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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 18, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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are searching for suspects where a chase and crash ended here. an attempted kidnapping in campbell. it's ahead on ktvu, mornings on two. . good morning. what a scene to start with, this is developing news out of north berkeley, police are searching for a suspect who ran into a neighborhood after crashing his car, you can see the result. this started with a police chase. we're going to check in, in two minutes. just a horrendous picture. thank you for joining us, monday may 18th. let's get your monday and the week started with weather and traffic. steve is to my right, it's going to be cloudy.
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>> and very cool. another cool weekend. possibility of an isolated shower, another low has dropped into the picture. these aren't very strong, for may they keep the pattern below average. you can see the cloud cover from the central valley, sierra nevada, as it does the low clouds and high clouds another active day toward las vegas, the sierra nevada, we'll be on the drier side but these could wrap back in. overall another cool week as lows drop in, 50s on the temps. a decent breeze, gusting 24 at oakland airport, look for a lot of cloud cover, breezy to windy at times, coolest for the week, staying cool, a lot of 60s, way
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below normal temps. >> 401 on monday, nowhere i'd rather be. maybe i'd rather be sleeping. >> good morning. we're trying to help you out on this monday, there's no reason to run out of the house, the roads are light. let's look at what we have. at the toll plaza traffic is moving along well. no major problems coming up to the pay gates and into san francisco. we're looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge that looks good. the traffic is moving nicely. they are clearing a crash on the east shore boulevard. one of the vehicles is not drivable, traffic is so light right now it's not causing a major traffic jam. otherwise we're doing well on that freeway. let's go back to the desk.
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>> we want to go to our developing news in the east bay, police are looking for a driver suspected of stealing a car and crashing this morning. >> this search is active, we noticed one block over officers were knocking on doors and shining flashlights in the bushes searching for this guy. the tow truck arrived to clear this crash sight, there's two cars there, the suspect was driving the one closest to us and the other is the one he hit. the chp is handling the scene. we're hearing reports somebody stole a car and headed westbound on university off interstate 80. the chp chased him and he crashed. causing another car to flip over. an ambulance took one away from
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the scene. we believe that's the driver of the other vehicle. since then chp and the police have searched the suspect. a white man with a shaved head and scruffy face, he may be a 32-year-old on probation for robbery released from jail in april. the suspect at one time was cornered in the backyard but police say that's not true. we're live in berkeley. 404 is the time, the investigation continues after nine motorcycle gang members were killed in a shooting. some are crediting the response of police for making sure no innocence bystanders are hurt. >> nine dead and 18 injures
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following the shoot out between rival motorcycle gangs in waco. five biker gangs were there to talk about turf and recruitment when a fistfight broke out and it erupted into gunfire. >> i saw bullet holes in cars. windows shattered out in cars. >> because police were aware of the meeting members of a s.w.a.t. team were monitoring the restaurant and moved in when they heard the gunshots. it's not clear if anyone was killed by the police. >> our officers returned fire hitting several of the individuals. >> the restaurant was packed with customers at the time of the shooting and those inside describe a terrifying experience. >> i crawled back toward the
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freezers with a lot of the other people there. it was scary, we didn't know if anyone was coming back. it was scary. >> all those killed and injured were gang members. how that happened, let's say it's sunday and someone was looking out for us. >> no officers were injured but one was taken to the hop for heat-related issue. time is 4:06, and the air force is investigating the crash of a military aircraft in hawaii. it crashed during a training mission. everyone was hurt and to survivers have injuries from critical to minor. witnesses saw a dust cloud and
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flames. >> the flames coming up at least 20-feet high and a lot of people are rushing in to help them. there's medically trained people trying to help the people. >> the aircraft was based at camp pendleton near san diego. firefighters in san jose have contained a grass fire that threatened to level homes near kittner avenue. the fire was threatening homes. it took about an hour to put the fire out, the cause is under investigation. police in campbell are searching for a man who tried to grab a 10-year-old girl off the street. police released home surveillance video and photos of the car they believe the man was in. the man began following the
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girl as she was walking her dog. >> he was showing her a piece of paper and asking for directions. when she got close enough he grabbed her and she started screaming and he pushed her to the ground. >> the man let her go when she screamed. asian or latino, in his mid- 30's, 5'7" with a medium build. tighter restrictions on tobacco and e-cigarettes could be headed to santa clara county. the proposal to raise the purchasing age of tobacco to 21. e-cigarettes are marketed to young people. several cities including new york have raised the minimum age to 21. time is 4:08 the western
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conference finals are set, the warriors will face the houston rockets. scott has a look at what lies ahead. >> the warriors will continue their trek through the eastern most cities in the western conference. they had their way with the rockets in the regular season, and houston plays at a pace that's conducive to what the ws like to do. >> seems like the playoffs things take a different shape, the western conference is the same. >> the same would be fine for a team that played at an elite level against memphis. does momentum carry over between series. >> our confidence carries over, momentum is hard to say,
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there's different strengths and weaknesses of the teams. our confidence is high and that's a big factor. >> confidence is high, but the stakes are getting higher. think about what the warriors have accomplished. winning two playoff series for the first time in 40 years, they have won 8 games, now they have to win eight more. >> there's a long ways to go. you don't want to rest on this. had success so far, until you fall you want more success. >> we're halfway there, it's a long grind, that's why people are so happy when they win, it's hard to do. we're in a good place and we have to keep going. >> it's a long playoff season. game one tomorrow at oracle arena, game two in oakland,
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games three and four are in houston. nfl owner holding spring meetings in san francisco this week. they will talk about an nfl franchise for los angeles. they will hear about a stadium in inglewood and the raiders and chargers are proposing a stadium in carson. they will judge what's happening in markets in oakland. other topics include deflategate and tom brady's 4 game suspension. it's not likely the raiders will get a new stadium in oakland. they want the old stadium torn down before a new one is built. amtrak trains are rolling
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between new york and philly this morning. coming up, the promise coming from the rail service and what crash investigators are focusing on this morning. buckle up or pay a big fine. more on the crack down across the bay area.
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. welcome back, time is 4:14. the chp will be cracking down
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on drivers not wearing their seat belt. teaming up for the click it or ticket campaign. according to the office of traffic safety 53% of people killed in accidents were not weiring -- wearing seat belts. >> if you're not wearing a seat belt we'll cite you for that. since the click it or ticket campaign began more than 1.5 million more people in the state have begun buckling up. it's 4:14. peter seven kwan won the -- sagan won the tour of california. it was decided in pasadena. he started two seconds behind the overall leader, he managed
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to squeak into third place by the narrowest of margins, and that was enough to earn bonus points to take the title. it was his first tour of california victory. and california the 8th most week friendly state in the nation. two years ago our state was ranked 19th. ranking is based on -- it seems there's fewer problems at yesterday's beta breakers, less than a koz people -- dozen people were arrested. >> a mobile game of twister, a
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group of tethered wonder women. a couple hours after the competitive runners take off, this is what beta breakers becomes. >> a lot of costumes and people and fun. >> a roving street party and costumed celebrations. the view shows the 12 k route, 50,000 people registered from all 50 states and 40 countries. >> even on the east coast people talk about this race. a race with an international reputation. >> costumes are awesome. >> you love the effort people put into all the things we do at beta breakers. >> there's no alcohol, no floats and no nudity allowed, but people find ways around that. >> people trunk, but it's in
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capri sun containers. >> it's rowdy, tough for people that live on the route. >> thousands of people sign up and thousands come out to watch the mobile block party. a tradition that shows no sign of stopping soon. >> a lot of people having fun. >> runners from kenya won the mens and women's elite division. >> the winner in the men's division won the course in 35 minutes. so fast. >> i ran 3 miles yesterday in 40 minutes. that's bad. >> but you know what, i bet you that guy that ran the beta breakers can't anchor a newscast like you can. >> no one else can.
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good morning. i have a cough button. watch this. you didn't hear that because i pressed the button. >> we saw it though. good morning. you know what we're going to start with a look at highway 4 in the east bay. traffic is moving along well. it looks good and nice looking drive to concord, from concord to walnut creek we're off to a good start. to the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. we're hear to let you know if something unusual happens. 80 westbound, that crash in carlson is not a factor, they moved it off the freeway and traffic is moving well. eight 4:19 let's go to steve. >> we have a mostly cloudy
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pattern, looks like a cool week. our good friend john, 54 and overcast. i love this weather, hope it stays like this through october. >> no complaints from me. that may be a tall order, i understand what you're saying. a lot of cloud cover, lows drop in, rotating around. there's showers popping up over the sierra. to the north and a possibility a few could pop-up over the north bay. some of these could come in from the valley. it's a cool pattern, 10, 15 degrees below normal. looks like something we get in march or february, drops in and kicks the other out. 40s and 50s, if not for the cloud cover we would be cooler. there's a breeze around for
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many. 18, gusting to 40. we'll keep an eye on that. cold, but they were colder a week ago. 50s, 60s for the valley. 30 in the mountains. sierra looking for snow. it's a cool pattern. areas inland are 15, 20 degrees below normal. temperature 50s and 60s. if you pop-up with a 70 you will cool back down. it's a lot of clouds, 60s, concord, livermore should be 10 degrees warmer. it's not happening. we could have used this a long time ago but it's here now. another low drops in wednesday, thursday, that could keep the beat going. it looks better sunday and maybe early part of the holiday week. >> i would like it warmer for
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summer. be outside in the shorts. >> come on john. >> you have good company. >> i think so. 4:21 is the time. a rocky start for a u.s. senate candidate. the gesture she made that's offensive to native americans. >> traveling from japan to san francisco will sound easy if you're going on a plane. we'll tell you how a woman plans to accomplish the journey by herself, using just the robots. -- row boats.
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welcome back, for the second time this week a person had to be rescued from mount diablo, a 72-year-old woman fell off her horse. she received only minor injury but because of the remoteness they had to launch a helicopter. investigators trying to find out the cause of a paragliding accident in daly city that killed a man. muscle rock beach, the man hit the cliff and apparently died
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before rescuers could get him back to the top. officials are not releasing the name of the man. there was another accident at muscle beach two year as quo, that person was seriously injured. >> loretta sanchez is apologizing for mocking native americans in a gesture caught on video. >> i'm going to his office thinking i'm going to be with -- native americans. >> while speaking to a group of dell guards at the state democrat convection she was asked to meet with the indian american caucus, she thought the invitation was from a member of the native american community. she apologized saying we all make mistakes. in new york a thousand people raced up 2000 stairs to
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raise money for a charity to honor those who died in 9/11. among those taking on the challenge were family members who lost loved ones in the terrorist attack. a brother of billy burke wanted to finish the climb his brother never did. was a tough climb. you hit the 60th floor and thinking of billy keep going, i'm right behind you. it was a great experience for a great cause. >> army veteran did the climb with a prosthetic legs. he was injured in afghanistan and will be living in a smart home. >> that is inspiration. 4:27, last month a bay area
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7-year-old running around, this morning he is confined to a wheelchair, after being hit by a stray bullet. what the boy is saying about the injury and what keeps his spirits up. >> a san jose landmark will be in the spot light at the white house.
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good morning everybody. welcome back to mornings on 2. monday, back at it again may 18th i'm brian flores. >> that was kind of fast. the weekend. >> yeah. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 4:30 is the time. i guess it depends on how busy your weekend is or how relaxing. i feel like mine was


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