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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 22, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: a 4.0 rattles the earthquake. we'll have reaction -- next. to howard. to harden. the game is over! >> the defense does it after a nail-biting victory. warriors, now up 2-0 in the western conference finals. we're live in downtown napa where there was another earthquake last night. this was a 4.1. the napa fire department is urging people who live and work in the area to check for gas leaks and damage. tara moriarty has been there since we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. in minutes she'lltel us what she's learned about the temblor. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's friday, may 22nd. i'm tori campbell.
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>> we're ready. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson has things to tell you. there is a lot of cloud cover. some of it is low clouds coming in west to east. high clouds coming off the sierra where they've had rain. it will give us a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy day. there are breaks in the low clouds. but temperatures cool to mild. not too bad. not cold. but there is a little he breeze behind that. the cloud cover, you can see some of that. the rain off the sierra. we have cloud from the sierra going east to west at higher elevations. then going from west to east, the low clouds. these two come together and you can see the thundershower activity, the rain kind of calms down in the morning. but it picks up later in the afternoon. that will be widespread through the sierra, also northern california. could be a few isolated showers. the low is rotating around. 50s on the temps. warmer ocean temps have brought some of these up. mountain view, sfo. we had 40s about a week ago. that's not the case. still a breeze. it's an onshore breeze.
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temperatures are hard-pressed to warm up that much. a lot of activity even down to southern california, even to las vegas. looking for 77 high today. some off-and-on rain. a lot of clouds. low and high. breezy at times. maybe a little drizzle. nothing compared to what we had yesterday. could be hit-and-miss shower today. i will mention that for inland areas. 60s and 70s. sal, kind of quiet in the weather department. yeah, we have commutes we're keeping an eye on. we'll start off with the eastshore freeway and 80 westbound as you head out between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. a 19-minute run. it's lightert than usual at the bay bridge toll plaza. there's a little bit of a slowdown here in some of these lanes but for the most part, it has been much lighter getting into san francisco. we've also been looking at some of the other commutes around the bay. look at the eastshore freeways. a lot of road acceptsors are firing up green. the traffic on 680, on 24, even
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580 in livermore. still looks good. there is a problem here with some slow traffic on southbound 880. you've seen the earlier crash. it's still slow there. it's not as bad as it normally is. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. the ground continues to shake in the wine country. the u.s. geological survey reports a couple of quakes in napa county over the past 12 hours. the largest was a magnitude 4.1. it was centered 6 miles east- northeast of yountville right along the silverado trail. tara moriarty is in napa this morning, where even minor cakes are rattling nerves. gosh dash quakes are -- quakes are rattling nerves. >> reporter: everyone says this reminded them of last summer's earthquake. others say it wasn't that big of a deal. we spoke to a couple of people.
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some people say this quake l.a.d about 20 seconds, light to moderate shaking. there were no reports of injuries or serious damage. many people were out in restaurants dining or watching the warriors' game. >> i did -- i did feel the quake. i was watching the warriors' game and i felt like something barreled in my apartment and i looked at my kitchen and there is a glass of water and the level of the water is moving. i definitely felt it. it was jarring. i was hoping it would end soon and not last too long. >> reporter: luckily, it didn't. people wrote on the usgs website that they felt this quake throughout the north bey and santa rosa, petaluma. in san francisco, all the way down the peninsula as well as parts of the east bay and all the way to the sacramento valley. back to you. >> thank you, tara. 7:04. the south bay is trying to help
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nepal recover from two massive earthquakes. a magnitude 7.8 quake in april followed by a 7.3 this month killed more than 8300 people and damaged 800,000 homes. south bay leaders and community activists will hold a fund- raiser at 5:00 tonight at 7 trees community center in san jose. all proceeds go to the red cross to aid quake victims. it's estimated that 3.5 million people in nepal need food and other supplies. 7:05. well, the operator of that ruptured oil pipeline in santa barbara county, the one that caused the huge oil spill says it may take months to figure out why that pipe broke. the crews are out there removing the buildup of crude oil on beaches and coastal waters. there are now reports wildlife found covered in oil, six pelicans and a young sea lion were among those rescued yesterday. they will have to be cleaned by people who have special
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training for it. >> general public may want to help but the fact is that trying to capture oiled animals by people what don't have the training is dangerous both to the animal and the people. >> reporter: the boats, they've skimmed 9500 gallons of oily water from the ocean so far. two beaches that would normally be backed for the weekend will stay closed this weekend because of the oil spill. the investigation will take time. the crews have to dig up the broken pipe and then inspect the leak. a woman was hit and killed as she was sitting in traffic at piedmont and rockport avenue. three people were in a car sitting in traffic when another car hit them from behind. the 40-year-old woman was taken to the hospital and later died. another person in the car suffered severe injuries. police don't think alcohol or drugs were factors in the
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crash. bay area home prices just keep going up. in fact, records were set in several counties for the month of april. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega joins us live from san jose where you just spoke with a local realtor about the red hot market. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yes. he told me that as of today, there is only 1,030 single homes for sale in all of santa clara county. i'm standing here in the cambrian park neighborhood. this is a desirable place to live. a lot of good schools. he said there's just 39 homes for sale here. the low inventory is driving up the prices. the real estate information service called core logic reported prices for single family homes jumped from a year ago in all nine bay area counties. it's a very good market to sell because prices keep going up. but for buyers it's becoming more of a challenge because there's not enough homes for sale on the market.
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so there are bidding wars where people are offering between 20,000 to more than 100,000 over asking price. let's go to the latest numbers. in san mateo county, the median price of a home reached an all- time high. almost 1.2 million. a record was set in santa clara county for april. the price tag is 90 -- 905,000. in alameda, 695,000. in contra costa county the price went up to 490,000. here's what a local south bay realtor told us about the market now. >> it's consistent from what we saw last year. it's just that now the new high is coming on. so that last home that sold for 950, the next which is is listed at 950 and you are having three, four, five, sometimes ten offers and that's driving the price into over a million. the next home is just the next
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high. it's making things difficult for the home buyer. the sellers are loving it. >> reporter: reamers are saying they are see -- realers are saying they are seal -- realtors are saying they are seeing the buyers get outbid. that's why they are making huge offers on the homes. coming up in the next hour of "mornings on 2," you will hear from this realtor on what he predicts will happen this summer. >> it will be interesting. i know it's good news for sellers. frustrating for buyers out there right now. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you. >> yes. 7:09. disneyland is pulling out of the -- all of the stops. >> ktvu fox 2's pam cook is right there getting a sneak peek at some of the changes. pam, you've got the best view in town, the best job of the day, pam. >> reporter: yes. i think so. i'm not phone argue with you.
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>> you do. >> reporter: i have the best view. i was not able to sneak away with the glass slipper but look what i found. they are giving these away and guess what else i found. more bay area fans. [ cheers ] >> way to go. >> reporter: we have fremont and castro valley and brentwood. they are all out here. we're having a super fun time. it's -- like you said, they pulled out all of the stops. i got a sneak peek. they will get to see the new parade and fireworks show tonight. but the paint the night if you remember the electrical parade, it's represent min nistent -- reminiscent of that. when you think of disneyland, you think of mickey mouse, right? mickey, you are so sparkling. you are gonna be here the whole 24-hour celebration? you will need a nap.
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yes. [laughter] >> reporter: he's -- i saw minnie. minnie looks lovely if i do say so. the castle is fabulous. a lot of sparkle. a lot of bling for the diamond celebration. when we come back, we'll see you in a little bit and sell you about some of the amazing prizes that you can win during this diamond celebration. >> pam, can you win the tiara that you are wearing? >> reporter: i bought this yesterday. a couple of people have tried to take this right off my head. i love it. i got one for each of my daughters. they are already mad at me that they are not here with me. that hopefully will make up for that. >> i'm loving the big hand. >> reporter: we're having fun. >> i love the big hand. >> i love it. >> we'll check in with you soon. >> talk to you later. 7:1. it won't be easy -- 7:11. it won't be easy traveling around some part of the bay area. san mateo bridge is closing.
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that's not the only challenge. in to minutes what you need to know -- in 20 minutes what you need to know. the game is over! >> were you watching? were you screaming? tori, a tough nail-biting win for the warriors. now the warriors are up 2-0. i'm sorry, james harden. we'll tell you what's being credited for sealing the win. we're looking at the east bay commute and getting out from the east bay to the peninsula, via the san mateo bridge, that looks good. but this weekend you won't be able to use the bridge. we'll have details of the closured a give you alternate routes? a little bit of sun. low clouds moving west, east. high clouds coming off the sierra giving us a mostly cloudy friday. what about the weekend?
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back to iguodala! >> warriors now have a 2-0 lead in the western conference finals. it was a nail-biting win over the houston rockets. warriors had led by as many as 17 in the first half but the rockets came back a couple of times. the score went back and forth but the warriors are able to take control in the third, then it came down to a defensive spot in the final seconds for the 99-98 win. >> at that point, it's don't let them get a shot and try to be the hero. we were able to get it done. the key for us going into the next game, protect the leads down the stretch of the fourth quarter. >> it's frustrating to give the game away like that. but the coaches and team were behind me.
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saying we're going to secure home now. >> he played great. >> he got 30 points. andrew bogut had 14 points and eight rebounds. game 3 tomorrow night at the toyota center in houston. it starts at 6:00 p.m. our time. game 4 in houston at 6:00 on monday. in about an hour, i will join sal to talk more about the game and why it was so close. >> a lot of people still talking about that. we're also talking with sal castanedo, we have a crash in newark. what happened it's a hit-and-run crash, dave and tori, where a couple of cars driving in the same direction on cedar boulevard in newark, one car clipped the other and it flip over. the driver from the first car got off and ran away. people are okay. they are looking for the driver. the area of cedar boulevard is shut down. you can see the live pictures. a lot of evidence markers.
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brian flores is on the scene. he's getting more information for us but this looks like a very violent catholic and we'll let you know about who they are looking for and what's happening now. again, these are live pictures. doesn't look like this will be cleared any time soon. westbound, a little delay but it's lighter than usual. looking at a commute where traffic on the nimitz freeway in front of or raw tell, that traffic looks good. i've been searching the east bay for slow traffic kind of moving the maps around looking for any signs of red and there isn't really a lot. i mean, it's great. a little bit of red on northbound 101 in san jose between 280 and the 880 interchange. but for the most part, this is a great friday right before memorial day traffic-wise. let's go to steve. thank you. a combination of clouds here. higher clouds coming off the sierra. this gives us a pretty picture
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for a friday morning under mostly cloudy skies. a couple of sunbreaks. the higher clouds might lead to a few isolated afternoon showers. jerry albright says calm and 53 degrees. east of willits in mendocino county. we love these mellow days before the summer heat settleles in dash settles in. i would agree with that. summer heat. low clouds here. watch the higher cloud drift off the sierra. that's zooming right back. the col binnation giving us a cloudy to mostly cloudy morning here. the shower and rain activity has been impressive. bridgeport had .75 the last 24 hours. even las vegas, getting down there in las vegas, getting some shower activity. another low rotates in. this one will be different from sunday, a low will be troping down in the sierra nevada. it comes over land. it will be drier. thundershower activity today and tomorrow over the high country. 50s 0 be the temps -- 50s on
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the temps. water temps come up. we saw this last year. they started to warm up in june and stayed mild for a long time. west 17. 54, 56, 57. that's what -- seven, ten days ago, it was 41, 49, 52. if they continue to go up, that means the lows will be mild on the coast. and even the high temps are near average to slightly below, not way below like they are inland areas. a lot of cloud cover over the sierra. it looks like it calm down. same for sierra, lassen. lake county, a few showers. there are a lot of clouds out there. 60s and 70s. temperatures near average on the coast and in san francisco now. yet there is they are still far below average as you move inland. 15, 20 for some as you get toward the desert. fog will burn off sooner. sunday looks warmer and then kind of quiet next week.
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>> maybe a little bit warmer than we've had the last few weeks. >> not hot or anything. >> okay. >> no sign of that until june. >> i'm fine with that. >> i know you are. [laughter] >> you have a lot of company. >> all right, steve. it's a homicide out of washington, d.c. that's really shocked the nation. in 20 minutes, claudine wong is looking into the brutal murder of a prominent family and why police say a piece of half- eaten pizza was key to solving the case. but first a homeless man arrested in connection with an april dealted kidnapping in campbell -- attempted kidnapping in campbell. why police say they are confident he's their man.
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female announcer: through monday get up to four years interest-free financing or save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get up to four years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. but this special financing offer ends memorial day at sleep train.
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♪i give you all a boy could give you♪ ♪ tainted love ♪ >> what a huge song this was. brings back memories. >> yes, it does. it was requested by mika from the class of 1982. this was the theme for her prom. if there is a special song you want to hear, i will play your request every friday morning. use the hashtag on twitter, facebook or instagram. >> like that song. thank you, sal. napa county's animal shelter has a high-tech way to
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find and identify lost dogs. the shelter says it's the first in northern california to use an app called finding rover. dog owners take a front-facing picture of their pet, mark the eyes and nose and a facial recognition system scans and stores the dog's features. if the dog is ever lost, its record will be in the system and if found, it can be quickly identified. according to the website, finding rover has helped find 7 million dogs. dave? >> fascinating. the chp is expected to release results of the 13-month investigation of this horrible crash north of sacramento. it killed ten people, including five high school students. this happened in april of 2014 on interstate 5 about 100 miles north of sacramento. a fed-ex tractor-trailer swerved across the heir, hitting a charter bus filled with students. three chaperons, the drivers of both the bus and the fed uks truck were killed.
7:25 am
today, the chp is expected to tell us what caused that crash. also a redwood city window washing company fined almost $13,000 by cal/osha because of a near-fatal accident in november. we were on the air when this happened. 58-year-old pedro perez was moving equipment on the roof of a building in the financial district when he fell 11 stories, landed on a moving car. he survived the fall but the family said he suffered severe brain trauma and internal bleeding. window washing company did not secure the roof with equipment to prevent the fall and did not provide proper training. there is relief in the south bay now that a man suspected of trying to kidnap a young girl is behind bars. they say the man was arrested on wednesday. officers have been circulating a suspect sketch based on the girl's sphynx of her attacker. police say the key to his
7:26 am
arrest was finding the silver honda accord captured on surveillance video last saturday. the video shows the car making a u-turn in the victim's neighborhood just before police say he got out of the car and tried to grab the girl. investigators say they found the car parked less than two miles from the victim's home at the extra space storage facility on sunny oaks avenue. >> we believe he was living in the car but it also was apparent that he had much of his belongings in the storage unit. >> also inside the storage unit investigators found clothes, matching the victim's description of what the suspect wore. he's being held without bail in the santa clara county men's jail. some people's deepest, darkest secrets revealed. one of the largest risque dating sites has contacted law enforcement to report a data breach. what personal information may
7:27 am
have been stolen and how it's connected to the bay area. >> reporter: we're live in newark where police are investigating a hit-and-run crash from earlier. coming up, the search for the driver that may have caused it. looking at the south bay commute and so far it's been nice here in the santa clara valley. on 280 there is slowing developing on bascom avenue. a lot of cloud cover over us. low clouds, high, mid-level cloud. we'll have your weekend forecast. we'll see if we can get a little warmer.
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we're live at the scene of a crash that is blocking a major road in newark. brian flores is there and has learned it was a hit and run. coming up, he will tell us what happened and how the people involved are doing. a frightening scene there. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." it's friday, may 22nd. i'm tori campbell. >> let's talk about your weather and traffic. i don't think you would be too concerned about the weather. i ducked out again. those puffy peekaboo clouds. it's mostly cloudy. not as much drizzle as yesterday. that is for sure. i will tell you, the clouds streaming off the sierra will probably obscure a lot of the sun, especially inland. there are some breaks, probably better on the coast than
7:31 am
inland. there are holes in the low cloud deck. i'm not surprised. but watch the cloud cover streaming off the sierra. it continues to increase. that will paint a cloudy picture. the activity is beginning to fire up. a lot of fog reports on highway 50. be careful if you are heading up to the mountains, fog and then thunderstorms. area of low pressure rotating through california. mild on the temps. in fact, not cold at all. there is a decent breeze for many. overall, the water temps are playing into a warmer coastal forecast, inland temps continue to be below normal. there will be unsettled weather throughout much of the high country. i know you have newark you want to get right to it. new details about a crash we told but in the 6:00 hour. it's a hit and run involving two cars. brian flores is live near cedar boulevard with more on what he's learned from police. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning.
7:32 am
cedar boulevard near the easy 8 motel. the scene bemains behind me. a couple of cars involved in the accident. let's get right to it and find out what happened here. sergeant ray hoppy with the police department. what can you tell us so far? >> around 1:44 this morning, the police department received a call of a vehicle collision. that was pretty much all they had. arriving officers found the scene with a rollover honda upside down. the officers were investigating the collision, it was very minor injuries as far as the people in the honda. the driver of the pontiac had walked away. we haven't been able to talk to him yet. i have my collision investigators out here going over the scene. the patrol officers actty vateed the -- activated the
7:33 am
traffic department. >> reporter: was there speeding involved in this? i know you haven't talked to the driver of the trans am but what do we know about alcohol or -- >> all we know right now, both cars were coming southbound. one was in the number one southbound lane, one was in the number two. initially it looks like the pontiac was in the number two lane may have floated into the honda and caused both vehicles to collide. >> reporter: it looks like the license plates are covered up. do you have a good idea of who the driver is or maybe where he is? >> we to -- we do. we have who we believe is the driver. we want to talk to him and find out his parts of the events. >> reporter: are you considering this a hit and run? >> you -- anyone walking away, you do need to stay at the scene some people get confused
7:34 am
and say i didn't know i had to stay at the scene. >> reporter: how long is cedar boulevard gonna be closed here? >> we're hoping to have it opened by 8:30 this morning. >> reporter: a very active scene. you are urged to use alternate routes and for more on where the routes are, let's go back to -- let's go back to sal. >> brian, we don't have a lot of traffic on creed har light now that won't be able to go around the block in the area and use some of the main thoroughfares. as you heard the police officer say, we want to repeat. stay away from the area until at least 8:30 because they don't think they will have that street open until at least then. let's take a look at the main roads. we've had a decent commute. a couple of slowdowns.
7:35 am
the bay bridge toll plaza is light. let's go to the south bay here. northbound 101 as you approach the 280 interchange. this traffic looks good. a little bit of slow traffic on northbound 280 at 17. that only lasts for just a little bit and then it is looking good again into superintendent. 7:35. back back to the desk. >> thank you. if you will be in the bay area this memorial day weekend and you plan to either use the san mateo bridge or ride on b.a.r.t. there's some things you need to know. alex savidge joining us live. you are at the san mateo bridge now tell us about the plans to shut down the bridge. >> if you are planning to stay here in town for the long
7:36 am
holiday weekend, this warning is for you. the freeways could be extra busy, especially in the east bay and that's because the san mateo bridge will be shut down starting at 10:00 tonight through monday at 5:00 a.m. this is all for brief paving work they've been trying to get done for some time. >> drivers will be tee toured and that means freeways will be busy. now, the san mateo bridge was shut down a couple of weeks ago for similar construction work and traffic. it was just a mess on either freeways nearby. especially on bay bridge as well. now, along with the san mateo bridge shut down there's also a major b.a.r.t. closure to worry about. on saturday and sunday, there will be no service between the fruitvale and coliseum stations. instead, a free bus will carry riders between the two locations. now, b.a.r.t. is closing the fremont to daly city line all day saturday. passengers heading to san francisco will need to transfer
7:37 am
to a dublin daly city train in the east bay. so b.a.r.t. riders, they will see delays and dave, unfortunately, the freeways will not be much better with the san mateo bridge shut down. >> a lot of good information. thank you for the update. we'll talk to you later. one of the largest online dating websites has contacted law enforcement about a data breach. says information for as many as 4 million members may have been stolen. the site has 64 million members. the information includes sexual preference, marital status, birthdays and addresses. the site is part of friend finder networks, headquartered in sunnyvale. police in washington, d.c. have made an arrest in a brutal murder and arson case that led investigators on a manhunt. police identified the suspect as 34-year-old daron dylon wint, a former marine and an ex-
7:38 am
con. he's accused of killing a prominent family that lived in the same family as vice president joe biden. police say three of the four victims were stabbed or hit with a blun object before the house was -- blunt object before the house was set on fire. police found wint's dna on a crust of pizza that they believe he ordered from inside the house. a frightening jolt for people living in the north bay. the unwelcomed reminder for people impacted by last summer's big earthquake. are you ready for magic? we're about to show you disneyland. up next, pam cook will explain what all. excitement is about. we're looking at the morning commute. right now, traffic looks good but it is getting more crowded. now we're hearing about troubles on b.a.r.t. we'll run those down for you coming up. plenty of low clouds. some breaks in the clouds. a lot of high clouds coming over. giving us a mostly cloudy
7:39 am
friday. what about the holiday weekend? we'll see if we can warm it up. my name is fernando gonzalez. i'm the gas service supervisor here in sonoma county. we moved up here 35 years ago and we just love it up here, it's a fantastic place to live. our function is customer support... ...making sure that our customers are safe and that's the most important thing. we know we are part of a huge company but sonoma county is our home. sonoma county is our pg&e. what we're doing really means something in the community and it's just a great, great feeling.
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♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. welcome back. let's check in with sal. you've been busy this morning. i know you've been following what happened in newark. what's the latest on that? >> we just found out -- i'm just putting it in -- we found out about a -- about a b.a.r.t. update. debris on the tracks at orinda. according to a dispatcher, a couple of trains have to be taken out of service. 15-minute delays between pay point and san francisco between -- baypoint and san francisco and san francisco and baypoint. i'll keep monitoring to see if this will be a major delay or a
7:42 am
minor delay. fortunately, volume is lighter 0 on b.a.r.t. but they had to take two trains out of service. if you are taking the b.a.r.t. trains, you could see delays. richmond line and some of the dublin line is not affected, at least not yet. let's take a look at what we have with the live pictures. traffic is going to be okay here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's that kind of day. a lot of people are taking this friday off, apparently in upcoming of the memorial day holiday. this is interstate 880 in oakland. the traffic is moving along very nicely. >> take a look at the. we managed to find some slow traffic on northbound 280 at highway 17 and that traffic -- that's about t the south bay commute looks good according to the road sensors. at 7:42. let's go to steve. a lot of cloud cover over us. some breaks, not too many. a combination of low clouds and clouds moving off the sierra
7:43 am
after thunderstorms and rain yesterday, even some fog up on interstate 50 being reported. be careful if you are heading up to the mountains. kind of a double bhammy. a lot of -- whammy. a lot of cloud cover. this extends into lake county. currently -- clearlake. 54 degrees and overcast at clearlake. more rain possible. they've had an active week expecting a high of 72. that's really cool for the end of may up in clearlake. temperatures, you can see the cloud cover, watch the rain and then the clouds heading right back. east bay, south bay, peninsula in line for a lot of cloud cover. already beginning to fire up in the sierra. that's pretty active for so early in the morning. they calm down for a bit. shasta lassen, northeast california all the way down to las vegas and central and southern california. hit-and-miss showers. 50 is on the temps. water temps came up in the last week. there's still a breeze here. it's a combo comment usually of a westerly or a southwesterly. it's onshore. bodega bay is right about where
7:44 am
they should be. but san francisco buoy is warming up. 56. nationally, not too bad but the southeast and the northeast are going to get really hot on the weekend into early next week. look at this whopper. this is another low that we had. it moves into the rockies picks up a lot of oomph and low-level moisture jet coming up from the gulf. look at that. snow on the back side of that and also right back where they don't need more rain, oklahoma and northern texas. they've had 18 inches. norman, oklahoma 18 inches this month. low clouds, it looks like they will burn off sooner over the weekend. isolated snowshowers up in the sierra. it will be a pretty active weekend up there. a lot of clouds here. combination of those low and high clouds. isolated clouds. lake down to the santa cruz mountains. 60s and 70s. the temperatures by the coast are near average. 64 is where san francisco shouldge. it's the inland temps that are
7:45 am
10 degrees below average. by this time of year. and we'll see fog in the mornings. nights and mornings into saturday. it looks like it bumps off on -- bushes off -- burns off on saturday. disneyland is kicking off the year-long celebration this morning. in honor of that, they are unveiling new attractions for their diamond anniversary, including a new parade and several new shows. pam cook has been showing us the new attracttions all morning long, but she joins us live now with the special look at what it actually looked like when disneyland opened. you look fuzzy, black and white. >> reporter: do i? >> yes. >> we stepped back in time. i just took a picture of the camera we're on. i'm gonna tweet it out. it's from 1955. they are telling me -- all the guys are like, we can't move, we can't pan.
7:46 am
it's stationary. it's an amazing, exciting time here, justin arthur, you are an archivist here. thank you -- we wanted to talk about really cool things. number one, walt disney's original number one badge is here. >> yeah. in 1955, cast members didn't have names on their badges. they had number badges. so they were bronze badges. number 1 belongs to walt. he wore it very proudly >> reporter: will they be on display? >> they will be in august. it's at the convention center, where it will be. >> reporter: and when when you see an e ticket ride, that's from disneyland. and you only got so many e
7:47 am
tickets and they were for the best rides. >> the e ticket wasn't introduced until 1959. walt introduced the submarine voyage, the monorail and the matterhorns, which this week has brand-new magic. >> reporter: i got to see it. the matterhorn i'm not gonna give it away. but it's scary in there. >> it's a true e ticket? >> reporter: yes. some people don't know the meaning of the e ticket. >> the best of the best. >> reporter: when did you get rid of the ticket books. >> 1982, i believe. >> reporter: okay. okay. you have some of the original ears. some of the other history that you have learned. what can you -- what's one of the most fascinating things about disney history? >> well, opening day was hosted by art linkletter and he brought ronald reagan with him. >> reporter: and you have the original ears. how many different ears have they had? >> i can't tell you how many
7:48 am
different. these from some of the first sold at disneyland in 195 a. since then we've sold 84 million just at tisny land -- disneyland. and they have the dine mind bow and -- the diamond bow and the ears. >> this will be on displayer. there's some amazing things as you walk around. it's an amazing atmosphere here. i think people are just absorbing it. it's definitely crowded on the diamond celebration. people are walking and observing. not a lot of expectations of getting on a lot of rides today. >> pam, i noticed justin is wearing a white glove. i assume that's not the mickey mouse glafern but for the ar-- glove but for the archivist to protect the things? >> this is for the assets. but it's kind of fun. i can be a character for a day.
7:49 am
>> reporter: i joked around with the glass slipper, pretending i was gonna take it and the personal guard, no, no! don't go near it. you can't. >> anywhere near it. >> i asked him if i could pick it up he said no. >> it looks terrific. a touch of history. >> thank you justin, thank you, pam, we'll have more from disneyland and pam celebrating the 60th anniversary coming up shortly. >> that was fascinating. well, some big changes could be coming soon to uber. how the company could eliminate drivers from that next ride. have you been seeing more of those -- sorry to do this at breakfast time -- why there's more complaints about cockroaches with the drought.
7:50 am
7:51 am
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♪this is how we do it ♪ >> mon tail jordan. this is how we do it. the traffic jams, our theme, songs from your prom. requested by alex robinson. this is played live at montail at the warriors game last night. kind of a double thing. thank you for the request, alex. if there is a special song you want to hear, let us know. we'll play your request every
7:53 am
friday morning. use hashtag ktvu on twitter, took or instagram. >> i'm liking how you do it. >> yes. >> thank you. well, this weekend, there's more showing in local theaters than just the latest movies like madmax and pitch perfect 2. >> before you head to the lakes and reservoirs, make sure you are safe. >> the state of california has created this 30-second safety message. it will be shown this weekend among movie trailers. three contra costa theaters are taking part in the safety campaign. they are livermore 13, brentwood, 14 and delta cinema. the message encourages always swimming with a buddy and always wear a life jacket when in a boat. farmers who use wt from the delta, they may find out if the state will give up a quarter of their water this year in
7:54 am
exchange for being spared deeper cuts. they announced a decision today. the farmers along the sacramento/san we keen delta made the offer. it's a rare concession by this group. they hold some of the strongest and oldest wfrt rights. they -- water rights. they offered to take less water or leave a quarter of their crops unplanted. the drows is causing another -- drought is causing another prob blel. large infestations of cockroaches. the roaches are found in outdoor water drains but because of the heat and the drought, they are out there crawling around looking for water and some place to cool off. they are getting into houses, through cracks and walls an corners. >> in my garage, it's the biggest part. there's still cracks an crannies. that's where you will get most of the bugs trying to get in out of the heat. >> the pest control companies are seeing a surge in business.
7:55 am
roaches are hiding out under landscapes, tarps, even in the flower beds searching for water. 7:54. there are a number of fun events in the bay area during this memorial day weekend. mike mibach runs them down for us in this weekend's watch. >> reporter: countdown to a big holiday weekend is well underway the here is your weekend watch -- the carnival san francisco is saturday and sunday on harrison street between 16th and 24th. the free event has plenty of food, music and dance. always a great party. the grand parade is set for sunday. but color run hits downtown san jose. $50 a ticket. you get doused with color dies as you complete the run. it's teamed up with the american diabetes association to promote health and happiness. all of you music lovers. san francisco's own train will open friday night.
7:56 am
if you are looking for free live music, the 2015 east lake music festival will be saturday at the lake merritt amphitheater in oakland. and bay area kid fest kicks off saturday and mt. diablo high school in concord. the three-day event is filled with ride. a petting zoo, $6 and a donation of one can of food gets you in. $7 with no can. seniors, children under 2 are free. golden state warriors are popping up from the south of market street food park in san francisco where rsvp is required. the earthquakes are at levi stadium sunday at 4:30. tickets still available. giants and as are on the road. and don't forget the san mateo bridge will be closed. back to you. >> we posted all of the events hat click the entertainment button and look for weekend watch.
7:57 am
pretty early for memorial day. >> yeah. >> it comes up very quickly. >> all right. well, the big oil spill cleanup we've been telling you about is still going on along the central california coast. why the company responsible for that leak says it may take months to figure out what went wrong. insane, ridiculous, these are some of the words used to describe the latest inquiries in the medium price of a home in the bay area. we'll tell you what the latest numbers are and you will also hear from a local realtor to get his take on the market. we have even more delays now on b.a.r.t. what started off as a minor delay is a delay between walnut creek and oakland in the tunnel in the hills there. there is an obstruction. trains being delayed. plenty of clouds, low clouds, high and mid-level
7:58 am
cloud. mist, drizzlele -- drizzle. we do have warmer weather on tap for the holiday weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
another earthquake rattles the east bay. plus the competition among home buyers, it's heating up in the south bay. still ahead, how high home prices have jumped. good morning. welcome to friday. it's may 22nd. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. want to check on weather and traffic. steve we've got at least another day of some clouds and
8:01 am
a little -- >> whammer over the weekend. the fog will get smashed. it will be down on the deck. but it will burn off sooner. there's some areas with a little bit of sun already. but it does look like high pressure is going to build in. i don't think it will be crazy hot or anything. but it will warm up through the interior. maybe some near 80-degree temps. there's a lot of cloud cover over us. this time of year doesn't take long to rebound. low clouds are in place. high and mid-level clouds and some sunbreaks. this is from katherine. katherine. 53 light rain and santa cruz even sent me the weather app to show it to me. thank you. everybody has one now. mike alvarez says keep on bringing that cloudy weather. loving it. many people seem to enjoy this. we'll have warmer weather over the weekend. watch the cloud cover streaming back from the sierra. that is giving us not only cloud cover but the rain is firing up pretty early. over the mountains, could be not only fog but rain. big old area of low pressure
8:02 am
rotating through. once that go goes through. high pressure will build in. the fog will be there but it will burn off sooner. 59 in livermore. water temps have come up. 58 at sfo. i sent this out. this is jenny. what a change. fog sitting on the pleasanton range. breezy. there will be a lot of shower activity over the mountains and even into southern california today and over the weekend for the mountains. a lot of clouds, breezy. a little bit of drizzle. isolated showers. temps come up. i want to update the b.a.r.t. station. we've had destruction on the tracks near the berkeley hills sun. . they had to take two trains out of office pause they had to stop the lines. now therest a delay of 30 -- now there is a delay of 30 minutes between baypoint and
8:03 am
san francisco. they are recovering. the problem has been taken care of. but there are major delays on the baypoint to san francisco. san francisco to baypoint lines and in reality all of the lines could be slightly affected by this on b.a.r.t. the good news, they are recovering from this delay according to the dispatchers. let's go to newark where we m a problem on cedar boulevard near cedar court. the tow truck is here now. you saw brian flores talking to the police officer earlier saying the investigation continues but that car is still flipped over. they are looking for someone who got out and ran off from the other car. cedar boulevard is going to be shut down at cedar court until further notice. our reporter brian flores is there and he will have more coming up. let's go to some live pictures here of the bay bridge toll plaza. it's been lightert than usual -- lighter than usual getting into san francisco. i want to mention the traffic has been nice on the nimitz frisch for the most part. we have a little bit of slowdown on northbound 880 as
8:04 am
you approach the coliseum. let's go to the maps. if i can show you, there is a little bit of slow traffic on northbound 880 coming up toward the coliseum. there have been a couple of minor problems here. it's a no-brainer. you can use 580 instead and 580 is much better than 880. back to the desk. the ground continues to shake in the wine country. the usgs reports a quake just before 8:00 last night. the largest registered a 4.1. it was centered six miles east- northeast of yountville along the silverado trail. tara moriarty is in napa this morning where residents are split over what this earthquake means. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. some people say, you know, it was stressful. it was a reminder of last year's big one, the 6.0 that caused so much damage here in the city of name. but others say people need to stop stressing out. it was only a 4.1.
8:05 am
geologists say this quake was not centered on the same faultline as the one from last summer. but it could have been triggered by it, they say. most people felt light to moderate shaking that lasted about 20 seconds. no reports of injuries or serious damage. many people were out at restaurants dining or watching the warriors' game. >> when it started to shake, it was like boom and my girlfriend is in the bathtub. she's like oh, my god, it's the big one again. she did call it, she said it was a 4.3. the news said it was it was a 4.2 and -- it was a 4.2 and then it was a 4.1. we're so used to this in napa. it's not a big deal. >> reporter: people felt it down in san francisco and the peninsula and all the way out to the east bay to the sacramento valley apparently. live from napa, i'm tara moriarty, back to you.
8:06 am
the operator of the ruptured pipeline in santa barbara county as i it will take months to figure out why that pipe broke. the crews are still out there removing the buildup of crude oil on beaches and out on the coastal waters. now we're hearing of wildlife covered in oil. six pelicans and a young sea lion. they were among those rescued yesterday. they are gonna have to be carefully cleaned by people with special training. >> the general public may want to help but the fact is tried to capture oiled animals by people who don't have the training is dangerous both to the animal as well as to the people. >> the boats out there, they skim 9500 gallons of really oilily water so far. two of the beaches that would be packed with people over the memorial day holiday. they will stay closed this weekend because of this oil spill. the investigation of the spill will take some time. the crews have to dig up that
8:07 am
broken pipeline and then inspect the leak. a woman was hit and killed in san jose yesterday as she was in her car sitting in traffic. it happened at piedmont road and rockport. a total of three people were in the car when another car hit them from behind. the 40-woman was taken to the hospital. she later died. another person in that car suffered severe injuries. police do not think alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash 8:07. when it comes to the bay area real estate market, things are really heating up. record were set in several counties last month. janine de la vega joining us live from san jose so tell us about these new numbers and i know you talked to a realtor. what she's saying. >> reporter: he's saying there's really low inventory. there's only 1,030 single- family homes for sa sale all of -- for sale in all of santa
8:08 am
clara county. that's resulting in multiple offers over asking price. now, here are the latest numbers from core logic, a real estate information service. a record was sent? scare county. in alameda county it rose as well. in contra costa county, the median home price went up to 490,000. it's a question good market to sell for sellers. but for buyers, it's a challenge. what's difficult is the bidding wars happening and that's a trend we've been seeing for some time. people are offering between 20,000 to more than 100,000 over asking price. >> you are seeing, you know, people that are trying to buy lose out three, four, six
8:09 am
times. they are just coming in and the next time they don't want to lose and that's driving up prices. you are having bidding wars five, ten offers at homes, it's listed at 750,000, 800,000. it goes to 950,000, sometimes a million dollars. >> reporter: real teres say until there's more inventory and interest rates go up, this will continue for the summer. they predict the market will still stay high. >> we've been hearing about people going over the asking price. that realtor you talked to, who what the -- what is the highist he's seen. >> reporter: i was asking him about that. he gave me an example in santa clara. he said recently what happened, there was a home, 1300 square feet, not so big. three bedroom, two back. it was listed for -- two bath. it was listed for 829,000 and it went for a million 80. that's almost 250,000 over
8:10 am
asking price. he said a lot of people are getting priced out of san mateo county and are getting frustrated they are trying to move to santa clara county and they are just putting in like a crazy offer like that. >> and the very wealthy are paying cash in some cases. >> yes. >> thank you. we'll talk to you later. disneyland, we've been talking about it, kicking off the 60th anniversary with a 24- hour party. the celebration is well underway in anaheim. that's where pam cook is live this morning with a really tough assignment at the happiest place on earth. i can't imagine a better person to cover this since you are a huge disney fan to begin with. >> reporter: i think they chose me -- i'm a big disney fan. i have been coming here since i was a little girl. it's the diamond celebration. part of the celebration is diamond day. they are giving away, amazing sparkly items including this, which is the cinderella glass
8:11 am
slipper. i could not try it on. about $28,000. it's very protected here. but amazing prices every day and every week there are the grand prices -- prizes. and there is a dream suite suite. the treatment suite is over in the pirates of the caribbean area. it's a private apartment and you get to stay in it. this is one of the grand prizes. i asked one of the disney ambassadors, wouldn't it be creepy to say in there when the park is closed? no, she said, it's a beautiful view. there is a private party in fantasyland. i'm sure you've been on the mark twain paddleboat. you can have a private dinner and party out on that. that's one of the grand prizes. really exciting. i've met so many people.
8:12 am
ktvu viewers are down here and they are coming over and saying high and are planning on staying the 24 hours. >> you've done a great job showing us this. just one thick i'm mad about. you didn't take dave clark with you. who is your buddy? >> reporter: i have a few people upset with me including a few members of my male who are not happy -- family who are not happy. and we're also gonna talk about some of the amazing food here. >> we'll talk. [ cheers ] >> reporter: they are cheering. >> we'll talk to you later. if you are planning to hit the road for memorial day weekend, you better stay where you are. coming up in 23 minutes, the very important bridge closure that begins tonight. also time for another warriors' round table. you were watching the game. so was sal and matt. they will talk about last
8:13 am
night's dramatic game 2. and we'll talk about a mostly cloudy pattern. it does look warmer over the weekend. but there's a lot of cloud cover that has to clear out. we'll talk about that -- coming up.
8:14 am
8:15 am
seven seconds remaining. harden. picks it up and the game is
8:16 am
over. >> last night's game gave the warriors the win. joining me, sal and matt. what did it take for the warriors to pull this off? >> that last play. they were neck-and-neck. i actually thought that harden was gonna make this three- pointer to win the game. >> i think he gave it to dwight howard thinking could get it back right away. when he got it back right away, as soon as he tried to do something, there were two guys on him. >> why does he pass it here? >> i was impressed the warriors didn't foul him. that's always the risk. >> especially with a player like him who gets to the line than any other player in the league. >> and makes all of his free- throws. >> look at harden. >> that's nothing. [laughter] >> i've seen sal get much more upset than that. >> he really played his heart
8:17 am
out. he did amazing. and dwight howard, injured. but the warriors seemed to be, can, da it was more of a team effort. >> you know what, sal? warriors fans might not like to hear this. if i had a vote, i would have voted for curry. after the firstga two games, you can see why they voted for him. >> he's an incredible player. >> the warriors have to stop turn, the ball over. >> i think they are getting an earful from coach kerr. he does not like sloppy ball. >> that's always been the issue this season. they are so fun and they take a lot of chances. when they take chances they are so enjoyable to watch. sometimes they overdo ital little bit -- overdo it and a little bit. >> the warriors won by an average of 10 points in the regular season. >> steve kerr says this is not gonna happen in the playoffs. >> right. >> the competition is too good. you won't see the warriors blow
8:18 am
out a team. >> absolutely. >> the gud news for the warriors -- good news for the warriors, dwight howard and james harden both played well and the rockets still didn't get a win. they will need those two guys and other players to play well. and that's asking a lot. i think the warriors are in real good shape in the series. >> we'll keep the game crossed. we have to talk before we go about the giants and madbum getting a home run. >> that's humiliating to -- clayton kershaw, one of the best pitchers in the league and bumgarner gets up and hits a home run. >> there's maizing -- that's amazing. >> they didn't even get a run? >> sal, you are getting up there in years. [laughter] >> can you remember a bay area sports day where the warriors won in a western conference sports final, giants beat the dodgers, bum. does it get any better? >> no, this was a good day for
8:19 am
a bay area sports fan. >> warriors tomorrow night in houston. what do you think? will they be able to rin -- win there? >> at least one of the games. >> if they win tomorrow, they are in total control of the series. >> we will be watching. >> always fun to talk with you. back to dave. >> thank you. 8:19. well, can you imagine this -- calling for an uber car and a driverless car shows up? well, the san francisco-based company reportedly is a step closer to using self-driving cars to chauffeur people around town. now, uber has started testing a self-driving car on roads near its research center in pennsylvania. part of a plan to automate rides and eliminate the cost of drivers. uber says it's working on the system's mapping and safety now. the research is still in the early stages. just wanted to tell you about it. 8:19. we're also gonna tell you about your weather.
8:20 am
steve paulson is here to talk about your forecast. are you talking about it now? >> right now. >> all right. we do have mostly cloudy skies. some low clouds continue to move their way through. also the high clouds coming in off the sierra where the rain is picking up again. it looks like an active day, today and tomorrow, even down to southern california today. plenty of clouds. there are a few sunbreaks. el cerrito, all of the precip has been dodging el cerrito, 27 days and no measurable rain. with all of the drizzle, i'm surprised. 56. wind out of the south at 3 miles an hour. you can see the low cloud. here come the higher clouds flying over us. we've gone from partly sunny to mostly cloudy. already activity in the sierra nevada. even down to las vegas. another low moving in. churning in, you can see the whole flow around that going counter clock is wise. high pressure is beginning to nose in. that will take over in the weekend. already 59 livermore.
8:21 am
there's ale hayward. 58, sfo. water temps have warmed up. napa, fairfield. thunderstorm activity, rain down in las vegas on the high desert up and down the fine of the sierra. shasta/lassen. any travel plans there it could be active. for us, it could be an isolated shower or two. maybe the santa cruz coastline. a lot of clouds. some sun but breezy at times. 60s on the coast. i mean, 64, san francisco. that's where you should be this time of year. it's the inland temps which are continuing to struggle and be below average. it looks like the document and drizzle saturday morning will give way sooner an high pressure will give us warmer temps. could be 80s. kind of a little cooldown but quiet early next week. >> quiet. >> don't disturb. >> thank you, steve. 8:21. well, early exposure to air pollution may have wide-ranging
8:22 am
negative effects. details on a possible link to autism. but first the head of the boy scouts calling for change. what the president of the boy scouts are saying with -- is saying about gay scout leaders. between you and me, they're they're strange creatures. they are. they don't think like you and i. you know it. they just, they ignore us. totally. it's like we're only here to serve them. yeah, that's what i been saying. but then they turn around and fill you up with chevron with techron. i guess we're doing something right. yeah but, come on, humans? humans are weird. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] got my eye on him. female announcer: through memorial day at sleep train, get up to four years interest-free financing or save up to $400 on simmons beautyrest and sealy posturepedic. even get four years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. plus, free same day delivery set-up and removal of your old set.
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when brands compete, you save! but this special financing offer ends memorial day at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
8:24 am
♪can't touch this ♪ >> of course, mc halter. did i have to tell you that? i didn't have to. this was requested by sylvia pop. she sent us a picture of her
8:25 am
prom. check this out. looking pretty smooth there, girl. >> can't touch her. >> sal's traffic jams is something we do every friday. hashtag ktvu and sent us your requests. to the traffic from mc hammer, we go to -- mc hammer sean oak guy. the traffic continues to look good. interstate 880 in oakland. that looks good. we haven't seen that slow traffic. we do have a little bit of slow traffic on 880 northbound. i can show it to you on the maps here. northbound 880 will be slow as you come out of hayward around get up to slrd. 580 is a much better route all way up into the lakeshore area of oakland. back to the desk. >> much nicer commute. a lot of people taking today
8:26 am
off to a four-day weekend. we're getting reaction from boy scout troops to the recommendation by the president of the boy scouts of america to end the ban on gay scout leaders. the surprise announcement came from robert gates at the group's annual meeting in atlanta yesterday. he's now the group's president. gates says the social, political and judicial changes across the country led to his decision. it was welcomed news to people involved with boy scouts in the bay area who have been pushing for the change. >> it's very hard for us to raise money. it's very hard for us to get members. getting rid of this policy is going to -- in northern california is going to really help that. >> in his remarks, gays recommended allowing local scouting grooms to decide for themselves whether to allow gay leaders. one of the biggest online dating websites has contacted law enforcement reporting a data breach. we're talking about
8:27 am they say information for as many as 4 million members may have been stolen. the witness has 64 million members. that information includes sexual preference, marital status, birth dates and addresses. the site is part of friend finder networks which is baited in sunnyvale -- based is sunnyvale. still ahead -- an arrest in a murder, an arson case that captivated the nation. after the break, the piece of evidence that authorities used to track down the accused killer. >> and we're live in newark this morning where police are investigate continuing to search for a -- are continuing to search forea driver in an accident. the weekend looks warmer. i will talk about that and a pretty active pattern coming up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're in newark. look at this crash scene. this has shut down cedar boulevard at cedar court. they are busy out there. police have still not found the driver of the car that flipped over. he may have run away after the crash. brian flores is out there now. coming up, he will tell us what the witnesses are saying what happened out there. stay tuned. thank you for joining us. i'm dave -- dave clark. thank you steve paulson is here with the weather. we to have a lot of low clouds in place. it looks like my ship came in. there it is. a lot of low clouds, gray
8:31 am
skies, some sunbreak in there. ♪ love exciting and new ♪ >> the love boat! >> permission to come aboard. all right. >> low clouds there, high and mid-level cloud. you can see why, everything rotating around giving us this very unseasonably cool pattern. it's already 61 in livermore. we're getting a south wind. that's helping warm temps up. upper 50s, 60s. you can see the gray. it's bumping off sooner. thunderstorm activity in the sierra and the sanwa joaquin valley -- san joaquin valley. isolated showers possible here north and south. 70s inland. those are cool, cool, cool, 60s coast and bay. those are near average. i know you have a lot to talk about.
8:32 am
go ahead. developing news in newark where police say the car that was driving clipped another car on a busy road in newark causing it to flip over. brian flores was the first reporter on the scene. he joins us live with the search for the driver that ran off. brian? >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you. this is cedar boulevard and cedar court near the easy 8 motel. this street has been closed for close to six hours because of this accident and investigation. tow truck drivers arrived at 7:45 this morning. newark police estimate the scene will be cleared very shortly. what we know so far, the driver of a pontiac trans am and the driver and two female passengers in a honda were traveling southbound on creed boulevard before 1:45 this morning. police say the driver of the trans am somehow lost control, clipped the honda, causing it to flip over. the trans am crashed near a tree but three women in the
8:33 am
honda that flip over were treated for -- that flitch -- that flipped over were treated for minor bruises and injuries. they are doing okay. the driver took off. they are looking for him. >> we have what we believe is the driver. why he walked away? we don't know. confused? who knows. that's why we want to talk to him. >> reporter: police investigators have been here since after 3:00, piecing together what happened. it remains unclear the role of speed, alcohol or possibly mechanical failure, if that played a role in the accident. as we take it back out here live, again, cedar boulevard remains closed. you can see slow truck crews are starting to remove the cars now. police say this is a pretty busy street. a lot of the parents who take their kids to school were affected, had to go to side streets but not too bad here this morning the but this scene
8:34 am
expected -- this morning, but the scene expected to be cleared. >> we're still looking at the scene and we'll have updates coming up. let's take a look at the commutes now. i think you will like the bay bridge because it's lighter than usual. a lot lighter than usual today. a lot of the people are not going to work today and trying to take care of -- trying to take advantage of a four-day holiday weekend with memorial day coming up. let's take a look at highway 101 in san francisco. it looks good if you are trying to catch a flight at sfo, 101 is in good shape heading south into the area. i keep looking at our maps here in the east bay and i can tell you that there is a little bit of slow traffic near the 238 interchange. there was an earlier accident. but look at 580, it's never that light. this is perfect if you drive from livermore to dublin. you don't have to rush out of the hospital. you can hang out with us a little longern. let's go back to the desk.
8:35 am
>> i like the way you slide that in there. it's expected to be slow going on some bay area bridges and on b.a.r.t. this memorial day weekend. alex savidge is live at the san mateo bridge to tell us about plans to shut down that bridge and also the partial shut down of b.a.r.t. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning to you. a lot going on this weekend. you know, if you are staying in town, you nid to be aware -- you need to be aware that things can be extra busy son a lot of bay area freeways. i just finished speaking with a caltrans spokesperson. he wants to warn drivers it could be a mess. the san mateo bridge where we are this morning, it will be shutting down for repaving work beginning at about 10:00 tonight going all the way through monday at 5:00 a.m. this has been an ongoing construction project on the bridge. drivers are gonna be detoured around that closure, of course, and that will impact other bay area freeways with serious backups. we saw that just a couple of weeks ago when the bridge was
8:36 am
shut down for -- for the weekend. traffic was a mess, especially on both the bay bridge and the dumbarton bridge as well. while a lot of the people who stay in town will likely experience slowdowns, those heading out of town for the memorial day weekend likely won't be dealing with traffic because of the closure. >> if you are planning on being out of found town for the three- way weekend, they won't notice it. it opens up at 5:00 a.m. monday morning in time to have the bridge he open for the holiday itself -- bridge open for the holiday itself. however we still expect very heavy traffic. >> reporter: along with the san mateo bridge being shut down, there is a major b.a.r.t. closure you need to be aware of on saturday and sunday. there will be no service between the fruitvale and coliseum station. instead, a bus bridge will be put in place to carry riders between those two stations. also keep in mind, b.a.r.t.
8:37 am
is closing the fremont to daly city line. passengers trying to get into the city will have to transfer to a pub lynn daly city train in the east bay. of course, b.a.r.t. is warning all riders that that means it could take a lot longer. your trip could take longer. the freeway like lie won't be that much better with the san mateo bridge shut down. the full closure happens at 10:00 tonight. but they do begin closing some of the lanes at about 7:00 tonight in the area. bear that in mind. >> thank you. 8:37. a multi-state manhunt has come to an end and the man police say is responsible for a brutal murder in washington, d.c. is behind bars. claudine wong in our studio. you have more on his arrest, claudine wong. >> yes. 34-year-old daron dylon wint is behind bars. he was arrested in northeast washington overnight. we're learning more about him. we still don't have a possible
8:38 am
motive for why he allegedly killed a family and the housekeeper. the search spanned to several states. 12 hours before his arrest, police said they were looking for him in brooklyn, where he has friends and family. the u.s. marshal service said he was taken into custody during a traffic stop. wint was a passenger in the car. several other people were also taken into custody. >> our entire task force worked it for the last 48 hours. a lot of people who haven't had a lot of sleep in the last 48 hours. we tracked him up to new york city and we barely missed him last night. we have our new york, new jersey regional task force together why the new york police department. new york police department did a fantastic job getting us vital information last night and all day tauld that led us to -- today that led us to a location here at the howard johnson's up on route 1. >> he's now facing murder charges for the may 14th
8:39 am
killings of victims. they were killed in d.c. police identified the victim as savvas savopoulos, his wife, and their son fill imas well as the housekeeper. police believe the victims were help hostage in the home for hours and may have been tortured before they were killed and then the house was put on fire. police found dna on a piece of pizza. he was in the system because he has a criminal history. >> somebody there thought of picking up the -- the partially eaten pizza. >> savopoulos was the president of american iron works. wint worked for the company. he was convicted of assault in 2009. destruction of property in
8:40 am
2010. we should be learning more about him and fg else that happened -- everything else that happened as the case goes through the court system. >> wasn't there money delivered to the house in addition to the pizza? >> that's what they are putting together -- they think in the hours before this, there was $4,000 delivered to the house. they had the pizza delivered. there were texts that went out asking other housekeepers not to go to the home. >> such a horrible story. >> thank you. 8:40. well, a new problem when it comes to california's drought. the unwanted visitors that are popping up in homes across the bay area. plus on a nicer note, coming up next, pam cook, live for us at disneyland with more on today's big 60th anniversary party. good morning. we're looking at interstate 280 in san jose. it looks great getting up to highway 17. even that slowdown we had there
8:41 am
has been recovered hour has recovered there. we'll tell you more about b.a.r.t. and the latest on that system. and speaking of the south bay, a little bit of drizzle reports. santa cruz coastline, los gatos. it does look warmer as we go into the weekend. bulldog: mattress discounters memorial day sale ends monday? oh boy! a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! well i'll be... up to $300 off tempur-pedic breeze. and wow! get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! better hurry! the memorial day sale ends monday.
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♪ mattress discounters ♪ %c1.
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8:44 am
as you know, we've been celebrating disneyland's 6 october anniversary all morning -- 60th anniversary all morning long. >> and pam cook is down there. she joins us live again. it looks like a big party. >> reporter: it is a very big party. everybody is having a lot of fun. we'll here for the 60s big diamond celebration. we're talking food. this big, huge cup is just for the 24-hour event. everybody needs to stay hydrated for 24 hours and they have a new popcorn bucket. everybody is asking about this sign. there's cupcakes, there are apples, candy apples covered like cinderella's coach. amazing. everybody is stopping by. they are drooling. they are hungry. they've been here since 4:00 a.m. chef chris is here as well. >> hi. >> reporter: you make some of this fabulous, yummy food. you are -- this is one of your specialties. >> i'm gonna show you the smore
8:45 am
bake. it's from fantasyland. >> reporter: smore bake. >> smore bake. start out with your favorite brownie recipe. we'll cook it, cool it. did you know we made our own marshmallows? >> reporter: i did not know that. >> we'll put those over the top. i'm gonna finish bruleing this. we'll brown it. start smelling like a camp fire. wouldn't be greet without gram crackers. this is a great shareable dessert. >> reporter: and you have characters. >> and we will put those on later. >> reporter: and chocolate sauce. >> right over top.
8:46 am
and it boont be complete without -- which you can get right here on main street, mickey house graham crackers. >> reporter: those are so cute. >> that's available at big thunder ranch. >> reporter: you've been a chef here for 16 years. what's your favorite thing? have you come up with these things on your own? >> some of these things. one of my favorite is walt's chili that you can get on carnation main street. >> reporter: walt's chili. never had it. his recipe? >> his recipe. they still make it today. >> reporter: okay. that's exciting. walt's chili. i've had my chocolate-dipped ice cream. that's my favorite. they are yummy. we've had a lot of fun. thank you. we've had a lot of fun. the lot of ktvu viewers
8:47 am
stopping by to say hello. it's been fun. very exciting. >> and you have done a tremendous job taking us there with you, pam. [ applause ] >> reporter: oh. applause. >> see? >> i know you will dive into that. >> reporter: been a tough assignment. >> thank you, pam. great job. >> reporter: i'm gonna try this when i'm not on camera. >> no eating on tv. 8:47. in other news, a new study suggestioning a connection between pollution and autism. the research shows expoke ure to pollutants from greg nancy to the first -- pregnancy to the first two years, the cdc estimates that one out of every 68 children in the u.s. is born with an autism disorder.
8:48 am
can. 8:47. let's check back with sal. see what you are seeing around the toll plaza. >> things are much better than other days. we're looking at the bay bridge trying to get into san francisco. if you have to go to the office, i don't think you will find too much the commute anyway. westbound traffic is light coming into the city. we're also looking at a commute where traffic is doing well on the san mateo bridge. it's doing well on interstate 880. we have a live picture of that traffic. it's getting crowded northbound approaching high street. if you are in the livermore valley, westbound 580 traffic looks good. it's lighter than usual. we had an earlier accident, westbound 580 at north flynn. that's still there. it's off to the side. traffic is slow approaching westbound 580. let's go to steve in the weather center. a lot of low clouds. all signs point to a warmup. it looks like there will be a lot of document and drizzle
8:49 am
sought morning and better sunday. a lot of thunderstorm activity over the sierra. a little bit of drizzle. this is janet. full-on drizzle in los gatos. not half on. full on. i believe it. santa cruz a couple of reports, santa cruz mountains and around los gatos. there's still a little bit of drizzle. the cloud cover continues to stream off the sierra. you can see already picking up. there's fog reports on 50. be careful if you are heading up there. sane san joaquin valley. the entire slow is moving to rotate in. as it does, high pressure will start to nose in bumping this one along. that will allow the fog to get smashed and burn off soonern. 61 in livermore. upper 50ss, sfo, water temps have come up. we get a south early breeze. there's a lot of low clouds out there. plenty of activity over the mountains even down into southern california. they will improve as well as we head toward the weekend. a lot of cloud cover, can be low, can be high.
8:50 am
breeze at times. isolated showers. still some drizzle but not as cold as -- the water temps have come up. coast and bay on the mild side. it's inland temps continue to try to find themselves. it looks warm away from the coast. after saturday. it looks warmer on sunday. >> one more day of this unseasonably cool weather. >> okay. >> thank you. ten minutes before 9:00. this weekend, there's more showing in some local theaters than just the latest movies. >> before you head to the rivers, lakes and reservoirs, make sure you are safe. water can be dangerous. >> the state of california has created this 30-second safety message it be will be shown in movie theaters. three contra costa theaters are taking part, they are livermore 13, brentwood, 14 and senny law
8:51 am
delta. you are encouraged to swim with a buddy and always wear a life jacket when on a boat. happening today for the first time ever, students at san francisco state will have their graduation ceremony at at&t park. the school decided to do that to accommodate more graduates and their guests. now, gavin newsom will deliver the commencement speech. more than 20,000 graduates, family members, friends, all expected at the ceremony this evening at 5:30. san francisco mayor ed lee and san francisco giants' ceo larry baird will be the speakers of the graduation at city college. that's set for 2:00 this afternoon at the college's ram stadium. hundreds of students will be getting their diplomas. >> it's that time of year. the trailer has been released for the documentary on bay area's bat kid. we'll take a look at how they
8:52 am
made his their dream come true. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight.
8:53 am
because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. through memorial day, save up to $300 on the cooling comfort of tempur-breeze. plus, get up to four years interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. and of course, free same-day delivery! are you next? announcer: but don't wait! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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♪dear lady can you hear the wind blow and did you know ♪ >> robert plant, jimmy page, led zeppelin, "stairway to heaven." if i had a time for every time i played this song at a high school dance -- [laughter] >> this is a photo of the special from the request. take a closer look. take a look. >> love it. >> steve sits behind me with the shiny bald head. [laughter] >> all right, steve. where are you? [ cheers ] >> steve is a good friend of mine. we grew up in the same neighborhood. that means i am one of the old
8:55 am
people like you, brother. >> looking good, coach. >> stay strong, steve. stay strong. people will be making old jokes about you. if there is a special song you want to hear, let us know. >> sal, you outdid yourself. well, farmers who excuse water from the delta, well, you should know -- who use wt water from the delta should know if they will give up water for exchange of deeper cuts. this is a rare offer by farmers along the sacramento/sanwa del keen del tall -- san joaquin delta. they offered to take less water for irrigation or leave a quarter of their crops unplanted. the flextime you play scrabble, you will have more options when it comes to officially accepted word.
8:56 am
the creators added 6500 new words to the acceptable list. it's all designed to attract a younger generation of scrabble players. some. new words include twirking, sexting, emoji and facetime. all influenced by social media. the trailer is out for a documenttry about the bay area's own bat kid who stole everyone's heart, including mine, a couple of years ago. take a look. ♪ >> we decided to turn san francisco into gotham city. >> the postings from all offer the world. >> when i saw the face, i wanted to be part of that. >> i love the transformation how he totally plays the character. this goes behind the scenes of the make a wish celebration for miles scott. he's a leukemia survive. we all remember how he went over the city to catch the bad
8:57 am
guys. bad kid is set for release june 26th. i love the police chief, fire chief. it was just a really special -- >> you just want to hug him. >> you do. hey, sal, you want to talk about the bridge, the big bridge closure -- no. you don't want to talk about it. [laughter] >> he's already -- >> i'm ready for the weekend. the san mateo bridge will close this weekend from friday night tonight until monday morning at 5:00. a lot of people will be away this weekend. that's one of the reasons they decided to do it. just be aware. use the dumbarton bridge or the toll plaza, the bay bridge or the been itself as alternates. 880 northbound and southbound, 880 is seeing signs of this and it's light at the bay bridge toll plaza. it will be warmer over the weekend. >> no rain or -- >> drizzle this morning. rain up in the sierra. >> all right. that will do it for us. we'll see you at noon.
8:58 am
remember, you can always get your local latest headlines at have a great weekend, everyone. ♪ >> one of the greatest guitar solos ever.
8:59 am
a wedding guest in the hospital after being hit by a bow and arrow. crazy reason he took one to the
9:00 am
noggin. >> sitting here with an arrow in his head. come on! truck pulled in up here. we're going to throw a rope down there. >> dudes discover what's down in that sink hole. >> a cowalf. >> how a mama cow led rescuers to his baby. only two weeks old. the touching story behind


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