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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 27, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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it's one of the world's largest governing bodies of a sport. now more than a dozen fifa officials are facing criminal charges. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the department of justice today announced federal corruption charges against senior officials involved in fifa soccer's international gofnerning body. the announcement came after swiss authorities raided a luxury hotel in zurich where fifa leaders were gathered to hold elections. we've learned that 11 people have been banned from fifa
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including two vice presidents from all soccer-related activities over the charges. here's more from washington. >> reporter: federal officials unsealed an indictment charging 14 people including senior fifa officials with racketeering, money laundering an fraud. the department accuses them- accepting more than $150 million in bribes and kickbacks in a scheme spanning 4 years. >> there were discussions about bribes. there were bribes paid and there were documents created to cover up those payments. >> authorities also raided the headquarters of international soccer officials in miami beach. hours earlier in zurich, swiss authorities arrested seven senior soccer officials pending extradition at the request of the u.s. so far fifa's long- time president has not been publicly targeted in the investigation. fifa said the organization has already called for reforms of
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the ranks. >> this for fifa is good. it's not good in terms of image. it's not good in terms of reputation, but in terms of cleaning up, this is good. >> reporter: fifa pledges they will go on as planned. russia was called upon to be stripped of its games in the republic. >> part of the investigation involves $110 million in bribes linked to the planning of a 2016 soccer tournament being played in the u.s. for the first time. san francisco is one of the cities being considered to host some of the matches for the tournament. u.s. officials say there are no allegations that soccer games or tournaments were influenced by corruption and this all comes before the women's world
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cup in canada. the u.s. with former cal start alex morgan will play their first game june 8th against australia. they are still one of the favorites to win the championship. you can watch move of the matches right here -- most of the matches right here. theyly australia on june 8th. sweden on the 12th and my and if they play well, if he will call foy for -- they will qualify for the next next stage. the death toll has climbed in 19 in texas and oklahoma. we're live in conroe outside houston with more on the ongoing flooding there. good afternoon. >> reporter: goon to you -- good afternoon to you. we're getting a break. the sun is shining. the concern is far from over, this after we saw a second
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straight day of significant and intense rainfall in the houston area. this is a road i'm standing on right now. you can see the water level up to my calfs here. and if you look back further, that water goes for as far as the eye can see over this road. it's hard to know just how deep it is back there but there are homes back there ahong a river -- along a river sauled the san jacinto river. earlier someone called 911 from the homes. the water was getting dangerousry close. first responders brought in a boat and they were able to get them out out, three men and two dogs out safely. they are spending the rest of the day at a hotel. but the flooding happening due to heavy rainfall and then of our dams releasing water. high water spots remained across the city of houston today. there are major roads passable, isolated locations that are still impasse aable. but in less than six hours on tuesday, parts of houston
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received an incredible 11 inches of rainfall. it happened so quickly. six deaths have now been reported. most of those deaths happening after drivers drove into high water locations. they underestimated the depths of the water and drowned. abandoned muddy cars have been turning up all ovaller the city. there are hundreds of homes reporting 3 to 4 feet of water inside of them. floodwaters damaged a waste water treatment plant near houston. 100,000 gallons of waste water spilled. that's been contained. officials say there's no threat to families at this time. harris county, one of 40 counties being tie claired a disaster by -- declared a tafter by the governor -- -- disaster by the governor. that's the latest from the houston area. back to you. >> all right. sally mcdonald standing in a lot of water outside of
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houston. thank you. now to new office in the rods in the eastern span of the bay bridge. today, caltrans says 99% of the tower's anchor rods can withstand a major earthquake. the agency says it's tested all 408 rods that can be accessed after two steel roads showed cracking. engineers were concerned that exposure to water made them brittle. caltrans says 406 rods passed a pole test in which they were subjected to tremendous force. the two rods that failed will be removed and sent to a laboratory. two rods were previously removed for analysis and 14 cannot be tested because they are not accessible. fans who have tickets to see the as or the warriors today are encouraged to grab a b.a.r.t. or amtrak ticket as well. coliseum officials are asking people to take public transit between the oakland as game and the warriors game tonight at
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6:00, things will be busy around the coliseum and parking prices double to $40. here is a live look at traffic. it's flowing nicely in both direction es. the warriors are gearing up for game 5 against the houston rockets tonight. want to show you mvp steph curry taking practice with the team. with golden state's leading the series, 3-1, they can go to the finals. they would face the cavaliers who swept atlanta. curry says he feels great after that scary fall on the court in game 4. he says he will not hold back. i feel real coherent. ready to go. just finish this thing out. i will be ready to go play my usual minutes do what i need to do. help my team win. >> if you want to go to the game, there are still tickets
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available. but they are pricery. about an hour ago, we saw two court side seats selling for more than $,000. every game -- $7,000. every game officials say people hold phony tickets. so buy your tickets from a legitimate site. this game will be is a sell just for the -- will be a sellout. warriors have one of the longest sellout streaks in nba history. to our continuing drought coverage. some los angeles county residents are upset for a proposal calling for deeper water cuts and tripling fines for people who do not cut back on water use. >> the restrictions are far beyond what anybody should have to do. >> they are trying to steal our water. >> residents voiced their opposition during a county supervisor meeting. the supervisors are considering cut backs in unincorporated areas of l.a.
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county. the board did not take any action last night. another public hear something set for next week -- hear something -- hearing is sect -- set for next week. there will a surcharge. in contra costa county, residents are facing a 25% reduction in water use and increased rates. san jose water which serves most of san jose, saratoga, los gatos, campbell and cupertino is marked for a 20% water reduction under the state mandate. an emotional end to a long struggle to save the last mobile home park in one bay area city. >> losing jobs, losing schools, losing everything. >> what's next for the residents of the buena scris da mobile home park in -- vista mobile home park in palo alto?
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and rosemary is up next with your bay area forecast.
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at least 17 iraqi troops are dead after being targeted by isis militants in the anbar province. the attack comes a day after iraq launched a major offensive against the group. here's more on the fighting in
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the middle east. >> reporter: isis carrying out several suicide attacks in the anbar province. the deadly bombings happening last night outside of the militant-controlled city of fallujah. they come hours after iraq announced a campaign against the group. the capital is surrounded on three sides by iraqi forces. >> translator: i think the inwilleration of anbar province at capital won't take a long time. >> reporter: iraqi troops fighting isis on the grounds receiving support from u.s.-led coalition airstrikes. the obama administration's strategy against the militants is the subject of criticism at home and abroad. white house press secretary says administration officials are pleased with the iraqi government's announcement. >> i think that's a clear indication of the clear of the iraqi security forces to fight. >> reporter: isis also now in
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control of the ancient syrian city. coalition member france says the efforts against isis need to be ramped up up as the group advances. >> translator: international mobilization must be strengthenped very quickly or else we're headed to the division of one or both country, if not both, with disastrous consequences. >> reporter: representatives of the nations fighting isis, is including john kerry will meet next week to discuss the fight against the militants. a southwest airlines flight that took off from san jose was forced to make an emergency landing in los angeles last ni. the flight headed for san diego touched down safely at l.a.x. around 10:00 p.m. the cockpit crew reported a heat sensor in the cargo area detected a fire. the plane taxied to an airport gate. firefighters did not find any signs of a fire. airline officials say the problem may have been a faulty
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warning light. just hours earlier, passengers on board an eva air flight were evacuated after landing at l.a.x. the flight from taiwan was named the target of a bomb threat. the plane landed safely. there was another threat against a cathay pacific flight. nothing suspicious was found. on monday, ten calls were made against international flights headed for the east coast. the fbi says the same person may have made all of those calls. a toll taker at the bay bridge. witnesses a struggle inside an suv and gives a disturbing account of a girl who play have needed help. now the search is on for the suv and the people inside. ktvu's heather holmes tells us about the encounter that's led to a police investigation. >> reporter: thousands of
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vehicles passed through the bay bridge toll plaza every day -- pass through the bay bridge toll plaza every day with toll takers exchanging money. but the interaction with the occupants of a chevy blazer over the weekend led a toll taker to do something a friend said he's never done in his 10 plus years on the job. 8:37 saturday night, this tap or gray 1995 to '97 blazer pulled into the number two lane. as the driver, an african- american man in his 60s with a beard, rolled down the window to day the toll, a young african-american girl between 9 and 12, was seen struggling with the female passenger. >> she was kneeling between the center console there and she was screaming. >> reporter: a coworker short le after the incident told me the girl yelled help, help and the toll girl asked her if the two in the vehicle were her parents. she replied no. >> he felt there was something
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off. he's a father. >> reporter: you can see him here on the driver hands him a dollar bill. i'm told moments later, he drove off without paying the full $5 toll. >> we knew we want toed to follow up with the vehicle. >> reporter: that's proving to be difficult. the license plates are not shown on the front or the back, raising suspicions. >> if we find out if it was a family spat of some kind, okay. hopefully that's the case and we're not looking at something worse. >> the chp wants to make sure they do their due diligent. they will continue -- due dilly -- due diligence. if you know federal anything you are asked to call the chp. another dead whale has washed ashore. the 12th in recent months.
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the badly decomposed car cause washed up yesterday. marine mammal researchers say it's hard to identify what kind it is. there's been a higher number of dead whales on northern california beaches than usual this spring. it's not a record number. researchers say they are usually one or two a year. after weeks of unseasonally cool weather, we're slowly easing into a warmup. >> warmer weather already underway. the clearing we were expecting finally taking place. giving you a live look there. still cloud cover over the bay. as we switch to the satellite view, i have a three-our time lapse. you can see how the clouds have begun to erode. over portions of the south bay along the peninsula, mostly sunny skies. over the east bay as well. it's finally pull back from the east bayshore line. over the north bay, it's been lingering a little bit. you will see mostly sunny skies. over the next half-hour, along the coastline, mostly cloudy.
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we will squeeze in closer. santa rosa, petaluma, under gray skies. vallejo and the american canyon. as you get into the bay across richmond and san rafael crossing the bridge still gray. bay bridge a little gray as well. you get south of oakland. we're partly cloudy. alameda, partly cloudy. hayward as well as frommont. the winds are still onslower but they are lightening up up a little bit. fairfield reporting 21 miles an hour earlier today, it was about 30 miles an hour. beginning to pull back a little bit. we'll taper off and have the sea breeze at the coast. at the coast i don't see much of a warmup. for many of us, concord, livermore, sfo and san jose, you are warmer than where you were yesterday. i think that lightning the call for today. temperatures warming a little bit over yesterday. friday will be the warmer days. as we get into saturday, we'll see the temperatures come down a little bit. on sunday, a bigger drop in the numbers. 70 degrees walnut creek. 54 in san francisco right now. 61 in nova so and 60 for napa.
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along the peninsula, low to mid- 60s. sfo, redwood city, mountain view, 66. 68 san jose. 69 for livermore. again where we we have the sunshine, temperatures are mild. 73 in san rafael. mid-60s expected in and around sausalito. 66 for oakland. if you are going to see the as, that game is getting underway in the next 15 minutes. 76 in pleasanton. 7 had for san jose. 72 expected for cupertino along the peninsula. mid-70s in and around redwood city. 74. 62 in san francisco. but still cloudy and cool at the coast with that afternoon sea breeze. the extended forecast. the warmup will be gradual with each passing day. friday, saturday look to be the warmer days especially far inland cities. that's where we'll feel the heat. we'll be very comfortable along the bay and the coast. >> need to get used to that. it's been -- yeah, in the 60s and 70s. >> thank you, rosemary.
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you will be seeing more bicycles on bay area roads. the popular bay area bike share program is expanding to the east bay. members of the metropolitan transportation commission unanimously voted to approve the expansion this moefning. the is to expand the amount of bicycles from 700 to 7,000. about 1400 bikes will be added to sites in the east bay including berkeley, emeryville and oakland. about 4500 bikes will be added for riders in san francisco and 1,000 bikes in san jose. >> we'll be able to get coverage in every neighborhood from san francisco in the bay to the ocean, from the san mateo border up to the golden gate bridge. >> having these bike shares will expand the access to these important transit systems. >> the expansion will not cost any money to tax payers because it will be funded by corporations. people will also have a say on where the new bike share stations should be located.
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full expansion is expected in two years. a contentious battle over palo alto's last mobile home park has ended. the decision that brought residents to tears.
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stocks recovering from yesterday, the u.s. dollar has extended the gains. investors focused on greece since it might miss a date payment next week if it doesn't
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get bailout funds from creditors. the dow is up 137. the nasdaq is up 72 and the s&p up 20. a long and cone ten shis battle in palo alto ovaller the last mobile home park there has come to an end. the city council has voted to approve the closure application for the buena vista mobile home park. it's home to more than 400 residents who are low income. many say they cannot afford to live anywhere else in palo alto or even the bay area. there's no word on if the landowner will sell to a developer or if he would even be willing to sell it to local officials who want to partner with a nonprofit to run it. >> we never said he didn't have the right to sell it. we just wanted nare market val -- fair market value. >> now we maybe we can get him to the table. there's $19 million we can use for us to stay here. >> residents have been offered
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a relocation package but many did not feel what they were offered was fair. last night the council agreed to have an appraiser review the original appraisers because those were done two years ago and did not take into account the value of palo alto's schools. the city expects that will take six weeks. once that is done, a six-month eviction notice will be given. today marks an risk day for a bay area landmark. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge which opened to the public 78 years ago today. the bridge was considered an impossible dream when it was first proposed. but engineers overcame arguments about it being able to stand up to thick fog, intense winds. work finished early and the project came in under budget $18,000 people lined up on the morning of may 27th, 1937 to be among the first to cross the span. here are some viewer pictures of the bridge. share your pictures with us and we might put them on tv. use the hashtag ktvu on twitter, insaw dwram and football -- insaw gram and
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facebook. can the warriors clinch a team at home and get a ticket to the finals for the first time in decades? tonight we have the sports team inside the arena as the warriors get ready and we're watching the traffic for you since it's expected to be tricky with the as game and we'll have highlights at 10:00. thank you for making ktvu your chice for -- choice for news. have a great day.
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