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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 21, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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when you spot a bird in the tiger enclosure you think -- >> this thing is going to turn into lunch. >> see the miracle when somebody goes all the kung fu crane. it looks like the whole cabin caved right on in. >> the precision rescue that saved him in record time. i would say he's a great dad. >> a little full of himself, as you can see. >> amazing ad honoring all the great dads out there. >> father's day is the perfect time to say thank you, dad. >> love you, dad. >> why this touching campaign will make you cry and crave a
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steak. plus a big sister's frozen wedding toast. ♪ and a driver flexing his muscle car. >> he's going to goose him right about here. >> why full throttle is a half-brained idea. >> what? >> driving the wheels off of it. welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the latest edition of ultimate animal fighting. this crane has accidentally got inside the tiger enclosure. these three tigers get close to this thing and you think well it's going to turn into lunch. he puts his wings out, starts pecking at their faces. >> it's like kung fu crane. >> it's like a movie fight scene. you know how the guys come up one at a time and fight the good guy? these tigers are coming up one
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at a time. if they would just work together it would have worked out better. >> you can hear the screams from the audience and the crowd. >> it's like three humans fighting over one drumstick. really. >> not a lot of meat on those bones. >> they try surrounding it. look it comes right back at them fighting back. you see the tigers do give up. they actually go inside their little cage right there. >> i'm thinking they heard gates opening or something like that. very shortly afterwards some zoo officials come outside and rescue -- i'm not sure they needed to residency can cue -- i think they rescued the tigers from the crane. >> what a sad ending. >> it is. gets the hook at end. >> i think the crane was just having a fun -- >> heading into the tiger's cage to have wacky fun. >> watch this i'm going to go piss off the cats. >> yeah. horrifying scene caught on
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camera in china. that's a truck that has rolled over on top of a car. you've got rescuers ss on scene. the driver is pinned in the car and is moving his limbs and talking with the rescuer ss who were there to get him out. >> incredible. his left hand was still stuck on the steering wheel. just couldn't move that. >> how frightening is that that you know pple are lp you don't know how long you're going to be stuck in there? >> exactly. these rescuers i think, knew that gail. they're trying to cut this open. it took them 20 minutes. as a crowd gathers to watch this rescue they see this man walk away from the accident. >> wow! >> according to investigators, this accident was caused by the truck. it was trying to take a curb at excessive speed and rolled over. unfortunately, this man's vehicle was in its path. about $1,500 is what this
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customer in a salon in brazil racked up to look like this. >> heck of a weave. >> this is brazil. they do like them tight. >> where do they get the hair from a un cornericorn? >> she has nails done, nail decorations put on those nails, very fancy foot treatment done eye, makeup and hair extensions. if they are natural can be very expensive. the reason she's taking them off is because she is not going to be able to -- her husband was going to come over and take care of the bill. husband never showed up and the salon was like we're going to have to take our work back. all we know is she is a 26-year-old student. >> she's a 26-year-old student and her husband is going to come and pay for this? i don't believe any part of her story. please. >> so here she is taking the
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extensions out. eventually watch this you see a bunch of people doing all kinds of things. >> this looks like a video in reverse of what happens backstage to the models at a show. they're just taking it off. >> yes. >> she says according to reports, that she has no idea what all this was going to cost. it sounds like she's even taking legal action to sue the salon. the salon says that they were very explicit in terms of how much all of this work was going to cost. >> that's her responsibility. most of the time they provide that kind of information at the salons. >> she was distracted by her nails. >> every woman knows if you get a weave you're going to have to pay a lot of money. they're not cheap unless you want a cheap wg and that's another problem all together. with great power comes great responsibility. that includes high-powered sports cars. we've got a ferrari s-12 lot of
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power. >> probably also about $741,000. >> about $318,000. face price. racing against a souped up gtr on an open public highway. this never ends well. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> yeah. well what did you expect? >> exactly. that's a $318,000 car, meeting a much cheaper concrete barrier. >> just because you can afford it and own it doesn't mean you know how to drive it. >> that's true. >> some people speculate he was a little too afraid to pull to the left because he wasn't sure if his competitor that gtr was next to him or not. he also chose to swing right, which there was room. now let's go for some american muscle here. eyes in the right-hand lane. classic american muscle car. he's going to goose him right about here. oh!
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>> what? >> driving the wheel off of it. >> that was the whole axle. who put this car together? did they do this when they were -- meanwhile the mechanic is in his shop wondering what these bolts are. >> i wonder what these does do. >> did i forget to screw that in? [ screaming ] someone is on the hunt to get eggs for breakfast. why no nest is safe from a hungry bear. >> that's so high! dare devils hit the road for one crazy motorcycle stunt. >> look at that. >> motorcycle surfing. >> you've got it. see the ride that will blow your mind. his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanksks t to o momom m and dad and their safe drdrivivining g bobonunus check from allstate. ohoh. . lolookok a at t ththisis. . safe driving bonus. are yoyou u a a sasafefe d dririvever? luluckcky y lilittttlele fella.
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all right, my friends. let's all just agree from the very beginning this is horribly dangerous and nobody try it. agreed? >> terrible idea. >> i'm not talking about riding motorcycle motorcycles. scott d.w. youtube channel. scott himself sent us this video. look at that. >> motorcycle surfing. >> that's exactly what they're calling this. scott had a passion for this project and travelled to different locations, to utah to get these images. the guys that have the stones to pull these moves off. >> how is it possible that you can maintain your balance but
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keep the motorcycle balanced on two wheels? like you hit one pebble in the road. >> that is not the case. stay upright when they're rolling. >> i think it's freaking cool. >> i love their style. >> looks like he just stepped out of a thrift shop. that's maclemore right there. scott even wrote a song for this particular video called wilderness. >> it's a beautifully shot video. >> let's just trust in scott that the road is closed and not taking any sort of risks here. only thing they're doing is risking themselves. >> they're wearing helmets. >> the imagery here is so well shot so well put together. >> that is awesome. >> the earthquakes in nepal left thousands of people dead and even more people injured. it's caught the attention of some very special souls,
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including this little boy. >> you brought your pigy bank over? >> yeah. >> why? >> for nepal. >> you want to give them all of your mon sni. >> yeah. >> how much money do you have? >> so much. >> so much? how long have you been collecting that money for? >> i don't know. two months. >> that's cool. kids have money saved up they can't wait to spend it on whatever. >> candy. >> candy. >> gum balls. >> toys. >> video game. >> all that stuff. this kid saved up a couple of bucks. he can't wait to give it to people who really need it. >> sounds like they're donating it to a go fund me page raising money for unicef. it's called yadi yan, hindi adaptation of the song "see you again," featuring charlie puck. ♪ >> this is really really
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beautiful. you know this father has to be so proud that his 5-year-old son is choosing to do this with the money he has saved. it's a testament to the father. that means he's a wonderful parent and it's a testament to what kind of child that boy is and what kind of man he will grow into. >> neil hopes to raise about $1,000. he's about halfway there. all the money that he raises he does plan to donate to unicef. >> i call this animals gone wild. let's face it. they're wild already. a hunter went out looking for wood bison. this is what she saw. that bear climbed up that power pole to get eggs for breakfast. those poor crows, their eggs have just been egg buffet. >> they put their nest high up surrounded by electricity. it's the safest nest in the world and this bear still found it. >> except it's not the safest nest in the world apparently. >> the crow tries to defend the
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babies. no use. the hunter actually saw the bear ascending. >> it's so high! i had no idea it was this high. >> he went a long way for two hor d'oeuvres. let's head over to south africa. john white got this video. that baaboon you see to the left. >> i'm surprised you're not telling me it actually picked the lock. >> they got into this car and -- >> no! >> look he grabbed himself a slice. >> i'll eat pizza like that on a saturday night. >> i'm just impressed that the baboon went into the car. it reached in took the box of pizza. >> this is universal. everybody loves pizza. >> i love this baboon. i want to watch him eat more pizza. >> that would be a good youtube channel, baboons eating pizza.
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>> you would have one subscriber. a new way to avoid messy confrontations with neighbors. >> i love it. i love t i would totally use this. >> on the next "right this minute." and still to come they're all showing dad some love. >> i would freeze him if i could. >> thank you, daddy. >> this isn't just a video about dads. this is a commercial. >> why this sweet message will get his mouth watering. and when rattle snakes attack. wewe s snanap p itit.. wewe s statackck i it.t. wewe s smomoososh h itit.. wewe l lovove e itit.. hershey's s mamakekes s itit a a s s''more... yoyou u mamakeke i it t spspececiaial.l. hehersrshehey'y's s isis m minine,e, y youoursrs our chocolate. ararenen't't y youou c chrhrisisteten n prpress? that's me. grgreaeat t toto s seeee y youou o offff t the soccer field. what's that susunsnscrcreeeen? itit's's c copoppepertrtonone e clcleaearly sheer. lighghtwtweieighght,t, b brereatathahable protection. yoyourur s skikin n lolookoks s amamazing - not greasy. trtry y itit. . heheadads s upup!! shshowow o offff. . i i hehearard d ththatat!! cocopppperertotonene c cleleararlyly
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he had his phone on a selfie stick extended away from him. he was also laying on the ground to get this angle when -- >> ahh! >> very quickly that rattler decided i'm out. was quite calm letting chuck take its picture then it was boom. he was started by the snake. the snake didn't come after him, it just wanted to go away. >> i think it was a bit tense. >> this one was quite chill. another western diamond back. >> oh, he saw me. >> given to us by engineered glenn with a couple of buddies and minding its own business letting glenn and his buddies getting pictures and video. not so much as rattling his rattle. glenn mentioned to get really up close, beautiful pictures of this snake. it's spectacular. >> that guy is brave. >> he also had his camera at arm's length if not more. look at that. out where you would expect them in the wild. what if you had an unwanted
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guest, like this right in side your front door? >> how did that snake get inside? >> great question. one i think my friend john campbell who shot this video, is asking himself. john identifies this snake as not dangerous. what do you do with this thing? you just show the snake the front door. he doesn't want to be there as much as you don't want him more. >> i would move. i would be like you can stay here mr. snake. i'm moving. >> this was definitely easier. >> how are you two related to each other? >> this is my dad. >> this is my son. >> dad. >> father's day is sunday june 21st. it's time to start thinking about what dad means to you. >> what makes your father a great if, indeed, he is a great dad? >> i would say he's a great dae dad. >> a little full of himself as
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you can see. >> he makes a lot of money and is able to pay for our house. >> we even scuba dive together. >> if someone says something stupid or weird, you look at him like -- >> if i want to play football he'll play football with me. >> always around and there for us. >> i would freeze him if i could. >> thank you, daddy. >> this isn't just a video about dads. this is a commercial. >> thanks dad. >> thank you, dad. >> for showing me how to be a man. >> thank you, dad. >> you're welcome, son. >> you're welcome. >> so we're square? >> no. >> okay. >> wish him happy father's day with a gift from omaha steaks. call or visit give omaha >> i have done that. i am one of your customers. my dad loves it. >> this ad campaign does not launch until monday of next week. it's really the first of its kind for omaha steaks. they conducted a study and found out 22% of dads get clothes for father's day but 85% of dads want food they want steak. dads love the steak, too.
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>> exactly. they put this ad campaign together to remind you that omaha steaks they're out there. you can give dad a steak. >> i love you, dad. >> i love you, too. >> come here. dude putting in a big order. >> like one of everything on the white castle menu? >> right. >> see if all the little food is enough to fill him up. yoyou'u'rere w welelcocomeme..'re the valet? yea, sorta the valet. bobothth d dririveve f foror a a l living, bobothth l likike e toto s savavee money on car insurance and we both know you may not get ththisis c carar b bacack k inin the same condition. watch your toes. wowo! ! yaya b boyoy..... . geget t itit! sosortrta a yoyou u isisn'n't t yoyou.u. wiwithth d dririvevesesensnse e frfromom esurance, yoyou u cacan n eaearnrn a a pepersrsonalized discount babasesed d onon h howow y youou d dririve nonot t hohow w sosomemeononee sorta like you drives. yoyou'u'llll e eveven n geget t a a discount just for signing up. esesururanancece. . babackckeded b by y allstate. click or call. i i loloveve m makakining g susundndayay d dininners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day...
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t all. >> you would be like shh.
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>> or whatever else was going on in this room. if you ever walked into a white castle you know that the menu items are quite small. if you order a lot of it like one of everything on the white castle menu -- >> that's a lot of food. >> it adds up. that's what craig did. he went into the white castle in new york city and said i'll take that that that that that and start eating. >> like you're a big person eating a little burger. >> he does the tally of what it costs for each item and the calories. what hospital do you want me to take you to? >> already at the one day of calorie count for 15 bucks. that's pretty good. >> bacon cheeseburger regular cheeseburger fries, triple cheeseburger. he also ordered all the drinks they have as well. one of the employees steps up and says hey, want to join me? she's like um no thanks.
9:26 am
>> how is he able to eat all of it? >> he's struggling. starts to get some encourage here. >> don't stop. eat it eat it. >> i feel like i'm gaining weight just watching this video. >> makes you feel bloated. >> he eats all of it including the dessert. in the end, grand total $60.22. a total of $99,465 calories. >> and hours in the bathroom. >> seriously. >> everything on the menu. for our family members at my wedding last year -- >> samantha is the bride you see sitting there at that table and it is time for her big sister to do the maid of honor speech. these speeches normally have funny stories from their childhood.
9:27 am
childhood. >> being the older sister, i was always the princess and that left sam to be the princess or the monkey or whatever creature was singing backup. >> she decided to do something sweet for her little sister. because in "frozen" that's a story about a big sbifrt little sister trying to connect, which is demonstrated by the song "do you want to build a snowman." ♪ do you want to build a snowman or ride a bike around the hall ♪ ♪ do you want to know about sam i may know a thing or two ♪ ♪ has the biggest heart makes yummy cupcakes too ♪ >> that's sweet. she took a lot of time to make this song write the lyrics sing it. ♪ ask about sam she loves that guy ♪ >> that's going to do it for
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"right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody.
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>> the water is moving way too rapidly for them. >> see the incredible save by some relentless rescuers.
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a car sing along makes for -- >> a fun road trip. >> what happens when the rubber meets the road? man, you are eye candy. >> remember the guy out of surgery seeing his wife? >> you're my wife? >> the video became such a huge viral hit -- >> they raised enough money to adopt a son. >> now see how they're turning to the internet again to save another child. and a hesitant skater is egged on


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