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tv   KTVU News at 5PM  FOX  May 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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now at 5:00, soccer players prepare for the woman's world cup, why today's event was about hour than competition. >> >> a bold robbery attempt, the one item they were after. >> >> eucalyptus trees in marine county go up in flames. why firefighters say it could have been much worst. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne >> hello, everyone, i'm heather holmes, excitement in the south bay u.s. women's national
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soccer teams makes final problem racials for the women's world cup, today, a match -- kristina live outside of the stadium with the special meaning behind today's game that ended with a big u.s. win. >> it was a pretty good day for team usa. think beat ireland 3-0. all of the mothers in attendance had a special day, not only were the mothers of the players, but fans say being here was their mother's day present. >> team usa pumped up fans as they sailed to a 3-0 win over ireland in the stadium. >> usa! >> reporter: this warmup match was the only chance to see the team locally before think head to the world cup in canada. >> my daughter played soccer. we are huge fans. >> getting to watch the women's teams play here. all of my role models, a good
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experience to see them play. >> two of three goals were courtesy of abby -- >> after the second goal, she looked up and pointed, i knew that was my mother's day gift. >> the mothers of the players were flown in as a surprise. they escorted their daughters to a crowd of cheering fans. >> it was my mother's day present to be here. the moms sat on the benches, watching soccer games, it was cool. >> several players with bay area ties to cal, stanford university say it was great to be back. >> you know it kind of had special spot in my heart. >> going into the tournament, they had unfinished business from four years ago they hoped to cake take care of this time around. >> that loss is part of our dna. it is ingrained in us it is a comeback story. >> team usa has two more warm
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upgames before they head to canada. the women's world cup will kick off. you can catch some of the games here. >> what a special treat for all of the moms that stepped out onto the field and watched the game. thank you so much. >> >> tour of kale kicked off this morning in california. large crowds gathered to watch the cyclists speed by. the first stage began at 10:50 and wrapped up at 3:45 this afternoon. race organizers say this race will bring $3 billion to the local economy.
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this is the second time in a month that someone in an s.u.v. intentionally crashed into the store. customers were surprised when they arrived and found the business closed and badly damaged. >> i don't know what happens to people where they feel that dissipate. i wonder about that, especially on mother's day. >> the store is closed for the day and will reopen once the damages are repaired. there were no injuries.
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mr. >> smoke, i looked out the window and i see in the fire under the stairs in the laundry room, i told everybody to ghetto. go get the hose, turn it off, but it was too high. >> flames from one of the homes quickly spread to the attic of a second house. it took firefighters about an hour to put out there three- alarm fire. investigators believe it started accidentally, but the exact cause is still under investigation of the red cross is assisting those who lost their homes. >> >> an early season grass fire this morning and firefighters say it could have been a lot worst if temperatures were any higher. it started at a eucalyptus grove and spread. firefighters say if it happened late iron in the season or during the heat of the day, it could have thrown embers to other homes. firefighters in castro valley quickly worked to put out a
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small fire burning on a die hill side the flames broke out an gail drive. again, no damages or injuries reported. >> >> today, the last full day of the san mater bridge, the last full day it will be closed for construction work. here's a look at the quiet bridge it was closed for the entire weekend so the crews could apply a layer of electrical covering, do some routine work and cleaning. the bridge is on track to open by 5:00 tomorrow morning. >> >> most drivers out there, alot of people opting to use the bay bridge as an alternate route. here's a live look at the toll plaza. here's what we mean. it looks like a monday morning commute hour. we will likely see a replay of this in go weeks, it will be closed over memorial day to finish the work.
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>> >> police in mississippi arrested three people in connection with the deadly shooting in hattiesburg, mississippi. two police officers were shot to death following a traffic stop. dean was a k9 officer previously named officer of the year, tate was a newcomer to the department. >> nobody, no parent wants to bury their child before them. here we are on mother's day, a tragedy for all americans, a tragedy for our community >> reporter: two brothers and one other charged, one other charged with grand theft after police say he tried to flee in the police car >> a new audit shows officerses detaining a greater percentage of blacks and latinos than any other race. blacks and latinos add up a
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third of the city's population, but nearly two-thirds of the traffic stops in 2014. at one stop they were twice as likely than white drivers to be frisked and searched. the police chief the city consultant is doing an independent analysis of the indicate that. >> >> a hero educate tor get as big thank you. hear why one community is so grateful for this high school teacher. >> >> a series of powerful storms that ripped through texas, leaving a path of destruction.
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a washington state community is showing their aappreciation for a high school teacher that tackled a student on campus. he lost his wedding ring when he tackled the young man.
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this week, a jeweler gave him a new one and his wife a matching ban. >> this is a feeling i will not forget, something i will remember forevery. >> after the couple got a few set of rings, they went out to the ballpark. he was invited tootle out the first ball. teacher appreciates week. >> the daughter of a bay area firefighter battling cancer, known as smiley miley. she arrived in a pink fire tuck. [ sirens ] i had no idea that fire trucks came in pink. welcoming players from the oakland and south marine fire department. the fire department sent us a picture. this is all to help the family with medical costs. her father is a firefighter and
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miley is battling cancer in her arm. the event raised $27,000. >> >> a tornado hit north of dallas this afternoon. after another tornado struck a rural area a few hundred miles away. reporter will carr has the latest on the severe weather. >> >> reporter: severe weather continues to batter the plane. take a look at this tornado in cisco, texas. powerful storm killing one elderly woman. >> i was in cisco for over 10 years, now, i have not seen anything like this in a long time. >> precedents say the tornado moved quickly, west to at & t, destroying everything in its path. >> telephone poles, trees ripped out of the ground. very powerful, very destructive. >> reporter: now, authorities worry about flooding as more rain moves into the area. >> we are trying to keep people out of the area the incident is
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ongoing an has the abill it to get worst. >> flooding an issue in the other part of texas. looking more like a swimming pool here than a drive in eatery. >> very concerned, right now, it's up to my fire lanes and if it comes another flood like it did this morning, then, it's going to be well open atmosphere up over. >> we have alot of water that is running and there is no place for it to go. except to keep coming up. >> in collin county, floodwaters and power outages are forcing residents out. >> it's a mess in the house, now. everything in the house is a doom. everything -- it's terrible. >> >> reporter: the tornado in cisco destroyed seven homes and now the red cross has been dispatched to help all of the victims. in texas, will car, "fox news." >> the first tropical storm of the year along the east coast
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made level made landfall. anna has been making its away cross eastern north carolina and it is expected to travel north this evening. >> >> i was out indaba in san francisco. you really needed a jacket out there. let's check in with our meteorologist, mark tomeo and find out what is in store for us. >> cooler temperatures, get ready for that. all week long, monday through friday. out there. here's the live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. happy mother's day to all of you moms out there you can see ling aring overcast, parts of the shore line. the low cloud deck will be on the increase once again. the headline is no major heat in our forecast. in fact, we are talking about shower chances on the long range weather maps.
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san francisco, right now, 55 degrees. half moon bay, 57, but we do have more sunshine inland and fairly pleasant with lower 70s toward concorde and fairfield san jose reporting fair skies, readings in the mid-60s winds out of the southwest in fairfield. 23-miles an hour, more wind reporteds for you toward sf o, winds sustained at 20, gusting to 28-miles per hour. a bit of a breeze out there. forecast headlines, partly cloudy for tonight. patchy fog will be on the increase tomorrow, monday morning drizzle out there, skies becoming partly cloudy and then cooler this week. as i mentioned, we could be talking about shower chances out there -p as far as the plan for tomorrow, we'll start out with areas of fogs, skies becoming partly sunny, eventual temperature range from the upper 50s coast side. a lot of 60s around the bay and inland neighborhoods in the lower 70s. bundle up, clouds out there,
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spotty drizzle. out towards ocean beach, pacificka. even right around the bay, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. clouds overnight. we talked about that, no big changes in the forecast. we are tracking a weather system up here, moving into northern california, possibly some rainshowers not here in the bay area but toward the cape, up towards parts of crescent city. that will be the case for tomorrow. skies partly cloudy. we could is some earlier clearing times with the fog, we'll keep an python that, but overcast for your monday morning. forecast models showing you this, clouds in the morning and skies becoming partly cloudy for the afternoon hours. this forecast model tries to clear things up. we'll have a few left over patches near parts of the shore line. warmest locations back up into the lower 70s out there. santa rosa. 72, fairfield, 71 degrees.
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oakland mid-60s, livermore checks in around 70 degrees. san jose, alot of 60s on the maps, -- only in the upper 50s for pacificka and half moon bay. a look ahead. partly cloudy skies into tuesday. we'll thicken the clouds wednesday, thursday, there is a slight chance of a sprinkle here in the bay area. look what happens by friday. there is a chance of a shower pushing back into the region. coming up, we'll look at the shower chances, a closer look coming up at 5:45 and we'll look at your weekend forecast, a few more changes to talk about that in the long range weather map. >> >> a mourner, attending a memorial service for one homicide victim is gunned down himself. what investigators are learning about the deadly shooting in marine city. >> >> push to make being in the buff illegal in the capital city. >> >> how well do you know the
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competition. scott talks to warrior fans about how much they know about the other team, memphis grizzlies. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mr. >> police in antioch are looking for a man they say robbed and stabbed a customer at a gas station. the customer was exiting the rest room when the man pulled out a screwdriver and demanded
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that the man empty his pocketed. the suspect was last seen getting into a white sea turn and heading up towards 8th street toward highway 4. >> >> marine city, a man, shot and killed, after attending a memorial service for a friend that was shot and killed several weeks ago. 9-1-1 received a call for shots fired. when officials arrived. they found the victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen. he was taken to marine hospital where he died during surgery. >> >> coast guard cutter decommissioned and transferred to bangladesh navy during a ceremony in alameda last week, the cutter will remain there as crew members train toes from bangladesh. it has been in service since
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1969. right now, believe it or not, it's perfectly legal to walk around many areas of the state capitol wearing nothing but a smile, but that could change. sacramento city council is planning to push through a ban on all forms of public nudity in the capital city. right now, it's illegal to be nude in parks, playgrounds, beaches and nearby water ways. city leaders say there have been several recent complaints and arrests for public nudedy, but the cases could not be prosecuted. >> >> as the warriors prepare for game four in memphis on monday, scout caught up with many fans and test them on how well the fans know their foes. >> reporter: warrior plans have said all season they fans are the best in the nba. are they the most trivia savvy. we put them to the test. >>? what city did the grizzlies play basketball before they
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moved to memphis. >> toronto? >> vancouver. >> how many grizzly bears actually exist in the state of tennessee? >> probably about 100. >> let's say -- >> i would probably say zero. >> i done know. >> five. >> that is correct. >> and they are all at the memphis zoo. warriors and grisesries each have a stater who play at the same college. can you name the college and the place? >> no. >> oh, geez. >> i only know the two guys from florida and they are on the warriors. >> it's got to be michigan state. zach randolph and green. >> give me the first or last name of the memphis head coach? >> i don't know.
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>> i don't know his first name. >> that would be gave. >> dave -- >> i need you to sing the next line for me -- & & when i was walking in memphis & & >> i don't know that one >> i was going to get some bar bq >> something about the street and the ground -- >> >> i got my feet up on the ground. >> that's very close. & & & & >> reporter: so two reviews memphis head coach is not a household name. the franchise should probably change its nickname to something for tennessee appropriate and there are some warrior fans that have a hard time carrying a tune, but it's always fun. >> okay, i would totally fail
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that test. >> "walking in memphis" everybody knows that one. >> >> today, it is all about mom, how bay area families spent the day this mother's day. >> >> one of soccer's biggest superstars made an incredible donation to nepal relief.
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >> today is the day to remember mom and all of the mothers that play that role in our lives. noelle walker is in the
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newsroom. >> reporter: from brunch to balloons, we are spending more to tell mothers how much we love them. an expert said that people will spend individually $10 more this year an last. flowers and champaign. kicked off mother's day brunch. a tradition at scott's in the square. >> any time it's with my family, it's a good day. >> a day to say thank you. >> big treats. >> reporter: for women of all ages >> i'm going to be 86 years old. >> reporter: who share one thing. >> it's wonderful. i'm here with all of my family. >> reporter: they are called "mom." >> the lord has been very good to me. i have a big family. >> we are having mother's day almost every day so far. >> reporter: analysts expect a jump in mother's day spending $21 billion. the highest in 12-years, 80% said they would buy a card.
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67% said they plan to buy flowers and 34% plan to buy mom jewelry. for those woe didn't remember the flowers before today -- >> we have flowers and we have teddy bears, anything you need for mother's day. >> reporter: the curb side mother's day shop in concorde was open for business. >> kind of slow. >> perhaps those driving by, all of the balloons and flowers, already had their gifts. >> my best gift is my kids. that's enough. >> it's not what you spend, it's the thought that is behind it, you think most moms will tell you. >> thank you very much. >> >> a new study shows san jose is the most mom friendly city in america. the data was put together by a group called called sperling.
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raleigh, north carolina, cincinnati and washington, d.c rounded out the top five. san francisco and oakland actually tied for the 10th spot. even though san jose game in at number one, listen to this, it outranked the other cities for forgetting mom and mother's day. >> >> cal-tran plans to add an extra car on some of their routes. starting tomorrow, the trains will have six cars. 150 additional seats and more standing room during peak hours. cal-tran bought it from los angeles metro link and will add four cars immediately. 12 other cars that need more upgrades will go into service as soon as they are ready. >> >> riding california's bullet trip from los angeles to san francisco will cost $86. the analysis by los angeles times said that is 20-cent as mile, making it one of the
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world's cheapest high speed rail trips. it is set to open sometime in the year 2028. >> >> prince should be performing a new song about freddie gray, the man who died in police custody. prince released the protest song called baltimore on sound cloud, yesterday, but he is singing it this evening at his special rally for peace event in baltimore. the concert is streaming live on jay z's new streaming title. >> >> it has been more than two decades in 1992 that triggered massive riots in the streets of los angeles. our special reporter covers the chaos, violence and looting in
5:32 pm
south central l.a. >> reporter: south central los angeles under siege, to day, fires, rioting, looting, and all an air of anger at the police, trying unsuccessfully to restore law and order. at third and vermont,ly tried to move a crowd back from a fallen electrical wire. the crowd responded by rushing to the supermarkets and looting it. >> this is sad, so sad, god, it's terrible and i have so many lovely friends. >> reporter: police moved in, but it was too late. the store was trashed, looters gone. >> as police lined up, the
5:33 pm
looters went across the street and broke into another establishment -- the crowd moved onto another shopping center. >> throughout out all of this, a fourth store was looted. police have moved in, but have yet to make any arrest at all. they seem to be letting the
5:34 pm
people do what they want. >> right now, we are not making any arrests. we are basically moving them out of the area. police arrested three korean men who fired shots in the air to scare people away. a war of rage that leaves no victors, just victims. i'm very numb. tonight, thousands caught in the crossfire of this ugly war are asking when will it end.
5:35 pm
>> "a second look" will have a more in depth look at l.a. riots, tonight at 11:00. >> >> in nepal. reworkers say they are working against time to shore up water systems before the rains come. workers say they can become contaminated due to lack of toilets when the rain starts in six weeks. there is concern that international attention to the crisis has strayed from nepal. according to the united nations, the initial question was for $423 million in aid. so far, out pledges stand at $22 billion. a soccer superstar is donating $7.9 million to the save the children charity to help victims of the nepal earthquake. he earns and estimated $25 million a year. this donation comes as u.s. marines start to delivery leaf supplies to those in remote
5:36 pm
sections of nepal the death toll stands at 7900 with 16,000 people injured. the california sherpa association is said to hold a fund-raiser next friday in san francisco. scheduled to take place at urban currie on broadway at 6:00 p.m. sherpas from the area will be there to update people on the situation. >> >> cuban president has arrived at the vatican for a private meeting with pope francis. this comes after the surprise announcement that cuba and the u.s. are seeking to restore diplomatic ties. according to castro, the pope played a key role in mediating the two sides. bottling water during a drought, the controversy over crystal guiser's plan to tap hundreds of thousands of ground
5:37 pm
water a day from northern california. >> >> it was a mild mother's day around the bay area. marine layer, but there are changes on the horizon, mark tino martinezeo will tell us when we might see some rain in the bay area.
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meningococcal meningitis a rare but serious disease. health officials recommend vaccination. go to for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with. when i look nice on the outside i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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a touching tribute from one bay area teen to her mon the san marine sophomore read it and we are told there was not a dry eye in the house. >> >> reporter: an essay about life. about humiliation and pride. >> the first house i ever cleaned with my mom was when i was six years old. >> reporter: it started as an assignment, a lesson that for
5:40 pm
this 16-year-old started in 1st grade. each student was obligated to draw a picture and present our dream job. i walked in front of my classmates and -- when it was my turn, i with drew -- a boy it who told me "that's not a real job " it was my taste of humiliation and the first time i the if have way toward my parents. for years, this stayed had her. >> the respect i had for my parents was starting to dwindle. every career related question was replaced with a lie. it was my mom who asked me if she did something wrong >> reporter: she admits it took time, but with time became
5:41 pm
under standing. >> my parents didn't come to this country for myself. they came for my brother and i. the job they had to endure is a sacrifice they had to make for us so we could be better than they are. i learned sometimes, you have to give up the most of ourselves for the people woe love. i'm not embarrassed any more. >> the humiliation felt by the first grade girl has been replaced by something else. pride and gratitude. i i was not able to keep my head high in the classroom, i'm proud to say i can do that, today. >> now, her entire essay is available to read on our website. she said she wants to come to ucla an become a lawyer so she with buy her parents their own home. she said it was her dream to have this published as a tribute to her parents. >> the state's drought is not impacting the bottled water
5:42 pm
business in california. san francisco chronicle is reporting crystal guyser plans to tap up to 365,000-gallons a day from ground water at the foot of mount shasta. bottled water companies that pump up ground water is exempt from the state's 25% mandatory cutback for residents. this move has some concerned. >> a lot of us concerned about withdraw is going on with our water situation. i know mark tome o, our meteorologist has a special coming up. >> you would think the reservoir relies on snow pack, no water in there. there is a lot of water based on years of storage. so you will see the story coming up on tuesday. there are things i learned as far as temperatures, we
5:43 pm
have been cooling off. a lot of rainfall, but that's not the case. 60s and 70s for santa rosa. here is our live camera looking toward the golden gate bridge. some patchy fog here. that will expand in coverage over the next few hours. "stormtracker" 2, no storms out there, but possible bring later in the week, we could be tracking rainshowers. as far as the temperatures right now, it's 65 in san jose, fairfield, 71 and santa rosa in the upper 60s, 68, winds a bit of a breeze, winds 10-20-miles an hour, a little stronger in some localized spots especially towards sfo. our camera, once again, looking out toward the golden gate bridge. we do have patchy fog out there developing, right now, tomorrow, a sun cloud mix an extended forecast, the chance of a few showers, overnight
5:44 pm
lows in the upper 40s to the lower 50s. san francisco, 51. livermore, -- san jose, some overcast in the morning hours, bundle up. readings in the lower 50s and on track to reach the 60s for the afternoon hours. here is our temperature sensor, upper 50s near the coastline. san francisco near 60 degrees. not a major warmup. as you work your way inland, low 8 s, possibly mid-7 0s. more low clouds overnight. drizzle first thing tomorrow morning. here is the wider view, this area of low pressure moves in, keeping our temperatures in the mild say with partly cloudy skies, rain chances remain to the north of the bay area. except for later in the week. you can see what happens later thursday and into friday. especially by friday, we had a slight chance of a shower thursday, might bump up the
5:45 pm
shower chans on the friday forecast. we'll keep an eye on that. santa rosa, 72, oakland, mid- 60s, livermore around 70, san jose, upper 60s, san francisco spends most of the day in the 50s, briefly maxing out at 60. five-day forecast and more clouds later in the week, no heat in the forecast. partly cloudy skies, there is the chance of a shower on friday. we'll track the chances over the next few days and saturday, sunday, partly cloudy skies a lot of low clouds and fog and cool conditions. today was the day coming up, we'll hear from the warriors as they try to rebound from their loss last night in game three. >> >> giants try to close out their home stand on a winning
5:46 pm
note. joe fonzi has more.
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5:48 pm
good evening, everyone, welcome to this early night sunday sports wrap. late ending drama for the joins to turn a good home stand into a great one. taking in the joins and marlins, not a bad way to spend mother's day. a pretty good battle that saw the giants in the 6th inning, -- starting pitcher will be involved in the decision. marlins took the lead. sergio romo -- a close play.
5:49 pm
marlins back in front, 2-1. this was a huge play to keep it close in the ninth. michael morris with a drive to justin maxwell. kristin yellic trying to score. remaining a 2-1 game. that was important because the giants rallied in the bat tomorrow of the 9th. tieing run, came home, on a 3-2 pitch withs bases loaded. duffy then up next. he rips one to from base hit, bringing blanco home with the winning run. giants win. they have tomorrow off before playing the first of two in houston on tuesday. >> >> the scuffle continues for oakland a's that did not get a win in their three games in seattle and have now dropped five in a row. mariners hernandez on the
5:50 pm
mound, well represented -- and a's simeon got to hernandez. he goes deep to left. chavez, 1-0 lead, but the mariners changed all of that. a pair of runners aboard, justin opposite field and a drive overhead. two-runs home come. 3-1 winning the seattle took a 4-2 lead into the night. steven volt made it interesting. getting into a rodney pitch, putting it over the fence. it's 4-3, pinch hitter, cococrisp, average's last chance to save. a questionable call would be charitable. seattle get as sweep, rodney does his post. a's for the first to have three in town against the red sox. >> >> warriors in memphis trying to figure out how to drop the
5:51 pm
series that has seen them drop two in a row to memphis. down by as many as 19 points, warriors back to within four, on this harrison barns hoop with three minutes left to play. warriors, could close, but green loses the ball, conley finds tony, grizzlies take a 2- 1 lead with a 99-89 win. two teams back at it tomorrow. kerr knows the momentum in the playoff can change quickly. >> >> a proud group. we are in a tremendous season. we have no choice but to respond to the adversity and we will. >> we have to compete 48 minutes, defend harder, we have to do everything better. that's what the playoffs are all about. >> playoffs are starting now, you win 4-0, you go up 1-0, you lose one where there are so many emotions and so many
5:52 pm
things going into this day, it's hard to accept one, now, you are down 2-1. it's really time to buckle down. >> >> bulls playing shorthanded against cleveland. this came down to the final two. cleveland up by two. 84-84 with 8.4 seconds left. cav's inbound, how, the bulls let lebron james be the guy who receives the pass. he puts it up at the buzzer. two teams trade buzzer beating wins, cleveland wins 86-84 evening the series at two games each. >> >> still to come, extra holes needed to determine a winner in golf's championship as the you did women's world cup team putting it all on display today in san jose, we'll be right back.
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international flavor, world cup tuneup against ireland, players standing with their moms in pregame ceremonies, soccer designed to be a contact sport, but there can be some hazards. abby there to easily score on the rebound, 1-0, u.s less than three minutes later, wamback scores again, 2-0 u.s. at half time. >> and then in the sec half, another nice looking play for the u.s. on the corner kick. lauren to julie johnson. johnson fines the net, 3-0 game. here's more in the hazard department. wa mb back. after the ball, she catches a arm in the face. she left with a bloody nose, returns, 3-0 u.s. the fine. next sunday, the u.s. plays mexico in another world cup.
5:56 pm
>> really starting to feel that all of the pieces are coming together. that's important with the confidence and relationships building on the feel. there is so much depth on the scene, we are confident in each other. it's really good at the end of the day. >> >> thought of as one of the young up and comers on the golf course, rickey fowler, there isn't anything that can side track those who are truly into golf. fowler on fire in the final round of the tournament. at 18, nailing a birdie. fowler with four birdies and an eagle in his final 6th hole. that's bubba watson and his young son. sergio garcia, 17 island green. this birdie putt can't possibly go. it does. garcia tied with fowler at the end of 72.
5:57 pm
>> >> one more principle player, three hole playoff. fowler -- sudden death time. they went to 17 for the third time in the day. look where fowler as tee shot ends. awe fowler had to do was make his and it was over. his mom and dad came back from the airport when they heard about the playoff. fowler comes to win by far the biggest tournament of his career. >> >> cycling's tour of california, beginning and ending in sacramento with rural farmland part of the stage. when they got back to the capitol city, it was a race to the finish between a couple of veteran riders. -- four hours, 43 minutes and 27 seconds. the second stage of the race is
5:58 pm
a 120-mile trip tomorrow from nevada city to lodi. >> >> that will do it for this early sunday night -- sports wrap. see you. >> >> well construction work has the san mateo bridge closed for the weekend. tonight, we'll let you know if the crews will have it open on time for tomorrow morning's commute. thanks for watching ktv-u we are all here on facebooker and twitter and our app. thanks for joining us, happy mother's day for all of you out there. we see you back here tonight at 10:00.
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