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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 9, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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the warriors take their act on the road against grizzlies before the second playoff -- but for the second playoff game in a row they feel the memphis blues. >> it's a trail, but we still believe tail get to the times. good evening. >> the warriors last the second game in a row, and that sets up game four. we have live coverage of game three, scott is live in memphis, and joe has the game three highlights. kind of uncharted territory for them this year.
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adversity isn't something they've experienced much. they've now lost two straight when you can rarely afford to do so, in the playoffs. the team in memphis for the first time in the series after the series started. thompson three for six from behind the arc. warriors closer action take the ball -- closer, take the ball away. down four. a crucial sequence though. green loses the ball, the grizzlies weren't threatened the rest of the way, take a 2-1 lead in the series. the warriors have to win monday night to avoid coming home one
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loss away from elimination. scott is live in memphis, feels like the grizzlies are imposed their will, and their style on the warriors. >> reporter: yeah, joe, i don't think there's any question, you know, we didn't think the warriors could possibly play as poorly as they did in game two, but that's exactly how they came out in the first half here in game three. in the first half, they shot just 38 percent from the floor. hit 2 of 13 threes, committed 9 never, so -- over, so a 16 -- turnover, so a 16-point halftime deficit. the team that was 5 and 0 in the playoffs faces their first series deficit. >> we lost our poise, but i thought this was a better effort than game two i thought we played a good 1st quarter, just didn't make open shot, and that was a good sign.
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we got away from the movement and spacing and flow we need. >> there were times in the game, especially the first half, driving lanes that weren't really open set the tone in the first half, and didn't have enough down the stretch. we have to play better and play better under control, and just be ourselves and that's the challenge for us to get back to that. >> reporter: more bad news for the warrior, spates is headed for an mri, but they haven't lost three games in a row all season long. more on that coming up in sport, and in case you're wondering what's going on here behind me, half the basketball court is gone because the
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university of memphis has a graduation tomorrow, so they have to get it back for the game, so a lot of folks working hard and late on the arena. >> thank you, the playoffs is a series of adjustments. more sports later. all right, thanks. it was certainly tough for the player, and also for the runs. deborah watched the game with some of the warrior nation. >> reporter: tough game, about 200 people here at the tribune average. they cleared out fast -- tavern. they cleared out fast, and felt it slipping away well before that. a late basket, still three minutes on the clock.
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fans haven't had much to cheer about. >> i was at game two, and it felt exactly the same. >> reporter: watching the underdog grizzlies grab another win, hard for the crowd to watch this again. >> they're not making free throws and getting turnovers. >> they need to come back and get it together. play together. >> reporter: things cooled quickly, and this busy restaurant was the only one celebrating. >> we're really excited when our teams do well. saturday in downtown oakland can be a snooze, but everyone came out. >> i think we'll bring it back to a home court advantage. >> memphis is doing that they're supposed to do.
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no slouches. >> we still believe, so when they come back home i think we still do well. >> it was a good test. if they can get through this they can get through anything right? >> reporter: many fans say they may be a little bit spoiled. the warriors made it look so easy for so long, but now it's interesting. >> certainly does, but we're still in. i'm sure all of the fans are leaving that. the team -- believing that. the team will be back monday in memphis at 6:30. game five is back here at home at oracle arena wednesday at 7:30. game six would be friday, how far a time hasn't been set for that game. in other news, the bridge remains closed for construction work, we want to show you a live look at the bridge tonight. unusual site. no traffic. remains closed through 5:00 a.m. monday to resurface the entire
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bridge, protecting covering, and routine cleaning. the work is right on schedule. with the bring closed people have had to find alternate routes across the bay. most traveling from the bay bridge. cal tran say back ups were an issue much of the day, but traffic is moving now. they sent these pictures earlier today so we can see the work in progress as crews brought in heavy equipment to do the resurfacing work. they're about a quarter of the way through the project. >> we use this opportunity to do a lot of extreme maintenance and deferred maintenance things . >> they said this is a big project, and expect to bridge
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to reopen on time. it will be closed again memorial day weekend for further work. the oakland father and two young children rescued after disappearing in the sierra all spending some quality time tonight with loved ones. here's more on how the three got lost, and the father's apology for the worry he caused. >> reporter: inside this barbershop, joe is busy at work cutting hair and getting ready for a grand opening. his business partner is nick. >> he was worried more about us than himself. he was worried about what we were going through. he knew his family was safe, his kids were safe. he's a selfless person. >> reporter: nick talked about
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what happened and what went wrong. he said the planned trip was meant to show his kids two abandoned mining towns with another water and food for a week, they were nearly at the destination, and came across a tree with no way around it. then nick says he made the mistake of finding an alternative route. then they reached soft dirt, their truck slid down and got stuck, in hindsight he says they should have waited for help instead of hiking. he and the kids did leave clues for rescuers with bottles and blankets and trees. >> wanted to get the message out he was safe, and he wasn't able to do that, and that worried him the most. >> certainly happy for that. nick's wife and the children's mother is visiting relatives out of state, but has been in touch with nick who told her not the worry.
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tonight the family is privately celebrating the homecoming. developing news tonight from the south, mississippi authorities are looking for a gunmen that shot and killed two police officers, and people there are staying inside their homes during that search. the two officers are the first to die in the line of duty there in 30 years. new details about a 37-year- old bay area man arrested on child porn charges this week. he worked at a school near saratoga. he's also worked at the school's second site. they found several hundred images of child porn on his personal computer and phone. he started working at the school in august 2013, and defendant interaction with --
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did have interactions with students. and a series of water tests came back clean, and residents could return home. all of the more than 50 residence departments at the towers -- residents at the towers had to turn after bacteria was found in the water. some residence departments said they started getting sick last week and suspected the water was to blame. results came back that the water passed standard safety tests, and residents could return home. gop presidential potential rand paul stops in heavily democratic san francisco. what headsetted that debt a -- he discussed to get a positive reaction from the town. >> and tonight we take you behind the scenes of this east bay coffee company. >> and tornadoes, snow, and a tropical storm aiming for the
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east coast. the 10:00 o'clock news continues in 90 seconds. ♪ ♪
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the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. tonight six states continue to watch for tornadoes along with flooding, hail, and fires caused by lightning. atwister -- a twister outside dennis allen killed one person -- dallas killed one person today. this week's surge of storms also destroyed buildings, including schools and homes.
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victims are trying to pick up the pieces. >> >. where do we start? >> yeah. >> we've been here 20 plus years and never even had to replace a roof from a storm. >> earlier this week an oklahoma woman died after taking shelter to avoid a tornado. she drowned when torrential rains flooded her shelter. on top of that, snow causing flight delays at denver airport. they had to de-ice planes causing five late flights this evening. how could snow happen in may? well tornadoes like this one in colorado emerged after masses of cold air and warm air collide. dry frigid air in the northwest met with warm air from the gulf of mexico. on one side snow and temperatures in the 20, on the other side thunderstorms and highs in the 80s. meantime tropical storm ana is headed to the carolinas. strong winds and high waves battering south carolina's
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outer banks. land fall is expected tomorrow with strong were winds and flooding. this is the first named storm of the season just three weeks before the official start of the hurricane season. baltimore getting ready for a rally for peace concert tomorrow featuring prince, and his new release protesting the death of freddie gray. in the streets protests continue. a youth protest yesterday was peaceful, but there was a rash of shootings since the most violent riot, and there's mixed reaction that the justice department will investigate gray's death. >> we are gratified that national attention has been focused on the problems of the baltimore city police department because that gives us reason to believe these problems can be solved. >> the down side is they're asking in federal bureaucrats hostile to law enforcement, no
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experience as law enforcement officers, and they're not going to get a fair evaluation. >> six baltimore police officers are charged in gray's death, the officer filed motions asking for dismissal of the case saying they're victims of overzealous prosecution. and there's reports of blatant overcharges in the aftermath of the quake in in nepal. officials say they've heard complaints of people selling aid items, some tripling the price of food and medical supplies. nearly 8,000 people died and hundreds of thousands left homeless after the 7.8 quake. the california sherpa association is stoat hold a fund raiser -- set to hold a
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fundraisesser for the quake victims next week. in australia, another arrest of a teenager on terror charges. police arrested the 17-year-old yesterday after the teen's home was raided in a suburb outside of melbourne. officer say they found three homemade bombs in the raid. they were then detonated by the bomb squad. two men were arrested last month, and last september three were arrested in a counterterrorism operation. a welcome announcement in liberia as they were declared three of ebola. some health care workers sang after hearing the news while others cried. liberia paid a heavy price in the outbreak with over 4700 deaths from the disease.
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>> after nine and a half months of fighting this disease, the feelings are hard to describe. largely emotional, it's hard to think, it's hard to breathe. >> doctors say many of the those who become ill are still facing serious complications from the disease that include eye problems, debilitating joint and muscle pain, as well as deep fatigue, and hearing loss. today russia marked 70 years since the victory over nazi germany with a massive parade. many world leaders were in attendance, but many western powers didn't send representatives in protest of russia's alleged military involvement in ukraine. putin paid tribute to those that died in the conflict and in concentration camps before
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holding a moment of silence. more than 26 million people in the former soviet union died in world war ii. and the the first stage of the men's am gen tour starts tomorrow. last year's winner says there's no time to notice the fans until it's over. >> seeing them afteris a nice -- after is a nice feeling. >> the race comes to san jose tuesday before finishing in pasadena next week. well it's a car show with a cause. the tragic reason behind this 14-year tradition and the special group that benefits because of it. >> i love the taste, the stories, the people, i love it all. it's made in the bay area, and still in the family. the gourmet coffee company
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grown to serve customers all over the bay. and stubborn fog already pushing back into the region, overcast skies. the changes in the mother's day forecast, and possibly rain clouds on the long range weather map.
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. it's been made in the bay for almost 100 years. it started right here in oakland in 1925. >> today it's gourmet coffee is found in restaurants and hotels cross the bay area. we go behind the scenes. >> reporter: if there's one thing the family at peerless coffee agrees on. >> i love coffee. >> i love the stacy, the stories -- taste, the stories, the people, i love it all.
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>> reporter: but it's about more than just coffee, it's about people. you can often find george in the office. >> these kids do a better job than i do. >> reporter: and if you want want her face to light up. >> this is the original cash register. >> reporter: just have her give you a tour of the coffee museum. >> we're coffee people. we have always been all our life. >> reporter: seemed like the perfect fit. >> it did. >> reporter: a peek in here is a look into their family's history. >> this is similar to the car where he'd roast and deliver in this car. >> reporter: george jr. didn't want to take on all this. >> well, no, i wanted to be in the fbi. >> reporter: but he did anyway. >> oakland has been go to my
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family. >> reporter: and while he didn't force them, his children are now running the 90- -year-old company. >> scoop it cover, smell it, and the grinds fall to the bottom. >> reporter: george is president. christina is executive vice president. i wanted to be my own boss, but george is my boss. >> reporter: how is it working with your brother? >> oh, it's great. >> reporter: it's a business that's outlasted many others. >> most family businesses are falling by the wayside or bought by private equity. >> reporter: but they stay focused. >> we buy the best coffee of anyone the whole time. we have great employees the whole time. >> reporter: the goal always to turn this into that perfect cup of coffee. >> oh, holy moly. hundreds of millions of cups of
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coffee. well, maybe not that much. but a lot. i can almost smell it. if you'd like to nominate someone for made in the bay, we have a submission form on the website's home page. preparations for the super bowl mean getting ready for something most people don't ever talk about. the event held at he vie stadium -- levi stadium today talks about an illegal side effect of the super bowl. >> and a gop presidential candidate turning to tech experts to help his campaign. paul's remarks that had many in the crowd nodding in agreement.
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gop presidential candidate rand paul was the first to make
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a con street effort for the -- concrete effort for the tech vote in silicon valley. he talked about the issues important to them. we were there as he announced a new technology team and office. >> reporter: paul tackled the tough issues of privacy and net neutrality head on speaking at disrupted demom raw sewage silvestri in san francisco -- democracy in san francisco. it's also the new site of his tech operation hub. his new tech officer says he's ready to face silicon valley issues head on. >> i've made my career about giving people the tools they need, the environment they need to innovate. >> reporter: the senator stressed his stance as a strong
10:29 pm
privacy candidate. >> no one is willing to say on day one i'd stop it all, end all collection of records. >> reporter: a message that residence nateed with many emily about government -- especially about government searches. >> it's a big problem that people can go into your house and take your stuff, i think proximate cause is necessary. >> reporter: he says the jury is still out on having one provider in a region leads to higher rates. the problem he says is local government granting distribution rights to select companies. >> let's actually deregulate, and get rid of got monopolies for the final mile of distribution. >> reporter: some in the crowd gave him points for encouraging more players to get involved. >> the whole point is have
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competition that pushes down prices. have that competition where you can pick and choose different areas. if you want a different level of service. >> reporter: senator paul says he feels it was important to bring his message of smaller government to liberal san francisco, even though they're often seen as out of step on issues with much of san francisco like same sex marriage. >> it should be left more to the local municipalities and states. >> reporter: the crowd found his arguments on net neutrality and privacy very persuasive. democratic presidential candidate clinton spent a few days here. she had an event at the home of ebay ceo and his wife. about 200 people paid $2,700
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each to hear her speak on a number of issues and had pictures taken. she was also here for two fund raisers on wednesday in san francisco. taking bart through oakland may include a bus ride this weekend. they have a closure for track maintenance. you may have to make additional stops and transfers. parking fees set to go up at three bart stations at concord, north concord, and milbray stations by 50 cents. in advance of the super bowl, levi stadium hosted on event aimed at bringing and raising awareness to human
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trafficking. they silvestri hosting the super bowl -- say hosting the super bowl has a sad history of exploiting teens and children for prostitution. inside the stadium they handed out information about fostering abuse. trafficking victims come from all over the world. >> we try to find them foster homes here in the bay area, and medical service, legal services, mental health services. anything to transition into their new life in the united states. >> foster care says many victims literal walk from south america, and most can't return home. >> a lot of the kids flee because of corruption and violence in their country. because their parents are dead. >> the coalition says california is one of the worst states for human trafficking with san francisco among the most dangerous for children. a teen drowned in the
10:33 pm
sacramento river today at sand cove park. the 16-year-old boy disappeared this morning, and crews spent three hours before they found his body. he was not wearing a life vest. family members were there during the search. crews say the water looks calm, but it is dangerous. >> as our rescue people found out, as soon as you get below the surface of the water there's a huge current, and a shelf that drops off, so it's a hazardous location to swim. >> even with the drought and weather, the water stays cold between the surface. in the east bay a special car show with a special tribute. it honors rick devecci, he was the victim of a hit and run driver in 1997.
10:34 pm
he was in berkeley when witnesses say a man in a light colored car intentionally ran him over. he died from severe head trauma. the car show organizer recalls rick was a very good friend. >> he was amazing, a giver of the community, he helped people, and we lost him, so we do this to keep his memory alive. >> an arrest was never made in the case. it's not even close to halloween, but it sure felt like it today. at&t park, some of the best cartoons on superhero day at the ballpark. >> pretty cool. but mark has a look at the mother's day forecast.
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well, looked like the middle of summer out there, a lot of fog in the morning, slowly working back to the coastline, and we'll do the same thing again in the sunday forecast. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. pretty chilly in the pacific. 53, the warm end of the temperature spectrum, antioch. santa rosa 71. the bay area weather probably the most stable in the country. more thunderstorms developing across parts of the south, and there's that circulation tropical storm ana near the carolinas. right now we have the low clouds and fog near the shoreline, more overcast toward the south bay. san jose mostly cloudy, san francisco and oakland, solid deck of cloud cover. current none, most neighborhoods in the 50s for
10:38 pm
the 1:08 o'clock hour. -- 10:00 o'clock hour. san francisco at 51. our live camera in oakland, neat to get an idea of the overcast pushing back into the region. more cloud cover tonight and into tomorrow morning. fog continues to develop, no big changes for tomorrow, but the extended forecast, tracking some rain showers, talking about that in a little bit with the rain chances going up. but mother's day, flowers for the moms out there tomorrow, areas of fog, and then skies becoming punto, and breezy -- partly sunny and breezy. 7:00 o'clock, upper 40s to low 50, by 3:00 o'clock, 58 to around 76. overnight lows, first thing tomorrow morning, upper 40s to low 50s, so definitely a chill in the air, and that big push
10:39 pm
of overcast, already over san francisco. and still some patchy fog for san francisco into the afternoon hours sunday. here's the bigger picture, high pressure, we have the steady on shore breeze near the surface, and temperature range for tomorrow. cool for the beach, inlapped neighborhoods back -- inland neighborhoods back up, and look what happens with the extended forecast, especially by thursday night into friday. we might be bumping up the rain chances, so it's still a ways out, but watching out for the long range forecast maps. temperatures for tomorrow, not a big changing from today. a lot of 70s to livermore and brentwood, once again fog in the morning, skies partly cloudy for the afternoon, and bring the sweater and jacket if you're headed to the coastline.
10:40 pm
look ahead, the five-day forecast. no major heat, in fact a little cooler into monday. and maybe thursday night into friday some rain chances here in the bay area. i was about to say the storm door is completely closed after a few days ago, but not just yet. >> it'll help with the fire danger. >> yes, any drop to keep the lawns green as well. thank you. well, it was superhero day at at&t park. fans show off their inner powers, check out this one. spiderman, and a couple of captain americas, later in sport, a look at the giant, not so super performance. loss for the giants, loss for the a's, and of course the warrior, rough day for the sports. >> all right, we'll go back live to memphis to hear from the warriors after the game three loss. sports wrap is next.
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game two of the warriors playoff series with the grizzly, the warriors were cold from behind the arc, and the grizzlies imposed their tempo. the location was different. conley still wearing the mask, and getting home court support for his protective wear. strong start in the first, but then the offense looked out of sorts, curly here ill trait -- curry here illustrates that.
10:44 pm
gasol puts memphis up. 16 point lead at the half. at one point the wore wores within six. curry knocks down 3 of 23. the warriors had no answer for randolph most of game, and then shots like that. but one last chance, thompson's three, they were within ten. then after a memphis turnover, pass to barnes. barnes had 16. the warriors down just four with 3: 15 to go.
10:45 pm
green loses the ball, the grizzlies turn it into two. the grizzlies stretch it out for a win taking a 2-1 lead in the series, and try to take it again monday night. scott is in memphis with a team that needs to turn it around quickly. >> reporter: they allow memphis to run all over their defense. >> they have big players. if we play the way we did the last 12 minutes we'll win the series. >> reporter: they made a game of it, pulling within four points with a few minutes to play. but they fell just short, but maybe they can carry over something positive.


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