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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 16, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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a man is astonished to find a newborn under a blanket after he heard the child crying. the amazing discovery with an even more amazing twist. >> that's a beautiful ending to the story. >> if a driver makes a wrong turn at these high speeds it is pretty extreme. a snake wranger. >> one of the deadliest in the world. >> how this serpent has finally
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met its match. >> wow! this lady is a freaking boss. >> and handling out samples of mystery meat why. it's free but people aren't biting. >> let's face it. you put something in your mouth. you want to know what it is. >> this video is undoubtedly going to send a chill down your spine when you see what this man found on his way to work. in mexico you see at the very beginning of the video, something wrapped up in this white piece of cloth. when he gets close and lifts up this cloth, watch what he finds inside it. >> it's a baby! oh my goodness no! >> yes. >> this man raul found this child, what looks like a newborn baby still alive. and you can actually hear it.
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[ baby crying ] >> my gosh. >> this is horrible. this is unthinkable. >> you can their nerves in his breath as he realizes what it is that's there. he heard the child crying. he called emergency services. they immediately took it to a local hospital. it turns out it is a girl and she is expected to be okay. but he also decide that had this was a gift to him from god and so he is going to take the steps to try to adopt this child. no word on what led this child to be dumped off in this manner. the greatest thing is reading the comments you see that his family has also come together to support him. and they're all saying if you need help we will help you. >> that's wonderful. >> in other sports you make a
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mistake, it is extreme. it ends your day. this guy and his second race turn three. there he goes. >> he just leapfrogs his torcycle. >>has awful. over the halebars. >> in a big cloud of dust there's our rider having some trouble getting off the hot track. >> did he hurt his arm? it looks like his arm is hurt. >> he writes in his description that he was not hurt despite the way the video looks. he said he was just a little out of it for a second but he was not hurt at all. his helmet gave him all the protection it was designed to do. he was excited that yes, he did get this all on his go pro camera. now these odd looking race cars a short track. watch out. make sure if you go fast that everything is tightened up just
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right. his wheel is gone! >> he did. front white wheel. either something broke or somebody forgot to tighten down the lug nuts. our driver gets out on his own power again. he might be a little bit dazed from that impact with the wall. and there may have even been a bit of a fire. you can see the fluid down the track. they're there with the fire extinguisher. >> and the photographer got there in time too. >> it is spring time and a lot of people are looking ahead to summer. where will you go on vacation? if you are thinking australia, watch for snakes. this time this girl is there to catch an eastern brown snake. one of the deadliest in the world. and check her out. she's being all cool looking around. you see the family says the snake has been on the property for two years. i wouldn't wait two years but
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they did. finally they come in. she is checking it out saying okay where is this thing? another guy with the company comes over and they're both looking for the snake. they realize they have to move the rock. the snake has been spotted. watch what she does! >> wow! this lady is a freaking boss. >> she doesn't have a net or anything to put it in. >> there's a bag for her to put it in. first she tossed it. she is holding it away from her body because it is one of the deadliest snakes on the planet. >> it is biting back at her! >> and she's that good. let's move further north in australia to queensland. at a children's learning center they found a not as venomous snake according to them. a teacher spotted it in the play area. no kids were there at the time but there was a snake. not as big as the other one. the other one was over a yard long. this was a little teeny fellow.
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this is a yellow face whip snake. >> amazing how something so small like that snake can be so dangerous. >> with all the toys on the floor, if there is a toddler around they see that snake and think toy! >> i guarantee you're going to love this video. you might even be obsessed with it. do you remember the glasses created, designed to help people living with color blindness experience color? we love these things right? >> yes. they were amazing. >> this video shot back in march. just now getting attention. this is not a commercial. this is a man experiencing it for the first time. >> this man here in the black jacket is her little brother. and these are his children. >> this is like his birthday. they're surprising him with these glasses. >> yes, it is his birthday. and a good funny page has been set up to get these glasses. they're in the $400 range. >> this is so awesome. he opens them up and puts them on his face. and i want you to see his
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reaction. >> i cannot wait. >> is it really different? there are the flowers we got for him. >> look at the elation. >> you see it all over his face. >> look at your eyes. they're so pretty. >> he can't even talk. he's speechless! >> he doesn't want to scare the kids. amazing. >> isn't it the most remarkable invent. obviously he wasn't expecting it to be like this. >> imagine what he is experiencing right now. this is literally changing his life. if you ever needed to justify spending the money, it's right there. >> it will give up chills.
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these guys are true stewards of the earth. they're saving jet fuel by climbing up this monster tower. now they're climbing somewhere. >> they're saving jet fuel because they didn't to have fly up to this altitude to get where they want to go climbing way to the tippy top. the clouds very far beneath them. this is at a radio tower in bolivia. once they get to the top you can guess what they're about to do. >> look at the height of that.
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snb there they go! >> first guy takes off with his wing suit. quickly racing back down toward the earth. the size of this tower! >> how exhausting it must be after that climb. >> and how refreshing must that feel to finally get the wind in your face after the long effort to get to the top. >> i guess you have to jump. you don't want to climb back down. >> two other guys on that platform. they do not have wing suits. they have parachutes and off they go. >> they seem so close. >> they seem really close. they can just slice you right in the middle like one of those cheese slicers. in the video we don't see them land. i think that it is a cloudy overcast day. >> good thing the crew knows
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what they're doing. >> this is security footage from inside a bar called fancy arome in the u.k. it is a moment i don't think was meant to be caught on camera. 18 years old. his name is tom kuz. he doesn't know the camera is on him. watch what he starts doing. >> boom! but guys that in and of itself is hilarious. what's better is the soundtrack provided by tom's boss. [ bleep ] ♪ >> and it keeps getting better. [ bleep ] boom! >> isn't it so awesome? he hosted on it facebook and it quickly went viral. now tom really can't walk down
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the street without being recognized. what do you do when your boss does that to you? do you quit? >> you ask for a raise? >> at first he was upset. he said i look so cocky according to the reports but now he says he can see the humor in it. [ bleep ] boo! >> the word of the day. >> it's play time in johannes burg south africa. we have two lion cubs. one is bigger than the other. pay attention to the smaller one because it is having a really good time. they're wrestling and the camera guys really like this because they're there to get video. watch what happens. he goes after the camera guy. whoa! >> careful. >> he jumps right in the general man area. >> and the guy has on shorts
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too. and the lion claws are sharp. i have played with a lion cub and it is not like playing with a fat kitten. all is well that ends well but what an experience the camera guy got. >> i wonder what it was with that guy. >> it looked like that back pedal. it just got his instincts going. >> this next video, an animal video. the snake stole a perch. >> that's a cool video. these kids were fishing and the snake stole their fish? >> according to the mom, she said her son caught a little perch. it flapped around and unhooked itself. that's when the garter snake thought easy pickings. he eventually dropped the perch and he picked it up and put it back in the water. this was that perch's luckiest day ever. >> an amazing mom. you have to put that on youtube.
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a little low on that one. getting closer on that one. third go. a little high and right. he's figured out there must be an issue that he can fix. >> he needs the cheese its. watch how he eats it. >> a little fuel. >> gets some extra fuel. and then lines up the last one. boom! >> for my next video, on a shooting range where this shooting range fights back. >> wow! did it hit anyone? >> no. just in time i think what they were doing was shooting at a target. the explosive nature of that sends this rock skipping right away. >> wow! just in time. my last video goes to rhythmic enk night. if you don't have the tool for the job, improvise.
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he wanted to trim the long grass by the water. he plants the lawn mower on the end of it. he gets it going. yes, exactly. >> some children are really emotional, really expressive. some children just aren't. >> this is at the zoo in illinois. you have the polar bear just doing its thing. look at that coming right up by the glass. that's pretty cool. that's the closest one. >> but little talia, not impressed. she could not care any less. >> when do i get to eat? >> that's all she cares about. >> i don't know what it is. >> it is moving like everything
10:52 am
else in the planet. >> oh look! >> this next child definitely saying oh look a thing. and is very expressive. >> that thing being the mass bag. [ laughter ] she does not like the plastic bag at all. the plastic bag is scary. pole arp bears, not. >> that's why they tell you not to play with plastic bags around children. >> she's giving an awesome youtube tutorial. >> she has nailed it. the incredible routine that will inspire you in more ways than one. tytylelenonol l wawas s okok, , bubut it was 6 pills a day. bubut t alaleveve e isis j jusust t 2 2 pills all day. anand d nonow,w, i i'm'm b bacack!k!
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>> today i'm going to do a tutorial and how to do your make-up when you're blind. >> she lost her sight when she was 17 years old. she decided to start her own youtube channel called yesterday's wishes. and she shares all kinds of stuff. thoughts on what it is like to be blind. tutorials on how to do things when you're blind. this video she posted back in 2014 but it is just now getting a lot of attention. people are finaling it super
10:56 am
inspiring. >> she is doing something that requires a great deal of detail and tang for people with their sight. for her to do it without being able to see the finished product. she is doing all of this based on her other senses. incredible. >> keep in mine she was able to see at one point so she knows what all these colors are like. she remembers them but she has the help of her sister or other people to watch her as she is doing this. until she gets it right. in this tutorial you see, she has nailed it. >> put your lips together and you are done. >> isn't she beautiful? >> and she doesn't look overdone. >> and she does share a bunch of other looks that she's created. >> amazing. i love this girl. >> have a good week. bye. >> people love free samples, anything. they'll just say free sample? sure. i'll eat it. >> you're kidding.
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>> dog? oh my god! >> yeah. you ate dog. >> whoa! >> why would you give somebody dog? >> it's a prank. >> dog? >> yeah. >> no! >> yeah. dog. dog jerky. >> plenty of people have to ask twice. they want to make sure they didn't miss the hot. >> you didn't say hotdog. you said dog. >> i think it is the surprise factor. you put something in your mouth, you want to know what it is. >> i've eaten dog. i've eaten real dog. >> then this really turns kind of dark which you kind of expect in a stunt like this. >> it's dog. >> thanks for saying that first. >> yeah. that was teriyaki terrier. >> the boyfriend doesn't really
10:58 am
like this prank. >> you feel like you can't breathe and you're blinded and it will only feel like i'm you until i'm too tired and then i start stabbing you. >> i could go to jail for that and i'm willing to do so. because i will inflict so much physical damage on you that it will make me okay with going to jail. do you think i'm joking? >> that guy didn't like this stunl at all. >> so it's plain old beef jerky. the kind that i get from the grocery store. i don't eat dog. >> we'll give you a free pound of turkey. >> that's our show everybody. thank you for joining us. we'll see you
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/b a driver is out enjoying his new sports car. watch what happens next. how he lives to tell the story behind one incredible dash cam video. why are police smashing this suv's windows? >> take a guess. see what's inside and who is i it's a campaign in japan aimed at party people. how the message on these coasters could have one sobering effect. an


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