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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 27, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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. when a bicyclist drives in busy traffic. >> nothing good is going to happen. >> how he survived one unlucky strike. when a snake is loose in my backyard i get help from. >> our editor. >> he's a brave wrangler who has this one in the bag. >> he's not poisonous. he's a fire breather who could use another prop. >> like an extinguisher. >> the moment he realized his
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rookie mistake. plus the great goose chase. and they became a viral hit with their twin sonogram. >> what was dad like in the delivery room? >> i think it just happened. she was there but i made it happen. >> the unluckiest cyclist ever. here comes our cyclist. what do you think is going to happen here? >> nothing good is going to happen. >> oh of all the places. that road sign that was way up in the air, it landed on the side and knocking the person off the bicycle. he's expected to recover.
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is he that unlucky? >> when you get hit with a giant sign. >> i don't know how any of that. >> from dash cam owners australia. watch the oncoming car up ahead. and the car certainly did roll over. the driver is fine. the other driver was doing that crossed over the double yellow line. that drive fell asleep at the wheel and came to at the last moment. that driver needs to go on about its merry way as the other two cars skidded to avoid the accident. was he lucky or unlucky? >> lucky that this person woke up and avoided a head on
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collision and that this guy had a dash cam rolling. the authorities caught up with the fallen asleep driver the next day. >> there's all kinds of amateurs out there. one is an amateur fire breather. >> doesn't every fire breather start out as an amateur because practice makes perfect unless you die. >> this guy obviously has not been practicing. why didn't you test it? there's a little flavor in my mouth. i'm spitting more out. somebody help the guy. everyone jumps up. you have to spit in one go so that the plane goes out and there's a gap. this guy is spitting more which is the same time and catches fire.
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it's just a nightmare. everything you could do wrong, he did. >> why do this and not have some sort of safety back up like an extinguisher. >> get a bucket of water and dump your face in it. >> he lives with some kind of party and somebody does a trick. >> that's terrifying. >> this is something you didn't expect to get on the bus. that would be a goat. according to one of the parents there, he saw the goat in the area where the bus was going to pull up. just hanging out. once the door opened and the kids got on the goat was like i want to go to school too. how he was in the driver's lap. >> the only way i'm going to get out of the barnyard is go to school and get an education. >> all the kids broke out their phones.
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no one was fairscared. >> just taking the goat for a ride. >> notice after he gets in his car, it's like the goat has words. here's a goose nearby. these are not the friendliest of birds. they are very territorial. >> yes, beth they are. maybe the dad knows, maybe he doesn't. >> of course he knows. he's sending his child in. - he has the video going. >> i'm trying to give the man the benefit of the doubt. >> the goesose doesn't attack her. it chases after her and trips. >> she's never going to have geese again but she's going to
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have a great video to remember how evil her dad is. >> this is a tandem paraglide. somebody must have turned off the fasten seat belt sign. owen decides to stand in his seat and say idiose captain. a space jumper can't sit still long enough to enjoy a nice paraglide. even he said he was nervous during this jump. >> really? that's true. there's probably something that feels different about it. >> think about it, you are not jumping off solid ground.
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>> on tv online on mobile. it's on right this minute. this video shows justin
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proposing to kathy. >> will you marry me? >> i remember this couple. >> this is the wedding video to kathy and justin's wedding. >> she looks beautiful. >> after the wedding they got on the party bus and we do know justin is a bit of a song writer. he wrote a rap for the entrance of their reception. >> this is a story how our life got turned upside down. >> he wrote it to the tune of the fresh prince of bell air. >> there was this one guy that looked really good. we went on one little date and we were paired and said we're moving in together and everything is shared. >> once they were done everyone cheered and we wish them well.
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happy ever after. >> this old man makes a classic video. he rolls out to sea and everyone's sure it's going to go well. except he didn't get very far. quickly gets out. >> oh. this is so sad. >> he didn't get far at all. >> where was he trying to go? >> america. >> he was just trying to row out into the big blue ocean. >> setting sale for new horizons. >> everyone's all right. i got another one here. the video at the beginning, he's being silly.
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how silly? there's a dude there with a blow pipe and it's aimed at his buddy. what do you think is going to happen? >> it's not a jar is it. he's trying to pierce his friend's tongue. >> a cigarette? >> this is my proudest moment. >> one of the best things is our viewers often send us videos they hope will end up on the show. this one is from patrick. he watches it in montana. this is a time lapse video of patrick giving himself a summertime trim. >> i know. patrick tells us he does this once a year. he does it himself. that's impressive. >> look at it. it looks fantastic. >> he gets his beard all trimmed up. >> how does he get it so easily
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though honestly. that's amazing. here is the finished product. >> that's amazing. good stuff right there. >> i love it. you see the product and rewind and go back to the beginning and my goodness it does grow fast. look out summertime. next right this minute. and still to come dude's got a little something extra at the drive thru. >> that was incredible. >> see the magic mad trick. >> i didn't do that. you're playing a joke. >> plus there's trouble in the backyard. >> i got a little scared so i called in some help. >> a brave snake wrangler for a day. yoyou u tototatal l yoyourur b brarandnd n new car. nobody's hurt,but there
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d bobondnd foot cream. not sure the toys you get. bat mobiles sometimes. going through the drive thru saying hey, do you get toys with these meals? >> let me pull it out. >> that was incredible. >> it's an actual let me pull it out. there's like an infant child.
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>> i didn't do that. >> the people at the fast food restaurants have to be expecting it from him. >> the skateboard in here. i don't understand this woman. woman. >> he's actually they're making money off him. it's a win/win for everybody. >> the golden hammer is in the
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bag. >> in the backyard. i got a little scared. i called in some help. >> you cannot take the snake wrong letter to my backyard look at him, he's so great. he doesn't know what this snake
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is. >> the snake has been safely relocated. he took care of it like a man would. ladies he's single by the way in case you're wondering. >> and has the greatest set of teeth on any human being. and very angry. it's a sonogram surprise that sparked a hit. now meet the beautiful
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>> to make your own gummies head over the right tz >> i feel like the suitcase has fallen out of style, out of fashion the past few years. it's not as usable as it once was. make it solar powered. he decided he needed something he could carry his camera gear with and keep it
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charged. >> it charged the battery pack and you plug your devices in and there you go. >> i bet some accompany is going to rip this off. so many could use this traveling around the world. >> late last year i showed you a video of a sonogram that changed one family forever. >> are you serious or are you playing? >> she's getting the news from her gynecologist. if you remember she's an actress and has a youtube channel. her husband, we all remember his reaction. >> so awesome. i love this
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guy. >> look at the twins. >> you know i'm the oldest but the smallest. >> this video also has a little something from angel because this is from her channel. that is angel tv. talking about his weight loss journey. i really love that. she's owning her post baby body which is beautiful. she looks great. >> we should tell her to her
3:27 pm
face. right this minute via skype we have marcus and ginangel right this minute. what's it like having twins? have you slept? >> they do let us sleep. we feel like it's a ticking time bomb. >> are you starting to see their personalities. are they comedians just like that? >> yes. >> how's marcus handling all this is this. >> he loves his little brother. >> what was dad like in the delivery room? any super sperm jokes, any taking credit for the birth? >> everything. i made this
3:28 pm
happen. >> have they got their own youtube channel yet? >> no they don't. if they want to make some money mom is all about it. they're just on my journey. >> thanks guys. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. >> y'all have a good night. >> okay. >> that's it for right this minute everybody. so glad you joined us. we'll see you next time.
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it's a video of two little boys playing in a mall. how a two years old survives when the danger escalates. why he likes his bike well done. it's the latest video from a 13-year-old we first met whe she was 11. news about he


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