering him. but the jury could not reach a verdict after 18 days. one said he was concerned about his mental health. the father was clearly upset. >> this man did. he said it. how many times does the man have to confess before someone believes him. and it is not a hallucination. >> a hearing is set for june 10 to set a new trial date. he will remain behind bar. protesters filled san
5:57 pm
francisco city hall this afternoon angry. they want mayor ed lee to address the affordable housing crisis. ktvu's rob roth is live now from city hall. >> reporter: the afternoon protest was loud because peaceful at city hall but they are hoping mayor ed lee gets the message. >> reporter: hundreds of residents and advocates rallied in the city hall this afternoon demanding a halt to evictions in the mission and to the condos and developments that have been going up. >> the protest moved up stair wheres they marched to mayor ed lee office demanding a meeting but he was not there. among the protesters was a mother of two who was evicted from her home last year when the owner decided to move in. >> heart breaking.
5:58 pm
because you can't be where all your memories and love -- everything. just really difficult. >> reporter: although she grew up in the mission she couldn't afford the rents and had to leave san francisco. >> i can't afford san francisco. >> reporter: she is one of 8,000 latinos who left the mission since 2000. only 200 units built in the mission since 2006 have been considered affordable. in a statement mayor ed lee said four affordable housing projects are in the pipeline that will add 300 new homes. they are behanding 2500. -- demanding 2500. he is now sleeping on a couch. >> i am in limbo right now. where am i going to go? >> reporter: mayor ed lee is pushing for a $250 million bond measure on the november ballot
5:59 pm
to build affordable housing. he needs to do a lot, lot more they say. >> rob, thank you. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. from broken tracks to power outages to switch problems. a rough week for b.a.r.t. riders and tonight b.a.r.t. tells us these issues are not easy to fix. >> smallest thing goes wrong it impacts the system. >> b.a.r.t. had two problems today alone. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am gasia mikaelian. in for julie haener one of the problems is happening right now. a power outage at the peak of the friday evening commute. b.a.r.t. says it is a pg&e power issue. right now trains are running but there are major delays. this is the latest in a series of problems for b.a.r.t. this week. ktvu's ajohn fowler with why b.a.r.t. says -- ktvu's john fowler with
6:00 pm
why b.a.r.t. says a fix could cost millions of dollars. >> reporter: one thing after another. you are right. mid-day over the b.a.r.t. station, sky fox 2 spotted stuck b.a.r.t. trains again. and at the station. one time trouble with a track switch, later something else. off and on all afternoon. nothing moved. including frustrated b.a.r.t. riders. >> been a lot of problems on b.a.r.t. always delays. drama. >> reporter: a broken section of track capped one day that had multiple delays. there was smoke, debris. adding up to hours and hours of delays. some riders are resigned. >> i expect problems. it comes with -- with the commute and with b.a.r.t. >> reporter: others insist b.a.r.t. could do


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