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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 20, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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her jump looks flawless, until a fellow sky diver spots trouble. >> you can hear the moment when she realizes something is horribly wrong. >> plus how she survived what he was powerless to stop. robbers in a garage find a surprise in the car. >> that is a cop. >> why he's got a lot of gut and even more it's an amazing place called giraffe manor. see the vacation experience that looks unreal. plus bonus day give away.
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see the steps to a perfect steak for your holiday barbecue. >> takes about a minute or so so do the math. >> and adults consulting kids about love. >> every day? >> no every monday. >> sage advice from first dates to breaking up. >> i feel he's going to be really mad. >> run away. >> that's actually great advice. >> these guys on a plane about to sky dive. the woman getting ready to jump grabs on then fellow jumper out of the door awesome, very fun. this sky diver keeping track of the altitude. everything is great up until the moment she opens her main parachute. opens the canopy but it's flying backwards.
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uncomfortable, decides to cut away the reserve parachute, except the main chute did not cut away completely and left her uncontrollably spinning down to earth. this guy with the camera is freaking out. you can hear the moment when he realizes something is horribly wrong. >> oh my gosh oh my gosh. she is out of control and there's no lift in that parachute at all. >> there's nothing you can do. you see that this guy's keeping his eyes on her but all we see is spinning and spinning and spinning. you can see the pink parachute. eventually she does make impact she does not move. >> having to watch this can't do anything. >> not a thing other than pray. a few moments later, he finally makes his landing as fast as he can, unhooked from his harness. >> are you okay? >> got to be one of the most
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horrifying moments in your life. >> he keeps running to check up on her. hear that? you can actually hear her. she survived with two broken ankles and a broken tailbone. >> are you okay? >> lucky. >> that's incredible. >> you can take all the precautions in the world, which is what you should do if you live in this neighborhood in brazil. you see a car pulling into the garage and before the car is even stopped and parked you see the garage door already beginning to close. the person in this car obviously knowing it's safer, but some guys run up and come in. also another level of security here the camera. the guy's approach in his hand you see the weapon but there is a third layer of security here these robbers do not see immediately. shots ring out from the man in the car, he chases after these
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three would-be robbers. that is a cob. that's an off duty police officer that connected with all three robbers, one died in the street. soon after this incident the two other men were arrested and taken to the hospital. >> that first guy, he gets hit straight up right? >> so easy for this to happ. rshe trips on them. >> even with all the precautions, close the door as soon as he's driven through it got the camera out, just pure luck he hasn't had a cop arm happens to be the greatest shot in brazil. >> the other thing, too, this man was very aware. >> next time you're in nairobi, kenya, might want to stay at giraffe manor. the company keeps -- it's incredible. >> i hope it's giraffes. >> yes, they are giraffes that keep you company.
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these are endangered rothchild giraffes and when you stay there, you have access to these beautiful creatures. >> this is not real. >> you can be fed without the giraffe or with him. >> always with the giraffe. >> that's awesome! >> giraffes are so awesome, they are enormous and will slobber all over you. >> all over your toast and jam. >> this kid gets the greatest snuggle of all time from a giraffe. in the bedroom you don't see giraffes poking their heads in. >> looks like the lion king. >> i feel they should be able to talk to you. >> not the only animals we've seen in a hotel in africa. we've visited them before and these elephants actually are welcome to walk through the lobby. they are being led by the
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matriarch matriarch, but as you can see, all the elephants big and small walk through the lobby. >> amazing video from this lodge of the elephants going in and out. >> hey, everybody, it is just about time for us to give away another ipad mini and today is bonus give away day, that means we're also giving away a flat screen tv. >> all you need is wednesday's buzz word be a legal resident. >> coming up in a bit. >> "right this minute" ipad mini give away coming right up. >> honestly when it comes to art, i feel we were born the wrong time. now we're all kind of into technology and virtual reality and computers, but you know what there's something really awesome you guys are going to like. mckenzie got ahold of the night
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cafe and what he has done is using a computer created the painting in 3d and you can wander around. check this out. >> you can go in it? >> you can put on a headset, complete environment and you can go inside the painting see the effects around the light and the way it moves and stuff? look you can bend down look around you can investigate, even go up the window look out the window and see the stars as van gogh would have painted them. >> this is a spectacular idea. how wonderful for people who are art lovers but also people who don't know a lot about art. just gives them a chance to get interactive and experience something and it will make them a fan for life. >> an american muscle car gets people fired up. >> i want to say that's my dream car and i can watch it over and
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what better way to fire up a crowd of car lovers than the old burnout. >> yeah, that will work. >> actually did it. >> i feel strange, i feel strangely cheated. why are we showing this video? what are we seeing here? >> you are seeing an awesome burnout not going horribly wrong. this is just good old american chevy muscle laying down a big
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old patch in the road that gets people fired up. >> i want to say that's my dream car and i could watch that over and over. >> is this in myrtle beach, south carolina? >> this is in ocean city maryland. >> well way to go, ocean city. >> exactly. >> i feel so confused. >> torn torn viscerally moved by the sound, but the law-abiding side -- no i will tell. >> who wants to abide by the law in a corvette? >> sometimes when you're out watching rally racing, you know what's coming. >> i'm going to get hit by a rock. >> especially when you're right in front of the yellow caution tape. oh! >> why do i feel like that caution tape couldn't have protected him? >> they need a full-on screen.
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>> in no time this kid is going to be a basketball superstar, and i know that because watch him throw basket after basket in this little basketball game. >> what? how old is this child? he's so tiny. >> apparently he's now 3 years old, has been into basketball since he was 1. >> nba draft is coming up. is this legal for them to use a chair on a court? >> i think you're right. >> now this is the absolute cutest you have every seen. >> i find that to be so cute! >> this is mesmerizing because
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each time this child does that, there's not a fail. >> manliest man, things you can do, that's great. >> i have a video for you, teaches you how to grill the perfect steak. >> let it sit out for 20 minutes allowing it to get to room temp. >> right. this video is quick, gives you all the tips you need for the perfect steak. >> douse it with a quart of salt on both sides. this will season and tenderize the steak. >> how about the grill, how are you going to set your bill boys? >> sometimes it's too hot, sticks to the grill. >> you have to get it hot enough so you can sear it on both sides. that locks in the juices. >> turn one burner down real low. grab your steak and put it on
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the high temp side to sear it. then place the steak on the low temp side of the grill without turning it over you're not going to dry the steak out or char it with a high flame. >> this video works with our friends at fox 25 up in boston. he has a youtube channel called life of the rich. he's got that boston accent makes you hungry for a steak just to listen to him talk. >> for a medium rare steak cook for five minutes, add a minute for each step of doneness. >> that is the information you need. >> don't forget once you finish you have to take it off and let it sit so all the juices get back in. >> that's right. >> let it sit for five minutes, let the juices cook through. >> we're good at this stuff. >> enjoy the perfect steak. >> this dude is about to show us how to -- >> a lot of fun. >> see his humorous technique that gets the job done.
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>> jumper cables and a dust buster? >> plus don't miss the bonus day buzz word for a chance to win an ipad mini or a flat screen tv.
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>> i can handle that. >> you should write a note then put them in the flowers, and then mail them to her. >> that's a good idea. ladies like flowers, nice note. put your thoughts on paper. >> what do you think me and my boyfriend should do for our next date? >> kiss. >> where should i take a girl on a date? >> paris. >> take her to paris? >> yeah. >> paris would be a lovely date. >> how much do you like this girl? >> i should go out to pizza with him? >> yeah. >> yeah? is that going to get me a man? >> maybe. >> this is where it gets real because sometimes relationships, they end. tell him i'm sorry, we have to break up? >> yeah. >> delete her on facebook? >> no. she might still be your friend. >> anything else i should do? i feel he's going to be really mad. >> run away. >> run away from the mad guy. that's actually great advice. >> always more simpler with kids sorry, i want to break up then run away.
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>> i want to introduce you to mason williams clearly mason is a farmer but i think he deserves a show either on comedy central or animal planet because he's going to show us how to do some -- >> chicken butts today. lot of fun. basically what it is chickens get mice and lice just like dogs get fleas and ticks. >> uses powder to fluff their butts so they don't get mites and lice. >> usually dealing with butts i like to use gloves. general rule of thumb. >> he's got a demonstration. >> got some tools up here. >> oh my god, jumper cables and a dust buster? >> there's all kinds of great humor in this video. >> see if we can catch one of them do this one handed. one-handed butt fluffing is quite the style points actually. >> i like this guy. >> what he does is take one of
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his rare breeds birds, bones are black, feathers are black, everything's black on this chicken. >> never go back. >> grab some of this powder and fluff right -- fluff around the vent area. >> that's pretty much it y'all. powdering a baby's bottom. >> it really is. >> easier when you've got them in that hold. don't want to choke the chicken too much. >> that is a woodpecker this one bird did all this damage. >> this bird hates this tree. >> no he's hungry. >> according to experts, this is unusual footage to see a woodpecker nearly go through the entire tree. they say they do that looking for insects and other food in trees, but they can peck up to 20 times a second. that's about 8,000 to 12,000 pecks a day. >> that's cool. >> all right, everybody, it is time for us to give away an ipad
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mini. >> to enter, use today's buzz word be 18 years old, and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to right this and enter the buzz word. >> do it each and every single day. >> here it is wednesday's buzz word -- spectrum. >> head over to right this enter today's buzz word, spectrum. >> and you're definitely going to want to enter today because it's bonus give away day. two winners, one an ipad mini the other a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. >> he asked a stranger to take a photograph. being nice maybe they kiss in central park great photo. wait until you see the big reveal behind the picture perfect moment. >> oh, my gosh, i can't handle it. yoyou u tototatal l yoyourur b brarandnd n new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. itit c comomeses w whehen n yoyourur i insurance company says they'll only pay ththreree-e-ququarartetersrs o of f whwhat it takes to replace it. whwhatat a arere y youou s supuppoposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car?
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that keg. >> abs appeal. >> so difficult. >> hi, kitty. >> nothing like romance at central park in the springtime the perfect place for romance.
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chambray shirt, that's his lovely girlfriend they are posing for a photo. they had asked a stranger to take so they kissed but behind them people come up big sign will you marry me. as you can see, this is the perfect height his shoulder kind of blocking his vision. >> i like the one on the left-hand side from the baby, can you be my uncle. >> that was their friends that decided to help out. >> or a great prank. >> he had planned this entire date and all these people behind them is all of his girlfriend's family and friends. so everybody that she loves right behind her. she still has no idea. >> oh my gosh i can't handle it. they are all squeezing in to be in the picture. >> she has no clue. walks up to the stranger to see the photo, grabs the camera suddenly we change angles and watch what happens. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh my god. >> everybody starts applauding
9:58 am
vincent comes walking up does the romantic thing and gets down on one knee like a gentleman should and the hilarious thing, there's a wedding going on in the background. [ cheers and applause ] >> they hug, she says yes, she gets to hug and celebrate and share this moment with all of the people she loves. you see them all come in. her girlfriends are crying her friends are all hugging her. it's awesome. >> that's it for "right this minute." see you next time, everybody.
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live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." today we're heating up your holiday weekend early. wendy's breaking down all of the hottest topics. and summertime means big summer movies. ben lyons is here with a preview of all the must-see hits of the season. plus, celebrity chef george duran brings smoking hot barbecue ideas good for any party. now, here's wendy! ♪ [ wild cheers and applause


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