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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 12, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. hey, stay away from me. >> he won't start recording so a couple starts charging at the man with the camera. see the moment they figure out he's got more than a camera. >> i'm not getting in a fight with you stupid. i've got a gun. >> three babies spotted water and they're racing to the summer safari elephant style. for climbers on a frozen water fall it's amazing. >> they figured out the science. >> the spectacular scenery behind blue magic. plus the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini and he flew
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from l.a. to detroit for mother's day. >> it's going to be awesome. >> why mom is so not pumped about the surprise. before i start this video, a guy named christopher cantwell fighting between a man and woman. get the camera rolling and that's where we start. >> what are you doing? >> i'm making sure no one gets hurt here. >> they keep asking don't record us. christopher says i want to make sure no one gets hurt. if you're in a public place and people are filming, they have the right to do that. these people start charging at the man with the camera. >> stay away from me i'm not playing around. stay away from me. >> this thing gets crazy.
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>> i'm not getting in a fight with you stupid i have a gun on my hip. >> he has a license and can carry a severe weapon. his video goes black and he pulls the concealed weapon. >> i'm putting you down i'm putting you down. these guys came after me. >> christopher claims these people kept coming at him even though he had the weapon drawn and gun on the trigger. >> domestic type thing. >> i have no idea who they are. >> christopher cantwell is known as being an outspoken person against the police department but in this moment he says he was incredibly grateful and a applauded them for their calm and the way they treated the situation. the police department told us christopher did have a right to pull his weapon. the police also told us no
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charges ended up being filed. >> hey, i'm not getting in a fight with you stupid i've got a gun on my hip. >> three days the family in this house has been hearing this sound. >> awe, kitten. >> that kitten has been trapped in the wall for three days. they had to cut several holes in the wall to reach down and get it. they've got some kind of contraption somebody has their hand on and their trying to coach that kitten to get in it. this kitten is young. this kitten does crawl in and goes back out. it happens several times. they're able to finally pull it out of there. >> how on earth did it get in there? >> it's officially your pet. >> you call it walley. >> yes, that's a great name for a cat you pull out of the wall. >> on your marks, get set, go.
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it's race time in south africa. you've got three babies and they are racing to the hole. who will get their first-- there first? the smallest one actually gets there first. of course, they're elephants and there's mud in there. whose going to get stuck? >> these babies of course. they're too small. >> the do manage to get out. >> donald has a bit of a bone to pick and he's got that bone to pick with all you dead worthless
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crazy car drivers out there. this run is directed at all, every single one of the car drooirs out there. maybe not all of them. >> for all of you car drivers out there. here in south dakota and across the nation anybody from any of the other states decides south dakota. >> it's every driver except those from south dakota. this is the message. you have to share the road with all cyclist. that's the message. you better make sure you're getting on board especially where there's more people that should be listening. >> how many car drivers are driving on phillips avenue between 14th street and ninth street? do know this. that is a shared lane. you have no right to pass a cyclist and also you have no right to harass a cyclist. there's absolutely no exceptions. if you are not disabled a.k.a.
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paralyzed from the waste down or a bus driver or a commercial driver and your job is not in another city. >> that's right. this is directed at you. if you're a car driver not in south dakota and you're between 14th street and 9th and you're not disabled and don't drive a bus, this video is for you. >> if you hit me you better kill me. >> it would be easier to say if you were driving a red honda civic on phillips avenue between 3:00 and 7:00 i don't like you. >> get off my [ bleep ]. >> it's about time to give away an ipad mini. >> enter tuesday's buzz word and be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> coming up in a minute. >> get ready for the ipad give
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away. >> serious weather sweeping across parts of the countries mid-section this week. cruising down the road getting video of the rainstorm. he was surprised when he caught this on camera. wow, he saw bits and pieces of tree in his car. did you see it rained out. no warning, just kapow. that was rain in indiana. how about hail in oklahoma? storm chasers reporting what they say is huge diameter hail. suddenly they noticed this guy. what the held is he doing?
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>> just walking through this hailstorm apparently because it doesn't seem to be bothering him in any way. >> how is that possible? that's big and the force of that hitting your head. >> i guess his hoodie is more padded than we think. it's legit. they just happened to catch this guy going over to the motel. >> she led him to a room where she gets the surprise of his life. >> is he playing the piano? ♪ if you're all for me ♪ >> see how a john legend serenade leads to a legendary moment. >> he's trying to survive literally until the end of the song. >> why this one's literally going to take your breath away. nonow w yoyou can repair. nenew w cocolglgatate e sesensnsititivive
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on tv online on mobile. it's on right this minute. >> 1981 a day that went down in history when mtv aired video killed the radio with the first music video ever on television. they sometimes spent millions of dollars to produce the videos to bring attention to their songs and this continues on youtube today. this rocks because of the simple and impactful music video. >> did he drop a go pro at the bottom of the toilet? >> it looks like he's sticking his head in the toilet. >> he does have his head in the water. >> he does the whole song in one
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breath? this video is three minutes long. >> at 1:50 you can see he's starting to have difficulty. ♪ knock around for the hour step all over my shoes ♪ >> this continues and continues and he's just trying to survive literally until the end of the song. you can see him start shaking as he slowly slips out and takes his head out of the water. he lost consciousness. his brothers were right there to help him out. he was okay. no problems whatsoever but you can see in the video. >> maybe you remove a verse from your song. >> this is there disclaimer right there. they say it's definitely not a safe thing to do. they did it and probably wouldn't do it again. at the same time it has works. >> these two videos say we love firefighters. we think they're awesome.
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in this case we're going to have a little bit of fun. this fire truck just showed up because clearly there is a vehicle on fire and they're going to do their job and put that thing out. keep an eye out over here as the firefighter exits the truck on the other side. that firefighter loses his footing and falls back on his butt and loses they helmet. >> i see the firefighters in that station there going to be riding that guy. >> he's going to be glad it's on right this minute now. >> he's not going to hear the end of it for a while. >> you notice the rookie. you hope it's not the rookie. >> it can happen to anybody. >> this other video is after a competition. this is in delaware county in pennsylvania. these firefighters have one second place in the emergency service art show. >> this is how they're
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celebrating. they're literally driving down their streets with their sirens going and two members of the team apparently on the front bumper. >> with a trophy. >> holding the trophy up. >> to a parade of nobody. they're happy, everybody's happy. it's time for a little bit of what an ice climber called blue magic. it is imagine rancic after all. this is in a town that's a very popular area because this area has a lot of ice balls for climbers to choose from. you see him and his friend going up one that is pretty spectacular. >> i'm always impressed by the people who can do this. this seems like such a risky idea and the fact they're taking
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giant hooks and hooking them into a giant frozen water fall. >> this is amazing they figured out the science in being able to do this. >> i reached out to him to ask him how long does this take and it took four hours to get to the top. right here when you look at the top, look at that view. >> that's nice to look at. >> by the way, the app is failing or the descent with ropes took an hour. >> four hours up one hour down. >> giving back to his parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. >> dad looks stunned. >> next right this minute. >> and still to come dude going fishing but with a twist. >> he is fishing with his bare hands. >> see why they don't call him the fish whisperer for nothing. >> wow. >> plus if you want a shot to win an ipad mini, you won't want
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you. pepeririodod.. you probably heard of the dog whisperer, maybe the horse whisperer but i want to introduce you to the fish whisperer. robert earl wood ard is holding a minnow, bait-type fish. watch what he does. he is fishing with his bare hands. he has an obsession with large bass. look at this. he catches it. >> this is just for the tiny little bait that he gets his hand in the mouth at the exact right time. it takes a lot of skill to do this. he loves to fish. he was fishing with a rod and
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real and decided to do it with his hand. now this is all he does. he catches bass with his bare hands. the largest one he's ever caught is 14 pounds. >> oh my gosh. >> it takes a little bit of relaxation out of fishing though. i think a lot of people like the kick back maybe have a we've beverage. >> i've never caught anything. >> he can catch a bass. >> that's impressive. >> watch out, gail. >> this is kayla in a restaurant and asked his mom to throw him a surprise birthday party. >> how can you ask someone to throw a a surprise birthday party. >> my daughter asked the same thing. >> it's not a birthday party. he's having dinner on one side of the restaurant with his dad,
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mom and girl friend shayna. he excuses himself to go to the bathroom and here you see he's not in a bathroom he's behind a piano and somebody is walking to the other side of the restaurant where we're going to find shayna. she's being told why don't you come over to this side of the restaurant where she gets the surprise of her life. a woman hands her flowers and the john legend song. >> that is pretty good. >> they're not even married. >> after he sings the song he has a very important question for her, of course. >> so i've been looking for someone for years and this past year it's dawned on me that you give me all i need.
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shayna will you marry me? >> she has her handout wiggling her finger and says yes right away and they hug and it's over. that's it. >> she doesn't let him finish. come on. >> all right everybody. pay close attention. it's time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> give us the buzz word. >> then head to facebook and click on the buzz word. >> time for us to reveal tuesday's buzz word. it is prevail. >> get on over to right tz and enter the buzz word prevail. >> one day this week we'll have a bonus give away day. two ipad mini winners. >> good luck everybody.
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>> well done. just well done. >> burritos in my pocket later. >> just got to detroit from l.a. >> he's thrown from l.a. to
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detroit the surprise his mom. it's going to be awesome or is it? >> hey. >> hey. happy mother's day. >> hi molly. >> [ bleep ]. >> it's mother's day. >> how did you afford that? >> it was 400. >> mom, mom. i'm trying to surprise you here. >> well you just surprised me. you should have used the phone to call me. i've got a lot, come on. >> mom, i'm trying to be nice and surprise you. >> i know. i'm very glad you're here and bla, bela, bla. i've got plans. >> are you kidding? >> i'm not kidding. don't call me too. >> is this real? >> interesting you should ask, gail. we were quiet suspicious as well. he's actually an actor, director
9:28 am
based in l.a. and in fact when we went and talked to him, it's not real. everyone in this video is an actor. there's a reason he put it together as well. to shine the light on all us kids we kind of assume our parents have nothing to do and have no life without us and if we show up they'll stop everything they've got. so it's just a funny video to say look guys mom has a life too. maybe you should check. >> thanks so much for joining us. that's going to do it for rtm. we'll see you next time.
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see the moment he found out he was wrong. why this one definitely is the catch of the day. >> holy cow. that is amazing. >> remember thriller mom who danced away stress as her husband battled cancer. >> she did give birth to a healthy baby boy. >> now the whole family is here with another great update.


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