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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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tonight. ktvu's paul chambers where investigators gave us an update but we begin with ktvu's rob roth. we heard from one of the hostages about what it was like? >> reporter: that's right. it is still an active crime scene here. you can see investigators still looking for clues. this was a long tense afternoon but it ended without anyone getting hurt or worse. we were able to get a few words with the employee of the arco gas station. he was wheeled to an ambulance but he assured us he was all right. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] [ indiscernible ] >> long day. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> just a hostage. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> well, couldn't leave -- >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> nice guy. [ indiscernible ] >> doing something bad. >> reporter: moments before we spoke with him the man police
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say who held two people hostage gave himself up to police. all this took place inside a gas station. witnesses tell ktvu they saw a man crash a car. he then got out and started running and a police officer fired at the fleeing man. the man continued running a block to the gas station where two employees were held hostage for hours before he released them and surrendered to police. no shots were fired and this all ended without anyone getting injured. >> afterward the police chief said he was proud of his officers and the other police departments that helped out. what was the police presence like there at the height of all this? >> reporter: it was huge as you can imagine. they closed off the perimeter. cars and people couldn't get through. and then there was a heavy
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presence of s.w.a.t. units. they were on rooftops, surrounding the gas station. we could hear one of the units radio in, over the radio, he had eyes on the suspect. eyes on the hostages. so they -- they were following this closely. they tried to contact the suspect throughout the day to try get him to give up and come out. after a while it worked. >> thankfully it did. rob roth in antioch. thank you. >> and within the last half hour police provided an update. and the suspect now is in custody. ktvu's paul chambers is live at police headquarters. >> a lot of new information. police say the suspect was busy this morning. involved in two car thefts, a carjacking and another carjacking before the hostage situation. we can look at video. this happened after 11:00 a.m.
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this morning. police say an accident occurred on west 10th street. that is where the man was driving a stolen vehicle. witnesses said they heard the accident sound like a sonic boom. the vehicle plowed into another vehicle. he seemed dazed and as he tried to run off that is when people tried to help him and they noticed he got a gun. he got into a second vehicle. it was recently purchased but they followed it because the suspect had a phone inside the car. the phone belonged to the man who owned the car and then he stole another vehicle. a chp helicopter followed followed the vehicle before getting into another accident. police say the suspect was unsuccessful before fleeing
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into a arco gas station. >> stand off lasted for several hours. but as i noted it ended peacefully. >> reporter: as of right now police aren't releasing the name of the suspect. he is a 35-year-old man with a criminal history with burglary, drugs and stolen vehicles. police say one of the things that helped them out is neck tunnel. -- technology. the first vehicle, the second vehicle was a new vehicle. the owner had a phone in the car, that is how police were able to watch the man drive because he had the phone as he drove the third vehicle. >> a lot to sort out. paul chambers, thank you. stay with ktvu on air and online for continuing coverage. we have been posting up dates on facebook and twitter and our
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mobile app. man was charged with three counts of murder for killing his father and two other men on saturday afternoon. these are pictures of the man being arrested outside his home in oakland. prosecutors say he killed his dad and two others. he barricaded himself inside the home when police arrived. after two hours he gave himself up and was arrested. the chp has determined no crime was committed in a strange incident that bay bridge toll plaza. this car pulled in after 8:30 p.m. saturday night. the toll taker noticed an altercation inside the vehicle. a girl was screaming and crying and trying to break up a fight between a man and woman. the man called police to let them know what he saw.
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today had man went to the chp office. officers then interviewed him and went to his home to interview his daughter. >> we determined no crime was committed. the gentleman was allowed to leave and he was allowed to take his vehicle. he hasn't done anything wrong. no reason for us to arrest him. >> the chp says the toll worker did everything right by calling the authorities and letting them know what he saw. to the south bay. tonight a police officer found himself on the other side of the law accused of stealing a smart watch from a target in san jose. ktvu's azenith smith is at the shopping center. this officer could face jail time? >> reporter: yes, he could face one year in jail, if convicted on the charges. today we learned the district attorney's office charged santa
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clara police officer kiet nguyen. >> reporter: one of its own caught shoplifting. according to san jose police security officers at this target in san jose caught santa clara police officer kiet nguyen taking one of its $250 smart watches. police say the veteran used a magnetic key to remove the locking device. when officers confronted him police say he was hiding the watch, the magnetic key and wire cutters. >> i mean, it is -- it hits us. >> reporter: he has been placed on paid administrative leave. shoppers outside target agreed he should be off the force for now. >> sad situation. he has problems. he shouldn't be -- [ indiscernible ] >> he should have paid for it. even though he is a police
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officer he should have to pay. >> reporter: he was cooperative at the time and when asked what he did for a living he admitted he was a cop. police reminding the public not to paint them all with one brush. he says it doesn't sit well. >> doesn't seem like a huge crime but it plants a seed. you wonder. >> reporter: since the charges are misdemeanors he was not booked. his arraignment date is july 13. >> azenith smith, thank you. 400 residents of a mobile home park in palo alto will have to move out. the city counsel voted last night to allow the city's only mobile home park to lows and be sold. the own -- closed and be sold. the residents have been fighting saying it is an affordable place to live where housing costs are soring. now an effort is underway to buy the property to allow the
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tenants to stay. new appriseles have to -- appraisals have to be done. here is what uber says is in the new headquarters in san francisco and what it will look like. they plan to build in mission bay to accommodate 3,000 workers. right now uber offices are in three locations on market street. they want to stay in the city and hopes to have the headquarters complete by the end of 2017 or 2018. the campus won't have facilities for drivers. those will be at separate locations. we learned the results of tests on the tower rods for the the eastern span of the bay bridge, results of tests that show 99% of the rods are not broken. the results show more than 400 rods were tested and only two of them failed. they conducted the testing after two rods showed cracks. engineers were concerned exposure to water made them
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brittle. the tower has 424 rods. the testing was done on 408 rods that are accessible. 406 passed the test. the two that failed are being sent to a lab for examination. two other rods were removed for analysis. they are designed to keep the bridge from lurching during an earthquake. new program that puts new low emission vehicles on the road kicked off today. he watched as his truck was turned into scrap before he drove away in a prius. his family is the first oo benefit from a new $5 million program that provides $12,000 in rebates for low income families. the money for the program comes from a percentage of oil company gas profits. >> the funding comes from the polluters and oil and gas companies that have been polluting our area.
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we will give that back to communities that have been impacted. >> right now the pilot program is limited to low income families and more polluted parts of the central valley. it aims to fulfill a goal set by governor jerry brown to put 1 million low emission cars on the road by 2023. following breaking news. former 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald arrested again. more after the break. >> and a plan to chop down tens of thousands of trees in the east bay. >> they will be horrified if the trees start falling. >> the efforts to save the trees and why some say it is not worth it. >> the brightest minds in the bay area getting a boost ahead of college. >> and back here, checking on the warm up. warmer today. warmer still.
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breaking news. former 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald has been arrested again. today before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon he was taken into custody for violating a restraining order. he was arrested earlier this week. on monday he was arrested on domestic violence and child endangerment charges. he was released later that afternoon. new at sick p.m. a beautiful fixture in the east bay hills or fire hazard? that is the question at the heart of a controversial plan. the plan would remove trees from east bay regional parks in berkeley down to castro valley. ktvu's allie rasmus with the debate that is pitting neighbor
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against neighbor. >> reporter: sights and sounds of the park in oakland. >> a stunning oasis in the bay area. >> reporter: also part of this setting thousands of non-native trees. >> one thing we enjoy on the hikes is going through the trees. >> they burn like crazy. >> reporter: removing the trees is the goal of a fire hazard reduction plan. >> we will be thinning out dead trees. diseased trees. ding trees. -- dying trees. some healthy will stay. >> reporter: they applied for 4.5 million in grant money for the project. fema approved it. they voted to accept the money. residence showed up to voice their concerns.
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>> the goal, the project goal is to remove the forecast and to create grass land with islands of shrubs. >> people from all over the bay area come to the hills and all those people are going to be horrified if the trees start falling. >> reporter: other homeowners welcome the idea. >> my wife ran out of the fire with our two children. >> reporter: both sides agree without them the landscape will look different. they just have opposing views on whether it is a good thing or not. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. a vacant lot will soon be the home of a large urban farm. it is 1.5 acres. it is now filled with trees and abandon shacks. they hope to break ground on the project next month and is
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raising money. the group raised $14,000 so far and is only 11,000 dollars way from the goal. -- away from the goal. . [ talking at the same time ] our weather now. our chief meteorologist. not bad today. >> not bad. warmer. like 1-2 degrees warmer. more sunshine. that set us up with a trend. it will go that way, towards the warmer thursday and friday. might see upper 80s. low 90s in the sacramento valley this week. 73 santa rosa. still mild numbers for this time of year. late may. right? 76 antioch. 74 livermore. tomorrow few more degrees on this. the wind out there. sunny in san francisco. the warriors flag blowing in the wind. mark ibanez is out there. we will hear from him.
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a big game. hopefully wrap it up tonight. the forecast for the next few days will be for high pressure, which i have been talking about since -- well for, the last -- well, it will set up now. indications it is setting up. the air sinks and warms. typical. then yellows and oranges. we are seeing those temperatures, those are current numbers. tomorrow night at this time we will see 70s around the bay. fog forecast tomorrow morning, there it is. not too bad. the last month i have been showing you a fog foot print. all 9 bay area counties. limited fog exposure tomorrow. burns off quicker. that is your foot print for thursday. friday warmer. friday should be the warmest day. directly to san francisco. it will be cloudy in the
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morning. lunchtime clearing. 62 degrees for a high in san francisco. san jose, the forecast high 74. good air quality down there. sunny by 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. clouds down there. big pattern shift as the low goes off towards the mid-west where it will cause problems for them. high pressure fills in. the temperatures warm today. more thursday. more friday. and they back down on saturday and sunday. it will be mild on the bay area week. looks like we are back into a typical pattern. 80s showing up in tomorrow's forecast for your bay area thursday. a lot more 80s on thursday and central valley friday low 90s. tomorrow, warmer still. warming trend has been getting here. barely warmed today. 1-3, 4 degrees. it should be more pronounced tomorrow and friday. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view.
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weekend look goods. cooler. but still 80s around the bay. >> thank you. pg&e surprised ten students with scholarships. part of the bright minds scholarship program. one student will receive $20,000 a year to complete his college degree. and 90 will receive $2,000 to cover undergrad education expenses. >> my graduation date is 2017. and then after that i would want to pursue a masters degree. >> the program began in 2012 and gave away $3 million in scholarships to 4,000 students. >> congratulations to them. the sharks have announced who the new head coach is and the giants and a's in action today. scott reiss up next with sports.
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>> now to the news room, gasia mikaelian with a look at what we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. >> coming up at 7:00 p.m. continuing coverage of today's hostage stand off at a bay area gas station. why we were surprised with the way one hostage described the gunman and a troubled young actress may be turning over a new leaf. we are working on these stories and more coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36.
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. we know the arrests of executives of soccer's governing body started at a hotel in switzerland and more raids in florida. the government is accusing 14 fifa executives of racketeering, wire fraud and
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money laundering conspiracy. they are suspected of accepting 150 million dollars in bribes and kick backs over 24 years. some of the biggest names in soccer complained for years about corruption in fifa. part of the investigation involves $110 million in bribes. san francisco is one hof cities being -- one of the cities being considered to host matches. scott reiss now to tell us about the a's and the giants. giants looking okay. the a's still struggle. >> noticed the trends? yeah. >> just saying. >> funny how that works. the giants sat through 7 hours of rain delays in denver but they went 5-2 on the trip. i am guessing he would say it was worth it. finishing up in milwaukee.
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giants and brewers. ryan vogelsong terrific in may. bell here baits the base runner and throws him out. that is crafty. helps preserve a scoreless game. fifth inning, 1-0 brewers. >> high drive to right. >> third of the year. a two run shot and the difference maker. the giants sweep the brewers on the road 3-1 is the score. >> the a's look like maybe they were turning a corner with three straight wins over the holiday weekend. leave it to their nems to nip it in the bud. a's and tigers. three run shot. his sixth of the season. it is 3-0 tigers. the a's threaten in the 9th. two on. one out. trying to lock it down for detroit. high heat. and then check him out.
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this is almost unfair. absolutely filthy. game over. 3-2 tigers. 37 days since the shark and todd mclellan parted ways. the wait for his replacement is over. they will announce the new head coach tomorrow. coached 7 seasons in the nhl with the pathers and devils. -- panthers and devils. a new sharks era is upon us and a new basketball game upon us. [ indiscernible ] [ talking at the same time ] >> nobody wants it to go back to houston for game six because then it is series on. >> that curveball was incredible. [ talking at the same time ] >> if he can do that, that is -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> thank you.
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we are following breaking news in oakland. there were three home invasion robbery suspects arrested following a chase. right now deputies are searching for a fourth suspect. the latest on ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36. >> thank you for making ktvu channel 2 news your choice for news. we are always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. see you later everyone.
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